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Running a horror-themed Changeling game set in Portland, Oregon soon.

I'm a DM of about 10 years, but this will be the first time I'm running more than a one-shot in the NWoD system.

Most of my experience is in 3.5 and 4E D&D, and Big Motherfuckin Crab Truckers.

Anyone got any hints in particular for running such a game?

Monster image dump to keep things interesting.

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trying to keep the monsters changeling themed here
Fuck the Gentry

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Fae hipsters.

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>Anyone got any hints in particular for running such a game?

Include lots of half-fae catboys.

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that's pretty much what the PC's are. Haha. We're all Portlanders, so... You know.

I'm not trying to run an ERP here guy.

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Now I'm interested in a half-fae catboy ERP.....

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You better play in the FATAL system, son.

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Start small. Think of a video game. Story starts in known area (or new, unknown area). You have the mentors and you meet some support people, hear rumors about some of the more dangerous things around, get some plot hooks of their own.

It's all well and good to make the entire supernatural underworld, vampire courts and werewolf packs and changeling freeholds, but in the beginning all you need is the changeling's beginning npcs (a freehold is good for that, though you can have them choose between two freeholds of different mood). Flesh out some aspects of the local hedge, maybe a Keeper or two, some common hobgoblins in the area or notorious bad changelings.

Cross splat games are only good if the crossing is done via NPCs (a changeling game, all the players are changelings, but vampires, werewolves and such exist and can be stumbled across).

Give every NPC a secret and tie that secret into later stories.

Read the core rules (the other books are great, but it's a lot of reading, and most of it is for fitting the fluff/atmosphere). Cause nothing sucks more than waiting for the ST having to read how to do something he had planned.

Also, I've found it useful (but it's harder in more sandboxy games) to, before playtime, essentially go through the story in your head, with a most obvious path of (then they do this). That way you can recognize the things you need (well, if they ask the hunter his name, I'll need a name) and rules to know (if they're going through the hedge, you'll need to know the rolls necessary) and such.

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This is all pretty good advice, and generally what I had in mind already.

The first session, as far as I'm planning, is going to be a small initiation adventure, the Freehold testing them through a small fetchquest into the hedge. Sort of a introduction to how the Fey work, with a trip to a Goblin Market being the most important set piece. Stuff for them to get some roleplaying, as well as rollplaying done.

My general idea as a GM is to imagine set-pieces, and stitch together how the PC's reach each one on the fly, depending on their motivations.

I have a pretty good grasp of the rules already, so that's basically a non-issue.

Pretty exciting stuff.

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That's pretty much how the SAS's do it, it's a pretty good way to do it.
I like sandboxy games so I tend to develop the world (well, city usually)

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yes, design out your city and think of interesting places PC's can visit/go for quest hooks. Think of it like designing an MMO, but for 5 guys and a pizza

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pizza is my favorite PC

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Pizza is definatly the most bro tier player

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I'll see what I can contribute.

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Pizza always knows how to make a game better

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Here's a tip.

Move the setting to the superior city, Seattle

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Do you live in Portland, op? Because i would kill to find a game.

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and even if it wasn't, i've never been, so...

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I do, but unfortunately we're full up for the time being.

Tell you what, send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Include a "gamer resume" (whatever the fuck that means) and maybe we can work something out in the future?

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But seriously, OP, you get so many bonus points for running Changeling. Best shit.

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>Have no skin, and I must scratch

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Draconic is best seeming

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the Lamplighter Series, if you can track it down, is great inspiration for various nasty Hobgoblins.

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Haha. Thanks. I really like the fluff for it.

The whole abuse creating abusers, not to mention the drug addiction allegory it fosters, all totally ripe for awesome roleplaying.

And the True Fey. Awesome. I have a huge boner for the whole "ideas given flesh" thing they have going on.

My idea for a campaign-wide villain so far is a True-Fey that is born of the hopes, fears, dreams, and nightmares, not of humanity, but of some prehuman antedeluvian race.

True Fey : Human
Campaign Villain : Starspawn of Cthulhu

If your nightmares had nightmares. That's what I'm thinking. Something almost totally outside comprehension, outside sanity.

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>File: 1359176747664.jpg-(96 KB, 706x718, changeling knight2.jpg)
>Draconic is best seeming
your god damn right it is

{spoiler} mine looks like drac from arc the lad{/spoiler}

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As are Pokemon, if you look at them in the right light.

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>Question: Would the King of the Wild Hunt be best seeming for a draconic ?

>Answers: Yes/Yes

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I'm in PDX (near the 60th St. MAX) and am looking for a game. If you need another hit me up? E-mail in the e-mail field.

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>forgot my e-mail

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like i said, send me an email at [email protected] with your playing experience and what you're looking for in a game.
I'm sure I can fit you in somewhere :3

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OP, if you're still there, are you setting the Changeling game in Portland?

If so I think you need to find a way to work in the crust punks. Maybe use tattoo symbolism and hobo marks too... hmm...

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Interesting. I didn't think about that, but a fusion of crust punk and Freehold culture would be interesting. Thanks for the idea.

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I was hanging out with some crust punks the other day and they were showing me their crossed railroad spike tattoos and talking about riding rails down to Mardi Gras to stay warm and pick-pocket tourists. They're all 'freegans', which means they're vegan... unless they pull it out of a dumpster. They call non-crust punks who hang out with them 'oogles', and have a bunch of other obfuscative slang.

I'm going to sleep now - ice climbing at Mt. Hood tomorrow at dawn. I'm happy to have caught your thread, good luck!

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For some reason I imagine all of that thing's mouths emitting a shrill girlish laughter.

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