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A Tyranid hive fleet invades a small warp rift infested with Chaos.

What happens? Can the Tyranids overwhelm Chaos itself? Or is it impossible for forces from our universe, no matter how powerful, to prevail in an area in which the laws of physics bend to the whims of the Chaos Gods?

And if the Tyranids win, do they assimilate any kind of Chaos abilities, mutations, blessings et into the swarm?

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Bump because Chaos Tyranids = win

>also found a better pic

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I've heard of Tyranids being corrupted by Chaos, but that was something of an isolated group cut off from the main hive fleet iirc. And I'm not really knowledgeable on tyranids so I'm not sure how they'd fare inside a warp rift, but I doubt it'd be good since it'd just be endless streams of Daemons.

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Yeah, Tyranids and the exact workings of the warp are beyond me, hence why I made this thread.

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Chaos is anathema to tyranids. If they consume demons they promptly go insane. The tyranids avoid chaos as much as they avoid the necrons, they can't harvest biomass from demons and if they do it drives the fleet insane. It's a lose-lose.

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Hmm, difficult to say.

On the one hand, Daemons have no physical substance - they're literally made out of psychic energy and emotion. As such, they have no biomass to consume (although potentially the Doom of Malan'tai might be able to feed off them, as it seems to eat psychic energy).

On the other, Tyranids don't really feel emotions - the Shadow in the Warp is the 'scrambling' effect caused by trillions of really, truly alien minds screwing up the normal eddies and flows of psychic energy, like a television set that broadcasts the snow show when its usual signal is interrupted. So Daemons would suffer a sudden loss of power since their connection to the warp would get blanketed and 'tuned out'.

Overall, I'd say 'nids would have the upper hand initially, but if Chaos managed to fight them back for long enough, they'd eventually starve or retreat for lack of consumable biomass.

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The Iron Warriors stole a hive ship to transport a titan.

As a rule though the psychic might of the hivemind blots out most other warp activity. HOWEVER - there is a difference from the shadow in the warp stopping psykers to actually being able to overwhlem the raw power of something like the EoT or maelstrom.

Plus chaos corruption is as much spiritual as it is physical.

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Hive fleets cast a shadow in the warp however, overcoming any connection psykers have to it

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Except Tigurius.

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>Except any Imperial with plot armor

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Ooooh right I forgot about that one. Damn, I laughed my arse off when I read about that assimilated hive ship.

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Tyranids infected with the Obliterator virus...


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>What happens?


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But also in 999.M41 M'kar the Reborn is freed from decades of imprisonment and attack Ultramar immediately, and dies a true death at Calgar's hands.

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Technonids? Techranids? Technids? What have you unleashed?

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I should've seen that coming.

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Another thought... if they fought against Nurgle worshippers, what happens when a zombie plague is unleashed?

Dead biomass, instead of being consumed and reused by the swarm, starts rising and turning on everything not dead? Or would the gestalt of the swarm and the control of synapse organisms be strong enough to command them in this form as well?

>naval ongtonom
ong ton nom nom nom

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Chaos is limitless, Nids die or get corrupted.

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Cranifex mounts Defiler while jungle boogie plays in the background. And a good time was had by all.

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Tyranids don't invade Warp Rifts, willingly. If the Nids are engaged by daemons spawned by the rift, they must survive against the endless hordes until the Rift closes.

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Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors!

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Or they just leave.

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As long as the Tyranids could recover their dead they'd be able yo break even on resources and not starve. There would also be non organic resources on the planet for them to harvest. Letting them get some gain. In theory they could fight on a deamon world perpetually.

Long term they could even win if they start properly killing all the deamons by going bonesword heavy with their troops.

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I have visions of a bid that was obliterater virus infected and managed to return to its hive fleet. Which decided to weaponise the virus for it self. Now you really don't want its fexs to get near your tanks. Not only will they rip them to shreds but after their done you'll have to face carnifexs with extra plating and armed with battle canons

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Shadow of the Warp makes it hard for daemons to be summoned, but once they're on the field it does not affect them.

M'kar transformed an entire planet into a Daemon World and hordes of darmons of all colors and sizes came out to play. So Chaos says FUCK YOUR SHADOW!

Depends on the whims of the Daemon lord of the world.

He can alter the reality of his daemon wotld to suit his desire. If he wants his world to be full of brimstone and fire? It is fire and brimstone. If he wants it make out of flesh and bone? You get the idea.

Tyranids on Daemon worlds are at the mercy of their ''hosts'', much like everything else.

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I was more referring to bones words, which as organic force weapons would let the nids permanently kill deamons. Instead of just sending back to the warp.

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You can't kill a daemon permanently (Only happens in special cases). What is this bonesword crap?

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Sorry I deleted that post cos of some typos I didn't like. But anyway its said
"I wasn't referring to Shadow in the warp but boneswords, which as organic Force weapons would let a Tyranid permanently kill a Deamon."

Anyway, I'm pretty sure force weapons do permanently kill deamons, as they allow you too attack its mind rather than its body. Thats why Grey Knights use them.

As for Boneswords their a weapon Tyranids have had as far back as 2nd ed. Its an organic sword that is its own creature like nid guns are (rather than just an over sized claw like scything talons) and though non sapient is quit psychic and can give its blade a sheath of psychic energy and function as a forceweapon, attacking an opponents mind or soul with raw psychic energy.
On table top they're a CC weapon that ignores armour saves and anyone wounded by one has to take LD test or suffer instant death, if the creature using them has a pair the LD test is on 3D6 (because the magnify each other in close proximity) Hive Tyrants and Tyranid warriors can be armed with them.

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