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Hey /tg/. Can someone explain Call of Cthulhu to me? How rule oriented is it?

I'm to understand that things are much more freeform and open than like... D&D 3.5, which is where pretty much all of my tabletop experience comes from.

I realize I could very easily just read the corebook or quickstart guide on it, but I want personal experiences and stories from y'all dudes.

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Why do you want to know? Why do YOU want to know?! Why? I-it cannot - why do you want to know? Are y-you... is this a test? Why.... why... why....

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I work for Hastur, and he wants to know how prepared you are for a full scale uprising of shoggoths and cultists.

Didn't feel right to lie to you.

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Sure I'll explain it to you.

Meet me at the docks just after 10 tonight.

Come alone.

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>How rule oriented is it?
How long do you want your players to live?

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I intended to tell everyone to roll up 5 or 6 characters each, if that's any indication.

I do know that combat is very fatal, and Keepers are encouraged to slaughter Investigators just to get the story moving.

What I don't know is if "roll up" is even the right term for how you make a CoC character.

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Pro-tip: avoid the kind of thing in >>22784976

CoC is about creeping horror, not mass combat.

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OP, do me a favor and google "Old Man Henderson"

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That's not going to help.

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if you're fighting, you probably did something wrong.

Don't get too attached to characters.

Libraries are more helpful than armories.

Nobody that wants to reach old age should touch/get/look at/be in the same room as the magic item

Crack'd and Crook'd Manse from Mansions of Madness is pretty fun.

Chaosium has a free beginner's scenario PDF off their site.

Also Delta Green kicks ass and is worth looking into

Cthulhu eats 1d4 investigators per round etc etc

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do you know anything about the Mythos, or do you want to know about the game?

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Yes play Delta Green. Its the most fun I've ever had in a game.

Go listen to some games for inspiration or see what its like.


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Quick bumps for Delta Green.

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anyone got any news on that new edition of Delta Green that was announced like a year or two ago?

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Still in the works. I can't wait. Below is a live Q&A they did. Doesn't look like anytime soon though.


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