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Hey /tg/ could you help me out by dumping all the imperial guard pictures you have?

I need a few different regiments because a friend who's interested only knows the Cadians, Catachans, and the Vostroyans.

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Post some 1000-1250 point Guard lists, I'm starting from the ground up so I can't buy 2250 points worth of models right away.

Also bumping for stuff that isn't Cadian or Catachan, need more regiment ideas before I make one completely off the books.

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I'll dump what i got

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Company Command Squad w/ Astropath and Meltas in Chimera

Veteran Squad w/ Meltas in Chimera
Veteran Squad w/ Meltas in Chimera

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
3 Basilisks or Colossus Siege Mortars

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Moar Krieg

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Praetorian Guard!

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Tallarn Desert Raiders

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Valhallans, not Vostroyans: the other Spess Russians.

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how the fuck did he get an archaeotech blaster

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The Steel Legion, mechanized infantry hailing from the war-torn ashworld Armageddon.

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Might just be a Ryza pattern one. That looks like their style.

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>Implying that is Archaeotech and not simply a stupid-looking laspistol

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Elysian Droptroops

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Lord Commissar - 70 pts
Company Command Squad w/ Autocannon, Master of Ordinance - 90

Guardsman Motherfucking Marbo - 65 points

Platoon Command Squad - 30 points
3X Infantry Squads w/ Flamer and Autocannon - 195 points

Platoon Command Squad - 30 points
3X Infantry Squads w/ Flamer and Autocannon - 195 points

Manticore - 160 points
Leman Russ Battletank - 150 points
Leman Russ Demolisher - 165 points

Aegis Defense Line w/ Quad-Gun - 100 points

Total: 1250 points

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Brace yourselves for heroism.


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CCS w/ 3 Plasma Guns and a Meltagun: 105

Vets w/ 3 Plasma Guns: 115
Vets w/ 3 Plasma Guns: 115
Vets w/ 3 Plasma Guns: 115
Vets w/ 3 Plasma Guns: 115
5 chimeras: 275
Leman Russ: 150
Vendetta: 130
Vendetta: 130

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Did someone say..

Death to the False Emperor?

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I wish those were the standard IG miniatures, instead of cadians.

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What was that one regiment that was fully geared with stupid as fuck hats. I always forget the name.

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The best part of the DoW games was the voice acting.

Rest in Pieces THQ.

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Hopefully whoever picks up the license will also pick up Relic and business can proceed as before.

I'm still waiting for Space Marine 2.

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That's an arbitrator, anon.

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bumping with IG themesong

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>Lasgun has a charging handle

What da fuck. I hate how consistency is all over the fucking place..

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I would rather have Cadians. They atleast look like actual believable soldiers and not like Star Wars ripoffs.

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I like it

The armor looks fucking stupid, though.

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Why do I get the feeling this image is based on Cadian Blood?

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Its not lasgun. In the game he can one hand sniper rifles

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That's a sniper rifle.

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Found it in a bigger size

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Who the fuck designed this?

Do they realize this is a retarded design, or is that the point?

Am I being trolled?

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What was that one regiment that was fully geared with stupid as fuck hats. I always forget the name.

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Jesus christ, just imagine how heavy it'd be.

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This rifle is a computer model from the page of some DH group with graphic and web designers among them.
Great stuff in their gallery and a character generator as well.

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>Implying current militaries do not employ large and heavy .50-caliber sniper rifles.

Yeah, no, it doesn't.

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Not to mention impossibly heavy automatic grenade launchers.

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>Severe Losses: Battle of Low Corridor
Why are we taking anything about 40k serious again?

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>Lucky 13's

>Look like fucking idiots and not a disciplined military force

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You should really tell them the monstrosity they've designed

From a CG standpoint, it's flawless.

But it's like designing flawless horse rectums. What is the point?

Pretty sure you're missing the point.

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>Bolt smaller than the barrel by a large margin

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I like these Janissary guys alot, so much so I made my own.
Currently i've bought some greatcoat legs and will make some more, once I get some victoria miniatures chest and arms.

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Penal Legion: Criminials who now can only find redemption through death.

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i think there meant to have an asian asthetic, and i think 13 is a lucky number to there.

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>Penis Legion

I always liked the concept, but it's never one I wanted to apply in my army. I modeled my Penal Legion as rag-tag Reisistance Fighters instead.

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Humanities strength is increasing statistically and takes less time to train. Its not impossible that by the 41st millennium we could carry 100kg armour.

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imagine the ones in this pic with lasguns. :D
not for every one, but I think its cool.

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>not using white shields.

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>Using Whiteshields

man, I already have GW enough money. Why the fuck would I drop more on 20+ fucking Conscripts?

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Really? I actually like the armor. Some of it looks wierd, but up by the shoulders and upper torso it looks like it would be useful in deflecting incoming projectiles.

Some parts seem to be shot traps though.

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>Cannot into jannisary

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