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hey guys I'm trying to get back into warhammer 40k but here's the problem i haven't built a figure in about ten years and i never really played because no one played in my town so i know nothing about the different armies I've been looking at a couple different armies i just moved to a new town and they have a gaming club so i went down there but the guy who runs it is a chaos fanatic and that's all he would recommend me buying but i'm not in to chaos the guys I've been looking at are
1. Blood Angels
2. Dark angels
3 Black Templar
4 Grey Knights
5 Space wolves

Whats the benifit of choosing one of these factions of space marines?
i have a $180 to start my army and i already own paint and brushes...
what army would the wise members of /tg/ recommend??

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Space marines are boring

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well what would you recommend friend?

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Make some Iron Hands or Salamanders.

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dark angels recently got an update, An easy starter army would be to pick up belial and a couple of packs of terminators. This would give you enough to start an army (hq and two troops) and is a new codex so you wouldn't have to worry about your purchases being invalidated anytime soon.

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Or perhaps try a different game altogether? A LOT has changed in 10 years. Give Warmachine, or Inifinity, or Dystopian Wars, or Warpath a try.

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Best advice = don't buy warhammer 40k.

You'll need closer to $500 to just start an army.

That said,

Blood Angels have faster vehicles, really good jump infantry, and access to nifty things like Psyker Dreadnaughts and a goddamn supervampire named Mephiston.

Dark Angels are all about mobility and plasma. They move really fast, garuntee their deepstriking shenanigans, and generally hit pretty hard.

Black Templar can field huge numbers of dudes, have the only decent Landraiders in the game, and have some cool army-wide special rules.

Grey Knights are just better than you. At everything you do. For marginally more points. If you want to win games, lose friends, and be called a cheeky dickwaffle play Grey Knights.

Space Wolves have some of the best psykers, their troops (Grey Hunters) are amazingly good, and they have really good scouts and long range support.

The generic Space Marine codex has the most options out of anything, but is firmly in the middle of the road. All the other chapters do most of what they do, and one thing much better.

But seriously, this is a terrible game. Spend your $180 on H. It'll give you more lasting satisfaction.

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Honestly, OP sounds 15 years old and players in that age range take nothing but spice mehrines in my experience

This is good advice. There are quite a few people who reckon 40k has turned to shit. There are lots of other games to play these days.

Depends on what you like. We need some information to go off of

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Grey knights or Blood angels for maximum over rustle

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What can Mephiston do? I used to run Blood Angels back when *I* was 15 (3rd edition I think, perhaps 4th) and he didn't seem all that great back then

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>have the only decent landraiders in the game

All muhreens get crusaders.

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Seriously give Warpath a try (the rules are free on Mantic's website) and if you like it after proxying a game wait for Mantic's kickstarter in April. They give a ton of shit away for low amounts of money. Pic related, its all the stuff backers got for $150 during their Dreadball kickstarter.

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He can be a huge target that will murder just about anything until he runs into a bunch of terminators who will tie him up the whole game if not just kill him.

If he hasn't been shot to shit or ID'd already, because he can't join units.

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>I'm thinking about X
>Don't do X, that's boring
>Well what would you suggest?
>Well what do you like? we need information.

hmm I don't know sherlock what might he like? let see...lets retraced our steps...

>well what do you like?
>asked for suggestion after initial thoughts were rejected, phrasing was "X are boring"
>original post "I was thinking about X"

nope it's an utter mystery.

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He's one of the better ubercharacters in the game. So long as you protect him from ap 1 or 2 stuff. It's pretty common to buy a landraider and have Mephiston hide behind it.

Well, he can fly, bump his strength to 10, has a force weapon, has really good stats, and is all around a solid dude.

He can't really deal with terminators anymore though.

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and BA get them as Dedicated troops carriers.

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I play pure Deathguard, heres some models im working on at the moment.

If you like Space marines, by all means, play Spacemarines. On a budget, play Grey Knights. However, they're a boring, straightforward race to play.

Orks are fantastic for conversions and Lore, Dark Eldar are a deep tactical and great race to paint and play

I recommend you play Dark Eldar

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Think of him as a mini monstrous creature that can fly, has a +2 save, no invulnerable save, can't join units and whose close combat attacks cannot penetrate 2+ armour.

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wow those are pretty badass looking man!

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Blessed Hull, man. A landraider is much more amazing when nothing gets to roll a second die against you.

Blood angels don't rustle jimmies no more.

Infinity and Malifax also have their rules on their sites for free. Warmachine's an alright use of $180. It'd get you 35 point army easily.

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>middle of bumfuck nowhere
>built himself power armor

this picture is exceptional.

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Non GK marines here, we'll be chilling with our LR Spartans ok?

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Why not get dark vengeance? Not enough to start a proper army, but it's a decent start IMO. Better than buying them individually.

Sell the chaos portion to that chaos nut, or keep them to run the solo missions if you can't find someone to play with you

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>Dark Eldar

Down that way lies madness. Hard to play army is hard to play.

If you want to have to bring your A game ever single time you put minis on the table, play DE.

If you want to spend hours planning, tweaking, perfecting a unit only to have 60% of it die due to one melta shot, play DE.

If you want to spend 22 a dude to get marine level saves, play DE.

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>fielding meltas against DE

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Blessed Hull is a Black Templar thing. Really, rendering a Landraider all but immune to meltas, chainfists, and the like... is amazing.

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Can BT's give Spartans Blessed hull?

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Well, if you run the DA Company Master as Azrael (which works because he has identical wargear loadout), then it gives you 2 HQs and 4 Troops. If you do it like that and give the Librarian a few upgrades, DV gives the Dark Angels about 1000 points.

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Like you need to against DE.

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>hurr you should play another game
>durr don't play an army you like, play this one instead

For fuck's sake /tg/


Blood Angels - Like to assault, have fast vehicles and can field an entire jump pack army.

Dark Angels - Dark Angels is all about the Deathwing, which are Terminators and the Ravenwing, which are bikers. The regular Marines aren't too shabby either.

Black Templars - Like to assault

Grey Knights - Almost completely different from every other Marine codex. All of your guys have Storm Bolters, Force Swords, and are Psykers, plus access to unique wargear. You can even field a bunch of Inquisition units if you feel like it.

Space Wolves - Share most of the same units as the other Marine codices but with slight differences. Likes to both shoot and assault.

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Probably not since the Spartan is forgeworld.

They can give their normal ones it though. How much does a Spartan cost? 300 points?

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He likes Space Marines. He wants non Space Marine suggestions. We have nothing useful to go off of

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You should try your hand at tau perhaps.
They have great long range weapons and if you can mow the enemy down with superior guns then most games are going to be a cake walk.

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295. 45 points over a standard raider which nets you the addition of

-25 capacity
-extra armour
-armoured ceramite
-quad lascannons
-5 hull points

With options to trade the HB's for HF's for free, or trade the quadlascannons for laser destroyers.

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>bad tau player logic

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How about we suggest some bluechips units? Ya know, the best things in each 'dex?

Thunderhammer/Stormshield Assault Terminators are freaking amazing in the generic marine dex for instance.

Vulcan is also freaking amazing in that he makes meltas and flamers twin-linked.

Honestly, being able to bring multiple lists to a tourny or havin x points to sideboard out would be so much fun.

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Not bad. I take it Armored Ceremite does the whole "no extra d6 from meltas" shtick?

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The pdf is available for free on the forgeworld website.

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Right now the Stormraven is probably one of the best units in the Blood Angel's codex, and soon to be Space Marine and Black Templar codices.

Assault Terminators are pretty good in BA as well.

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thank you! you were really informative!
i have two quick question why do alot of people hate on tau and can Vindicare Assassins be used in armies besides grey knights

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sorry if it takes me so long to respond my internet connection keeps cutting out

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You're potentially able to use one Vindicare Assassin in your Secondary Attachment, depending on the ally rules.

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getting armored ceramite will cost you +20 points

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With how Allies work, any army that can ally with Grey Knights (I think all the marines can?) can take a Vindicare.

Trouble is, you'd also have to take a Grey Knight HQ and a grey knight troop.

Tau is one of the older, less powerful books.

In 5th edition, if you wanted a fair game againt most Tau players, giving them an extra 10% points to spend isn't a bad idea.

In 6th, a lot of their stuff got better. Still not great, but better. Specifically, their vehicles all can get great cover easily.

They're not cheesy, generally speaking. Though they can be a bit boring to play against if you don't like fighting against gunlines.

Mostly? Tau are alright.

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Black Templars - Like to assault

Honestly, they've for the longest time played a LOT better as gunline army. 5 man teams with both a plasma gun and lascannon, or two heavy weapons in a 5 terminator squad, that can take tank hunters to boot. Also believe they can get speeders for cheap. Latest faq made venerable dreadnoughts a complete bargain as well, though they can only get one per detachment

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ok im a little lost whats a lascannon and why is it good?

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anti tank weapon. It deals with big things

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gotcha are meltas kinda the same thing?

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Tau work only if you play to the strengths of their vehicles and battlesuits.

You can sometimes make their infantry work, but, in the case of everything except the kroot, the high cost coupled with meagre staying power and terrible LD means they can easily be herded off the board after a failed morale check.

And you don't want a fucking Etheral to rectify this, you just don't.

As for Kroot? They exist to be tarpits. Nothing else except trolling white scars players.

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Lascannons are decent.

They're heavy weapons, with a 48" range, that hit at strength 9 and ap 2. Think large ass laser death beam.

What makes it better in this example is the Tank Hunter special rule, which Templars can get. Just makes them slightly more likely to blow shit up.

Most people rely on close range Melta weaponry to really blow up a vehicle.

...cept Tau, who have even stronger & more accurate Railguns mounted on giant fighting robots.

>> No.22818310

pretty much.

a lascannon is a heavy weapon and has quadruple the range of a meltagun though
It's most common main gun armament on space marine tanks

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The trouble with lascannons is they combine a high cost with a single shot.

People prefer building their anti-armour strategy around melta because melta is generally cheaper and more plentiful. And much more dangerous when it's in its zone.

Lascannons are alright, but they'll fail you at the worst moment. Very much 'all your eggs in one basket' syndrome.

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can't get tank hunters on a guy with lascannon unless he's in a command squad. Tankhunters on terminators though, which makes cyclones (and actually even moreso) assault cannons terrifying anti-veichle weapons

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With the new falling rules, we've got a Tau player at our store who modeled his Bastion extra high and kicks his Etherial off the edge of it on turn 1 each game to make his army better.

Bonding Knives? On everybody.

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I know players who try this and while it's amusing when it works it also tends to blow up in their face when they get too many morale failures when the Etheral hits the dirt, sending a big portion of their army into utter disarray.

And the points you're wasting on it could have gone into more battlesuits and railguns.

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ive been watching alot of Battle reports on YouTube lately and ive notice not alot of people outside of GK use airships.. why is that?

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It's, what, two and a half meltaguns per lascannon?

Dark Eldar, and their paying 25 points per Dark Lance.

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Necrons, Imperial Guard, GK, and Blood Angels all do fliers very well. Chaos... I dunno. Flying Dragon thing is a flying dragon thing.

Orks and Dark Eldar do them alright.

Some gaming groups don't use them because they can be cheesy if the enemy doesn't have an answer.

Part of it can be a money thing.

There aren't many fliers in the game and they're new. Not everyone owns 'em would be a fair assumption.

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what exactly does a techmarine do??

>> No.22818639


Fixes vehicles and bolsters a piece of terrain in your deployment zone, usually comes with artificer armor and unique weaponry.

The Warpsmith is the Chaos Space Marine equivalent and is able to curse vehicles.

>> No.22818762


Flying dragon thing is toughest flyer in the game and can take a super awesome anti-muhreen torrent weapon.

Just don't go trying to equip it with a hades autocannon and go flyer hunting. No matter what the fluff says it just doesn't do a good job of it.

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Occupy space on your shelf while he cries about how useless he is.

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