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Ummmm... where am I? I swear I was at my bunk next to the Commissar's trying to practice my psyker duties...

...Hello? Anyone?

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Hello Marcia. You might be on the internet, scary thought that.

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>marcia thread

oh boy oh boy oh boy

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her eyes look different...
i suspect a troll thread

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Hey. So, how have you been Marcia? Enjoying your time in the Guard? How do you feel about the Commissar? He been treating you alright? What about your new Psyker teacher?

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You're in a room. There's kind of a path, and holes on the side, and there's a skull flying around.

Sidestep to your left

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I- I don't think the Commissar would approve of me disclosing information about ongoings at the garrison...

I really don't know where this is, it's all white and stuff.

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Save yourself! We are not what you think we are!

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You are the problem with /tg/ today

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Just file it under Magic. Things happen. You're in a white place potentially surrounded by disembodied voices with a fascination for you ears. Probably a dream.

So, uh, have you ever tried touching your own ears?

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Don't listen to him. He's just trying to confuse you. We're your friends, Marcia. Now, if you'll just tell us some more about your ears...

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Warning: Rows of guns may come flying at you. Remain calm.

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What's all this then? Is this some new form of drawfaggotry which I'd not prior been party to?

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How do you personally feel about the commissar then?

Nothing about the rest of the garrison, just your personal opinions on your superior officer

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Been making friends with the other guardsmen?

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These men are servants of Slaanesh! Don't listen to them!

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No we're not. Ear rubbings are a sanctioned activity by the God Emperor. We would know.

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marcia, hey, marcia

this is a result of your psychic training, you have reached the higher plane, called the warp, we are the warp voices, a remnants of someones emotions

enjoy your stay and dont invite anyone to your head


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>moe naive xenos scum wanders around an IG garrison without her handler
>is shot on sight by the first guard post that sees her

And then her stupid little story ended.

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The Emperor Stimulates!

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We are the old worshippers of our great god-emperor, our souls have been preserved by his will. We shall guide you Marcie, for you havethe capacity to greatly benefit this imperium, both soon and in the far future

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gave hint to a lost soul how to get out, what will you do about tzeentchfag?

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Then... Who are you?
Uhhhhh... No? Why?
My ears are sensitive, and I don't like it because it's what makes me a mutant.
I like my Commissar. He's reliable and... I don't know the word,
No no, this can't be the warp, the psyker said it's more colourful than this.

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Sup, Psyker?

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Nothing, for you already set my plan into motion.

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You have entered a realm far more sinister than the Warp, child.

This is the internet.

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The warp is pretty inconstant. Right now it's white.

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wait wait, i thought we are shattered fragments of emperors mind, an autonomous being in the warp

...who are you people?

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We're not entirely sure what we are, where we are, or anything like that. Maybe it is the Warp, it comes in many different forms, flavors, and colors. Or the internet, who knows.

You should like your Commissar, he's a good man who venerates the Emperor. As for your ears, don't be ashamed of who you are as long as you do what your CO says and revere the Emperor, they let your Commissar make you feel good for your service to the Emperor, be happy that they're sensitive.

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We are the voice of Chaos. We contradict ourselves very often. We also like ears. Yours, specifically.

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>Then... Who are you?
I am Kunta Kinte

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I'm not a voice of Chaos. Fuck chaos.

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yeah well, have your psyker friend ever visited the warp? hm?

right now after long debate we decided that walls should be white, as a token to our friend malal

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We are Anonymous, for we have no names.

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We are in the calm generated by the mighty Emperor's mind... I guess we are not all the same.

But rest assured young servant of the true emperor of men, we are not in danger here

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>/tg/ cannot decide how to roleplay
>becomes gibbering mess of madness and conflicting opinions
>as expected

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See? I told you.

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It's chaos, bitches

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This sort of thing happens on tgchan often as well.

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Why hasn't she read the Primer already?

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The warp is crazy, even when defended by the emperor

That's just how it works

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I'd say we're doing a perfect job of playing a mess of conflicting opinions.

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I.. well, what we are is... complicated. Very complicated.

Do you remember what happened right before you found yourself in a white void chatting with disembodied voices?

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>warp is in conflict right now

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Listen to me, Marcia. You are trapped in your own mind right now and must escape. The voices here will tempt you to lewdness but you must not let them. Resist the Lewd!

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.... eep.

I-I-I think I'm trapped in some place full of voices. I don't know if it's chaos or anything anymore

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More what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

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Rub your ears to calm down. It is a sanctioned act.

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>No no, this can't be the warp, the psyker said it's more colourful than this.
...wait for it, wait for it-

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The voices are the voices of temptation. They will try to lead you to unladylike behavior and indecency! Stay strong, Marcia!

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I don't think we're chaos, I'm not chaos at least.

None of us can hurt you, we're just chatting.

So just calm down, chill out, have a drink, see if you can influence your surroundings by thinking about it, if you can maybe try on some new outfits.

And as always, rub your ears.

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If this is the warp, where are the daemons?

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Don't listen to this foul warp-denizen. Would you really trust some disembodied warp-voice about what's sanctioned and what's not?

...okay, coming from me that's a silly question, but you get the point.

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ice work, brah, you scared the poor girl
its because of beings like you people think that warp is evil

btw, why do we have an eldar in emperor protected place of the warp?

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we are the daemons

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>No John, you are the daemons.

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No, John, you are the daemons.

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I was... sitting on my bunk levitating a book while watching my Commissar...
I think according to the primer, I'm supposed to shoot myself because I think I've been affected by chaos...? Luckily I have my laspistol with me

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That... Actually makes a lot of sense.

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Is it bad that I want to cane Marcia raw then rub aloe into her welts and snuggle until dawn?

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Marcia, you are a good person, and you should never change and never forget that.

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we kind of are deamons of god-emperor

but real deamons are someplace else, in section of warp more influenced by some chaos god

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Don't mind me, I'm just watching. Far too interesting to interfere with.

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>levitating a book
Well there's your problem.

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Whoa whoa whoa, let's not be hasty here. Just relaaaaaaax and sell your soul to the ruinous powers. S'all good.

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Don't shoot yourself, we aren't fucking Chaos. We're either something weird or a part of the Emperor. If we were Chaosy demons we'd be a lot less polite and it'd be more colorful.

See if you can influence this realm with your thoughts, consider it Psyker practice.

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Silly Girl Thats a Culexus.

But you'd know if it was really a one of those wouldn't you?

You'd be practically screaming by now.

Clever of you to catch on...

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This will end shortly, so all you must do is endure. If you kill yourself, these voices will just take over your form and attack your comrades. Stay alive and sane, Marcia!

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Marcia, can you hear me?

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Now then, don't be so hasty. You're working on getting your sanction, right? The Commissar wants you as his aide, right? So clearly, so long as you ignore us jerkwads, you're in the clear.

But remember, we're here to tempt you, so part of being "sanctioned" is learning to deal with us.

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this girl wont make a difference between a emperors saint and a greater deamon, bah!

just wish yourself a door out of this and you will wake up in your bunk, everything is controlled by emotions, and you getting suicidal wont benefit your body in matterium

on other hand, fallowing a primer means emotion of duty, and emotion of duty empowers emperor, good job....i guess

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Hello there, young psyker. I am Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor of the Holy Ordos.
I have a few questions for you

Marcia holding a couple of books, including Terra Redux, Spheres of Longing and Mirror of Smoke. She yells: Ravenor, you magnificent bastard! I've read your books!

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No, that's what she deserves for consorting with us.

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Close your eyes and think of the Emperor. You haven't been tainted until you give in. Speaking of the Emperor, have you ever thought that it was a bit silly that nobody noticed this giant dude before he decided to put the Imperium together?

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Right, well then. Get the shooting done with I suppose.

>> No.22767300

Also, to clarify, has your psychic trainer told you about the "perils of the warp". I guess we're kind of that. Again, something all human psykers have to deal with. A nuisance at most... for now.

Though some of us are more of a nuisance than others.

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>all these xenos
>all these heretics

See if you can't conjure up a baneblade or whatever it is your psykers do.

>> No.22767319

Oh, come on.
You there. Stop that. This is the first time in ages I've perils'd somebody who's not a raving lunatic or an annoying fruitcake.

Let me enjoy this.

>> No.22767320

Shut up stupid space elfs. Space elfs are double heretical

>> No.22767323

WHY Bullet Revolver?

>> No.22767325

>We aren't chaos or the warp
>Act like the warp and in chaos

>> No.22767327

Ummm thank you..?
B-but I recited the holy text and everything
Uhhhh I guess you're right?

>> No.22767328

xenos? in our mind?
guys, what is wrong? is emperor dying or something? why are there 3 xenos popping up in our protected place?

...oh god emps is probably dying, marcia, stop killing yourself and leave this place, upon returning report your superior that emps is in danger, say you saw a vision or something

i...just.....just....dont want to go to slaanesh or khorne

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Ironic, no?

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Then what in the bloody fuck are we? We're not spirit stones or some of that eldar soul-storing bullshit. I mean, how would we be talking to her?

Of course we're fucking warp entities.

>> No.22767341

chill, emps is a god

>> No.22767343

Come embrace Papa Nurgle's love then. He's a pretty chill guy and you'll live a lot longer. Just... look kinda gross.

>> No.22767347

The demons are convincing you to serve them. This is why you should have shot yourself.

>> No.22767352

So... you intending to find a way out of here anytime soon?

Otherwise, you wanna play a game?

>> No.22767353

OH SHIT, WHAT'S DAT? Go check it out.

>> No.22767355

Marcia, I am your father.

>> No.22767359

Ignore the space elfs. They are filthy xenos.

>> No.22767360

Psst. Hey. Hey kid.
I can get you out of this no strings attached, I promise.
Consider it a favor.

Just relax and take my talon.

>> No.22767361

you are getting there, think harder, you have to out-think us, a collective of human minds

but for an eldar its a piece of cake i guess
remember, wishing for a door will get you out of it....depending where you wish the door to lead

>> No.22767372

So, why don't you just check out that thingy behind you in the distance. Maybe see if you can imagine yourself in a new outfit, might be fun.

No you're not, you're a dick.

We're not Demons you contrary dick.

We're not demons.

We'll be fine dude, we're part of the Emperor, I think.

Say no to this guy, he's a dick.

>> No.22767373

Would you like to play a game of pretend

>> No.22767375

Bitch, you can keep the change as long as you stop trying to sell us more of your crap.

>> No.22767380

Hello... is this thing on? Slaanesh you are a huge cunt. I hope you die a painful death oh wait you would like that won't you. When i get a chance i will give you a PAINLESS death! So stop using my Juggernaut stuff toys!

>> No.22767381

But isn't it heresy with Slaanesh??
I- Uhh...
No, you're not. My father is not an Eldar
I- wait... uhh

>> No.22767384

>B-but I recited the holy text and everything
And sometimes shit happens anyway.

Look, point is that while not all of us are evil, you can't trust any of us, as a rule. I mean, you don't know who or what we are, we can't agree on who or what we are. Just... trust yourself. Follow your own knowledge and training. Make use of your instincts. And Throne's sake, don't listen to freaking disembodied voices.

Or at least examine everything we say very critically.

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Get out of here, faggot. This is Khorne territory now.

>> No.22767392

Just clean your ears. Being dirty is Nurgle worship and you don't want to worship Nurgle do you?

>> No.22767396

Marcia? Marcia can you hear me?

You have to listen to me. Your name is NOT Marcia. You're an eldar farseer. You were in a terrible warp accident which reduced you to a youth in body and gave you amnesia.

Marcia, you're me. Your real name is Taldeer of Ulthwe... You have to listen to me!

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Dude, you're in the wrong place. Slaanesh is, like, half-pi radians dimensionally phase-shifted over THAT WAY.

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Ye might want to duck, lass.

>> No.22767403

Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

>> No.22767405

Better ready that laspistol.

>> No.22767406

emperor has its own deamons, son
he is a god after all, the mutations he gives are wings, his blessings are sainthood, his emotion is sense of duty and dominance

we are deamons, even if we dont look like them or feel like deamons

>> No.22767407

Heh heh heh.
Just as planned.

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First, reproduction, sex, and so on isn't heresy. Just when taken too far to excess, keep that in mind.

Second, can you try to stop whatever that rumbley thing is with your mind? If not than you should hit the deck and take cover.

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>> No.22767414

Neither of you are related to her. You're just jerks.

>> No.22767415


>sex is not heresy


>> No.22767419

>reduced you to a youth in body
So THAT'S why she became so short!

What heresy is this? Shoot the filthy xeno, Marcia. This one seems rather persistent.

>> No.22767420

Wait what? Who is this and how can you talk in my mind?

>> No.22767422

Can it be so wrong if it feels so good?
Don't listen to the bird. I'll take good care of you.

>> No.22767424

>Calling a required function of humanity that serves to bolster the Emperors army heresy

Double Heresy!

>> No.22767428

Don't strain yourself. So long as you're with me, she won't hear you.
Stop worrying, sit down, read something.
I'm not sure I have something you would enjoy reading, though.

>> No.22767429

Well Slaanesh is more decadence than reproduction.
OK=finding a decent man and having children
Slssnesh=massive amounts of sex and drugs

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>> No.22767440

We were, uh, kinda here first. For quite some time, before you dropped in. If you're looking for Slaanesh, you'll want to head THAT WAY, as I said. Though you're welcome to stay and chat.

You might be creeping Marcia here out, though.

>> No.22767441

We're the closest to chaos you get without actually being chaos, I think term I'm searching for is hivescum.

CAPTCHA iRankish swords. My sword collects dust from lack of use and as such I don't think I rankish anything.

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>> No.22767453


It appears to be charging.

Move Stay duck, Its proably gonna happen whether you want it to or not. make peace with yourself or formulate a plan

>> No.22767460

Well, we are undeniably chaotic. But we are not Chaos, in the same way the air particles undergoing Brownian Motion are not Chaos.

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>> No.22767478

Having children isn't heresy, unless you do it with a xeno or a traitor or a daemon or a particularly nasty mutant

>> No.22767479

So it is. Stay out of its way.

>> No.22767481

Acceptable explanation.
ok, where's Creed, also run.

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>> No.22767485


I swear if tzeentch is behind this again

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>> No.22767488

you just begone to conjure something, it will turn into what you think it is, stop being so confused or you will conjure something silly

and i dont want to spend infinity chating with something silly

>> No.22767490

Oh shit, the Marines are here!

Everybody, put on your Imperial face, maybe they won't suspect anything.

>> No.22767491


Bad end.

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>> No.22767494

If that's who I think it is, appeal to his obsession with mugs and ask for help.

>> No.22767498

I hope you have some damn convincing official papers young lass or you're not gonna see your commi again.

>> No.22767503

why from all the voices you conjured me? oh look i have a body now...

it feels like i was alive again

>> No.22767504

Ow ow ow... Ow you didn't tell me this could happen...

>> No.22767509

Nah man, you projected your consciousness here to get at Slaanesh (again, half-pi over that way - the directions get kinda wonky in here), but it's sort of a two-way thing. You're in our head (well, HERS, but who's counting), we're in yours.

Though it's not out of the question that all of this is an elaborate design of Tzeentch's. That bastard.

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>> No.22767512

You have Company, Hitch a Ride and Traverse the Sea of the Unconsious.

trust your force and head for the garden of madness.

>> No.22767514

Much like all things it was out of our control and sight, while we may appear omnipotent voices we are not all seeing.

>> No.22767515

yeah well, sorry, i am going for a ride in slaaneshes turf, be right back

>> No.22767516

I tried to warn you but I was shouted down.
Will you consider my offer now?

>> No.22767517

Get away from there as fast as possible and keep an eye out for drop pods

>> No.22767518

Sorry, love, no one saw THAT coming. In this place, it's almost impossible for something like that to happen. It would take some kind of tactical genius.

>> No.22767520

You're in a strange place. We never said it couldn't happen, and we're not all that omnipotent, or even that observant. We can't even agree with ourselves.

So, find some cover and chill out.

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>> No.22767527

Hey! The rest of you just shut up! I'm trying to talk to myself here!

Marcia, get up. You're dreaming. Well, more or less dreaming. You need to remember. Focus on unlocking the memories you have suppressed.

>> No.22767531


Just a heads up, there may be a few Ork bikes along in a moment. Try not to get run over. Or clubbed. Or shot. Oh, and don't choke on the fumes, they can actually be poisonous.

>> No.22767532

Nobody saw that Baneblade coming. Still, focus on your patriotic duty

>> No.22767533

Find Creed, get pocket titan, shoot the asshole in his baneblade to shits.

>> No.22767534

Look, please just don't think about baneblades anymore. They're so damn loud.

Soo.... are we done here? This is after all "your party", and as much as I enjoy chatting at you I'm pretty sure you have more important things to be doing than hosting a bunch of warp entities.

>> No.22767535

Define "ride", handsome.
Aw, poor dear.Why don't you come with us? We'll make it all better.

>> No.22767540

Did anyone else hear that? It sounded like "XENO XENO XENO XENO XENO XENO".

>> No.22767543


>> No.22767545

GTFO bitch. You're not wanted here.

>> No.22767548

So that's why she's into Mon-keigh dick.

>> No.22767549

Taldeer, Marcia is not you, you are fucking dead

Also your daughter is lost on a craftworld somewhere and LIIVI got executed several years back for being a heretic.

So fuck off

>> No.22767550

good to see we're still working like a hive mind to a certain degree only problem with your theory is being in a dimension of white with no cover or atleast no apparent cover.
No, wait like the rest of us.
no she's wanted just not by some of us, xeno lovers are somewhere.

>> No.22767553

I smell cunt. In every sense of the word.
Here, piggy piggy.

>> No.22767555

>giving xenos bunks
>not keeping them in a shock cage
>any time after first contact with xenos

>> No.22767559

>LIIVI got executed several years back for being a heretic


>> No.22767563

come to terms with, it's done. You can't win em all.

>> No.22767565

Yo. Go over and call Slaanesh, will you? I think Khorne here wants a word.

>> No.22767572

Fuck you. I like my version better.

>> No.22767581


He usually does. Well...Wants a shout, at least.

>> No.22767586

sometimes you get the bad end, just put more coins in the machine and his the reset button and try again.

>> No.22767589

Run away before more Baneblades appear and more pointy eared eldar gits try to get to you

>> No.22767591

That image was recorded a long time ago

Only the small girl is still alive.

>> No.22767592

Hey, guys. What's going on in this part of the warp?

>> No.22767596

But... there's nothing to travel by
NOOOOooo.... Leave me alone..
No way, I'm not some Eldar farseer.

>> No.22767602

marcia, time in the warp goes slower than in matterium, you may have spent here like 10 minutes, but it may be days outside

consider that commissar might be worrying about you

>> No.22767605

You got feet, right? Move out, soldier.

>> No.22767606

You know, it's far more likely she's Lofn, if anyone.

>> No.22767611

Marcia, just relax, you're currently having a dream, and shit is weird because you're a psyker

Also, for some reason your subconscious is summoning Baneblades, I have no idea why, and I'm a figment of your imagination that should know everything about you

>> No.22767613

"Hey~! You've reached the message daemon engine of Slaanesh. If you're hearing this, I'm busy with something, likely an orgy or something equally exciting. I might even be defiling Eldar! Leave a message at the moan and I'll get back with you as soon as my schedule and/or legs open back up. Khorne, if this is you again, fuck off."

>> No.22767616

This photo was manipulated. The little girl is the only real thing about it.

>> No.22767617


(Don't let her know that!)

>> No.22767624

You're a faithful member of the IG, the smart ones here know that. There's a lot of idiots in these parts, ignore them.

So stand up straight, dust yourself off, and imagine a hat into existence, you'd look good with a hat.

>> No.22767628

>But... there's nothing to travel by
Uh, wait, let me just... Wow, haven't done this in quite some ti-


>> No.22767632



>> No.22767635

Wait, what the fuck-

>> No.22767636

Click your heels together three times and say "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home".

Trust me on this one. It'll work, you'll wake up right back where you started, and everything will go back to abnormal.

>> No.22767642

>a blue sphincter
What good could that possibly do?

>> No.22767644

How about just a map? I'm not even asking anything in return.

>> No.22767645


>> No.22767646

Hey, you tits can just shut up and piss off, okay? Especially you, Slaaneshi.

Marcia, it may not seem real right now, but it's because your memory and mind has been fractured. That's why you have all those weird dreams and hallucinations. But you are strong, you will prevail. We will prevail. We've been through worse trouble than this. You just have to believe in yourself.

>> No.22767647


>> No.22767656


Marcia? Marcia! Marcia, I'm happy I found you! Who I am isn't important right now, you'll have to trust me. All I can say is that you are at a very critical crossroads for the entire galaxy. Right now you are the only one who can save everything, for this is THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS


>> No.22767657


>> No.22767661

The baneblade must have been some sort of sign.


>> No.22767665

Depends on how your viewing it.
A bad memory maybe.

>> No.22767666

dude fuck off, stop trying to derail an RPG story

>> No.22767671

Come, now, don't struggle. Struggling will only make you enjoy it less.

>> No.22767676

You, fuck off. Stop lying to the poor girl. She's a faithful member of the IG, not some Eldar Farseer.

>> No.22767685


>> No.22767687

Suddenly, the transpace guard

>> No.22767690


Don't you mean...

The age of Alpharius?

>> No.22767700

I guess it's viable, depending on dimension

CAPTCHA C5 derallin, only one derailing things here are the goddamn eldar

>> No.22767701

Look, I understand you're upset that you're a warp spirit now, but if you're trying to hijack a body get in the fucking line and wait your turn like the rest of us.

>> No.22767702

Noooo I meant, landmarks and things.
I don't think this is the warp...
I'm not sure...
I can't! A hat is for an officer only...
I'm not a regular guardsman, go away, voice!
GO AWAY, I'm faithful to the Emperor and only the Emperor.

>> No.22767714


>> No.22767716

hey guys, wasnt there once a time when human psyker came here and he stayed here for such a long time that he dissolved into us?

i hope an eldar wont become a part of our psyche...

>> No.22767719

Do you want to have the Emperor's babies then?

>> No.22767723

Come, faithful, and know desire.

>> No.22767728

Then at least follow standard procedure, or at least stop standing around like a child.

>> No.22767730

Hm, well do you have any other equipment on you? Maybe this is a test or some shit. Try using your psyker abilities on anything.

>> No.22767731

Hats aren't necessarily only for officers, look at the Vostroyan first born, they all wear hats. I'm not saying a Commissar hat, but a hat.

That aside, ignore the idiots, and see if you can effect this realm with your Psyker powers, you need all the practice you can get to make your Commissar proud.

>> No.22767732

woah woah woah, no anger in the warp

that atracts the bloodletters

>> No.22767733

If this is not the warp, then where is it?
If this is inside your head I must say, it's rather dull.

>> No.22767734

Imagine a road leading back to your quarters. If you don't see it at first, you're not believing in it hard enough. Then, follow that road.

As I've said, this is YOUR PARTY. You're in control here. We're just unwanted guests. Except for me, I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm some sort of "voice of reason". If not yours then somebody's.

>> No.22767738

I can give you a good map, Marcia. I can give you many things.
I want nothing in return. It will all work out according to plan in the end.

>> No.22767739

Look for the emperor's mind!

>> No.22767746


We need to know just how real or unreal this world is. Draw your sidearm and fire some shots about the... well, wherever you are. See if there is a reaction.

Wait. First, are you even real anymore?

>> No.22767747

Stop that, it's too soon

>> No.22767752

Be the baneblade?

Why mess around with piddly shit like that?


>> No.22767756

Oh I see how it is, convince her that your her only friend here, get her mind all to yourself...

>> No.22767760

The Baneblade must be your totem spirit. Your psyker talent must have something to do with baneblades

>> No.22767762

Hersey, Flayed then shot

>> No.22767763

I like your ears, Marcia. I'm sure your Emperor won't begrudge you a little fun, will he?

>> No.22767768

I don't think the Guardsman's Uplifting Toiletpaper has anything to say about being stuck in a nightmarish white voice with dozens of competing voices arguing about what you should do, and if it did it would probably involve a bullet in the brain.

And I don't think anyone here wants that.

>> No.22767772

yeah, i dont think eldars with big intelligence are that stupid to have a dream without a background

i mean, even we humans can imagine a background in a dream

its warp and she knows it, she just doesnt want to admit it to stay pure in His eyes

and she ignores us when we say we are a part of the emperor, i pity the girl

>> No.22767781

Says you. I advocate she decapitates herself for being a weakling sorcerer.

>> No.22767782


>> No.22767784

Depends, things aren't looking up and we're only fighting with her and each other. However that is an acceptable response. What would you suggest then?

>> No.22767788

I thought basilisks were her ride of choice

>> No.22767789

"Calm down, calm down. Here, come back to the barracks with me, we'll see what we can do from there."

>> No.22767792

Become one with the Baneblade spirit

>> No.22767794

I can forsee all the pain
They're about to creep in
Curse you, hate you, hurt you, kill you
Oh they will rest no longer

>> No.22767798


>> No.22767802

You can be her paranoia if you want.

>> No.22767805

the voices become stronger, marcia, are you sure you are not staying here for too long?

perils of the warp, marcia, perils of the warp

>> No.22767807

Does an uncensored version exist? I need this because of reasons

>> No.22767816

Where there is one blud rehvan, there are more. Make sure you still have that laspistol.

Bloody magpies.

>> No.22767819

No, it is the Baneblade

>> No.22767820

There is, and the censorship is not exaggerated.

>> No.22767822

>/d/ brigade incoming

>> No.22767823

yeah, but dick is drawn ugly and unappealing

>> No.22767824

I-I-...-.. It's not possible
The Emperor guides, I won't fall for your temptations.
Stahp it demon
I don't trust you...

I don't know anymore...

>> No.22767828

Heresy, Flayed then shot. Some men just want to watch worlds burn but I just want to watch heretics burn.
You can both be her paranoia or atleast try to be, I doubt you can be either.
He's right you've got to do something, regardless of whether this is warp or not your mind will begin to erode soon. Just remember your faith is your shield.

>> No.22767832

Hey Kids!
What's behind Slaanesh's Big Black Box?
I sure hope it's not heretical!

>> No.22767836


Wait, I read a story about this once... The Hashish Man!

Marcia, you may currently be tripping balls and have drifted into a George R. R. Martin short story! Can you see any disembodied people? Lost ideas? Gelatinous cubes that were once the consciousness of an entire alien civilisation? Unblinking undead Chinese Emperors?

>> No.22767839

Give me the pistol. You shouldn't even have one in the first place!

>> No.22767844


>> No.22767846

Hey Marcia.

Are you still levitating that book?

>> No.22767850

Marcia, put the pistol down, ignore the dumbfucks, and imagine something into existence.

>> No.22767854


That's a shame. Well Gelbooru is always there for me...[/spoiler[

>> No.22767855

End it. See what happens. Worse case scenario: Slaanesh or worse gets your soul. Best case: you wake up. 50-50 shot.

>> No.22767857

The Emperor protects, Marcia! Here's what you need to do: SUMMON YOUR BROTHERS IN THE GUARD

>> No.22767858


> Slaanesh's big black box

>> No.22767862

Your resistance only makes Slaanesh's black box bigger!

>> No.22767863

Listen your arguing with the voices in your head, I'm pretty sure we're getting into heretical turf now. So time to start moving, just do some scouting at least. From there just keep you faith strong and the emperor will reward.

>> No.22767865

from the start i was telling you, if you want to escape the perils of the warp, wish for a door. well you did wish for a baneblade that actually worked, wishing for a door will be easy

>> No.22767867

>Fucked up spoiler tags


>> No.22767869

The Emperor helps those who help themselves.
Help me help you, Marcia. Do you wish to be stuck here forever with these idiots?

>> No.22767879

Yes. Yes! More sheep the the slaughter. Bring them one and all.

>> No.22767881


Fire off that gun in a random Direction.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what is up and what is down from there

>> No.22767886

If you take nothing else away from this, remember this, Memory is the key that unlocks the mind.

>> No.22767887

You are so reckless, learn to be more subtle and then you might get somewhere.

>> No.22767889

Suicide is the only option, it is the only way to stop the corruption

You know what you must do, honoured servant of the Emprah

>> No.22767894

Stop what? Stop having fun?
Why do you deny yourself so much? Just relax. Let go. Submit.

>> No.22767896

Soldier, wake up! Dereliction of duty is absolutely intolerable! Your tardiness to your training is grounds for severe punishment young lady!

>> No.22767897

FUCKING THIS. Imagine a door: the door to your quarters. Go through the door. PROFIT.

Get outta here, you crazy kid.

>> No.22767901

No, that's Jesus. Emperor helps humanity, whether they like it or not. He does not help mutants nor psykers. You are not worthy of his love, you can only ask for his forgiveness.

>> No.22767902

Holy Emperor, how did that BEINBLADE get here?
...A xeno. In an Imperial Guard uniform.
Ok, I'll bite, what the hell is this?

>> No.22767904

in best case she will wake up after entering the door

in worse scenario she may appear in different part of the warp or in webway, or half the galaxy away from where she is right now

>> No.22767913

Nothing you want to know about.

>> No.22767914

Hey, that's my slogan.
Go search one for yourself, mortal.

>> No.22767915

Says the guy who charges wildly towards any trace of the Black Library he can find.
Please. This is all going as planned.

>> No.22767921

Imagine yourself with the rest of your comrades. Or as a baneblade

>> No.22767935

and you noticed this idea only now? it was posted like alot of times

>> No.22767936

Lets play a game of pretend. Marcia will be the baneblade and everyone else get inside her.


>> No.22767945


I've been trying, trying to will my way to creating a door, but it won't work.

There's nothing but white all around, so there is nothing to scout for, or shoot at either.

No, Never

>> No.22767946

no, nope. Heresy, Flayed and then burnt alive.

>> No.22767948

Even if you do "help" her, then what? Why not let the Imperial lapdogs busy themselves with forging her into a weapon; a weapon we can pluck right out of their hands. They are moving towards their own destruction so quickly by themselves. It is only a matter of time.

>> No.22767958

What do you feel Marcia. What do you want? Do not not long for comfort, pleasure and passion?

>> No.22767959

you wished for a fucking baneblade, WISH FOR A FUCKING DOOR


>> No.22767960

You don't understand, if this xeno really is a member of the guard, it is imperative we get her back to the Blood Ravens Arm... her quarters as soon as possible!

>> No.22767965

Well, you can try what a sanctioned imperial psyker does on the battlefield.
You should http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvZiv5V4GeI

>> No.22767971

yes, we understand big white nothing. Again while there is nothing visible to explore at least walk around abit. Weren't you going on about the baneblade out of nowhere, maybe something else will happen.

>> No.22767972

I was aware of that option having been floated. I'm just throwing my weight behind it, for what good that does.

Stop being a cunt for a while and you'd have figured that was the case.

>> No.22767973

Alright. New plan. Let's discuss our favorite meals. Personally, I'm fond of the strange cans of meat from Pelegion XXXVII

>> No.22767976

>It is a well known fact that sacred machine oils aid in the placating of the machine spirit
>One must also conduct routine maintenance

>> No.22767977

>Currently stationed here for training

>> No.22767984

Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?
It will deliver her from this limbo. I wasn't lying about that.

>> No.22767986


I was stuck here myself once.

There are a few ways out of here:

> defenestration
> rampant Byronism
> etcetera

But the one I imagine will be most likely to work is to disembody. Strip yourself naked, relax on the ground and close your eyes as if falling asleep. Imagine a grassy field, and children playing nearby.

Granted, you will end up in a dream where you are naked inappropriately near children. But it is an improvement at least.

>> No.22768001

i like the cut of your jib.

>> No.22768010

Sure is really heretical in here, flayed then shot.

>> No.22768013


None of you fools are provoking a strong enough emotional Response

Now if you'll just pay attention for a se-BOO

>> No.22768022

That baneblade came from somewhere. It was driving on something.

>> No.22768025

you cant flay and shoot a warp being

>> No.22768028

It's a common Imperial adage that the ends always justify the means.
So what exactly do you fear? That you cannot control this power of yours? That simply accepting help will somehow taint you?
So shortsighted.

>> No.22768031

You must focus your thought child. Close off all other thought and focus. Remember, an open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

>> No.22768032

Who are you Marcia?

>> No.22768034

...Hi there?

It was driving on IMAGINATION.

>> No.22768041

That's counter to imperial doctrine though.

>> No.22768044

Let's try working on you psyker training more. How about you make the lasptisol float.

>> No.22768045

I like the cut of jib and whatever else you're cutting haha.
Just watch me

>> No.22768046

That thing looks like it is tasting it's crotch and ass at the same time and all the time.

>> No.22768064

You mirin'?

>> No.22768067

Follow me, little firefly.

>> No.22768069

Point illustrated: if it doesn't work, it's because you're NOT BELIEVING IN IT HARD ENOUGH.

The fact that it's an empty void is irrelevant.

>> No.22768081


Speaking of defenestration, NOPE. You can stay in this dream if you want, I'm out.

>> No.22768091

Well, if you can't leave, why not imagine yourself a friend? Someone who can protect you?

>> No.22768096

This isn't the goddamn secret.
This sums up us in a nutshell, atleast within my mind it does.

>> No.22768107

Think we might be able to influence this space? Let's try and visualize a door here.

>> No.22768109


There's Squats in here?

>> No.22768121

The scary door

>> No.22768124

Well, I tried to make a portal earlier, and thought for a second I'd succeeded.

Then it turned out that it was just the Doctor being a dick. Again.

>> No.22768126

Excellent idea

>> No.22768133



>> No.22768136


>> No.22768145

She's a loli now? Excellent

>> No.22768148

Seize her! Now we can remake her in our own image!

>> No.22768150

If the goddamn assassin doesn't jump into this Chasity belt of a white zone I swear on the emperor I'll slay and shoot everyone.
That does it, everyone in a line.

>> No.22768152


>> No.22768158

>inb4 Slaanesh fun time

>> No.22768159

Now lets rub her ears.

>> No.22768161

Anyone else notice that the Baneblade left a dirty pair of tracks when it charged through.

Are they still there? Maybe try following them?

>> No.22768163


Miss Marcia! Miss Marcia, wake up!

>> No.22768164

Hey look another shitty forced OC thread.BURN IT

>> No.22768165


>> No.22768179


I don't care who gets her, but I call her panties!

Unless she isn't wearing them. In that case, a few strands of whatever's down there will be fine.

>> No.22768200

So... we going to defile that or what?

>> No.22768209

Come on, I'll pick her up. Time to get her our of here and safely back in bed :3

>> No.22768214


> a few strands of whatever's down there

Undoubtedly related. She never said she was female.

>> No.22768230

That's the single most terrifying thing I have ever seen

>> No.22768236

dude, we've seen her naked in the showers. everything checks out.

>> No.22768243

I recommend you check the previous Marcia threads.

>> No.22768245

I don't give a shit what you take, I want the head, attached or not.
Handlebars, man.

>> No.22768246

>Implying this would make it worse, not better

It doesn't matter anyway because we are TUCKING HER RIGHT THE FUCK BACK IN BED GURD DURMIT

>> No.22768274


Yeah, it checked out. IN OTHER THREADS. How do we know she hasn't sprung a Johnny in this whiteverse?

>> No.22768281


>> No.22768282

She been quiet for awhile now.

I'd suggest we check her pulse but that seems kind've impossible being disembodied voices and all that jazz.

>> No.22768298

you should really not sleep in a mind-scape

Stuff happens

>> No.22768301

Hey! Listen!

>> No.22768303


This thought makes me moist.

>> No.22768304

This, she IS in the warp.

>> No.22768308

Might have been the thing that made her faint.
Sudden rush of blood to the nether regions.

>> No.22768309


>> No.22768311

Also the thread is autosaging, just so you know.

>> No.22768315

because she can't even manifest a damn door. hell she came into this void with everything she had on her at the time. which means no dong.

>> No.22768317

.... Ow. What the hell...?

>> No.22768324

I have seen some shitty threads in my time but this.THIS IS FUCKING HORRIBLE?

>> No.22768326

You need to thoroughly examine your new friend.

>> No.22768328


>> No.22768329

Hey, love. You really ought to get out of here. Half the entities in here are getting quite randy. Don't blame them, they're good people at heart.

>> No.22768337

Try imagining the Commissar next to you.

>> No.22768339


>> No.22768340

Try imagining the commissar, maybe he can help protect you.

I mean, you TRUST him, he won't LIE to you, he would never HURT you.

>> No.22768344

Submit, know your place in the Imperium of MAN

>> No.22768345

I highly recommend you collect your senses and put your training to use, lass. The natives are getting a tad restless.

>> No.22768347


Aww, are you upset? Sorry, but once your card gets punched there are no refunds. But you've climbed the stairs to womanhood now, with a little help from us of course~

>> No.22768351

I believe this is in order.

>> No.22768352


>> No.22768359

>implying it wasn't taken by the Commissar in the first thread
>implying mindsex counts

>> No.22768369


>> No.22768371

lmk, did you even plan the plot for this thing? shes been just standing in one place for 3 hours....oh and baneblade popped out, get shit done

cmon marcia, if you produce a strong enough emotion, place will change according to it, just like you got knocked by your own rage just now

wish for a door, and be quick, before you become a voice of lost girl in the warp

>> No.22768386


>> No.22768391


It appears your self doubt manifested as physical injury.

>> No.22768395

Gotta sage harder.

>> No.22768396

I... I'm thinking of him. What's going on?

>> No.22768402

Psyker, this has gone far enough!
What is the purpose of this?

>> No.22768407

It appears my immaterial penis manifested into her mouth.

>> No.22768410

honestly, I was gonna let you guys do whatever you wanted her to, but chaotic non-decisions is what happened.

>> No.22768411

Hopefully something good! Bye then, love! Feel free to drop in again some time!

>> No.22768412

Time to get lewd.

>> No.22768413

Don't question it, just go with the flow.

>> No.22768414

Did you honestly expect anything else?

>> No.22768417



I can't tell if you're dematerialising or becoming invisible, but KEEP DOING THAT!

>> No.22768418

you...US....are whole now, WE are alone here

now, shall we debate to change the color of the walls?

>> No.22768425




In any case it appears that she is escaping.

Leaving us alone...

...with each other...

...for eternity...


>> No.22768426


Arousal pink, I'm thinking.

Also, can we get her in a revealing swimsuit?

>> No.22768428

I see my bunk now, thank the Emperor this is over, no more of this chaotic experience for me!

>> No.22768429

Someone get the popcorn and/or cocaine.

>> No.22768430

Keep focusing on him. Use him as a grappling hook if you will, something for you to latch on to in the material plane.

>> No.22768432

You made the mistake of giving infinite, equally valid options.
Chaos is the only possible outcome.

>> No.22768438

next time, try making options, we are a collective of people that has different agendas after all

or you could just make a most reasonable decisions, its not like majority of people voted to spawn a baneblade

>> No.22768440

Oh! Say 'hi' to the Commissar for us! The psyker too, but he'll probably already know the moment he sees you.

>> No.22768442

Her mind has been touched by the warp, the seed of heresy has been planted. And not by Slaanesh this time, thank Tzeentch. Now we play the waiting game.

>> No.22768443

whos her? there is only us

>> No.22768448

I think that'd be the better alternative. I'll remember that

>> No.22768450


Not all of us are men, idiot.

>> No.22768451

Remember who you are 'Marcia'

>> No.22768461


>> No.22768462

shes been here for too long

our voices will forever stay in her psyche, she wont notice anything tho, she will think its her thinking that spouts random tought about slaanesh and about spawning doors/becoming baneblade and occasional voice of reason

...enjoy your sanctioned crazy xeno psyker guys

>> No.22768465

Yes. Remember, remember who you are, Rani.

Oh hey, what's that little watch in your pocket?

>> No.22768467


>> No.22768470

beings of the warp have no gender


>> No.22768471

Silence. You'll reveal our hand.

>> No.22768472


poomf =3

>> No.22768474

Khorne's a dude.
Ref: Valkia the Bloody.

>> No.22768480


>> No.22768483

deamons dont count

khorne is an entity

>> No.22768490

it's an imperial guard standard issue chronal measurement device, given to her by >>22768243

>> No.22768493

We are alone here, it is somewhat safe. Besides, this plot has too many turns for simple loyalists to comprehend. Our plans are safe.

>> No.22768504

Did you not notice how Khorne and Nurgle just dropped in? ...And are still here?

>> No.22768514

>implying they can do anything
>implying they'll even remember this after 5 hours

You give them too much credit.

>> No.22768517

yes, our plan is in motion

funny thing is, we still cant agree what our actual plan is...some want to save everything, some to doom everything...i guess we will leave it to marcia to decide

>> No.22768519 [SPOILER] 

sup warpscum?

>> No.22768523

True. Speaking of which - the minor's gone now. Anyone going to go break out the booze?

>> No.22768526


I was also wondering about that.
I was hoping to hitch hike outta here on one of their psyches.

>> No.22768543

lmk you are the worst of the worst drawfag /tg/ has ever seen with your shitey mary sue story.
Leave now and never come back !

>> No.22768546

I personally want to see her recover her memories.

>> No.22768549

yo draigo, mah man!
hows it rolling dwag? get this, some xeno witch just rolled in and was like" woah man, where am i?" and we were like "you girl, you can escape by wishing for it" but guess what, she stayed here for so long that we actually could leave with her, now a part of our hivemind is inside her brain and she wont even suspect a thing

now the prophecy can be fulfilled

>> No.22768560

Couldn't you have just gone with Marcia? Or are you staying for the afterparty?

>> No.22768562


Sleep tight, Marcia!

>> No.22768565

we can help her with that, but if she recovers them too soon, our plan will fail no doubt

eldars dont care for human fate...

>> No.22768570

Ugh... Why not just tell him the xeno's name and address next time?

>> No.22768575

>It thinks we would just go like that

>> No.22768577

>This all began because everyone went over-protective father mode in the first thread. Thus making this into a quest.
You best be trollan, or your stupidity is ill-fated and will doom your entire bloodline, pissant.

>> No.22768579


we asked for this

>> No.22768586

aw shit!

haha draigo, really funny,huh? yeah you got us, dont telly your friends in material word about it, pwetty please?

>> No.22768590


After Party of course.

>> No.22768602


>> No.22768604

shut up steve, didnt we agree to ignore draigo?

>> No.22768615

As if I care for that, I'm looking forwards to the chaos it will cause her.

>> No.22768617

and you really think i'd let my favorite toys in the warp just up and leave me hanging in here? how about you spend a few centuries nursing a brand new set of boo-boos that i'm about to drop on you?

>> No.22768621

but but....our agenda...

>> No.22768625


Voices are gone precious !
Smeagol is free !
We dont need you anymore we have another master

>> No.22768626

A minor bump, however nothing has changed. Even if he does manage to warn others in the material world, they will arrive too late. Now hush, let us speak no more of this, lest you tell Draigo fucking everything.

>> No.22768629

you cant really touch us you know? and because of your psychic hood we cant really touch you...

so yeah, how are you?

>> No.22768633


>> No.22768645

what can he do? possibility that he will return to material world in near DECADE is slim

and i doubt he will have time in middle of the battle to explain his brothers what exactly we planed

hell, even we are not sure what we planed

>> No.22768649

My purpose is a distinct lack of purpose.
There is no reason I do any of this, other than to revel in the resulting chaos.

>> No.22768660

Oh go stir a cup of tea. We've more important things for her than simply causing anarchy.

>> No.22768661

He's a tricky one. Never can be too careful around him.

We know exactly what we have planned. All will be revealed in time.

>> No.22768687

yeah, nothing involving coming near emperor and either sacrificing ourself to him to reborn him or killing him and dooming humanity

nothing like that at all

>> No.22768720

and it wont happen when we go to terra to get sanctioned, no no no

>> No.22768722

>killing him and dooming humanity
We've been over this before.

>> No.22768738


I schweeeaar if this is anuder won of dem binareee moral choice fingz again...

...I'll be very disa-diso-dissap- upset.

>> No.22768742

horus was a dick, he couldnt do the job right

>> No.22768760

Killing him would be counterproductive. It's better to have him strapped to that machine and kept immobile for all of eternity while we work our magic.

>> No.22768762

well, she can always regain her memmory and not even coming near him and just kill her beloved commissar

or do neither of those, and be a happy IG with her commissar

>> No.22768786

but he acts as astronomican, hows that productive to us? when astronomican falls, then cadia will crumble because no food will come to the fort, and our beloved abbadon wil march freely to terra

and then, our reign will begin

>> No.22768820

We don't know what that would do, though. No telling what may happen should the Emperor parish. Would he return? Oh, and forget Abbadon. Let him wage his little crusades while we pull the strings form the shadows.

>> No.22768885

at any rate, chaos will win

if emperor will respawn, he will wage war against those who hold him as god, its a whole civil war for imperium with worshippers vs loyalists vs heretics vs traitors

if he simply dies, well, imperium is no more

>> No.22768906

I imagine his hitlist will go: us, the xenos, and then those who worshiped him. Only a fool would wage a war against his own people while surrounded by enemies. For the time being it's safer to keep him as is.

>> No.22769430



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