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Filling out my Warhammer Chaos art folder and noticed a distinct shortage of Slaanesh related art. So, lets get a Slaanesh art thread going...and I suppose Slaanesh general thread. This quiet offends Slaanesh!

P.S. Let's try to keep it board legal I suppose.

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lucky for you, slaanesh just happens to be the largest of my dark gods folder

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folders, that is

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>In an arctic environment
>Armour stops at his thighs
>not even leather beneath
Okay, fucking really?

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oh, and it's going to be more often than not Fantasy because I'm not big on 40k

hope that's acceptable

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There's one active sexy character art thread right now, that links to two others, all of which are filled with western art of mostly nude women in leather and spikes.

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>implying a quite literally immortal demigod who is all about sensation, pleasant or otherwise would even begin to give a fuck

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Man it's almost like he's a fucking daemon or the magical servant of a pleasure god/dess or something.

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He has Regeneration so no frostbite will mar his musculous thighs or his magnificent phallus.

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THE slaaneshi image

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All that matters is that it celebrates the glory of the Dark Prince.

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>random right breast

"um Neshy my love"


"ah.... I seem to only have one... ahem.. one breast"


"Can't I have..... another?"


"oh... ok....um sorry to bother you your fleshyness"


"yeah.... good.... goodbye"

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Slaanesh is a hermaphrodite so the one-boob thing is kind of a Theme for him/her

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that's a prominent symbol of Slaanesh

though I think it's actually supposed to be a breast on the left side like in >>22720877
and pic related

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But not a necessity, see Sigwald who's the favoured champion of Slaanesh and looks like an assbaby of Fabio and Arthas.

Fulgrim has no tits either.

Monoboob herm is just Slaanesh' most common form, but it can be purely of one sex too.

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>most prized possession is a sceptre that he has at all times
Do I even have to ask

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More for Fantasy Slaanesh, but moreso my fantasies.

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Is this a model I can go out and buy somewhere?

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i love how few shits those guys on the battlements are giving.

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high Willpower is a hell of a thing

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For slaneeshi art, most of it is pretty off-putting

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that uhh... that's the point, anon

slaanesh is sensation taken to it's farthest possible extreme and beyond

sure it starts with coke and whores, but it ends in Hellraiser

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and it's not just SEXUALITY either, it's FEELING

one of the most powerful feelings humans can experience is fear

thus, slaanesh's two strongest elements are of sex and terror, your reptile brain's most base instincts

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Hellraiser was always supposed to be horrifyingly erotic

Pinhead was originally a woman who you're introduced to while she's receiving cunnilingus from things as she's killing them

she was the personification and the darkest elements of whyboner

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In regards to Slaanesh, I have a fluff question for y'all. Nurgle's a cool guy who genuinely "loves" his followers, right?

So how does Slaanesh feel about his people?

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"oh look, new fuck toys"

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another good example of a slaaneshi being portrayed in popular media

he's rape personified, a primal force of sheer horror

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Thought so.

How 'bout Khorne? This may be the corrupting influence of fanon, but doesn't Khorne value "honorable combat"? I take it he's a pretty cool dude.

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slaanesh sees them as new, interesting things to corrupt, to push to their limits and beyond

to see how far they go before they snap and what happens thereafter

it's all about the experience, not the results

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Khorne only REALLY cares about blood and skulls

he's not all about details
really, he's much more specific about the things he dislikes than the things he likes

he's not a god of thought or contemplation, he's one of action

ultimately, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows

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I think I'll stick with Nurgle.

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Nurgle's no better
he uses you to further his own ends while allowing you to stagnate long past the point you should've been dead

he doesn't care about YOU, he cares about how long you can stick around to spread disease

Nurgle is the fear of death, fear of the new, and a slow, drawn out, cancerous decline

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Fuck, slaanesh is so gay.

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if only he was limited to being gay

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>Fuck, Slaanesh is so omnisexual/gendered.
There, fixed that for you Anon.

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You can't see that on that picture, but there is a bigger version when the thing is visibly sucking some kind of gross demonic dick


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do want

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Sooo...Is Tzeentch furry?

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Looking for it. Also, 'bootin.

captcha: shoomsfu arsenic

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furry, dendrofile, pedo name it and he will like having sex with it, he might even have a thing for Khorne and Nurgle

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sorry, bro
that's still slaanesh

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Furry can bee some weird shit mang. (I've been to /b/)

...fuck it. Chaos? The ruinous powers? They ARE /b/.

Nurgle is the feel threads and the self loathing.
Slaanesh the weird porn.
Tzeentch-- who do you think was behind the old days of an anonymous that actually did stuff?
Khorne-- Gore threads and war photos-- /b/ likes blood just fine.

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Can someone post the pinkest, sexiest looking Slaanesh army? I would 1) Really enjoy the picture 2) I want to post it to a friend who is painting his army tonight.

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Need to hook up somethin' fierce

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>Filling out my Warhammer Chaos art folder and noticed a distinct shortage of Slaanesh related art. So, lets get a Slaanesh art thread going...and I suppose Slaanesh general thread.
>P.S. Let's try to keep it board legal I suppose.
>Slaanesh general thread.
>Let's try to keep it board legal I suppose.
>Let's try to keep it board legal I suppose.
Does not compute.

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this is THE slaaneshi image
the longer you look the more you notice happening

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aaaand I'm out

I'd appreciate if someone else could provide more slaaneshi pics

especially fantasy ones

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Too ugly to be NSFW.

You'd have to be really fucking creepy and have the lowest standards possible to find any of this arousing.

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it's like you're new to /tg/ or something

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