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Hey /tg/

I'm looking for powerful Warhammer 40k pics. Images that inspire and motivate and make you go "damn right!" and then promptly go out and and play the game.

>pic related

Preferably Space Marines, but I'll take whatever you got!


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>Camouflage is the color of fear

Night Lords disagree, as do the Raven Guard

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for me it wasn't so much about the specifics of the passage. It was the overall feeling of it.

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say what you will about the space smerfs, this pic is fucking bad ass, one of the very first i ever did see of space marines, even though people say he has a severe case of tiny head, i do believe it can be justified since he lost most all his body in the war against the nids and that he is more machine than man now, so he can be damn well any size.

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>Dem double power fists!

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And his pauldrons have even bigger pauldrons on top of them.

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I do really like this one, even though it seems the are way too big even for primarchs, I kinda like it. the ridiculous size of them, since just about everything else is way bigger then your typical SM

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all SM have double pauldrons
but none but the emperor has motherfucking 4, or at least i think thats what i get from this pic, can't really tell

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>not posting the superior Calgar picture.

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Nah, the emperor is just so fuckhuge the lover edge of his pauldrons are at the height of his shoulders. And they're really really thick.

Seriously, what the fuck.

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Are the two on the right Guilliman and Sanguinius?

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it's when Guilliman crowned Sanguinius as the emperor of the 2nd Imperium

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The Troll Lord writing a letter. Which will be delivered with a hypercube/maze thing

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how bout this for POWER?

a deathwatch squad driving a flaming bus through a wall of TVs with sticks of dynamite strapped to their head

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>no Pius

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Fuck Marines.

Fuck Xenos too

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>fuck xenos

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Why do they censor those things, jeez

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because i got banned the last time i posted the uncensored version.Tthus the heretical contents.

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Now get out there and rescue that Eldar maiden dammit!

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...Do I have to?

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Old-school marines are best marines. Makes me want to get back and finish my beakie Crimson Fists army...

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Beakies make everything better.

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That's fanart. This is official

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so where the fuck are all the angry marines

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This picture always gives me shivers. I love big group-shots of armies in formation, looks beautiful.

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Is that a can of bugman's at the sniper's feet?

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Got no space marines. Have some guard.

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I love this one so much

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lyk dis if u cri errytym

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Sniper with Multimelta, he doesn't fuck around.

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errytym....erry daem tym

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This is one of mah favorite 40k sayings.

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It's really awesome because it captures the power of the Imperium.

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Too many words.

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>It's really awesome because it captures the power of dev-wankery

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you can put it in a spoiler image

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ok, imagine earth's population currently, that is roughly that of a typical imperial world, 7 billion, the imperium has a few million planets, the scale of power that the imperium has isnt really captured in the picture of the ultramarine legion, when there is 17 others

titans, imperial guard, the fuckin navy, and the massive number of citizen soldiers makes the imperium daunting to actually fight against

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This was the image that made me start my Necron army about ten years ago.

Now I'm sitting here assembling a Night Scythe to add to my mechanical horde.

While not technically a "FUCK YEAH" picture I feel it perfectly shows the feel of the army and just exudes menace.

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What the fuck. Isn't the emperor physiologically just an oversized human? So shouldn't his head be a normal size in comparison to his body?

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>this thread
>not posting this image
>Any year.


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Nah, I'm pretty sure that's about right. They're supposed to be giants even compared to space marines. It would explain their penchant for close combat though - cover can't really be a thing when you're taller than most rooms.

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the emperor is a normal sized human, he just projects to look bigger, because in pictures, the biggest guy is clearly the most important.

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Mah nigga! I just love the sense of passion in this one. The look of absolute fury on his face combined with the force of the blow makes me wince a little whenever I see it. Haven't got around to reading the book, but that cover's always struck a chord.

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40k always portrays those in Power Armour with tiny heads and long legs.

It's a stylistic choice more than anything. They used it in Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well.

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The best thing is that this actually happens in the book.

I had to close it and just stare at the cover for a few moments when that happened.

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Giant imperial titans are ugly as fuck. And yes im pro marines.

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Sanguinus doesn't seem to happy about Girlyman holding his arm like that

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Only recently due to the (Karl) Kopinsky incident.

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Roboute looks like a shaved Jeff Bridges in that image.

I can just imagining him holding a CLU-like speech.

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What book?

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They are wearing armour which adds width and height. Also pauldrons. Out of armour a space marine is meant to be 7 foot tall, armour makes them 8ish foot. A Primarch is meant to be about 10 foot tall UNARMOURED, and dah Emprah is even bigger. Because he says he is.

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That's why I didn't use 'portray' in the past tense.

I quite like it though,


Horus Heresy: Know no Fear

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Those legs are long, no shit

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To boot a space marine to 8' tall in armour, those shoes are going to have to be platform boots. Even the backpack doesn't add anything more than head-height.

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they're long, but they're no-way near the disproportionate craziness of this picture and what followed

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Remain calm. This is a test.

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Marines are on average 7' tall, in armor, per Jes Goodwyn's life-size sketch. Their boots and top-of-head helmet do not add 1' of armor when combined together.

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So much heresy in a single picture.

I like it

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there is a cat drawn on the magazine of that bikes bolter

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Who says their feet and hands fit into it all like a second skin? It could be that their feet are further up the leg than you can see. I'm just following what BL and fluff read.

captcha:its metinpa

Yes it is captcha. Yes it is.

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>cannot unsee now

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bloody hell, you're right.

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>So much heresy in a single picture.
Kill yourself.

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Personally, I just accept that not all SM have to be the same size, if regular humans can be very different, so can they

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If only they were like that in game...

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Yeah because that's going to make sense.

No, I'm going to go with multitude of published images and the continual references in the actual army and rule books that are not by Black Library (which is even less consistent than GW's normal writing) that for over 25 years now have been saying space marines are about 7' tall and are not wearing stilts inside their armour.

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Jes Goodwin himself says they're 8' tall.

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that guy has the gun from blade runner
yes he does
he really really does

>> No.22716114


Is this like meant to be a poster for a 40k kids movie or something? Or is it a parody of something else?

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Space marines are almost always referred to as: "Standing over 7' tall due to genetic modification"

They have also been referred to as 8' tall.

So over 7' tall, probably closer to 8' is the closest we'll get to an official answer..

>> No.22716170

are the custodes 9 feet tall too? how tall are gray knights? how tall is the average guardsmen? how tall is the average eldar? how tall is the average tau? how tall is the average grot? how tall is the average squig? how tall is the average CHAOS marine? how tall is the average titan?

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Whoa, calm down there.

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Is that a Titan climbing a ladder on the left hand side?

>> No.22716215

also that one guy has the gun from blade runner, no one noticed it, and i pointed it out too, even the cat on the fucking bike

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the titan is about to swing over on a giant crane cable

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>> No.22716242

7' tall is average. There was an ongoing joke in the studio about how the 'average height' for marines seemed to steadily increase amongst the fanbase. 7' has canonically been the average height since they began the whole 'marines are super-modified super humans', with 7.5' being uncommon, and 8' being rare. But players have continuously added more and more inches to their average height over the years, with 7.5' being considered 'the average', to even now where most players seem to think 8' or even 8.5' is 'average marine height'. As a light-hearted jab against this odd fan-driven phenomenon, Jes Goodwyn drew a life-size sketch of a marine that poked fun at it. The marine's head is at the 8' mark, which players are quick to jump onto and shout about how 8' is their canonical height average. But they never notice the sole of his boots are at the 1' mark...

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that one guy has a british sten gun

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We Green?

>> No.22716294

cant unsee

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>> No.22716314

Jes' sketch is slightly inaccurate.

Marines are 7' tall in armour when they're in that retarded splayed-leg pose. When standing up straight they could easily be closer to 8'

>> No.22716319

Not to mention they are assaulting Minogue K. I have no doubt once thy have finished assaulting Minogue K they'll move on to her sister planet Minogue D.

>> No.22716322

it is a miracle kharn still has his arm, he is swinging that axe around so much his arm would be an easy target given how fuck huge it must be

>> No.22716338


Most description say they stand at over 7' tall, including the codex and rulebook. You're right that it might be closer to 7' than 8' though.

Do you remember what White Dwarf that was?
Need to dig it up but it will take hours.

Was so long since I read it and everytime the picture has been posted on /tg/ everyone has claimed it was a mistake.

>> No.22716377

you know
its 7 foot average
some marines are big boys and get taller, some can be under 7 foot, but they are still space marines and can royally kill anyone with their bare hands

>> No.22716395


That has nothing to do with what I wrote.

Also your lack of punctuation makes you look like a six-year-old.

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File: 337 KB, 1024x1463, faith_is_my_shield_by_nicholaskay-d5nimfi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Loyalists, but ask and you shall recieve.

>> No.22716417

Nope. They're 7' average. Fans just like to keep adding more and more to their height.

>> No.22716431


Not just fans.

Half of the descriptions in the books say 7', the other half say OVER 7'.

>> No.22716447
File: 377 KB, 864x1584, tumblr_mgld5iYB841r21rsxo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also this

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>> No.22716485


That's not official, just fan speculation.

>> No.22716486

its not a hard concept to grasp

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>> No.22716506

That Chaos force is totally fucked. That chick has an evisorator AND a grenade.

>> No.22716507


What's not hard to grasp?

Write full sentences damn it.

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File: 183 KB, 737x1084, jes goodwin marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The artwork was not posted in WD, but rather in the Jes Goodwin's artbook compilation. It had other bits of interest like the original concept art for the necrons (including the current destroyer concept art), as well as the Hrud (which were originally intended to be space-skaven).

The reason it always gets called out as 'inaccurate' is because it doesn't mesh with the perceived cannon of the fans. Hell that's half the reason the life-size artwork was done that way, was to poke fun at that fact. There have been numerous cases where players have asked developers at GamesDays about what the average height of a marine was, only to sit and argue with them when they were told it was 7' and not their expected 7.5' or 8' answer they were sure they would hear.

Pic related is the scanned image from the artbook.

>> No.22716531

That photo looks pretty old. Do you think GW would ever "modernize" the Space Marine look like they have with the necron and dark eldar and will probably do with the eldar and tau this year?

>> No.22716534

you are arguing over how tall a space marine is, which is the exact same as me arguing over how much a chicken weighs on average

if average is 7 foot, then by using a simple bell curve you will notice that some are OVER it and some are UNDER it

not quite sure how common a 6 foot space marine is though

and full sentences are for morons who need to have some one sit down and explain to them why sentence fragments are used for conversation and sentences are used for FORUMS apparently

>> No.22716550

I always liked how that implies a spartan is 5' tall.

>> No.22716552

then how tall are the custodes? 10 foot? wasnt the primarchs that tall? how tall is the emperor? 25 foot?

>> No.22716555


It's been in a White Dwarf though,in the issue where the Space Marine Tactical Squad won the hall of fame that image is used.

Glad to find out the origin for that image though, works much better as a poke at the fans rather than a simple mistake.

Do you know what the book is called? I've seen some scans from it but never the whole book.

>> No.22716563

People really need to stop posting this as if it was an official source.

>> No.22716583

me too, my friend is always going off on how spartans are awesome in halo, then i post this and he asks how strong, fast, and smart a marine is, then he asks about its shields

if a spartan needs energy shields to absorb the impact of a .50 caliber handgun or assault rifle, then the armor he is wearing is useless as 5 dudes with assault rifles can put down a spartan who's only real tactic is jumping

>> No.22716584

sentence fragments are utterly useless when one is deprived of an establishing context.

>> No.22716588

If by pretty old, you mean within the past decade, then sure. The Goodwin sketchbook was released during 3rd edition, and no official change has been made to height averages, except where BL writers or fanboys-turned-devs have tried to push the boundary an inch or two.

>> No.22716595

the established context is you blowing me

>> No.22716600


When GW describes a Space Marine as being over 7' tall that implies the average is over 7', not that only some of them are.

The lack of full sentences and punctuation makes you look less intelligent, much like writing in all-caps.
If you're fine with that then more power to you, I however tend to mostly ignore posts like that.

>> No.22716603

Average SM height is around 8 feet, in armor, Primarchs are about 11 so Emps would be somewhere around 14-15ish I suppose. (Eldar are roughly 8-9, Necron Immos towering over everyone else are like 11-12)

>> No.22716625

considering your post, the latter part of this >>22716395 would seem more likely.

>> No.22716627

The emperor is never given an actual height, and there's too little information available about the custodes beyond the "even more powerful, and less character than marines". The Emperor could very well be just a super-psychic 6' tall dude in bulked up armor. But it's more likely that he's about the same height as the primarchs.

>> No.22716629

I don't mean height-wise, I mean design-wise. They really haven't changed a whole lot since 40K was released, compared to some of the other factions.

>> No.22716632


>Average SM height is around 8 feet, in armor

Posting without a source to back up your claim is pointless when this thread already has it straight from the creator that their height is 7'.

If you want to dispute that claim then bring some evidence to back it up.

>> No.22716648

consider looking at my earlier post>>22715535
do you think the guy on the right gives a shit?

>> No.22716660


>> No.22716666

>Red, blue, white
>Raven Guard
>Completely Black
Nope. Check out Raptors for marines with camo.

>> No.22716668
File: 255 KB, 333x480, 07IFSmall[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's the same design-template GW has been using to showcase paintschemes for the last 15 years. And it's still in use.

>> No.22716670

I wouldn't be surprised to find myself mistaken about it not being printed in WD. I definitely don't own every WD out there, so it could easily be in one of the issues I don't have or have never seen.
>Do you know what the book is called? I've seen some scans from it but never the whole book.
I believe his sketchbook was called "The Gothic and the Eldritch". It's great coffee-table material. His sketches are pretty cool to look over, and it's pretty neat to see his concept art and then compare it to the eventual models released.

>> No.22716690

I like how this thread devolved from pictures to mehreen fans slapping their dicks together about how tall your average gentically altered soldier is.

>> No.22716693

Yes, I understand that. In fact, that is exactly my point. After 15 years of using the same design, do you or do you not think GW will update it at some point in the future? If so, what changes will they make? If not, what do you think they want to preserve?

>> No.22716700

Honestly, I'd rather see them keep that design style. The newer 'tiny-head syndrome' models look ridiculous to me.

>> No.22716707

They do not have 1' of armor amongst the soles of their boots and the top of their helmet.

>> No.22716716


The reason they've stuck with it is probably because it either is iconic or that they want it to be.

>> No.22716724

The Space Marines are very iconic though. They've changed them to being more grimdark and got rid of the beakies but I doubt we'll see any major design changes to the basic marines. Maybe some with the specialist units in non codex chapters though.

>> No.22716726
File: 53 KB, 300x300, 1357777861179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people keep getting taller with each successive generation! So in 38000 years, these heights will be normal!

Also, I bet the Emperor is actually about 5'4" and that's why he's never seen not wearing his power armor.

>> No.22716727

I doubt it. It's very iconic and there's no real reason to change it. Kids still think the design is cool and that's what matters.

>> No.22716738

space marines 7 foot average, no more input was needed at all, yet it continued due to fuck faces

also if GW listened to fans they would have made minis cheaper

>> No.22716745

I think a lot of it has to do with it being iconic. And it meshes better with the out-of-proportion heroic-scale miniatures the game uses. Kind of like how the official design-template look of the IG is still out of proportion to that of an actual human being.

>> No.22716746

why not? its six inches of armor everywhere else

>> No.22716788

okay, okay. after looking at this pic, i think i got it.

its stylized after how a space marine appears to regular people. with us being smaller, their head looks tiny as shit, and their legs would look like they go on forever!

its from a smaller persons perspective!


>> No.22716789

Actually, it's not. Like all armor (personal or even vehicular), the amount of armor varies greatly depending upon the location. Marine power armor is thickest in the shoulders (due to pauldron-syndrome) chest/torso, and thigs, upper legs. Namely due to 'center-mass' being the most commonly aimed at part of the body. There is no need to have 6" of armor on the soles of the feet, let alone the top of the head. Hence why there isn't.

>> No.22716807
File: 882 KB, 1920x1080, mira_18154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On a related note, this bugged the crap out of me:
Was this Forge World garrisoned by the Cadian All-Imperium Basketball Champions?

>> No.22716825

gahh.... fixed.
We now have "THIGS" in our anatomy! They THIG things.

>> No.22716841

Shear weight for all 'dem curbstomping attacks

>> No.22716851

No. Ultramarines are just short for Space Marines. Hence their overcompensation by trying to be the best. Its Astartes little man syndrome

>> No.22716857

>no backpack

>> No.22716874
File: 43 KB, 600x561, 1284665476687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Other marines, are you even trying?

>> No.22716904
File: 36 KB, 465x493, smurfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22716925

Note how low his head is in the armor. It's too big for him.

>> No.22716927
File: 59 KB, 496x833, ultramarine2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22716996

This... would be painful for the dude with the powerfist. The fluid covering his eyes would instantly vaporize and because vaporizing lowers the temperature his eyes would instantly freeze, blinding him. It wouldn't happen in his mouth if he keeps it closed, because his body would give it some pressure, but the moment he opens his mouth, it too would freeze completely and probably kill him.
Does he have a thin space membrane over his entire body? Or is it grimderp magic keeping him alive and non-frozen?

>> No.22717026

Extremely thin layer of atmosphere(IIRC)+Primarch power.

>> No.22717052

> Phase 16: This implant allows a Space Marine to sweat a substance that coats the skin and offers resistance to extreme heat and cold and can even provide some protection for the marine in a vacuum. This can only be activated by outside treatment, and is common when Space Marines are expected to be fighting in vacuum.

>> No.22717078

Primarch 2 stronk.

>> No.22717079


>Does he have a thin space membrane over his entire body?

One of the implant organs does allow a Space Marine to sweat a substance that coats the skin and offers resistance to extreme heat and cold and can even provide some protection for the marine in a vacuum.

>Or is it grimderp magic keeping him alive and non-frozen?


>> No.22717115


A primarch's spiritual pressure is so strong that he can sustain himself on it alone, even in a vacuum.

>> No.22717122

He meant camo isn't the colour of fear, the NL and RG armour is.

>> No.22717130


He actually suffered freeze burns and other damage during that fight.

In the book after they even mention how he looks like shit.

>> No.22717148

Not true. Heat is transferred (or removed from something) primarily due to convection. Since space is a vacuum, there is literally no convection taking place. Space is still REALLY REALLY cold. But the temperature will not drop anywhere near as fast as common sci-fi would have you think. Indeed the biggest issue will be the fact that your eyes, and blood vessels, will try to burst out of your exposed flesh.

As canon as that is, it really just amounts to being a derpy hand-wave to make marines even more special by allowing them to survive the vacuum of space for prolonged periods of time. The fluff explanation is pretty much on par with saying "I have a lead-pendant, therefore I'm immune to radiation poisoning". It works in context of the setting, but makes little to no sense in context of reality.

>> No.22717170

>It works in context of the setting, but makes little to no sense in context of reality.

How horrifying

>> No.22717191


>Indeed the biggest issue will be the fact that your eyes, and blood vessels, will try to burst out of your exposed flesh.

Guilliman is described as having veins snaking up the sides of his face in Betrayer, which takes place just after Know no Fear.

>> No.22717225


Yeah, AD-B is great with details like that.

>> No.22718375

Notice how the scale starts at 2 feet. That marine is actually standing at 7 feet.

>> No.22718447

Actually, if marines are 7 feet tall and Mira is 6 feet, and they're stood a little back, then that looks about right.

>> No.22719142

who is this

>> No.22719238


The artist or the marine in the picture?

>> No.22719308

>Notice how the scale starts at 2 feet. That marine is actually standing at 7 feet.
Yeah, that was commented on already. In fact, that's why that pic was included in his post, was because the marine is actually 7' tall.

>> No.22719367

both i guess

>> No.22720598

Marneus Motherfucking Calgar. Couldn't tell you the artist, probably Pict-Scribe Servitor 11XA-1B. He's done some pretty good work.

>> No.22722408

Pict-Scribe Servitor 11XA-1B is one of my favorite artists but I believe that particular peice was done by Ultramarines Chapter Serf 243Z. His body may have rejected the gene seeding process but the boy has an eye for art.

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