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Get in here fa/tg/uys! I'll draw you stuff!

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Obligatory Oinkbane Request

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forgive me, I've been away from /tg/ for a while. Who is this Oinkbane?

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This man. As a space marine. With some pugs.

Fucking armored pugs.

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The newest le epic maymay.

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I humbly request Revolver Ocelot in space marine power armour spinning a bolter in one hand and giving his signature hand gesture with the other.

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A very bad meme.

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Google 'im. No one's made a 1d4chan article for him yet, but, the archieved thread is worth a read.

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A Sister of Battle who is also a Rogue Trader.

With an eyepatch.

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A female Inquisitor forced to become a pit fighter for the dark eldar's chuckles. They have given her a fanservice bikini version of her old outfit, to your specifications. She looks extremely angry and embarrased over this debacle.

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40k Ork in fist fight w/ Shrek.

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still a better love story than space wolves.

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I'd like to see something like Shadowtsun mixed with Midna's 'true' form.

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Your take on the girl in center. Yes, she has four arms. She's an alien. She also doesn't have a nose, or at least a rather flat one.


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If you would be so kind, a group of off-duty Imperial Guardsmen in grimdarked up Japanese school uniforms(Pic related). It's for my Only War group, they rolled up a Schola Progenium regiment named the 816th Mechanized Observation Expeditionary Force (MOE Force).

A kawaii chimera in the background is optional.

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> TFW you're the OP for the original Oinkbane thread (the one in this screenshot) but you have no way to prove it which couldn't have been easily falsified and there is no benefit to proving it anyway, but you still wish you could.
I now understand why people like copyright.

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You have pleased the emperor this day.

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That is not something to be proud of.

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>>not being proud of something that brings people joy

You sad pathetic human being.

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I know there's no benefit for being recognized for this, in fact its probably a bad thing. I just wonder what the "you know what, I made that joke" feeling is like.

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you are a fucking faggot, and I hope bad things happen to you and your family and every one you know.

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A sexy fusion between executor Selendis from the Starcraft games and either Farseer Taldeer or Farseer Macha from DoW.

I'll leave the details of how to make a protoss/eldar fusion sexy to your twisted imagination.

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Rape brings people joy.
>I hope bad things happen to you
They already did.
Oinkbane became a meme.

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Curious, why do you hate other people having fun?

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I humbly request a a Human Necromancer. Middle aged but quite attractive, still, with a real dem tits + dat ass hour-glass figure. She has a platinum bob-cut and a cheerful demeanor - the nicest Chaotic Evil Necromancer you'll ever meet! Wears a skintight black sleeveless bodysuit (spider-silk probably) and with black elbow-length gloves and white thigh-high boots. Also a thick white Monk's Belt.

Pic related? Yeah, guilty as charged. In fairness I've played Necromancers in 3.5/Pathfinder games before, and have usually gone the grim stony-faced route, or the wild-eyed Herbert West mad scientist route. Friend's running a more tongue-in-cheek evil campaign and I figured I'd do a cheerful MILF Wizard who just happens to spend all her time raising the dead and "oh, yeah, I've heard of morals! They sound dreadful."

>been ailabooe
No, Captcha, I have never been ailabooe.

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I'm on my phone so I can't post the pics that other artists have done, but I have a request, kind sir.

I would love an Adeptus Arbites (think Judge Dress) standing in a doorway, firing a shotgun, with his mouth open in a shout. Is that doable?

Pic unrelated, but for attention. Alternatively, Jack Parow as hive scum.

Thank you kind sir.

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Not the requester, but I'm totally seconding this, but suggesting it become a tag-team or four-way battle between Shrek, a 40k Ork, a WHFB Orc, and a Warcraft Orc.

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Judge Dredd, sorry, damn autocorrect.

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Wait so why is oinkbane bad? He's orky cunnin' in a pigman that works in most settings of dungeon fantasy.

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A nicassar please: Flat, round, telekinetic space polar bear

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He isn't really, some people who don't like putting fun into their campaigns just don't see the point of the joke.

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Its a mediocre joke that got spammed endlessly, leading to a lot of people hating it.

That and its unoriginal CREEED derivative.

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Ahh got it!

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A plain rank and file soldier dressed up in a uniform like pic related but without the helmet and a dark brown flak jacket instead of that shitty red thing.

Bonus points if he has a large stub revolver at his hip

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I haven't warmed upp propperly, so this is all I can muster yet. Hope it works.

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made one a few threads ago.

>> No.22784699

Flak Vest sorry, not jacket.

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Looks good, thanks!

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I would like an oinkbane since my game has an order of them trying to kill a pc after he stopped one of there assassinations.

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I would like to request a picture of Doctor Doom. what he's doing is up to the Drawfriend.

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A dragonborn in light parade armour and a coat wielding a sword in his right hand and holding a shield with his left kicking a door down, similar to this picture.

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like so?

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Could I grab a draw-fag for a request?

I wanna DeathSkull Ork Loota and a Blood Raven Space Marine fist bumping each other while say "respect" while each standing on their own pile of "donated" goods

>> No.22785081

Behold the infinite glory

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Excellent, just might be subtle enough.

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A half-naked Sororitas lying on her stomach atop a Leman Russ Executioner's turret. The side of the turret is labeled "GETS HOT".

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I don't quite feel up to speed today. Sorry for the poor quality.

Anyhows, I have to run some errands so this will be the last one for now. I may come back later on.

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Do you often request pug pics? I feel like I've seen a lot of pug requests.

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I know that feel Anon. I made the "Blood Ravens holding an Ultramarine mug with their logo taped over it". It makes me feel happy every time I see someone use it. It's best to be content with making something other people enjoy.

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Macha wearing a diaper.
or Nissa wearing a diaper.
or both.

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Better than expected. Brilliant. Thank you, sir.

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/tg/ related fill.

>> No.22786270

Not a drawfag, but my friend told me to draw a paladuckling. Here, take my doodle.

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Well, if anybody or OP is still doing requests I have one..

This is my character from a Pokemon Tabletop Adventure game that a few other fa/tg/uys and I have been playing for a few months. The thing is this is my character drawn before we started the game, since then he ended up changing obviously and now looks a bit different. He lost his left arm and has to use a prosthetic. Now he wears a labcoat also after becoming a professor and a researcher, has a full pokeball belt around his waist and has the sleeve torn off of the left arm, showing off the prosthetic as something of a badge of honor. Also, I'd like to see what he'd look like drawn in a different style.

Thank you.

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I like it! The world needs more paladin animals.

>> No.22786346

even better than my cactus paladin

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Can you draw Akuma/Gouki as WH40 ork version?

>> No.22786539

There are several Nicassar in the Empire of Man.

>> No.22786563


Had to go kinda simple or I'd never get it done

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quick bump before schleep

>> No.22786866

Yo, I'm >>22786263
If anyone wants anything in a similar style, make yourself known.
Nothing too complicated though because I only want to do it while I watch Great British Bake Off

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Not the anon that requested that, but that's pretty damn good.

>> No.22786888


You wanna do your version of this scene? >>22784893

I like your style a lot and want to see how it compares. The post requesting the character is here: >>22784614 but that anon made something even more awesome.

If you'd take a stab at it, I would be overjoyed.

>> No.22786943

Would you like to take a crack at >>22784344?

>> No.22786981

I'll do the Adeptus, gimme a clear reference or two.

>> No.22786991


Reference? As in more information about the character, or a something done by another artist?

>> No.22786993

A cheesecakey R63 version Desert Fox Tank Crew. Think along the lines of Cata-chan, Krieg-chan, or Jubblowski.

>> No.22787000

Image reference.

>> No.22787005

Bump for hope

>> No.22787029

>back from hospital
>see drawthread

time to actually participate in one of these I guess

>> No.22787034


Here is something less cartoony, I've got something more cartoonish next. I would prefer it without a specific name. But this should give you a reference.

>> No.22787036

I'd love a Bangaa (FF tactics universe) holding a skull with a gem for one eye, in the "Hamlet soliloquising to skull" pose, looking as puzzled as a lizard-face can look, as the skull greets him. Probably the best moment of the first game of the campaign I started running yesterday.

If you want to do detaily stuff, the bangaa wears light armour and a sort of gladiatorial metal-skirt thing - mobility over protection - and wields a spear. The gem in the skull's eye is green if you're doing colour. Skull's probably saying something unexpected.
>Both of these are player characters

>> No.22787037

And here's something fun.

>> No.22787053


Cool style, mang.

>> No.22787077

I'm this guy


Been here for a few hours. Does anybody want to draw my character? ;_;

>> No.22787099


Dude, your character was just drawn. And colored.

>> No.22787109

Tonight, I'll be playing a game for the first time in 8 months. I'd like to request drawfaggotry of my character.

He's a superpowered luchadore that goes by the name of Abelardo. He's hispanic, 8 feet tall, hwavily built and a bit of a Bane expy (there is a device in his mask that constantly injects painkillers into his bloodstream). He's got a fair amount of stubble on his face.

>> No.22787150

Man drawing teeth is great, sorry I couldn't really do the request, couldn't find a good door-breaking pose that clicked with me and it was getting frustrating

>not vore


>> No.22787170

Ok so uhm what's he wearing

Because seeing as how you haven't described that, I'm tempted to draw him streaking while screaming "THE AIR FEELS LIKE JUSTICE" or him hunched over in a tub with a rubber duck

>> No.22787189


He looks like he eats heretical scum for breakfast and shits out the Emperor's Retribution.

>> No.22787192

A pair of humans with red-tinted skin, wearing desert-sci-fi-fantasy clothes (robes, but with lots of metal and leather. They're from a "Barsoom-ish" world). They look similar enough to be siblings.

One is short, female, and looks like noomi rapace would if she gained 20 pounds, and 10 of it was muscle, brandishing a gun that looks like a giant mare's leg.

The other is male, tall, with stylish light armor, and fancy waxed-handlebar-mustache-and-goatee facial hair, wielding some sort of silver segmented energy whip.

>> No.22787193

I suppose that his costume would look very similar to Bane's, with the biggest difference being the design of his mask

>> No.22787208

Ok, gonna start drawing this man-mountain of beef.

Any specifics you want on the mask? If you posted a descrip of it please forgive me I'm on too many painkillers

>> No.22787221

I've got nothing specific in mind for the mask...I think I'll your artistic whims figure it out.

>> No.22787233

This girl with a maquahuitl, in a battlefield of broken spears, with her dress covered in blood

>> No.22787245

And this is him when he's old enough to be giving starter pokemon to trainers of his own.

>> No.22787252


That motherfucker has been through some shit.

>> No.22787280

It would look better if I had done it on paper but I don't want to go through the trouble of using my goddamn scanner. MS Paint and my shitty drawpad can't properly translate my stuff from pencil.

>> No.22787299


Sorry my shitty netbook didn't show his post until way later.

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>> No.22787347

Looks great, thanks!

>> No.22787373

can i has this dude in a grimdark version?

>> No.22787392

I will attempt to draw him as such when I get back from writing this goddamn essay and drinking another meal through a straw.

Shit might get messy, I'm still shaky.

Please explain what you mean by grimdark while I'm gone.

>> No.22787450

In a oscure version, like a necromancer sitting in a throne of skulls and bones, like a position like the conan films, with a maquahuitl.

>> No.22787533

Can I get a picture of my Abyssal and her draconic ally?
Both of them are servants of The Lover, the dragon is possibly one of the only few who understands her philosophy, and the exalt is very loyal and strong, skilled in martial arts and other such nasty things. A good show of force to the other Lords who think her only a whore.

The Abyssal is female, was in her early twenties, her name is Chorus of Lovers Lost in Mourning. CLLM is from the west and is gor lack of a better word hot. She's got curves and hips in all the right places, nice tanned skin, long black hair. Dresses provocatively, in a purple one-peice swimsuit. Over that has boobplate armor, skull shaped plates cover her assets. Wears thigh high leather boots and wraps a sarong around her waist. Also has a diadem made up of monsterous teeth on her head.

Pic related, this is her ally.

>> No.22787542

Yo i am scanning your picture now

>> No.22787548

CLLM in all her glory.

>> No.22787553


Fukken, sweet, yo.

>> No.22787583

I rushed the end of it because GBBO finished, so you know, just pretend he's in a doorway or something.

Ha, neat, I drew that bear.

>> No.22787601


Damn, son, just damn. Wow. Kudos.

>> No.22787628

And you did an awesome job.
I'm sorry though if you don't like your art being used to pair him up with Lady Skulltits (>>22787548) It is just that the two are allies in the game I am in and I like the both of them.

>> No.22787669

Oh, no worries. I wouldn't draw Lady Skulltits myself (boobplate hurtssss usss) but I have no problem with you using the art as you like it. Hell, I'm flattered.

And thank you very much, sir.

>> No.22787817

Don't suppose anyone would be willing to draw my Carrion Crown group?

Lucius has a crossbow, but my skills of an MS Paint artist are atrocious, so I didn't even bother trying to draw it.

>> No.22787835

Gonna bump this again with a picture of a Rogue Trader for reference.

>> No.22787858

Gonna bump this again with a picture of a Rogue Trader for reference.

>> No.22788189

I'm playing a character in PTTA who looks too much like Naruto because I like orange and blue, and I used a character builder. Guy in a loose plain orange t-shirt, and blue baggy cargo shorts (not around the waist like a gangster, just loose at the leg holes). Always sitting down to be closer with his pokemon. Kind of messy brown hair, always smiling, wears a blue bandana like the pokemon breeder sprites. Wears sandals instead of shoes, and keeps all his stuff in a simple backpack. And blue wristbands in case the arms look too boring without color. Speaking of which, those colors are just suggestions. If you think he'd look better with another color scheme, I'd love to see it.
Pic is what I made with the character builder.

>> No.22788265


>> No.22788308

Oh hey weremole, not to derail but you still doing commissions?

>> No.22788351

/tg/, I know you hate your own creations and will go out of your way to express that, but I'm going to try requesting this here again anyway.

Requesting Crazy Hassan selling his fine used (but better than new) camels to Old Man Henderson.
"10 lawn gnomes free with every camel!"

Reference pic because common courtesy.

Crazy Hassan reference on the left (He's wearing a fez on top of that turban) Old man Henderson reference on the right (He should also have a stuffed parrot on his shoulder)

>> No.22788410

I am. My schedule is a bit full at the moment and I soon have to start getting ready for conventions and such. But feel free to get in touch and I'll see what I can do for you.

>> No.22788513

Requesting Mugmarine but as a Dark Angel Space Marine with with the veteran's hood and the mug with the Dark Angels logo on it.
I'd do it myself but anything I draw looks like an autistic 7 year old did it.
>pic related.

>> No.22788767

A viking/barbarian riding a velociraptor fighting an Aztec warrior riding a raptor with a vibrant, colorful feathered crest and such.

>> No.22788847

can i has this?

>> No.22789483

one more bump before work

>> No.22789874

I can try, no promises

>> No.22790296


>> No.22790305

Requester here:


That is all.

>> No.22790317


>> No.22790430

for those waiting for OP

I present to you what I got for my birthday several months ago from a kind anon :-)

I know, /co/ related, but still nice

>> No.22790468

I have no brushes here.

>> No.22790479

Making lizard people for an apocalyptic setting I'm homebrewing. The world is ending and humanity is being twisted into monstrous lizard folk to do a slumbering god's bidding to wake it up, kind of like Deep Ones.

Here is some concepts I've done. I'm not that great in MSpaint. If any drawfags wants to give my concepts a spin of their own to make them look intimidating and more monstrous take a whack at it.

>> No.22790490


>> No.22790519

A troll priest.
He's wearing an unfitting dress over is already unfitting armor.
he's healing an elf berserk, the only way a troll knows how to heal.
That's probably beating him to a pulp or yelling him something around the lines of "GET HELTHY OR I'LL BREAK YOUR LUNGS" until he gets healed.

>> No.22790571

Two Black Trench coat corporate operators: One bald and small with olive complexion and stern features, the other tall and gangly, of semitic descent with curly hair and a goatee.

Both wearing black leather trench coats and goggles.

>> No.22790599

Think someone could draw my Alchemical Exalted?

Glorious Gear Shining Eternal is a stunningly attractive Orichalcum caste, with bright golden flesh contrasting with her dark hair--dark as the deepest pits of the Pole of Oil, braided with cables that glow a soft neon white. Her absolute minimum of clothing consists of her silk armor, smashfists, and jewelry--a dark, night-black dress that leaves her shoulders bare, hugging every curve of her body while leaving flesh exposed along the sides, extra cloth trailing down in front of and behind her legs; a pair of long, dark silk gloves with shark-skin like serrated plates of soulsteel sewn into them; and a series of anklets, piercings (of the ears, eyebrow, nose, lip), and chains made of Soulsteel.

Few notes: Orichalcum is a golden color, soulsteel is black. If I need to expand on anything, ask.

>> No.22790651

Zangief and Hugo as either Ogryn or Orks wrestling.

>> No.22790685

Not the OR but damn those are some good looking zombies.

>> No.22790721

Could I please have a more professionally-drawn version of this thing?

>> No.22790835

bumpinf with other image

>> No.22790878

sorry that I'm late, but holy shit, thank you!

>> No.22790942

I'm gonna request an Image of Insect Queen ( pic related ) being a little flirty/naughty.

>> No.22790982

Don't worry about it, I enjoyed drawing it.

>> No.22791039

I'll give it a try. But it'll be doodly as all fuck.

>> No.22791135

I had a idea for a funny little picture. A catgirl in a rain poncho and rain boots huddling under her umbrella she is holding. Her hood is down as well as her ears as she's not enjoying the rainty weather. She's wearing a basic school uniform underneath the poncho (only her skirt should be visible, a basic grey pleated one). Her tail should be covered by a "tail bag" to help keep it dry.

She should look like she's not enjoying waiting in a monsoon rainstorm.

>> No.22791208

Draw a huge fighter wearing full platemail and wielding a battleaxe with a cute halfling girl on his shoulder.

>> No.22791233

I thought Soulsteel was only for Abyssals?

>> No.22791280


Alchemicals resonate with magical materials based on their caste--and despite that there's another artifact (the fivefold something resonator) that lets you attune to other magical materials without an increased cost.

>> No.22791426

True, but I mean who else would be willing to wear jewelry made from suffering souls?

>> No.22791469


Given that the Trinkets of Dignified Conduct are very common in Autochthon... well, let's be fair here, any Alchemical soulsteel items are made from the souls of a race that tried to kill auto-kun.

Though the smashfists were a gift from an Abyssal, so they're traditional soulsteel artifacts. My Alchemical has something, uh, of a yandere friend problem.

>> No.22791471

I would love if someone would draw a skeleton archer lighting a fire arrow he holds in his mouth for me

>> No.22791993

First three sucked so I trashed them.
I'm happy enough with Korvus and Lucius.
Was originally giving Korvus a powdered wig until I read "bowler". I fucking hats.

Assumed Lucius was supposed to be the youngest.

>> No.22792066

That looks pretty ballin.

>> No.22792136

Thanks. I think I'll give the first three another go.

>> No.22792504


It's awesome. thankyou

>> No.22792633

Hey, I recognize your style! Thanks again for doing my wizard (pic related).

>> No.22792657

I started this, but I'm knackered and going to bed now. I'll try and post it tomorrow morning GMT.

>> No.22792880


And the first three. Hope you like. Hard to figure out exactly what they look like facially so I just bullshitted.

>> No.22792912

Whoa! Thanks! Sorry for the late responses. Had errands to run today and my internet had cut out last night.

>> No.22793066

Warboss Gingrich por favor!!!!

>> No.22793464

Just going to bump this

>> No.22793620

mexica emperor fighting a samurai

>> No.22793816

Due to a recent revelation in a previous thread, I request a version of this picture but with zapp in ultramarines armor and with him holding the Codex Astartes

>> No.22794049

Bump for these two. I'd like to see other drawfag's interpretations of lizard people.

>> No.22794191

Bumping this for some CATastrophe levels of daww.

>> No.22794499

Bumping this

>> No.22794843

are there any drawfags on?

>> No.22795638

If someone would be so kind as to draw these bros 4 lyfe.

The first guy is a martian with typical Mass Effect alien design: Green, humanoid, no hair of course. He's all augmented and shit so he's decked out in a sweet ass robotic body with upgrades and a swag trenchcoat.

And his buddy, the captain of the ship of course, is a vigilant young black fellow with a well-kept pompadour. Just like his martian friend, he's augmented as well, with electric powers and all that stereotypical stuff. His design is kinda based on this concept art here, without the biker helmet of course.

Be creative with the scene, you can have them just fist bumping and I'll be happy.

>> No.22795666

I kept nodding off while noodling this. I really need to get to bed.

>> No.22795704

Weremole! Do you have a DA or something for people to see your stuff and/or get in contact with you when you aren't appearing in threads?

>> No.22795774

Ofcourse. http://weremole.deviantart.com/ Also tumblr http://weremole.tumblr.com/

>> No.22795869

Can you draw dragons?

>> No.22795911

A bit off topic but can anyone draw a cartoon version of the Gorge from Natural Selection 2?

>> No.22796150


>> No.22796208

I'll do my part.

>> No.22796260


>> No.22796796

bumpin this for justice!

>> No.22796927


Oh my, thank you very mcuh kind sir!

>> No.22797019


>> No.22797066

Can you draw one of my DnD characters? He's an Aarakocra, parrot looking, dresses like a pirate including a captains hat, has an accordion, and a rather small halfling on his shoulder resembling Tingle.

>> No.22797125

Can I Cat-folk in the crown and robes of parliaments house of lords?
Bonus points if he's snearing

>> No.22797135

I wonder if there is a draw friend still in the thread. I will ask anyway!

I am in an exalted game, playing an Abyssal.

He is more or less Kung Fu Zombie John Marston in the Deadly Assassin's Outfit with a soulsteel Plasma Tongue Repeater.

Sorry the size of the picture is so bad. But that's it. With no rifle.

>> No.22797173

Huh, if you're willing to, Exalt, girl, red hair, young 20's, short-ish, kind of thin, glasses, standard Twilight Caste type with Orichalicum Celestial battle armor and a big ass artifact assault rifle

>> No.22797338

update on that dungeon thing, dunno if anyone will remember.

>> No.22797390

Looks awesome.

>> No.22797400

And /co/ delivered >>>/co/45469943

>> No.22797471

Heh, those are awesome. My buddies will love it. Thanks alot!

>> No.22797626


>> No.22797650

Didn't mean to quote the guy in that post. Was just opening up the quick reply and forgot to remove the post link.

>> No.22797722

A Norse styled Necron. Winged helmet, metal beards, still all skeletal and gaunt, that sort of thing.

It was one of the more interesting ideas /tg/ had and I'm sad it went nowhere.

>> No.22797773


Bumpin' this. Come on, I know you guys can do it. ;_;

>> No.22797790


>> No.22797997

No problem, glad I could help.

>> No.22798255


I really like your style, can you try >>22797066 please?

>> No.22798270

And his name is Captain Lyric btw, thanks!

>> No.22798289

I'll give it a shot. Not like I got anything better to do.

>> No.22798333


Thanks! Oh, and the halfling is named Stevie, thank you very much you ellegan/tg/entleman.

I'm eager to see the results.

>> No.22798499

I'd like to politely request the drawing of a man wearing a plague doctor mask with green lenses, a loooong black poncho, black, loose BDUs and ninja tabi. Also he has ruffled unkempt vulture wings sprouting from his back, and brown head hair.
And he's wielding a chainsaw.

>> No.22798595

There ya go.
Stevie sounds freaky and Tingle creeps me out.
Also I doodle these on notecards and didn't see the second part until just now.

But there ya go.

>> No.22798613


>> No.22798628


Thanks! That's just how I imagine him looking!

>> No.22798690

Bumping thread linking to my request.

>> No.22798777

Glad you liked.
Anyone else got something they want a bust of? I've got nothing better to do and frankly I need to doodle more.

>> No.22798805

Hello /tg/,

I am here. How may I serve you?

>> No.22798838

Could I get an Eel-man in gladiator armor with a great maul?

>> No.22798848

How about a grot or a kommando (maybe on a warbike) being launched out of a railgun... while on fire?

>> No.22798864


Can you do >>22795638 ?


>> No.22798865

The Eel man is first.

>> No.22798923


Same guy who requested Captain Lyric, can you draw my girlfriend's character, she's a half-Merfolk dude that's kind androgynous, attractive looking guy that can turn into a woman, so he'd have to be pretty kawaii desu. Medium length hair. His name is "Octo". Thanks!

>> No.22798935

The hell kinda game you running man?
That being said, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.22798942


>your girlfriend's character

We're all friends here, anon. No need to hide your fetishes.

>> No.22798964

Can you do
Try to make him look like a punk, if possible. This is for an M&M game.

>> No.22798988

All the games my group does are wide open homebrew. We get all sorts of interesting stuff, the current game (with me DMing) consists of the half-Merfolk who is a trickster, A treant cleric, a fire casting sorcerer Elf, a pixie whore, and two human bards who somehow act as voices of reason.

We have a lot of fun.

>> No.22799004


No, it's actually hers. She's genderqueer and so she figured it'd be perfect for her.

>> No.22799017



>> No.22799021

>She's genderqueer

>> No.22799037

While I am drawing this sexy Eel-man Gladiator you are all welcome to come on by here. We are watching the wizard. <3

>> No.22799040

I would like a drawing of my Shadowrun technomancer's five sprites (computer spirit-like things, not pieces of pixel art). They look like ~6-year-old children, most of them in costume.
> Tutor sprite: Japanese elf boy dressed up as a sensei, complete with fake facial hair. I image him meditating, possibly floating
> Sleuth sprite: American human girl dressed up as a detective. Pic related, it's Tracer Bullet from Calvin & Hobbes
> Machine sprite: Hispanic ork girl dressed up as a mechanic.
> Fault sprite: Indian dwarf boy dressed up as a hacker
> Code sprite: I'm not really sure. AI child, perhaps? It has this ability to analyze lots of data and find subtle patterns, clues, and other info.

>> No.22799069

I have a question, good sirs. Why is /tg/ so nice to each other? How come?

>> No.22799071

I dunno about him but I like to give chars to my girlfriend who will sate my fetishes. Of course, I sell them in a way they will seem awesome.

>> No.22799074

It is a sacred oath. Our Hobby binds us. Respect to the last imaginary sons of the Earth.

>> No.22799113

She picked it out on her own, but it wasn't to appeal to my fetishes.

Otherwise she'd be a small child.

>> No.22799114

Requesting a drawing of a Lich that gave up a pursuit of knowledge on all things undead for that of a singer, and sings (quite literally) with a lot of soul.

>> No.22799125


I usually come her, just to listen to you people, when I am depressed or had too much /v/ (which is the same, come to think of it). So thank you guys. You're cool.

>> No.22799128

Please draw an accountant of Chaos, as WH 40ked out as possible.

>> No.22799133


here* Damn, I can barely type tonight.

>> No.22799136

We also are a small community with little growth, so we don't suffer from the Eternal September problem.


>> No.22799150

/tg/ is so chill because we're all aware we're nerdy people sitting around discussing out nerdy topics and that winning an argument here is the hollowest of victories.

>> No.22799189

I was hoping it was some sorta weird One Piece setting. Also, you can't name a merfolk Octo and not have some clearly octopod features.

Anyone else want a doodle?

>> No.22799240

Thanks! She'll love it.

>> No.22799261

Because /tg/ is a bro board, /co/ is also a bro board when the sun goes down. >>22797400 and now >>>/co/45472966

>> No.22799270

Could you do >>22799040

>> No.22799295

Yeah I can give it a shot.
Expect the worst, and considering my shit quality; that's saying something. I don't know Shadowrun for the life of me.

>> No.22799301

Almost done yo.

>> No.22799341

Can I get a picture of a huge half-minotaur with tentacles coming from its back and holding/wearing doors?

A title of "BAUL MORD: DOOR LORD" would be nifty too.

>> No.22799419

let's keep this thread alive while everyone is drawing.

>> No.22799437

Yaaayyy! Shadowrun is cyberpunk + fantasy. It's based on the premise that magic reentered the world on December 21, 2012. Pic related, it's the cover art of the core rulebook.

>> No.22799671


Someone please do this.
OR, if this doesn't get filled, please request again. If I see this and have time, I'll do it.

>> No.22799678

Here you are my friend. Hope it is to your liking.

>> No.22799748

I hated them all except the Sleuth. Sorry.

>> No.22799760

Fancy. I dig it.

>> No.22799776


Bumping with my request. Again.

>> No.22799917

can i has this summoning a japanese demon in a grimdak style?

>> No.22799946

Your next buddy.

>> No.22800050

Someone give me something interesting.

>> No.22800073

Once again: http://computerkitten.deviantart.com/

>> No.22800119


>> No.22800209

tried as hard as I could

>> No.22800228

Practice your B radical.

>> No.22800233

LOL thanks

>> No.22800302

Can I get a male human hexblade//warlock? He has long, black hair and a soul patch, masterwork falchion and masterwork chain shirt. He's 29 years old.

It's for a friend.

>> No.22800316


>> No.22800515

I started to draw this but then I drew this. Sorry.

>> No.22800907

guys pls

>> No.22800930

He has no hand gesture though

>> No.22801432

anon pls

>> No.22802238

That's absolutely awesome.
Also polite sage

>> No.22802412

Casting: resurrect thread.
Who has a fill they want doing?

>> No.22802472

pls >>22800907

>> No.22802475

I've already requested and gotten one of these but I want to see some different artists works on This.

The Blues Brothers as commissars.
Land Raider in background.

>> No.22802618

Sorry, but I'm not really interested in fanart, I prefer to draw OCs and so on.

>> No.22803417


>> No.22803641

Long-awaited request.


>> No.22803758

mah bump

>> No.22803812

No drawfags guys

>> No.22804772

One will come around

Captcha: grinding withcnt

>> No.22806039


>> No.22808333

somehow seems a bit like cheating though.

"We're on a mission from God ..... Emporer"

>> No.22808395

can you draw a zombie riding a werewolf please?

>> No.22811930

Did that guy who said he was gonna draw the dinobarbarian fighting the dinoaztec ever come back?

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