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On this website selling Primarch models, which ones are which?


There's a lot of them but I'm having trouble matching a few. I'll make the list in a sec

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Lion'el Jonson - Templar Knight
Angron - Berserk Knight
Fulgrim - Phoenix Knight
Roboute Guilliman - Millennium Knight
Rogal Dorn - Castellan Knight
Lorgar - Preacher Knight
*** ???? - Gorgon Knight
** ???? - Gothic Knight
*** ???? - Smith Knight
Jagaiti Khan - Mongol Knight
** ???? - Dark Knight
*** ???? - Steel Knight
Leman Russ - Celtic Knight
Mortarion - Steam Knight
Magnus - Scarab Knight
Sanguinius - Angel Knight
*Horus - First Knight
Alpharius - Hydra Knight
*The Emperor - Celestial Knight

* = the 2 could be switched
** = either Corax or Night Haunter
*** = I think Perturabo or Ferus Manus

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The Angron model is garbage compared to the real one.

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I would assume Gorgon Knight is Ferrus Manus (that's one of his names). Smith Knight is Vulkan.

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Gothic Knight is Corax. Dark Knight is Conrad Kurze.

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Yeah I've seen it in person, it's tall enough but waaay too skinny.

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Dark Knight has to Curze (bat wings).

Fuck, I want this.

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OP here and I'm pretty sure you're both right.
By the way, the guys running this site are the same guys who ran Ronin Miniatures, who made both the Primarchs I've posted, and the base for the Magnus Daemon Prince.

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Gothic knight = Corax
Dark knight = Night Haunter

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Oh and also almost every Primarch in that pic as well. They did make models for all of them but for some reason this pic does not have the complete collection.

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Anyone have a good guide on how to convert that Daemon Prince? That's the same base Magnus model from pic related and I just managed to score one on ebay, but with a really shitty paint job so I'm gonna strip it and repaint and convert it into his Daemon Prince form like that.

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Which one is Vulkan? Steel Knight?

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Why not just wait for the primarch models from forgeworld?

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I am. I just want to know which ones are which so I have options after they both finally finish releasing them all in 20 years time.

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Hey let's keep the thread going!
Are there any other sites that sell miniatures based off the Primarchs? I'd love to see em.
Also post some Primarch minis or conversions!

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Let's just make this a non-GW 40k models general.

Don't want to exclude non-imperial armies or delicious forgeworld.

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C'mon /tg/, we have modeling/painting/conversion threads all the time but we can't have one about 40k Primarchs?

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>>22730054 here
>>22730054 sounds good to me but I'd love some more Primarchs if ya got em.

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Expensive as fuck.

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Shitton of Primarchs on Scibor's website.


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Like this one here


How big is that? Because that's clearly supposed to be a Mortarion Daemon Prince

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Fuckin Sanguinius for 23 eur or $30.67 USD


I'd love to know how tall these actually are. It just says 28mm scale for their sci-fi minis but some are clearly bigger than others.

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Jesus Fuck /tg/, you are really boring lately

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why would anyone get those mediocre third party sculpts now when we know forge world will be producing them all in stunning quality over the next few years?

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