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The year is 3040, and you are Daniel Holdt, Battlemech Engineer.

You have a self-imposed deadline in around 4 days to deliver a finished prototype blueprint for your firm's first production Battlemech, and you are so close to finished you can taste it. All you have left to do is set up the wiring, choose an armament configuration(s), and configure the armor plating. Then, it's in the hands of Janine, and Goddard, who is still unfortunately missing. You are waiting on the local garrison to report whether they've found him or not, but no news as of yet. You've caught yourself wondering who will run things if the news is as bad as you hope it isn't.

Revently, the Capellan Confederation has contacted you via Janine about the finalization of licensing for the combat software for the HZP, as well as the added surprise that they are interested in scouting your design. That is good news, since you haven't heard anything from anyone else regarding interest in the HZP, and even though you are no military man, it's no secret that the 4th Succession War has left the Capellans in a bad spot, so if they are expressing interest then it is likely they will want to purchase the HZP so long as you deliver a quality product. At least you think that's the case. And why wouldn't you? With all the advancements you've made, they'd be fools not to buy.

As it is now though, you've just written an email to Hatamoto about the electrical systems and harnessing, and now you're sitting in your office, lit cigarette between your lips. Max is sleeping, and your computer is on in front of you.

What's on deck for this early, sunless morning for you, Daniel? You don't need to sleep for a while (not that you sleep well anyway), and you have plenty of coffee and cigarettes to tide you over.

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Or just search foolz for MechEngineer Quest.

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What do we still need to do again?

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Spend some time going over the HZP to ensure its quality or areas that can be improved on.

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>All you have left to do is set up the wiring, choose an armament configuration(s), and configure the armor plating

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Go over the wiring, begin trying to design a compartmentalized, clamshell conduit system that can provide ruggedness, protection, and ease of repair and maintenance.

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When was the last time we ate?

If it's been over 8 hours get a snack, if not then work on dat wiring.

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Begin wiring design.
Make sure wires will be unbreakable and protected.

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You pull up the overlay of the chassis, and start looking at possible routes for your conduit to run. Obviously, you've been designing with durability and ease of maintenance in mind this whole time, and now is no exception.

You've bounced some ideas around in your head already about hollows in the chassis to run wiring, or layering like with your myomers, or using said myomers as an overlay for the conduit in areas where that is possible. All these sound viable, but you need to be sure to maintain flexibility, ease of maintenance, and durability. No easy feat in this era of PPCs and other EW concerns. Plus there is no way to know what the future holds, so making something that holds up 50 years from now is also a concern.

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(you just had a midnight snack around a half hour ago)

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Rub spirit dog for inspiration.

And how easy is it to detach the myomers?
Is it feasible to run wires underneath and still make it an easy repair?

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This is too complex for what we're doing right now, but since Myomer is already going to have electricity going through it at some later point we might be able to develop Myomer bundles that are produced with the wiring inlaid into them.

We need it to be rugged, hard to knock out, but still easy to repair.

Given how the Myomer sheeting for our guy works it's pretty easy to remove and replace. We might be able to stick the wiring under the first few layers and add an EMP protection with it. It won't be as easy to replace as putting it on the very top, but it'll be harder to knock out with a PPC. As always we want to compartmentalize as much as possible for ease of replacement.

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(myomer need solid connection to the frame, because they are 90% of the movement strength of the 'Mech, so making them easy to remove isn't terribly easy if you want them to function well. Think human muscles. Your layout is easy to maintain because you can GET to them easy, but removal is still a necessary pain)

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Holy crap'oly! this is the first 2 since the first thread I've actually been here at the start.

Anyway, putting any sort of weapon on this thing and modularity has been a staple so I'd say make the wiring able to provide ample juice to the arms. I'd love for there to be a "Wall of Light" model if we every have double heat sinks available with torso made of medium laser racks and smalls on the arms but that is probably not a great idea. Wiring and armament should go hand in hand but redundancy, high capacity and general toughness seem like things to strive for.

What armament do we have available again? Did we scavenge anything off that spider? We have space for 3 weapon mounts on each arm and how many slots in the chest?

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Even with it being hard to repair, I think running the wiring underneath (or in) would be the best solution here. Just for all around protection.

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Myomer with inlaid wiring is going to be hell on any field repair.

Probably the best approach is a strict pragmatism. Where possible, take advantage of the existing structure to shield the wiring, then give it additional protection in the remaining areas.

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Okay, disregard what I said about it being easy to remove.

Hmm, it might still be best to run it underneath. Compartmentalized bundles of electronics in flexible EMP resistant tubes maybe, if there's an error you just have remove one tube section and place a new one in. Have it running under the surface, maybe find a way for the Myomer to open up a bit and provide a gap for the electronics to be placed without much extra work before being close up. We're doing flat sheets of myomer, maybe there can be a gap in the middle of them going lengthwise that can easily be sealed back up.

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Hmm, could we wire some power under the frame for propulsion systems and run weapon power over it? Might make them easier to knock out but if the myomer is still on it can at least get away if need be. It is still a light mech and living would let it warn others in a garrison.

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Could we do a two-tier electronics wiring system? It might be bulkier, but fit one under the myomer as an emergency power that can't be PPCed out, and one that is in a less protected area but is easier to reach and maintain.

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You haven't asked about the Spider yet, and they just got it secured into the MechBay yesterday for analysis. The Torso has significantly more space, and with your layout is essentially a weapon box waiting to be filled.


Keep in mind that running inside the myomer means all-or-nothing; you lose the myomer, you lose the wiring. And if the wiring isn't shielded properly, the myomer will produce a lot of interference.


Your biggest concerns in that regard will be the joints.

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OK, but think about the poor bloody field tech. What happens when she finds that the propulsion wiring has developed a fault and the 'mech's left foot isn't responding properly. How much of the thing needs to be disassembled to sort that out?

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Fuck yes, started reading this last week and finally am caught up! Now to catch up with this thread. Anontech, keep up the awesome work!

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I'm not familiar with battle tech. What exactly is the wiring doing? Just power for weapons?

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Damn I'm working on a technical diagram for the layout which I was hoping to have finished for the thread. But at this rate it should be done by the time the thread is over. I'll try to rush it out so I can show you guys.

However I DID manage to finish something else which you guys should enjoy immensely.

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Joints are a drag anyway. Hmm. If I'm trying to put this thing back together, one thing I would be grateful to the designer for is some extra wiring cable built into the 'mech.

So... how about we give it redundant wiring across the joints? Most of the 'mech's limbs have less vulnerable surfaces (under-arm, etc.), so the main-line can go that way. Then give it a secondary power-line opposite.

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(The wiring carries power and signals to all essential components. It makes the myomer move with electrical pulses, it powers the lasers, and it makes the running lights work. Everything in the 'Mech is electrically operated, so it is basically the most crucial main system in the entire design.)

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(hey, thanks. glad you're enjoying it anon. welcome to the thread)

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Good point. What about back and front power systems on opposites of each other outside of the joints with a low power emergency line in the frame itself?

Kinda like >>22760302

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(redundancy is never a bad thing, just be sure you don't clutter the chassis up either. you have a very finite amount of space to work with in the limbs especially.)

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Well fortunately the limbs likely won't house weapons anyway, since we spent all that time making the rail system to make weapon exchanges easier in the torsos. Which kinda makes people sperging out over not being able to mount weapons in the arms and wasting time with it seem odd in my mind but meh. Anyway, bitching aside, why don't we take some notes from the Awesome, if we have the specs for it available in AutoCAD: Mech edition? It's an incredibly reliable mech that can take tons of punishment, right?

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We seem to be agreed on redundant wiring for the most exposed parts of the 'mech. Taking a core line through the whole of each limb is heading towards over-complicated, but we could use that approach in some places.

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What i we just run a back up line to the legs and through the body?
Just so even with weapons down you can still make a break for it.

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Awesome gets a lot of its durability from all 'dem heat sinks. When they get shot up, they're a whole mess of coolant - but that's better than having to repair a PPC or the fusion reactor.

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Better idea. We aren't using our arms as is, at least to my understanding. What if we take that room the wiring would require and instead install rocket arms? Or hatchet arms? We have arms damnit! That may as well be useless weight or additional Torso Shielding unless we do something cool with it like Hatchetman arms or rocketpawnch arms.

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Hands are useful for peacetime shenanigans.
Use your multimillion C-bill war machine as a forklift.
Even during war, it can lug supplies around

>> No.22760535

They're also pretty covered in armor. And slow. What if we fill the internal structures with coolant?

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Well yes, I realize how it works by the game mechanics, but I figured since it's also considered a tough and reliable mech in canon, and since it's an all energy mech it might have some neato wiring and layout tricks we could crib.

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Aren't there already industrial mechs for that? And... Well, what timeperiod is this?

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(poaching ideas off of other successful designs? what is this wizardry?)

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Why buy another expensive hangar queen when the one you already have is just as effective and can also be used in combat?

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It's only 1:40 am as opposed to 3:30. Still, cannot participate much, dammit!

What else do we need to run in the limbs? Coolant? Ammo feeds? We only have laser mounts in the arms, and no heatsinks in the legs, so wiring we can double up on.

Just make flexible rails down the inside of the myomer, and then attach rings to the insulator. Then for techs to replace wiring they just need to strip out the old cable and slide in a new one. If the rail itself breaks then the myomer would need replacing too anyway.

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FASA was pretty good about fluff-mechanic transparency.

Let's not pump the thing full of coolant. Even if it never goes wrong, it's too embarrassing if it ever gets punctured in the groin.

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3040. And think of it this way. If you can save 2-3 million cbills by not needing an industrialmech in the first place because the garrison mech(s) you have are able to do their job anyway, then why not?

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>The year is 3040, and you are Daniel Holdt, Battlemech Engineer.

(also keep in mind you are designing this mech for utility. making it a single purchase that can do a multitude of things in this era is a golden goose waiting to happen)

>> No.22760592

That's a stupid idea. Besides the expense and complexity of designing a completely new system that's never been made before, something like that would be expensive to maintain and difficult to repair, what are you going to do about targeting and guidance, and it goes against the idea of a workhouse garrison mech that can be used in construction and S&R.

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Sadly, your precious FASA is dead, DEAD I SAY! Muahaha, prepare thine anus for Catalyst Game Labs!

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Oh dear, I can't believe I forgot to post this. I requested it from a drawfag maybe a month or two ago, and just left it lying in my image folder. Danny, everyone.

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Well, I'd think the name of the game is specialization, especially in these sorts of warfare.
How is that at all embarrassing for the pilot? After a victory well deserved, perhaps taunting is in order! Why not have locks blast off of the mech's groin and leak coolant onto the remains of your fallen foes?

>> No.22760635

Not really. A mech that has utility is more attractive than a slightly more effective mech with no utility.

>> No.22760636

It's bad if it happens right before they're ordered to withdraw.

>> No.22760650

>what are you going to do about targeting and guidance
I fail to see how this would be a difficulty. If you design a rocket arm to fire with such force and achieve a certain velocity, then surely you can aim the damn thing. If nothing else I'm sure a computer could aim it along the same lines of aiming a laser on your arm.

Such a rocket arm design would be modular as all hell. Oh, what's that? Lost a rocket arm? Here, let's such attache a spare rocket arm! We've only got fifty of them lying in this warehouse.

Hell, the more modular you can make it, the better. Imagine, a veritable army of Frankenmechs throwing their arms at their enemy. Oh, Cataphracts... <3

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(coffee: check. cigarette: check. bags under the eyes: double check.

Age: 24. apparent age: 54.


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I demand additional crotch seals for my mech liquid so that it only leaks when I will!

>> No.22760673

It really depends. If you only have 4-5 mechs, like maybe a merc company? Then you want generalists. This is our main target buyers. Because you lack the numbers to make specialization really work; sure you can have a specialist ranged dude, but if he gets fucked up, you're down your long range support. Big enterprises like a major merc company or House taking interest have more leeway with using specialists because they can deploy in large enough formations to make the lose of one or two mechs be bad, but not irrevocably terrible. This isn't our target, but if the CC wants to buy from us anyway, more power to us for getting bonus sales.

>> No.22760699

If we want truly generalists the hadn't we ought to re-look at the fact that this mech will focus on lasers?

I don't mean to say we should invent omni-tech, but... You know... Though I'm sure the counter-argument is ammunition.

>> No.22760718



What happened to the medium lasers in the arms? I thought we were going to port the leg design over to the arms and mount weapons on them!

>> No.22760744

The center torso rails can mount SRMs or LRMs for a tiny bit more harrassment at short or long range.

>> No.22760754

"So we'll just sign you up for the standard Lance package, 4 complete 'mechs, plus 4 spare legs and 30 spare arms..."
"Wat? No, forget it."

>> No.22760757

The real counter argument is weight; we have 6 tons pod space, 7 if you cut down a ton off max armor. That's enough for a single AC/2 and a ton ammo. And we are NOT putting an AC/2 on this thing.

We can manage to fit SRMs, but LRMs are really only effective at the 10 range, so personally I consider those out. Honestly, I'm in favor of flamer, Large Laser and Medium laser. Flamer for infantry, Large Laser for hard hitting firepower, and medium laser because backup weapons.

>> No.22760762


(the preferred weapons layout keeps changing every other thread. this is why it seems most people are willing to wait till we get to that part (probably next phase) to argue over it, since it will likely take multiple threads. it'll be the biggest debate because personal opinions)

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Replacing the hands with a pair of RL/10s is not going to make a better mech.

>> No.22760784


Those "generalists" set upon by a properly mixed force of specialist, will get fucked, badly. They won't be bale to compete with any brawlers who rush in, they'll never out-pace an opposing scout or harasser, and they won't out-duel or be able to close on a truly skilled long range fighter.

Jack of all traces is mater of none, and dies horribly when set upon by several masters working in tandem.

>> No.22760799

Any of those masters will die to two or three Jacks.
Most mechs don't fare well when outnumbered.

>> No.22760801

That would be true if warfare never progressed past the skirmish level.

Think a bit harder.

>> No.22760804

Your arms will get wrecked eventually. May as well make sure you have spares. This seems sorta common-sense in that rocket arm kind of way.

What sort of tonnage are we talking about with the mech we're making here? I'm not in the loop on the quest thread. If we only have six tons of pod space... Yeah, that really limits our use of projectiles as a whole save for machine guns.

Is there any additional work that can be done to increase possible tonnage?

Could we design some kind of mech-segway that sports a strong enough engine to move itself and our mech, support the mech standing literally on it, and throw on as many weapons as possible?

>> No.22760809

Fuck the medium laser, just use the weight to bette ramror the housing for the LL.

If we lose the large laser against any seriously protected force, we're fucked anyway, medium laser iwll just scratch the pain while we die.

>> No.22760810

(so you guys see suggestion about what to do with the wiring that you like?)

>> No.22760812

Which doesn't help when the budget only allows for one new mech.

>> No.22760818

Yeah, you clearly have no idea how battletech works.

>> No.22760832

We've got a 35 ton chassis, and the speed is locked in at 7/11.

I still say boot up AutoCAD: Mech edition and see how the Awesome does it. Worst comes to worse, we lose a couple hours. We've got 4 days, I think we can afford that.

>> No.22760836

>skirmish level
>we only have a lance
Lance on lance fights ARE skirmishes.

>> No.22760844

Now watch as I substantiate my claim...

Any day now...

Is there any way to proof our wiring against the affects of PPC and typical EM jazz? How much would sacrificing a ton for backup wiring get us?

>> No.22760845

That's nice. We're specialising in SKORVEK TOUGH and RELIABLE in multiple scenarios.

If specialists always beat generalists you'd never have anything but aerofighters, tanks and infantry.

>> No.22760863

ML does 62.5% of the damage that a LL does.

>> No.22760867


(if everyone else is on board, and the plans are accessible, then sure. of course, that assumes you can find the blueprints someplace. most designs aren't public domain even if they are 400 years old)

>> No.22760880

Do you know what "logistics" means?

>> No.22760892

We already went over this.
The specialist mechs all have purpose-built chassis and are fine-tuned for their roles in their weight class.
We are limited to making a light mech with only the weapons and fusion engines at our disposal.
This is what can be built, and fulfills the role of a rear-area garrison mech and support mech.
Of course specialists are best at what they do, and a balanced group of specialists is better than an equivalent group of generalists.
But this is just after the 4th Succession War, militaries are spent, they need something that can keep pirates and raiders at bay more so than something to field against another House military.

>> No.22760893

Weapon arguing later. Wiring now.

See if we can make a gap in the first layer or two of myomer that can be sealed up easily, since it's a pile of tubes in a sheet we can easily make a gap that can be sealed and opened easily and not impede its function. Make the tubes of wiring as compartmentalized as possible with EMP protection and layer even more on when it comes to the joints.

>> No.22760897

Yes, and the modern day's specialist military has a lot of it. It's also used to great affect.

>> No.22760912

No, that's what would happen if battletech actually made sense.

fuck it, centurion lance is attacked, by two hunchbacks and two trebuchets. The hunchbacks have advanced forward of the trebuchets, which are well back and situated to provide cover fire.

Who wins?

Probably not the centurions, because they won't match either at their preferred ranges, and the opposing lance of specialist designs actually complement each other.

>> No.22760917

Anontech: Keep it Simple, Stupid.
As per >>22760576
Run a cable down the inside of the myomer, so cables can be pulled free and replaced for inspection. Cabling doesn't need to be checked in place when you can physically pull it out and push new ones back in!

>> No.22760919

A PPC will burn through half a tonne of armour, even before you get into the EM effects. I do not like the idea of making the 'mech more vulnerable to catastrophic failure in order to make it less likely to start walking funny.

>> No.22760942

Fair enough, moving on.

>> No.22760950

Okay forgive the horrible quality but I just threw this together in like 10 minutes. It should get the point across.

Basically the leg and upper arm bones would be hollow in roughly a C shape. Kinda like an I-beam.The myomer wraps around the top and bottom. Inside the C are three conduits. The secondary power conduit, and the secondary signal conduits for each myomer bundle. The open end of the "C" shape holds the primary conduit with the second "main" set of signal and power cables.

Do you get how it works? The primary conduits would be mounted facing inwards. So they would be harder to hit, but placed for easy access. The inner secondary conduits are the backup, it's hard to get in there but anything that damages them would have to shoot through the myomer AND the frame.

I'm working on a much prettier version that shows more than cross sections. Should be done by next thread.

>> No.22760951

Okay. A generalist works because for us because we've only got enough to make one mech. We can't afford to design a group of 3-4 which can cover each other. Also, from a fluff perspective, IS loves generalists, because they can do anything. Does a single SRM 2 and LRM 5 suck mechanically? Yes. But people buy the Shadow Hawk anyway.

Also, specialists are harder to do in 3040 without lots of level 2 tech. What's your bruiser? A hunchback? Sure it's got armor and a big gun but it's slow. AAlso, let's say we go with your thing. You've got a specialized land, a Yoeman for long range, a hunchie and kintaro for close up, and a Lancelot for medium range skirmishing.

Opposing it are 4 "generalist" mechs. Call it a Vindi, a Cataphract, a Crab and a Cronus. Now, while the enemy comes in piecemeal, the generalist force can fire upon them as they close, and out number them once they've engaged. While they might get damaged doing so, I find it more likely than not that after defeating the hunchia and kintaro 2:1, they'll be able to advance on the Lancelot and then the Yeoman with little worry. Of course, how both sides play and how good the commanders are greatly effects this, but as a generalization I think it works fairly well.

>> No.22760955

Avoid running the wiring along the myomers. Every myomer contracts and expands as the mech moves. That means simply moving your mech around would exposing your wiring harness to wear points along almost the entire length of your wiring system.

A far better option would be to run the wiring along the heatsink coolant ducting. Not the heatsinks themselves, but the cold stuff that services those heatsinks. Other than the necessary joints of the mech, those paths will not have additional articulation joints, and more importantly, they travel to every essential location of the mech, and are already designed in such a way that they are modular, easy to maintain and remove.

Trust me, I'm a tech.

>> No.22760971

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I just now caught this.

What did we end up doing with the arms? Did we back-track and somehow end up with god-tier arms or are they still shit?

>> No.22760981

So I take it that you know about how House (let alone Merc!) forces run on a logistical shoestring? Any 'mech you can't cannibalize is a bad 'mech. Any 'mech you can get to run a variety of different roles is a good 'mech.

>> No.22761001


(with the way you have the myomer set up now, with the sheets, it's hard to fit anything between them except as a sandwich, in which case, you have to remove layers of myomer since they are compartmentalized, to access the wiring.

progress: great until you realize why it doesn't always happen. because you need to figure out how to make everything else work around your newfangled idea.

this is why there have been so few advancements in battlemech design, and only two new designs really in about 100 years. it's hard to figure out how to make things work around other things when you shirk the established. not that this is a bad thing, because where would the fun be in 'we just submit our senior thesis as our design' be as a quest?)

>> No.22761009

Sounds good.

>> No.22761015



Makes use of pre-existing design features and greatly reduces wear, meaning maintenance and liftime running costs of the mech, the need for pare parts, and could conceivably be make a proprietary system, used in future designs or license out for money if it works.

Trust me, I work maintenance. Low maintenance machinery is always a selling point.
Always. Forever.

>> No.22761017

Genius! But wont rapid heat/cooling make the wires brittle?

>> No.22761040

If that's the case than Cataphract is bestphract. It is a literal Frankenmech.

I love how you act like a sperglord by refusing to actually follow through with your statements.

>> No.22761041

Copper already heats/cools pretty rapidly. Different metals do different shit, it's not like we're forging a piece of steel.

>> No.22761048


i.e. eye liek pigsure!

>> No.22761053

No matter where we have them they'll heat up as the Mech heats up. If we put them in some compartmentalized tubing that can dump all the heat back into the coolant it ought to be okay.

>> No.22761061


(the arms were re-designed successfully with three universal weapon brackets on each one)

>> No.22761074

1. What is the coolant? Will it obstruct with the flow of electricity should the wiring become somehow exposed?

2. Will the materials that compose of the wiring be able to function should the coolant heat up? If so, to what temperature?

>> No.22761077

Depends on the loadout of the battlemech. Ballistic/missile boats don't have as much of a problem with heat. Also, placing the wiring directly adjacent to the cooling ducts means that the wiring is closest to the thermoregulator. Every other part of the mech will necessarily get hotter. Frankly, since we're talking about a battlemech here, thermal stress is a fact of life.

>> No.22761085


(this is awesome, regardless if folks here go with it or not. nice work.

Gonna give Daniel a bit of a skill boost as a reward for a great contribution, between this and the anon that requested daniel be drawn by a resident drawfriend.)

>> No.22761096

This isn't a wisdom of the crowds thing, but multiple people are arguing with you here.

I think you're a retard who doesn't consider anything beyond your idealized scrap. Just one fight, where everything is set up as you like.

Doesn't happen. War is complicated and unfair. Having a single design that can perform multiple missions is highly advantageous.

>> No.22761101

I don't know what the formulation of mech coolant is, but it is necessarily dielectric, non-reactive, and non-combustible. It's safe enough to be sprayed directly to the exterior of damaged, badly overheated mechs to rescue them.

>> No.22761102

>Actually rewarding players for doing good things and being good players/contributers.

It IS 2013, right?

>> No.22761107

These two ought to be able to be combined and work rather well.

>> No.22761109

For thta to happen it would have to be more conductive than what is presumably copper (please god no) or fiber-optic cables (using it ijn thea brams drops weight by TWO TONS, let alone in a mech), which is EXTREMELY unliekly.

>> No.22761116


So approaching god-tier correct?

Does it still have the modular hands that allow it to be a defacto construction / salvage / whatever the fuck it can be used for mech?

>> No.22761118


(this seems to be a favorite idea. gonna go with this then?)

>> No.22761119

It's also, I believe, incredibly toxic. So, you don't want to like, let it touch you or be ingested or anything...

>> No.22761124

Mechs are move valuable than people. Toxicity isn't a significant concern.

>> No.22761135


(yep, forgot to mention that)

>> No.22761143

I think there are a few types.
For instance, the coolant vests pilots wear use a less toxic version than general use coolants, and there are a few different types in use depending on the army/manufacturer/whatever.

>> No.22761156


Nice, so our mech really is a badass and so far, in design, far outclasses every other light mech commonly seen.

>> No.22761167

The war is over. The House militaries are spent.

Also, how do you claim to know that multiple people are arguing with one person when all are Anonymous? I think you're full of shit. As such I will not tell you to eat shit, as you are, verily, full of it. Such is your state, full of shit as it may be, that one must bring attention to the balking amount of shit contained within your girth.

Having a single design that can preform multiple missions is only as highly advantageous as unable your manufactorers are to create specialized pieces of equipment.

Having a specialized military is simply superior, especially when you deal with equipment that requires more and more know-how to actually use.

There's a reason we don't have a bunch of grunts flying helicopters and jets and submarines. There's a reason not every man in the Air Force flies or drives.

>> No.22761169

Sounds good to me. Go with it man.

>> No.22761173

All of the technical pictures and documentation I could find on battlemech internal structures taught me that you can basically make the shape whatever the fuck you want. The Mad Cat leg and arm bones are literally made out of endosteel popsicle sticks and marshmallows.

So I went with an I-beam as an inspiration. It's VERY basic, you have an inner conduit and an outer conduit fit into a hollow in the mech's bones. The outer conduit is easier to access, but the inner conduit is harder to damage. Redundancy!

>> No.22761175

Save that kind of talk for the marketing department. We shouldn't go believing our own press. We should be well aware of the limitations of our own design, that way we can design and market update field refits when commanders start asking for fixes.

>> No.22761181

Better then The one I was working on. The inner yellow bits are the buck up lines and I left a lot out.

Shamelessly based of the diagram from last thread.

>> No.22761194

Mechs are every bit as useful as your pilots make them. There's a reason mechs have ejection seats.

>> No.22761198

Got captcha'ed, posting it.

>> No.22761200


How many bonuses are we getting for it before you inevitably fuck it up with a nat 1000000?

Love you Anontech

>> No.22761209

Does our mech have an electronic warfare suite as advanced as a Raven?

Or legs as fast as a Jenner?

Leap that Urbanmech if you're so great.

>> No.22761210

We should REALLY consider playing up a low maintenance/ammo need angle then.

This would be excellent for outnumbered forces trying to dig in and hold out who want to get field defenses in place, or people in need of giant, multiton sappers to attack fortifications.

Also, more flamers

>> No.22761225

Actually yes, our mech IS as fast as a Jenner, though it lacks the Jump jets. And while it lacks any kind of actual tech level 2 EWAR tech, it's still got some nice electronics, from what I understand.

>> No.22761233

I have to go get some food. So I'll just leave this here to creep you guys out. Enjoy!

>> No.22761239


The real question is simply, which light mech looks manlier? Ours or a Commando?

>> No.22761254


Our Mech is as fast as a jenner, no jump jets so far, and Raven's are specialized as fuck and back for that suite.

And he said "Commonly seen" which means shit like Fireflies, Jenners, Urbies, Commando's, all that jazz.

>> No.22761256

Oh buckethead mechs. How I love thee.

>> No.22761267

Battletech laymen here, what's that supposed to be?

>> No.22761273

You crack your fingers and get down to it.

First you run checks on the structure, looking to pare it down to create channels beside the coolant system connected to the heat sinks. Since most are located on the back of the HZP, this is pretty easy to do. You manage to shave some minor weight, which is then replaced with a channel system beside the existing ducting that will be used to house redundant wiring harnesses. You also take note to double-rig the joints, issuing each one a bypass to affect redundancy into the system further, and also to save money and time on complex couplings. If successful, you will manage to shield the wiring partially by using the structure itself, while saving weight, making an open work area for techs, and making very simple and obvious channels for your harnessing with minimal need for connectors except at key points, minimizing noise and signal loss.

(if you are ready to roll, will roll next post, with a +5 modifier for doing precise layout of the components in proximity, and for minimization of exposure/noise profile)

>> No.22761274


Our Chassis is similar to a Chrysalid and has the Intimidating positive quirk.

We are a light mech.

>> No.22761284

Our mech looks like a chrysalis from X-COM

>> No.22761287

It's a Chryssalid from X-Com. Our Mech has some resemblance to it due to how it got its Intimidating Quirk.

Let's do this.

>> No.22761304


Let's DO THIS!

>> No.22761307

Let's roll. What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.22761314

Give us your worst Anontech, roll that die.

>> No.22761315

Go go go.

>> No.22761317


>> No.22761322


(there is a vocal group that want the HZP's head to resemble a chrysalid, presumably with the eyes as spotlights/running lights and the grin as the cockpit sapphire plate.

>> No.22761330

What can I say, I love doing that.

>> No.22761335


Oh come on Anontech, even you have to admit that the Chrysalid's mouth would make a pretty good cockpit viewing window.

>> No.22761336

Oh man, that would be the coolest fucking cockpit window.

>> No.22761342


>> No.22761343

Rolled 66


(rolling for design, wiring harness layout/conduit/internal structure setup, lower is better)

(according to captcha the name of the mech is the Aphool and the cost is $11.50 per mini)

>> No.22761346


This is why we are doing that as our cockpit window.

Also we should roll now.

>> No.22761357


>> No.22761360

Not terrible, not particularly good either.

>> No.22761364


I was worried we were going to roll good on the first try for a moment there.

>> No.22761370


(i will confirm nor deny. i just hope the clans neveer played X-Com though or the invasion might not happen when the Dragoons send back footage of HZPs running around all over the Inner Sphere)

>> No.22761373

Well... It's not terrible. And doubles. I can work with that!

>> No.22761393


You don't say?

Do we get a circumstantial Intimidation quirk on the cockpit when illuminated in complete black or infra-red?

Just...mild curiosity you understand.

>> No.22761452

Anon, we already have a quirk for looking recognizable and intimidating. How... How do we stack intimidation on intimidation?

>> No.22761460


After several hours of work and the passage of dawn, you finish your layout work, and all tests run green. Structure is sound even with the cutouts, and the chassis itself is arranged in such a way as to provide shielding from EW and PPC fire, as well as to make maintenance fairly easy, though replacing some of the more buried lines might still take time. Overall, nothing amazing, but then again, making it work is always the paramount concern.

Max awakens, and you scratch his tummy a bit before clicking on the 'New Email' popup on your screen. It's from Hatamoto, and he requests that you send him your initial layout and he will go over it gladly and see that there are no errors, and offer advice for improvement if he sees room for it.

The sun is fully up now, and you are pretty hungry, and maybe a bit tired. Max probably needs to pee too.

>> No.22761479

We stack intimidation on AWE! Suddenly, the band Queen preforms in mech form! Surely even the most bittervet pilots will look upon such a display with fear and cowardice!

The trick will be in getting the hip gyros to gyrate just so...

>> No.22761496

>pet want to pee
Eat pet. Easiest solution. food is at hand, no need to take him outside to pee.

>> No.22761500


Send Hatamoto what we got, go get a snack and walk the dog, chat a bit, prepare to take a short nap and then back to the grind.

>> No.22761503


>> No.22761513

Ah, thanks.

>> No.22761519

We should probably take care of the dog first. Make sure he doesn't pee on anything important/essential. [paranoia]

>> No.22761522

Awesome. Let's take Max to pee and then get ourselves some food. Then shoot offf an email and sleep. We done good.

>> No.22761527

Send Hatamoto our layout.

Get up, stretch, pet the puppy, take him for a walk while smoking, let him pee, get food.

>> No.22761542

Send Hatamoto the layout we've got so far.
Then take Max outside to pee and take a walk, and then we'll go and get food.

>> No.22761557

Take max, go pee, eat food, nap.

>> No.22761594

Eat max, sleep pee, walk food.

>> No.22761608


You ass Max if he wants to go out and he yips, spinning around a few times and hops. So you light a smoke and take him outside, and he trots off to relieve himself.

You can see the crew is crawling all over the Spider and the Urbie, diagnosing the former and repairing the latter. You can see the Spider better now than before; the cockpit is swiss cheese, with numerous low-caliber holes puncturing the faceplate. The torso is fairly intact, but you can see dark ribbons of fluid leaking from gouges in the armor. The arms are basically gone; the left one is a stub and the right is lost at the shoulder, though you see a pile of scrap at its feet you presume are the limbs in question. The left leg is torn apart, and the right is almost pristene.

The Ivan's hip looks better than it did, with fabricators welding new plating onto the section the Banshee's hatchet tore through.

After a few minutes Max wanders back to you, and you finish your smoke. Food time? Or while you're out here you could talk to the crew of the Spider, since you were interested in the MLas and their condition. Or you could do whatever else you want, since the day is ahead of you and you're waiting on a response from Hatamoto.

>> No.22761614


>ass Max

(this is what happens when you switch from a laptop keyboard to a new ergonomic one after building yourself a new system. lawl)

>> No.22761622

Btech players will get this one.

This was fun to make, I basically started with a blocky white :D smiling face and started drawing teeth using >>22761274 as a starting point. It got progressively creepier and creepier and creepier until I finally arrived at this.

I tried drawing irises on the eyes and it turned out to be too scary, I couldn't bear to look at it.

>> No.22761624


>> No.22761628

>ass Max
what, like so?

>> No.22761639


You know what must be done.

>> No.22761643

Let's talk to the Spider crew, check on the MLs. Then get food, see if Ilsa is there, introduce her to the Max.

>> No.22761650

Add the irises, I want to see it.

>> No.22761654

Talk to the crew about the MLas to see if it can be used in the Hazard Pay.

>> No.22761674

Yes yes but why isn't it thermal red?

>> No.22761691


(i dunno i think it's scarier this way. also a good template for the faceplate since it's basically a vector, only jaggy)

>> No.22761756

Hmm, what happens if I-AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

>> No.22761759

Yeah lets check on the medium lasers.

>> No.22761765

You have been eaten by a grue!

>> No.22761768


You decide to head over to the Spider, to take a closer look.

Max bounds alongside you as you hoof it across the tarmac, arriving at MechBay 3.

Up close, you can readily see the Spider is painted in faded FWL purple, with the aquila splashed on the chest. It has seen better days though, and a crewman approaches you, and asks you what he can do for you.

>> No.22761776


Just checking on how the salvage operation's going, you know what the status of most of the systems are like?

>> No.22761779

Now combine the two and make a .gif

>> No.22761781

"So, I heard that there was a Medium Laser that might be salvageable."

>> No.22761796

"Just was wondering what could be salvaged from the Spider. Especially if any of the MLs are in usable shape."

>> No.22761895


"Well, what I can tell you right now is we won't be salvaging this thing for anything but parts, unless you all want to spend money on it. It's pretty shot. We checked the fusion reactor first, to make sure it wasn't dangerous, and it's basically intact. Some of the shielding has been damaged but we can fix that no problem. The magnetic field emitter still works, and the heat sinks are all intact. I'd rather just yank that bit out and use it in one of your prototypes.

"As for the weapons, well we're pretty sure both lasers are still functional, but the optics are shot. We'd have to replace them, but the emitters are fine. So they are usable, we just need to get them some new optics. Ivan says he can handle that part; he's got a precision lathe he can use to fashion new stuff, and he'll see if he can use some of the optical sapphire from the cockpit to do it. It'll change the color of the beam, but does that really matter?"

>> No.22761929

That's good. Ask if they can remove and repair the lasers for possible installation on the Hazard Pay.

Then go and get food.

>> No.22761948

"What color will it be? A cool scary green?

Please get that set up, we'll be using them on Hazard Pay. Thanks."

Then to the mess hall, for food!

>> No.22762052 [SPOILER] 

I tried to make your original look creepier but I'm terrible at these kinds of things.
and now that I've seen this...

>> No.22762063

That's terrifying. We need to make that its IR signature when it's running hot.

>> No.22762102


The cockpit is actually quite a bit smaller than the faceplate. It's mostly there for effect and to cover up the sensors. I'm thinking that the "hallway" we designed is centred on the bottom middle panel. That way the pilot is less exposed and he doesn't have a big bar running down the middle of his vision.

>> No.22762104

Although it wouldn't really be useful in combat, we could implement an optic switching system to create a Medium Rave Laser.

>> No.22762110


"Blue, actually. Sapphire and all that. Actually almost violet, but the damage will still be there. Anyway, I'll tell the crew you want to use these things on your prototype, and we'll get them to you ASAP."

You thank him, and turn to head back to the commissary to get some chow, with Max in tow.

Inside, you see Hatamoto getting something to eat and he nods at you to come sit with him once you get some grub. You also see Ilsa and Wanda getting food, with Dieter, over in the corner.

>> No.22762125

Let's sit with Hatamoto, talk shop, and then after we talk some and eat our chow let's hang out with Ilsa, Wanda and Dieter, we can show them the puppy.

>> No.22762131


Let's sit with Hatamoto, and see whether he calls us geniuses or retards.

>> No.22762153

Get food, then sit down with Hatamoto to see what he thinks of our electrical design.

>> No.22762246


You grab some food (sausage and kraut... must me some Lyran holiday) and proceed to sit with Hatamoto.

"Good morning, Daniel. Thought it is likely evening for you. I received your email, and my initial reaction is that of mild impressedness. Your system seems sound, and there seems to be adequate shielding for the harnesses, and not too many connections to cause signal noise. The choice to place the panels on the interior of the legs was a good one as well. I dare say that I would be proud to be associated with this machine when it is finally finished."

You ask him if he sees any room for improvement and he shakes his head.

"I have my nitpicks, certainly, but the system functions as intended, is within tolerances, and aside from some redundancies I believe not to be necessary, is cost-effective enough to fit into the philosophy we seem to be aiming at with this chassis."

>> No.22762304

"Thank you, I know you wouldn't say that unless you actually thought it was good.

If you can think of any ways to improve it, nitpicks that could be fixed to make it more efficient, anything like that, please either tell me or send me a mail about it. I want this to be as good as possible.

In case you were wondering the puppy is Max, he's my spirit animal."

>> No.22762306

"The redundancies are a selling point. A 'mech that makes it back to base with heavy damage is obviously better than one that gets destroyed due to immobilisation. Or worse, gets captured and fielded by the enemy."

>> No.22762334

"No, please, nitpick away. I want to be able to squeeze every drop of efficiency and ruggedness out of this design that I can."

>> No.22762386

So just to recap, the impression I'm getting is that we basically cut trenches in the mech's "bones" parallel to the existing cooling lines and rigged them up with wires. Sorta like my design only not as symmetrical. This should work well for maintenance, the stuff on the bottom is harder to get to but less likely to be damaged. So it evens out.

Current canon colour for small and medium lasers seems to be red and green, large lasers are blue. Don't the different colours of laser correspond to different wavelengths and stuff? I seem to recall green being more powerful than red, and blue more powerful than both of them.

I don't suppose we could add some extra sapphire lens covers to protect the laser optics? It would just be another piece of sapphire, only cut flat. If it get damaged the techs can yank it out and you can use the laser as normal. Easier than cranking out another lens.

>> No.22762419


Hatamoto clears his throat.

"Personally, I would have made a single, more robust system instead of twin redundant systems to save on cost, but that is a minor thing, and from what I have seen of your own philosophy, you are committed to making something that continues to work under all adversity. I commend that, even if it is not my own personal viewpoint.

Regarding your new animal... I find myself curious as to where he came from. Cute, as he might be..." he says as he scratches Max under the chin with his bionic hand.

>> No.22762445

"He's probably an alien, scouting our society and technology for weaknesses."

>> No.22762448

"His name is Max. I just woke up and he was sleeping on my chest. I've decided he is my spirit animal."

>> No.22762459

"I haven't a clue. He was in my office when I woke up, and no else had seen him before."

>> No.22762467


(video game canon has set the laser colors as that, yes. wavelength is indeed the determiner of color, but the optics affect the wavelength as I see it, plus tinting, so unless someone wants to science me into retconning, these mediums will be blue instead of green simply because of the new optics, but the damage is the same.)

>> No.22762516

A heavier protected single system isn't a bad idea on something like a zombie mech. But since this is a light mech multiple systems are better because damage is pretty much unavoidable. Better to use redundancy to survive that damage and be easy to repair.

I don't remember enough of my optic science to comment either way. Purple lazers ftw.

>> No.22762592


"So long as he doesn't distract you from your deadline he is a welcome addition to the team. Could be a good guardian for you, keen senses and all. Assuming he's not a lazy beast."

Max tilts his head and barks.

"No no, I know you're not," Hatamoto replies, while getting up. "I have to go see to more tests, but if I see anything else that I believe needs your attention regarding the wiring and energy systems, I will contact you. Also, let me know when you plan to begin selecting weapons so I can monitor your choices and run tests on the output of the fusion core we are using to ensure maximum efficiency. Now, if you'll excuse me.."

He bows slightly, and walks off, leaving you with Max, who seems to have an eye on your food.

>> No.22762625

Give Max some food, then go introduce him to Wanda, Dieter, and Ilsa. He'll be getting some food and plenty of pets from four people, he deserves it for being a good dog.

>> No.22762642

It honestly, HONESTLY does not matter. Yes, blue has a slightly shorter wavelength than red, but you are going to have to put all that energy into the photons anyways.

>> No.22762690

Lasers should barely be visible at all. The only energy emitted in any direction except straight out of the barrel should be excited ions from the intervening medium (air), and these would pretty much always be blue. Any energy not delivered to the target is energy that is wasted.
The atmosphere would need to be really fucking dense to form the kinds of plasma that look like a solid beam, and at that point your beam would maintain cohesion for a few feet at best.

>> No.22762723

Give Max some food, then see how Ilsa, Dieter, and Wanda are doing.

>> No.22762736


(well, there's dodgy game science and then there's blatant "i can't enjoy this because universal laws are being violated' level science. I am trying to avoid the latter)

>> No.22762776

Who are we waiting on for information about Goddards location(s)?
Are the police handling it?

>> No.22762792


You pick up your tray, pass a piece of sausage to Max, and walk over to the table where Wanda, Ilsa, and Dieter are sitting. Dieter is the first to notice, as it seems he's not talking that much.

"Ah, Daniel. Hello, hello. Please sit down."

You greet everyone and take a seat, and Ilsa immediately notices Max and seems to be repressing a serious gushing fit.

>> No.22762812


(yeah, they had a tracking beacon planted on the banshee, and were scouting the location it stopped to see if they could locate the HQ of the pirates. no word yet though)

>> No.22762838

"This is Max. When I woke up he was sitting on my chest. I have no idea where he came from."

>> No.22762843

"You can gush all you want Ilsa, Max won't mind."

>> No.22762856


"He's my spirit animal. Probably."

Eat food.

"Cute little bugger, isn't it?"

>> No.22762865

"Everyone, this is Max. Max, this is Ilsa, Wanda, and Dieter. I found him on my chest when I woke up yester...today?....ah, sometime in the past 48 hours."

>> No.22762876

"This is Max, my spirit animal. He's utterly adorable and just showed up on my chest a day or so ago, feel free to gush over him Ilsa, he's a great help in my work."

>> No.22762880

If each laser type normally has a different color, in-universe, then the HZP's altered medium could fool opponents into thinking it's armed with a large laser. Even if it only works for a moment, that could provide an advantage by taking the enemy off-balance.

>> No.22762969


It's just for our prototype model, future versions will probably have generics.

>> No.22763017

Hmm, we'll have to make sure we mention this when we demonstrate it.

>> No.22763027


Ilsa picks Max up immediately and hugs him tight, and Max nuzzles her back enthusiastically.

"He's a cutie," Wanda chimes in.

"I concur," adds Dieter. "You say his name is Max? I had a terrier named Max once. Good dog."

You explain to them how he appeared on your chest after an odd dream and you used an online Ouija board to determine his name since you believe him to be your spirit animal, and he should pick his own name.

Ilsa giggles, Wanda raises an eyebrow, and Dieter seems confused. "I didn't know you were tribaly blooded, Daniel. Always thought you were caucasian..." he mumbles.

Ilsa pipes up. "Max is a good name for a good puppy. A short name for a cute shortie!"

>> No.22763030

Wait. No... Wait. I know what we must do. Obviously we must change the color of ALL of our lasers. Large lasers produced to look like small lasers, mediums to look like large... The enemy will be confused as all hell. Muahaha.

>> No.22763049


Keeping doing some talking, catch up, be friendly, make small talk. Once we're done eating, go back to the office for a nap, then back to the grindstone.

>> No.22763079

"No tribal blood as far as I know. But that doesn't mean I can't have a spirit animal, it's a concept found in a great number of cultures."

>> No.22763080

Oh, let Dieter know that we're close to getting the electrical wiring done, and if there's any special considerations we should make for the computer equipment in the cockpit.
Does he need extra shielding, or more power?

>> No.22763189


You have a nice chat with the three of them, and Ilsa says she's almost done with some of her sketches, and will email them to you soon. You thank her and tell her you're looking forward to seeing them.

You let Dieter know you're almost done with the wiring, and ask if he needs any allowances or special considerations for the command console.

"Well... perhaps. I haven't figured out where the couplings are going to be located yet, so I can't tell you just now. It should be an easy task to add them to the blueprint though, once I'm done."

You speak for a few more minutes, then you and Max head back to the office to get some more work done. You get to the office door, and Max starts sniffing around.

>> No.22763206


Let him go, see what he finds.

>> No.22763239

Yeah but so will allies.
Maybe good for a lance composed entirely of Hazards, though.

>> No.22763252

Let him do his sniffing thing, he's a clever dog.

Man, we're almost done, we can get the armor done next.

>> No.22763291

If we've still got that gun, it might be time to move it somewhere we can reach in a hurry

>> No.22763298


Max sniffs around the door jamb, and you hear a rustling noise coming from your office.

>> No.22763307


>> No.22763311


>> No.22763314

If we have a pistol on us put our hand on it, if not make a mental note to keep one with us.

Then very sneakily look into the room and see who it is, if it's not someone we recognize quietly leave and obtain goons.

>> No.22763317


Open that door! probably just some wind, isn't our window still kinda busted?

(inb4 we get shot)

>> No.22763346


(you aren't carrying it now that the garrison left a detachment of guards)

>> No.22763366

Is there a keyhole we can look through?

>> No.22763377

wouldn't the far end of the c-beam want to crumple inwards?

>inb4 slowpoke is slower than a terminator

>> No.22763397

Max doesn't seem to be growling or anything, and the sound has stopped. He's still sniffing furiously though.

>> No.22763410


Well, let's go on in.

>> No.22763422

Maybe it's Janine with our futon.

>inb4 oonts oonts oonts

Yeah that's why there is a truss reinforcing it. The truss is used because it has gaps the techs can fit through. It's a pretty crude drawing though. In retrospect I think it might be better to just make it a full I-beam and use the gap on one side to fit the conduits.

>> No.22763450

Open the door. If Max is only curious, and not on edge, then it may be safe.

>> No.22763460

Or he's just a dog and doesn't really know much about shit.

>> No.22763463

Our spirit attack dog will protect us.

>> No.22763492


You open the door, and Max immediately scampers off to the other side of the couch.

You scratch your head, then feel something poke into the small of your back.

It is metal. Not sharp, but you have your suspicions as to what it is. You hear a growl from behind you.

"Shut that door. And not a sound, desk jockey."

You half lock up, and you see Max turn around, tilt his head, and bark, panting.

>> No.22763512



Well, we'd better shut the door.

>> No.22763517



Do as the man says.

>> No.22763527

why didn't you knock first aaaaaa
Do as he says.

>> No.22763533

"Would you mind telling me why you have a gun to my head?"

>> No.22763577


You shut the door, and frown at Max, who garbles at you, tilting his head.

"Can you think of a better way to keep someone from doing something stupid? Now forward, and no heroics."

>> No.22763599


He's either that one fuck Goddard fired before hiring us, Comstar, Goddard's Shark-like friend, or one of the Bandits.

Either way he KNOWS that if he fires that gun he won't get off this compound alive.

>> No.22763602

Is our coffee pot full?

>> No.22763606

"I never was heroic. Mind telling me what you're after."

>> No.22763611

If he's comstar, it's silenced for sure.

>> No.22763676

If he's that retard Goddard fired, trash the computer if we can, because he's most likely here to steal our designs, and we have backups.

>> No.22763677


>> No.22763691


"What do I want?"

He shoves you forward with a hard poke to the lower back, and you turn around without thinking. In front of you is a dirty, skinny, disheveled male with a very real gun pointed at you.

"I want a damn job," he says as he lowers the gun and slumps his shoulders a little.

>> No.22763712

"Well, this isn't exactly a good way of getting one, is it?"

>> No.22763720

Can we throw our pot of hot coffee in his face and then put his arm into our ash disintegrator?

>> No.22763732


"Can't say this isn't the first time I've felt like having a gun pointed at my head during a job interview, first time for the interviewee doing the pointing though."

>> No.22763737


"And you figured you'd put someone at gunpoint for it becuase...?"

we're tired, we're hungry, we're engineer. Fuck it, snark.

>> No.22763741

"So... bodyguard audition?"

>> No.22763744

... Richard?

"You screwed the pooch on that one when you fucked up your mech design. Nothing personal, but that thing was... Pretty damn terrible. Rode in here by a little business blackmail, and not skill. Want a job? Learn a trade. That's my friendly advice, bub."

That's not likely.

>> No.22763748

"Who are you? What is your skillset?

I don't do hiring decisions. Goddard would, since he's gone Janine would be in charge of that."

>> No.22763762


>> No.22763763

"Put the gun away. I just work here. Goddard's the one in charge."

>> No.22763765


Time for diplomacy!

"Well, you have determination. And a gun. Got something resembling an elevator pitch I can hear? You have my full and undivided attention right now."

>> No.22763769


(you're not really close enough to reach it, and he has a gun. you are not faster than bullets, probably)


"Do I look like I have experience getting a damn job?"

He walks over to the sofa and plops. Max trots over to him and he scratches the dog's head.

You, are puzzled by all this.

>> No.22763785


Any chance that we just found Max's owner?

So, I am guessing he was a raider that got left behind and knows he is screwed. Might be able to trade him a job for our boss.

>> No.22763788

"Alright. What's your skillset? Any degrees or certifications?"

>> No.22763794

I shall reiterate

"So... you and Max doing a bodyguard audition?"

>> No.22763796


Uh oh. Did we just steal Richard's dog?

>> No.22763799

"Good for you. Look man, I don't do hiring decisions, but Max likes you so I'll ask Janine about it.

What type of job are you looking for?"

>> No.22763822


You inquire as to what exactly he means, and he looks up at you.

"Look. I'll be straight with you. I'm a pirate. Ex-Eight. I attacked your damn base. I might have shot someone, I dunno. I was just pulling the trigger in your direction. Kinda hope not, else there's no way you're gonna let me outta here a free man.

Anyway, short version is I've been skulking here since then, hiding, and snuck up here to steal something so I could leave, sell it, and start over someplace else. But you had to bring that mutt in here... who I never thought to see again. And plans change. Gun ain't loaded anyway. What I can tell you is that I am a criminal, and I know my kind. And I can protect you from people like me. I just wanna go legit, and have someone have my back in case what's left of the boys catches wind of me and gets pissed."

>> No.22763854

Well since he's capable of sneaking in without anyone noticing, he's perfect start to our non-existant security division.

>> No.22763866


Look man, we aren't the boss, we don't do the hiring, at best I can put in a good word for you if you are legit, was thinking we needed a security guy around anyway, but we just got done burying everyone (yesterday? Today?) so I'm not real sure how it'll all go down.

>> No.22763867


"So what you're saying is... you're a misfit that doesn't belong anywhere. You have few qualifications and a bad history with... basically everything. You're quite probably a wanted man somewhere, and even if you aren't in general, someone wants you dead."

Pause a beat, sigh.

"Lemme get Janine on this. Jesus christ."

>> No.22763875

>attacked you on payrole, now I'm dragging deserter hate on you too

"Uh, we might wanna make sure you don't have a hit on your head before I even start thinking about introducing you to the boss; then again, that was a hell of a performance - anything special you want to take credit for and show us how to patch up?"

How much do we make? enough to pay him under the table?

>> No.22763883

Rush, take coffee, apply to face, subdue, let authority handle this.

>> No.22763900

"I see. Problem is, lot of the crew are pretty damn cross about the fact that a good few of our crew got fragged. I'm not too happy about it at all, people got hurt, soured the mood, and made it pretty hard to work. Plus, you kidnapped our boss, which you should probably see about fixing. Though, considering how you got in here so easily, we probably need some security."

>> No.22763903

We're working commission. We don't get paid till we sell mechs.

>> No.22763908

ATM we make nothing, we're banking on HZP to sell, so we can actually make some money.

>> No.22763909


If he wants to go legit, we might be able to help. We do need to start a security detail at some point and an ex-pirate might not be the worst idea ever. However, we need a token of good faith. Everything he knows about Goddard. Now. Max likes him and we trust Max. But we need our boss back before we can do any "hiring".

>> No.22763913

Tell him to give you the gun. If he does, check that it's not loaded and get Janine up here.

"So, what should I call you?"

>> No.22763924

Actually nobody knows about it, if Janine agrees, we can pretend he's a security guy Janine hired to prevert further antics.

>> No.22763963

It's likely the Eights are pretty shattered as an organization right now.

Maybe they're looking for a chance to go legit.

>> No.22763992


He hands you the gun, and shrugs.

"You wanna know about your boss? I'll tell you everything I know. And you ain't gonna like it."

You sit in your chair, offer him a smoke which he takes, and pour some coffee for yourself, both because you could use it due to jitters, and also because it's hot and his face is made of skin, just in case.

"Name's Bruce, career criminal. Well, till I decided that life is too short to hide in caves and kidnap kids. We were supposed to be pirates, not saps who steal kids for money. We had 'Mechs and everything... coulda run this rock if we wanted to. But aspirations aren't the best thing when you're a thug, and people didn't like the trash I was talkin', and I didn't like the idea of going down for someone else's idiocy, so I jumped ship. Dropped my rifle and snuck off when that tank and your trashcan opened fire on the Spider. No one missed me either. The mutt here followed me, but I shooed him off to find his own way, cause he's noisy and woulda got me caught. Seems to have taken a shine to you."

>> No.22764005

Feed the hand that bit us? You are a way more lenient man than I, sir.

>> No.22764028


I am not really looking to give the organization a free pass, but we have a guy here who wants out. And potentially information on our boss' current whereabouts. Lets get boss lady in here and see what her thoughts are. If we are able to get Goddard back in one piece because of him, it might be worth making some sort of deal.

>"You wanna know about your boss? I'll tell you everything I know. And you ain't gonna like it."

Well, shit.

>> No.22764029

Do we have a phone or something to call people in on this? Ivan for one. People may want to here what's happening to boss man.

>> No.22764030

You must be good at sneaking around if you managed to go undetected for 2 days.

>> No.22764051

Call the lady in, suggest a multi-department debrief from this guy, a lot of people are gonna want info and it's best we get it all out real quick.

>> No.22764053

"I wouldn't suggest calling it a trashcan. From what I saw, it ripped your band's shit. Go on."

>> No.22764063

The way I figure it, what better way to stop thieves than having an ex-thief as security?

Hackers and Forgers often wind up in security professions.


>> No.22764087


Go on...

>> No.22764124

(Should I archive this?)

>> No.22764137

Anontech does it.

>> No.22764179


You suggest that he tell his story in front of everyone, partly because you are leery about being in his presence alone and partly because you believe they all need to hear it to help ensure he's not lying. You only tell him the second reason though. He agrees, so you call everyone into your office that is available.

After a few minutes, Janine, Ivan, and Hatamoto show up, confused as to what's going on.

You lay out the situation, and Bruce sits there quietly. When you're done, Janine crosses her arms, and Ivan looks a little perturbed.

"So.. you're a pirate who wants to go straight? How do we know we can even trust you?"

"You don't. But I'm gonna tell you about your boss anyway, whether you have me arrested or not. So there's that."

Ivan starts ranting in Russian.

Hatamoto puts a hand on Ivan's shoulder, says something to him in Russian, and he calms down. Then he speaks.

"Hire this man, Janine. We know of the value of such men in the Confederation. Should he prove himself, we will be better off than we were. If not, then Ivan will likely castrate him wherever he runs to."

Bruce squirms a bit at that notion, you notice. He's either a really good actor, or else he's pretty scared of Ivan, it seems.

>> No.22764214

Laugh, then seriousfaec

"Alright, so let's hear what you've got."

>> No.22764220

I think Hatamoto's got a point.
If he proves himself, we get someone who can handle the sneakier side of security.
If not, Ivan gets someone to test weapons on.

>> No.22764229

I think we should take him to the authorities, get him to spill everything he knows about the Eights, and ask them to release him into our custody.

>> No.22764234

Well he DID sneak into a base without anyone noticing, so at leat he knows what he's doing.

Like it or not, we DO need a security guy, just don't take any food/drink he's been around. Ever.

Also we need to be carrying a sidearm at all times, if only so that someone else doesn't try this again.

>> No.22764240

"Sounds like a plan. What's the deal, Bruce? What happened to Goddard?"

>> No.22764243

We need to build a mech suit for it. Power armored puppy of doom.

>> No.22764251


Oh Ivan, you so crazy. Lets hear this ex-pirate out.

On a slightly unrelated note, any thoughts on the head layout? I tried to keep it looking as Chrysalid as possible while matching what we have discussed. I was going to wait until the thread was officially over, but I need to call it a night sooner rather than later.

>> No.22764260

Before we do anything else.

What does he know of our boss? Especially where he might be.

>> No.22764277



But I thought it was more...hall-way esque as to present a narrow profile and be extensively roomy?

>> No.22764285


Oh fuck.

>> No.22764302

This. I want to know what he knows. If it's useful and helps save the boss then we'll see what happens afterwards.

>> No.22764307


>> No.22764331

This looks amazing. Going with an iconic face worked for the Atlas, and it will work for us.

>> No.22764341


Yeah, I am still not clear on the scale we are talking about for everything. As it stands, the chair is in the center and the total width is about 3 chairs. We need to cram all the controls in there so that is going to take up some space as well. Is this thing suppose to be fighter pilot tight? Because then it would be much slimmer. I am not opposed to making it more narrow if that is how it is supposed to be.

>> No.22764344

Oh jesus Christ! Optical sapphire teeth, and Shtora IR dazzler eyes?!

>> No.22764359



>> No.22764368


Absolutely, positively gorgeous and prefect beyond all reason.


>> No.22764373


It's hall-way like, very roomy for the pilot, but presents a narrow profile since lolnoneck.

Sorta like a Battlemaster or Awesome I think.

>> No.22764403


So in the end, it would look like a Chrysalid head, but with an extended back sorta like a short xenomorph head?

Jesus Christ how horrifying is right.

>> No.22764407


(this is awesome and you should feel awesome, but yeah, >>22764277 is right, the head is a bit narrower and longer front to back. but still, pretty damn good. also i think the smile is supposed to be the viewport, not sure though. +1 internets regardless)


Bruce clears his throat.

"Alright, here's what I know. About a month ago, we get this package. It's got cards in it. Each card's got 1000 Cbills on it, credit. There's probably 100 of them. Inside's a note, telling our boss to bring his two toughest guys to a meeting where they'd be offered a job that'd set us for life. So of course he goes. Takes his best three guys. Comes back a few hours later alone, and tells us we're in bed with a new backer. No one asks where his guys went. We never see 'em again.

We get messages off and on. I dunno the details of all of it, but we get pics of a mark we're supposed to nab. He's worth a million Cbills to these people. A million. That's a ton of scratch. So we set up. We find out where he is. We're told we can keep the compound if we take it. We're all about that, since we live in a damn cave.

And now I'm here. We got your boss from that hotel, and we killed his boyfriend. Took him back to HQ, and interrogated him for the info to contact you. Then we gave him to the people who set it all up, and went to get what was ours with their blessing. Right now, at base, there's a crate with A million and a hundred thousand Cbills sitting in it, in untraceable cards, and some scared guys who made it back after that shit-kicking we took, who prolly killed each other over it. I dunno the rest, but we don't have your boss anymore, and the cops probably have the money now. Anything else you wanna know before you decide what to do with me?"

>> No.22764436


Richard comes from a Noble family that funded this entire thing before Goddard scratched up enough cash to pay them off right?

That's probably what we got here.

>> No.22764440


(also, now i'm definitely sure you guys earned Daniel's bonus stats tonight.)

>> No.22764449

I think the width is good considering the equipment and such, it doesn't look much bigger than a commando's cockpit in that regard.

It would go back a bit farther than the chrysalid in >>22761274 and would be more like a xenomorph from alien in front to look.

>> No.22764451


I'm picturing it in my head, and it is terrifying.

>> No.22764453

"This was set up a fucking month ago? And they weren't interested at all in the compound?

Where's your cave exactly? Give us coordinates.

You get any hints or clues on who these people were? How were you supposed to contact them? They say anything about why they were after him? If there was anything else they were looking for?"

>> No.22764473

"Janine, exactly how long ago was the guy I replaced fired?

>> No.22764480


"Who pilots the cyclops? It might be battered but it's not out of the fight. Any information would be a help."

>> No.22764482


So, It's a Chrysalid, Mixed with a Xenomorph, but it's also a Light Mech that's as fast as a Jenner and more durable than almost anything our there in the same classification, with an intimidating positive quirk.

So that's what, Triple? Quadruple Rape times the Positive Mass of Quantum Rape to the Rape Power of Rapeley's Extra-Dimensional laws of Rape summed to the negative Rape plus Rape?

>> No.22764494

"Did you get a look at who it was that took him?
"Probably Richard's family that Goddard pissed off. Though I don't know what we can do about it."

>> No.22764501


>> No.22764505

Well, since apprently nobody knows about the LosTech, thenGoddard either pissed off someone powerful, or got caught up in politics.

As much as I hate to say it, we don't actually have the resources to mount a rescue or anything like that, hell we're lucky if we can actually make a goddamn salary at the momtent.

Maybe if we had more resources/time to spare, we could go after him, but at the moment, I'm sad to say we should cut our losses and focus on the Mech.

We also should look into hiring a new party face/bard to replace Goddard.

Just looked up sup/tg/ and Goddard was the company's face, Richard was that incompetant fuckwit we replaced.

>> No.22764510


That's a lot of rape.

>> No.22764516

Pretty sure it's summed to the absolute value of the negative rape.

>> No.22764528

If only we could give it Jumpjets, then it'd be a horrifying combination of a Chrysalid and a Cliff Racer!

>> No.22764540

Goddard is also the CEO and owner of the company. Without him, there could be legal issues.

>> No.22764541

What have we done...

So the way I imagined it was that the head is sorta egg shaped, only the bottom half is inset into the torso. The pilot sits in a hallway behind the "mouth" which puts him level with the shoulder blades. See pic.

Does that make sense?

>> No.22764542

I think I pooped a little.

>> No.22764585

All right someone has to ask how do we slap some jumpjets on?

>> No.22764594


We can't spare the weight and keep a good weapons loadout.

Also we don't have any JJ to build into the prototype.

>> No.22764605

There is no reason why we can't. If we remove the SRM4s we gain a whole 5 tons, that's a LOT of lasers if you want to go that route with some extra left over for jump jets. It would fit with the zombie design we seem to be aiming for.

I've played test matches using the HZP and easily a third of all deaths are from ammo explosions.

>> No.22764609

We can't. We don't have the tonnage for it if we don't want to cut into our armor or limited weapon's tonnage.

>> No.22764613


>> No.22764624

We'll have to set it aside for an upgrade package or something - one-use disposable recoverable jumpjets maybe?

>> No.22764635

Can you imagine? Modifying the jumpjets ports so whenever they fired it let off a telltale screeching noise?

>> No.22764638


"Um.. a few months before you came to work for us?"

You ask Bruce if he knows where that Banshee might be.

"That's Carter's ride. Boss' right-hand, or was, till you killed Boss. He was in the Spider when your Urbie turned it into a pincushion."

It seems everyone in the room, besides Bruce obviously, is of the same mindset as you. This might be Richard's doing, but you can't be sure till you ask.

"Huh? Do we know the name of the folks that hired us? No, well I don't. Boss did, but he's fifty shades of dead now. I got this though."

He hands you a piece of paper.

You take a look at it, and it has some weathered scribbles on it, but at the top is a letterhead of some sort, with a crest.

>> No.22764646

Well, fuck.

>> No.22764652

>paper with crest on it

Hand that to... the Steiner woman whose given name I forget.

>> No.22764658

"This Richard's family, then?"
Pass it to Janine/

>> No.22764660

these two, screeching jumpjets that the HZP discards as soon as it needs to motor

>> No.22764662

Geez. Where did you have the ammo stowed?

>> No.22764664

Check the crest against Richard's noble family crest, or more accurately have Janine do it.

What government does his family belong to? We might be able to get the Capellans to help us with this, they want this Mech made and for us to prototype them more awesome mechs. They might be willing to apply some pressure in the right places for us.

>> No.22764699

Ask Jeanine to take a look at the letterhead.

>> No.22764741


You hand it to Janine, and she nods. "I'll check on this, and let you know."

Bruce pipes up. "Hey, I can tell you I'm pretty sure you won't have any trouble with Carter... he's always wanted to run the Eights and hated Boss, which is why Boss kept him close. He'll prolly strike out on his own, now that he owns himself and his 'Mech again. I palled around with Carter a bit, so I can say I'm probably right about this.

So... you guys gonna arrest me or castrate me or gimme a job? I'm kinda hungry..."

(gonna call it here for the night, folks. i'll be back with an archive link in a moment, and stick around for a bit of Q&A as usual)

>> No.22764756

He's been helpful, so I think we should keep him around.

>> No.22764766

I say give him the job. Ivan can always rip him apart later.

What Great House does Richard belong to? Which faction is that part of?

>> No.22764788

Thread is archived. If you enjoyed it, feel free to vote at suptg. If not, tell me why! Q&A time!

>> No.22764790

He could be useful. We can always castrate him later.

>> No.22764847

I just realized I labeled the archive as part 11 when it's part 12. Derp.

>> No.22764855


I have a question:

Why are you so awesome?

Serious Question: Will you be interested in running other quests in the future?

>> No.22764879

How far beyond the other Mechs in its weight class is HZP? How much does it seem like the Cappies would want it? How super rich is Richard?

>> No.22764925


I may. But one quest at a time. It might not be Battletech-related if I do, though.


Well, it's fast, and it's bug-level easy to maintain, but more reliable and has more innovation than those designs so it's one up there. It's set up to be one of those things like VEST or Team BANZAI makes; silly good for a firm that shouldn't be able to make something that awesome, by all rights. That is, so far anyway. Weapons loadout and armor is pretty damn important. It's likely what will end up selling the design.

>> No.22764943


Alright. Would you be willing to name anything or tell us any ideas?

>> No.22764959


What, about new quests? Or Mech designs?

>> No.22764965


New Quests.

>> No.22764969

screeching jumpjet laserdeath mod

>> No.22765013


Well, I played with the design a bit. Personally, I think it makes more sense to have the chair be higher. But I am willing to go with the majority on this one. Version 1: Chair completely in head.

>> No.22765035


V2 is with the teeth as a window, which requires sinking the cockpit in to the body chassis.

Color coded for convenience.

>> No.22765050


I personally like that one much better than the 1st choice.

>> No.22765056

I think I like it lower, it makes it feel like a more protected and safe place to sit.

>> No.22765062


Well, I always have ideas but I can't say anything for sure. I don't wanna detract from the current quest anyway by announcing something else before it's done. It's not a certainty I can even do it.


Neat. It's cool we have a drawfriend in here. Hell, we have a few it seems.

>> No.22765088


That's fine, I just really would love to see more from you.

>> No.22765113

a model has poor visibility compared to b, which has a much wider field of view.

It also would be harder to run heat through it for the thermal thing though, and despite what they say about the polyglass canopy being just as strong as armor I'm not sure I like it.

Think the first one is better but does need more window coverage.

>> No.22765117

can we drag the grin back along the jawline? it looks a little shallow with that head depth, or maybe I'm just misremembering how the xenomorph head looks in profile

>> No.22765163

Bah! I knew Richard was behind this. The course seems clear enough, hire Bruce and use his info and testimony to litigate Richard's family out the ass.

Question I have is, who the hell is Goddard's boyfriend? It wasn't the merchant guy because we know he left the planet without incident.

Even two jump jets have a lot of utility. You can use them to cross 1-hex wide obstacles that would be impassable to other mechs or jump over a mech and get behind him. It also lets you jump off a cliff and descend from any height without incident. This kind of mobility is VERY important because 7/11 movement is drained rapidly by rough terrain.

Centre torso. It would actually be worse if I put it in the side because it would be the only critical in that location other than the launcher. Without case an ammo kablooie is going to cut the mech in half. There is no good solution, we have a light mech on the heavy side, but even then it's armour protection isn't all that great.

The mouth is actually supposed to be curved a bit more. The graphic I drew is supposed to be a frontal profile. What you see when the mech faces you head on.

>> No.22765164


I do enjoy running games and inventing stories, to be sure. But I also don't really want to have a 'persona' on /tg/, beyond what I need for the quest, so I'd probably take a new trip then not tell anyone, to be honest. Just how I am.

>> No.22765200


>drawfag here

Oh I have been here for a while. We just didn't have enough of the design laid out to draw much. Now that we are getting closer to being finished, it is easier to visualize everything. Especially given how much things change as the design is developed.

I do enjoy the quest though. It is fun to just brainstorm design ideas and have a story that goes with it.


So two votes for teeth window. Well, I will see if we get much else, but I can work with that. I will play around with how it will sit in the body and figure out the side profile as well.


That was my initial thought as well. I figured you would want the teeth to basically be just slabs of armor that could emit IR signature when needed. The window was kept small to keep the chance of a easy hit to the face taking out the pilot. For visibility, I figured monitors with the "eyes" and other cameras situated 360 on the outside of the head. The only reason I kept the window at all was to allow for the locked in optical weapon sights we designed in.


Yeah, that is possible. I will toy around with it and see if we can't get something that is a proper hybrid of the two. It would have the added benefit of increase visibility to boot.

>> No.22765240

I think something more like this maybe?

>Sorry for mangling your work.

>> No.22765247

screaming jumpjet laserdeath disco it is

piloting this thing will be worth some hazard pay

>> No.22765254

Also, might raise the chair up a few feet to better take advantage of the extra windows.

>> No.22765285

suggestanon here, I meant pull the grin back along the side view, sorry

ten forward is perfect as is

>> No.22765294

Okay guys, I'm out for the night.

I'll see you next time, probably the same day, same time.

Thanks for a fun thread all.

>> No.22765320


>implying there was anything to mangle

Oh. I see what you were going for. I suppose that would resolve the issue of visibility. Well, I will let the debate go on for a bit more and check the archive to see if there is any other input. I like the window placement though. I might combine that with the sunken seat idea. More visibility is always better. Anyway, it has been fun.


Night and thanks for the thread.

>> No.22765339

See you then.

>> No.22765505

eh, visibility is good, besides, sunken seat works, but like >>22765285
is trying to explain, make the toothy maw go farther back along the headcase, stretch it back wide; impossible, sanity-breaking cheshire grin

we shouldn't be looking at a grin, we should be looking at an inhuman skull

>fuck, what was that?
>thermal's just giving us an anomalous signature, no contact yet
>left flank, shit left flank, raven's got signature, why isn't he firing?
>cover's too thick, I can't get a visual
>right flank?!
>two signatu- three bogeys, I say again, three bogeys, we're surrounded


"That's where the blackbox stops recording, sir, what do you want me to tell the board of directors?"

>> No.22765560

"Tell them nothing, it was an unexplained accident, there are no screaming rape mechs. God would not be so cruel as to put them in this Universe."

>> No.22765571

I still think
would be best.

>> No.22765575

>All that REEEEE
Now all we need to do is to have Hazard Pay attack by dropping gigantic steamrollers on them and it'll be complete.

>> No.22765644

...fuck, I JUST remembered that we rigged this thing to have giant loudspeakers.

Can you imagine how brainfucked our opponents would be if this thing turned towards them with it's grinning mouth.

And the mouth OPENED?


>> No.22765660

dynamic soundfile in 3... 2... 1...

>> No.22765676

not using the right meme

>> No.22765687

I've got all yall beat

>> No.22765723

>not vocalising the activity of your fusion reactor
bitch, please

>> No.22765877

So, components.

This is what thread 6 (I think the last time it was listed) says we have:

1x Medium Beam Laser
1x Large Beam Laser
1x Ten-tube Long Range Missile Rack
3x LRM ammo
2x SRM ammo
2x 76mm Autocannon ammo
5x Heat Sinks
1x Medium Mech Actuator Set (Full)
1x Light Mech Acctuator Set (Full)
GM Fusion Engine 175
Strand Fusion Engine 245
2x Autocannon 45mm Small Bore
2x 4-tube Short-Range Semi-guided Missile System
2x Small-Beam Laser
1x Fusion-powered Flamer Unit
3x 5-tube Long-Range Semi-guided Missile System

Plus or minus what we can get from the spider so that makes three medium lasers in total.

>> No.22765914

as far as wishlist loadout goes, plan for with and without jumpjets in a future modification

My personal ideas: Medium laser, 2x Small Lasers or 1 Small and 1 Flamer, SRM4

>> No.22765993

I'm thinking we do 6.5 tons of armor, 2 Medium Lasers, 2 SRMs and one ton of ammo for it.

The SRMs give a fair bit of damage, the Medium Lasers are good consistent damage.

>> No.22766053

but does that say rape? I was thinking of using the SRM as supplementary rather than complementary

what about putting a flamer or small laser in there somewhere?

>> No.22766117

It's an efficient use of tonnage, won't overheat the mech, can pump out a fair bit of damage rather quickly with the SRMs.

We're running tight on Tonnage already, fitting in a flamer might be hard.

I mean Large Laser, Medium Laser, Flamer could work, but the flamer in the head, but I don't like it as much.

>> No.22766130

ah, switch out one of the SRMs for a small laser then, trade damage output for an endurance SRM with mid and short-range laser support

>> No.22766159

The original plan was 2xMlas 2xSRM4. Having tested out the design many times I am now very wary of putting missile weapons on the HZP at all. The risk of an ammo crit is too great, and any and all ammo detonations will completely obliterate the mech. Mounting just one SRM4 makes the problem worse because it means you will still have more ammo stored by the time your armour is getting thin.

I'm more in favour of an energy loadout. Ditching the missiles would also give us the tonnage to max out the armour and add some jump jets.

>> No.22766166


you also need COMBAT CLAWS in there somewhere

>> No.22766197

It's actually possible to make a 35 tonner with max armour, dual claws and nothing else. But claws on light mech don't do very much damage, a single hit would be equal to a medium laser. There isn't much point in using them.

>> No.22766198

That's a terrible idea. Our damage will suck with them due to being a Light Mech, and a Retractable Blade or Hatchet will burn through a lot of tons for minimal gains.

Hmm, data takes precedence. Maybe 3 MLs, 2 SLs, and 2 tons of Jump Jets. Though I'm pretty worried about Heat at this point.

>> No.22766199

Well, let's think about role and variants.

The SRMs are great for damage but with that ammo explosion are a little bad for survivability. Also, while good for the stated garrison duty, as it can help take down bigger targets, ammo shortages could make it less useful.

I think the three medium lasers, a small lasers, the flamer, two heat sinks and 7 tons of armor leaves a good mix of damage, heat and armor.

The flamer is good for anti infantry, the 3 medium is a little underpowered but the small laser offsets that a bit in close range.

Just my thoughts.

>> No.22766224

3MLs is underpowered?

what game do you play, son?

>> No.22766227

we've only got 1x Med Laser

>> No.22766239

The people salvaging the Spider are pretty sure that both of its Medium Lasers can be repaired pretty easily. They just need to get new optics and Ivan can take care of that.

>> No.22766245

I'm really worried about how we're going to get the Jump Jets at this point

on Heat build-up, if we can retain mobility and cover advantage, heat shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially if we're having them work in tag-teams like >>22765505

>> No.22766253

Remember, this is the prototype we're making, once we show proof of concept we ought to be able to get funding and Jump Jets galore.

>> No.22766263

Plus we can't even begin building without investors anyway because we don't have any myomer.

>> No.22766270

fair point

and can somebody tell me how a Light Mech with 2ML capability in CQC form is somehow not so great? actually, at least tell me how 3ML is underpowered

>> No.22766283

what about the Eights? they've got a million creds they don't really need; if we weren't an engineer we could totally liberate it from them

>> No.22766292

It's not, SRMs just pack some more punch and have a better heat to damage ratio. But 3 MLs is damn good.

We'll probably have to share it with the Garrison, we'll want their help to retrieve it, but it'll get us some serious spending cash.

>> No.22766324

Comparing to a Jenner, 4 lasers and SRM-4, same speed, but we have more armor, but no jump-jets.

So, yeah, under powered vs a mech which we will probably defend against.

>> No.22766344

>4 lasers
Med Lasers?! that's huge on a light mech from what little I understand of the game

>> No.22766364

The jenner is meant to blow its load and then spend a turn or two cooling off.

>> No.22766378

It's also pretty much made of tissue paper, at least compared to Hazard Pay.

>> No.22766390

My vote is on 2xML 2xSRM4.

Look - it's 3040. *every* 'mech besides one or two notable exception explodes like a guy fawkes effigy.

Now, if we went all energy, the most efficient damage profile we could get is 4xML, 3 extra heatsinks, and 6.5t of armour.

Congratulations, we just made a Jenner. Not strictly bad, but we need something original.

2xML 2xSRM4 has a potential damage output of 26, as opposed to the 4xML max of 20, making it easier to inflict PSRs, and allowing for potential special ammo loads, like Infernos, or tear gas for crows control/security.

So yeah. Two and Two is my vote.

>> No.22766405

Okay, solid reasoning, but one last gripe, what's the weight and damage difference between a Medium Laser and a Small Laser?

>> No.22766421

Small Lasers weigh .5 tons, do 3 damage, produce one heat. Medium Lasers weight 1 ton, 5 damage, 3 heat.

But Small Lasers have range of 1/2/3, Medium Lasers have range of 3/6/9, which is far more useful.

>> No.22766423

*Crowd control. Fuck my keyboard.

Also Drawfag:

With regards to this: Have you considered tapering the rear area a bit?As in, Solid neckline, but snaking the entire head back along the torso looks a little derpy. I'm in favour of the lower cockpit, though. Tapering the rear sections might make it look a bit more predatory, like a xenomorph head.

>> No.22766469

Hell, there is a variant with 6 med.

but yeah, we could fire 3 and sustain that pretty easy, which I hadn't thought of.

Then on the Garrison side of competition we have the wolfhound which is slower but has 4 med an a ER large laser.

We are in the middle right now, fast as a Jenner but no jump jets, nearly armored as Wolfhound but not at range.

We can fill in for either one though, are probably easier to repair, a flamer would give use a big advantage in anti-infantry power, and while not having as big an alpha strike, have much better heat management.

>> No.22766476


tl;dr, Smalls are technically more efficient pure damage per ton, but have shit for range and thus are kinda useless.

Medium Lasers are generally considered to be one of the most efficient weapons in the game, whereas Smalls (unless of the pulse or Clan ER variety) are considered to be "that thing I shove on the 'mech when I have a spare half-ton and I already have max armour".

I will not support an option that uses Small Lasers if I can help it.

>> No.22766485

>, a flamer would give use a big advantage in anti-infantry power,

SRMs can be loaded with Infernos, or tear gas, either of which will adequately violate infantry.

>> No.22766559

Which have to be loaded. And you only have one ton of weight so you are reducing your anti mech or vehicle capability to two medium lasers and are decreasing the survivability of the mech based of the testing that >>22764605 did.

Now, I was for that design originally but with potentially three medium lasers to put on the thing (which is solid, I regret calling them underpowered considering the "fire every other turn" factor of the other mechs) I think we should consider the SRMs shelved until we get case.

>light mech

Not a great thing to focus on but we can get it pretty good so we could actually get that second turn of shooting in.


>> No.22766613

See, now if we can get the jump jets, we'll be a tougher, leaner, meaner Jenner

We shouldn't be going for the one-hit kills, these things are supposed to be cheap and come in sneaky wolfpacks from what I understand

>> No.22766620


Oh, that's a thing.

Normally, in Btech, ammo is loaded in 1-ton lots, with the singular exception of MG ammo, which can go in half-tons. Because 200pt bombs in your torso suck.

*If* we do a 2xSRM4 build, with the 1t of ammo, should we try to design the Ammo box so that it can be loaded in half-ton lots? i.e, giving us the ability to load, say, a half-ton each of Infernos and standard rounds?

Not strict BTech rules, but we've been playing a bit fast and loose with some of those already.

Possible? Good Idea? Y/N?

>> No.22766640

In-universe there is no reason why you can't do this. You can't make the missile bin any smaller but you don't need to fill it to the brim if you don't want to (or can't).

In game terms that requires "fractional accounting" which is under experimental rules and not tournament kosher. But since this is a quest that is a non issue.

>> No.22766651

See, I fundamentally disagree.

This is 3040. *all* mechs are expoldey and finicky, with the exception of some *very* specific 'mechs.

And many good 'light mechs of the era, along with other weight classes, used missile weapons. Javelins, Commandos, many Bug variants, etc.

Lights with ammo only becomes an issue later on when pulse weapons, precision ammo, TCs and Hyperfast Mediums show up Civil war/jihad era.

>> No.22766668


So, when we do weapons, we fit two half-ton ammo bays instead of the stock 1t bay? I'm cool with that.

>> No.22766678

>Not a great thing to focus on but we can get it pretty good so we could actually get that second turn of shooting in.
You, sir, are a horrific pessimist and clearly have spent too much time fucking around in a Post-Clan era where lights die to a stiff breeze regardless of what they carry.

Lights are comparatively tougher in the Succession Wars Era, in which we are building.

>> No.22766702

Probably could, but that also isn't the standard allocation, which means that we might have to have custom boxes that would have to be bought or reloaded likely. Either of theses seems like a step backward. Also, by making them half tons, we are cutting our twelve and half volleys of big damaging SRMs, into 6. And the blowing up thing which is still an issue.

If we have three Medium lasers, A flamer, 7/11 speed, max armor, and twelve heat sink, we have a mech that can, on it own or in a group, replace a Wolfhound, a Jenner or a Firestarter (kinda), which is something no other 35 ton mech does in this time period. And it does it for nearly 200,000 to 350,000 c-bills less at retail.

That gets my vote.

>> No.22766720

It also can't force a PSR, which, while not a common design goal for a light 'mech, is a considerable disadvantage compared to the SRM model.

>Also, by making them half tons, we are cutting our twelve and half volleys of big damaging SRMs, into 6.

You can still fill both bays with standard SRMs depending on mission, or whatever. It's not one bay of "MUST TAKE INFERNO" and one of "MUST TAKE STANDARD".

>And the blowing up thing which is still an issue.
Do I need to point out nearly every damn 'mech in this era, with the rare and notable exceptions of one or two, like the Wolfhound?

>> No.22766730

Eh, "building a better Jenner" isn't really something I feel we should do. That's a pretty uphill battle to get people to switch. And we have no jumpjets at the moment.

>> No.22766737

I still say we shouldn't do it without CASE. With CASE we can put the ammo in the left torso and leave that arm empty. If the ammo blows, so be it, you still have a HZP with two medium lasers in the surviving arm instead of a smoking crater.

>> No.22766752

And CASE is a decade away. So that's not even a consideration.

Look, plenty of other light 'mechs do just fine with Un-CASED'd ammo. Commando, the Bugs, Valk, Javelin, Panther, etc.

Risk/Reward-wise, we get
Risk: Explody bits.
Reward: Able to force a PSR, less heat burden

*I* think the PSR capability is worth it.

>> No.22766779

And we have a mech that could be one of those exceptions. Capitalizing on that is something we have done to great success, as I said putting SRM ammo on without case and one ton less armor to boot is a little risky in my opinion.

I see no reason why it couldn't be a variant, but as a lead in model I think flexibility and survivability is more appealing. Especially when we can undercut price on top of that.

>> No.22766783

I could be wrong, but I think CASE for Inner Sphere came out a while ago, though it may have become LosTech, my Battletech history isn't that good.

CASE II is a while out, but that's another issue.

>> No.22766787

Damn I forgot about that. Reintroduced by the DC in 3036, it's around but we are unlikely to get our hands on one. Okay I guess if everyone else suffers from crits just as much as we do there isn't much point in avoiding it.

We DO need variants to offer to our prospective customers so multiple designs is always good.

-2xSRM4, 2xMLas (can also use LRM5s)
-3xMlas 1xFlamer

I still think we should have a version that mounts JJs, even if it's just 7-11-2

>> No.22766813

Also risk: one ton less armor
Also risk: ammo dependancy
Also risk: heat burden is larger, The two SRMs build and The three MED laser, on Flam Have the same max Heat, but the MED laser build has 12 dissipation.

>> No.22766885

If the heat burden was actually larger we could take off a heat sink and add the two small lasers also. And If the pilot doesn't use the flamer, our heat generation is only 13 max and damage up by four up close.

Changing my vote I think. As >>22766702
but 11 heat sinks and 2 extra smalls.

>> No.22766918

>-3xMlas 1xFlamer
For the crit distribution I'm thinking one Mlas in each torso, one Mlas in the right arm and the flamer in the left arm. This way the mech can fire behind it with one laser and the other weapons are spread out to make them harder to lose. Against most targets the mech can spam all three lasers and punch with the offhand if needed. If any infantry show up you can torch em easily.

For maximum zombie power the torso lasers should really be going in the centre, but it seems silly to have designed the torso rails and not use them.

>> No.22766929

>add the two small lasers also

No. Go Crawl into a corner and die.

>> No.22766932

*technically* the DC has rediscovered it a few years ago, but it's a decade way from disseminating to the rest of the sphere in any quantity.

>> No.22766943


On that one, i'd go with 3xML in the left torso, Flamer in the right, and extra heatsinks either in the right to critpack, or the legs for extra dissipation in water.

>> No.22766970


Flamer in the HEAD for maximum FUCK YOU.

I'd evenly distribute the MLs between the Torso parts, we have the mechanical locking thingy and the really easy to repair and alter stuff in the Torso and I think CT is part of that.

>> No.22766985

>Flamer in the HEAD for maximum FUCK YOU.

The way the cockpit seems to be set up, I doubt we can feasibly find the room, without, y'know, running conduits of hot plasma from the fusion reactor through the cockpit.

>> No.22766999

And as further rebuttal, the mechs you cited are nearly all smaller, cheaper by 600,000 to 1,200,000 c-bills, less armored, Smaller, slower but not by much and including jumpjets which we don't have.

They are designed to blow stuff up and then do it themselves.

That is not. Fucking. Skvorec. tough.

>> No.22767011

Spit it out the scary doom grin of death. Because dear god that would be terrifying.

>> No.22767013

> the scary doom grin of death

Isn't that the windshield?

>> No.22767022

>They are designed to blow stuff up and then do it themselves.

if your 'mechs are blowing up all over the place that consistently, then it's not that the 'mechs are fragile, but that you handle them like a drooling braindead retard. Or are fighting Clanners. Much the same thing, really.

>> No.22767023

Maybe. Should we have it fire out of the eyes? That's plenty terrifying.

I'm not really hung up on the flamers from the face thing, I just figure it'd be cool.

>> No.22767034

Torso's probably a better option all told. Or an arm.

>> No.22767081

I'd rather have a medium laser.

We don't have a forth medium laser.

And unless we strip the heat sinks, a ton of armor and the third medium laser or something, we ain't going to fit the large laser on.

And the heat sink is doing jack all if we have are only in range to fire three medium lasers anyway unless we are on planet Add two heat to everything.

And they do more damage then the flamer we could only far if something was in range anyway.

So for now though, they are better than a heat sink. Barely.

>> No.22767086

Oh so the CT counts for rails too? I guess that does make sense because having all of the sinks out back generates tons of room. In that case, 1 Mlas in each torso with the flamer in the centre too.

We lose out on the arm mobility for aiming but given how fast the mech is flanking and not getting flanked should be easy enough. Also this means we can double punch in CC and have a chance at forcing those delicious PSRs!

If we put the flamer in the centre torso we can just describe it as coming out the mech's neck. Since the head is hunched and inset, no one is going to notice if the source of the flames is a tiny bit lower than the jaws. Especially not if the flames are being blasted right into their face. This also avoids the problem of plasma lines too close to the cockpit.

>> No.22767107

I think the CT is part of the rail system, I could be wrong, but I think so. It's part of the torso and we made that whole thing modular as all fuck, because fuck stagnation.

And I suppose that works for the flamer, as long as it looks right and proper pants shittingly terrifying. Plasma lines in the cockpit are generally considered a downside.

>> No.22767123

>So for now though, they are better than a heat sink. Barely.

No, they are not.
Movement heat. Environmental heat.
Engine hits. Heat sink hits. Hit by Infernos.

Heat Sinks are *always* better than Small lasers, unless there's only a half-ton of weight left.

>> No.22767157

And to go with that REEEEEEEEE idea.

4xMlas, 7.5 tons armour, 7/11/4, 10 sinks

It runs hot but it's meant to bounce around and cool down on odd turns.

>> No.22767169

Later, once we have funding. But that is good, yes.

>> No.22767231

Eh, I think we have enough speed to make them useful but maybe that's from playing to many megaemek games against bots that just run up to me and in mechwarrior games where it is pretty fucking easy to stay in cover if you are a light. And they would add extra anti-personnel.

>> No.22767261

>And they would add extra anti-personnel.
No, they don't. Only Small Pulse lasers are burst-fire against infantry. Regular Smalls don't do jack shit.

>> No.22767291

Oh, right...

Sweet Jesus fuck, it's 4:00 am here and I'm arguing on the internet about what armament to put on an imaginary robot.

>shaking fist


>> No.22767363

Yeah I should turn in too. Should have that technical limb diagram done for next time. Basically >>22760950 with some added 2d views. I can try to add some 3d stuff too but I cannot into perspective drawing. That's something I want to learn how to do this year.

I have a lot of ideas for improvements that we can make. Most of them are simple, already planned or just modifications of stuff we have already done. The others are somewhat out there, not sure how feasible/sane they are. Will be fun to see what you guys think.

>> No.22767497

I like the 3xML 1xFlamer.

It also makes upgrading the design to foundtech easy. Move to DHS, drop them to the base 10, swap armour for 6.5t of Ferro, and swap the 3 mediums for Medium pulses. Just as tough Okay, you lose 3 points of armour, whatever), hits harder, more accurately, sinks heat better. Lose a bit of range, though.

And since we're not using a fucking XL, it's tough as balls and is still cheap as chips.

Even better? All of those technologies are extant as of 3040. FF and MLS area DC thing, and DHS are FedCom, but by about 3044, 3045 they'll probably be out and about in the Sphere generally.

Meaning, we can sell our clients cheap, easy-to-install upgrade kits to put on the things and bring them up to newtech status in a very short timeframe compared to many other 'mechs that fuck around with endo-steel, XL engines and shit.

tl;dr people are going to want to buy more of our shit. Especially cash-strapped Cappies.

>> No.22767570

Or, if we want to market it to Capellans using Capellan systems, we offer a version that keeps the MLs as standard, drops the Flamer, and adds MASC and either a BAP or ECM - all Capellan-rediscovered systems.
Now, granted, the BAP and ECM don't show up until 3045, but if we get right on a version that uses them as soon as they're available, it could be *very* attractive to them. And other customers who want a tough Scout/ECM platform that moves 7/14.

>> No.22767580

Oh, and a Small laser, just for that guy, since we have a half-ton spare.

>> No.22767600

Endosteeel is pretty cheap for a mech this size.

The same 245 engine, endosteel, 7 tons (maxed out) Ferro -Fibrous armor, double heatsinks and 4 med pulse lasers comes out to 3,237,660 c-bills. Which by later standards is not a lot at all.

>> No.22767623


Perhaps, but it requires Orbital foundries to build. Unlike the standard chassis which we can fabricate here, I believe. Ferro is much easier to build.

Also, Maxing out Ferro on a 35t frame isn't great. It wastes a *lot* of armour points. 6.5t of Ferro is so much more efficient it's not funny.

>> No.22767660

Also, manufacturing aside, numerous TROs mention that a lot of designs have slow production rates because Endo Steel is often hard to get ahold of.

>> No.22767829

Both good points. I should really turn in considering I was complaining about the time 45 minutes ago.

That Said, I would go double heat sinks, Ferro armor, remove the flamer and go with 3 med lasers and 2 med pulse. Or just say fuck it and shove 7 Medium lasers on it.

The amount of 7 medium laser hazard pays you could get then is roughly 7 to 1 what a timberwolf costs.

The clans are fucked.

>> No.22767852

Another anti-clan variant would be to pack on as many SRMs as possible, load them with Infernos, and go Elemental-raping.

As in, doing the Fireball's job, but better and cheaper.

>> No.22767920

Actually, that sounds like the perfect job for the 2xML and 2xSRM4 variant. Load Infernos and go violate BA.

>> No.22767941


"Oh, Hi, what's that wealthy Lyran Quartermaster? You have a slight Toad Problem? No Worries, we have just what you need!"

And then Skvorec made an obscene profit.

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