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Can we have a knight/paladin thread /tg/? For my setting I am having several orders of knights and would like inspiration. One will be dedicated to hunting dragons and other monsters, another will worship a god of light/justice.

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Or several.

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Does anybody have pictures where the knight is wearing scale armour instead of plate?

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More in the vein of

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>One will be dedicated to hunting dragons and other monsters, another will worship a god of light/justice.
How original, well done.

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Contribution time. Starting with a classic.

God I love the Winged Hussars. 10/10 would flank Moscovite battalions with.

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Yes, this pic here is of the most evil paladin ever, but this particular panel is just beautiful when removed from the comic's context.

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This picture makes me feel sad.

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Even those with tragic origins may rise to greatness.

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I've seen other panels from this, but I actually have no idea what the comic is. What's the name?

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Vampire Knight Requiem. The art's nice, but it's only enjoyable in a shlock way.

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Requiem, Vampire Knight.
It's done by some old Heavy Metal artists IIRC.
It is, essentially, the most nonsensical and flamboyantly METAL comic I've ever seen. If you take it at face value and don't go in expecting a deep storyline, its actually very entertaining.

It also has amazing art.

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Aha. I've read, what, the first three issues of Requiem, I think. I thought the art looked familiar. Guess I just didn't get far enough.

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I used to have the entire sequence of that flashback saved. The imagery is eye-catching.

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Does a Dapper Young Napoleon count?

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dumping BfW

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I heard you are crusader. Im pretty crusade myself.

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Interesting sidenote: people at the time of the Crusades never referred to crusaders. They were called pilgrims or something similar.

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Interesting. *makes note for future games*

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Shield reads "aut Rex, aut asinus" : "either King or donkey". Wtf ?

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Wait, it's actually a real proverb :

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Some days, you actually learn shit from /tg/.

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>all these images
>my folders are filled with fresh imagery
damn it feels good to be a lurksta

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As a side note, I just scanned the sup /tg/ archives and realized I missed a Crusader Quest last year. Feels bad.

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Cover from Children of Hurìn

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I fucking love Fables.

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I hate this movie.
Hello, i am simple blacksmith, but after seing few swordtricks im best warrior evar, also able to easily beat every other knight, who spent his lifetime in training. Oh and also i am now a brilliant strategist for some reason.
In all those hollywood movies knights are always complete and usless retards, like everyone could beat a knight.

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Director's Cut.

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Orthodox monk?

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Yup, a badass monk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Peresvet.

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He was taught by Liam Neeson. This is what happens when you are taught by Liam Neeson.

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"Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?"

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Have some Henry V, because.

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Not to mention that he is based on a real character who
- Wasn't a blacksmith
- Never screwxed any princess, for all we know
- Never set a foot on Europe
- And wasn't a bastard.

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Worked great for Obi-Wan, not so much for Anakin

Dammit Darth Maul

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Hey guys, I was toying around the idea of a setting with colour coded knightly orders. The founders of each order used to be part of a Power Rangers-esque group in their youth, but settled down into order leaders in their old age.

What colours would you guys use, and how would you go about differentiating the orders (that is, what makes them unique)?

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No ridiculous colors (orange, yellow, etc).
You might as well stick with the same colors as the chromatic dragons.
Different goals and ideals for each order.
One or several orders could possibly have become evil (or not).
You could make each order value certain tactics (while staying loyal). E.g. : one order has a lot of clerics and refuses any loss in battle. Another might value death over retreat, even temporary. Another could have multiclass fighters/wizards. Or one order could have its knights ride magical beasts.

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Also interesting side note: Members of the military religious orders were not crusaders. Those who fought in the Holy Land alongside the famous crusaders were permanent residents of the east similar to the native Franks who lived in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the short-lived county of Edessa and so on.

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This is the best thing ever

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This is the third time today Ive posted my waifu

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good man

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Good taste, well done.

I'm an unabashed Ivalicefag though so I may be biased.

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thats pretty adorible. 11/10 would slay bell gargoyal with

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I wish there was a decent way to play mounted combat in D&D so i could play a Hussar.

they are too cool.

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I'm a big fan of the Englishman on the far left. Kettle helms and chainmail veils are great.

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Quietly requesting art of longbowmen. Or not, this is a paladin thread after all.

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