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Your character is transformed into a cute and adorable 10-year-old kid version of themselves! Possibly even cuter than what they actually looked like when they were 10 years old (or the equivalent for their species)!

There is no change whatsoever to their personality, statistics, physical capabilities, or effectiveness. They can still fight, run, and use magic as well as they normally do. Their equipment and clothing change size to match.

The magic that inflicted the transformation is incredibly powerful and can only be reversed by plot-level magic. It will keep your character in this state forever, always youthful and unaging until the day they die from other causes.

Your character is aware of all of the above. Do they stick to their current form or go on a quest to reverse the magic?

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My character is 3 years old and a robot, your fetish is invalid.

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>10 year old Bugbear Barbarian

I don't think you thought this through.

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My character is in the Imperial Guard so...making him 10 means he is most likely going to die a gory horrible death

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>There is no change whatsoever to their personality, statistics, physical capabilities, or effectiveness. They can still fight, run, and use magic as well as they normally do. Their equipment and clothing change size to match.

Why do people not read?

Unless you meant to imply that he is going to die a gory horrible death anyway, in which case I apologize for destroying the humor of your joke.

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See IMPERIAL GUARD...I am literally a meat shield.

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Could station him in Cadia. It's relatively less risky than simply not being prepared for shit, and a Cadian of 10 is already a more functional soldier than about any PDF

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Smaller body means the bullet leaves a bigger hole. Jet Li wouldn't lie to me.

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My character is perpetually pissed-off dick-ass thief who hates children, so that quest is to be done by any means necessary.

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I'm not... I'm not entirely sure how this would work

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A 10 year old Rogue Trader. Shota adventurous commerce, ho! I mean in negotiation, who plays hardball with a 10 year old?

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But by the power of friendship the dick-ass thief softens and comes to love children so once his quest comes to its end he can't bring himself to reverse the magic which has warmed his heart.


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Ten year old eldar corsair. He'll have to have one of his crew carry him around on their shoulders so he can still look imposing.

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The dick-ass thief's heart grows three sizes he then dies due to hypertrophy of the heart. Kids keep on experimenting with steroids and hgh younger and younger, how sad!

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Dat Bolo

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Well, it's not a bolo. It's an AI uploaded into an APC.

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Wait. I'm playing a Shallyan Priestess in a WFRP campaign with a disgraced Bretonnian Knight and a Vampire Hunter. They protect the Priestess while sailing to the Crusade in Araby.
Not much would change in the gameplay at first, but my personal quest would be to have her declared a Saint.

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>Dragon bushi
"I cannot provide sons in this form. I must reverse the spell for the honour of my family!"

>Reiklander dilletante
"Hey lady wanna ss?"

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I fail to see the difference.

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>Nothing changed

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That's an APC like I am batman.

That is a superheavy tank.

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>I cannot provide sons in this form.

>There is no change whatsoever to ... physical capabilities

You'd best be ready for some /ss/.

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>He no longer dies of aging
You just gave my wizard the ability to research magic and alchemy forever without having to worry about dying. Being someone who doesn't have much emotion, he will mostly give no fucks except for when people disrespect him.

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Oh, I used that as the example, seeing as that's what I was kinda going for. My character is the APC.

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My character was like 52-something years-old Troll Chef.
He probably wouldn't give a shit. That's 42 free years right there.

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>>22814531 here
Hooray for robots!

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He's betrothed to a Crab. His tiny pelvis would be crushed

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Do drug tolerances change to the 10yr body tolerance or do we keep the old one? One way I could save a TON of money on combat drugs rather than require the huge doses... the other way I become a god in the underworld as a kid consumes so many drugs people die trying to keep up with him.

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>Snarky 10-year-old-wizard who eventually knows more than most of the world's archmages

Oh, god. I can just imagine it.

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I punch my DM in the face repeatedly and accuse him of being a pedophile.

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My character is of noble birth and cares a great deal about honor, status, and reputation; so he'd definitely do the quest. In the meantime he'd go from being Mr. serious and dignified to being someone who is constantly trying and failing to maintain his dignity and be treated seriously despite his new form.

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>Snarky 10-year-old-wizard who eventually knows more than most of the world's archmages

This is just like one of my Japanese animes!

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You should convince your DM to let you be uploaded into a bolo. Be the one tank planetary siege unit! For the Honor of the Regiment!

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>There is no change whatsoever to their personality, statistics, physical capabilities, or effectiveness. They can still fight, run, and use magic as well as they normally do. Their equipment and clothing change size to match.

We must gain control of this magic, so that we can mass-produce functionally immortal stealth soldiers with the strength of fully-grown hugemen. Imagine the potential of this effect. Imagine how much it is worth to the warring states.

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Well, first, I slap my GM.

Then they go on a quest to reverse the magic, because who's going to take me seriously as a little kid?

My character totally doesn't give a shit, because hey, free immortality!

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Believe me, I'm working on it. Just got an autoloader mortar added to my turret. Soon.

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>the littlest angry marine

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Actually a vicious self serving dick of mage who got cursed when he kicked a five year old in the groin but close enough.

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Oh god that's right... Space Marines are now chibi-marines! They have cute little armor and bolters. I wonder if the same spell was cast on an ork, eldar, and Nid so we can have a Muppetbabies 40k!

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>babby SoBs running wround with panties on their heads telling on babby nettes.

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I think we've found the real 40k equivalent of dwarves.

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>GMing Paranoia
>Adorable, 10-year-old-shaped anthropomorphic representation of Friend Computer

This sounds like a thing I could make R&D come up with. Friend Computer wants to hug all of Alpha Complexes loyal citizens, but some traitor has amped up the motors in Friend Computer's arms! You need to catch these traitors, but first come here and give me a hug, citizen.

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>You'd best be ready for some /ss/.

I hope you're not suggesting he waste his time on adult women when he could make use of his fully functional equipment to play with other little kids.

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God takes any form that god chooses.

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Only a commie mutant traitor wouldn't hug friend computer.

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I take up the art of baseball and become Christopher Robin, Lord God of the Hundred Acre Woods.

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Silly anon.
You cannot become god.

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>an always youthful and unaging Christopher Robins
>business as usual

As for death by other causes, the only way he can die is by having all of his pitches be Home Run'd.

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This shall be our final battle.

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This has inspired me to make a campaign where the Lich's phylactery is in a baseball and the party must play an impromptu match in an arena populated with the risen corpses of all the NPCs they encountered throughout their adventure.

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Drunken Grave-robbing Dwarven Monk is now beardless and a child? Fists to the groin and no one suspects the children!

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>implying dwarf children are beardless and not born fully bearded

What do you think the mother-dwarf is eating all those cats for during her pregnancy? Hair genes for the babby.

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I love you.

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>10 years old
OP confirmed for never seeing actual children

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10 year old former knight with a gift for extortion and petty thievery?

Thank god for that immortality.

All those enemies that used to be kept at bay by my fearsome reputation...

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Bitch please don't even start with me.

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No one would suspect that it's a child robbing all of the graves.

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I will accept this only if my burly female fighter can return to her true form as a trump card.

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the only thing worse than 10 years-old is 16 years-old.
Shota fae catboy fantasies have little ground in reality.

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Practice in my university. Three months of being a teacher.

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my character is a changeling whose form grows younger as he grows more powerful, due to being closer to making his choice, he already looks half his current age does he really need the extra power boost?

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He kind of liked having a beard, and while he might stick to it if he could age normally from that point he'd definitely not want to live his whole life as a kid.

So either he'd find a way to start aging at the rate a normal 10 year old does or revert back to normal. Preferably the first one, since it gives him another 20 or so years of life ahead of him assuming he doesn't get stabbed.

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Is he a half-fae Winter Court catboy?

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Being a teacher will of course preclude you from finding them cute.

For us real people it's a bit different.

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Really, it depends on if my character was turned into her original self at ten (a half-orc) or what her reincarnated self would look like at ten (an elf). If the latter, she'd go into one of the deepest rages she had ever gone in and then quest to change it back. It was bad enough being an elf for a thousand or more years, now she's an elf and a little girl elf too. The indignity. This shit is not flying.

If the former... I can see her accepting it. She dislikes the idea of being able to live forever, but doing so as an orc, even a young and tiny orc, does seem like a good trade off. Even if she's slowly coming to terms with being an elf for the rest of her life due to deistic error, she'd gladly go back to orchood, even if it meant being the loli half-orc. Also, living forever means she can stay as long as she can and learn and help build her city

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The answer to "do X need more power?" should always be YES.

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He would probably shrug and continue his worldsaving quest. This all can wait for later.

When ALL the worlds problems are solved, maybe then.

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No, he's a half Whisp, the eternal spirits of children who play tricks and lure travelers to their demise in the forests and mists.

While that's a point, my GM is already complaining about me unbalancing the game and fighting well out of my power class, he doesn't need the extra headaches (yet)

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Your enjoyment of something is inversely proportional to how much you are obligated to do it.

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FuckDamn ShitCunts OP

My Character's race doesn't live past age 7

Pretty cute skeleton though.

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>OP confirmed for never seeing actual children

At a Christmas party I attended one of my coworker's friends brought their children, aged 8 and 10. They were slender and ethereally beautiful: their skin was as pale like chalk, except for the pinkish skin of their scalp visible at the nearly-transparent roots of their platinum-colored hair.

They were hella cute.

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>Your enjoyment of something is inversely proportional to how much you are obligated to do it.

As a teacher, you are obliged to be around children regardless of their cuteness. You can't cherry-pick them. This goes double for teachers at public schools.

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>half Whisp

So he's a half-half-whisper?

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>The final hit is so strong that it shatters the ball and defeats the lich.

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Ironically, it was the litch's forces that actually won the game.

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>they all go to dump the cooler on the coach in celebration
>coach doesn't move
>they pick him up and carry him around anyway
>they don't mention it when they hand him the trophy and he drops it
>it takes two weeks for them to notice that he's dead-dead this time.

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>Be a wizard obsessed with becoming immortal
>He has now become immortal and now could theoretically change his form at will via magic.
He would have no problem with this.

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>Be chased out of life of nobility at 14 by like an eight year old sorceress
>Stomp into her throne room 10 years as a 10 year old and introduce her to Ride the Lightning.

He'd keep it for that occasion, but get rid of it asap afterwords or even beforehand.

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>introduce her to Ride the Lightning.

The Metallica album?

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I always play casters, noncasters have a tendency to meet with TERRIBLE fates. Most the chars I played were mortals, so they'd be incredibly happy to be children forever.

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Pic related?

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>becomes super-powered Tachikoma

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Oh look, I'm now a ten year old Lovecraftian Horror of an Alchemist. I don't think I can be considered cute with 4 arms, a tentacle, wings, and a bat shaped tumor that can detach and fly about. Of course, my character might like it because I'll have more time to continue studying Alchemy

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>Eclipse Phase.
No fucks were given. Also, no fucking magic involved.

Are all these threads made by the same guy? Seriously dude.

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