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Oh hi, just the best force in 40k passing through...

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A seriously deformed attempt at an Ultramarines helmet?

So Ork Kommandos then?

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Could be, maybe it's the Changeling. That thing does look pretty Tzeentchian.

Whatever the case it's clearly not a loyalist Space Marine, as they are too grimdark to smile.

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Nope, no orks 'ere, boss. Just ya friendly neighbor'ood spice marines.

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Obviously that's a piece of unimaginably meaningful Eldar artistry.

You Mon'Keigh wouldn't understand.

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Do you think all Eldar art is like Interior Semiotics?

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Actually, I'm a double Mon'Keigh. Does that put me in a better position to understand it?

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No, that only puts you into a position to doubly misunderstand.

You triple Mon'Keigh.

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Do you have an unedited version of that picture? Its perfect for my Only War character.

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Not all, but plenty. Remember the Blood Tide? The artist responsible for that is still touring around the craftworlds giving interviews.

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>Triple Mon'Keigh

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As a Smurf player since 2nd ed I believe the best force is the Orks. They're the only faction that has kept even a slight bit of the over the top parody and fun that made 40k. Everyone else has slid into generic sci-fi or grim derp. The Orks still manage to be stupid as all shit in a fun way.

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Incidentally, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the Only War rulebook. I'll give it a short look, In the meantime, have this as well.

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I'm sorry, but that image isn't canonically-correct.

NOTHING can mar the pristine form of a Mordian uniform. Not mud. Not blood. Not bullets or lasbolts or shrapnel.


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Found it!

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Rolled 9

>Not 1000 Suns/Sons
Haha no

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Thankyou so much, have a Bardic Duo in return

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It's an ingenious ruse. She's wearing some colored rags above her unmarred uniform so that her enemies might see a sign of weakness in that. For otherwise no thinking enemy would ever dare attack a Mordian.
Once they attack and are, predictably, vanquished she'll quickly return to the appropriate grooming standards.

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The BEST possible driveby.

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>Grooming Standards


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am i the only one who's reminded of the old French uniforms?

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The Guard have a lot of armies copied/mimicked off real world armies.

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Some other similarities:
Vostroyan Firstborn - Czarist Russia
Valhallan Ice Warriors - Soviet Russia
Death Korps of Krieg - WW1 France/Germany
Steel Legions - Yellow Nazis
Tallarn Desert Raiders - Taliban

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Quite. When I make custom regiments for Only War, I generally pick a historic group and roll with it.

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I like their type of thinking. "If the enemy is going to come at is with no regards for cover or suppressive fire anyways, we might as well go back to rank&file formation and look fabulous while we cut them down.

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>over forty thousand years in Imperial Paint

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>that thing does look pretty Tzeentchian

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