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on a side not... is anyone else' 4chan pass not working?

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>buying 4chan pass


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Better then captcha.
Speaking of which, after a bit of experimenting, the pass IS working, I can just still see the captcha.

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I'm always game for Krieger.

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So, /tg/. How do you like to play your Kriegers?

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Quiet and ruthless like they should be

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> poor man's steel legion

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The completely monotone, "no hope" guy with unshakable morale.

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Fey and prone to giggling fits.

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Good god i think that would demoralize a bloodletter

Imagine charging a bunch of guys with gasmasks and greatcoats that are audibly giggling

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Charge? Fuck that. I'd frolic with them.

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Yeah, fatalistic but drawing strength from it. Like WWII Samurai

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This one always gives me feels...


Shell shocked and ruined. Full blown PTSD...And yet still fighting!

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Read dead men walking. Then you will not be so inclined for this sillyness...

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>implying I would want to be part of an IG force made of violent criminals and gangs

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>Implying Dead men walking isn't a shitty novel
>implying that BL novels don't contradict each other like fucking crazy (far more than FFG or GW shit) and are just popular fanfiction in terms of reliability

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Whoops, meant to address>>22763006

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>Steel Legion

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>Implying that DMW doesn't make us enjoy the silliness all the more.

I played a Krieger in RT once. Was the seneschal of the ship, and he ran a tight one.

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it looks like that grenadier is sticking his gun up a giant grenadiers nose.

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That's the Steel Legion mate.

You can easily spot the difference between them. Kreigers dress in black black and act like no-hope teenage faggots, while Steel Legionnaires are professional fucking soldiers.

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>taking grimdark seriously

You big silly sausage, you.

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Oh don't get me wrong, it was abysmally written. But. It sure as hell set the tone for who the kriegers are.

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There's a difference between grim darkness and grimderp, something that a few fa/tg/uys can't differentiate. Warhammer as parody can work, but it's definitely not the only way.

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> violent criminals and gangs
> steel legion

Learn your Guardsmen son. Steel Legion are the best mechanized force in the Imperial Guard and made up of professionals.

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FW and the Armageddon dex did a far better job of tone.

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Professional? HAH!

Men of Krieg a born for war! Live for war! Die for war!

Steel Legion can't even clear Orcs from a single damn Hiveworld. With marine support.

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I have a serious problem: I can't decide between Steel Legion and Elysians. They're both so cool.

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Did you not read the IG codex or the 5th ed book?
It directly states that not only is the Steel Legion "thick with the ranks of conscripted hive gangers", but also home to some of the most dangerous gangs on Armageddon.

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> It sure as hell set the tone for who the kriegers are

Two-dimensional cartoons?

Kreiger are inherent grimderp. Taking them seriously is a mistake, and only leads to faggotry.

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Go Steel Legion.

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>Teenage faggots
>Emoting ever at all

I do like the Steel Legion, though.

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Why? Their attitude bears a great deal of resemblance to the soldiers of Imperial Japan, which, imo, are full of badasses.

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Nope, sorry.

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Mordian Iron Guard called, just letting ya'll know we have better uniforms.

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Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the artillery barrage shelling you to pieces while we chill in our earthworks.

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Seriously Mordian, where the hell where you?

These ill-disciplined, pathetic excuses for soldiers are trying to act tough. You and I know where its at; we fight on a Night World, against huge hordes of Chaos, by our own. Kriegers just let themselves die, they performed horribly on Vraks, and the Steel Legion just ride around in tanks all day! We march like soldiers, we fight like soldiers, we die like soldiers. We stand when we face our enemy, and should it come to it, we die standing!

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Kriegan dog, I can't hear you over the sounds of your planet still in nuclear winter.

We have artillery, we have tanks, we have mobile divisions; we just advance implacably. You are children who act strong, calling your cowardice 'siege warfare'. Us Mordians would of taken Vraks in two years; you took twelve.

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Also, the point of dead men walking is that it lets you know that Kreigers really don't give a shit about their own lives. They feel guilty to a death wish extent. Just because the book is shit doesn't mean that you can't learn something about the death corps.

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>actually bragging about hiding in the mud

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See Kriegan? Even the Xenos witches mock you. You are a disgrace to an Emperor with a Heretic's past. We stood our ground and fought on for our world, and you blew your world up instead. Get out of here.

Mordian master race forever!

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Imperial guard may be plebians, but they are plebians who will shit kick your titchy craftworlds.

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The soldiers of Imperial Japan weren't very good, and were mostly suicidally brave because they had been tortured so badly during basic training they were terrified to disobey any order given by a commanding officer. They were boys traumatized and brutalized into becoming some of the most repugnant troops of the conflict.

If you were the idiot that called them samurai, you should kindly shut the fuck up on the subject.

They were rapists, looters, and ill disciplined shits kept in line by officers that thought nothing of shooting a civilian for looking at them the wrong way.

The Imperial Japanese Army was the opposite of a well disciplined military machine, and had more in common than the rampaging conscript legions of Soviet Russia than they did with 'samurai'.

> the navy and air force however, were brave, heroic badasses more in the tradition of the old Japanese warrior code

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*disgrace to the Emperor, you with your Heretic's past.

I couldn't type correctly, I was too busy bayoneting Traitors like I do erry day.

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>Talking shit about Krieger tanks
Our operators kind of suck, as you can see. Tanks are great though.

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Why sir, are you daring to imply we are common folk? The Dragoons will never stand for this!

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Your cloned mind can't even understand my Vox text correctly.

I do not insult your equipment. I insult your tactics, and I call you cowards.

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>getting mauled by soccer hooligan monsters all day erry day
>professional fucking soldiers

Pick one before I krump ya oomie

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>The filthy mon'keigh hiding in the mud are stealing your women

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Trenchcoats will never die,

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>They don't even have to try

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>If you were the idiot that called them samurai, you should kindly shut the fuck up on the subject.
No, I wasn't. And, actually, I wish you would kindly shut the fuck up now, because you clearly have no idea how the Japanese army was in your own masturbatory fap-fest to your own country. It's funny when retards like you try to call other people out in historical inaccuracy when you probably can't even spell your own country.

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Look at the most irrelevant and worthless regiment, look and laugh everyone.
Pack up and go home glory boy, before our tanks use you for "target practice".

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That. That is cool. That I like.

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You are now picturing Eldar Kriegers.

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'MERICA! It must be nice having such propaganda generating teachers. Yes, the japanese were brutal, unacceptably so. But that does not mean that they were ill disciplined. And they were suicidly brave.

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I'd agree with you.. if you weren't talking to a warlock. Witchblades get the bitches.

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'm sorry, my imperial brain just instantly thought i t was a cadian. Or something. Not xenos. ELDAR MIND GAMES!!! PURGE!!!

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>The Imperial Japanese Army was the opposite of a well disciplined military machine

lol'd fucking hard 7/10

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You humans can't tell reality from your fantasy.

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>Frilly, overly-gaudy nightgown
>Large bangles and pointless jewelry
>Effeminate body and hair
Face it. Your overly-emotional women love a strong, stoic Krieger.

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No well-disciplined force goes around raping.

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Or really any guardsmen. Curse you commisars! Curse you... bang.

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Please see: Rape of Nanking, Rape of Berlin.

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And what country would that be?

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Guess the US Marines and Wehr weren't either then.

>> No.22763593

>would of

Shiggy, they sure let standards slip in the Fag Brigade.

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>40k is inherent grimderp. Taking it seriously is a mistake, and only leads to faggotry.

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It does when they're given complete authorization to do so by their superiors.

"Disciplined" just means following orders. If the orders are horrible things that they'd do anyways, they're still disciplined.

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Then what country's army do you consider "disciplined"? Every side committed its own fair share of crimes.

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>What is conscription/the draft?

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Not the man mentioned, but the IJA were barbarians. While on the battlefield against worthy foes, like their EXCEPTIONAL performance in Burma or the Dutch East Indies against the British/Dutch respectively, they were disciplined. Yet outside of the battlefield, they had a notorious reputation for being cruel, undisciplined, and almost villainous in their treatment of POWs and civilians. Unlike the Nazis though, who methodically butchered people, the Japs tortured, raped, experimented on, and pillaged civilian settlements, terrorizing people like the Gestapo did but on a larger scale. The Rape of Nanking, the 'Prostitute Army', and their various human 'Unit' research stations are examples.

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It's funny that the two threads in this conversation are:

1) People talking about how dumb and unrealistic "grimdark" stuff is

2) People talking about the Rape of Nanking and other atrocities

Maybe you guys should, you know, swap notes?

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Craftworlders are extremely repressed, emotionally. Like, they have to, if they want to survive.


>> No.22763621

Agreed. I think that all americans should just not be allowed to voice there "opinions" on history. There should be some auto block or something. The best part is how they all think it's true. Like a religion or something...

>> No.22763623

That doesn't address the point. What kind of (actual) army then, do you consider disciplined by your standards?

>> No.22763626

Guess not.

>behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control

Just means their officers didn't practice discipline then.

>> No.22763628

I didn't say any of them were. I simply said that by the metric we're using, the Imperial Army was most definitely NOT 'disciplined' except in that they were beaten like dogs until their tails tucked.

>> No.22763629

>"disciplined" means "moral"
I don't even.

>> No.22763636


Thats HERESY *BLAM* Thats how you do it!

>> No.22763643

>behavior in accord with rules of conduct
"Rules of Conduct" set by the Imperial Japanese Army, not the Geneva Convention. There's more than one type of "lawful", idiot.

>> No.22763650

Not American.

And while they were certainly suicidal, I wouldn't call them brave. They were taught they if they surrendered they would be tortured to death by the enemy. They killed themselves for the same reason the civilians killed themselves rather than surrender. Bravery has nothing to do with it. They truly believed surrender wasn't an option.

They weren't entirely wrong. American soldiers did tend to kill any Japanese that tried to surrender, because some of them honestly -did- try to give up. A fair number were kept in POW camps in Australia and NZ.

But the Japanese Army wasn't a good one, and the soldiers were on the whole not very good. They had the good fortune of making impressive early successes and having a lot of bodies to throw at any problem.

The best ground troops they had were part of the Navy.

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>Unlike the Nazis though
Yeah, it's not like they conducted their own experiments. And it's not like the Wehr did their own crimes.

>German historians Soenke Neitzel and Harald Welze’s book, which has been translated into English, lies in stark contrast to the dispelled narrative that the Wehrmacht (Germany’s armed forces) were not significantly active in committing acts of barbarism during the second world war.

>A passage from the book reads as follows:

>Zotlöterer: “I shot a Frenchman from behind. He was riding a bicycle.”

>Weber: “At close range?”

>Zotlöterer: “Yes.”

>Heuser: “Did he want to take you prisoner?”

>Zotlöterer: “Nonsense. I wanted the bicycle.”

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Using the example being disputed as the example? Lel.


Red Army was undisciplined, in fact Stalin explicitly let them go wild for days in Berlin to punish the Germans.

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Kreig is awsome
So is Steel Legion
And just about every other guard variant

But seriously though, there need to be more fan art for the other legions.

>> No.22763661

>Can't clear Orks from a single hive world
>Defeated the two biggest Waaghs since the Great Crusade
Sorry it doesn't take us a decade to capture a single armoury world.

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>mon'keigh has sex with repressed catholic school girl-esque eldar slut
>midway through the debauchery servants of She Who Thirsts materialize and chop his dick off with their lobster claws

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Implying that that shitty las pistol would make anything close to a bang. Never understood why the commissars had laspistols in that game...

>> No.22763684

Which is exactly why Kriegers are a comfortable jump.
Besides, they're manlier than you. Look at that tiny instrument. I bet there isn't even a bayonet mount on your gun. You couldn't entrench an open field, you sure as hell can't properly entrench a woman.

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Also, you should seriously stop stereotyping Americans. I'm American, and I'm an anon that was support the Jap army.

>> No.22763688

Mass rape was never an actual policy of the US Marines or even the Germans.

It was of the IJF.

>> No.22763690

Neither do i...dammit all...

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>> No.22763702

Kriegers are smalltime compared to our glorious facial hair and hats

>> No.22763711

From really shit to just shit?

>> No.22763713

British Army during the Napoleonic era was very tightly disciplined, but lost its shit when it won the Siege of Badajoz, raping and looting for three days.

>> No.22763718

So how does that info (even if true) prove that the Japanese army was not disciplined? If the US Marines and Wehrmacht broke orders by raping people, doesn't that make them the people who lack discipline?

>> No.22763724

That being said, please see the LGOP rule.

>> No.22763725

Two years? Steel Legion would have taken it in a month.

Guard Regiment Tiers
>God Tier
Armageddon Steel Legion
Tallarn Desert Raiders
>High Tier
Mordian Iron Guard
Vostroyan Firstborn
>Mid Tier
Valhallan Ice Warriors
>Low Tier
>Shit Tier
Death Korps of Krieg

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>> No.22763733

Conscript infantry, sir. Conscript infantry.

>> No.22763743

>that company was corrupt, it stole millions from people
>"nuh-uh! it was part of the company's official procedures to steal from people. that mean's it's not corrupt

>> No.22763746

I need more Death Korps.

>> No.22763752

i never understood why it had the cocking noise if its a laspistol

>> No.22763753

Thousands of them...

>> No.22763757

The fuck kind of defense is this? Are you trying to say the only serious war crimes that occurred were those done by conscripts?

>> No.22763764

Maybe las clip being awkwardly slotted in? idk, grasping at straws.

>> No.22763773


>> No.22763779

>Not fielding mechanized steel legion supported by entrenched death korps.

>> No.22763782

No. I'm saying that conscript infantry as a general rule is extremely ill-trained, ill-disciplined, and has a predisposition to fuck things up whenever it feels like it. Well-disciplined troops do not go off and start raping and breaking shit whenever they get bored--conscript infantry does, and tends to be held in check only by the fear of reprisal if they fuck something up. See Soviet Union, Imperial Japan.

Back on topic, KRIEGER.

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>> No.22763793

ITT: "Huuuurrrrrr... XD"

>> No.22763801

Kriegers look awesome. However I couldn't bring myself to play as an army inspired from Germany. Mainly cause I want the Praetorians back. WHY GW? WHY?

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>> No.22763808

I wonder how many times people thought she was a nazi.

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>> No.22763814

>Besides, they're manlier than you.
Not really. When you get down to it, Kriegers are pretty detached from gender.

>Look at that tiny instrument.
You mean the blade that's the size of a grown man?

>I bet there isn't even a bayonet mount on your gun.
Why have a bayonet on your gun when all of your bullets are blades

>You couldn't entrench an open field
Conceal gives the same mechanical benefit as entrenching would, if you wanted to be pedantic. And a single warlock can conceal an entire platoon's worth of Eldar.

>you sure as hell can't properly entrench a woman.
Pretty funny coming from a dead man walking. You can't even perform an Eldar shocker

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>> No.22763823

Based on looks

>Death Korps of Krieg
>Armageddon Steel Legion
>Vostroyan Firstborn
>Mordian Iron Guard
>Valhallan Ice Warriors

>> No.22763826

Is that a striking scorpion or what? Why does it have some kind of active camouflage? Why does she have blood on both of her boots? Was she walking all over it or something?

>> No.22763832

SIR! We're runnign low on Sexy Kriegers, permission to dive into the other Regiments?

>> No.22763837

All WW 2 armies were conscription-based to one degree or the other. Even Germans, because without it they wouldn't have the numbers neccesery.

>> No.22763840

Chem-Chan! Reporting in!

>> No.22763844


>> No.22763846

>implying it isn't proper to dance on the corpses of your enemies.

>> No.22763868

Permission acknowledged. Deploying the Lt.

>> No.22763872

Permission granted! Go! Go! Go!

>> No.22763879

Nah bro, Vostroyans are kings when it comes to looking cool.

>> No.22763882

>> No.22763885

There isn't even anything about that image that is related to 40k.

>> No.22763893


>> No.22763896

>> No.22763897

The Codex Astartes says just because your junk still works doesn't mean it's not a gateway to becoming a noise marine.

>> No.22763901

Vostroyan Firstborn reporting in! Ignore filename sir! Somebody said I was a Mordian Iron Guard!

>> No.22763902

Based on Combat Ability

>Steel Legion
Everyone Else

>> No.22763910

I... what? Did... you know read the text? Did you not play Space Marine?

>> No.22763917

I can't hear you guys over the sound of all this freedom.

>> No.22763919

It's a woman wearing some kind of military style shirt. What is even the point at that rate? Just draw a naked woman with a plain background.

>> No.22763921

Top IG planets:
>Steel legion

deal w/ it

>> No.22763922

Psykers are part of the IG, right?

>> No.22763925

>Cannot even into WS 4

>> No.22763927

Can I keep this cape?

>> No.22763933

> torture-device

Is that faggot still being a faggot?

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>> No.22763940

Again, if you just take the aquila out there is nothing distinguishing about this. If you're going to shoehorn drawings of that kind into 40k you'd think they'd at least put some effort into it.

>> No.22763944

>God tier
The Cadians are undoubtedly the best Imperial Guardsmen ever. Yes, really! Thanks to the heritage of Creed and their myriad heroic deeds, the Cadians are the exemplars of the Imperial Guard. With a few fringe exceptions... all Guard reigments want to be like the Cadians and recognize Uskair Creed as their spiritual liege.

>> No.22763945

I whole heartedly agree, my dear chap.

>> No.22763948

>> No.22763951

It's Lt. Mira from the game Space Marine. Referring to the Codex Astartes.
Do you even know what Warhammer 40,000 IS?

>> No.22763952


It looks. Like the character. From the game.

>> No.22763954

>Not really. When you get down to it, Kriegers are pretty detached from gender.
I can assure you, Kriegers know very well how to take care of ladies. Very, very well.

>You mean the blade that's the size of a grown man?
No. The silly little doodad you had in your hand a moment ago. What kind of instrument is that? You can't play marching songs on that.

>Why have a bayonet on your gun when all of your bullets are blades?
Because shooting blades is wasteful, and thus so are you. I thought your kind were supposed to be almost as disciplined as we are?

>Conceal gives the same mechanical benefit as entrenching would, if you wanted to be pedantic. And a single warlock can conceal an entire platoon's worth of Eldar.
Conceal won't save you from the artillery being dropped on your head, or the wall of lead that an enemy gunline will put out.

>Pretty funny coming from a dead man walking. You can't even perform an Eldar shocker.
I don't see you with a knife-eared xeno in your arms. Maybe your shocker isn't so shocking after all?

>> No.22763961

All that jelly from not being able to afford chimeras

>> No.22763962

Doesn't excuse the fact that professional soldiers of all sides committed their own heinous acts.

>> No.22763964

It's based on fluff
>holding the line for 10,000 years against the fucking eye of terror

>> No.22763966


>> No.22763967

Do you even Creed?

>> No.22763969

>> No.22763971

Terranis Holds.

>> No.22763972

Chimeras or Valks?

>> No.22763976

>> No.22763977

>Implying that's not Mira
>Implying she wasn't about to jump on titus' dick before the =I= ruined it.

>> No.22763980

Jesus christ, no. It doesn't excuse it at all.

>> No.22763983

Anybody could hold the line for 10,000 years against this.

>> No.22763990

>Conceal won't save you from the artillery being dropped on your head
Yes it will? It's camouflage and cover all in one.

You do realize why that's a good thing, right? Why artillery batteries tend to have camouflaged positions.. right?

I guess it's too much to expect a krieger to understand trench warfare, though

>> No.22763995

Drookians! We need more!

>> No.22763998

So, what WW 2 armies do you consider "professional"?

>> No.22764003

Holding the line against what, an occasional Chaos raid? Steel Legion held their world against a daemon primarch and the two largest Ork invasions since the Great Crusade, without support until they halted them in the second war for armageddon.

>Do you even getting their entire high command sans Creed murdered by Chaos in one battle?
One competent officer doesn't make up for the incompetence of a dozen.

>> No.22764010

>Implying your Eldar definitions of 'cover' will save you from anything a Krieg regiment brings to bear

>> No.22764014

>> No.22764025

I need pictures of Pilots and Navy girls! I have none.

>> No.22764027


>> No.22764033

They're like the Ultramarines, since the guard and space marines have come out, they've been the best ever because GW said so.

>> No.22764036

Am I good at art yet? Should I start my own deviant art? More aquillas?

>> No.22764040

With the exception of certain elite units (SAS, OSS, possibly Waffen SS) I wouldn't call -any- army of the era professional. Like someone already said, they're all mainly conscript-based. I -do- however think that most other armies were held to a... I won't say higher here. A -markedly different- standard than the Japanese or Soviet militaries.

>> No.22764042

tfw when Ultramarines get ultraboners for cadians.

That's why Leandros called in the =I=, to remove the competition.

>> No.22764043

Vostroyan master race reporting in

>> No.22764045

>> No.22764047

Needs more purity seals

>> No.22764056

Needs skulls and pauldrons.

>> No.22764058

Just wanted to call you out as an asshole.

>> No.22764062

Obviously not as evidenced by this thread.

>> No.22764065

She's not a space marine, anon.

>> No.22764067

Elysians reporting in

>> No.22764068

>> No.22764070

That may or may not be true, but it doesn't make this tripe any less bad and lazy.

>> No.22764076

The Japanese took rape to a whole new level. They don't call it the 'rape of nanking for nothing

>> No.22764086

lets just plant the seeds of heresy...

>> No.22764090

>Steel legion in a nutshell

>Death korps in a nutshell

that's pretty much how it works

>> No.22764111

>mark of nurgle
would not touch without hazmat suit and the thickest condom I could find.

>> No.22764115

>> No.22764117


>> No.22764126

... You act as if that's the first time you've seen Chultist-chan.

>> No.22764143


... Pretty much.

>> No.22764150

You know I just realized.
Krieg parents are probably the only parents who want you to knock up their daughter as quickly as possible

>> No.22764162

Australian Army, NZ Army.
Waffen SS was conscript based as well.

>> No.22764167

>All my lulz, I remember that
>All my feels, fuck you

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>> No.22764180

>> No.22764181

I like the one on the left. He seems so sad.

>> No.22764205

Fair enough. But professional armies do not fair that well in large-scale conflicts.

>> No.22764211

Of course he's miserable. He should in his natural habitat, a hole in the ground shovel in hand

>> No.22764224

And delicious sensitive-eared xenos to entrench with

>> No.22764225

so basically a human mole?

>> No.22764239

So you like siege warfare, eh? We'll get along well enough.

>> No.22764248

Depends. For an expeditionary force a professional army performs far better, for home defense or near abroad conscripts are better, mainly because you can have so many of them.

>> No.22764253


>> No.22764279

Give me an example of low number professional army being effective in a conventional conflict.

>> No.22764281

I'm currently building a Bluhd Rahvens space marine army and was thinking of having Kriegers to represent chapter serfs. Good idea, bad idea? I can't think of 40k any other models/rulesets that would do it better and even then, it doesn't fit very well

>> No.22764288

10/10 would allow to reinforce my breastworks

>> No.22764297

I gave a good idea to represent Iron Warriors mortal servants with Kriegers.

>> No.22764300

>> No.22764309

Prussia. The Caroleans of Sweden.

>> No.22764312

Australian Army, Afghanistan and Iraq.

>> No.22764318

Gulf War (not exactly low numbers), 2nd Australian Imperial Force in North Africa, British army in Korea.
Not too many though.

>> No.22764324

It's not like they bolster their forces very differently

>> No.22764336

>> No.22764351

Does the French Foreign Army counts?

>> No.22764353

>that feel when no one cares about Mordians

>> No.22764355

>conventional conflict
Nope. Conventional conflicts are Arab-Israeli wars, Gulf wars, Korea to a certain extent, a war between to comparable powers waged by combined arms.

>> No.22764365

Foreign Legion, anon-kun. Foreign Legion.

Hearing about their shitty homeworld kind of killed the boner I had for them. I loved their Prussian feel up until that point.

>> No.22764367


Those who fight in full dress are full retard.

>> No.22764381

"Why do they call them Corpse-men, Sergeant?"
I remember the Imperial campaign on Saiga well. Everyone did. You can’t simply forget about the kind of things you see there.
"First, Corporal Cyril, it’s because these men are organize their units into “Korps”. And second, it’s because they’re about as human as one.
I saw Cyril chuckle briefly, remembering how much my own first impression mirrored his. But like his, it was only by word. Humor is man’s way of disguising his fear.
“Let me tell you something Cyril. When you look in a normal man’s eyes, Cyril, what do you see? His hopes, his fears? His dreams, his desires?
The men around me fell silent.
“There is nothing to see a corpse-man’s eyes. They have no hopes, for penance allows for none. They fear no man, for how is the wrath of any man worse than the heresy of treason? They have no desires, save for the one given to them. When you gaze into the face of a man from Krieg, know that what stares back at you is an intelligence utterly alien in thought.”

>> No.22764392

>Dien Bien Phu
True effectiveness right there.

>> No.22764409

>Discounting Mexico, WW1, WW2
>One data point
Don't be silly.

>> No.22764423

>> No.22764424

A black tide enveloped the horizon. There they came, silent as death. Every step in perfect concordance. Every soulless mask trained on the objective. We didn’t even see a breakin their lines when our entire trench line lit up with automatic fire.
Their steady march turned into a charge, and like a horde of insects, they carpeted the broken ground in their relentless advance. A mortar would detonate in the middle of their ranks, spraying viscera and mangled limbs over the sodden floor. The others would not even take note of the dying or the dead, as they were intent on one goal: to end our lives, or die trying.

>> No.22764430

...Considering most of them were criminals? Or atleast quitea bit of them were, looking for french citizenship after...FUCK forgot how many years of "service"

>> No.22764432

>WW 2

>> No.22764441

>Free French
They kept fighting long after they were whipped. Give them some credit for that.

>> No.22764450

>Realizing he corrected the Army-Legion

HERP DERP - i so need to stfu and sleep now...

>> No.22764458

>> No.22764462

Just because someone was a criminal doesn't make them incapable of being an effective professional soldier.

>> No.22764465

dammit Slaneesh...

Thats what i meant...till i realized my derpiness>>22764450

>> No.22764471

How come nobody loves the Harakoni Warhawks?

>> No.22764487

Still, the French army wasn't a voluteer army.

>> No.22764496

>> No.22764556

>> No.22764566

>Still believing Kriegers are cloned.

>> No.22764571

I remember when my beloved Death Korps where just chapter approved, and no one knew who they where...

>> No.22764621

Needs more Chaos

>> No.22764632

Mobile support has arrived.

>> No.22764663


holy shit I just gained a new waifu.

This doesn't happen often, I swear.

>> No.22764705

>Go on date with qt Kriegette.
>Well... not that you can see past the gasmask.
>Drop her off at midnight as I promised.
>Jokingly say "Don't worry, Mr. Dunkelburg! No funny business happened."
>Mr. Dunkelburg pulls out a lasgun, "I cannot allow that, Anon. Come inside and take off your pants."

>> No.22764707



That would be me

>> No.22764778

>> No.22764789

>Krieg sex

>*thump thump thump*
>*slightly louder thumping, still no sounds from the two kiregs*
>*thump thump-silece.*
>Few seconds pass
>Krieigette: Hmm, well done.
>the next day she's the equivalent of three months pregnant

>> No.22764807

little bit o' this thrown in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQMhp8DxjiQ

>> No.22764842

Hey I know that picture

>> No.22764890

>recommended videos

I don't even

>> No.22764983

Frag out!

>> No.22765227


Imperial Japanese soldiers were some of the best. They were tough, fanatical, and well trained. They'd do thing other nation's soldiers wouldn't do, on less than other soldiers, for less than other soldiers, and they'd do it without complaint unlike other soldiers. Their issue is that they were poorly equipped and usually led by morons. The average soldier would fuck you up, then fuck your wife because you weren't human to them. They'd been drilled into that since they were 13 and drilled a bit more when they were conscripted then drilled even more day by day. For all of its discipline it's still privy to the effects of morale. China was supposed to be an easy win for the Japanese buti t was longer and harder than they expected and morale was low when they got to Nanking. The Officers in charge chose not to restrain their men and instead promised them loot and women to bring up morale. When the actual commanding officer got to Nanking and saw what they had done he ordered an immediate halt to the whole damn process, orders his subordinates failed to carry out in a timely manner and the guy got hung for it after the war. He couldn't have the officers shot, it'd cause havoc in the command structure and would fuck up morale so he had to suck it up.

>> No.22765244


>> No.22765420

Part of the evidence in that trial was movies of the soldiers killing/raping people, made for propaganda purposes. A horny soldier isn't gonna operate 1940s movie camera and package it for his CO without orders and organization.

>> No.22765929


>> No.22765980

The thread is probably going to start to autosage in a few minutes, if it hasn't already.

>> No.22769742

they were some of the best that japan had to offer, which wasnt much given a low population, that was beaten by a massive amount of united states grade A ass kicking and 2 nukes, their suicidal charges got them killed more often than not, their weapons were shit compared to the durable and reliable american weapons

all their boats and air planes blew up, sank, or self destroyed, they were chased from hide-y -holes with flame throwers and artillery strikes from nearby ships and airplanes

they did a wonderful job of defending the civilian population, from firebombing white phosphorus attacks which burned down hole cities over night as the Japanese thought using mostly wood in home and building construction was a good idea

also the japanese commited a lot of fucking warcrimes by using a water treatment plant located in china to test biological weapons on the population in china, and experimented on russians, southern asians, chinese, japanese,americans and british

yup, japan sure was tough and fanatical all the way till weather made it impossible to nuke the emperor's palace so they went on to the next city, the very notion of japan existing today is entirely caused by poor weather, which protected that city from becoming an ashtray

lets not forget what soviet union wanted to do to japan and china after world war 2

>> No.22770731


>beaten by a massive
Ditto. Huge industrial advantage was the key important thing in that war. That, and cracking their encryption codes in time.

They had some excellent aircraft and naval vessels. Their hideyholes were repeatedly shown to take a vast amount of american casualties to dig out.

Wood was a sensible option. Japan is very prone to earthquakes, at that stage, conventional building methods just wouldn't have been safe, or remotely permanent, not to mention affordable.

>> No.22770773

well, its japans fault for poking a country that is looking for an excuse to boost economy

>> No.22770839

and the united states was also attacking germany at the same time

the japanese couldnt crack american codes thanks to the native americans we were using in ww2

hideyholes always take a lot of casualties to clear out,but flame throwers and artillery help

wood is not a sensible option when it allows a few ten thousand to burn to death from a small stove fire

ive watched the history channel since i was 5, i know world war 2

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