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not directly /tg/,

as some of you may know THQ, owners of Relic, makers of Dawn of War/Space Marine/Homeworld went bust a while ago... the sale of divided assets was today.

Relic is now owned by Sega, who also already own Creative Assembly, who are currently working on a WHFB game

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Could this be a glimmer of hope in the grim darkness of the 2nd millennium.

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>2nd millennium

You best be trolling.

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>Noise Marines become the "Sonic Marines"
>are all bright blue with kewl red trainers on and attack by curling into a ball and somehow that launches them at the enemy.
>at least we'll get a WH40 CG movie out of it.

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even better
Doom Rider in Sonic Racing

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You mean we might actually get a fucking Homeworld game sometime this geological era?

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Didn't they only have rights for 40K?

And CA is working on Rome 2 anyway

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You know that is never happening.

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Let me dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

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or Spacefleet Gothic

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I'll dream with you bro, but be reasonable.

The story ran its course. We went home.

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Goddammit /tg/...

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Now you're talking.

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I'll finally see my dream come true!
Sega All-Star racing will now have space marines on land speeders as playable racers!

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I'm not sure why some people dislike sega. As publishers, they've been pretty cool. Creative Assembly has been with them for some time, and they're fucking great.

It's because of them sonics, isn't it?

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Literally only Sonic. SEGA is good, or at the very least, passable, in pretty much every other regard.

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It's because they're Japanese, and in general when a Japanese publisher buys a western studio, they shit on everything that studio tries to make.

Sega doesn't do this, mind you (not yet, anyways), but that's where the association comes from.

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They ruined Valkyria Chronicles

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I would say so.

That said, Sega has published some of my favorite games of all time, not limited to SAB2 and Chromehounds, so I got nothing against them. Literally everything aside from Sonic they do these days is pretty damn good and from what I hear Sonic is starting to suck less, too.

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Great. Now I wish Nintendo had gotten the license so you could play as a force commander on Smash bros

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but wihtout sega there wouldnt have been a VC ever made

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>Final Smash - Hair Gel Exterminatus
I would rather a Bluddflagg anyways.
Brikkfist the Assist Trophy

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Sega made motherfucking F-Zero GX

No matter what anyone says, that game is pure sex

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40k Game ideas?
>Action RPG
>has a wargear system like DoW2, but more intensive and detailed
>divided into 3 gigantic chapters

>create a chapter, choose which Primarch it has to gain different character bonuses
>tutorial is you during the Blood Trials of the chapter in question
>During Chapter 1, you play as an initiate, learning the ways of the chapter and laying the groundwork for your future path
> Chapter 2 starts with you choosing your pathway (Codicier, Techmarine, apocathary, Tactical, Assault or Devastator) Fluff snarls can be handwaved with "different chapter, different traditions"
>missions would be standard strikes/boarding actions or space hulk clearouts
>special missions would allow you to go out in Terminator Armour or vehicles
>Chapter 3 sees you as a sergeant, or equivalent, going out to full scale crusades and fuckhuge battles
>final mission is your glorious last stand to defend your brothers extracting, retrieving geneseed, distracting the enemy, or taking down a particularly dangerous foe with you

>cuts to a scene
>your brothers are in trouble
>a drop pod falls
>cue playable credits

What does /tg/ think?
/v/ seems to approve, though honestly, I'm not sure what to make of that.

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Sega's PC division is completely different from their console division.

As a whole, Sega has been great with PC gamers.

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>mfw motherfucking Square bought Dungeon Siege


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yeah but they only just brought the warhams fantasy licence so they are probably just batting around ideas for it while Rome 2 is released this year (barring nothing goes horribly wrong)

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>40k Game ideas?
Said it before and I'm gonna say it again.

Ork Stormboy Game by Platinum.

Nuff said.

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Hey, too be fair they gave it to a prestigeful studio

Too bad Obsidian didnt know what to do with it

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Dungeon Siege 3 was shit anyway, how worse can Square make it?

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Square hasn't made a good game ever since they merged into Squeenix.

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Gorkamorka racing game.

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Hey now DS might have been sad, but on the overall Squeenix is a damn good publisher, they even pay extra attention to making PC ver of games not shoddy console ports

DX:HR and Sleeping Dogs had great PC ports thanks to Squeenix

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should aid scout to their too as remember not all scouts decide to go on to be full marines.

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Dungeon Siege 3 was shit BECAUSE of Square.




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I think we all need to remember the difference between a publisher and a developer.

Sega, Squeenix, and others may make terrible games, but they are actually good publishers.

The one publisher you DO NOT want to get is EA.

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>Sega owns 40k
>Sega made "Sega Allstars Racing" with non-Sega exclusive characters
>This could be a real game.

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Good point, it needs a more stealthy mechanic.

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The fuck is this, Wacky Races 40k Edition?

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Fuck you Kobold, youre not funny

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now THAT I would pay money for.

>Vect Vastedly would be a required racer

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Well fuck you too, you're a jackass.

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>As publishers, they've been pretty cool.
Anarchy Reigns.

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Yeah well, you're face is stupid

Captcha: keeptrying credit

I agree

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Namefag has his feelings hurt.

I wonder where the defence force is?

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And you're a faggot.

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>Anarchy Reigns

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We're off stealing babies. Dude can look after himself.

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I'm more interested in which one is the equivalent of Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley.

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Now this can be made real.

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Uhm, it M2 now. What's your point?

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Oh someone is still a teenager. Got something more substantially offensive than regurgitating what you call everyone in high school?

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Either Vect, and a random assistant, Or Abbadon. His now sentient arms would take the place of Mutley.

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The man makes a point. Your posts are all shit and kobolds are dumb.

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Or even Battle Fleet Gothic

Blood Raven Battle Barge anyone...

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When you act like you're in high school, you get called high school names.



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Im still disappointed by a great deal of Shwigs choices for characters. The Rins Rins make so much more sense as DEldar, for one.

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It's M3. First millenium was 0001-1000. Second was 1001-2000.

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was wondering how long until someone noticed I fucked up the name

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Sitting on it for-fucking-ever, despite it being finished and ready for release. Unless you can find a good reason for Sega to delay the Western release for 6 months after the Japanese release.

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Hey why don't you show me some of your magnificent, intelligent contributions to- oh that's right you can't because you're afraid to put your name on things.

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>Implying that Blood Ravens didn't have theirs gifted to them.

>> No.22758593

>kobolds are dumb.

While I understand what you're saying is technically correct, I still wish I could hate you bald.

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So how is Warhammer 40,000 set in the 30th millenium?

>> No.22758619

Anyone else interested in seeing a despoiler battleship in action? With, what, 8 strike craft bays?

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I am actually leery of putting my name on things because then I might get associated with the likes of you.
Kobold wank is way out of hand. Nowadays they are scaly kenders more than anything else.

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It's not, it's the 41st.

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The company that makes the Total War games has the warhammer vidya rights!

nothing amazing will come of this.

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And I trip specifically to avoid being associated with pussies who talk shit and still hide behind Anonymous.

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Warhammer 40k is in the year 42000. It's 40k years in the future, hence the name. That's why the fluff is currently sitting around M42,yearhere.

Where the hell did you pull 30th millennium from?

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>on an anime-based DnD imageboard
>calling other people pussies

Namefagging is a blight.

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Act like you are in high school...no I act like I am on /tg/ namefag. As far as I am concerned you are derailed. You have to 'defend' yourself on this board, that shows vanity; always a good thing to poke at.

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I guess you could call it cowardly. Its more of I don't think anything I have ever done for /tg/ warrants taking up a name, especially not random shitposts like what you're doing in this thread.

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Oh look, kobold trying to claim someting. You havent done shit, stop pretending and feeding your ego. No one likes you.

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actually, 40k is perpetually locked in the year 41,999 with only seconds till midnight. and so it will remain for another 25 years

>> No.22758828

>pussies who talk shit and still hide behind Anonymous.
We dont know you personally either you deluded cunt.

No one likes you and you will be repressed. Get used to it.

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Being a douchenozzle on /tg/ is worse than namefagging.

Namefags are often dick heads, but not always. A douchenozzle is always a douchenozzle however.

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Actually namefags are always dickheads by virtue of namefagging on an anonymous imageboard.

>> No.22758890

Aside from creative assembly what other good games did sega publish/developers under their wing?

>> No.22758920

There are a VERY small amount who aren't complete cunts all the time, and I assume a goodly amount of posters who namefag appropriately (a la STORYTIEM) and go Anonymous when not posting in the correct threads.

Personally, I don't understand the point of namefagging. No one cares about you, and it just starts contention.

>> No.22758934


Actually, it's locked into M41.999, Which is 40999.

Seriously, people, if you want to do the translation, do it right.

>> No.22758943

Douchenozzle? What the fuck man? I havent heard that in forever.

Anywhoo no one is being a douche here other than the namefag, and bashing them is a tradition in all the boards.

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The amazingly astounding contributions of The Dicksucking Kobold! BEHOLD! Cursing like a child who just learned the word fuck! BE AMAZED! By blatant shitposting! BEWARE THE BIZARRE! Some guy who actually thinks EA isn't shit!
This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks!

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Guys. Guys.

Hey, guys.

Warhammer 40:000... Total War.

Now you can recreate the covers of every goddamn army codex ever.

>Space Marine last stands
>formations of Eldar jetbikes
>Imperial Guard human waves
>lines of madly-charging ork bikes and trukks
>Dark Eldar swooping down on enemy units and impaling them on their flying ski-whatevers

>> No.22758979


I don't know. Occasionally an old or really stupid insult gets in my head and I can't help but use it.

>> No.22758993

Snowflake syndrome. They cant understand that no one here is special so they try to 'stand out' from the crowd, usually end up being bashed or abused, maybe they get off on it. There are only a handful of namefags i respect like the sculptor dude and story dude, they all make relevant threads.

I agree, 999 is so fucking edgy stupid. Why dont they have more campaigns set earlier in the millenium like the Gothic campaign, most of the early stuff has always been explored in novels, but never in game.

But then I guess a few factions would be missing from the setting, i.e. Tau, necron and certain hive fleets.

>> No.22759007

Could we please stop sperging on that namefag and go back to discussing the future of our vdeogames based on tabletop games?

Captcha: esfuls auctioneers

Yeah that THQ auction was full of auctioneers

>> No.22759026

ha, fair enough. I cant imagine using whippersnapper either, but I am sure i will in some point in the suture.

>> No.22759031

>Could we please stop sperging


>> No.22759067

cheers, persecution of the namefails will start one at a time to keep the pure ones pure and the idiots down.

Indonesian Gentleman seems alright, havent seen him around recently.

Do you reckon there will be a virtual tt game in the future?

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>> No.22759122

He's not Alpharius, I am!

>> No.22759134


Warhammer Fantasy: Total War is both much more likely and bound to be better than a 40k one

>> No.22759137


Knock it off you dicks.

>> No.22759194

Unf. Now THAT I would play.
Maybe once those computer table tings become more popular/cheap. I can't see how a tabletop game would be hard to make on that. Geedubs could probably even sell COMPOOTER DICE or something that would allow you to REALLY ROLL. And then animations would kick in!

>> No.22759215

I hear Calth burning. Human popcorn must be back on the menu seeing how the five hundred worlds are burning.

P.S. Angron beat the fuck out of you. I know, I was there.

>> No.22759247


I think if GW got into a virtual table top system they would find some way of forcing in a subscription service. After a month the armies are coded to self delete or something hilariously stupid.

>> No.22759275


Why do you say things that you know will hurt me. I... I think I need some time alone right now.

Don't cry robbie, stay strong. Just think of Dad.

>> No.22759286

> coded to self delete
Yea I dont think that would ever work, people would simply get the base and create an entirely seperate engine and do it for free. ala "alien assault" which was space hulk.

Remember that just twenty years ago in 1993 that game would have cost a hundred bucks for the NES and now its free.

>> No.22759384

Don't care about 40k. Make more WHFB vidya instead.

>> No.22759397

Reading through your little codex...oh god...tactical camo paints on desert world is brown and red...

You understand what a desert is right? Or are you worlds so rich and prosperous that there are no deserts?

Whats this? Pinned units are supposed to recover ground and counter attack while...oh, is this 'tactical sacrifices'? Is that why its only in the commanders version and not annotated in the line troopers?

You are a silly billy.

>> No.22759422

>Yea I dont think that would ever work

It's GW, it's not about making something that works, it's about being jackasses. That is to say, protecting their IP at any cost.

>> No.22759465

Please don't.
They were all terrible.

>> No.22759489


No, there is one video game about Warhammer Fantasy that is actually pretty fun.

Call of Warhammer, the mod for Medieval 2 kingdom.

>> No.22759492


Dark Omen was alright.

>> No.22759507

CA got the Fantasy license from GW

>> No.22759526

>hating on Dark Omen

>> No.22759622

>Relic poops out yet another game about generic Space Marines

People look forward to this?

>> No.22759651


But...CA is already doing that...

>> No.22759663

Even Shadow of the Horned Rat?
I really want to try that one

>> No.22759696

Aren't they on Rome 2? Do they have another team?

>> No.22759699


Warhammer isn't mentioned anywhere. I don't think the license transfered to Sega as part of the deal.

>> No.22759733

Perhaps it will be good this time.
I want to believe.

>> No.22759734


We'll probably get something along the lines of Spartan Total Warrior or that viking game.

>> No.22759752

If I understood it right they can't make 40k games anyway if GW doesn't greenlight it.

>> No.22759783

...I rather enjoyed those so I might be okay with this while I wait for Warhammer TW

>> No.22759786

Oh boy! Time for a Sonic x Warhammer 40k crossover!

>> No.22759800


Currently the WHFB game is only in the concept stage.

>> No.22759821

>Dr. Robotnick in 40k

Mite be cool.

>> No.22760046

It wont. Relic is hopeless at narrating a compelling story and never leave their narrative comfort zone.

>> No.22760119

>but wihtout sega there wouldnt have been a VC ever made

That's why we love to hate them. They have horrible marketing and business ideas and you can't stop but wonder how much more money and good games they could make/publish if they weren't so fucking stupid. The only reason they're still in business is because of Sega Sammy and those demonic pachinko machines.

>> No.22760238

>Personally, I don't understand the point of namefagging. No one cares about you, and it just starts contention.
It's actually pretty simple, google up something called "the greater internet dickwad theory". It goes like this:

Perfectly normal person + Audience + Anonymity = TOTAL DICKWAD

I've been using the same name for two years now. I started using it because I wanted to have a real direct conversation with other named people in a homebrewing thread. I kept using it because I realized that having a name made me automatically stop myself from posting stupid shit and acting like a dick to other people. And you know what? It works. I post less and lurk more because I automatically filter out all the dumb shit I'm tempted to say, and when I do make the effort to post I try to be as helpful as possible.

Yes you can argue that it's too easy to use names and trips in an offensive way. But I would counter THAT by saying if it didn't piss you off no one would do it! Learn to give no fucks, its a highly valuable skill.

>Dr. Robotnik as a Heretek
I'm... strangely okay with this.

Also I just learned that Volition was bought by Koch Media in the THQ sale. What does that mean? Well Volition was responsible for Freespace 2 and Koch Media published the X series of space sim games.

And now the Volition creative team has been quoted as "willing to commit murder to make Freespace 3"


>> No.22760293

>Dr. Robotnik as a Heretek

Eh, I'd imagine it's more a fringe Heretek. It's like, he's basically fine, but the greater AdMech community finds his whole making-servitors-out-of-animals thing a little wierd.
Not much, because you know, Cyber-Cherubs and all that, but if he pissed off the wrong sort of people then I could see them getting him excommunicated because of it.

>> No.22760603


>making PC ver of games not shoddy console ports

Commendable, but it feels like commending them for not pissing outside the toilet, don't really make up for the plunge in quality in the hitman series, and lets not even talk about Supreme Commander 2.

Will admit Sleppdegs were alright though. DX seemed decent but much of the writing just rubbed me the wrong way.

>> No.22761621

Welcome to the feelings of every Sonic vidya fan.

>> No.22762753

The Sonicmarines, a chapter dedicated to being fast. Fully composed of Assault Marines with customized armor. Eternally at war with Robotnik, a corrupted Techmarine who came upon the Chaos Emeralds.

>> No.22763132

>posters who namefag appropriately (a la STORYTIEM)

This. I've even seen the guy catch shit for namefagging and trying to start threads, and it's never deserved. All he does is tell stories and offer advice,. Dude is the least attention-seeking guy on 4chan.

Learn from his example, namefag for a purpose, not for attention.

I-I'll take the dick out of my mouth now.

>> No.22764081

What ever happened to Dark Millenium? Wasn't that our action/rpg game?

>> No.22764125

Originally planned to be an MMO. Was downscaled to an action-adventure as THQ's situation got worse. Vigil were the most recent people to have been working on it; nobody bid on their studio/Darksiders today, and everyone had to be fired.

>> No.22764256


Well that sucks.

>> No.22764269

>> No.22764317

Tell me about it. I'm still trying to figure out how nobody went for them when even fucking Homefront got bought (albeit for a paltry 500K by the same studio developing it).

Somewhat more happily, there's been a ton of outreach by other studios letting those laid off know about any openings they have, and Platinum Games has expressed interest in getting Darkisiders on the cheap, which would be fucking incredible.

But getting back to the 40K topic, Dark Millennium is probably dead several times over at this point.

>> No.22764411

C-can we have another Homeworld?


>> No.22764549

>WH40K: Craftworld

>> No.22764553

Had the same idea. Still want it.

>> No.22764709

What mostof people don't seem to realize is that the European arm of Sqeenx (see:EIDOS) had the most control over the DS3 game, as well as SC2. And seeing as how most of square-enix Europe think they are still their own publisher, directed the devs to make the game how they wanted. So you want to blame someone, blame the people at Eidos... alot of who are still around from when they went into the toilet the first time.

>> No.22764733

I will hate them forever for what they did to SC.

Pic related.

>> No.22764768

Fun fact: played the game when they where shopping it around to other publishers. Played like 3rd person boarderlands, loot system was about the same, could select different types of ammo for you bolter (only space marine was playable at the time), also remember a flamer. Fought chaos cultists in a prison, and nids in an ice cave. Alot of FW models where present (elysian drop troops mostly). They wanted 50 mil for it though :/

>> No.22764787


>> No.22764802

Like I said, fucking Europe.

>> No.22764856

>50 mil
>exact size of the loan that took them under

But had I previously heard the game described in the way you just put it, I would have happily rob-murdered enough people to buy it.

>> No.22764914

>Eidos' face

>> No.22764928

As much fun as I may have had playing it, I could not see it being successful. At least in the long run. Shame more people couldn't play it.

>> No.22765290

Everyone's thinking too small. Imagine Relic collaborating with other Sega studios on Sega IP.

Fleets of Arcadia.

Company of Valkyria.

>> No.22765351

Relic confirmed for having a sense of humor.

>> No.22765486


here you go

>> No.22765609

Warhammer 40k Total War:
Age of Apostasy Expansion
Emperor's Crusade Expansion
Horus Heresy Expansion
Eye of Terror Expansion
Squats Faction DLC

Battlefleet Gothic (Homeworld 3 Engine):
Dark Age of Technology Expansion

Warhammer Total War:
Sigmar Expansion?
idk shit about fantasy

>> No.22765951

Everything went better than expected....

>> No.22765984

Mad World/40k crossover.

>> No.22766012

You give them attention whether they want it or not. It's just bitter and angry people creating more reasons for why they are bitter and angry.

Pathetic, really. Oh nooo someone's pseudonymous instead of anonymous. What's next, differently colored names? What a terrible world this is.

>> No.22766019

>Rogue Trader RPG done by the guys who did Skies of Arcadia

>> No.22766422


Like a real RTS WHFB game and not some stupid MMO or something?

>> No.22766519

Oh god, I want this more than Battlefront 40K

>> No.22766644

I want this

>> No.22766645

I've always loved doing human waves in Total War games. Or any strategy game. It's a fun thing to watch.

Awesome if you do it correctly. The enemy has two thousand untrained motherfuckers with sharp sticks charging at them from all sides.

Would love to see this in Imperial Guard form. God tier if Kriegers or Valhallans.

>> No.22766671

How did you miss the Total Warhammer excitement threads?

>> No.22766883

Not going to happen. More Spess Mahrine wank is all you're ever going to get.

>> No.22766907


>> No.22766927

right on brutha, keep the dreamers dreaming.
While we're at it, Peter Molyneux to design Only War game in which all guardsmen are Molyneux.

>> No.22766953

Whatever we get, I want at least a game mode or option where I can play large scale.

Talking about several hundred squads/units or larger. I miss the days of playing DoW 1/Supreme Commander with no unit cap

>> No.22766966

I just want a what a videogame version of the tabletop. Sort of what magic the gathering has. The same game rules but with better animations and sound and having the computer do the math and shit for me.

>> No.22767005

>Who is the most talentless hack in the vidyagame industry yet highly revered by everyone because of games he made 20 years ago

Molyneux went bonkers a long time ago. Instead of doing games that are fun, he tries to be artsy and groundbreaking and churns out only shit.

>> No.22767037

Even with unit cap in DOW it was pretty ridiculous how many bodies several orc players could throw at you after 15-20 minutes if you leave them alone.

>> No.22767039

While WHFB Total War sounds good, I just want CoH 2 to be released ;_;

>> No.22767059

>Dark Millennium dead and Volition dead
Sad day

>> No.22767099


>> No.22767295


>> No.22767362


I'd love to see something like Borderlands with Orks. The gameplay style would suit them perfectly. For that matter, Orks as is work as fantastic RPG characters, since the more you fight, the literally tougher and stronger you become.

>> No.22767461

Infiltration game as an Eldar Striking Scorpion.

>> No.22767470

Oddworld with Orks and Kroots.

>> No.22769114

Necromunda FPS. Choose a house (or go generic), customise appearance and perks, dive into fights. General gameplay is free for all shootouts or team deathmatch.

Can form gangs with other players. Can enter into themed campaigns with other gangs. Devs keep making new types of campaign. Gear is slowly upgraded across the course of a campaign. Public players can be introduced as mercs or a random third party showing up (redemptionists/genestealer cult/arbites/spyers/etc).

You get to shoot people in the head with boltguns.

>> No.22769135

>Borderlands with Orks

>> No.22769328


My vote would be for something similar, but heavily squad-based a-la Republic Commando

>> No.22769341

RIP Vigil

>> No.22769350


So anon. Have you seen Kharak burn?

>> No.22769371

Jagged alliance meets Necromunda.

Either a sanctioned team working for the arbites moving in to clear an area of the downhive, or just one of the gangs doing what they do.

>> No.22769392


Have NPC boyz that join the character as they level up. High-level parties will be full-on WAAAGHs.

>> No.22769416


>> No.22769420


Don't bother talking to him. The subject did not survive interrogation.

>> No.22769460

Wouldn't that be...
... Totally Epic?

>> No.22769485

Borderlands is already pretty much Orks:The 1st Person Shooter, just reskinned.

>> No.22769507

Empire: Total War
Napoleon Total War
Fall of the Samurai

I'll keep my fantasy total war over 40k total war thanks, CA cannot into fun with guns.

>> No.22769559

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

>> No.22769675

Is that the Warp I'm feeling, or just my blood pressure going up?

>> No.22769682


Can't it be both?

>> No.22769717

Dude okay so, get X-COM. Now instead of X-COM, you play as a Watch Commander for a Deathwatch detachment, and send out your marines on various missions, from killing Nids to escorting Inquisitors.
When your Marines hit their maximum potential, you can send them back to their home chapter, which in turn results in the chapter donating valuable relics to your cause.

>> No.22769758


Sounds cool. Right up till you send a Blood Raven back to their Chapter and you find the armoury empty bar a note saying "Thank you for your generosity."

>> No.22769847

Just remember fellas, whether you like the idea of Relic being owned by Sega or not, it was so much better than the alternative bidder...

>> No.22769853

That's actually somewhat confirmed. The peoples at Creative Assembly have talked about making a Fantasy Battle game.

>> No.22769881


Not talked, they have the rights to a WHFB game. They announced it on their blog.

>> No.22769908


>A sequel to Homefront will be developed in collaboration with Crytek

>> No.22770058

How would research work? I mean sure, Deathwatch employ SOME Xenotech but not as much as X-COM.

>> No.22770095


>> No.22770362


>> No.22771710

As someone said in another thread, Brick is pretty much a Warboss. Foolz is a beautiful thing, so I'll just quote.

>Gets pissed that the Rogue Trader kills his favorite squig, so he raises his own WAAAGH and plops down literally just outside the giant killy death gate.
>Has his very own special "punch them until they die" fighting technique
>favors right flash boomy guns or his own fists with nothing in between
>Kills his own men for no real reason because there's always more
He even has grots and nobs (midgets and goliaths) and his very own deffkoptas for fucks sake.

Also, he mentions that he used to go bandit-hunting, punching people while Tiny Tina throws grenades on piggyback. (I think he brings this up during 3:10 To Kaboom!) Does this make Tina Blue?

>> No.22771755

Supreme Commander.

>> No.22772125

Kaldor Draigo, through his many jumps in the Warp, occasionally ends up in go-cart races with a number of demons/xenos/heretics.

Kaldor Draigo for Sega All-Stars Cart Racing

>> No.22773248


"TeamPixel, an independent web development and design studio, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign (via VG247) to gather funds for acquiring and continuing the Homeworld property from THQ after the company was fragmented and sold off at auction earlier this week. The drive lasts for 14 days and asks for $50,000 to 'preserve access to one of the major landmarks in sci-fi and RTS gaming for fans both old and new.'

As an 'interactive media company specializing in web design, web development, desktop software, and mobile applications,' teamPixel seems like an odd choice for an organization spearheading an effort to get hold of a venerable strategy franchise. The studio claims entering the games industry has always been its goal, and it believes the few small games it developed for local companies is proof enough of its dedication."

This is totally not suspicious in anyway whatsoever...

>> No.22773696

Tiny could be Blue, but I'd assume Blue wouldn't be so annoying to be around. Also, 3:10 to Kabboom is the blowing up the train mission, which is optional and only done cause Brick feels like pissing off the sheriff that killed his dog. The Tiny riding his shoulders chucking dynamite thing was during the mission to get explosives from a rival bandit gang that happens to base themselves around blowing shit up, not unlike Brick's gang.

>> No.22773738

No, Tina's just a grot with a name-tag.

Borderlands is literally a first-person shooter game about Orks, but reskinned so they don't look like Orks.

>> No.22773913

So what does that make Mister Torgue? A Mekboy with an explosions fetish?

>> No.22773956

That or he's an Evil Suns Warboss who's got a lot of Mekboys and an explosion fetish

>> No.22775386

Is dawn of war winter assault updating for anyone else or just me?

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