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>In 2012 researchers found evidence that our planet had been struck by a blast of radiation during the Middle Ages, but there was debate over what kind of cosmic event could have caused this.

>Now a study suggests it was the result of two black holes or neutron stars merging in our galaxy.

>This collision would have hurled out vast amounts of energy.

Gentlemen, I think we have a new campaign idea.

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Suddenly the stories about the Green Knight makes sense.
>gamma ray burst hit English plants
>gains sentience
>see humans, want to be humans
>spy on humans for some time, understand how our social structure work
>form into a knight, because knights are cool (it thinks)
>challenge Sir Gawain

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You could use this as a cover for all sorts of mythological shenanigans.

Cúchulainn? Radiation in the crib.
Excalibur? Radioactive metal.
Vikings? Radioactive ale.

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Don't forget alchemy possibly not being bullshit too, however temporarily.

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Are we talking GREEN ROCKS! radiation, or...?

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Dear lord, this is too beautiful. Does anyone else think we need a new campaign setting.

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People with super powers start showing up in 744? I would run it in GURPS

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Charlemagne? RADIATION.

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>yfw the Black Death was the actually radiation poisoning

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Maybe you could have an entire campaign centered around a Crusade to retrieve some artifact "enchanted" by the "Lord's blessing," to make sure it won't fall into filthy Mosselmen hands.

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Some combination of the two, obviously.

GREEN ROCK! radiation has a more constant effect, whereas the gamma ray blast did some immediate, one-time effects.

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I'm pretty sure I saw a Savage Worlds setting like this somewhere.

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I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was gamma rays

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Latveria's Once and Future King?

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We can call it Gamma-lot.

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So basically this makes every single myth and legend in the medieval lore come to life.

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Done in one, fucking sweet dude.

What system should we use for this? I want to make a dedicated world for /tg/.

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well, i'm wondering why /x/ isn't burning to the ground right now?

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Probably because they only just heard about it now.
Wait, that was you, wasn't it?

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....... you guys want to troll them?

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So uhhh, why aren't we dead?

Gamma rays, from what I know of my nuclear engineering classes are very bad for your life. But IIRC Gamma ray bursts fire more gamma rays than our sun does in a year. And they are shot out like a laser beam...

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>implying that isn't the best solution right now

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We arent dead because we are what we are now because of those gamma rays.

We were magical and supernatural, it hit us and made us banal.

That should be the real setting: everything is wonderful and like a Grant Morrison comic book about the Old Testament until one day everyone wakes up normal, the aliens are gone, the dinosaurs too, the angels went with them and you can no longer shoot anything from anywhere besides piss from your dick.

Now go be the hero.

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Well, maybe that's why the Black Plague was so deadly?

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Well, you do know laser beams disperse as they travel. When they shoot powerful laser beams at the moon and then wait for the reflections to come back, we get a insignificant fraction of that beam back.

The burst happened thousands of light-years away, so the rays have dispersed considerably, and you're being bombarded with gamma rays all the time. It's called natural background radiation and it's happening everywhere in the world. In some places it can be several times higher than what's considered safe, and people living there are perfectly fine.

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That's due to refraction of the atmosphere.

We are talking about a billion billion billion billion photons of gamma rays.

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Combine this
with real life radioactivity.

Everyone goes on a quest to get the enchanted artifacts but the enchantment turns out to be cancer.

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So was Lancelot just a regular Danish knight whose brain was partially boiled by gamma-fever in the process of receiving tremendous superpowers, giving him hallucinations and delusions of being the long lost son of a king and having been raised by the Lady of the Lake? And everyone believes him because, hey, folks in England don't know who is and isn't Scandinavian royalty and who is to say the guy with superpowers wasn't raised by a faerie.

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My god, you realise what this means?

St George didn't kill a dragon.

He killed GODZILLA.

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That's just cruel.
I like it.

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>implying that isn't even more badass then killing a dragon.
because it is, you know.

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I'm pretty sure he was implying the opposite.

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So here´s what happened: the beam crossed the universe as, well, a beam, but when entered the atmosphere it refracted and spread out into several beams of various sizes, hitting different areas of Eurasia. Mutation followed in the affected areas, creating bizarre fauna and extraordinaire people.

The rest just sucked on their thumbs as giant crabsharks pillaged their villages.

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Atmosphere is a pretty tiny fraction of the journey. By the time the beam gets to the moon it's 7km wide (according to Nasa).

Also, stars have atmosphere too. There's a lot of gasses layered on top of its "surface" and if the beam is shot out from the star, it'll has to pass through these gasses as well and become dispersed. If a laserbeam is 7km wide by the time it reached the moon, how wide would it be after 10,000 light years?

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Excatly. What's more badass than killing a giant fire-breathing lizard than a giant RADIOACTIVE FIRE breathing lizard - while on horseback

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Oh, and I'm pretty sure during those thousands of light-years, the beam of gamma radiation is subject to gravitation pull from celestial bodies, little particles in the void and even whole star systems, which all can affect it and disperse it.

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killing 2 giant RADIOACTIVE FIRE breathing lizards.

or becoming immortal and burning down your house in purple flame.

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Does this mean the fabled "Viking of Stamford Bridge" may just have been a literal Incredible Hulk?

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>and then comics were canon.

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Dio Brando?

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Some years ago, this happened to my group. It was a Call of Cthulhu game, and we had been sent to find some magic sword. After we retrieved it, for some reason I don't recall it ended up travelling back with the underling of one of our characters, seperately from us. He didn't show up, and when we tracked him down it transpired that the sword was not magical at all, but instead made from something radioactive, so he'd died of radiation poisoning en route.

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