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So everyone, I have an upcoming tournament. Each match will be at a randomly decided point value, 500, 1250, and 2000. It is single elimination and the prize is cash and some painting from a guy who I know is fucking amazing.

Now, I play tyranids and only have tyranids at my disposal. Can anyone help me build competitive lists at these levels? I've never been the best player, but want to at least be able to do something at this place.

I've taken a look at the roster, of the forty participating just over 25 are marine variants. There are also several Ork players, some Tau, an Eldar, Necrons, and one Demons.

So...help... please...

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Just a little bump.

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Nids aren't that easy, especially in situation where you don't know what roster you even should use.
Now stop worrying and play your underpowerred badly-designed codex.

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Is there no way I can be competitive?

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Take lots of Tervigons and spam psychic powers.

500 = HQ Tervigon, 10 gaunts, Troop Tervigon

1250 = same with Zoanthropes/Hive Guard

2000 = Swarmlord, 3 Troop Tervigons, 6 Zoanthropes, Doom in a Pod, Gargs, Biovores and Trygons

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tervigons are nice, and got "buffed" in 6th due to generic psychic powers.
Flying hivetyrants are useful, but costs quite a lot. Although in the higher pt battles I'd say you should have one.
In 500pts, having a tervigon as HQ is great. Even if it costs a large chunk of your total points it's hard to take down and the termagants it spawns are even better at that pointvalue.

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For the 1250 zoanthropes and hive guard aren't enough to fill that many points. Should I put a second Tervigon into HQ? Or a Hive tyrant? Also should I take toxic sacks and adrenal glands on the Tervigons since the guants get the boost?

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Alright, so I need your guys' help.

I'm in a league with escalation, starting this week at 1k points. Each participant gets a special character to be in every army list, to represent the player. I'm using Tyranids led by the Swarmlord(pic related).

My first matchup will be against a Dark Eldar player, who used to be Tyranids but after realizing that they suck switched armies. He tends to run lots of Raiders and Venoms. My past experience versus Dark Eldar has been failure due to having to make a ton of saves against massed poisoned shooting from that sort of list. He also uses Hellions and Razorwings from time to time, which are easier to deal with for Tyranids than massed infantry in jabba skiffs.

How am I supposed to play this matchup? The honor of the swarm is at stake here, but Dark Eldar are favored as an army in their matchup against Tyranids. And I'm stuck with the slow Swarmlord taking up a quarter of my points.

He uses Night Shields; this rules out dakkafexes. Would a "flying circus" of a Flyrant and a couple harpies work? Ultimately, I just need to take down his skimmers, so that the Swarmlord can 'nom his stranded troops. Flyrant and harpies would be able to hit hard and fast, and keep up speed with his fastest units. Each shoots and blows up a different Venom each turn, basically. For troops, warriors perhaps, good at soaking up wounds? Maybe some outflanking gaunts?

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I usually go for toxin sacks on my tervigons since the gaunts get the boost and the tervi herself will wound more easily.
I also put them on Trygons because: usually hits on 3 or 4, rerolls to hit. wounds on 2 or 3, rerolls to wound because poison is awesome now.

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I've faced DE once before. that was when you could have your whole fucking list in reserve and I'd been playing for a month.
I like the thought of Flying circus on them, though. The warriors, since DEldar don't have a lot of high-strength weapons as far as I know, can be useful. especially if you mitigate the wounded to the rear every once in a while.

Either way: It's an uphill battle for you.

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Use the Doom of Malan'tai as your "avatar". Laugh as you annihilate your opponents

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ITT: Why I don't play WH40k

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