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The alliance chart of 40k is all kinds of fucked... a friend of mine thinks I'd have what it takes to do Warhammer 40k right, and I'm considering rewriting the codexes that people can propose in casual, unofficial competitive play. And maybe GW will listen if only a little bit. Some things that really bother me;

>Tyranid being murderballing idiots who cannot prioritize long enough to "team-up now, eat later."
>Sisters of Battle not siding with Tau who rarely if at all get corrupted by Chaos, but spread their legs for space marines who countless times get tainted. Especially chapters like Blood Angels.
>Space Marine chapters having their own codexes instead of just being sub-templates of a generic space marine codex.
>Everyone hating Dark Eldar when in the grand scope of things... them kidnapping/raping a few of your guys is nothing.

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The whole point of Tyranids is an unstoppable horror that allies with nothing and destroys everything. Every other faction in the game can ally why do you want it so much with Tyranids?

SM worship the Emprah which last time i checked are not things xenos are fond of doing. Also by being xenos they are inheritingly disgusting to SoBs plus not all SM chapters kill every SoB on the field and are for the most part bros.

I dunno what you are trying to get at here for the codex question.

DE may be minor dicks but they are still dicks.

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Yes, but it would be easy to justify some kind of biomorph that burrows into the brain and takes over the nervous system. That gives them IG, Space Marines, Tau, Eldar, and DE as unholy alliance. Orks are fungus and so don't work, necrons are robots, chaos don't have biology, and yadda yadda.

It could be justified, or maybe I'm just a butt hurt tyranid player who wants to field his tau as allies.

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Tyranids have that with genestealers who basically go to the planet in advance and biologically convert the populace into some sort of hybrid thing or something. Plus a good number of Tyranid bioweapons burrow into the body and go random things like those fleshborers.

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They had the Biomorphs in 1st ed. 'Mind slaves' had the risk of breaking free and switching sides if out of synapse. I also feel that Genestealers should be able to ally with Imperial guard, but that's about it.

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Yes, it basically is like quick soldiers. Instead of reducing an enemy to bioplasm and shaping them into a gaunt they instead make them into a temporary solider into the battle is done... then make them bioplasm.

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>Orks don't want to team up with demons of Khorne

Why the fuck not? These two armies are fucking made for each other.

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Khorne doesn't align with Gork and Mork. I am pretty sure there is fluff that some orc war boss saying that "dat khorne git" doesn't go at it like a proper ork. Something about enjoying the fighting, not the pure murder of the business.

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>Allying with xenos
What part of religious fanatics do you not get?
Here's an example of another individual who is fanatical as the Sororitas, the redeemer. Do you see him allying with xenos? And if not, why the hell would Sororitas?

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Their customary form of greeting is to kill the other guy and lacking anyone, each other. This complicates things at the negotiation table.

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Khorne is very Orky.

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I was kind of hoping at least one faction on this chart would have a non-green square for their own faction.

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An SoB allied and then befriended an Eldar.

So what's the problem?

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Justifiable with dark eldar or chaos I would say.

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Ephrael Stern is not a standard SoB, she's more like a Greater Daemon of the Emprah.

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Rolled 15

I don't understand. Why are the Imperial Guard listed as being 'grudging allies' with Chaos forces?

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Traitor Guard.

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Daemonifuge is ridiculously old by fluff standards.

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She's still at heart a Sister of Battle, through and through.

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That makes sense... I don't think I've ever seen any instance of Orks and the Guard allying even for a single battle, though. I may be wrong since I haven't specifically researched the subject.

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Ork mercenaries often get hired by the Imperium.

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Thats what I thought. I want to run Orks with Khorne demon allies, but that whole Unholy allies thing shits all over that

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>Should post my fanfic of Sisters of Battle being given special weaponry by Dark Eldar so that the Sisters could shit all over Slaanesh squads.

>So many Jimmies rustled.

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This becomes a grey area as any faction can be hostile to itself given certain situations.
>Tyranid fleets sometimes kill each other to see which one is strongest and therefore the one that will evolve into something greater.
>Chaos will kill each other for no real reason in the Ass of Terror.
>DE will fight each other in their faggot city cuz politics and that they are dicks.
>Tau. Some commander might see that he is getting buttfucked by etherials and rebel or something.
>Even SM fight each other at certain points like with DA attacking SW because there is a fallen in the corner or something equally stupid.

The list goes on.

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Oh, well, that's pretty cool.

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The Blood Axe clan have worked as mercenaries for the Imperium before.

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Personally, I'm just miffed that Tyranids can't take more Tyranids in the allied FoC. I'd think it would reinforce their swarmy theme and actually let them use the damn thing.

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>give us sum of yer 'umie shootas, and we'll go krump on dem other boyz fer ya

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>Meanwhile... Blood Angels and Necrons teaming up against Tyranid of all things because fuck it, it's cool.

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>>Tau. Some commander might see that he is getting buttfucked by etherials and rebel or something.

Most Tau commanders don't have a Daemon weapon to protect them from Ethereal mind control.

So that ain't gonna happen. Because the rogue commander will be put back in line with a single glance from an Ethereal.

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When will people stop saying this and understand that Necron canon changed?

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Imotekh the Stormlord forbids any Necron/Ork cooperation under pains of death (double death).

All Orks MUST DIE!

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>Dumb enough to fight with the Tyranids

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Even under new fluff of necrons being transgendered aliens making the universe check it's carbon lifeform privilege it's still retarded.

At least Sisters teaming up with xenos because most xenos hate Chaos as much as they do makes sense.

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No OPyou are the retard

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The Necrons who allied with Blood Angels were led by the Silent King who thinks Tyranids are the greatest threat of all.

And Sisters wouldn't ally with xenos, they think xenos are heresy and by proxy chaos.

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There is an example of a Sister allying with Xenos in this thread.

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>Tau and Spess Mehreens
>Brothers in Arms



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That "sister" was the abomination.

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The idea of the ally chart in general is fucking stupid, and at cross-purposes to its goal(s).

Just let everyone ally with everyone.

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>3e fags vs 5e fags
>TIDF (Tyranid International Defense Force)

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and even then Farsight doesn't actively fight against the tau he just wants no part in the greater good and just moved away.

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To Chaos.

She is the Daemonifuge.

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It's called Genestealer cultists.
Look it up.

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So, if during the Cold War one CIA agent became friends with a Soviet, US and USSR should also be best friends?

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Very old fluff and an anomaly within the Sororitas.
She is hardly representative.

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Because it was written during the old canon.

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And the Imperium wanted her dead.

>> No.22757379

Just a few butthurt Inquisitors want her dead.

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Old fluff is why so many parts of 40k canon are a huge clusterfuck.

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Inquisitors should be the ones on everybody's "cannot align with" list.

Even themselves.

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>>Tyranid being murderballing idiots who cannot prioritize long enough to "team-up now, eat later."

Let's say you're in your kitchen and you've just grabbed a sandwich or so. Do you either ask the sandwich if it can help you get a bigger sandwich, or do you just eat that sandwich and then find a bigger one anyway?

You don't get Tyranids.

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>Do you either ask the sandwich if it can help you get a bigger sandwich, or do you just eat that sandwich and then find a bigger one anyway?
>Not talking to your sandwiches

You don't get food.

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But then there's radical Inquisitors that'd probably ally with chaos to fight other chaos if the situation was right. I actually had something like this planned for a Dark Heresy campaign that never panned out. A radical inquisitor teamed up with Malal worshipers as an antagonist or ally depending on how they approached the situation.

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At 2000 points they benefit from double force-org like everyone else, and if you need extra slots before 2000 points then what the shit are you doing you crazy fucker?

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She was also a sorceress and a whore, inimical to the Imperial Faith and the Master of Mankind and sanctioned for death by Officio Assassinorum and the High Lords of Terra.

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Tyranid allies could be flavored as genestealer infestation or plain old mass mind control. There is no justification for shitting on them like this, when the fluff is malleable to accommodate better game balance.

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All of the good Tyranid units are in the elite slot.

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Tervigon spam?

>> No.22757556

Not so much anymore. With the addition of Hull Points to vehicles, hormagants and the like can glance most vehicles to death and a Flyrant can deal with anything heavier. Spamming Hive Guard isn't essential anymore.

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Wasn't it written while the Necron codex was also being written?

Seems to me they were just preping for the new stuff.

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>Nobody giving a shit apparently Tau is everybody's friend save Dark Eldar, Sisters, and Tyranid

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Well, it was written by the same author at least, so if he already knew he was doing Necrons then it makes sense that he would start adding stuff like that in.

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Something else I forgot to mention...

Why are deamons and Chaos Marines two different armies?

Deamons are the cannon fodder of any corrupted chapter master. So Chaos should be one unified codex as well.

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Because GW.

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Daemons have overlords and Daemon masters. said overlords and daemon masters don't desire to do the bidding of weakling mortals.

Said overlords and daemon masters see it the other way. Said overlords and daemon masters use the mortals as Cannon fodder and amusement.

>> No.22757707


Daemons look down upon mortals, and even daemon princes are bullied and scorned by true daemons. So has it been since 2008, get on with the times.

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CSM are mortals and mortals are pig disgusting.

>> No.22757728

They're a race of naive motherfuckers who can be tricked into alliance with almost anyone.

>> No.22757758

>Brothers in arms

>> No.22757789

Chaos needs mortals more then mortals need Chaos.

If anything, it's contempt deamons have for mortals.

>> No.22757793


>be DP of Slaanesh
>daemonettes gossip about your weight behind your back and laugh
>Keeper of Secrets waits you in the bathroom and shaves your head

>> No.22757939

>always forced to be bottom

>> No.22759349

>Implying Farsight isn't fighting for the Greater Good in his own way.

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... Why does the filename say Jim Profit?

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Honestly? Not much. It's not so much that the WHOLE FoC would get filled, but I could grab an HQ Tervi, Termagants and a Troops Tervi for fairly cheap and add them in if my troops were full of other shit already, or y'know, getting the actual chance to use Lictors or Shrikes or whatever.

I mean, really what it does is let you go heavy in a type of FoC slot, ever so slightly. And that tends to be something Nids do, maxing out a particular type of FoC slot before taking anything else. You see people running 3 Trigon Primes, Zoey/Hive Guard, or filling troops for under 500 points, shit like that, on a regular basis.

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But will his ''Greater Good'' lead to the shedding of Tau blood? Will it lead to the Mont'au?!


Tune in for the answers in the next Tau Codex.

>> No.22759886


...But I'll admit I've wanted to run max Biovores and FW Meiotic spores before. Dem Spore Mines...

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What I don't get is my orks getting to be grudging allies with necrons.

Awesome and pisses my friends off with bullshit combos but still strange.

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