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>What is this?
Well, last night we set about creating the most chest-thumpingly 'MURRICAN chapter of Space Marines in all of 40k.
Previous thread:
We had finished Table 1-27 (Chapter Enemies) from the Rites of Battle chapter creation rules last night, so once we have some people in here, we'll continue.

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Some highlights of thread one:

Approval of the Dice Gods
When rolling for the chapter's Progenitor, three rolls came in near-simultaneously. In the order they showed up, they gave Blood Angels (Red), White Scars (White), and Ultramarines (Blue). It was at this point that we first suspected the dice gods looked favorably upon our endeavor.

When rolling for Special Equipment, the result was Bestial Companion. It was decided that they had GIANT BALD EAGLES that filled numerous rolls in the chapter, from replacing jump packs for assault marines (the eagles lift them by special handles on their backpacks), to serving as a landspeeder-equivalent.

Friendship With the Salamanders
Colonel Zanders provided the Salamanders with a mighty feast. Since that day, they have been brothers.

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You have my attention...

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Welp, let's get rollin'!
Skipping tables 1-28 and 1-29 because they're for if you can't come up with a name and want an "Adjective Noun" one.
Custom Chapter Advance, gimme a d100!

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Rolled 45


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Rolled 96


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>Behold Our Wrath
Sounds Murrican to me.

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Alright, their advance scheme is BEHOLD OUR WRATH!
Here's the table for that, just so you can all get a look at it.

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And that's it for rolling. Now we just need to work on fleshing some things out, and I'm sadly terrible at that, so I leave this in your capable hands, eloquen/tg/entlemen.

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Rolled 84

we need intimidation
iron jaw
and duty unto death

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Idea, All Scouts have Wrist mounted Combat knives

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>wrist mounted combat knives
ner vod

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By the Emperor, this is beautiful.

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I demand that the genecode has the manliest of beards present on each and every marine.

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>not mustaches
Bitch please, if we're going for '80s style chest-thumpingly patriotic 'MURRICA FUCK YEAH you can't beat a badass mustache.

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Because nobody talks about porn-beards. It's all about the 'stache, brother!

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Fair enough. But they have to be handlebar, no exceptions.

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Indeed. Their handlebar mustaches are almost as manly as Rogal Dorn's mutton chops.

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Dont forget American Flag Bikini Sisters of Battle!

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Desert Eagles
Space Liberators
Screaming Eagles

All I got.

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Ah yes, the Order of Our Lady of Liberty.

And the Kolt Pattern Bolt Pistol. If you thought a regular bolt pistol was a doomcock, you haven't seen this fuckin' thing.
And yes, it is a reference to the 1911.

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And Statue of Liberty titan.

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And Redneck PDF

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And Paul Bunyan Titan. Yes, it has an axe.

The first Chapter Master must be Washin Ton.

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so... Catachan?

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The Abrams-Pattern Vindicator Tank
The name got brought up several times in the previous thread but nobody ever suggested what would make it special. Maybe it's a Vindicator with a more powerful engine, and thus a higher top speed? Because nothing is more AMERICAN than sticking the biggest engine you can get your hands on in an automobile to make it gofast. Pic related.
Read the first thread, he was Caunotaucarius.

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just a suggestion on color scheme

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Nah, he has the name that native Americans gave Washington which basically means Devourer of Villages.

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We already have a color scheme. Its from the videos that inspired these guys

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Needs more stars and stripes.

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Is that... Is that the theme from Delta Force in the background while Battle Brother Hogan strikes from the sky to fight Warboss Osama?

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So i assume these guys operate in the same region of space as Amerigo Secundus

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I hadn't seen that, its awesome

Don't let anyone, not even me, try to change that scheme

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Yes. Yes it is. The second video is even better

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What we have so far.

Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Master Librarian Franc Lein
Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt
First Company Captain Ronnal Reigen
Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham

Other Company Captains (Which company uncertain) include Hulc Ogan, Paton, Eisen Hower, Makar Thur.

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Dont forget Rogue Trader Hancock.

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Not nearly gaudy enough

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Space Marine Patton needs to be the Master of the Armoured Companies.

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Their home-world, Nova Merica (Murica?) is an entirely desert planet with two hemispheres. One being the Caunotaucarius D.C. (District of Columnaughtus) which harbors the giant military base/ government center that runs the great planet. There's no civilian housing as all who live on Nova are determined not through force, but sheer determination to protect their home. Not a single soldier on this great planet is in anyway, regretful of their service.

The second half of this great planet is split. The territory being shared by the wide span of resource farms and drills and the endless desert prison which harbors Tau scum and all those who would threaten to undo the work which this planet has fought for.

" One from many, fight for liberty "

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Dude, the whole COMPANY is all about tanks. Armored Assault is their Combat Doctrine.

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Not Company, Chapter. Fuck.

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>white stars
how bout some Lone Stars?

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Determined through determination. Yes. America.

Logic is for heretics.

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Other Company Captains need to more American Symbols - Davy Crockett, John Wayne, Batman, etc.

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>Armored Assault is their Combat Doctrine.
The only thing appropriate to express my glee is Swedish power metal about American tanks rolling through Iraq.

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>Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt

Bully. I trust each and every one of those Scouts is mounted on bikes and not doing unmanly things like wearing camouflage or sniping?

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Roosevelt was a damn great outdoorsman.

I imagine they don't use bikes - something more like... Bull Moose. Giant mutant cyborg moose.

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Well of course. They ARE the (somehow genetically pure) bastard mixture of Blood Angels, White Scars, and Ultramarines geneseeds.

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Batman should be the head Techpriest, making totally implausible gadgets.

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You forgot Master of Sanctity Sixtus and his policing of the Moostache.

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And they wear pic related.

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So why are these guys fightin Tau? the anti-commie thing is more Amerigo Secundus, which is sort of a throwback to more classic american policy. Shouldn't these guys be going up against Chaos terrorist style cultists?

>> No.22672771

Kandosii, vod.

Also relevant to this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0akddPHZlI

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They are all about camp America, so it grabs a little from everywhere.

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This is 80s America, when America was stong and before everything went to hell.

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Marine, your moostache hairs is in violations. It's not growin' beyond the corners of your mouth. POLEESE THAT MOOSTACHE!
Dude, read the first thread. Seriously it's linked in OP.

>> No.22672789


Okay, I think that's going too far with the whole thing. The American army doesn't have a problem with using stealth, and neither do space marines (at least, for their scouts) so abandoning it is less "taking a silly idea to a silly conclusion" and more just plain ridiculousness.

>> No.22672792


Master of Sanctity Sixtus is bros with Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt, as Rusevelt knows how to maintain the Moostache.

>> No.22672793

So wait, what else do we need to do?

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so who will be head Chaplin?

he'd have to be someone extremely patriotic (even more so than those currently taking up other positions) with lines like "It is the AMERICAN way!" and whatnot.

like a Space marine Sam Eagle

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I hear Makar Thur hisself say, you look like a bum.
Dude. This is not a serious army to represent serious America. It is every campy overly-patriotic chest-thumping 80s action movie rolled into one.

>> No.22672803

They have a unique organisation. What should it be like?

>> No.22672805


We already have him. Master of Sanctity Sixtus.

>> No.22672810

>Brother Chaplain Uncle Sam

>> No.22672811

I wasnt being serious.

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All of our marines must be Beakies.

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Hey, I think that this chapter should have 13 Companies instead of the Codex 10 - to be more awesome, and for the 13 stripes/colonies.

>> No.22672827

Their Battle-Barge is called LITANY OF LIBERTY.

>> No.22672828


I like this idea for one. Allows for more badass captains.

>> No.22672833

why not 50?

>> No.22672836


I agree, If Space Wolves can have 13 companies, the Merican Marines should have them too.

>> No.22672846

Each one should be named after the 13 colonies.

>> No.22672848


so they have 5,000 Marines? I think the Inquisition would be somewhat suspicious of that.

>> No.22672850

Since they are a genetic chimera that includes White Scars and Blood Angels, shouldn't they inherit their bloodthirst?

Actually, what is their Primarchs Curse? The Codex one from Second Founding, or one of their three ancestor's ones?

>> No.22672855

Genetically pure, yo. The dice decreed it to be so.

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Probably not ostentatious enough to be the chapter banner, but I could see this as a company banner maybe?

>> No.22672866

Instead of bloodthirst, what if they just love a good fight? Like, doesn't even have to be to the death or anything.
Professional wrestling as their preferred pastime.

>> No.22672867

>yuropean space marines
>they can't afford any equipment

>> No.22672868


that never stopped the Black Templars

hell they'd probably get aways with it cause each company has different State heraldry

>> No.22672879

Yeah, I think 13 is more manageable.They could have like 50 ships in their fleet, all named after states.

>> No.22672881

The only reason it doesn't stop the Black Templars is that they're scattered all over the galaxy, always fighting, so they're both not seen as a threat, and it's almost impossible to get a proper headcount.

>> No.22672883

Whenever they Challenge an enemy leader, another Marine uses their vox equipment to announce the fight like a wrestling match.

>Chorus of boos

>> No.22672885

Or 50 PDF regiments guarding the homeland.

>> No.22672895

so what's the average solder's disposition?
outside of being extremely patriotic, which when you think about it isn't that unique when it comes to space marine chapters.

>> No.22672898

Maybe that should be a unique quirk of Captain Hulc Ogan's company? Famed for being the most belligerent, liking to get up close and personal and punch their enemies until they explode into freedom and liberty. Sticky, chunky, oozey, red, freedom and liberty.

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The Neuhampshyres
The Roadislanters
Then Vourginyans
The Neuengelanters
The Nord and Sud Carlorinans
The Noveau Yourkans
The Geurgans

Thats all I have, I'm not a yank and don't know that much about the 13 colonies (aside from an ancestor killing yanks with the British Army.)

>> No.22672906

Perhaps the 13 Companies are all very distinctive, seeing their Company as an individual entity, with the Chapter being the sum of the Companies, rather than the Companies fractions of the Chapter.

>> No.22672907

So I assume they have some Benedict Arnold type arch traitor who fell to chaos in their history.

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How about this? As a banner sergeants carry?

>> No.22672918


Yes, but his name is Obbummar.

>> No.22672921


>> No.22672929

in that case wouldn't the companies have HUGE rivalries with each other?

the New york/Mass equivalent would probably almost come to blows at times.

also i just now am imagining Space Marines with thick new york and boston accents.

>> No.22672939


A prescient Librarian that swore himself to Tzeentch when he turned out to be a better tactician than everyone around him.

>> No.22672940


Inter-Chapter communication problems ahoy!

>> No.22672944


Oh god.

>> No.22672945

IIRC the Clans of the Iron Hands are sometimes in open conflict with eachother.

>> No.22672947


Change we CAN believe in!

>> No.22672950

Which kind of Boston?
This kind
Or this kind?

>> No.22672957



>> No.22672958


Boy dis crusade is one wicked pissah!

>> No.22672962

Is there a 1d4chan page for this yet?

>> No.22672969

We haven't even named them yet, so I don't think so.

>> No.22672972

This kind.

>> No.22672976


That's an Australian.

>> No.22672979

But what if I prefer this kind?

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File: 92 KB, 280x280, boston-s-wicked-pissah-hoodie_design.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wicked pissah
you've never been to boston or new england in general have you?

>> No.22672984


So New England is the Australia of America?

Makes Sense.

>> No.22672990


Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Master Librarian Franc Lein
Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
Master of Sanctity Sixtus
Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)

Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham

First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
Third Company Captain Hulc Hogan
Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
Sixth Company Captain Mac Arture
Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
Eight Company Captain ???
Ninth Company Captain ???
Tenth Company Captain ???
Eleventh Company Captain ???
Twelfth Company Captain Davicrok Ette
Thirteenth Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt

I need more Company Captains - prefereably icons of America

>> No.22672995

no that's Florida.
they both consist of criminal populations.

>> No.22672998


>> No.22673002


Nah, I don't think this works as well when we are trying to inject as much EIGHTIES into this.

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File: 165 KB, 1200x772, Rambo Is Concentrating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sylvester Stallone for one of them? Favors a heavy bolter?

>> No.22673011


Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow

>> No.22673015

Isn't the 8th company all devastators? Also do this >>22673008 or Shwartzy.

>> No.22673019


It's Decided. Ran Dow with his Heavy Bolter.

>> No.22673020

Needs Mr.T.

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File: 300 KB, 1206x905, Colbert_paladin[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're not sure who this man is, m'lord, but he brought his own power armor.

>> No.22673023


Ran Bow. I fucked up.

>> No.22673027

This already has a non-standard layout. It's more like the Space Wolves, where each company has it's own "shtick"

>> No.22673029 [DELETED] 


11th Company Captain Cold Bert

>> No.22673030

Looks more kitted out for Chapter Champion than Captain.

>> No.22673031

For Master of the forge - why not some variant on Howard Hughes?
All of Starks' genius, but more crazy.

>> No.22673035

Any place in the chapter for this?

>> No.22673039

>prefereably icons of America
I'll just go rapid fire the list and if anyone can find a place for em the better

Babe Ruth
Mike Ditka
Bill Murray
Emperor Norton the 1st
Al Capone
J Edgar

those are just ones that haven't been taken yet and off the top of my head(i think some of these redone names are throwing me)

>> No.22673044


11th Company Captain Col-bear

>> No.22673045


Eight Company Captain Mestertei
Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire

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File: 61 KB, 639x512, Ma Deuce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Master of the Forge
>not John Moses Browning
Ya dun goof'd.

>> No.22673053

He's planetary governor of Amerigo Secundus.

>> No.22673060


Remember, we're looking for testosterone here. And Macarthur is already on that list.

I'm thinking something ridiculous, like Captain America.

>> No.22673066


I think the point here is to be as ridiculously overblown as possible, so throwing in superheros makes it seem more insane.

>> No.22673069

Which one?

>> No.22673071


I like the idea of Cold Bear more as Chapter Champion.

>> No.22673072 [DELETED] 

Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Master Librarian Franc Lein
Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
Master of Sanctity Sixtus
Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)
Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham
First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
Third Company Captain Hulc Hogan
Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
Sixth Company Captain Mac Arture
Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
Eight Company Captain Mesterei
Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire
Eleventh Company Captain Col-Bear
Twelfth Company Captain Davicrok Ette
Thirteenth Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt

Missing Anyone?

>> No.22673077

I could personally go either way. He can "lead."

>> No.22673085

Aren't they all Captain America? And we've already got a Marvel hero on the roster.

What if every Captain gets an Adamantium shield?

>> No.22673087


Make the Company Champion be a man who always takes the title of "Captain of Mericus"

>> No.22673090

Chapter Honor Guard=Secret Service?

>> No.22673095


Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Master Librarian Franc Lein
Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
Master of Sanctity Sixtus
Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)
Chapter Champion Cold Bear
Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham
First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
Third Company Captain Hulc Hogan
Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
Sixth Company Captain Mac Arture
Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
Eight Company Captain Mesterei
Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire
Eleventh Company Captain ???
Twelfth Company Captain Davicrok Ette
Thirteenth Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt

>> No.22673107

Since there's no Apothecary, we should replace it with "Master of Technologie" or some shit and put Batman in here. Because fuck you, we're America and we have Batman. He fills in the jobs that a Chief Apothecary is suppsed to do.

>> No.22673112


While I LOVE the idea of Jon Paaljowns as Master of the Fleet, I think for the more ridiculous pop-culture melange we are going for here we should have Captain Kirk as Master of the Fleet.

>> No.22673115

Ah, good point. They are ALL Captains of Mericus.

>> No.22673116

Only if there are two named characters named Artemus Gordon and James Tiberius West.

>> No.22673119
File: 25 KB, 350x418, lawl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)
>no apothecaries
>no geneseed ever recovered

Oh gawd mah sides

>> No.22673120

11th Company Captain Muham Adalie. Punches Tau til they explode.

>> No.22673130

Also needs Venerable Dreadnaught Ken Edie

>> No.22673146
File: 11 KB, 300x321, The-Chuckster-1011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to include another American Hero while we're at it: The Chuckster. Have him specialize in throwing grenades.

>> No.22673151

>throwing grenades
>not slamming/jamming them down the enemy's throat in melee combat

>> No.22673161

Sir Kharles Barclei for 11th Company Captain man.

>> No.22673162

Captain Kust Arr. Or Ven Dread.

>> No.22673167

What do you think he's slamming/jamming?

>> No.22673169

I remember the Merican Marines. We were outnumbered and outgunned, and the Tau were slaughtering us by the thousand. We commendeded our souls to the Emperor and prepared to meet our fate. We would not let them take us prisoner, we knew what they would do to us. ‘reeducation camps’ where we would be brainwashed in to hating the Emperor and the Imperium. No, we would die like true soldiers of the Emperor.

And then they came. The sky was lit up by streaks of red, white and blue, and suddenly they landed in the midst of the enemy like a bolt from the blue. They slaughtered the tau, smashed their tanks to scrap and drove them screaming to oblivion.

I remember hearing their Master of Sanctity screaming righteous hatred as he lead his marines, and the tread of mighty dreadnoughts crushing the life out of the Tau, the long dead chapter masters within still fighting, still struggling for freedom. And freedom was what the Merican marines gave us that day. Freedom to fight again, freedom to continue to serve the Imperium. The Tau wanted to steal our freedom, but the mighty marines of Merica saved us, saved freedom and I pray to the Emperor that they will continue to do so forever.

>> No.22673174

>having the master of the Chaos Dunk in a Loyalist chapter

Are you mad?

>> No.22673179

He should be a high ranking Chaplain who boosts the morale of troops by slammin' Tau heads. Also his presence makes everyone jam.

>> No.22673182
File: 743 KB, 1100x1100, God President of Mankind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this earlier today and thought I'd post it here.

Gentlemen. Behold.

The God-President of Mankind!

>> No.22673194

No. No guys.

11th Company Captain.

Is Kurtrus Ell

>> No.22673195

>not a Dreadnought
3/10 wouldn't worship

>> No.22673199

That alone makes that picture.

It's called the Chaos Dunk because its a commonly use move against Chaos. It's not as effective on Xenos as it is on Demons and heretics.

>> No.22673207

Yeah, I like Kharles Barclei as the 11th. Maybe he just uses a weapon that he took off the corpse of a dead Chaos Marine. Even the ultramarines do that.

>> No.22673214

>not using a basketball

>> No.22673220


Chapter Master Conotocaurious
Master Librarian Franc Lein
Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
Master of Sanctity Sixtus
Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)
Chapter Champion Cold Bear
Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham
First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
Third Company Captain Hulc Hogan
Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
Sixth Company Captain Mac Arture
Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
Eight Company Captain Mesterei
Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire
Eleventh Company Captain Kharles Barclei
Twelfth Company Captain Davicrok Ette
Thirteenth Scout Company leader Teodor Rusevelt

>> No.22673223

Yes. A Basketball taken from the corpse of a Chaos Champion.

>> No.22673225
File: 2.85 MB, 320x134, 1314389107319.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What is this I don't even.

Spot the hidden flag.

>> No.22673236
File: 268 KB, 1024x768, Michael+Jordan+by+ferny[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A basketball he won in a game to the death against a Chaos Marine named Michaelus

>> No.22673239

Add in Venerable Dreadnaught Jon Kennedie. "Ask not what your Chapter can do for you... ask what you can do for your Chapter"

>> No.22673259

>Brother Captain Kharles Barclei vs. Chaos Champion Michaelus
We need a story and artwork

>> No.22673276

Man, this just seems to have become "vaguely american icons with poorly altered names: the chapter".

>> No.22673284

Yeah, add that and it looks pretty good.

>> No.22673292

>The joke
>Your head

>> No.22673295

It'll be cleaned up later. Things like this usually are. Let people have their fun for now.

>> No.22673305

How are any of the people on that list only "vaguely American" by the standards of misguided patriotism, poor historical understanding and 80's intensity that we've laid out?

>> No.22673308


This is to hammer out ideas. The finished product when it goes up on 1d4chan will be a lot more polished and read better.

>> No.22673317

Okay, so there are no Apothecaries... so how DOES the Geneseed get recovered? Do units just have dedicated "medics" to do this, or is there like a legion of Mexican Chapter Serfs that follow them around doing this?

>> No.22673324


Medics. Compassionate ones.

>> No.22673326

>implying any geneseeds would be lost

>> No.22673342

>Mexican Chapter Serf
Oh God.
The Americans complaining about the Mexicans who "took 'er seed," whilst the Mexicans are being employed to do it because no American wants to.

>> No.22673380

Who better to dunk chaos then a master of dunking chaos?

Would he basically be a librarian with some psyker stuff?

>> No.22673401

Ok, so the color scheme is all stripes, with blue and stars on the shoulder pads. Should the helmets be all white save for the mouth, which is yellow/gold?

>> No.22673480

obviously he'd be a biomancer. Nothing is more American than drug abuse in professional sports.

He could cast spells like Iron Arm to represent steroid abuse, and Lightning reflexes to represent his underprivileged rags-to-riches inner city negroid athleticism.

>> No.22673491

Well, all the helmets are going to be beakie helmets, so that's not really an issue

>> No.22673525

the helmets should be all white, but should also have a decoration like one of those cancer ribbon magnets people put on the back of their cars.

Its perfectly American- Buy some cheap bumper sticker crap to put on your car so you can express awareness for causes you care about when its convenient, but otherwise will never actually contribute too.

Also, company membership should be determined by painting that little ring around the wrist of the power armor a certain color, like those little livestrong bracelets and shit. SHOW THOSE HERETICS WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE A DOLLAR FOR

>> No.22673544


I figured all their Rhinos would have the rear covered in inspirational bumper stickers.

>> No.22673552

And don't forget the flag pins.

>> No.22673553


A Scause?

>> No.22673560

>Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon

He's the best duelist in the entire Chapter.

But uh, how about FDR? Coolidge? Grant? Woodrow Wilson? Sherman?

I have more if you want them.

>> No.22673581

no, no room for them. The rear of the rhinos will all be covered in the holy litanies of 2nd amendment bumper stickers, faded old republican party bumper stickers, NRA membership decals, metal mullisha skulls and monster energy drink logos. They have to be totally bro-trucked out.

>> No.22673582


FDR is already a Venerable Dreadnaught.

The others would be good for a historically based army, but only Enjrew Jaxon has the balls out insanity to fit here. Plus your average American easily recognizes Washington and Lincoln and Kennedy as American icons, but probably couldn't recognize any of those others. They probably wouldn't recognize Jackson either, but he beat people with a cane and took bullets like a man.

>> No.22673591

Needs Audie Murphy.

>> No.22673598

No no no, Capter Master Washington DESPISED political parties, they are seen as heresy on Nova Merica.

>> No.22673619

Rhinos with truck nuts?

>> No.22673623


There are two underground cults on Nova Merica, the Cult of the Elephant and the Cult of the Donkey.

>> No.22673628


Yeah, exactly. Plus this is the version of America detached from reality - in this version, no one argues about politics, everyone is dedicated to LIBERTY and FREEDOM in equal measure and AWESOME.

>> No.22673639


Not even Sherman or Grant?

What about Thomas Jefferson?

>> No.22673643

So Republican party bumper stickers are out, NRA memberships, Monster energy drink, truck nuts, and 2nd amendment stickers are in?

>> No.22673650
File: 70 KB, 400x500, spessmuhreen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4 billion hours in paint

>> No.22673698

Sherman isn't known enough.

Problem with Grant is then you sort of have to include Lee, and then we get Civil War division, which is against UNITED FOR FREEDOM.

Thomas Jefferson might be a Librarian like Franklin, or "Keeper of Records"

>> No.22673713

>Sherman unknown
Do you even liberate?

>> No.22673724


Don't forget, Freedom isn't free, it costs a buck o'three.

>> No.22673740


Fair point, I suppose. I mean you could simply have Lee and Grant with a sort of healthy rivalry between them, but maybe not.

For Jefferson, I imagine he wrote up the Chapters founding document etc.

>> No.22673793

The Horus Heresy was a Civil War, Lee and Grant could've been two PDF pitted against each other by Horus's actions.

>> No.22673811

I'm pretty sure the Chapter wasn't around during the HH. It was founded fairly recently.

>> No.22673820


They were both Merican commanders who fought on opposing sides during the heresy. After the Heresy, Grant was gifted a Planet where his Merican Fusilier veterans and their families could settle (as Old Merica on Terra was gone, wiped out by Horus).

>> No.22673827


It seems to be descended from the Merican Fusiliers (the HH era US Army, or what was left of the US army after 30,000 years)

>> No.22673830


The Chapter wasn't there during the HH. Grant and Lee are probably native Merican figures.

>> No.22673839

doesnt mean that some variation on the story can't be part of chapter lore

>> No.22673914


>> No.22673923


Here's an idea - how about we swap the Captains for the 12th and 13th Scout Companies.

The 13th is the "training" company as usual, under skilled woodsman and fighter Davicro Kette.

The 12th Company, under Teodor Rusevelt is more like the Wolf Scouts - marines who just can't live outside of the Outdoorsman Lifestyle - they can't wear heavier power armour for how it prevents them from feeling the breeze of freedom on their faces. They spend their time on hostile planets wrestling bears, hunting local wildlife, riding cybermoose, etc. They are also mounted, a big difference between them and the other Scout Company.

>> No.22673974

That does balance 2 Terminator capable Companies, I admit.

>> No.22674013

I prefer this kind


>> No.22674034


I agree with this.

>> No.22674080


So, how did the Order of Our Lady of Liberty (Two members pictured in the OP pic), the American Flag Bikini clad minor order of the Sisters of Battle become involved with Merica? Since they're not wearing power armour, they're likely not a Militant Order... unless they're all somehow some sort of weird Repentia cult. Do they maybe head in after the Murrican Marines to mop up and "encourage" the Merican way? Are they in any way connected to the Titan Lady Liberty?

>> No.22674085


For those Fuck Yeah moments.

But I support the Company switcharoo.

I also suggest a rivalry with Orkz over who has the biggest guns.

>> No.22674136

>Chapter Master Conotocaurious
>Master Librarian Franc Lein
>Master of Armour Jorgess Paten
>Master of Sanctity Sixtus
>Master of the Fleet Jon Paaljowns
>Master of the Forge Antonius Starc
>Chief Apothecary - None (Healthcare is for Commies)
>Master of Records Tomasjef Erson
>Chapter Champion Cold Bear

>Venerable Dreadnaught Efdeyar
>Venerable Dreadnaught Abraham
>Venerable Dreadnaught Jeiefkei

>First Company (Terminator) Captain Ronnal Reigen
>Second Company (Terminator) Captain Enjrew Jaxon
>Third Company Captain Hulc Hogann
>Fourth Company Captain Eisen Hower
>Fifth Company Captain Jon Waine (given title of "Duke" by a Planet he liberated from the Tau)
>Sixth Company Captain Mak Arture
>Seventh Company Captain Chuknor Iss
>Eight Company Captain Mestertei
>Ninth Company Captain Ran Bow
>Tenth Company Captain Schwarz Negaire
>Eleventh Company Captain Kharles Barclei
>Twelfth Company (Scout) leader Teodor Rusevelt
>Thirteenth Company (Scout) Captain Davicrok Ette

>> No.22674144

Are 'Murrican marines' going to be their official name, or will you dub the chapter officially something along the lines of 'Screaming Eagles'?

>> No.22674152


Maybe the Statue of Liberty Titan was made in the likeness of an important Saint? A small group of sisters split off from a larger one to worship her. They wear nothing but her colours out of humility.

>> No.22674156

Yeah, we will, we just can't pick one.

>> No.22674161


I like Screaming Eagles

>> No.22674171

She's in the likeness of Emperor Sam's wife, and the mother of his sons the Founding Primarchs.

>> No.22674182

Screaming Eagles would be appropriate if the Chapter was more oriented for airborne assaults, if you were going for a shout out to the 101st Airborne Division.

>> No.22674183

I almost want to make them a Repentia order with a unorthodox garb - not like Repentia wear much anyways. The idea of them expertly wielding massive chainsaws against the Tau pleases me.

>> No.22674196

This IS the chapter that uses giant mutant cyborg eagles to attack.

>> No.22674200

How about "The Patriots"? Eh? Ehhhhhhh?

>> No.22674204

Well they ride giant eagles through the air, so I guess they're pretty aerial.

>> No.22674216


Well, they have Eagle Jump Packs and Eagle Speeders, so it does fit.

>> No.22674221

Sorry, I thought we had a focus on vehicles.

Anyway, in that case fuck yeah Screaming Eagles

>> No.22674238


So, are we in agreement? the 'Screaming Ealges' Chapter of Merican marines?

>> No.22674256


>> No.22674273

I agree, but remember that we're armored assault

>> No.22674285

So does decree, Master of Records Tomasjef Erson, that on this day, a new Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes shall be formed. The Screaming Eagles will be created to preserve the freedom of the Imperium from the tyranny of the Xenos, Traitor, and Mutant that plagues mankind on all fronts.


>> No.22674291

Wait, what's the Chapter's battle cry?

>> No.22674294



>> No.22674305




>> No.22674306


Merica, Fuck Yeah!

>> No.22674310


>> No.22674329


>> No.22674330

You don't hold it all for yourself. You spread it from star to shining star

>> No.22674333


Fuck year.

>> No.22674389

Anyone create a 1d4chan page yet?

>> No.22674418


Working on it right now.

>> No.22674426


>> No.22674439


An alternate catchphrase I realized, for the Scouts perhaps.

"Eagles lead the way."

>> No.22674448

Not digging it as much.

>> No.22674452


Figure I'd toss it out there.

>> No.22674488

Heh, can't lie that I like this. But being MURRICA they should be wielding special SP guns.

>> No.22674563

So what about these folk's arch-nemesis? Tau from the Sept of So'Vi'Et, who seek to conquer, enslave and corrupt good honest human worlds of the Imperium?

>> No.22674576
File: 43 KB, 468x282, storminnorman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a Dreadnought Schwarzkopf?

We need Stormin' Norman.

>> No.22674615

Red and yellow armour, sept symbol suspiciously looks like a hammer and sickle, fanatical about the Greater Good, Sept world has a lot of humans on it, which they send out as spies. They have Kroot that work with them that are basically Vietcong.

>> No.22674628


>> No.22674661

Majestic as fuck.

>> No.22674668


Awesome. Also here, http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Screaming_Eagles

Let's get to it. For Merica!

>> No.22674686

Some one get >>22674628 and >>22673650 up there.

I don't know how ;~;

>> No.22674705


Is Vi'et Sept their allies?

>> No.22674718

So what's the strength of their PDF and Guard forces? I'm thinking 50 Regiments of each - 50 PDF Regiments guarding the home planet, and 50 Guard Regiments out there kicking ass. Maybe each PDF regiment is tied to a region of the planet, and each Guard regiment is raised from the best of each PDF regiment.

>> No.22674722

I'm liking this idea.

>> No.22674727

Maybe an Ork Waaagh called the Vet Kon'

>> No.22674739


That's probably the best idea for it. The PDF would basically be the National Guard, and the IG would be the Army. Would the 50 Regiments have an overarching command, so even though they're separate they often act as one?

Also, would the planet have it's own Navy?

>> No.22674761

Regular .75 cal bolts lack stopping power. Some range commandos over at /oa/ insist that the Exitus pistol is a much better weapon, though.

>> No.22674781


He means this


>> No.22674790


>> No.22674793

The Craftworld K'riean Conflict was a bitter rebuke of the Murrican Marines as the reckless waves of the So'Viet Sept took fully half of the vast ship, forcing the Marines to spare the Eldar on their own half to keep the Infinity Circuit from the Sept's hands.
An uneasy truce exists between the essentially loyalist Southern K'reian Eldar (named for the Southern Point towers) and the militaristic joint Northern K'reian Eldar/So'Viet Sept Tau.
Rumors of famine and conscription filter continually out of the North to the stable, populous South, with infiltrators from both sides slipping through the miles of porous DMZ separating the two halves of the Craftworld.
Sentiment towards the presence of the Murrican Marines is mixed; without them the Inifinity Circuit would have fallen entirely into So'Viet hands (and with it the Craftworld) and a persistent gratitude exists for that. But tendency of the Nova Murrica soldiers to treat the Southern K'riean citizens as a kind of distasteful but necessary burden as the ultimate Murrican goal is to deny the So'Viets the Craftworld's vast weaponry grates on the remaining Eldar.
Without the Marine presence the Northern Sept would've overrun the Southern K'rieans and thus come into possession of self-sustaining and highly mobile base capable of obliterating entire Imperial Navy fleets.
The Murrican strategy has become one of essentially attrition as all reliable intelligence points towards the Sept sacrificing it's nominal allies to "the Greater Good" by working them to death and starving the rest in the name of a military buildup that, should open warfare ever recommence, the Murrican Marines are 100% certain that would themselves obliterate before seizing the rest of Craftworld K'riea.
Whether they would then attempt to safely destroy the craftworld and all aboard, persist with an occupation, or try some other tactic remains to be seen.

>> No.22674809

Nah, chaos terrorists are left to The Officio Assassinorum Executioner force 'Delta'.

>> No.22674837

chief apothecary: barrack obama (on loan from the salamanders)

>> No.22674849

or dr home

>> No.22674851

>Screaming Eagles
Pick one.

>> No.22674875

the screaming eagles had combat medics and surgeons and if you think anything else well have a cookie

>> No.22674876

Berrick O'Bomma is quietly trying to get the Murrican leadership to change it's stance on Apothecaries under the banner of "strengthening the coming generations of Marines with preemptive screening and preparation of implants."
Whether his attempts come to fruition is anyone's guess.

>> No.22674973

His death was believed to be at the hand of Imperial Guard Private Oswald. Others believe the Officio Assassinorum had a hand in his death.

>> No.22675231


No, they get Apothocaries, just not free ones. Initiates have to PAY for the Genehancements, darnit!

>> No.22675526

As a 'murcan I feel so much joy about this chapter

>> No.22678227

Repentia go naked in order to repent for past sins.

Sisters of Liberty wear their bikini power armor to show that they fear nothing, so long as they are wreathed in LIBERTY!
The Statue of Liberty was made in the likeness of their founding cannoness who became a Living Saint. A Living Saint of FREEDOM!

>> No.22678705

Well, the PDF certainly has a central command. The Regiments... not sure. Technically having such a thing would be sort of heretical since their supposed to go where the Guard leaders tell them

I do figure that the Guard regiments are kind of like the Vostroyan - it's not a Raise and then run them till their dead, each regiment has reinforcements shipped out to it from their home region.

>> No.22678722

The home world should be a world reclaimed from exodite eldar.

hint: native americans

>> No.22678808

I don't think it's bikini power armour. I think it's just bikinis. I mean, I don't even know how bikini power armour would work. And I mean, look at the two Sisters in the OP picture. That's clearly not power armour.

I figure they're sort of a mix militant/non-militant chapter. They try to raise the 'morale' of liberated populations, while simultaneously being on the look out for insurgents to blast.

I do like the idea of a Faith Power where by going unarmoured, their faith in the protection of the Saints and Emprah makes them unnaturally lucky.

>> No.22678823


Do the survivors operate casinos?

>> No.22678862
File: 447 KB, 900x1200, 1340928026158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't even know how bikini power armour would work.
Forgive the Cultist, but something like this except with a metal thong.

>> No.22678897

Aside from the heresy, that's not POWER armour in any way. But yeah, slap some stars and stripes on it and it'll be fine.

>> No.22678950

and also cables and exhausts and servos, I guess.

Also make it high-cut because it's more MURKA since it works fine with big hips as opposed to shitty japanese hips.

>> No.22678987

Shaddy casinos.

>> No.22678988

Pro-tip; they help human populations that have been under Tau breeding programs rekindle their "natural" desires.

>> No.22679679

The world should have actually been a verdant Paradise world filled with only the Exodites when the IoM reached it.

After a few millenia, it's now all desert, hives and stripmalls.

>> No.22679809

Does Ronnal Reigen have a Raygun?

>> No.22679861

He uses a plasma cannon to destroy enemies of justice.

>> No.22679952

Hmm. Maybe more of an Archeotech Plasma Pistol that can fire with the strength of a fulll Plasma Gun or even Cannon somehow.

>> No.22679985

But only for six shots, then it needs to be reloaded.

>> No.22680002

Works for me.
I think you are thinking of the legenday bolt pistol of Battle Brother Harry Estwod.

>> No.22680057

I was actually thinking of any western six-shooter.

>> No.22680073

Thats why I was referencing Clint Eastwood.

>> No.22680113

Fair enough, but I wasn't thinking of just his. Maybe make it 7 shots to mimic a desert eagle?

>> No.22680261


I'm surprised Deagle Brand Deagles haven't been statted up as weaponry. They're actually American-invented, after all.

>> No.22680418


Aside from Ronnal's Raygun, other famous weapons of the chapter include Jaxon's Power Cane, which can kill tanks, Barklei's mysterious Chaos Orb, and Captain Ran Bow's twin bolters that he is strong enough to fire at the same time

>> No.22680494

do they have a chapter flaw of "shoot your allies by mistake"?

>> No.22680588

I found a good design for Lincoln's dreadnaught

>> No.22681006

No, this is awesome idealized badass America.

>> No.22681455

So which space marine models would be the simplest mod job for all these guys (including cyber mouse and eagles)

I was thinking instead of using eagles for jump packs you could use the wing of the saguinary guard for jump packs.

>> No.22682624

Come on, don't stop now, for Liberty!

>> No.22682853

What Codex would we use for the Screaming Ealges, and what would the stats be for the Abrams-pattern Predator?

>> No.22685264

Bump for Liberty

>> No.22686098

The important Sister that got the Titan-Statue of Liberty? Has to be Betty Ross.

>> No.22686344

She earned it by impaling a foe on a banner

>> No.22687774
File: 226 KB, 989x1024, The 1911 Is Outdated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>7 shots to mimic a desert eagle
>not a 1911

>> No.22687885

You mean a 39911?

>> No.22687918

"Kolt Pattern Bolt Pistol"

>> No.22690161


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