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So this is a kinda odd but still really important question....how much bolter ammo does your average Marine keep on him? I mean you usually don't see models or art of Marines with magazines strapped all over them but I thought I read somewhere they have internal storage for this sort of thing.

Or do they just generate new ammo through sheer force of will because logistics is for boring heretics?

Also, any other logistical question you guys want to ask while we're here?

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They carry enough for the plot to force them to reload at the worst possible time.

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I think they have pouch and I heard somewhere of having clips mag locked to their thighs and waists

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Helsreach gave a very important detail in this manner. When space marines are called in, assuming it's not via drop pods, they're going to have crates full of ammo on their thunderhawk or stormraven. I'd imagine there is some kind of internal storage for a few clips, but I feel it'd be no more than four or five. That said, marines are built the way they are for a reason. They expect to get up close and beat the opponent to a bloody pulp.

Remember, the reason the bolter was the designed the way it is was because for the majority of the Great Crusade, a fairly large percentage of the fighting was against orks, who do anything they can to get within melee range of you.

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A standard pouch holds four magazines and every magazine holds 25 bolts.

So about 125 bolts including the magazine in his Bolter.

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Four or five magazines for both weapons on person, with more in supply pods/rhinos/thunderhawks

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This raises another question. What chapter would be considered the shootiest chapter?

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Dark Angels probably.

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Novamarines, maybe, they're all tanks and Termies and Stalker Bolters.

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Really? I would kinda assume imperial fists. Being a defense mastered chapter, it would seem like they would just have ammo on ammo on ammo.

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Clearly the Black Templars

Nah I'm kidding, probably the Dark angels or Ultramarines, so they can think about the bullets flying through the air.

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Termies getting bitches. I like this.

Are the bitches 100% greenstuff?

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They seem to be actual models.

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Shootiest is hard to pin down. The Iron Hands and the Aurora chapter are all about ranged combat, but usually from atop various vehicles. The Star Phantoms are known for their heavy use of ranged combat as well.

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Taken from what, do you think? A Space Wolves dread should have bitches.

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Marines Malevolent are known for shelling civilian cities if there's hostiles in it.

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they do, they're called female wolves.

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Clearly one needs to be made. The Shooty Shootfists. Their specialty weapon in the power shootfists. A lightning claw with bolters instead of blades. Power bolters.

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I think they're from the old Asdrubael Vect model.

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Ruleswise Minotaurs against other marines are the shootiest since they have preferred enemy. Fluffwise it's probably somechapter attached to the admech.

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I dont usually pay much attention to people complaining about the bad proportions of space marines but that guys head must be about the size of his fist when you consider the thickness of the helmet.

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Given the size of bolter rounds it might make sense to carry reloading clips ready to put into a magazine, rather then carrying the bulk of extra armored magazines.

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Eh, maybe I'll wait for some plastic bolter bitches.

Link related, it'd be his happy end: hot Sororitas twins, yes please.

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Oh yeah, like it was some other fat guy with a tiny head.

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>that copypasta

I fear that I, too, shall have to be interred within a dreadnought. The damage caused in losing my sides is far too severe.

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I never get sick of this.

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The old Vect/Dais model came with "prisoners" which you can still order:


Sisters also had some great bits in some of their lesser known kits, like the Penitent Engines.

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i.... i.... i need this.

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After looking at the models, those are definitely on there but it looks like there are some additional ones to. Possibly from Kingdom Death? They have some excellent nude/nearly nude models. They are the same guys who made the infamous "Nursemaid"

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aside from the fact they are basically mini-grenades and without some sort of protection they all might go up.

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At 30mm scale, if you can find them still available.

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In the tactical (standard) marine boxed set, each marine has ammo pouches for four extra magazines of ammunition.

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So writing a story where Bjorn takes a rune priest to go out drinking, whoring, and feasting like the good old days... good idea or bad idea?

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I think that model's way older than any Kingdom of Death stuff.

There's a ton of nude female models on the web. Hasslefree and Freebooter have some. I'm using them for some Chaos objective markers. Bitches for Slaanesh, and all that.

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>Also, any other logistical question you guys want to ask while we're here?

I've always wondered this but never thought it was worth a thread: How the hell do Space Marines manage to wage war when its just 1000 troops total per (codex astartes) chapter? Just judging by how a lot of 40k factions tend to wage war with overwhelming numbers, I've never understood how a chapter of space marines is supposed to actually pose a threat in anything but special ops roles that support IG regiments.

I know this is probably stupid and I probably overlooked something because I'm a newfriend to 40k, but its always bothered me.

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Yeah, I picked up a nude from hasslefree just now. Pimp dread is a go.

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They're built from the ground up to be pound-for-pound the best fighters in the Imperium bar none, even without the extra advantage of having some of the best gear.

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it is the will of the emprah that you overlook this gross numerical discrepancy.

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>bar none

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They come in late, bomb everything to shit, drop down on the enemy HQ and kill them, pull out and go rewrite history so that it was them who saved the day and everyone else was just shit.

Marines don't wage war, they do surgical strikes against enemy units. They can best far larger enemy units because they tend to fight on their own terms.

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I always assumed they didn't carry clips on them they just had them in ammo dumps or vehicles.
I assumed their bolters carry all the rounds they need and due to their training and I suspect a Codex astartes note about not wasting ammo thats all they needed on them.

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Devastators carry giant ammo backpacks.

Everyone else just has enough ammo to empty a clip while running at the enemy line, because it's all about killing with the chainsword.

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>Or do they just generate new ammo through sheer force of will because logistics is for boring heretics?

This, because logic, science, and reality do not really exist in the 40k universe. Instead, it's all replaced with "what seems cool to 12 year olds"?

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Oh yeah, because removing the magazine, taking out a stripper clip, inserting the rounds from the clip into the new magazine (which requires two hands) and then inserting the magazine back into your bolter is much faster and more convenient than simply swapping mags.

Also, >>22780232

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>and I suspect a Codex astartes note about not wasting ammo

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Yes! you understood it. Fucking Leandros you heretical backstabbing traitor!

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If a bolter holds 24 rounds per magazine, they never need to reload because bolters can only fire twice per turn and and battles never last 12 turns.

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hehe exactly.

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By being the strategic equivalent of an undetectable tactical nuke satellite.

They pick a vulnerable target, and hit it with so much concentration and immediacy of force that they steamroll it. Any garrison force can't stand up to a Marine attack. Once they win, they leave. By the time you even know you have to dispatch a QRF, they've left. If you by chance had a force fast enough to get there close enough to do it, it's not powerful enough to meaningfully oppose them. If you have a force powerful enough to meaningfully oppose them, they can't make it there in time. That's how Space Marines win on the tactical level. Because they never deploy without Naval support since that's how they even get there, they are rarely trapped. If they are, then they run faster than your major force, and fight harder than your outriders, so they are a monstrous cunt to catch.

On the strategic level, Marines win by hitting any vulnerable spot that compromises your ability to counterattack. When they show up in their ship, which will be at least a Frigate, they will clear an area of orbit to keep it safe. Then they attack anything you can have that can take out their ship or their mobility. Then your communications. Because they hit so hard, you literally cannot have the forces to protect all these things at once with sufficient strength. If you do, they hit other important places, like supply lines, stockpiles, manufactorum, civilians, until you can't afford to keep your comms garrisoned. Then they hiot your comms, one by one, using the communicatiosn breakdown to cripple your ability to counter their deployments. Whe nyou are finally unable to meaningfully react to their attacks, they go fucking mental and instantly attack anything that is exposed, and break down the ability of your war machine to function. As soon as it is on the edge of collapse, they hit as many command points at once to utterly shatter your army. It's all still there, and all useless to you.

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And then, they come for you. Unless your army will fall apart without your leadership. Then they don't bother with the fighting part first, because they have the firepower to breach your palace, and once inside you can't even fit the forces that would kill them, like tanks or aircraft.

Imagine your planet as a knight in fantastic armour. Great at fighting, very hard to kill. The IG fight it by sending shitloads of anything at you, and even though no piece can outfight you, you can't fight them all all day. The Space Marines are like fighting a master warfighter pixie. Your weapons can't swing fast enough to hit the little fuck, and when you try and hit it with your flag or a fan, it doesn't hurt the pixie. Then it suddenly stabs you right in an armoru gap on your hands so you involuntary drop your weapons. When you go to get them it stabs out your eyes, one by one. Whe nyou're blind and flailing for it, it stabs you in each weak point in your armour, severing your ligaments so that you can move less and less, until you finally collapse and can't even move. Then it lifts your helmet's faceguard, flies inside, and cuts the veins in your neck before flying away to leave you to bleed out.

In major conflicts where there's too great an enemy to do this, they work in concert with IG and other forces. So you're a knight trying to fight these fifty malnourished children with knives while this FUCKING PIXIE keeps stabbing you in your armour's weak points.

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So are there any other hotties that could ride on top of a tank or a dread?

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>So you're a knight trying to fight these fifty malnourished children with knives while this FUCKING PIXIE keeps stabbing you in your armour's weak points.

Best summary of the Imperium's tactics that I've ever read.

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Raptors, because they're canon reasonable marines.

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csm use clips and barrels.

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I stopped caring about the "clips vs magazines" schtick YEARS ago. It's not a big deal: in fact, I find the whole thing tiresome.

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Bottom Line: IG are soldiers. SM are Navy Seals. The Imperium needs both.

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And the shoulder thing that goes up.

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They do not.
That is what The Hammer of The Emperor, the Imperial Guard, is for.

The Astartes are built for extremely high risk objectives. Stuff like dropping directly ahead of a Tyranid Swarm to take out Synapse Creatures and buy a few hours for the IG Artillery to get into place. Stuff like teleporting into an enemy HQ and shattering their command structure in minutes. Their equipment, experience, indoctrination and massive cybermutant bodies allow them to pull off feats daily, that the greatest regular heroes of the Imperium will pull off but a handful of times in their lives and probably at the cost of a limb or a couple of organs.

They get disproportionate amounts of glory as a result, since they'll cause sudden and drastic tipping points when they intervene, but unless forced into it by circumstance or the presence of enemy marines, stick to very short encounters. They could be in a warzone for a week, when the rest of the Imperial forces will be there months before and years thereafter.

There's always exceptions of course, and sometimes they'll get stuck in, but that's usually in those 'circumstances'. They're certainly worth several times their number in normal men, not the least of which is because they don't actually need to sleep for days at a time. But when they fortify a place, its not what they were made for, even though they'll as usual be superhumanly good at it.

After all, every loss is quite severe to them... not that they really stick to the whole 1000 anyways. They're lying bastards about that stuff, and love having members that "don't count" because oh those guys are just, uh, scout veterans, not full marines, and well we can't really say the techmarine's really a normal member, and those fifty terminators are ACTUALLY "venerable ancestors", and its really just in name and honors and implants and progenoid glands and weaponry and deed and reputation that they're members of the chapter, not OFFICIALLY.

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And both are there to give the siege weapons the time they need to get set up.

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pretty sure we know what a SM magazine looks like. No harm done in calling it a clip.

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Are you saying that as an idiot who is getting tired of being corrected all the time and so thinks he can have his way by just declaring that it doesn't really matter?

Or are you one of the people that used to correct others?

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Don't mind me, just posting some Eldar. I'm pretty sure we know what they look like, so no harm done calling them that.

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>Pic is space marine
>Posting Eldar.

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>his point
>the 5th circle of hell
>your head

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I really like how the Ethereals are helping him suit up

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If you really wanted to do this; regular humans would be a better fit.

Clips load magazines
Humans get turned into Marines

Eldar would be like.. I don't know, quivers

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Fighting some necron banshees

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I don't like what Phil Kelly did with the new Night Lords codex

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Is anyone else excited about the new book?

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>night lords codex


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its more like calling their helmets hats. Or the imperial guard imperial army

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Okay, you need to broaden your horizons, manufacturer wise. They are loads of porny models out there.

If you're in the UK, get your arse to Salute 2013

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You mean like this?

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dat 'at luuks ded'ard.

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You mean ADB's sequel to the Emperor's Gift?


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>imperial army

Wasn't it called that at some point, when the "army" comprised the Navy AND the guard?

Or am I insane/exhausted?

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Which chapter is that? I'm guessing a Blood angels successor, but I have no clue just by their iconography.

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wasnt a magazine also called a clip before it got put in its encasing?

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IIRC they're just some random scheme that the artist made up when he collabed on it with another artist.

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>Come from /k/
>See this thread

But seriously, I was under the impression tactical marine squads usually just set up a crate of ammo behind their line and only carry around 4 mags on them. Also, I believe one of the Ultramarines books describes them keeping their mags in pouches on their belts.

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They probably just airdrop in new supplies. Armored marines can carry a ridiculous amount of weight anyway.

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>That glowing eye
That's almost as 80s as riding a bike through space that doubles as a giant gun.

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That's... A necron,

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