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How could you forget your waifu, /tg/?

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I always loved Cuddles.

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I'm more of a Cuddles man.

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Hora hora, you seem to have forgotten me, too.

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I haven't forgotten her.

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You, good sirs, have excellent taste in psyker waifus.

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Lies and slander.

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Sorry, buddy. Macha's the only girl for me.

>ungh oh god yes call me a mon-keigh baby that gets me so hot

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in the most recent calendar pic he drew her has a fucking iceberg. not waifu material anymore.

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Best cuddles

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I don't even know who Boone is.

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I kinda like this one.

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We never forgot about him!

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as pretty as ever <3

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One of many Mr.Culexus(DA) characters, shes a psyker...a very human psyker

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I'd never forget about him!

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That's not Tarkus. What the hell are you doing?

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I shall arrive soon!

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I think you meant to say Martellus

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Believe me, I wish I could forget her.

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im more concerned about them "waifus" rather than husbandos but oh well

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I believe you both meant Araghast.

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Nah, Tarkus is the wife, Martellus is the mistress.

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Best waifu.

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>look at those Threads! and those cannons!

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Can I get a muscle waifu, please?

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Our love is as vibrant as the freshly shed blood coating a Speed Freek's trukk.

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I guess this counts?

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The unexpected waifu, courtesy of /co/

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I have but one /tg/ waifu. Sorry Boone, but my heart has already been captured for khaoss.

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This, are you fucking defective?
The way he growls Xenoooosssss gets me wet

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You guys are all casuals.
I've had the same waifu since 2004

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Yuugi is top waifu.

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What is NOT attractive about a 15,000 ton sentient female warmachine that likes long drives in the forest and poetry?

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My first wosbendo.

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As if I could ever forget about you, dear.

The man has a doctorate, he knows what he's doing.

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Boreale's pronunciation of headquarters and manufactorums is better. So goddamn classy.

Yes, that's right, Boreale.

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Eliphas isn't my husbando, and Retribution Eliphas certainly isn't my husbando. Eliphas's DC voice, on the other hand...

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>not having a waifu with ultimate loyalty

Step up, /tg/.

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I never quite got what those things on top of her head are suppose to be. Horns right?

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>>22736286 Holy warp, that girl is buff as all Nine Hells. +4 STR

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never really explained so thats my best guess too

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Overtly buff Yuugi is the worst Yuugi.

She is actually more like this.

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>The males of her species are +8 Str

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Silly Yuugi that's a hat not a cup.

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16 years and counting.

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>implying there's not sake cups that are both

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I like all Yuugi

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same here.

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That's not mai real waifu.

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well then....

..guess Yuugi is mah waifu now.

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Not even the best SA Touhou.

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never stop, Imizu.
never stop.

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B-but, how can you gue'las have waifus that don't belong to the glorious Tau Empire of the Greaterest Doubleplusgood?

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But really, I love these two Square Eggs.

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I like Utsuho more so... each one to their own waifus

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Well she does have a glowing personality.

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>Not loving all touhous equally


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What is the deal with Touhou?

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Damn you /co/ I really dig her for some reason.

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>having an evil waifu

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More specifically, this guy

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>not having an evil waifu

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they come from these

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It's a legitimately great game series with addictive gameplay, amazing character design, and ridiculously good music.

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They come from these

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Nigga, do you even smite?

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Please stop forcing these terrible OC's on us!

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>lookts at >>22736422
You sure it isn't a Exalted homebrew or something like that?

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My waifu

>> No.22736618

Well sorry for liking one of them more than the rest

Its funny that you metion it...because someone made a Touhou/ish Exlated homebrew...cant find the archive tough. in exchange a 4e Utsuho

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>not smiting your evil waifu with your dick

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It could be. If someone bothered to homebrew hard enough.

This fight started because they were having a drinking party, and Yuugi burped.

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I clean my raifu daily, to make sure she stays shinny.

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>Implying that's how it works
>Giving in to the temptations of the flesh
>Not being an eunuch

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Isn't that girl a crazy stalker and made of ice?

>> No.22736668

Yes she is

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>Not using Smite Evil on your dick to turn her good

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Best pairing

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I'm homebrewing a Gensokyo-like setting in Pathfinder, though without danmaku stuff.

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Eh, she looks better with her hair down imo.

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Her mother... Makes my dick Ice hard.

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Yes and No
She's a stalker, but because it's fun, the guy's harem fully accepts her she just does it for fun
Not made of ice, is a Yuki-Onna, a 'snow woman', completely in control of ice and snow and can turn herself into ice. But she's not made of it naturally

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Yes, the hot Yuki-Onna milf....with a love of spy movies

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So many pairing...and most of them so good

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The rest of the booklet I haven't saved, but you can find it on the interbutts under the name "KILL GEPPU".

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>yuri pairings

>> No.22736731

The best touhou waifu. Wife and bro, what more do you need?

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Boone is a really boring and generic character. As is Cuddles.

>> No.22736735

I think Cuddles is still the best waifu. When was the last time any of the rest of these ladies cooked anything for us?

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>marisa loading the Mini Hakkero
>Shits getting REAL

You know you are in those too satori

>> No.22736744

Shut up Flea you aren't even a girl.

>> No.22736745

Waifu material right here.
If only there was a way to fix that damn seal thingy on her head

>> No.22736758

>If only there was a way to fix that damn seal thingy on her head

Paper bag?

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I think Cuddles is still the best waifu. When was the last time any of the rest of these ladies cooked anything for us?

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I'd thought so, then I read that bit where cuddles exposed boone to her traumatic past. Made both of them more interesting for me in the contrast with each other, and to the setting itself.

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>people putting Satori in a pairing with Koishi
>who is her younger sister
>who is not even sentient and cannot give consent
>and is possibly the biggest NOPE character out there

>people putting Satori in a pairing with her pets, which are little more than extremely powerful animals

Thanks but no thanks.

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I keep meaning to try to play a Touhou game, finding out it's a giant hassle and then just going back to games I can play on my baka gaijin machine.

Is it weird that Horo is less of a waifu than someone I just want to hang out with and talk about business and food?

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Ah, not quite
She's an alien, her species bonds to one person for life.
That seal prevents her from completing the Bond(winging they call it), properly

>> No.22736796

>which are little more than extremely powerful animals

The same could be said for quite a few entities in Touhou.

There's also an umbrella. A sexy umbrella.

>> No.22736799

Are you really gonna post this in every remotely applicable thread you see?

>> No.22736801

>who is not even sentient


But yes, Koishi is pure NOPE material. I love it when writers realize that fact and run wild with it

>> No.22736816

>Not pairing the Big-sisters together

>> No.22736831

40K or animu flavored?

>> No.22736832

I managed to install touhou games, but find myself in a similar problem. I can't finish any of the games. Not a single one. Not even on easy mode.

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She literally cannot think. She has no conscious mind.

Her fate is so terrible because she can't even know that it's terrible.

A lot of the actual lore in touhou is extremely dark and interesting, and I hate how most fans disregard all of that and pay more attention to moe yuri shipping.

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>>marisa loading the Mini Hakkero
>>Shits getting REAL

You don't know the half of it.

>> No.22736860

>mfw I just cleared Imperishable Night on easy, for the first time, with Remilia yesterday

I've never felt more accomplished at a video game.

>> No.22736861

Xeno was scientifically proven a better sandwich-maker than Cultist-chan, if that's any clue.

>> No.22736877

>She literally cannot think. She has no conscious mind

Uh, I think you might have to start pulling some references out or something here. Bear in mind I haven't played SA yet

>> No.22736878

The only person I pair her with is myself.

>> No.22736901

Even her traumatic past is generic, though. Every escaped bioweapon has traumatic past, its all par for the course.

I want to see one bioweapon that escapes just because it got bored one day and no one could stop it.

>> No.22736903


Its American fanbase is pretty /jp/. Their devotion to Cute Girls Doing Cute Things is fantatical, as I understand it.

>> No.22736907

>Machine better than a girl that smells like bacon

>> No.22736917

Snakey scones are better

>> No.22736928

Play it. Even though it's the hardest one.

>> No.22736932

>She literally cannot think.

...What? okay, last time ic checked she only sealed her third-eye and now reads and controls thers subconsious, what did i miss?

>> No.22736933

I said scientifically, with dice rolls. Xeno cooks better.

>> No.22736982

Maybe I am misunderstanding it, but I thought that sealing her third eye also sealed her ability to think consciously, with the switch of her powers from conscious thought to unconscious.

>> No.22736993

crazy finnish woman with knife
0/10, would not perkelle with

>> No.22737021


I certain seems that way from her article in Symposium of Post-mysticism.

>> No.22737029

>crazy finnish woman with knife
You ay that like its a bad thing

>> No.22737041

There needs to be more smut/cheesecake of these two

>> No.22737049

>finnish woman
>with knife
Doubly redundant

>> No.22737054

Gotta say, I would be willing to risk my life limb and soul against the enemies of the Imperium if it meant I got to bunk with that

>> No.22737078

...No no no no, she only lost her ability to read peoples minds(like Satori) and got the subconsciusness power, in exchange she became way too laxed, not giving a shit about nearly anything and anyone, until she gets beaten on SA, THEN she starts to be curious about other people again.

>> No.22737088

I never forgot her

>> No.22737095

Wait what? I think the first chapter its not even released untill january 26?!

>> No.22737103

Which one is it?
Renamon or Rika?
Rika is one of the only Tsunderes I can stand

>> No.22737104

>I want to see one bioweapon that escapes just because it got bored one day and no one could stop it.
Unit B-031, why did you breach multiple defense barriers, incapacitate all guards that tried to stop you, and cost us billions of dollars in damage and coverup expenses?!
>Meh, I wanted a burger. One of the guards was talking about them and I wanted to see what it was.

>> No.22737105

And i gotta go...FML, cya /tg/

>> No.22737107

Truly, Xeno is bestcron.

>> No.22737108

If only a woman like Valmet really existed... but, alas, the real Finnish women are rather sedate, boring, practical, and lacking in pronounced abs.

Well, mostly.

>> No.22737120

Rika is pretty good material though

>> No.22737123


Symposium is a print work and came out last year, Hopeless Masquerade is the fighting game coming out soon.

>> No.22737133

I'd rather go with this one.

>> No.22737141

Fair enough, I could work with either.

>> No.22737147

As somebody who knows nothing about Digimon, I ask "Why is Renamon so popular?"

>> No.22737159

No idea.
I loved the show, I loved Renamon
I got no idea why

>> No.22737160

Because furries gonna fur.

>> No.22737210

That explains it perfectly. I do wonder what has to go wrong in a person's mind to become a furry.

Monstergirls are completely understandable, human face, some human skin, and some extra features that could get very interesting. But boning something that looks more animal than human? Where does that get fun?

>> No.22737224

She's the strong silent type with shittons of agility and style.
Turn out to be a pretty mature after Rika stops being a abusing bitch to her and their relationship turns into something resembling a couple.
Plus that voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJU4wkZUTsg

>> No.22737247

I'm Swedish so I can't have a Finnish waifu, risk of getting stabbed to high.

>> No.22737262

>whines about furrys post a loli
fukken really?

>> No.22737264


>> No.22737285

>Where does that get fun?
Prehensile Clitoral Hoodsville and Ribbed Vaginaberg.

>> No.22737294

>implying there's something wrong with loli

>> No.22737298

>> No.22737307

Don't tell me you're one of those.
Oh wait.

>> No.22737339

What I often see (at least among the weirder among them) is a rejection of humanity to some degree. Not simply being animalistic, but specifically self control, reason, restraint. On top of that is the assoication with "fetishes" that verge on body terrors: hyper inflation, scat, vore, gore, etc.

A physical and emotional rejection and fetishizing of the human condition. As for WHY... such dysfunctions are deep and inexplicable for the most part.

>> No.22737367

She doesn't seem loli to me, just flat chested. I doubt a little girl would be armored up and apparently about to fight something.

I do admit the armor isn't proper, but y'know, female armor is more about sexy than actual protection in the minds of most artists. And there is nothing wrong with digging flat chested girls.

>> No.22737389

Damn touchpad mouse. Didn't get to add "now this is a loli"

>> No.22737390

Not like that for me.
I'm rather simple.
It's female, and not incredibly fat, I'll fap to it.
Throwing fur and animal features on it doesn't change much so long as it is noticeably similar to humans

>> No.22737395

>I doubt a little girl would be armored up and apparently about to fight something.
Then you have never Japan.

>> No.22737398


>implying there isn't

Go home, /jp/.

>> No.22737403

Spider-Loli, Spider-Loli
Can She swing, from a web?
No she can't, but she's really damn cute
Watch out, here comes the Spider-loli!

>> No.22737424

the heck is that from?

>> No.22737431 [SPOILER] 

>No she can't
Yes she can.
>she's really damn cute
If only you knew, anon...

>> No.22737438

You're complaining about furries and posting loli while defending monstergirls? For real?

I can't explain why shits like that, but if I could choose not to be attracted to anthro's I would, I mean shits difficult because I don't get it up to actual people at this point.

Besides, fur against skin and a tail to wrap around your leg must be awesome as fuck.

>> No.22737441

Well yeah, but you aren't the kind of people I was talking about. It's that furry weirdness, the strong association with all those other extreme fetishes that gives being furry its bad name.

>> No.22737459



>> No.22737478

Furries are faggots, the technicalities are irrelevant.

>> No.22737481

I don't understand why furries are the way they are. I can symphatize with people finding xenophilia hot, but they all have wierd fetishes or are bearmode lol gay or write sonic fanfiction with original characters do not steal, or something. Just what the fuck, seriously.

SA pls

>> No.22737484

Don't worry, I'll stab you gently and with love

>> No.22737496

Dude, you are acting exactly like the butthurt dramawhores everyone hates. Quit rousing rabble and fuck off.

>> No.22737500

Eh, I'm pretty damn bad people
Lolis, Middle-aged women, in-between
Big chest, Flat chest
Furry, human
Rape, consensual
Alive, dead
Awake, Asleep
I have a lot of strange things I am attracted to
Inflation is meh, but I see why it's liked
Gore is meh, but I can get off on it.
vore and scat are my biggest no nos though.

>> No.22737523

No grandmas?

>> No.22737531

Wasurenagumo. She's cute, but the OVA isn't about cute girls doing cute things, trust me on that.

Fluffy tails and such would be awesome, but it's gotta be at least 50 percent human for me. Monstergirls tend to be 60-90 percent, thus making it understandable as it's still mostly human.

Most of us are pretty bad, you're a fair bit worse than most but hey, you do know what /tg/'s favorite red board is right?

>> No.22737554

Remember, no grandmas.

>> No.22737558

Mid 50s and above are where I draw the line, I might make a rare exception, but Wrinkles. They disgust me.

/d/ has too many dickgirls
I don't like dicks.

>> No.22737561

>implying there isn't
Go on, explain. I'll tell you why you're wrong.

>> No.22737589

That's why I'm glad they made a catalog, now I can avoid the futa flood and get to the good stuff quick and easy. And I hate futa too, really kills the boner when the girl has one too.

>> No.22737600

I merely pointed out that anons hypocrisy, don't get your panties in a bunch.

>> No.22737603

Finnish women know not what love is.

>> No.22737606

well, "i play with my dick every night, i love it. ive enjoyed 100% of the dicks ive been with, where as ive only enjoyed around 60% of the vaginas...
statistically speaking.."

>> No.22737626

Upotte!! seems like a legit series, is it?

What are you >implying that I am anon?

>> No.22737638

I understand your logic.
But seeing a dick doesn't get me aroused unless it's fucking a woman.
As such, I don't want to see it in my porn unless it's in those conditions

>> No.22737640

>Monstergirls tend to be 60-90 percent
Some of them are literally half an animal stuck to half a girl, how is that not 50%?

>> No.22737672

Never forgotten.

RIP /x/

>> No.22737708

is this related to your waifu?

>> No.22737737

Those are. Not that many are taur like, and many of those extend some aspect of the creature to the human half. More of them are pure monsterstuff in a vaguely girl shape and personality.

>> No.22737771

I know people are born with certain predispositions, but honestly if you can't even get it up to real women you must have either been born with a very cruel handicap or you have severely messed up your internal mental wiring by some method.

I mean, instinct and biology ought to ensure that it's always possible to get it up to a normal human of some kind. So something must have gone very wrong with you somehow.

Note tend, I'll a drider, lamia, ect.. because you're right, 50%. Besides, Lamia hugs would be awesome.

>> No.22737792

>Those teeth
No blowjobs please.
anything else, but no, just no

>> No.22737810

Don't worry, she's not a biter.

>> No.22737847

I grieve with you. Our beloved board waifu /x/ has passed on.

>> No.22737857

Safe than sorry my friend.
Safe than sorry
Also, if I wasn't terrified of being gutted this would be a waifu

>> No.22737930

She's not gone. She just got fat, bitchy and lame.

But I'll always remember her how she used to be....

/tg/'s one true love... not even /d/ can replace her.

>> No.22737942

>I know people are born with certain predispositions, but honestly if you can't even get it up to real women you must have either been born with a very cruel handicap or you have severely messed up your internal mental wiring by some method.

Don't ask me, I actually am mentally stable, hit the gym regulary, handsome and am pretty average otherwise.

>> No.22737953

Two words: snake tongue

>> No.22737954

I never understood how this just happened. Suddenly out of nowhere /co/ just unites in the creation of a waifu creating tons of material.

>> No.22737971

>Lamia hugs

>> No.22737972

I just googled that and found even more fanart. Why do these pictures make me sad? I've only ever been on /x/ once by accident.

>> No.22738019

/d/ was here first.
Then she grew a dick
then /x/ came
and we all know what happened there

>> No.22738021


>> No.22738026

Care to explain what you are going n about? As far as I can see there is a /x/ board

>> No.22738066

except it was /ck/ first. Back when the /tg/-tan was actually a fat guy instead of a generic skinny teenager.

But that would get in the way of the generic romance so away it goes

>> No.22738091

/x/ used to be awesome
then /b/ invaded and it's kinda turned into a shithole.

I wasn't around back when we where close to /ck/, my apologies for my lack of knowledge

>> No.22738132

it started on Pixiv

>> No.22738150

/d/ always had the dick. she just used to put it away once in a while.

>> No.22738157

But I haven't. I think of her every day.

>> No.22738215

Yes, but I meant she kept it this time. And refuses to put it away, even when asked nicely

>> No.22738230

Guess you have to buy her a lot of flowers seeing as she clearly can hold a bouquet.

>> No.22738291

>Implying the flowers are for sitting around looking pretty
>Laughing Insectoid People

>> No.22738340

So what are they for then, floor decoration?

>> No.22738393


/x/ used to be a cool board then /b/ invaded and turned it to shit.

>> No.22738400

Eating or being thrown away as the giving is symbolism of the pollination that the male wants to do with the female

>> No.22738409


They make you sad because of how things are now.

/x/ is now fat and psychotic after taking too much /b/

>> No.22738438

/x/ was already /b/ when those were drawn broseph

retarded virtual white knighting was half the point.

>> No.22738510


Yeah. But it still got worse and we still failed.

>> No.22738514

How the fuck are you that retarded? And even the ones that 50% are a clear, divided half n half rather than a blend. Black and white is a hell of a lot different than flat gray.

>> No.22738529

I never liked /x/-tan. Or the -tans in general.

>> No.22738552

The funniest thing about all this board waifuism is that, even with pairings with /d/, /ck/, /x/ and others, nobody wants /cgl/, one of the boards with the highest female population. It would just be too horrifying. Even for a 4chan board.

>> No.22738555

>she's not a biter.
Shes a constrictor.

>> No.22738619

Thanks anon, now I don't feel so bad about this whole Forever Alone thing I got going on.

>> No.22738620

Yes indeed, she'll hug you tight.

>> No.22738664


>> No.22738668

I would rather be an Arch Mage, or maybe hit 90 and reach something beyond that

>> No.22738784

Then where the fuck would you put it?

>> No.22738829

Don't reptiles have like folds where they hid their junk? I think so.

>> No.22738830

My God. It's as if having such a high concentration of cosplaying attention whores has caused the entire board to implode into some kind of menstrual singularity.

>> No.22738836

Lamia almost always have vaginas, at least Monstergirl Lamia.

>> No.22738863

Forget my waifu?

When on earth did I forget about Allenby?

>> No.22739864

You realize that this thread would've been deleted hours ago if it had a different pic, right?

>> No.22739894


Poor little Xeno. Her hips are too great for /tg/'s mods.

>> No.22740076

Waifu thread you say?

>> No.22740144

Everybody hates hipsters.

>> No.22740147

Those are some weird skin grafts, why not use larger chucks?

>> No.22740691

Small grafts are more convenient to open back up for various alterations.

>> No.22740709

Yeah, but you get infections way easier.

>> No.22740730

hipster girls like being gaunt or chubby, they don't have a incredible hips/waist ratio like Xeno.

>> No.22740799

I dunno, it just kind of disgusts me once it gets past a certain point.

Plus, technomancer's taint has forever ruined xeno for me.

>> No.22740822

She's running on super-science reworking her own body quite often.

>> No.22740823

Fran clearly has some foolproof way around worrying about infections. Or organ rejection, for that matter.

>> No.22740930

and then, there is this girl...

>> No.22740966

>the pun
>your head

>> No.22740970

Eesh. I remember that one.

>> No.22740978

but it was a terrible pun

>> No.22741020

I don't find that unsettling just hella dumb.

>> No.22741044

The fuck?

>> No.22741065

It made me chuckle.

>> No.22741072

I dunno, seems practical enough. The only thing dumb about it is thinking it could work in reality - and really, just about none of that manga qualifies for that.

She is used as a storage of spare parts for Fran to use later. As opposed to carrying around an ice chest or something.

>> No.22741100

Well then what the hell is with the zippers all over every place but her chest and abdominal cavity?

>> No.22741529

Because those are the stretch zones.

>> No.22741583

I think her chest is where the organs are that she actually keeps for her own use. Very little of the places muscles should be actually much of it, thus the zippers.

>> No.22741694

>having to choose between Cuddles or Fran


>> No.22741735

What ? The choice is obvious.

>> No.22741738

We must combine them, of course! We have the technology. We can make a single uberwaifun, better then either were before. Better. Stronger. Faster. Superior in every way.
I will, however, require another six million dollars in the budget for this quarter.

>> No.22741743

Help me in this debate /tg/ I am literally torn here

>> No.22741753

A real man would do both at once. Both is the only correct answer here.

>> No.22741760

What the hell does she spend all that money on, anyway?

>> No.22741762

>I see what you did thre

>> No.22741778

They're horns. It's a quirk of the artist who did all of her stuff.

>> No.22741782

>Fran creates clone of you, both go separate ways, secretly switching places every now and again

>> No.22741805


>> No.22741874

>Fran creates clone of you, you begin to realise you both want the same things than only one can have, you begin to blame each other for every little failure, eventually you attempt to kill each other and succeed.
Fran takes what's left of you and stitches it together, wondering what went wrong this time.

>> No.22741889

there is not nearly enough art of her.

>> No.22741915

>having to choose between Cuddles or Fran
What about someone that has a little bit of both?

>> No.22742008

Who is that?

>> No.22742027

Cuddles is a biomancer. She can change her form yo your liking, if she wants to.

>> No.22742040

That's skull-head.

>> No.22742048

An Eversor.
Very soon she will go onto the battlefield in a coked-up haze, kill a shitload of dudes, and then explode violently killing a whole lot more.
Ave Imperator.

>> No.22742073

They don't always explode. Some time they come back.

Hella sedatives to calm them down again, though.

>> No.22742104

And then stasis.
And then more killy.

>> No.22742105



>I understand more than you can possibly know.


>I understand that which is beyond understanding.



>> No.22742110

I have a feeling they make for poor waifu material but I guess some fa/tg/uy is gonna try to prov me wrong.

>> No.22742140

Look at it like this.
They are VERY energetic in the sack.

>> No.22742142

Sometimes a girl just needs to know when it's time to shut up and explode, you know?

>> No.22742176 [SPOILER] 

>Sometimes a girl just needs to know when it's time to shut up and explode, you know?
Exactly. Perhaps I can be your girl tonight...

>> No.22742185

>okay with drug use
>devoted to her tasks
>a daemon in the sack
>sedatives and stasis cuddling after a 'completed mission'
I fail to see whats not waifu material here.

>> No.22742210

>Exploding in the sack part
>Drug be pricey y0

>> No.22742219

The Eversor temple does not take women.

Callidus and Vindicare do, though

>> No.22742237

>exploding in the sack
Only if she fails. Otherwise, you just have to deal with a squirter.
>drug be pricey
Good thing its all government sanctioned. Bitch got that medicinal shit, yo.

>> No.22742259

>gonna need a source for that son.

>> No.22742262

Where do they even get their recruits? It's not like you need some special aptitude to be a drug-fueled killing machine.

>> No.22742280


Convicts in extreme prisons.

>> No.22742285

she's growing on me.

>> No.22742286

But then, Callidus is women-only.
Or did you mean Culexus, those take both?

>> No.22742309

the danger is half the fun.

>> No.22742312

Well you have convinced me.

Yuugi and Eversor-chan shall battle for my affection.

>> No.22742323

>But then, Callidus is women-only.

They APPEAR to be women-only. In truth the Callidus busty girl form is a "uniform" that everyone adopts, men and women

>> No.22742327

M-maybe if you take the claws off them they're a little less stabby? Stop ruining my dreams of emotionally connecting with a psychotic ball of rage!

>> No.22742339

She started as something sexual. Then she became a daughter figure.

Dammit LMK

>> No.22742348

Trannyfags pls go. That joke already got stale with Screaming Banshees.

>> No.22742360

You could just put corks on the claw-tips works great for me,

>> No.22742367


It's canon you effete plebe. Go back and read the assassins articles from 2nd edition.

>> No.22742389

Reminds me of that Living With Monster comic with the spidergirl who accidentally slashes her husbando's back open.

>> No.22742394


My waifu goes much further back.

>> No.22742409

And this is why we can't have nice things.

Let's hope he stops the degeneration here before she turns into a serious tragic character yadda yadda

>> No.22742438

This entire character fills me with slight but definite unease.

>> No.22742443

Jesus Christ, is that Brotherhood of Steel? Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.22742457

I'm fine with it either way. Bully for him for trying to make an actual plot of this, but lets hope he doesn't forget his roots.

I'm also of the opinion that one shouldn't shoehorn in the ear rubbins like they were trying to do in that last thread.
I feel ya, I really do.

On the other hand, she is downright adorable.

>> No.22742459

i hope she doesn't go full tragic and just stays at the adorable level she is now.

i also just hope we make it a few more threads before the /tg/ anti-fun crowd discovers it.

>> No.22742475

Wait, you mean normally girls don't do that?

>> No.22742483

So far, the anti-fun crowd seems to be trying to use her to counter other fun things.

>> No.22742490

only the Italian and hispanic ones do that

>> No.22742502

Not with adorable, sexy exoskeletal claw-fingers

>> No.22742507

>shoehorn the ear rubbings
no, you get it wrong, the ear rubbing is what the whole thing is about; anything that doesn't serve this purpose is shoehorned in.

>> No.22742520

There's one thing, in particular, that she's being used to counter. Everything else is coincidental.

>> No.22742533

Its not just about physical form you crude, its about personality

Good god this actually sounds like a "Franken Fran" episode except I would be fine with a copy of myself and would be totally okay with switching off, we share everything down to the genetic level. Hell I'd be okay with a devils threesome with myself

Not at all sir, she is nowhere near either, except for possibly a bit of cuddles with the battlefield bloodlust

>> No.22742544

Oh, just wait for it, I'll start a blueberry thread in the near future and I'm sure she'll be used.

>> No.22742548


>oh noes it's not my precious NMA waifu Van Buren

>> No.22742557

/tg/ I am proud of you, hours of thread and not a single mention of cultist

though I am disturbed by your lack of cata-chan

>> No.22742562

>Good god this actually sounds like a "Franken Fran" episode...
I'm glad someone noticed.

>> No.22742576

Cuddles doesn't have a personality, she acts vaguely helpful to most characters but she doesn't have an actual personality. She doesn't even act as creepily as her design would suggest.

>> No.22742588

She's been mentioned several times. Just because a ctrl+f doesn't return any results on "cultist" doesn't mean she hasn't been obliquely referenced. Read a thread, kid.

>> No.22742606

Knowing myself it there might be plenty left, unless of course if I forgo the honor duel to the death with fisticuffs (which in a life or death fight I would do anything to win) there might be fire and explosives involved, possibly heavy machinery. Yep, there would probably be enough left for one of me

>I can see both personalities conflicting when "we" regain conciousness and cuddles and fran looking both looking slightly concerned and confused as I begin to punch myself with alternating arms

>> No.22742610

I'll bet you liked Fallout 3.

>> No.22742638

>dat gap
>dem freckles

>> No.22742645


>> No.22742655

I havent seen that yet. At least they moved on from Blue

>> No.22742672

>Cuddles doesn't have a personality
Someone doesn't read lore

Cuddles is fiercely loyal and protective to her boss, goes out of her way to help Boone (spoiled rich girl from imperial world thrown into military) appreciate her position, baked cupcakes for accidentally zapping a photographer that startled her. She collects as many books as she can and spends most of her time to herself reading. She is also snarky as she pointed out laughing her boss Raege being hypocritical about affections and warfare being completely separate matters.

She is the snarky shy well read girl that likes to help others but won't hesitate to utterly destroy someone for herself or her friends

>> No.22742677

In the latest xeno's adventure thread, ensued a big shitstorm about which quest was the least badly drawn the next day.

>> No.22742679

No, I got it right. I meant this scene in particular. We already established that ear rubs are reserved for rewards, so doling this one out quick n dirty just to pacify some protestors displeased me.

>> No.22742697

Not against formal occasions in between killing the enemies of the Imperium either

>> No.22742739

That sounds very contradictory and fakely deep.
>généreux, mesquin, pacifiste, agressif, progressiste, bourgeois, désintéressé, jaloux, intrépide et quelque peu capon. En somme, brave et honnête comme vous et moi...

>> No.22742745

I will never forget her.

>> No.22742789

>Because human personalities have no conflicting aspects to them

reason I described the deeds first brodysseus

>> No.22742800

So shes the played out 'monster on the outside, lady on the inside' cliche. If you painted her green and yanked on her ears a bit, you could call her Shrek.

>> No.22742813

Dirty fuckin thief. Now HERES a real waifu.

>> No.22742820

snarky and shy don't work together.

>> No.22742837

They do when a person is snarky to their close friends, and they only have a few, whereas they are shy around everyone else they don't know that well

>> No.22742855

Then you're plain wrong, she's not shy around other people, she's there to kill them.

>> No.22742856

So in the end this is just you ending up with this original solution

>> No.22742879

Thread is in autosage, please continue in >>22742870

>> No.22742882

Socially, and it could be that she keeps to herself mostly due to circumstance because other guardsmen and Imperium soldiers would be a little bit freaked out. She could be confident and I am just reading it wrong
On the battlefield she is basically living artillery

>> No.22742906

>I-its not l-like I w-want to stab you, uguu~

>> No.22743048



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