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Favorite spaceship?

Mine has to be this, from a Dune concept art. Never been used, but it looks fucking amazing.

Really not sure where this would go, but /tg/ has a pretty wide range of thread topics, and /m/ is always shit.

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6 launchers of FUCK YOU.

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Damn it, of course I forgot the image.

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The Panther Clipper. It's a brick with no artistic merit, but the largest weight capability of a civilian ship you can own in the game.

It was fun playing as a Rogue Trader back when I didn't even know what 40k was.

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I love me some dickships

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Dumping spaceships

fuck i wish my comp could play eve

What game is that? I love simplistic graphics in games

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Fucking Shader Model 3.

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I wish Exo-Squad had one more season.

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>What game is that
Frontier: First Encounters. It was part of the Elite series iirc.

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the designs from LotGH were godly

dat isherlon hnnng

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space-boats are also fun but I mostly like them cause I'm a sucker for WW1-2 era gun turrets

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Spaceships designed after sailing vessels aren't remotely realistic or practical. But fuck if they don't look cool.

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yes they just kinda coast along on the rule of cool

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Well, if they're built in space it doesn't really matter. They just can't go into atmo.

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haha time for scale charts

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Definitely the gaudy oldskoo shit for me.

Somehow the colors actually make it more badass.

pic related.

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I prefer my spaceships angular and swooshy.


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True, but having a defined top and bottom in an environment that has no direction is often silly. But who cares.
Oh, and I like my spaceship able to fly in space, or atmosphere or on the surface of the water or down beneath the waves. Because fuck you.

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Having a defined top and bottom is just a psychological coping mechanism. We're creatures of gravity, our brains don't really get that there doesn't have to be a "down".

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I'm rather fond of this one, particularly in the way it inspired a lot of 40k ship designs.

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Not gonna disagree there. I'm not one of those autists who get upset when you say "spaceship" when technically it should be "space vessel."

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space America fuck yea

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Space vessel sounds too boring. Space ship sounds more exciting, more romantic. I like space ship better, as they sail in an ocean of stars.

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Totally agree with you there, mate.

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How can anyone not love bionic space whales?

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Considering people referred to pic related as "airships" means there is absolutely nothing wrong with the term "spaceship."

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Looks legit. What's that from?

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space Japanese

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The Black Hole. Iffy little Disney movie trying to cash-in on the popularity of Star Wars. It's not the worst thing Disney ever did, but don't expect to be blown away.

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Foss is the nigga, but I never got that pic. Where are the engines? Is that just space junk?

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"She rides the warp of space, into the womb of night."

Not sure about the engines, a number of Foss' paintings show derelicts.

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love this one

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space commies

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I actually really think the aesthetics of the Emprah class Battleships are pretty boss.

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yea 40k has some sweet looking stuff

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Do you know if that's supposed to be like...Ixian? Tleilaxu?

Quite intardoosting

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> 2013
> Still not trusting in rust
> Projectile master face

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is the bow designed to ram shit

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Yeah, I mean, other ships have classy bridges.

40k has the fucking Taj Mahal.

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> Lots of big guns
> Drone bay
> Winning

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While that's a viable tactic, it's usually better to shoot at the other ships.
It's rule of GRIM, DARK and cool.

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Yeah, it's called an Armoured Prow. You charge forwards shooting every damn thing you can from your torpedo tubes and dorsal and prow batteries and ram what's left. Which is usually nothing because you hope the hulk floats past you.

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I don't like how a lot so spaceship 'designs' go into "well mine's cooler because it looks just like yours but it's secretly as big as the whole galaxy"

With very little thought as to the logistics of something that retardedly large.

>Muh realism
>muh fantastic settings

But I think it's a whole lot more interesting when a fantasy design at least 'seems' like it *might* work, rather than "Magic, ain't gotta splain shit"
( or more often "Sufficiently-advanced Technology, ain't gotta splain shit")

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Never met an Eldar ship with Holo-fields then?

You shoot their sails and you're shooting at a ghost.

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Battletech's Achilles. It's a heavy assault craft with a massive fucking engine that gives it speed comparable to light fighters. In a setting where the majority of large craft are just transports (either military or otherwise), this thing just goes real fast and has a bunch of fucking guns. It can't even operate in atmosphere/land on planets.

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pic related has to be one of my favorite spaceships

hated the movie, but damn do i wish there were more hard sci-fi ship designs

would make things so much more interesting

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I love me some crazy looking spaceships but I do agree with you. I like little details like maneuvering thrusters and ships that don't just act like jet fighters. the Starfury in B5 is a good example of a "realistic" space fighter. the ships in LOGH are also pretty good

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> Holo fields
> Hiding like a coward
> Not alpha-striking them in large groups
> Alpha mael best mael.

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thats a lunar class cruiser, dumbufck

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>sentient bus that's capable of time-travel and transforming itself

how has anyone, if wherein be that may, not yet have said this?

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The ports on the stern? Its space, the engines don't have to be lit after accelerating.

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The fact that no-one has posted any Homeworld series ships is just disappointing...

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I like semi-low-tech stuff with visible missile pods. I like missiles.

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Hard SF ships are almost all bussard ramjets, which look boring as shit.

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