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Greetings /tg/

I took a year off 40k tabletop mostly because my son destroyed everything the light touched. Now that hes out of that phase and I can paint again, I have recently been inspired after reading a few books and seen the new chaos codex.

What Im looking to do is a Word Bearers army. I have always loved Logar and the recent Omnibus really inspired me.

My problem though is a competative list. Im looking at running a Dark Apostle hq with 5 chaos spawns, a hell brute and a 10 group of Havoks. I dont really know what to add, they dont make generic deamons and Im concerned about armor pen against armored units. please tg, what can i fit into this army that is within the Word Bearers lore?

TL:DR version:
Running word bearers, Need help making a lore-related list of units.

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Heldrakes are godly. Choose the Baleflamer, Vector Strike anything you fly over and then template AP3 to death in the shooting phase. 360 degree arc of fire. Drink enemies delicious tears. Repeat.

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Do you think the Heldrake would give me a way to just eliminate enemy armor? i could get away with just one? The model isn't visually appealing to me but I might be able to justify it. Is it the death dive move or could I get away with a Forgefiend instead for removal?

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Heldrake isn't good for Anti-Armor. It can do it, sorta, but if you're looking for anti-tank shooting then Obliterators/Havoks/Forgefiends/Tri-Las Predators will all do the job better.

It is however fucking GODLY at killing enemy Space Marines, or really any non-vehicle model that doesn't have a 2+ save. I recommend running one in every army forever, because its so damn effective and point-efficient that it lets you take sub-optimal choices elsewhere in the list without shooting yourself in the foot.

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>The model isn't visually appealing to me but I might be able to justify it.

Get a different flyer and convert it to counts-as, like the new Dark Angels Nephilim or whatever. Or even just a 1/48 scale model airplane, which would be tons cheaper.

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Am I better off equiping Havoks with Las cannons, a Forgefiend, or just a good old fashoned Predator with twin linked las to remove armored units? Is there something other than a obliterator unit i can use to remove armor? I feel they dont really fit into the army.

The main guy I play against spams crisis suits and those horseshoe crab looking things with the retarded high armor.

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I do agree. I just figured conversion of one would take alot of time. Id also be happy if there was some sort of Bulk chaos generic demon, instead of there only being Nurglings, Bloodletters, lobsterchicks and tornado/wizard things. Id love to have some just for the visual, even if i just ran them as cultists.

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