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>Be little me
>Painting Daemonettes in store, enjoying myself, store worker helping
>little bro sees them
>"Anon what're those?"
>looks absolutly amazed
>"Miniatures for my game."
>"Can I have one?"
>Might as well be nice for once in my life
>give him the dry one, looks really nice because of store guy
>Be modern day
>Helping little bro with his computer
>mfw when he has a ton of Demonette porn.
Did I do this /tg/? Also, family and tabletop games thread?

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Well, yeah

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Quick question: Are you male or female?

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Yeah. If he's further gone than that, you're going to have to explain it to your folks. Try to make out that you're an irresponsible dickwad, rather than that the game turns people psycho, OK?

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Male, why?

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I didn't mean too, I just thought they looked neat at the time.

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You have done the right thing. Slaanesh is proud.

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That's OK. In fact, that's what you should tell your folks. If your bro is some kind of sexual predator, they'll be relieved to hear that you're just kinda clueless.

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>mfw when he's a jock
>mfw when he's the last person you'd expect to be into it
Meh, I just might keep it under wraps, for his sake.

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Explain how Daemonette porn makes one a sexual predator. At worst, it makes him a potential /d/eviant.

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Newsflash: virtually everyone masturbates, even your little brother.

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Keep it to yourself.

Telling your folks would be the ultimate douchebag move. I sure as shit wouldn't talk to or trust anybody ever again if they went and told my folks about my porn.

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Does everyone masturbate to daemonettes?

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He probably masturbated over that little daemonette you got him.


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Explain what you understand by "if".

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/D/eviants are sexual predators.

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I fail to see the problem here.

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>This anon does

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>Be in 4th grade
>MtG is getting popular
>lil bro borrows my Mono Red deck
>has the origional Red Elemental, the one with the chick made of fire
>gets it banned because a teacher saw the card

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>Not painting khornettes


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This one's still my fave.

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Aren't they basically the same as succubi?
Not much difference then fapping to elf, orc, succubi, demon, gnome or fantasy porn in general.

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At least it isn't bestiality porn.

I never saw a horse dick before I fixed my brothers computer.

In the end I figured it was his thing and didn't say shit about it. I did leave a notepad document open explaining clever ways to hide stuff like porn or pictures of his girlfriend or hide his horse porn from his girlfriend or whatever.

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But daemonettes are perfectly normal to like

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>/D/eviants are sexual predators.
Now that's just not true. Some /d/eviants are, but you can't paint all of them with the same brush (and expect the paint to stick).

There's a significant proportion of /d/goers that are firmly submissive bitches that would only want to be dominated/raped by tentacles/other. That's hardly sexual predation.

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That's not true. Khorne is never disappoint. His RAGE is unconditional.

That's why Khorne is the best Chaos God.

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I remember having to explain shit like this to family/teachers. I particularly recall some sort of fantasy cards by Luis Royo and BROM causing mass offense.

My mother also took my Pulp: This Is Hardcore CD because of the title.

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You're a good man.

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He means that daemonettes are intentionally made to be attractive, therefore it is normal to be attracted to them.

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>mfw Khorne and Slaanesh are fighting again
>mfw just as planned

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Probably not.

And his porn is none of your business. Move on. Who cares?

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Better person than I am, anon.

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It's not your fault. You're just a kid.

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>Crab claws
>Purple skin
>Velocirapter claws on feet
>Black eyes
You've got some weird attractions bro.

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Give me hug....;_;

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>a pulse

Good nuff for me.

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Bring it in bro

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Not every depiction of them follows the canon rules. IIRC most of them are simply purple over sexualized women.

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Are there male Daemons of Slaanesh?

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Oh no he is masturbating to drawn pictures!

I really don't get how this is a big deal at all
And looking for porn on someone else's computer is a really dickish thing to do, just sayan

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IIRC daemonettes and Slaanesh are both, male and female at the same time. Like Succubi, they are supposed to fit every taste.

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You apparently haven't heard of incubi.

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>mfw when I'm gay
So this means, one looks like a Catachan, on a pallet of oreos, holding a Ork Battleforce Box in one arm, a Nugget in the other, and his junk is only covered by a case of Chocolate Bock?

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>mfw you corrupted your brother

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Incubi, succubi, who the hell cares. They're all the same, and it all depends on who writes them.
Like vampires don't always have to sparckle or fear water.

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I'll hug you as soon as Mortarion actually does something with his daemonhood.

God of stagnation indeed.

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>kidnap a girl
>please tie me up and rape me and not let me orgasm
>deviants are sexual predators

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You're on /tg/, and that's known for two things: /d/ lite, and warhammer

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The dark faith grows.

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in some of the mythos the succubi is the incubi, it shapeshift as needed, extracts semen from men, corrupts it and injects it into women

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As if Magnus is doing anything other then shouting "JUST AS PLANNED" while eating his breakfast.

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You're doing God's work, my son.

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That sounds delicious
I like traps though

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>mfw when I corrupted my brother

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Does someone not?

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You're fucking retarded. An incubus isn't a variation of succubi, it's a male succubus. It's an entirely different thing than a slight variation in a mythological creature like a vampire.

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Well yea but they also have peniseseses's. Its like they can take it and give back in turn. A give and take relationship.

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Aren't Slaaneshi followers hermaphrodites with multiple ponoses and vagoos?

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where have you been?
he fucked up the space wolves good.

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Come on guys, we all know that we live on a planet that's probably going to join chaos as soon as a traitor warband sets a foot on oour soil.
'Merica is gonna go all Tzeentch
Africa is gonna be all Nurgle
Asia is gonna go on Khorne rage
South America is Slaanesh
Europe is all Chaos Undevided

We are all already corrupted.

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actually they are the same - a succbus was supposed to show up, steal men's cum and then turn into an incubus and fuck women. It was a way to explain nocturnal emissions as well as how unmarried people (usually priests and nuns) ended up with kids

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...Transformers face?

>> No.22789168

If Australia and New Zealand weren't asleep right now, they'd be getting awfully smug about that.

>> No.22789169

That's very...interesting.

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What? I'm describing my perfect man.

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Magnus goes for Space Wolves: Gets his shit slapped
Mortarion does something: Gets his shit slapped by Kaldor Draigo

They both fail. Your Prince sucks just as bad.

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I reckon they'd go undivided as well

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Nigga you fabulous

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I'm sorry, I have to take your first answer. It's not because I want to, those are just the rules.

And you know what would happen without rules, don't you?

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I never knew that, that's interesting

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The nugget intrigues my inner /k/ommando and the crate of oreos implies you're overweight. You wouldn't happen to be a chubby fem guy would you?

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Where'd you think all those Asian khornates will head first.

>> No.22789215

>Magnus goes for Space Wolves: Gets his shit slapped

that's not how you spell go on a rampage across the sector and do sufficient damage to their ranks to be felt for years to come before being banished banished by a concerted effort

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>Implying America won't go full Khornate and the EU will turn Tzeentch as fuck.

>> No.22789231

...Rule 0?

Or Ronnie Soak?

>> No.22789247

I think they'll start fighting each other. Kinda their MO. (Britfag, for the record. BLACK LEGION RULES!)

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Nope, I'm skinny fat.

>> No.22789256

You sound very hungry.

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Space Wolves aren't exactly known for their spelling.

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That picture reminds me that I need to actually get into 40K and start reading some novels and codexes. Chaos gods in the 40K setting fascinate me, because they're still kind of self-aware. I find them to have actual personalities unlike a lot of what I've read about Spessmehren chapters. Then again, the only Space Marine fluff I've had intimate contact with stems from research related to 40K vidya, so, yeah, boring-ass Ultramarines.

Also, I, for one, welcome our new chaotic chaos overlord Tzeentch.

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Or, maybe Oreos and Chocolate Bock are FUCKING DELECIOUS

>> No.22789308

You did well, you will have your reward

>> No.22789311


I prefer Draenei, to be honest. They have same array of exotic features without the whole devouring your soul business attached.

>> No.22789327

Is that a guy?

>> No.22789329

implying Germany, Japan and possibly Britain aren't going to worship the Machine-Spirit/ the Dragon.

Keep your chaos gods, Long Live the Machine-God!

>> No.22789331

Well fuck, now my dick's confused.

>> No.22789336

do you want it to be a guy?

>> No.22789343

How much body hair?

>> No.22789348

Maybe. Can he look like a Catachan, on a pallet of oreos, holding a Ork Battleforce Box in one arm, a Nugget in the other, and his junk is only covered by a case of Chocolate Bock?

>> No.22789359

Legs and crotch: GORILLA MODE
Chest and arms: meh
Head: no facial, mo'hawk

>> No.22789383


No clue. I'm more wondering whether pic related is a guy.

>> No.22789385

That's an interesting hair pattern.

>> No.22789388

That's how you slaanesh

>> No.22789470

Mine isn't!

>> No.22789476

So he'll give you the Nugget to have sex with?

>> No.22789499

No no, he'll use the nugget, to polevault to me. Isn't this obvious?

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>> No.22789520


>Implying Japan isn't going all "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GAWD"
>Implying Britain and Germany won't just turn into Iron Warriors

>> No.22789525

does it matter? we will all be fisted by daeomenettes for eternity anyway

>> No.22789557

>>Implying Britain and Germany won't just turn into Iron Warriors

The ingenious, hardy, bitter siege masters?
Yes, that fits

>> No.22789569

can't tell if sarcasm or serious....

>> No.22789604

Sarcasm, I mean how could a country famous for its (weapon) engineering be in anyway be thought similar to the of Traitor Legion renown for its devious engineering?

>> No.22789615

I'm down

>> No.22789625

i think germany will be iron warrios but britain will dark adeptus mechanicus

>> No.22789637

Mahstohr, why deed you eet mah fries?

>> No.22789638


>France going all Alpha Legion
>Italy and Spain turning into Word Bearers
>Russia simply turns into Nightlords and goes on to fight khornate China/Mongolia and Black Legion Poland

>> No.22789639

yup. that myth was also used to explain severely crippled babies. a peasant in those times simply couldn't afford to feed something that would never do any work, so they had to kill them. got rid of the moral dilemma that way (i suspect).

>> No.22789646

being big is excessive, right?

>> No.22789652

Given their habit of Empire building, I think they may be more suited to Ultramarines...

>> No.22789658

>Black Legion Poland
So being an all around failure?
How very fitting!

>> No.22789680

Oh my god, so many thing make sense now

>> No.22789687

Pray tell, what are your methods?

>> No.22789698

Abaddon cannot into cadia

>> No.22789707

>All around failure
>Winged Hussars
No. Try harder.

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>> No.22789725

>Polandball has no arms

and now the pieces fall into place...

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>> No.22789742

The Changeling myth was created to explain kids with mental retardation and deformities. In fact, some of the earliest child abuse laws were created to prevent people from torturing these children, as the changeling stories said that if the child was in danger the real mother would come and save it.

>> No.22789748

I believe you got the colours wrong... But "Polandball the Despoiler" IS hilarous

>> No.22789759

>Alpha Legion

"The United States of America is acting strangely."

>> No.22789769

Yeah. They were successful long time ago under different name.

>> No.22789773

Alpha Legion France is correct... "Do a lot of shit, never win an actual fight."

>> No.22789788

Black Legion..Lunar Wolves..
I makes more sense by the minute!

>> No.22789789

France won a war (admittedly, a totally unfair one) last year.

>> No.22789791

Well, they were merged with Lithuania if I remember... That means they suck without Lithuania

>> No.22789811


The saga continues

>> No.22789817

So... Lithuania is Loken and Torgaddon?

>> No.22789824

The way this thread just turned out has brought me one step closer to enlightenment

>> No.22789840


Lithuania are the Luna Wolves that remained loyal and died on Istvan III(not sure which one it was). Some Lithuanians survived and became Grey Knights, which is why they are so Mary Sue.

>> No.22789853

I thought I was going to rip my pants, but then I saw her face

I need a bag

>> No.22789889

I am disappoint

>> No.22789909

Holy fuck, this is epically correct!

But, in that case... Who/which country is Ursarkar E. Creed?

>> No.22789924

The Jews, duh.

>> No.22789934

so, what would Sweden be? Flawless host?

>> No.22789936

Mehreens can have personalities, it's just that they're also monks, so they have very structured lives and are expected to have certain beliefs.

Also, Chaos Gods are individuals, while a chapter of marines is a whole organization. You're going to see more personality and variation between individuals than between groups organized according to the same rules.

My favorite Chaos God is Nurgle! My favorite Space Marines are the Mortifactors, followed by the Salamanders.

>> No.22789938

I'd rather see the jews as Alpha Legion - constantly plotting in shadows etc.

Creed = Putin, perhaps? He likes trolling Poland

>> No.22789940



>> No.22789950

Nor does wanting to engage in rape-play mean you're going to actively rape someone.

>> No.22789967


Yeah, Slaves to Darkness was full of fatties.
It's sad that everyone associates them with Nurgle nowadays, fat and bloated are two different things.

Loves me some fat Daemonettes.

>> No.22789995

> Daemonettes with two tits and no dick
Bro do you even lust?

>> No.22790009

France was King-big nuts of Europe for centuries until a coalition of everyone and their granny's dog smacked their shit and they never got over the shock.

>> No.22790049

France's power level was over 90 000!

>> No.22790100

What Legion would Peninsula war era Britain be?
I can't think of a smallish one, with relatively little manpower, that still manages to throw a spanner in the works at every opportunity

>> No.22790121


>> No.22790157


Thousand Sons, only without the magic&stuff.

>> No.22790180

Because it would have been a lot hotter if you were a girl.

You could have cosplayed as a daemonette for him as a birthday present.

>> No.22790229


But isn't he gay?
He can still dress up as a daemonette.

>> No.22790238

>implying corruption and incest
>international flamewar

Wow, I didn't expect to find thread like this here on /tg/

>> No.22790255

You don't even need the other boards.

>> No.22790285


>international flame war

We are merely putting countries into Spess Mahreen Legions.

>> No.22790319

>Poland being all around failure
>Francenever won an actual fight
>Jews plotting in shadows

Yeah, no flame war here

>> No.22790325

>international flamewar

Aside from Lithuania = Grey Knights, I don't think anyone's been that cruel.

>> No.22790338

You clearly haven't seen

>> No.22790345

Missed the anti-semitism. Hopefully that poster gets cancer.

The others, though? Poland is an all-round failure - like the Black Legion. France never won an actual fight - like Alpha Legion. Not particularly insulting.

>> No.22790412

for the love of god, don't speak any more about it.
The board that shall not be named seems to be breaking out of its containment zone and has been derailing threads for weeks now.

>> No.22790413

Don't know about Poland, but when France decided to conquer some land with Napoleon, they've won Egypt, Italy and Germany... Russians stopped them only thanks to their winters

>> No.22790432


I need a more suitable Ultramarine. Who would be a better fir?

>> No.22790445

Daemonettes are hardly female in their entirety, so yeah, that works.

>> No.22790448

"Board that shall not be named" - you won an internet

Alright, back on the topic.
My parents think i'm immature because I play with toy soldiers. My brother likes Warhammer fluff-wise but never got into playing

>> No.22790485

Oh shit that is nasty. /tg/, I know we fight sometimes, but we are all bros here. Lets get back to something we can all discuss politely, like... >>22790229

Is it hotter to have a man or a woman cosplay as a daemonette? Does it matter?

>> No.22790511

Tell your parents, "Nuh-uh! I'll do what I want! You're not the boss of me!"

That'l teach them.

>> No.22790530

America. World Police and all that.

>> No.22790538

I guess for heterosexual men, woman would be hotter. Same for homosexual women. For gays, man would be hotter.

But for REAL follower of Slaanesh, any sex would be fine! A cat would be fine, too...

>> No.22790545


Did you try playing it with him?
Ignore parents saying that, parents will always be parents.

>> No.22790554

y'know, despite being English myself, I do actually think Ultras fit best with the British. Especially during Peninsula times.

For one thing, Generals; like Guilliman, Cromwell, The Duke of Wellington, Montgomery etc, were well known for their phenomenal logistical skills that ended up winning wars.

>> No.22790565

Well, they're not telling me to stop playing, so it's not that bad.

>> No.22790588


Flag might be a bit hard to draw.


I think I'll keep Ultras British and Germany will be Imperial Fists or Iron Warriors.

>> No.22790598

Unfortunately, we're not living together and I've only got one army, my beloved Oldcrons.

Also, I fucking love your Sweden. Saved.

>> No.22790612

Yeah, but this is /tg/, so I suspect that our preference would be an effeminate boy.

>> No.22790613


No one cares about Sweden.

>> No.22790623


If he comes for a visit like the holidays you could try playing the game with just small squads, just to see if he likes this type of thing.

>> No.22790630

So we have:
Alpha legion - France
Word Bearers - Spain
Ultramarines - Britain
Iron Warriors/Imperial fists - Germany

Anyone else got any ideas?

>> No.22790637

We're not /v/ or /d/, so no.

>> No.22790652

Black legion - Poland
Sweden - Emperor's Children

Would Russias Zapp Brannigan like tactic of "wave after wave of my own men at them!" qualify them for the World Eaters?
world police might translate into the Space Wolves

>> No.22790656

Denmark and Norway as space wolfs? Seems appropriate

>> No.22790661

Shouldn't Italy/ the Vatican be the Word Bearers?

>> No.22790672

Implying the decadent Europeans haven't already sold out to Slaanesh


>> No.22790688


Ehem >>22790545


Emperors Children - Sweden
World Eaters - Japan

>> No.22790698

America = Dark Angels

Both had civil wars, so it fits

>> No.22790703

I was about to say 50/50 girl/trap.

>> No.22790714

>Emperor's Children
>Not the Dutch?

>> No.22790717

>Women are just as capable at being a soldiers as men, baka!

>> No.22790720


I think we had Russia as the Night Lords somewhere over here.

>> No.22790731

And they're both equally paranoid

>> No.22790749

And gay.

>> No.22790759

Yep, this would appear to fit.

>> No.22790788

World Eaters - Japan? Perhaps around WWII, but no longer today

>> No.22790799


Dude definitely jacked off to your painted mini.
Seeing that your hobby skills could inspire one's erotic escapades should make you proud at least.
I see nothing bat in it.
More so, for his next birthday you could paint him another, even more detailed one, as your quality of painting minis sure rose to new standard since you was little.
You should be responsible for your younger brother's tastes, imagine finding furry or sonic porn on his PC.
Slaanesh is pleased of you.

>> No.22790803

I think Germany should be Black Templar.
"Do not suffer the debtor to live!"

>> No.22790814


I'm not sure about the Iron Warriors though.

>> No.22790826

So, Germans = Imperial Fists and modern Japan = Iron Warriors?

>> No.22790843

Other countries that have had civil wars include, but are not limited to:

Spain also had an Inquisition.

>> No.22790855

Fuck, you made me imagine someone fapping to a mini; I need a brain bleach

Isha protect me, I can feel Slaanesh coming for my soul

>> No.22790858


You gave me an Idea.
Imperial Fists - Holy Roman Empire
Black Templars - Germany
Crimson Fists - Austria
Soul Drinkers - Switzerland

>> No.22790873

Yeah, but most of these countries already have their legions

>> No.22790885

>Black Legion - Poland
Polish Amerifag here: I am VERY okay with this.

>> No.22790901


Japan could be Salamander.

>> No.22790906

Oh god, this is HILAROUS!

BTW since GB is Ultramarines... Does it means that Scotland and Wales are two missing legions?

>> No.22790917

Denmark as Grey Wolfes!

grey wolfs are viking marines - Denmark was the viking nation that conquered the most land

>> No.22790932

>Does it means that Scotland and Wales are two missing legions?

dear god…

>> No.22790945


Wouldn't they be companies of the Ultramarines?

GB - Ultramarines
England - First Company
Scotland - Second Company
Wales - Third Company
Northern Ireland - Fourth Company

>> No.22790948


When you are young and unspoiled, and have a little choice, you fap to what you have.
Now there is Internet to instantly satisfy ones even most exquisite taste.
Before that, you had to be creative.

>> No.22790950

But Scotland is the Storm Wardens.

>> No.22790952

He's referring to the fact that the two missing legions were implied to be absorbed into the Ultramarines after they were destroyed by the Space Wolves

>> No.22790959


>> No.22790964


>> No.22790971

You are the true american hero.

>> No.22790981

No, let's make companies into big cities, like London = 2nd company >>> David Cameron = cpt Sicarus

Idea with missing legions is brilliant, and Japanese are definetly Salamanders

>> No.22790987

>Doesn't everyone masturbate to daemonettes?

>> No.22791005


Who would be suitable for Thousand Sons?
I thought about either Egypt( which is too obvious and Egypt isn't very magical) or maybe Italy?

>> No.22791009

No, London is the first company and Cameron is Calgar. Queen does nothing except for sitting on her throne (no offense, people) so she should be Guilliman

>> No.22791061

Jesus christ, when I first mentioned it here
I had no idea it would fit so well.
Even better than Black Legion Poland.

>> No.22791113

>Implying Spain is more theocratic than Murrica

>> No.22791138

>implying that their hobbies are any more mature or fulfilling.

>> No.22791144

Read the actual article. It's about male soldiers growing breasts on one side

>> No.22791173



>> No.22791195


>> No.22791205


We are mostly going by stereotypes here and Spain(Word Bearers) fits quite well as a rival for GB(Ultramarines).

>> No.22791220


As long as the "stuff" doesn't come flying all over the mini it's not any different then porn.

>> No.22791230

Why is Germany so gleeful?

>> No.22791234

That face of Germany XD Sorry, but I can't stop laughing, ahahahah

Also, Merkel is Lysander, Cameron is papa smurf, Tusc is Failbaddon, Azrael is Obama...

>> No.22791239

>We are mostly going by stereotypes here
>mostly going by stereotypes

>> No.22791252

God dammit , I am Polish . Firstly beacouse I am a patriot I wanted to say something that Poland is not total faliture. Is't just we win battles , lose wars cause we have stupid/idiot people ruleing our contry ...
Then I realized is just like Blacke Legion .
Fuck my country , is't suck .

>> No.22791259


Shit we are really turning into a Slaaneshi cult. Well what should we expect, we're all imitating ancient Greece anyway and they were Slaaneshi as shit.

>> No.22791264

Punching my junk starting today.

>> No.22791272

I'm no smurfs fan but i think comparing him to that cunt is a bit harsh on calgar, even if he is fictional.

>> No.22791315

Yeah, very cruel to papa smurf. Also, Guilliman isn't nearly as sinister as Windsor.

>> No.22791318

Your people were CRUSHED before the mighty armies of England in my medieval total war game.

>> No.22791319

Nah. Merkel is Tankred.
But Bismarck was Sigismund.

>> No.22791347

Arthur Penhaligon (once and future king rumour would be behind the healing in stasis thing) of the Ultramarines
Washington of the Dark Angles
Charlemagne of the Imperial Fists
Canute of the Space Wolves

>> No.22791381


Don't be sad. You had some pretty cool cavalry back in the day.

New Legion: I think Italy fits this one because like the White Scars Italy really likes to go fast. I also don't think Mongolia, despite being the inspiration for them, is suitable to be White Scars ball.

>> No.22791384

As if none of us noticed the whole king arthur thing before now...

Also the DA one should probably be whichever president was actually gay (swear i heard one of them was)

>> No.22791391

Hail Canute the bishie king!

>> No.22791400

And frankly, that's not hard.

But isn't it nice?

>> No.22791411

>Also the DA one should probably be whichever president was actually gay (swear i heard one of them was)


>> No.22791475

You'll never know, that's the fun.

>> No.22791476


The current list:

Ultramarines: GB
Imperial Fists: Holy Roman Emprie
Black Templars: Germany
Crimson Fists: Austria
Soul Drinkers: Switzerland
Salamanders: Japan
Word Bearers: Spain
Black Legion: Poland
Emperors Children: Sweden
Space Wolves: Denmark
White Scars: Italy
Creed: Israel
Alpha Legion: France
Dark Angels: USA

We sure need Russia in there.

>> No.22791503

>Dark Angels: USA
Who are the fallen? Al Qaeda doesn't make sense since it implies we trained and equipped them to fight another foe until...they.....

but we KILLED Cypher

>> No.22791546

The Fallen are the southern states.

>> No.22791559

or are they the northern states o.0

>> No.22791563

nah we would be some kinda Khornate-slaneshi mix. Aus becomes an eternal bar fight, liquor and blood fill the street and when we aren't having a go at each other we are having a go at the wildlife. And when the day is done we throw our defeated enemies on the barbie, sit back and drink until we can't stand.

>> No.22791579

Russia was declared Night Lords


Yeah, perfectly like USA

>> No.22791586

no need to hunt either of those

>> No.22791587


Done with USA!

>> No.22791591


Damnit /tg/, if it's a thread about monstergirls you derail it into a discussion of geopolitics. If it's a discussion about geopolitics you derail it into monstergirls. Make up your damn mind!

>> No.22791605


That hit me too, bro. I wonder if csm from black legion feel like us after another failed assault on cadia...

>> No.22791622

Traps are not supposed to get sexier when you make them more manly. Stop that Canute.

>> No.22791623

Good album that.

>> No.22791627

CLEARLY we need to debate monstergirl geopolitics.

Isn't it about time the werebats moved out of occupied naga-stan?

>> No.22791639


Actually it a monstergirl-geopolitics-40k-ball thread now.

>> No.22791660

So we still need
Blood Angels
Raven Guard
Iron Warriors
World Eaters (Since Japan was changed to Salamanders)
Death Guard
Final decision on the Thousand Sons

and then we're done.

>> No.22791667

>our little secret
my sides have ascended to daemonhood

>> No.22791669


Beautiful :) Also, the Fallen should be terrorists - they're few in number, but hard to find

>> No.22791679

>World Eaters (Since Japan was changed to Salamanders)

>> No.22791681


Blood Angels: Romania

>> No.22791682

Hey, I have more respect for Poland than I do for France. I mean, after Poland fell in WWII? You guys joined up with any military that'd let you beat the shit out of the Germans. Unlike France, who just kind of rolled over and died, and then started doing the resistance thing. I mean, I consider Polish to be more of a real language than French, and Polish has ys and xs and shit in places that, as an American, I do not feel comfortable with them being there.

Plus, the fact that the 22nd Artillery Supply Company had a freaking BEAR that MOVED ARTILLERY SHELLS AND PUNCHED THE FUCK OUT OF GERMAN SPIES kind of makes Poland awesome by default. Seriously, I'd guess that Wojtek was worth about 600,000 points on any sort of scale of awesomeness that might exist.

>> No.22791699

Unless it's /d/raenei, they do not have 50 gigantic penises.

>> No.22791713

bishie my ass

>> No.22791729

Actually, we DID equip and train them to fight another foe. Afghan-Soviet War. Bin Laden was one of the mujahedin.

Unless that's what you were getting at with those elipses, in which case I salute your knowledge of how the entire Cold War was one big fuck-up.

>> No.22791742

I thought the ellipses made it clear that I was joking, but alas the internet lacks tone and body languag

>> No.22791760

And because we're rarely using smiles here

>> No.22791766

Well, at least I recognized that that was a possibility. But you are correct. Damn the Internet's lack of tone.

>> No.22791781

Nigga you gay.
But he looks indeed a lot more like a king now and less like a princess.


Blood Angels - Romania
Raven Guard - Argentina
World Eaters - Brasil
Death Guard - Serbia
Thousand Sons - Egypt

Well, you see. He has improved from trap status.

>> No.22791795

What would Canada be?
The Tau?
>C-come on g-guys, s-stop f-fighting..

>> No.22791797

Creed cannot be Israel, it's stupid. Israel should be Raven Guard, because they have the best secret services in world

>> No.22791817

I think the Thousand Sons might be better placed as China, given the incredible amount of mysticism surrounding Chinese culture to this day.

Egypt only has a physical resemblance to the thousand sons

>> No.22791818

>Dat Askeladd face

Fuckin' this comic, man

"Which is greater, our Thor or your Jesus?"
"Whichever invented alcohol."

>> No.22791829


Actually I think Vietnam could be a nice Ravenguard. Vietcong was pretty good at those sneaky quick attack tactics.

>> No.22791839


>> No.22791852

Let's get historical here: World Eaters should be Turkey, because they conquered the shit out of southern Europe

>> No.22791854

but who would be the Death Guard?

>> No.22791858

Yes, but Ravenguard are completely black.

>> No.22791863


Decrepit, decaying, rotting, but it STILL MANAGES TO PERSIST

>> No.22791865

How do they sleep upside down?

>> No.22791867

Aye, I agree here.
Also means that the taint introduced in the thread by board that shall not be named gets removed.

>> No.22791879

on the carcasses of hundreds of spiders

>> No.22791886

It fits, janissaries are basically our Berzerkers

>> No.22791887

Pure genius anon, hats off.

>> No.22791888

Out of curiosity, who would be the Blood Ravens?

>> No.22791897

You can cheat death but you can't cheat bankers.

>> No.22791904

I'm okay with this.

>> No.22791914


>> No.22791924


>> No.22791933

I think Argentina might fit the bill there.

Nice island you've got there Britain, shame if something were toOH GOD, MY FLEET!!!

although it might not fit that well, since Ultramarines and BR are bros in canon

>> No.22791951

Romany Gypsies.

>> No.22791959


>> No.22791961

Ultramarines: GB
Missing Legions: Wales and Scotland
Imperial Fists: Holy Roman Emprie
Black Templars: Germany
Crimson Fists: Austria
Soul Drinkers: Switzerland
Salamanders: Japan
Word Bearers: Spain
Black Legion: Poland
Emperors Children: Sweden
Space Wolves: Denmark
White Scars: Italy
Raven Guard: Israel
Alpha Legion: France
Dark Angels: USA
Death Guard: Greece
World Eaters: Turkey
Thousand Sons: China

>> No.22791972


Ravenguard and new proposal for WE.
Discuss, in the meantime I'll do Blood Angels.

>> No.22791984


Ravenguard and new proposal for WE.
Discuss, in the meantime I'll do Blood Angels and Death Guard.

>> No.22792014

I think the only first founding we're missing is Iron Warriors.

And the Emperor, of course. Though I think the UN would fit him considering how he failed to stop any conflicts.

>> No.22792073

>since it implies we trained and equipped them to fight another foe
We did. Al Qaeda received Navy Seal training.

>> No.22792087

I hope someone screencapped this thread, because I haven't seen here anything more awesome for many months

>> No.22792103

But the Blood Ravens are white.

>> No.22792122

What the fuck is wrong with you.

Everyone, EVERYONE, has those wierd kinks that only they are supposed to know about.

I like feet. I have a small collection of foot focused images on my hard disk. I am literally the only one who knows this about me. Does this make me a 'sexual predator'?

>> No.22792139

Iron Warriors = The Ancient Greeks.
Siege masters, Trojan Horse anyone?
May cause snarls with the Modern Greek Death guard though.

>> No.22792150

For a few seconds a had no idea what are you talking about. Yeah, this thread got derailed a bit.

>> No.22792152

Which is why everyone else said pikeys.

>> No.22792154

Not the guy you responded to, but no, it does not.

Never really understood the appeal of Feet though. I'm more of an Amputee-guy myself.

>> No.22792158



>> No.22792181

Say what you want, I think feet fetishists have a leg up on popularity.

>> No.22792192

Oh fuck, this Greece is a masterpiece, Anon.

About Iron Warriors: who has scary technology and is using it to make people fear them? Appl- er, I meant North Corea!

>> No.22792195

good one sir.

>> No.22792218

Badum tss!
But nice idea there.

Are we missing any First founding chapters now?

>> No.22792238

Iron hands.

>> No.22792241


Iron Warriors: North Korea, Syria, Serbia, Iraq or maybe Pakistan?



>> No.22792265

Do you... not?

>> No.22792289

Sorry, not in good shape for joking today.

Aren't Iron Hands the opposite of Iron Warriors? In that case, they should be South Corea.

>> No.22792297


>> No.22792313

Iron Warriors are the rivals of The imperial fists bro, Iron Hands are the ones obsessed with machines.

>> No.22792342

Only North Corea and maybe Serbia seems to be advanced enough

>> No.22792398


Iraq = Iron Warriors (nuclear program)
South Corea = Iron Hands (obsessed with technology, but good guys)

>> No.22792421

And we're done.
Unless anyone has any objections?

>> No.22792464

No, United Nations as Emprah to finish and that's it. It was splendid work, people, I hope we will meet soon in another thread. Meanwhile, goodbye!

>> No.22792465

Just for jokes, what about the /tg/ chapters?

>> No.22792471


We still need the Thousand Sons though.

>> No.22792499

I though they were China, because they look identical and there's a mystical aura surrounding they culture

>> No.22792511

I think China got the Thousand Sons, due to mysticism being so deeply ingrained there.

Although, that said, it would be nice to have a country obsessed with knowledge

>> No.22792528

Goodbye, anon

>> No.22792530


Drawing TS China, UN Emprah and later I'll do a group pic.

>> No.22792543


Bye Anon and see you later.

>> No.22792587

You're a good man anon.
until next time bro.

Is this thread archive Worthy?
Even without the Nation/Legions, the sheer scale of the derailment is noteworthy, surely?

>> No.22792640

>disrespectings of poland
stop bullshit /tg/, there is enough hatings of poland over internet and i will not tolerate
if yuo have anythign to say about us beign nations of failure i am invitign of you to our capital of warsaw to come and say yout lies to ours face
i am of promise i will personally begin cutting of youre entrails first second you start talk of disrespect about poland and think us of cowardice and failures
yuo will see of your mistakes but too late as the cuttings of your stomach and bashing of your kidneys will alredy begin
you will cry "polan pls i am of apologies i talked bullshit about yours naiton i learnt from german propagandas"
and we will be of regret too because propaganda of hitler about poland is still of great sucess among countries of west but revange has to be complete
so i ask you board of /tg/ to make stoppings of ridiculeing poland because we are of no deserving of this mocking and we will be force to make venegneance against yuo if you will be of refusings to stop

>> No.22792652


TS and NL.

I think it's archive worthy.

>> No.22792658

Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms.

>> No.22792678

fact is of no matter ohter balls of countrys are of no arms also

>> No.22792714


Don't listen to that fag, I'm from Poland too and drawing polandball as Failbaddon definetly doesn't offend me, because I have some distance to myself

>> No.22792759

My defence relief on the fact that I was hoping you wouldn't notice

>> No.22792775


Last ball being added.

Next up is big family picture!

>> No.22792784


My defence relied on the fact that I was hoping you wouldn't notice

>> No.22792804

that looks pretty Ballin.

>> No.22792808


just got archived.

keep up the good work!

>> No.22792829

I think SPQR would be a better emperor.

dead, no real influence any more, everyone wants to be them or reference them

>> No.22792862

>dead, no real influence any more,

We're still talking about the UN, right?

>> No.22792875

UN is better: it still exists (technically) and many people do something 'in the name' of it, but it doesn't eally matter anymore

>> No.22792889

well its been dead longer.

what's the astronomicon?

the internet?

>> No.22792934

Internet is the Warp, full of unknown dangers and daemons. It also causes heads to explode

>> No.22793071

I present you the entire family!


>> No.22793092

Thank you, good sir.

and thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread.

>> No.22793129

you are good and yo should feel good.

>> No.22793150


I wish to thank everybody for the help, input, jokes and ideas. Drawing those balls would have only been half as fun without you anons. I hope these balls will find a good home here at 4chan.

>> No.22793161


Whoops forgot to link you to thanking post.
Sorry anon my bad.

>> No.22793214


I believe now we can go back on topic.


So OP have you made up your mind about what you found?

>> No.22793374

Well, have a good night everybody and have fun with polandball legions.

Night and see you later anons.

>> No.22793735

Sweden is looking faaabulous!

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