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Have any of you actually played FATAL? How was it? How hard was it to navigate the rules? Does the incomprehensibility of the game destroy any comedic value it might have?

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Come on, I know one of you sick fucks has tried it.

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I will not fall in your trap another time, FBI man.

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Roll of anal circumference.

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From what little I have read of the rules, you actually have to solve quadratic equations in combat.

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I thought that was for sex?

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In FATAL, they're the same thing.

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A couple friends and I got as far into rolling characters up as we could get on a livestream a few years back. It was pretty good for a laugh, would do again.

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i helped my brother in law roll up a character, jesus christ my sides

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>oh god

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ok, I'm interested now.

what the fuck is the premise of this game?
I've run GURPS before, is my body ready?

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Only if you roll high enough.

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>what the fuck is the premise of this game?
Rape. And rolling for Anal circumference.
>I've run GURPS before, is my body ready?
Nope. Better start rolling...

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>Does the incomprehensibility of the game destroy any comedic value it might have?
What comedic value? F.A.T.A.L. is like the 2 Girls 1 Cup of RPGs: you show it to others to see their reaction, but the actual product is just awful.

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Welcome to /tg/. Now sit down and roll for anal circumference.

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The rape fantasies of a math-obsessed asshat with an ego about the size of the Milky way, basically. And it uses its own system.

On a side note, you can either make a game that has fantasy elements or you can make one that's realistic- you can't have it both ways. FATAL did, making it the only RPG where a random magical effect can summon a pair of "randy gay ogres" (yes, that's an actual quote from the book) to butt-fuck everything in sight, among MANY other things, like the ones in pic related.

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Almost forgot: it also contains such lovely items like the Armor of Jewy Jewbacca, which turns you into an Jewish stereotype when worn. They tried to pass that off as "controversial humor", which backfired for obvious reasons

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