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Dawn of War III presented by SEGA

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It's not EA... so I'll take it.

Opinions on what this does for the series as a whole?

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Well, I feel I speak for everyone when I say there is only one logical response to this turn of events.

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Sega does tend to experiment with it's titles, so it could go either way. But hey, it could be much worse.

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Well Sega has been going down the hole for the past few years so I think it'll be a win-win considering EA doesnt have it

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I'm sensing noobs ITT sega does total war.

That means Total war 40k you noobs.

That is fucking amazing and fuck you for not getting it.

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Oh shit and they already have the fantasy license

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Oh god...imperial guard armies with titan support facing down a ork waaagh, seventy thousand gaurdsmen against a wave of orks....

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Sega did Total war guys...
be awesome

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Colonial Marines is shaping up to be real good. High hopes.

If that's any indication than I'm okay with this.

Replace marines and xenomorphs with IG and Nids.

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Not sure if heresy...

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>Colonial Marines is shaping up to be real good. High hopes.

>Xeno blood doesn't do damage
>Iron sight
>colored motion tracker
>Press X to everything

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Or you know...make them stormtroopers hunting heretics under the inquisition, the game ends with you being 'purged' but you get saved and get turned into the heretic you were fighting.


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SEGA is the parent company for the group that does Total War, a series that while I've not played I've only heard amazing things about. They've already got a Warhammer Fantasy game lined up, supposedly, so if they inherit 40K shennanigans through Relic I'll be happy.

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EXACTLY! every game will be like a cover of the 40k and Epic boxes and codexes.

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Here's hoping they won't completely dick up the release like they did with Anarchy Reigns.

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I've been wanting a fantasy total war for ages. I really, really, really hope they go that route.

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Total War: 40k

It ... it would be glorious.

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Assuming Sega treats Relic like they do Platinum, this could be quite good.

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See for yourself the MIGHT of Creative Assembly's Total War series!


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It's going to be another generic Cawadoody knockoff with subpar MP deathmatch modes, infinite corridor crawling, and oh, by the way, AYLEEUHNZ. Not trying to troll, but licensed shit like this has a track record that only an apologist under the companies dime would defend. I'm not hopeful for this, but hopefully Total WARHAMMER will happen.

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Please be Total War scope, DoW III

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>Team up with Sonic the Hedgehog to defeat the forces of chaos

What could go wrong?

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>how an autist interprets this news

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Corruption, Eternal Damnation, Daemon possession. You know all the bad stuff.

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Glorious trips with a poster who gets it:

>Total War: 40K

No, you fools. It will certainly be called

>Total Warhammer 40,000: In the grim darkness of the far future, there is total war.

My body is so fucking ready.

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No Blood Ravens = No purchase

Whatever comes, it better include them.

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Metal Sonic army. Could definitely work.

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Or eternal war. Seeing that there is only war.

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But if Sega buy Relic wouldn't this just mean that Relic will continue do their DoW/CoH stuff instead of giving to the Total War team?

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I hope blood ravens die with THQs death.

protip they will just like other game exclusive canon.

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They just want the IP

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Oh i see my bad

I thought they were "buying" Relic or something like that

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So SEGA gets Relic, but do they also get the 40k video game IP? And what of the Homeworld IP?

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It was recently announced that Creative Assembly would be working with GW to make a Warhammer 40k game. Shouldn't come as a surprise that Sega would want the rights for the series to smooth along development, as they also publish Creative Assembly games which i'm sure you all know.

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Blood Ravens were included in the main Canon. So they will never ''die''.

A Dawn of War with no Blood Ravens is no Dawn of War.

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I'm dying for something new, though. That's partly why I loved SPACE MARINE. Even though it was the Mary Sue Marines, it was nice to see a campaign with a different Chapter.

Though I cannot deny I want to know what happens with the Blood Ravens from here on out.

Maybe multiple intersecting campaigns including different IG regiments and SM chapters?

If it is indeed in the flavor of Total War, that wouldn't be far fetched at all.

>Blood Angels, Ultras, Bloody Magpies and Imperial Fists
>masses of Guardsmen
>Enter a system plagued by Nids, Eldar, Chaos, and Orks
>those glorious massive battles of Edlar raiders surfing over the landscape hitting and running, waves of nids hitting lines of orks, Chaos daemons rising up in the middle, hundreds of basilisks reigning sweet cleansing upon them all as Marines drop into the battle

Tell me you don't want to play this, fucking tell me.

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No, No, No

They were doing Warhammer Fantasy

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Nah they will die they will experiences 40ks famous being ignored to death retcon.

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Sega is Mega....uh.... Giga....mah Nigah

Seriously, Sega does solid work hiring the right people for RTSes, and since they already own the fantasy licence, they can make some kind of relic-creative assembly partnership to give us Company of Dawn of Totalwar 40k

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Shit that's right. I was so disappointed when I originally read that it was fantasy and not 40k that I must have subconsciously changed that information in my brain. Hopefully this will be one step closer to that dream game we all want.

Just imagine a 40k campaign map.

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They can buy the ip, relic, or both

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They better make Homeworld

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I think the idea is you buy relic so you get the delicious IPs for cheap.
You then gorge on the IPs discarding the carcass of the company.

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Xeno blood was confirmed to have the damage turned down during gameplay videos so that features could be shown easily.

Motion tracker is being changed as well.

Personally I have no problems with the iron sights, and don't get why so many people do.

Can't comment on crosshair and Press X to everything though.

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I hope they buy relic, if theres a team worth salvaging theres them.

Seriously, Homeworld, CoH, DoW, SPEHS MAREHN, have they ever made a bad game??

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>my WAAAGH! descends upon the dug-in punies
>watch monofilaments and dakka fly all over the place
>game actually draws every unit
>my boner achieves maximum power

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>Tell me you don't want to play this, fucking tell me.

I don't. I want for the Blood Raven Saga to continue. Too many questions need answers.

You can have what you want in multiplayer, but the main Campaign should focus on the Ravens preferably about the Nameless Captain's voyage to the Eye.

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Just curious about Relic and stuff

Will Company of Heroes 2 still be released?

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This is the Garden of Kadesh. For thirteen generations we have protected it from the unclean. The Turanic Raiders who came before you refused to join and were punished for this trespass. Like theirs, your ship has already defiled this holy place. If you have come to join we welcome you and will spare your ship until all have disembarked. If you have come to consume the garden you will be removed at once.

None may leave the Gardens...

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>I don't.

Bloody Magpie fans...

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Well fuck.

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I fucking hated that mission, all that swarm of interceptors, dem turning ion frigates. And those motherships just keep appearing.

But still nothing compared to the last mission on hardest setting. God it took me a whole three hours to finish it.

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high hopes if they get it- Universe at war was bad ass

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This series is ours, BITCH!

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the second one was shiiiit so I hope CA get to do the third

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>noobs being used ironically
/tg/ is dead and this post killed it.

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Its over man. Blood ravens were just a shitty blood angels knock off for the THQ games.

Let it go.

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And you were the dubs nail in the coffin.

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Of those games homeworld is the only great one. Space marine was good. Can't speak for CoH but if its like DoW. DoW was bad.

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All I want for Christ 3 years from now is a Total War: 40k game.

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>No red thirst
>possibly come from Thousand Sons geneseed
>TFW a knock off chapter is more interesting than a real one.

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I fucking hate the Blood Ravens wankery and hope they're gone. Give me DC style campaigns that let you play as the faction you like, instead of HURR NO U PLAY SPESS MEHREENS DEY R SUPR COOOOLL!!!! HURF HURF HURF DURF

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>SEGA gets outbids EA

Oh my lord, kill me

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Your trolling shows, scum.

Try harder.

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Tough to say

They are probably pretty much done making it.

But if the people who buy the ip, and don't take the employees who knows how fucked up it will be

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They are canon breaking noob bait.

>> No.22742410

They did that, in retribution, it was bad.

IMO they need a campaign with a real story for a different faction, instead of just a story template

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>tfw I enjoy seeing the tears of EA haters

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I'm not trolling you have to deal with the fact there will be no more blood ravens and this is a good thing.

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AND still more interesting than twilight marines

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CoH was ok. There was too much streamlining to tailor make it for competitive play thus limited strategies to certain selected maneouvers, ala british make a ton of bunkers, use decoy arty or something, wait till you get tanks like cromwell, same with the Panzer dudes, there is no innovation after ten hours of gameplay it becomes a straightforward and standard.

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Even if he's trolling, I totally agree. Blood Ravens are boring and need to disappear.

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No... this series is SEGA's.

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Knowledge is power!

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No it's mine, your homophobic entitled scum

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Wait, didn't Sega already make a Fantasy total war game? And it sucked?

>> No.22742523

They are not interesting at all. Fans make better homebrew chapters.
They are generic marines with ripped off blood angels paint scheme then the "more psykers than usual" tiny bit off fluff flavour (pretty much blood angels anyway) then the absolutely canon illegal statement that they are possibly founded from a traitor legion.

Its like a retard mashed a keyboard when typing up their fluff and printed it on a post card.

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forgot pic

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Thank the gods it isnt EA. They made absolute shit with Warhammer Online, and they seem to be getting even worse.

And Sega has the total war programmers! This is sweet!

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Whatever happens to the 40k video games, I just want them to continue making hilarious voice acting.


>> No.22742579


Nope. All their games have been pretty solid.

>> No.22742591

Chapter Master Azariah Angelos.

Truly it is fitting.

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please make a trip the blood ravens are cannon and might get a codex in the far future

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What...are you drunk?

>> No.22742598

I was misremembering. There were two Fantasy Warhammer RTSes put out in like the 90s. And THOSE sucked. Sorry, m8.

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I bet EA would make a killer Space Hulk game though.

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good god angelos got STOMPED in that last mission

>> No.22742617

And still more interesting than Blood Angels.

>> No.22742634

Really? Would they?

>> No.22742640

This is why DoW was bad they handed over patching to "pro" gamers and just like sc2 the game became refined to shit.
Protip developers pro gamers are not game play experts they look for exploits till they break a game.

Also there was a number of game breaking bugs for me like fucking units firing through terrain and the ground.

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Blood Ravens defending terra?

what fanwank bullshit is this

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>my too calvary units are fighting skaven
>dwarf cannon slaying bodies
>omg were rat
>Calvary scream flee the horrid beast


>> No.22742664

Never happening.

>> No.22742665

That was a Imperial Fist pic that was 'converted' to bloody magpies due to their incessant need to steal shit.

>> No.22742671

Average Space Marine fanwank. Do OC Ork bands ever do anything ridiculous? I mean, other than that Bloo waifu garbage.

>> No.22742681

use mods.

>> No.22742682

I mean, I dunno how you feel about Dead Space, but the guys who are making that series definitely know how to do claustrophobia in my opinion.

>> No.22742683

The Imperial Fists gifted their glories to the Blood Ravens.

>> No.22742693

were did this blood ravens hate come from? I though /tg/ liked some of the blood ravens like dread thule

>> No.22742698

Did you guys ever play Mark of Chaos? I fucking loved that shit.

>> No.22742702

Just trolls. Don't mind them.

>> No.22742703


But Deadspace is nothing but a whole buncha jumpscares


>> No.22742705

Traitor Librarian Chapter Masters converting to Daemon Princes of Khorne

>> No.22742708

they are a video company brewed successor chapter?

>> No.22742711

That wasnt that great IMHO they couldve done a lot more.

>> No.22742718


>Evilcry Battlecry

Not orky enough

>> No.22742723

Unless I miss my guess, Space Hulk doesn't seem much different.

It'd be like X-Com + Dead Space, right?

>> No.22742724


Call of Warhammer sucks. It's so script-heavy that going off the rails causes a campaign crash.

>> No.22742727

>stop saying mean things about my blood ravens

lol faggot you fell in love with not-blood angels.

>> No.22742744

>blood angels


>> No.22742749

Since blood ravens were the custom chapter of a THQ developer, my money is on us finding out about the custom chapter of a SEGA developer for the new 40k games.

Or else we just get codex-approved stories of some cannon marine groups.

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>blood ravens = blood angels
lol faggot you like twilight marines

>> No.22742754

How about these two.

>> No.22742757


Fun Fact: GW has stated that Blood Ravens are Blood Angels successors during the Chapterhouse trial to prove they were not infringing on their own design.

>> No.22742758

But there is already a new Space Hulk in production.

>> No.22742759

>too stupid to realise they are not-blood angels

Um red armour, distinct red drop on their chapter emblem.

>> No.22742765


At best you'd be seeing like 2000 guardsmen, and thats if you took nothing but conscripts. Whatever engine they use just wouldn't be able to handle a hundred thousand units running and fighting.

>> No.22742766

I hope we will see Space Marine 2 now

I want to play Deathwatch!

>> No.22742768

has homeworld been actioned off yet?

>> No.22742773

Really now?

>> No.22742774


It'd be closer to what the MP modes for the upcoming Aliens Game is looking like really. One side get's constant respawns the other is tougher and has ranged weaponry.

>> No.22742788


It's true, actually. Caused quite a bit of confusion for those of us who read the legal briefs.

>> No.22742793


fuck you, gb2 zeonquest

>> No.22742797

I'm going to wake up in the morning to find out this was all a mistake. There'll be public apologies on twitter, dozens of retracted articles about Sega buying Relic, and dashed hopes all over the kitchen floor.

This isn't the real life. This is just fantasy.

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>> No.22742812

Its kind of obvious why do spergmonkeys need a legal statement.

Blood Ravens are Not-Blood angels.

>> No.22742814

I'm afraid i'll need sauce, because there is a 10K sons novel which heavily implies they are of that stock.

>> No.22742817


To be fair, you don't usually see that many guardsman all in one spot anyway. It'd be closer to around five thousand plus support max. Which the TW engine could do NOW, ish.

>> No.22742836

they are thousand sons

>> No.22742838

Sega will make a game where the Tau Empire finds a small planet filled with anthropomorphic creatures fighting against a Necron-like mastermind; unsure of who to support until a blue fastball tells them they they will be allowed to study the 'Chaos Emeralds' to help in their war against Chaos.

Cue the player controlling the Tau in a war against the Robotnik legions, the Tau giving protectorate status to the organics of Mobius. They get a status like the Kroot, and in a long and brutal campaign take the planet for the Tau empire.

Only for the IOM to appear in the last cutscene and exterminatus the entire planet, a giant fuck you to the furries who ruined sonic.

>> No.22742841

They patched all the problems, plus you should install it correctly. If you are smart enough to figure it out you can expect to not have much crashes at all.

>> No.22742844

I rest my case.

A nasty influx of trolls this month. Anyways, MOAR BLOOD RAVENS!

>> No.22742858


>SEGA doing Deathwatch
hmmmm. Not sure if want.

On the other hand....

>SEGA passing it on to Platinum Games

...these ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to their newsletter.

>> No.22742873

Guys, stop talking about the inferior factions.
Think about it: thousands of orks and gretchen
squigs and squiggoth
buggies and bikers
kanz and dredz
gargants and stompas
All on one screen.
Krumpin' 'umies.

It will be glorious.

>> No.22742878

Ah...noble Avitus.

I am glad to find someone who shares my hatred for the Guardsmen.

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>> No.22742887

I'm hoping EA gets it and actually does something good with it.

>> No.22742891


There is this gem, that they made a while back. Only ever seen the cover, not the game play, so I can't comment too much on it.

>> No.22742894



It's a shitty Left4Dead Knockoff and you should feel bad.

>> No.22742895

ok you are a troll

>> No.22742898

seriously fuck off autist.

>> No.22742904

Rolling waves of red armor coated in blood with roaring chainaxe hiding swathes of maniacal laughter.

>> No.22742907


Yes, we KNOW they are 1kSons

But for Legal Reasons, GW had to say they were Blood Angels.

You can find the legal briefs on DakkaDakka.

>> No.22742913

>Implying Kyras wasn't the most awesome Chaos character to date

Dat Speech, man, dat speech.

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>> No.22742925

>total autism

>> No.22742927

According to a Rome, Total War article i read the other month: the game's engine can handle actions for up to 56,000 individual troops, per side... but user's PCs are unlikely to ever see more than 4,000 at a time, due to framerate issues and processor speeds.

>> No.22742937


>> No.22742939


It couldn't do any worse than AvP could it?

I mean really, it just couldn't.

If we are really lucky, and pray really hard, we might get a full length game that's basically the Marine campaign from AvP2, IE, the best campaign from that generally pretty good game.

>> No.22742945

I made that post as a joke, you don't have to project on me.

>> No.22742951

Orks, Daemons, or DEldar. Any of those will be fine.

>army of nothing but tanky nurgle units

>> No.22742962

On the Blood Ravens vs Blood angels topic
Spess Mahrine=Other Spess Mahrine
They all are mary sues(Ultrasmurfs at the very top of that ladder), expect for the Lamenters(poor, poor lamenters)

>> No.22742965

I wasn't calling you an autist you idiot but seeing you didn't get the joke the boot fits.

>> No.22742989

>On the Blood Ravens vs Blood angels topic
Why is it a "vs" argument it is obvious that blood ravens are a rip off of blood angels.

>> No.22743007


Not really. Lets assume you're doing a 1vs1 match, and furthermore, have filled all twenty of your unit slots (which last time I played a Total War game was still the unit cap) with conscript platoons of say 60 men each. That would be 1200 guardsmen. Now something like Orks or Nids might have 120-150 'men' per unit, for a total of 2400-3000.

>> No.22743024


Now that Lamenters have both Black Rage AND Bad Luck, why do they bother existing?

>> No.22743031


>> No.22743032

pls no


pls no

>> No.22743034

OK, now you look like the autistic one here. And given the fact that this particular anon actually is autistic, that's saying something.

>> No.22743046

Becuase one person is fighting for one chapter and the other is trying to absorb them/fight against them. It is obvious that it is a vs. argument.

>> No.22743050


No, it's a L4D Clone mixed with generic FPS.

I was hoping for Republic Commando mixed with AvP, I got this.

>> No.22743059

Didn't the novel that named him conflict with what he actually did ingame?

>> No.22743064

Guardsmen can field up to something upward of like 132 models per troop choice

>> No.22743065

Haters gonna hate!

>> No.22743066

They don't. Remember how they ran into Hive Fleet Kraken?

I'm sure they managed to give the bugs indigestion or something, though.

>> No.22743068

Did this happen, /tg/? I missed it. This isn't one of those good things people invent so they can feel better, right? Tell me Total 40k is a real possibility.

>> No.22743075


I also got this.

>> No.22743079


That's as they stand now, it's not impossible that we'd see refinements to the engine that could up that.

Still, I don't really mind either way, I've been wanting a game that borrows more from Epic than it does from 40k for years now.

>> No.22743080

Too keep the GrimDark setting Grimdark. Seems like more grim with less dark, but still stands. They are just the unluckiest sons of a gun around.

>> No.22743083

Why are you assuming i'm the same anon you have been sperging at
>i'm actually autistic

Ok that makes sense. Stop posting on 4chan.

>> No.22743094

Its one autistic blood raven fan here>>22743034
sperging because he can't handle the simple truth that blood ravens are a boring derivative of blood angels.

>> No.22743120

Yep, that's why he is referenced as the Nameless in Ret.

>> No.22743129


Small victories are sometimes the best ones.

>> No.22743130

Well, GW has come to trust Relic, and I doubt SEGA will really try to force some crazy ass bullshit on an already successful developer, besides GW could just pull out if it gets too lore breaking. This might actually be a good thing.

>> No.22743136


>> No.22743143


I don't like it.

>> No.22743147

I don't suppose SEGA buying Relic increases the odds of us getting Homeworld 3 does it?

>> No.22743151

Sega is going to make a better 40k game than relic ever did.

>> No.22743164


Not one bit.

>> No.22743183

dat file name
also, all of them are L4D specials

>> No.22743186

I hope they do get it, Total war 40k would be amazing. Unless they do another Empire Total war again

These are the same people who made Skies of Arcadia. That almost a Rogue trader game.

>> No.22743187


Shut up.

>> No.22743189


Assuming that SEGA don't just buy the studio lock and stock and Relic just work for SEGA now. Like they did when THQ bought them out from Sierra - Vivendi, who in turn amalgamated with Sierra.

>> No.22743191

Minotaurs are World Eaters, and Red Scorpions are implied to be Emperor's Children geneseed. Just throwing that out there. While their official stance is to say no to traitor gene seed, in reality the High Lords have a habit with messing with it to see what they can make.

>> No.22743195


Its certainly possible that we MIGHT see engine improvements in a hypothetical TW 40k game, but what I'm saying is basically "Don't get your hopes up and be disappointed when you can only have like three thousand guys in an army at most."

>> No.22743200

I'm sorry, but no. I like Total War, but it's not Dawn of War at all. The tactical combat mechanics are so different, and the whole look and feel of Dawn of War has always been on a much smaller scale, even in DoW I. Total Warhammer 40k, a new, standalone franchise, I could accept. But not in Dawn of War.

>> No.22743201

It does, but don't get your jimmies all rustled up. Warhammer is most likely to be made first.

>> No.22743209


I just said that it was going to be a L4D clone mixed with generic shooter.

Now, don't get me wrong L4D-style Xenomorphs could work really well, I just don't see it working HERE.

>> No.22743211

One can hope apologized. Also, good to see you back on /tg/. I was wondering where you went after Zeonquest.

>> No.22743221

aaaand guess what they are both forgeworld chapters.

>> No.22743232

The Space Wolves have more events where they helped people out. Armageddon, remember?

If they wanted to phase out Noblebright Marines and make it Grimdark, shouldn't they punish the Wolves for being goody two shoes?

Since they didn't do that, then there is no movement to ''grimdark'' anything. The Lamenters are just unluck because they forsake their Primarch gift.

>> No.22743238


I swear I am the only person in the western hemisphere who actually derived enjoyment from Empire from all the bitching I hear.
Not as much as say Medieval, Shogun 2 or the LotR mod. But I got fun out having people prepare bayonets, or trying to fucking figure out how to use Dragoons right.

>> No.22743240

I too would prefer Dawn of War III instead of a Warhammer 40k Total War, although that idea too entices me. Partially i like another poster earlier want to see the Blood Ravens story continue, and partly i find the gameplay of both DoW games fun and would like to see what they have cooked up for the third one.

>> No.22743247

Fuck 40K total war

Needs WHFB Total War
You know it would be THAT much better and it would work better with the total war mechanics we know and love.

>> No.22743249

>high hopes if they get it- Universe at war was bad ass

>War of the Worlds: The game

I'd play it. The one thing 40k has done to me in seven years is that it's indoctrinated me to hate life forms that aren't human.

>> No.22743252

Shut up retard 40k is a large scale universe DoW 2 was shit it was squad level combat not even canon squad level combat.
Who gives a shit about DoW , DoW is over. Now is the time of total war 40k.

>> No.22743259


>Blood Ravens

>Ultramarine drop pods


>> No.22743273


Good thing Creative Assembly bought the WHFB rights three months ago then I guess.

>> No.22743284

Why they were gifted to them after the Space Marine game, my friend.

>> No.22743288


>> No.22743291


My Husbando defeats all others.

Also Frank Klepacki is a genius when it comes to music, fucker did the music for EVERYTHING Westwood made pre-EA, where he went with the break-off company Petroglyph.

>> No.22743294

I liked Empire. It was the first Total War I played, and got me hooked. But it's not Dawn of War.

>> No.22743303


Knowing FFG, that's probably exactly what DID happen.

>> No.22743304

It looks like they are in good hands.

>> No.22743305

yeah, no

>> No.22743309

>indoctrinated me to hate life forms that aren't human.
This is perfectly justifiable. anti-species (fucking spellchecker actually oks this word i rest my case) are mentally ill examples of liberal progressiveness run amok.

>> No.22743322

yeah , yeah get out of here sperger.

>> No.22743324


Have you been keeping a close eye on that Morrowind: Total War mod for Rome?

>> No.22743326

>All these people from /v/ complaining about DoW

DoW was a terrible scale for W40k. It needs to be a grand strategy game at best for anything to actually make sense. Those battles you fought in DoW? Tiny and insignificant in the 40k setting. It NEEDS massive scale, and a Total war esk game is a step in the right direction.

>> No.22743329

I should say the concept of anti-speciesism*

>> No.22743331

I wish Universe At War had been better though. A lot of promise, some good mechanics, but the controls always felt clunky and stiff, and the giant-robot aliens never felt as powerful as I thought they should have been.

>> No.22743333

I'm not sure how that's important.

>> No.22743339


>WHFB Total War

What ever happened to Mark of Chaos anyway? No doubt that game would have gotten me into WHFB

>> No.22743344

Groius Emparah their Commisar has fallen in battlru a great day is upon us!

>> No.22743350

>War of the Worlds: The game
except the alien biowalker things, not quite

>> No.22743354


I think there's space for both a TW and a DoW game for 40k.

I seem to recall something like that once being the normal for 40k anyway.

Until Jervis put out 3rd edition epic and single handedly killed that entire part of the franchise.
He refuses to apologise for that to this day.

A full fucking third of their major ranges at the time, gone, like that.

...the aggravating thing is that it's not a bad system per se. I just sure as hell wouldn't have tried to sell it to the grognards as a new edition of Epic.

>> No.22743363

That depends on the scale you're aiming for. Space hulk sized deployments, Company-sized deployments, entire chapter, etc. Not to mention, there's going to be issues balancing the scales for different factions - guardsmen are obviously going to be vastly more numerous than spehhs mahreens.

>> No.22743370

Dawn of War I was pretty good at presenting mid-level skirmishes. Think of those battles as the ones for Carentan or other individual cities/sites. A higher-level strategy game, more like Total War, would be on the scale of conducting entire campaigns, which was not the point of DoW and DoW II.

>> No.22743374

though forgeworld is a part of Gamesworkshop its writers are similar to the fantasy flight writers they are making extra canonical stretches of the imagination to entertain hardcore fans.

Its effectively not canon.

>> No.22743376

THIS, drop DoW and move onto glorious grand galactic scale.

>> No.22743381

>Iron hands
>Blood angels
>not suffering and constantly in denial over the deaths of their primarchs and silently awaiting their return

Oh god, the feels

>> No.22743382

That game always seemed a bit absurd to me. Heirarchy goes around raping shit, Novus just sits with its thumb up its ass making ineffectual hit-and-runs, while the Masari turtle until their infinite resources win out.

>> No.22743385


Getting /x/ here

Consider that aliens already abduct humans and do who knows what with them. Aliens also abduct cows and horses and perform ungodly mutilations in accordance with whatever sciences they are pursuing. Similar cases have been reported of human mutilations.

The war must begin. We must assert our galactic dominance.

>Inb4 serious, not trolling.

>> No.22743391

It was okay... It was basically Total War's tactical combat slapped onto a linear campaign "map" that was just a fancy level selector.

Mark of Chaos turned me off to the idea of Total Warhammer. The tactical combat in Total War is just too... impersonal. Your control over individual units is limited, and you rely more on your strategic level decisions than your tactical skill.

>> No.22743392

>Rogue trader game done in the same vein of Skies of Arcadia

It can happen /tg/.

>> No.22743397

Hey guys is Supreme Commander a larger scale than Total War? What if it's that large?

>> No.22743398

Huh. I've never had an issue with their writing, perhaps less of an issue than I do with a lot of the stuff that's popped out of the main GW writer's arses. Is it said by GW that they aren't canon? If so I'm pretty sure it can be considered canon in the same way BL is.

>> No.22743401

We aru azu da las-bolt fired by da lasgun.

>> No.22743409

>while the Masari turtle until their infinite resources win out.

That sounds pretty reasonable though?

>> No.22743420

Supcom has a 500 unit per side limit with buildings counting towards the unit tally- it's not as grand scaled as it sounds unless you mod the cap

>> No.22743423

Not really. Sup com was just an RTS game with a big map.

>> No.22743425

Not the guy you're replying to, but depends on what you view as canon; i consider Forgeworld as canon as Dawn of War. Didn't GW say that everything is in a way canon?

>> No.22743435

Guys, what if Total War: 40000 sucks ass?

>> No.22743436


Fun though!

>> No.22743440

Eh, I've never been a fan of the Total War games that heavily featured guns.
I was looking far more towards Fantasy Battles: Total War

>> No.22743447

>Huh. I've never had an issue with their writing
anon don't fucking go there please. There is no issue with there writing. There stuff is superb even arguably better than actual Games workshop content.
It is however extra canonical. I suppose the best way to explain it is its like the extended starwars universe. Its just expansions for fans.

>> No.22743451


>> No.22743453


SupCom? Fuck NO.

Total Annihilation with Unit Cap Remover patch and the never-decaying remains? Fuck YES.

>There is no 40k mod for TA.
>There are still ARM players in this gay world
>CORE ending is pretty much non-canon.

>> No.22743458

>creative assembly
>making a game that sucks ass
pick one and only one.

>> No.22743461

It was, shit got nuts. Especially late game with constant artillery fire.

>> No.22743467


We'll shrug and get on with our lives. Same as we do for every other bad 40k game.

Oh no sorry, I meant the opposite of that: Bitch like we've just shot one of our balls off for three weeks whilst trying to simultaneously defend our decision in an attempt to stave off buyers remorse.
I suddenly forgot where I posting. Sorry about that.

>> No.22743468


Then GW takes their licensing to make games away. As much as I hate GW's jewing of 40k, I love it here because it protects it from...EA

>> No.22743469


>Empire: Total War

>> No.22743472

I think the big thing was that 500 units was a lot at the time, each unit could be individually controlled, and you could zoom really far in and out.

>> No.22743482


/tg/ writes better fluff than GW.

Hell, even the Spuhess Muhreen chapters we make are better than the vast majority of the originals.

>> No.22743484

Sure, but it was broken as hell.

>> No.22743485

Nukes everywhere.

>> No.22743487


Try it with the Forged Alliance modifier that gives infinite power and metal against a couple of Hard AIs.

Eventually one of them WILL realise he can have infinite nukes, and the rain will fall.

>> No.22743489

I didn't think it sucked.
Definitely was my least favorite though, but I think it has more to do with me agreeing with
>Eh, I've never been a fan of the Total War games that heavily featured guns.

>> No.22743491

Ah, I see your point. Still, I'm going to consider it as canon as the main stuff.

>> No.22743501

Fuck yes.

>> No.22743502

>Not offering lots of monies for an attractive license

>> No.22743514

the cap mod is really easy to get a hold of- otherwise yes, the scale comes into play in that you can field 500 small units or 500 mechanical behemoths the size of a small continent- all units shared the same cap but not the same size

>> No.22743520


GW isn't retarded enough to let EA run their IP into the grave in less than five years.

>> No.22743521

>its like the extended starwars universe
GW policy is that every made under the 40k license is equally canon. The only canon tiers are the ones in your head.

>> No.22743523

Viking: Battle for Asgard, Shogun 2, and Spartan: Total Warrior.

>> No.22743525

B-but, this would be totally new territory for them. I mean, how do you accurately represent weapons that can fire over multiple miles in a game that has traditionally tackled banging pointy sticks together?

>> No.22743529

Its canon but get this and this is extremely hard for some people to get at the same time it isn't because the only truly cannon thing is codexes and when GW white dwarf content specifically chapter approved.

This concept is hard for people to get. If you accept it you realise GW fluff is extremely flexible and not restrictive at all why I personally love it.

>> No.22743532

I hated Rome: Total War. Empire is better.

>> No.22743534

GW would take away the license as soon as EA tried to fuck with the canon. It may be silly and pants on head retarded, but at least GW takes pride in writing their own canon.

>> No.22743542


The trick in that missions was using assault frigates to deal with their fuel pod ships. Then you use Salvage corvettes to grab as many of those incredible Kadeshi 4x Ion Frigates as possible. Those things can rip though super-capitals like they're made of tinfoil.

The mission that really fucking got me was the one with the hyperspace inhibitor and the 72891732891 ion frigates defending it, not to mention the large fleet.

>> No.22743543

A couple change in mechanics and battlefield size.

>> No.22743544

>Viking: Battle for Asgard, Spartan: Total Warrior.
Alright I'll give you those two, but I love Shogun 2.

>> No.22743549


GW would curb-stomp EA the SECOND they tried to fuck with the canon, which they would, because they are corrupt and retarded.

>> No.22743557

Basilisks are off-map fire support.

>> No.22743558

Or the guards just have thier bayonets permanently affixed.

>> No.22743562

There are no canon tiers. Gamesworkshop has explicitly stated repeatedly that canon is their codexes. Everything is there IP thats different. Even other companies can use their IP if GW lets them like fantasy flight.

>> No.22743563


But bolters only fire 24".

>> No.22743568


It WOULD require a lot of thought as to how to proceed and it would definately be the furthest out of it's comfort zone that CA have gotten with Total War.

But if they pull it off, then Total World War II will be just around the corner.

>> No.22743569

Shogun 2 was amazing.

>> No.22743571

Like the Chinese Artillery in C&C Generals?

>> No.22743572

Oh god. Manticores and Basilisks everywhere, with a few Minotaurs thrown in. All those smaller infantry units just get splatted.

Then Deathstrikes pop out of nowhere. It becomes Artillery: The Vidya Game.

That would be Terrible.

>> No.22743579

I'm willing to say Shogun 2 wasn't horrible.

>> No.22743588


>> No.22743593

>Shogun 2

>> No.22743594

Don't know, played extremely little C&C Generals, but off-map fire support (ai, click a hotkey and choose where they fire on) is what sounds most likely for such things.

>> No.22743607


Shut up.

It wasn't that funny.

>> No.22743611

40k doesn't belong in any game with a fast-forward button. Total War games are so. fucking. slowwwww.

>> No.22743615

>Artillery the vidya game
Enter Infiltrators, jump infantry, and rush at you in an attempt to skullfuck you units like the maulerfiend

>> No.22743617


Then they run out of supply like in Wargame: EE.
Or you just send in an airstrike or two.

Or an Orbital Strike.

>> No.22743627

>not fantastic

The fuck?

>> No.22743628

>I have too much ADD to manage things then hit "end turn"

>> No.22743629

I've got like eight of these.

>> No.22743631

Actually, I was the one sperging at the first anon who was sperging about how they were just blood angel derivatives.

And how could they be? They don't even sparkle or have long blond hair.

>> No.22743634

What if we made a 40k game like Dominions 3?

Except without ultra cunthead developers?

>> No.22743635

"Hey, Whats that little blue line"
Many dead tanks later
"Yup, those are rail guns"

>> No.22743637

I've never played a total war game. Which one would /tg/ recommend?

>> No.22743642

Shogun 2 is pretty good. Also try Rome.

>> No.22743646


This is still possibly my favourite bit of 40k fan art ever.

>> No.22743649

Rome and Medieval 2 are considered good by the majority.

>> No.22743655


I'm trying to determine whether or not that makes you some sort of ultra-faggot or not.

>> No.22743656


Shogun 2 is pretty user friendly for a first timer.

Most people will say that Rome or Medieval 2 are the best though. I honestly can't say otherwise.

>> No.22743659

Get Medieval 2 and the Lord of the Rings mod

>> No.22743675


Shogun 2, Medieval 2, and the Broken Crescent Medieval 2 Mod.

>> No.22743678

Rome Gold edition... Cheap and with today's computers you can field like 60,000 on screen at once...

I ran 300 fully upgraded Spartans against 40,000 persians
History be damned Spartans won

>> No.22743679

First, I don't remember hearing that anywhere. Second, that would mean we have to accept that Your Spiritual Liege's Ultrasmurf fanwank is canon. And that's heresy.

>> No.22743682

aye this man speaks the truth, its good to see gondorian infantry act like men instead of scared chickens like the movie depicted them.

And its awesome when none other than Boromir is the one who slay the dreaded Witch King

Fanon is the best

>> No.22743690


Don't forget he needs the expansion for that.

>> No.22743701


Rome has always been my favourite, but then I have a boner for legionnaire formations.

>> No.22743708

shitty, witty, graphics.

>> No.22743729


It's more awesome when you're playing in Skirmish mode, peer into the distance and go
"Who the fuck are these dudes in black cloaks casually walking down towards me, not giving any fucks?"

>Twenty minutes, 200 men, forty of which were the generals bodyguard and so much blood later...


>> No.22743747


I thought the actual battle was more like 3000 spartans vs 100,000 persians.

>> No.22743751

Did they have elephants and shit? I tried that too and eventually they fell. I even did it on a bridge map to create a chokepoint.

>> No.22743760


The Ringwraiths?

Javelins / throwing weapons.

They share the same code as Elephants, I believe, and Elephants are hardcoded to die to javelin.

At least, this was my experience vs Sauron.

>> No.22743762

Dont forget the mother effing Olog-hai, holy shit I see men poke at them and they simply wont go down

>> No.22743769

>TFW you can zoom in to see men giving orders in Rome 2

>> No.22743778


>Not taking Gondor on a Darker, but more Noble Path that leads it allying with Mordor and cleansing the world of Elvish taint.

>> No.22743780


Are those the big trolls?

Because I distinctly remember looking over at the Dwarf AI player and seeing a throng of them getting mugged by the happiest Erebor Slayers I've ever seen.

>> No.22743815


...are they using Medieval music?

>> No.22743821


Do you mean Uruk-hai?

>> No.22743823

That's more than DoW...Just sayin.

>> No.22743824

Shogun 2, Medieval 2, and Rome 1 are highlights of the series.

>> No.22743863

I'll give a womans view on what the Total war series is.

Little man simulator.

>> No.22743865

Nonono, it's Magos Eggman and the Adeptus Mechanicus making servitors out of the furry mutants on some weird planet. ROBOTNIK IS THE HERO HERE.

Optional: ex-Sororitas Slaaneshi witch with power armour made out of her own magical hair.

>> No.22743875

WHERE THE HELL DO I FIND THIS? I tried downloading this awhile ago and it was all 404'd

>> No.22743894

There are elite half ogres called Olog-hai

>> No.22743896

No, I think he means Olog-hai, bro. Big Ol' Mordor Trolls, mo'fucker.

>> No.22743907


>> No.22743932

>ITT: People Forget Call of Warhammer

>> No.22743938

I feel the same way. I genuinely believe that if we ever make contact in my lifetime I'll never be able to trust xenos because of 40k.

>> No.22743943

play a judge dredd game.

>> No.22743952

No one asked.

>> No.22743954

At least you won't be executed for heresy.

>> No.22743960

...is the first step on the road to disappointment

>> No.22743966

I'm sorry but no asked about your mysoginist opinon.

>> No.22743978

You want Bayonetta in this too? Could be fun.

>> No.22743989


>> No.22744000

Good thing your view is irrelevant.

>> No.22744005

If Creative Assembly actually makes something of this quality I will be very pleased...

>> No.22744006

I didn't say anything about how women don't deserve to have opinions, I just said no one asked.

>> No.22744016

Fuck you i'm allowed to share my opinion. Total war is just a little man running around simulator and 40k is racism and sexism the game.

>> No.22744018


>> No.22744037


I have a quick question about Medieval 2. What's the point of Halberd Militia? Their stats are worse than spear militia in every way.

>> No.22744040

why are you all ganging up on me because im a woman?!

>> No.22744045

GW has two levels of canon:
1. Whatever GW write, not including BL, FFG, FW or even half the WD stuff. This is supercanon and overrules anything contradictory, including contradictory stuff they said five minutes before that.
2. Everything else. From FW to your own fapfic. As long as it doesn't contradict Tier 1, it's all equally canon and, for two contradictory Tier 2 things, you basically have Schroedinger's Canon where it's both correct at the same time.

>> No.22744051

You quoted me a bunch of times but what confuses me is the Bayonetta quote.

Why do you insist on bringing it up?

>> No.22744052

>40k is racism and sexism the game.

>> No.22744060


>> No.22744066

Because women are allowed to speak bozo.
This isn't the 1800s anymore.

>> No.22744069



Your first problem.


Mix of both sword and spear, can usually do Spear Wall formation that makes a big wall of fuck. Good for holding an area and defending vs charges.

>> No.22744090

If we were ganging up on you, you wouldn't be able to post as you would be too busy doing something else.

>> No.22744099


>> No.22744100


Militia is all I can build in cities, and I don't want to convert everything to fortresses.

I usually play HRE, by the way.

>> No.22744103

You are a mysognist rapist like I thought.

>> No.22744111


didn't you make a thread a couple hours ago?

>> No.22744121

I was thinking more in line of you making sandwiches but since sex is the first thing that fell on your mind that says lots about your closet whoredom.

>> No.22744122

This tickles me.

>> No.22744127

I haven't made a thread yet today. I think I might now after seeing the rampant cis-privlilege mysogeny and racism in this thread.

>> No.22744134


10/10 got mad, would declare you ordo hereticus

>> No.22744136


If you're playing Vanilla, then as HRE you want to zerg Denmark as soon as possible, then work on Switzerland (Bern). Once you solve that problem, suck Russian dick so they don't attack you, and fuck up Italy. Try to crusade as soon as possible because the Holy Land shits money.

>> No.22744157

Femanon I'm the first guy, I'm sorry for riling you up, but can you let us get back on track?




>> No.22744163

>mfw Total war 3rd age
>mfw Call of warhammer

Which mod to choose. Its funny when mods are better than the games companies actually produce.

>> No.22744179


3rd age is better. CoW is good if you like being railroaded.

>> No.22744188

So you think its fun to make fun of women and serious female issues that effect everyone?

You are sick!

>> No.22744199

does third age have any cannons? I'd be satisfied with just trebuchets

>> No.22744226


Third age has no cannons. They have catapults and Ballistae. They MAY have trebuchet, unsure.

>> No.22744241

any explosives like the uruk hai in the movies?

I just desire to see hundreds of little mans fly through the air.

>> No.22744249


No explosives, to my knowledge, but it has been a long time, and all I really played was Dwarves.

There ARE Balrogs, however.

>> No.22744279

>hundreds of little mans fly through the air.
Harad then. Or get a Balrog!

>> No.22744296

>There ARE Balrogs, however.
oh well that is as good as big splosions.

>> No.22744352


Oh god, I want this right now. Why can't it be out now?

Or the fucking Warhammer mod for Mount and Blade?

>> No.22744384

I'd preorder a Warhammer fantasy game made by Bethesda in a heartbeat.

Picture it: just wandering the fucking world, doing mini quests for everyone from Settra to that crazy Empire musician with the bear.

>> No.22744394


I liked Empire. Nothing quite like grinding the Austrians under the boots of my Prussian soldiers.

>> No.22744411


Empire was fun when you were Britain on the Indian Subcontinent.

It got boring babysitting the colonies.

>> No.22744424

Indian is fun but easy. Admittedly, they were the only ones i played through nearly entirely.

>> No.22744495


I was somewhat disappointed with the Gurkhas. I had heard so much about them, only to receive a lackluster melee unit with low armor.

>> No.22744562

not bad

but if you are serious:
you are

>> No.22745144


>> No.22745757

You do realise that Supcom had an up to 1000 unit cap without mods. Supcom II on the other hand was and is meh.

>> No.22746825

Try http://pastebin.com/cnq9Phfa
from /twg/ with love

>> No.22747232


Man, I don't even give a shit. I loved the fuck out of L4D multiplayer (at least the first one, fuck L4D2) and miss the everloving fuck out of it. I'll play the shit out of Colonial Marines and love every minute of it.

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