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/tg/ Have you seen the new Starcraft 2 OP cinematic?:


How would IG or Space Marines have tackled that Tyranid incasion?

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ya....siege tanks and marines were not going to stop that...

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eh the guard would hold the line and pray that the space marines would show up

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Better artillery

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wake up?

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Goddamnit she still has biomechanical high heels.

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No more queen of blades

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They had a battlecruiser in orbit, but used fighters instead of yomato cannon to attack Kerrigan's leviathan?

In her dreams indeed.

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By turning it into goo in orbit rather than engaging it in a highly populated area.

By retreating to an actual military holdout rather than some wide open square.

By having machine guns that work they way they are supposed to with cutting a man in half rather than making him itch himself.

By having dedicated artillery with range that is funtionable and actually deadly.

By having dedicated armored tanks with actual load outs of semi-modern vehicles including: missile pods, mounted machine guns, actual speed

By having decent transportation of all the infantry in vehicles that contribute during combat: ATC, Humvees, anything of the like

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>thinking two marines is going to stop anything
Well that was just silly
>siege tanks being so small
Unless that is some sort of Gigalisk, I call bullshit
>Viking taking the time to transform just to get knocked the fuck out
More fucking stupidity
>Waiting until the enemy is at your doorstep to deploy siege mode
Once again, full retard here

All in all, the guy playing Terran fucking sucked in that video.

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>Having guns that do more than tickle the enemy to death

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Yeah, but I don't think it's out of the question to call hax on the Zerg.

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Hell yeah she does!

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If Blizz did fucking movies they would give everyone a run for their money.

They just need good writers.

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It really depends on how the fight is set up. Tyranids usually invade planets, when they have defeated any opposition in Orbit. While they seem rather beastlike, the collective hime mind is far from dumb. They really only attack fortified worlds, if they can expend the biomass or genestealer cults have infitrated the upper echelons of the populace and started to wreak havoc. But generally speaking, the IoM cannot hope to beat the tyranids in open battle. All victories have either been a clever trick or scorched earth policy; the latter meaning, you blow the planet up by exterminatus when a hive fleet unleashes it's creatures on the surface.

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Not...really. The zerg didn't seem overpowered, they just used decent strategy against a spectacularly inept terran player.

Also, biological high heels.

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>I don't think it's out of the question to call hax on the Zerg.
Of course not. Those ultralisks and nydus worms were way oversized and even the lings seemed unkillable. Still though, Terran was dumb as fuck that match.
Funny, I say the same thing about Square Enix.
They're practically making movies already

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You know, Blizzard's writing used to be exceptional by videogame standards. What the hell happened.

...oh right, pic related.

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>oversized ultralisks that can one-shot tanks and valkyries
>not literally a hack in the game

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By having an air force with an engagement range similar to the modern era, measured in Kilometers, not yards.

By having mixed equipment for infantry including but not limited to: assault rifles, longer range battle rifles, Light MGs, Flamethrowers, sniper rifles, combat shotguns

Having all troops equipped with and trained in the use of the bayonet and not be afraid to stab a xeno in the face (or in the chest).

By having an actual military fucking strategy rather than shoot and then run away when they get too close.


By making an effective kill zone

By filling that kill zone with means to slow down the attackers such as barricades, tank traps, mines, pit falls, etc

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diablo 3 was such a let down

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He looks like such a faggot.

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>Deploying 3 vikings vs a Leviathan
Flawless Military Tactic right threre, Ladies and Gentlemen, No wonder the Protoss have such high hopes of mankind.

To OP:
There was shown nothing that couldnt be solved by massive amounts of Leman Russes and Hydras.

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So was Starcraft 2.

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>Those ultralisks and nydus worms were way oversized
That might just be a scale mod.

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Does he still suck orc dicks in Warcraft?

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>Marine gets stomped on by ultralist, cutting off the Wilhelm scream

There it is.

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I still like how the Toss originally wanted to genocide mankind simply so that the Zerg couldn't eat us because they had that much faith in us.

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Are those... Are the rims of his glasses made out of gold? And did he dye his hair with gold as well?

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So many micro mistakes in that video. No wonder Terran lost.

A great Terran can beat Zerg despite the imba.

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And the one hit kills those ultras were dishing out? No way that shit was legal. Forget the fact that Siege Tanks should be huge as fuck, at least on par with an ultralisk.

Like I said, thats either some kind of gigalisk or someone got their scales fucked.

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This. Diablo 3 at least had some interesting ideas in it. The Starcraft 2 plot was just a trainwreck.

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Yes. He can afford it thanks to WoW.

>> No.22733404

A trainwreck that completely missed what made Starcraft 1 so fun at that.

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Well, gotta think positve. At least we didnt give the zerg a psionic super-leader/monster with free will, just imagine how THAT would suck.

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I know a person who had a bone spike growing from heel due to an improperly healed fracture. It caused horrible pain when walking and was nowhere near the size Kerrigan's are.

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Remember, the whole battle scene was Kerrigan's dream. Its understandable that she would dream about having giant invincible ultralisks.

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The things that pissed me off the most about the end of SC2.1 is that it looked like they got rid of her bonespike heels and her tentacledread hair. If she gets to keep that shit, I will be so goddamn happy.

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so how long until we get the protoss chapter?

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Requesting shop, making idra wake up at the end of the video.

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But ultralisks being invincible is reality...

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Her dreams have obviously not been playtested, because that shit was imba as fuck.

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Was she also Queen of Blades, Leader of the Swarm and Alpha Bitch of the Universe?

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Her dreams are op as fuck, then. I demand that Blizz patch Kerrigans dreams ASAP.

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I disagree.

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You need to use more tanks then.

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That video would be hilarious if all the terran units were microed perfectly.

Nothing but marines and medivacs. Marines sprinting around, back flipping, firing while breakdancing and rubbing their dicks. Zerg QQs and retreats.

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2 years and 60 bucks after this comes out.

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Seriously, Kerrigan used to be so goddamn awesome in SC1, just doing what she wants because fuck you.
Then in SC2 it was all "Oh please, big strong Jim Raynor, be my knight in shining armor and save my fragile self from this curse"

Fuck that writing.

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>Oh hey, this looks pretty cool.. why haven't I been hyped for this at all again, i remember think WoL was a very good campaign

And then i remembered, the abyssmal plot that you can see coming from a fucking mile away. It's warcraft 3 all over again with noble orcs(zerg) with all races having to unite against the burning legion (xelnaga hybrid things). Oh yeah. that's why i don't feel hyped.

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>Blizzard cinematics
>Michael Kirkbride writing
Gentlemen, I give you the first of many grand tales to come.

Prepare yourselves for...

Elder Scrolls Animated: The Battle of Red Mountain

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I feel like none of the game really felt like it captured the mood of SC1 because it was too busy trying to be Firefly and it also pissed all over a lot of the greater moments of the first game by doing shit like making the Overmind a misunderstood good guy, invalidating Tassadars sacrifice by making him some Obi Wan Kenobi ghost type pokemon who spends all day drinking ecto-coolers with Ghost Overmind, setting you up for obvious dramatic twists with shit like Dr. Narud, and especially by making Kerrigan redeemable. Kerrigan was a great tragic character and they fucked all that up with a fucking macguffin AND denied Fenix as well as Edmund Duke their rightful revenge on top of that.

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>implying he doesn't look like Elton John, George Michael and Eddie Izzard combined
So he's a double faggot with a tranny twist. Sounds about right.

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I just want my Warcraft 3 movie already

>> No.22733484

>>Michael Kirkbride writing

That would be fucking atrocious. Have you read anything he wrote after Bethesda let him go?

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>Sequel to Warcraft 3
>ignores the bumfuckery that is WoW
>Starts of at The Frozen Throne, but ends differently

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Fuck that. Warcraft 3 was and is "orcs cocks are so good, put more in my mouth-pussy".

Warcraft 2 movie. Do that.

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Not to mention they shat over their own "reedeemed" kerrigan by making her relapse into her old zerg habits in Heart of the swarm, thus making the entire plot of wings of liberty POINTLESS

>> No.22733505


There was only one good thing about the Wings of Liberty campaign plot.

>> No.22733506

Oh my, he does look like Izzard
Surely with the current writers it could be good. No wait, it couldn't. A movie is the only reasonable suggestion, since they don't have to write anything

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he was a true bro

>> No.22733520

In Heart of the Swarm she will be all confused about whether she wants to join the last grand alliance of elves and men or nom them.

She will join and then in the protoss $60 dollar campaign the really real bad guys get bitch slapped with a deus ex machina.

>> No.22733536


That's Metzen being Metzen.

>He even hints that Kerrigan and Raynor's story in Heart of the Swarm - a story of a good man struggling with his demons while trying to save a girl from the darkness within her - draws from his own experience. "Let's just say that there's some continuity between my life these past many years and what this story is. And in some way, cathartically, I've been working out my own demons."


>> No.22733537

I also forget to mention that Kerrigan being THE CHOSEN ONE is dumb as fuck.
>making her relapse into her old zerg habits in Heart of the swarm
Does she? By the looks of the trailer, the whole game is gonna be about her fighting her Zergy instincts and about how shes SO SAD at everything she has singlehandedly been the reason behind the death of for the past 5 or so years.

>> No.22733540

Didn't he draw from his own life when he made Thrall the star of Cata and had a wedding between Thrall and... that brown orc bitch.

>> No.22733544

just to clarify, when i said WoL was a good campaign, i meant as a campaign. It's a good game. Story is garbage (or setting up garbage) for reasons >>22733475 accurately points out.

Tosh was cool though

>> No.22733551

Taking odds on the final plot device being
>We have no hope of defeating that elder race on our own
>Oh look, there was another elder race
>And they have a handy artifact for murdering any protoss/zerg hybrids and the evil elder race all at once
>Bunch of Protoss activate that thing and heroically sacrifice themselves
>Prolly Kerrigan has to die as well because Zerg DNA yada yada ding dong

>> No.22733558

And then she DING DONG CLIFFUs.

>> No.22733559

knowing blizzard....yes

>> No.22733568

The worst plot elements in SC2 weren't even the stupid shit about the zerg being oppressed good guys and Kerrigan being an emo damsel in distress.

There were just basic fucking plotholes you could drive a battlecruiser through. Shit like...Mengsk having a killswitch for Tychus, but not using it when Tychus was storming his capital city. Or Valerian seeking an alliance with Raynor, but not telling him that until Raynor had already stormed his ship and killed many of his men. Really basic storytelling failures.

>> No.22733569

>It's a good game
I will give you that. Some of the levels like the Odin hijack or the train robbery were a blast. Still, it lacked the sort of scale that SC1 gave you in even one of their campaigns and it only WAS one campaign.

>> No.22733570


>Kerrigan dies in a heroic sacrifice.
>Protoss all die and become one with the Force

>Time has come for the dominion of Men

>> No.22733579

Or the fact that now apparently making Zerg and Protoss is how XelNaga reproduce or some shit Reaper style even though it was stated before that those two races were basically just science experiments.

>> No.22733584

There may or may not be a second eldar race but yeah. Pretty much that.

Is it too much to ask for techological and strategic innovations as well as a total war economy?

Bad guys turn up and poop themselves a little when they see what is waiting for them before getting ground into the mud and drowned in the mixed blood of all the combatants.

>> No.22733592

>Raynor gets a depressive episode
>Dials deux ex machina artifact to "human"
>Kills all sentient life in the universe because seriously, they had it coming.

>> No.22733596

not compatible with corporate thinging though. must leave room for sequels/additional possible products

>> No.22733604

>turns out the other elder race was some ancient form of humanity

>> No.22733608

Well turns out Kerrigan was a strong enough psychic to do the whole Protoss force spirit thing. She then has her conciousness inplanted into a sexrobot to get it on with Raynor again.

Oh wait, now I strayed into Bioware territory.

>> No.22733611

oh no he dies also

>> No.22733612


Actually, I liked the idea of the Xel-Naga being reaper like. Its more compelling than them just having uplifted the protoss and zerg for the lolz.

But the exact sequence of events in how they actually go about it in the story is hopelessly contradictory and stupid. As is the nature of the hybrids (the Not-Burning-Legion did exactly what the xel-naga wanted, but instead of making xel-naga it made them eeeeeeeevil).

>> No.22733625

I disagree, as science for the sake of SCIENCE makes an alien race a lot more relatable and yet still alien if you ask me. Whatever Duran was up to in Brood War was very intriguing though and I am utterly disappointed on how they followed up what was probably one of the creepiest bonus levels ever.

>> No.22733631


Unless it is Xel'Naga and what they planned was evil all along?

>> No.22733641


That would have been much better than what Blizzard is actually doing.

>> No.22733649

so where exactly is that from?

>> No.22733677

>By turning it into goo in orbit rather than engaging it in a highly populated area.
Yeah right, as they tend to do

>By retreating to an actual military holdout rather than some wide open square.
see 1.

>By having machine guns that work they way they are supposed to with cutting a man in half rather than making him itch himself.

well a few

>By having dedicated artillery with range that is funtionable and actually deadly.


>By having dedicated armored tanks with actual load outs of semi-modern vehicles including: missile pods, mounted machine guns, actual speed

"actual speed" well... oroight, yeah

>By having decent transportation of all the infantry in vehicles that contribute during combat: ATC, Humvees, anything of the like


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Wow. What a tool.

StarCraft had an established story. You don't shit all over that as some sort of therapy because your ex-girlfriend sucked.

>> No.22733748

Okay, I can see why you don't like it. I disagree for the following reasons:
1. The overlord was not a misunderstood good guy. He just did not want the Dark voice to use his entire race as disposable pawns. I see nothing in here saying he didn't want to nom the entire galaxy.
2. I like that they made Kerrigan redeemable. What can I say, I'm a sucker for redemption stories. Hell, the primary reason I dislike WOW was that they had all of the various redeemable characters immediately go full retard and die in spectacularly stupid fashion.

>> No.22733760


You need bosses to raid dontcha know.

>> No.22733761

The problem is you write what you know. Seems he's getting in too much of his heartbreak and shit in when he should be focusing on making sure everything else worked.

Maybe he just rolled with it like Casey Hudson did for that abortion ending of ME3. I sense fanny massacre.

>> No.22733779

Eh the only WoW death I had issue with was Illidan, and maybe Deathwing, but I stopped following WoW lore right around Cataclysm's release.

tfw you will never explore WoW for the first time again.

>> No.22733790


>> No.22733802

>abortion ending of ME3.
Stop embellishing its quality.

>> No.22733826

WTF is happeing with the story of Starcraft?Kerrigan killed Fenix, made Zeratul kill Raszgal(spelling), refused Dugalle's terms of surrender and sent swarm after him. Oh and killed at least 8 billion people. And Raynor swore he would take revenge on her.. But in WoL he saves her, because he wants to tap that ass.

>> No.22733851

Three year timeskip to change his mind. People tend to forget that part. Also, it is quite clear that he regards the queen of blades and Sarah Kerigan as separate people. How correct he is in that belief will be discovered soon enough.

>> No.22733859


Yeah, it's a total cop out.

On the other hand, it's not hard to imagine Raynor having said that in the moment. The years have passed, and that rage has cooled. He's over it. Or more that he just doesn't care about anything much these days.

>> No.22733863

You have no idea how angry I got at the stupidity of that LAM pilot. Why would you deploy dead in front of the stampeding hoard, instead of maybe, on the buildings ahead, in that courtyard entrance or really anywhere which isn't 3 seconds away from death

>> No.22733870

What the....is /v/ leaking or are even fa/tg/uys that angry about Blizzard?

>> No.22733871


Three years to change his mind? Yeah I guess it' enough to forget somebody killed your friend, betrayed you, genocide etc.

>> No.22733883

get out

>> No.22733886


If the Wings of Liberty final missions are to be believed, it might be true. Purging Kerrigan of most zergy bits likely did something to her head too.

Anyway, Raynor also spent the timeskip continously drinking. His head has definitely been changed.

>> No.22733894

Again. He hates the queen of blades, but loves Sarah Kerrigan.

>> No.22733900


That Viking was under some serious bronze-league micro if they thought using it against the Ultralisk (as opposed to the Banshees) was a good idea.

>> No.22733922

/tg/ doesn't have much love for WoW. Most people here think the franchise was at its best by WC3 or even WC2. /v/ has been seeping in on /tg/ for some time now.

>> No.22733925


Even if he "saved" her she would have to answer for her crimes, and there is bigger chance of her being "evil" again. Looking at some HoTS camapign vids, it looks like she will kill some more people and Protoss. Great logical decision.. It's a bad love story now. It lacks only shiny vampires.

>> No.22733932

Oh, okay. Thanks for the heads up.

>> No.22733933

the same way they would respond to the tyranids

>> No.22733938

Also to everyone saying the Ultralisks were too big... They're actually to-scale.

Pic related.

What the fuck it's too big, lemme just post it up like this: http://i2.minus.com/idKJOHIciRf0E.jpg

>> No.22733949


Raynor kills Protoss even though he's all buddy-buddy with them.

Also the Terrans Kerrigan kills in HotS are Dominion, which is fine as peaches in most books.

>> No.22733951


Holy shit colossi are huge.

>> No.22733956


Raynor himself killed a lot of protoss in WoL, if they're Protoss Cerberus/Duran Mercs/Ulrejaz flunkies/Apologetic Selendis troops it's okay.

As for humans, Mengsk's forces are free game and you will accumulate no sin for it.

>> No.22733960

this so fucking hard.

>> No.22733975

>Holy shit colossi are huge.

Would you say that they're Colossal?

>> No.22733979

This trailer is sexist.

It pretty much tells little girls that all their dreams of self-improvement and power are nothing more than dreams to be shattered at the most heart-breaking moment.

They ruined one of the most badass women in video-games thanks to their penises. Good Job Blizzard!

>> No.22733981

holy fuck

>> No.22733982


>> No.22733983

>mfw when i have never followed wow or even played a minute of it, warcraft died to me with WC3

>> No.22733988


No, I would say huge. It's why I said it.

>> No.22733992


>> No.22734008

fuck that. warcraft had its zenith with warcraft 2 and BotP. Everything afte that was just a letdown

>> No.22734013


They also ruined Raynor. And whole story.

>> No.22734018


You mean how they didn't?

>> No.22734042

they made the xelnaga into the burning legion

>> No.22734055

am i right to guess the ships on top page arent to scale with the things on the below page?

>> No.22734057

>1 It was only a dream
>2 For every zerg u kill 10 replaces it
for every tyranid u kill 100 replaces it
>3 We only saw 1 little bat flying there for tyranids gargoyles there are so many of them that they will block out the sun and sky
>4 they only had couple of ultralisk for every 1000 zergs for ever 100 gaunst they have about 10 warrior 3 zonathropes 5 carnifexes and 1 tyrant and ripppers/spores
>5 from underground will come raveners and trygons
>6 lictors and genestealers will strike from the rears or other weak points
>7 and when the bio-titan is sighted all hope is lost
>8 the only thing you can do is to die
>9 tyranids the gret beasts, devourers of worlds they will strike fear even in the god-emperor himself

>> No.22734068


Yeah, the tiny dots in the center of the ship-scale half include things such as the Scout and Shuttle, which are in the bottom.

>> No.22734072


>tfw you will never have valkyries again

>> No.22734073

nevermind, noticed the gnats on the top page

>> No.22734078

The terrans seemed pretty shit at knowing where to put their units. And their training seems retarded as well.

>Alien spores rain down
>Crash 50 feet from you
>You are carrying a gun
>You walk up to the hole

One of these things doesnt belong.

>Be inna mech/jet
>In a city with hundreds of rooftops
> Land on the road and try to transform in front of charging mega beast
Yea. The pilots are dumb too.

>Be inna future
>Have tanks with advanced leg stabilizers
>0 targeting computers
>Still miss and hit buildings

What the fuck? 40k doesnt understand their tech, but I thought Starcraft Terrans did. This is confusing and dumb.

>Dat CGI was sexy though

>> No.22734087


>But of course, my dear.

>> No.22734131


>> No.22734187


What a voice to hear purred at you when you're not even a teenager.

>> No.22734195

>purging Kerrigan
didn't she CHOOSE to be evil when she found how much she liked the new powers the Overmind gave her? It wasn't something like a mind-control virus or split personality, she did all that because she chose to.
You might say she was under the control of the Overmind, but then, after it died, and she assumed direct control of the swarm, she was all herself.

>> No.22734196


Just went and looked it up for you.

It's from an 8 page oneshot story from issue 10 of the old warhammer monthly comic called "The Samos Sanction".

>> No.22734198


I figured it was just rule of cool. Starcraft's story may not make a lot of sense, but Blizzard's CGI guys are good at what they do.

>> No.22734202

It was a dream, though.

But still.

Even if it wasn't, it wouldn't be out of place. The soldiers don't even have free-will, they are entirely controlled by their brain-implants. If the commander wants to sacrifice a few soldiers to scout the big, burning hole in the ground, they can do nothing but comply.

>> No.22734217


I loved that comic.
"No problems."

>> No.22734232

>didn't she CHOOSE to be evil

99% certainly that was retconned (or she wasn't stating the truth in SC1). She seems to get a big change of personality in WoL after the magic artifacts are used to purge her.

>> No.22734242

It's a shame that Blizzard also stole GW's abillity to shit all over their own stories.

...that and the art style for SC2 sucks.

>> No.22734245

Yeah, that was pretty much the main thing that made her an interesting character. After the Overmind got done, she was suddenly in full control of almost unlimited powers. She is not inherently capital E Evil, but also does not have any reason to feel any attachement to the Terrans or even humanity at large, given that she was now literally a different species.
The fact that she did most of what she did out of her own free will was exactly what made her a fairly complex and tragic figure.

>> No.22734257


I'd say it's probably a bit of both. Obviously you want Kerrigan to be useful, but at the same time the greater degree of her spirit was left to her.

Doesn't mean she didn't get a whole mess of augmentation values wise. Of course she did have a lot of baggage going into the entire thing.

>> No.22734259

oh don't start this

>> No.22734271

That is easy
>Tyranid formations sighted , they look like a heavly mutated version colonel !
Prepare the hydra flak tanks to engage the incoming drop pods, tell Liuetenant Lena to get her valkyries to stand at hold and order mobile veteran troops inside them to counter the enemy at key points. Order Lieutenant Blackwells manticores to engage the big bugger at the sky.
>Roger that colonel voxing the orders now.
Captain Bailey situation briefing, get your ass over here now !

Get autocannons in the chokepoints and windows of buildings to provide covering fire for your troops, tell Liuetenant Eleanors veterans to get into pre designated killing grounds and equip flamers plasmas and grenade launchers, anything they can get their hands on. Someone find Captain Dedai and tell her to get her goddamn ass on the move and start the engine of those macharius tanks and leman russes, order her to get the tanks on wide open spaces where they can manuever but behind the troops to give covering fire. Contact Lena when you need support of valkyries and drop troops.
Any questions? Dismissed !
Show them what cadians are made of ,Emperor protects.

>> No.22734278


Maliciously, deliciously evil. That was her. One of the best, most compelling villians I've seen. Then she just turned into the Invisible Religious Blowjob Robot in WoL.

>> No.22734284


Actually the abillity to shit all over their own story is pretty much the only thing Blizzard legit stole from GW.

Creature designs and concepts weren't stolen.

>> No.22734304

It's probably much simpler:

>Tell the men to take up position in the main square, have them hold their ground until the end
>Tell the navy to commence orbital bombardment as soon as contact is made
>It was an honor serving with all of you, the Emperor protects!

>> No.22734308


>> No.22734313

You're better off engaging them in space.

>> No.22734325

SC2 fluff is not just Metzen.

Andy Chambers, who as everyone knows is famous for his work at GW, was the other major fluff designer in Starcraft 2.

I wonder when Blizzard hires Mat Ward as their newest story developer.

>> No.22734354

>Mat doing lore for blizzard


>> No.22734375

Arthas gets resurrected and hailed as the Spiritual Leige of all Paladins ever.

Lothar rolls in his grave so hard he sends Azeroth hurtling into a black hole.

>> No.22734397


More like

>herp derp start digging trenches and affixing bayonettes

>> No.22734424

Yeah Arthas get resurrected but not Illidan fuck Illidan blizzards most raped character

>> No.22734449

wait, so andy chambers is the one i have to blame for sc2 becoming warcraft 3 II ?

>> No.22734459

llidan was resurrected in the new expansion I think

>> No.22734468


Well, Metzen too.

>> No.22734481


I wonder how long it will take them to decide to resurrect Lothar then.

>> No.22734509

depends on the regiment and world

>> No.22734517

No he was not wtf u speaking and if u think hes alive in thoose end of hour shit nope he is it not

>> No.22734553

BotP??? wtf is BotP?

>> No.22734607

Well, It's time to pirate.

>> No.22734618

I have no idea why I made that acronym like that. I meant BtDP

>> No.22734623

He means BtDP, Beyond the Dark Portal, the WC2 Expansion Pack.

>> No.22734686

I think i we had the space advantage we would have already beaten the mothership. I am assuming we dont have access to Imperial Navy right now to call in support.
We are on our own for now lads,hold positions and beat them back!

Nah that is the krieg way, we are the cadian 7th we roll in style with combined forces and lots of armour

>> No.22734839

ah, I thought so, wouldn't wanna miss out on some good ol' wc-game , had to ask

>> No.22734871

Nobody seems to be commenting on the animation. It was fucking spectacularly made. I wish Blizzard would do full CGI movies sometime.

THIS is how I want things to feel when I play my Tyranids. Fucking cruddace.

>> No.22734899

Me to

>> No.22734911

Me triple.

>> No.22734926

Blizzard always had great cinematics. But they become stupider and stupider in their "plot" as time goes on.

>> No.22734948

I agree

>> No.22734966

>how to make a good cgi movie

1. Get a competent writer
2. let blizzard handle the CGI
3. ???

>> No.22734983


Lead writer: Hideo Kojima

>> No.22734997

What really irked me about SC2 was the Tal'darim. They felt like a cop-out, like they didn't feel like writing a real reason for fighting the Protoss, so they went "lol drugged up religious cult."

At least in SC and BW they bothered to properly justify the infighting and the various factions had actually a proper and understandable justification to their actions.

>> No.22735000

Jesus christ are they just now doing this? The ending animation leaked like two years ago or something.

>> No.22735037

He said good. Not verbose.

>> No.22735042

You mean this

>> No.22735081

OH shit son KOJIMA

>> No.22735098

I thought they would release these things consecutively. Since, you know, they're the same game.

>> No.22735134


That's Blizzard we're talking about. They're as efficient at releasing game s the Ad mech is at finding lost Tech on Mars.

>> No.22735145

But that's wrong. ActiBlizzard know exactly what they're doing to get maximum profit for minimum effort.

>> No.22735168

The Terran Marines need to fight more like Mobile Infantry in the Starship Troopers novel and less like the Mobile Infantry of the Starship Troopers movie.

>> No.22735218

Maybe this has been states already or maybe it just irks me because Im from Arizona. But what the fuck was with the western feel they tried to give you in wings of liberty. Raynor has shotgun shells in his vest and hangs out in a saloon, theres a jukebox aboard the superscience ship? What the fuck.

Starcraft 1 to me had a grungy feeling of playing the lower class guys in a society of super science against the pampered elite, it was kinda cool. Not this space western garbage with bug invaders and pseduo eldar for luls

>> No.22735222

Silly Goyim, don't listen to him. Blizzard produces high quality games!

>> No.22735240


Wasn't it activision that made the developers of Vampire: Bloodlines stop work on the game when their deadline was reached, and then delayed the game for a year or something because they wanted Half Life 2 to be the "first" Source Engine game, and that's why Bloodlines was effectively unplayable as it was released?

>> No.22735244

Starcraft Terran were rednecks in space. That's not politically correct enough for actiblizzard, so they fixed them.

>> No.22735259

Well, mainly the Confederates, who were mostly killed off by the end of the first game.

>> No.22735274

>Shotgun shells all over body
>No shotgun

Quality game design.

>> No.22735357

You're forgetting that he wears power armor when he actually fights, so those shotgun shells have literally no reason whatsoever to be on his clothes.

>> No.22735391

Obviously in the west we just walk around with shotgun shells in our jackets.
Live shotgun shells.
Even though we only own a handgun.

Im suprised they didn't give him some sort of future revolver.

>> No.22735429


Uh I'm pretty sure he had one, he shot Tychus with it.

>> No.22735437


It bothered me more than that. Raynor had no demonstrated reason to hate the Tal'darim. He just killed them because they were in his way, making him no better than Mengsk or Kerrigan.

Sure, the last Tal'darim mission has you rescuing dark templar from their slave camps, but there was no indication that Raynor knew about their crimes against the other Protoss when he first started attacking them.

>> No.22735448

Didn't he have a gun in a holster when not in armor? Maybe the shells are for that thing.

>> No.22735489

To be honest, I wouldn't expect Raynor to be friendly to all the Protoss, just like he isn't friendly to all the humans. Even in the original SC he was friendly with a rather small faction of the Protoss, who gained power by BW by virtue of being right about the overmind and the DTs.

I liked the fact the original protoss weren't a monoculture and had different internal factions and political struggles, but the Tal'darim just threw all that out the window and replaced it with lazy writing.

>> No.22735510


>Andy Chambers, who as everyone knows is famous for his work at GW, was the other major fluff designer in Starcraft 2.

Thus why the one Xel'Naga we meet is basically a C'tan.

>> No.22735519


"Not being friendly" with them and "killing them without provocation because its convenient" are not the same thing.

I agree with you about protoss cultural and political diversity.

>> No.22735522


Last I checked, every Terran Marine was basically toting around a Tau Railrifle.

>> No.22735570


You know, I was so disappointed with the ending to Wings of Liberty. It felt like the conflict with Mengsk was entirely sidestepped - Mengsk makes a half-hearted attempt to kill Raynor - and Kerrigan really should've been killed.

The Dark Voice was also incredibly disappointing.

I'd have ended the game with all the Marines except Raynor and Tychus dead, with Raynor going toe-to-toe with Kerrigan. *Then* Mengsk tells Mr. Findlay to take the shot...

-Except Tychus guns down Kerrigan instead, saving Raynor. Raynor recovers just in time to see Tychus dying of organ failure, with a last "Damn...shame..."

Meanwhile, in orbit, the Prince's fleet has begun firing on Raynor's forces. Raynor manages to get back onto the Hyperion, and the Battleship flees from the one-sided massacre. He reflects - One hand on his revolver - that "Looks like the war's got a few battles to be fought yet."

END on a cliffhanger, and Raynor's darkest moment.

>> No.22735591

The Terran Gauss rifle would be quite more powerful than a Tau Railrifle simply judging by the recoil. A Terran Marine can't fire his rifle without bracing before the shot because he would be knocked back by the recoil, and anyone without power armor can't fire it at all. The shots they fire can also can go through neosteel siege tank armor.

>> No.22735629

That revolver only had one bullet reserved for Kerrigan I think.

>> No.22735630


That sounds better than what we got. The Zerg being 'good' is a fucking retarded idea.

>> No.22735632


So why the fuck does Mengsk have the habit of installing failsafe mechanisms in his former convicts, only to never use them/use them at the worst possible moment ??

>> No.22735639


We're talking about the same Imperial Guard here, right? The one that routinely feeds dozens of regiments into Battle of Verdun style trench warfare, instead of using actual tactics? Just wanted to make sure.

>> No.22735640


I thought he was saving it for Mengsk.

>> No.22735689

Well, one or the other. It's been a while and I've never really been "into" starcraft.

>> No.22735703


Didnt he waste it by shooting the TV at the beginning of SC2

>> No.22735723


No, that was...


>> No.22735864

Dr. Narud being the main researcher behind the un-Zerging of Kerrigan is very clearly Duran's work, as is the whole HYBRIDS WILL ENSLAVE ZERGS AND EAT PROTOSS BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT GETS MY XELNAGAN DICK HARD ENOUGH TO FUCK thing is fucking retarded.

Not to mention Dr. Narud to begin with. I mean, come the fuck on, spelling your name backwards as a disguise is fucking Saturday Morning Cartoon levels of retarded villainy. I feel insulted on a personal level that they thought they could slip that one by me.

>> No.22735881


Go to bed, Matt. You're not writing the next 'Nid codex.

>> No.22735890

Yep, it's the same organisation. It's just that they have more commanders than they are SM in the galaxy.
The IG often know its shit at a company scale, they are more often retarded at a greater scale.

>> No.22735899


Don't forget the bullshit about the taped comments by Mengsk being some sort of silver bullet to his regime, despite the fact that it easily could have been faked. I mean, why the fuck did Mengsk freak out at the press conference and storm out instead of just calling that reporter lady a retard and saying she obviously faked that shit for the attention?

>> No.22735904


I imagine he used his revolver a few times during the three-year timeskip. He wouldn't have gone for his gun when Tychus came in for the first time if he didn't know he might need it for actual combat. I think the "saving one for Mengsk" thing started when they boarded his flagship, and he kept it in the gun until he shot Tychus.

>> No.22735918


Hasn't Chris Metzen used the "Hot, tormented girl is betrayed and goes evil, crushing everyone else under her bladed bootheel in a flagrant and increasingly absurd display of Mary-Sueism" shtick three times now, in all of Blizzard's major titles?

Kerrigan in SC, Sylvannas in WC, and that one chick in Diablo 3.

>> No.22735931

Halo 4. lol

>> No.22735941

>that one chick in Diablo 3.
The fact that people don't even remember her name speaks wonders of D3's quality of writing.

>> No.22735944

>I see nothing in here saying he didn't want to nom the entire galaxy.
He specifically made Kerrigan to guide humanity as well as Zerg, to let all three races coexist in harmony. He fucking apologizes to Zeratul. That should be reason enough to let you know that they went and castrated him.
>I like that they made Kerrigan redeemable
I dont. It completely ruins Raynors character arc from SC1. He abandons everything to save Kerrigan, only to be minutes too late and be forced to watch her destroy everything he just abandoned and then he gives her a second chance because he thought she was just mindshackled by the Overmind. Kerrigan then goes on to kill his best friend and his former rival turned redeemed buddy. It is then that Raynor has to vow to kill the one person he loved the most in the galaxy in order to save it. He even says something along the lines of ''no matter what, I will kill you Kerrigan. You will pay for all the things you have done'' and then SC2 rolls around, Blizzard waffles on her mindshackle status to make her exempt from all fault and then ties her into some faggy ass prophecy to exempt Raynor from following through on his promise to Fenix, Duke, and the untold billions slaughtered by Kerrigan. And then some Africans chant for a while as Raynor carries his green-brown waifu into the dawn.

FUCK Starcraft 2.

>> No.22735945


A redemption story is in sight only for Kerrigan, the Diablo baddies will get killed and Sylvanas is marked for damnation and eternal torment for her actions which is why she is going crazy with the val'kyrs and will soon be a raid boss.

>> No.22735990

Fuck. Would not have noticed until it was pointed out.

>> No.22735995

Its all because of that stupid prophecy. Apparently Kerrigan is the only one who can save the universe from the XelNaga.

>> No.22736004


Uh, I didn't say anything about a redemption.

>> No.22736006


Yeah, that was stupid too. I cut them some slack and assumed that the audio came with some kind of Sons of Korhal encoding that proved its legitimacy, but I admit that's a stretch. There were just so many stupid things that I had to prioritize which ones to rage over.

>> No.22736013

I liked starcraft better when the universe didn't need saving from the Xel'Naga.

>> No.22736014


Me likie.

But then who leads the Swarm?

>> No.22736023

A conglomerate of cerebrates merge to form a new overmind, like BW.

>> No.22736025

SC1 had a lot of hot voices to it.

>> No.22736034

Science Vessel

>> No.22736036


But I did. Also there's nothing in any of these characters that elevates them to "mary sue" status over "generic villain that will eventually switch sides or die" status.

>> No.22736045

>9 tyranids the gret beasts
I read that as Tyranids get great breasts. I was immediately disappointed that I read it wrong.

>> No.22736057


Cerebrates were all destroyed long before SC2. The swarm's functional leadership was concentrated to Kerrigan.

>> No.22736061

>/tg/ hating on Starcraft's writing
>in a thread that started off as SPESS MUHREENZ UR BUTTER

What the fuck happened, did /tg/ lose 40 IQ points overnight?

>> No.22736066

Well not sexy, but nifty and memorable. I was always a sucker for those robofied voices.

Even the music was fucking great.
It was like Starship Troopers meets Dukes of Hazard whereas SC2 was just We want the Firefly audience.

>> No.22736077

You mean gain?

Complaining about SC2's writing is way more productive and interesting than another SC vs WH40k thread.

>> No.22736079

Oh, but we do anon.

>> No.22736088

>siege tanks being so small

You're thinking in-game shit.

Notice the Cattlebruiser falling out of orbit? This vid uses realistically scaled units, not a Carrier being like 10 Marines in size.

Ultras are ENORMOUS compared to simple Siege Tanks

>> No.22736100

More.... and more...

Thank the emperor for excess bioplasm.

>> No.22736104

>Cerebrates were all destroyed
Something had to replace them. If the Overmind couldn't deal with all the zerg, I don't see how Kerrigan could.

>> No.22736107

>they are entirely controlled by their brain-implants
Wrong. Thats just the criminal conscripts and even then they have free will, the implants just stop them from disobeying orders or eating and raping corpses because there are some seriously fucked up motherfuckers in Omega Squadron.

>> No.22736109

Now we just have to figure out the point cost for these valuable biomorphs.

>> No.22736117


/tg/ had an on topic thread once.


>> No.22736120

That Science Vessel cutscene from SC1 was brilliant.

>> No.22736122

Diablo is not online-based

Sc2 is online based

Sc2 is a monstrous success

>> No.22736145

I meant more the fact that 40k's writing and lore is far stupider, more over the top, and generally full of mary sues, plot holes, fridge logic moments etc etc.
I'd say it's fine because 40k isn't meant to be taken seriously, but 40k does take ITSELF seriously, so...

....But yeah, I wanna punch the guy who decided on Narud's name. Just.... how.... why would...

>> No.22736150

The lack of LAN in SC2 is still a huge letdown. Almost as much as Diablo 3.

>> No.22736160

>As an Arizonian I'm offended!

>> No.22736164


I think I read something about how kerrigan's Queens are basically the new cerebrates. Not sure why she bothered doing that...maybe queens lack the cerebrates' potential to recreate an overmind and rival her or whatever.

>> No.22736168

>I wanna punch the guy who decided on Narud's name.
Because if they went for anything more subtle or tried another approach, the mouthbreathers would miss it and complain that the story makes no sense. Now they get to feel clever by figuring it out.

>> No.22736176

Hold on, hold on.

The more I read into this thread, the more I see you idiots are saying

>wtf ultra 1hko siege tank such fkin hax
>omg no way x unit can kill x unit

This cinematic uses ACTUAL scaling- not in-game scaling, you twats.

An Ultralisk is huge as FUCK

Let me direct you all to this pic:


>> No.22736189

speaking of castration. Zeratul was BADASS. WAS. Now he's tauren chieftan 2 for warcraft 3 II.

>> No.22736190

That's mighty stupid because anything can kill a queen, but you needed the void to kill a cerebrate.

>> No.22736194


That's just it though. 40K's writing and lore has ALWAYS been stupid, so no one cares when it continues to be so. 40K was originally written as a satire of contemporary scifi anyway.

Starcraft, while not exactly a work of literary brilliance, had a good story with engaging characters. That means people have higher expectations of it, and are disappointed when it fails to live up to its potential.

>> No.22736196

Isnt he using it again with Jaina? Like, isnt she getting all emo and evil over something in WoW now? I don't keep up with WoW, so I only heard about it in passing.

>> No.22736206

And leading them all is MKP

>> No.22736207


Maybe so she can easily kill queens who disobey her?

Whatever, I have no reason to defend it.

>> No.22736209

>The more I read into this thread
Maybe you should read into this thread some more.

>> No.22736214

good fucking lord, these are SCALED ACCURATELY. In-game scaling is NOT accurate according to SC2 universe.

You think a fucking BC or Mothership could even FIT on your screen??

>> No.22736217

And no one is arguing that. Not once did anyone hold SC2 up to WH40K and say 40K was better. All we said was that SC2 was shit. Hell, some people even went as far as to compare Blizzard shitting all over Starcraft to GW shitting all over 40K.

>> No.22736227

are you saying anything blizzard has produced since (and including) warcraft 3 hasn't been total shit?

>> No.22736235

The patches that let me play everything for free.

>> No.22736236

Queens can also be easily reproduced. They are disposable secretaries rather than invaluable brain bugs.

>> No.22736238

Please don't make me quote like 20 people. I don't want to have to go through this shit thread again

>> No.22736259

Take a look at the size chart. Crucio siege tanks come up to the waist of an ultra, not the foot.

>> No.22736261

honestly, if they didn't name narud narud, NOONE would get it, unless they made some sort of hint somewhere, because nothing in his behavior betrayed he was even suspicious. sure yeah, naming him narud was about as subtle as sledgehammer, but without his character might as well not have existed (in sc2)

>> No.22736268

Well if you think that even 5% of this thread consists of people complaining about scaling or even talking about that cinematic, then you obviously didn't read it.

Also your point has already been made many times over the course of this thread, with that exact image you posted.

>> No.22736277

At least Fenix died before they could rape him...

>> No.22736281


There are also two different sized ultras, for some reason. I dunno, that chart confuses me.

But regardless of how big ultras are, its clear from the gameplay that seige tanks work against them pretty well, while the one in the cinematic shrugged them off.

>> No.22736293


So did Tassadar, but that didn't help him.

>> No.22736303

Yep. I just think it would have been more impressive if the tanks at least looked threatening and the Zerg just plain ol overwhelmed them. As it is, it just makes the Terran look incompetent rather than the Zerg look scary. For fucks sake, they didnt manage to kill a single zergling. NOT EVEN THE ONES THAT EXPLODE ON CONTACT.

>> No.22736309

we're talking writing here. i personally think SC2 is a fantastic game. It's atrocious as a story though. This is a double letdown in that i consider SC to have been _good_ up until and including brood wars.

though i have never even touched WoW. I cut all ties with warcraft after Wc3 and FT like gangerous hand.

>> No.22736312

True, but Fenix got plain ol capped in the goddamn face rather than kamikazeing the Overmind.

>> No.22736326


I'm pretty sure I saw zerglings die. Not as many as you would expect from that many marines and tanks, but some.

>> No.22736333

>"no matter what, I will kill you Kerrigan. You will pay for all the things you have done"


I'll be seein' you~


>> No.22736350


Honestly, I'd expect making a suicide run in an exploding spaceship to kill you much deader than getting shot by random mooks during gameplay.


Are you me?

>> No.22736354

>I feel insulted on a personal level that they thought they could slip that one by me.
Keep in mind they were writing for StarCraft players, aka the braindead retards who couldn't cut it in a real RTS.

>> No.22736363

I agree sc2/wc3 were good games wow was good until ulduar after that its gone shit deeper and deeper

>> No.22736369

>I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer
Well she sure proved him right

On that note, I also like Raynor's face in SC1 more as well. Dont know why, but it felt less...generic I suppose even though bald headed space marine with 5 o clock shadow is generic as fuck

>> No.22736377


Metzen says that the later half of the 90's was his angsty phase, and that he really prefers happier stories. Dropping of SC1 and BW "Kerrigan was evil out of her free will" angles seems to derive directly from that.

>> No.22736386

>I'd expect making a suicide run in an exploding spaceship to kill you much deader than getting shot by random mooks during gameplay.
Yeah, but the suicide run was all spiritual and psychic duel between two godminds or some shit. Getting shot is just getting shot.
Though if Fenix magically did come back to lead the protoss in SC2.3 it might just redeem the game. Until he dies like a bitch for a third time after they turn him into a second Garrosh or some shit.

>> No.22736387

Fenix was my favorite character. I was pretty annoyed to have to kill him.

In hindsight it was for the best.

>> No.22736398

Fuck yeah 90's everything is so angsty

>> No.22736399

>Though if Fenix magically did come back to lead the protoss in SC2.3 it might just redeem the game
No, it would kill the game completely and irredeemably. Bringing back characters is always a bad idea and always cheapens their death.

Artanis is good enough.

>> No.22736400

Mah nigga. I pretty much hold the same feelings about the guy. Have a video in honor of Fenix, the best protoss.

>> No.22736415


I liked Zeratul best, personally. Though admittedly that might just be because his SC1/BW voice actor was amazing.

>> No.22736423


Kerrigan actually points out at some point that "Dr Narud" is doing a pathetic charade. They could have kept that, but changed the name - folks paying attention would have known something was going on and it wouldn't have been THAT obvious.

>> No.22736430

I normally agree with you, but it wouldn't be the first time Fenix did it. I just think it would be hilarious if during the middle of all that angst and contrived redemption stories that is SC2, Fenix just comes out of nowhere and is all like SUP BITCHES, IM BACK. NOW LETS BUILD SOME PYLONS AND KICK SOME ASS, MOTHAFUCKAS and then proceeds to save the day and kill Kerrigan, all while getting a blowjob from Selendis with the mouth she doesn't even have. Because Fenix was one rad motherfucker.

Im also disappointed by the lack of screentime Artanis got. I feel like now that he is no longer the bright-eyed newbie of the protoss, they are phasing out his plot relevance in favor of Selendis.

>> No.22736431

I never said WC 3 was a good game. As a game, i felt its the weakest RTS they've done, its the not their worst game (as a game) though it has the same fucking terrible and weak story as SC2. When Frozen Throne came about, i gave it a chance to redeem the warcraft franchise. It didn't. hence I have never dabbld in warcraft again. I can't comment on Wow content, but i suspect I wouldn't like it.

With SC, i think the gameplay is really good (as oppossed to at best mediocre game play of WC3), but the story is the same horrible neutered mess that turned me off of Warcraft.

Though, I actually quite liked the smaller plots in it, even if they were often poorly thought out. The whole thing were you're repeatedly going to this one colony to try and save it etc. that was fine. Also let me forget what they did to the overarching story.

>> No.22736453

I too at least LIKED him the best. not sure about religious bumbling old fool papa smurf zeratul, compared to his old badass self

>> No.22736455

Zeratul had an amazing voice, I will give you that one. And he was a registered badass. To be honest, most of the protoss were pretty fucking awesome in their own way, even Aldaris.

>> No.22736459


Ugh, really? I thought that was actually good.

Kerrigan, y'know, murdered several billion people.

>> No.22736465

wc3 stroy shit u wot m8

>> No.22736466


Well, they had to make sure his charade was pathetic enough to justify her assessment.

>> No.22736468

Ironically, I found all of the characters in SC2 much more angsty than their SC1 counterparts.

>> No.22736474

Maybe he was just mocking humanity because literally nobody else seemed to have caught that.

>> No.22736475

>I normally agree with you, but it wouldn't be the first time Fenix did it.

Because he was turned into a dragoon! The things that actually house the Protoss' near-death warriors! Because he was fucking killed like two or three missions in because fucking duracell! At the time his death wasn't even one of importance, it just kinda happened!

In True Colors, the motherfucker's death has an *effect*. It becomes a *thing*. And like all *things* in storydom, it is irrecoverably cheapened if you try to pull a fucking takeback!

>> No.22736486


Yes, and I think Metzen probably wishes he didn't write that now but he has to settle for "zergification messed with her brain" to get the SC2 story he wants.

>> No.22736494


Yeah. In SC1/BW bad shit happened and the characters were realistically affected by it.

SC2 gave them angsty monologues at the drop of a hat.

>> No.22736503

I'm not remembering any angsty monologues. Can you point some out?

>> No.22736504

Y'know, the original Kerrigan also had no real reason to hold love for humanity, with all the shit she's been through. She was better off being the queen of the zerg.

>> No.22736505

I know, I know. I am just saying that it would be pretty neato if some protoss managed to scarper off with what little is left of his corpse and shove it in a colossus or something just because Colossal Fenix would be badass and you know it.

I mean, if Ridley can get away with this shit, why not Fenix?

I am still a little miffed at his original death in SC1. It just seemed so offhand and unwarranted.

>> No.22736508

So the endings (assuming campaign choices even matter) will be:
Kill Kerrigan, save the galaxy, Raynor goes to cut himself in a corner
Save Kerrigan with space magic, everyone lives happily ever after

>> No.22736514


Kerrigan's meeting with Zeratul in the protoss mini-campaign. Dear god that was awful.

Raynor's depression was realistic, but they spent more time showing him whining into his booze than the story required.

>> No.22736527

>I am still a little miffed at his original death in SC1.
The whole reason for that was so they could have him as both a zealot and a dragoon.

>> No.22736530

Dragoons don't warp out when they die. Fenix died fighting a swarm of zerg. Any attempts to recover his body would need a bullshit deus ex machina.

>> No.22736533

Valerians little monologue about him being butthurt about his lack of power and Mengsk suddenly going from Machiavellian mastermind to power drunk dumbass also pissed me off.

That and the fact that they turned the Terran player from SC1 into the whiny bitch who cant even appreciate a good cyborg pirate waifu that is Matt Horner. I'm cool with being the little protoss girl, though.

>> No.22736540


Ridley's immortality was sort of being built up as some kind of terrifying mystery. Dear god, why won't this space devil just DIE???

And then came Other M to put every other disappointing videogame sequel in history into perspective.

>> No.22736547

I know, but it could've been done with a little more fanfare than a power outage.
Once again, I was mostly joking. The last thing I would want is for modern Blizzard to take a crack at writing for Fenix. I was just saying that it would be great if OG Fenix busted in out of nowhere to break up the pity party that is SC2 and totally derail the story.

>> No.22736560

>implying that immortal space furbies aren't the most horrifying thing imaginable.

>> No.22736570


>>power outage

That was probably the funniest cinematic that Blizzard ever did. Badass hero unit dies like a bitch because his lightsaber ran out of batteries. The end.

>> No.22736576

>Back in my day, all we had was 2D sprites, and you couldn't adjust the perspective, and we liked it!

>> No.22736597


The furby bit wasn't horrible. I meant the implication that they just clone him over and over and he somehow keeps his memories because fuck you.

Also, everything else about that game. Whenever you're disappointed by a terrible vidya sequel, you can comfort yourself that at least it wasn't Other M.

>> No.22736598

ending had been spoiled brah.

Kerrigan faces Mengsk 1on1. Mengsk has a Kerrigan clone tortured to psychic backlash her.

Raynor sneaks up on Mengsk in power armor and punches the thingy controlling the clone torture out of his hands. Then Kerrigan offs Mengsk spouting IT'S JUSTIIIIIICE and the zerg are finally free from evil influence and noble saveges.

>> No.22736625


Oh, oh, here's a story relating to that.

Ages ago, when I first got into WC3, I bought the battlechest because it came with the strategy guides.

One of the strategy guides for the Human campaign, for the second chapter, mentions that at the beginning of the game Arthas' friend Jaina dies and is "carried off".

It never mentions it again. And of course, this doesn't happen in the game.

I always wondered whether the strategy guides were made while the game was still in beta, and whether the original (later scrapped) plan was to make Jaina into a second Kerrigan.

>> No.22736635

>completely rewrite and mutate Kerrigans DNA to the point where she can no longer even be called human
>forget to take out the bomb in her brain
Overmind logic.

>> No.22736688

>anything can kill a queen.

exactly the point, she wanted something she could keep in line to run her forces for her, not something that could rival her in power.

>> No.22736694

>>22736635 again, just finished watching it
Oh really, Kerrigan? Killing the morally dubious dictator who kept terrans mostly safe is justice? What about the bitch who killed billions of terrans and destroyed the protoss homeworld all in the name of more power? When does she get her Justice? Well?

>> No.22736703

Oh wait, been already posted.

I like how Kerrigan is crying bitch tears at the end of her own fucking campaign when she's supposedly at full power, only to be saved by Jim out of nowhere.

>> No.22736774

Yep he did!

Surprised? You shouldn't.

>> No.22736788

Personal justice I guess, for what he did to her. But yeah, it's selfish to an absurd level.

>> No.22736794

Can you imagine if the Zerg were human cannibals and Blizzard tried the same thing?

>> No.22736820

I don't think at any point in time Kerrigan could have ever been considered 'good'. More like 'necessary evil'.

>> No.22736827


Yep he did!

Surprised? You shouldn't.

>> No.22736937


So, does nobody else remember this? Am I hallucinating the memory?

>> No.22736964

.... I do remember that. I think I have the book. Let me go see--I remember it saying that she gets attacked by cultists.

>> No.22736972

I pirated all the blizzard games.

Felt almost guilty but then the guilt died down after WCIII

>> No.22737028


The Troopers in the 4th one fought well I think, they had sniper support too.

>> No.22737056

I haven't played SC2, but going by SC1 I'd start by running a line of bunkers organized in groups of three. The one in front running a 2 marine, 2 firebat load with the two in back running 3 marine, one firebat. These would be spaced to fit a SCV in the middle for battle repairs. Backing them would be siege tanks and clusters of missile turrets. The bunkers themselves would be protected by a line of sacrificial supply depots. Goliaths would be used to reinforce and plug holes. As for setting the field, I'd have a bunch of Vultures drop spidermines then use Science Vessels to shield them and use them to tarpit the Zerg in a narrow area while the SVs irradiate the Zerg. Cloaked Wraiths would be used as hunter killer units, particularly focusing on Guardians. Finally I'd have a Ghost set up nearby waiting for the zerg horde to back up against my supply depot wall, once they start getting thick he drops a nuke on their rear.

>> No.22737076

>not just reclaiming the zerg and using them to build power generators
Shiggity diggity diddly doo.

>> No.22737080


Jaina started fucking a blue dragon and moved to Dalaran, but that is the extent of it.

>> No.22737093

Yes, the guides are written before the game is finished so they don't always reflect what happens accurately. I think the Warcraft II game manual has some errors in it oo.

>> No.22737115

>Jaina started fucking a blue dragon and moved to Dalaran
Worst rebound slutathon ever.

>> No.22737132

This sounds like either you played a lot of AI games or made no rush agreements all the time.

>> No.22737172

I'm running under the assumption that what's seen in the cinematic is functioning under the rules of single player games.

>> No.22737222

Admittedly true.

Possibly some crazy 4v4 multiplayer cause I think both sides are over unit cap.

>> No.22737270

It could still be under single player rules, the Zerg AI is ignoring the cap and the Terran player is replacing expensive lost units by churning out Marines.

>> No.22737647

Tau Railrifles are Heavy weapons, therefore they should kick like bitches, too. With a 6/3 profile most things should go down. No siege tanks though. Might be that Star Crafts siege tanks just have weaker armor than their 40k counterparts, though.

>> No.22737742

Is tau fire warrior armor powered?

The thing with Starcraft in general is that weapons are very, very powerful and armor just can't keep up. That's why everything, even buildings, dies so fast.

>> No.22737820

>Not this space western garbage with bug invaders and pseduo eldar for luls

You gotta admit the music is quite snazzy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD93x_qHpSg

>> No.22737881

>There are also two different sized ultras, for some reason. I dunno, that chart confuses me.

Because Ultralisks from Brood War are shown as being distinctly different in size compared to an SC2 Ultra.

>> No.22738454

The music was snazzy and it did the whole Space Western thing really fucking well, but it still had nothing on the original.

>> No.22738494

Yeah, I liked the futuristic space redneck vibe of the first one.

>> No.22739917

>There was only one good thing about the Wings of Liberty campaign plot.

I respectfully disagree.

I wonder if they used different writers for the various plotlines, because the Tosh and Revolution seemed to be much better written than the MacGuffin hunt that was the main story.


>> No.22740204

How cool would it have been to see a to scale thor in that video?

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