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Recent Thread w/ Condensed History: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/22357132/
Welcome to Zaritonia, friends! The birth of a new nation has happened!
Welcome to your own nation, /tg/!
Most Recent Events
June 10th, 1951

Our valiant DDI have been preparing and training to take a Mig-9 from the People's Republic of Capricia... All eyes are on target as they have prepared to act. However, due to the nature of the Mig-9s, it is impossible to steal it... they have a plan (next post) to be permitted by you. Vote on it wisely...


Locally, engineers have been going at it strong to finish prep of the PT boats. We have 50 combat capable boats. However, they are not heavily armed and still slow enough that any recon in the air will see them long before they are in combat range. A high casualty unit.

Our rocket program has been making great strides with setting up facilities. As far as we know, we have yet to have been discovered by world powers. (Don't think we named him yet?) The Good Doctor Albert Zhukov (Альберт Жуков) has finalized the facilities designs. He promises to have them making rocket fuel and missile parts by the end of 1952 if we triple his funding. (We have about 80% of our national income doing something right now, 3% of it is his program. 20% left is going to savings.)

All other projects are proceeding smoothly. Expect an in-depth state of the nation report in a few months.


The US has once again offered to buy our island. The diplomat drops a few key words like 'keeping the reds away.'

The Zaritonian Maritime Republic

-President: Jebediah Faust (Jeb in human form. Yes. THAT Jeb..we also have a rocket program...)
-Main-Govt: Representative Democracy
-Policies: Progressive Imperialism
-Economic Stance: Capitalistic

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I see you.

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Oh boy 9% for rocket?
give the go ahead.

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DDI proposed plan.

Step 1: Infiltrate the Mig-9 Pilot (should be easy.)
Step 2: Sneak the Mig-9 Pilot onto base, in enemy uniform.
Step 3: Begin a commando attack on their air defense systems and air base to distract them. Use locals primarily.
Step 4: Mig escapes to ZMR airspace flying nap of the Earth.
Step 5: Prepare for war with the ZMR, they won't like this.

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How long can we keep this on the ice? We'd have to buy more engine from Rolls-Royce, prepare the assemblies for short notice production.

>> No.22646364

The PT boats are ready for deployment, though they could use some more powerful engines...

There is something about the way the PT boats sit in the water, if they sit higher, they can go faster! (R&D on Hydrofoil hull designs)

Start the Student labs on their first project. How do we make Refrigerators? (Reverse engineer standard 'White Goods' as to learn how they work and how to make them)

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I think we can defeat Capricia as-is, if we neutralize their Mig squadron's airfield during the raid.

Give Dr. Zhukov his 9%, conditional upon good progress.

The US cannot buy our island, but I'm okay with them keeping the island until, say, 1965 for military assistance/training/aid, among other perks and an exorbitant amount of money. If they want to keep the island, we expect them to help us defeat the Commies in our backyard.

I sign off on this.

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...they can go faster, but they're also made more visible and easier to hit. I don't think that's the right way to go.

>> No.22646467

Alright, we have it -planned.-
Let's not piss off the USSR.

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PT boats were designed to preform hit and run attacks on larger class ships. the idea was that a small, fast boat could rapidly approach a ship, using it's maneuverability to throw off the ships gunners, then to deploy 2-4 torpedoes into the target ship.
Speed was one of its main assets.

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If we're going to go full scale war, we may as well just blow the shit out of their air field and navy in surprise attacks.

Also, Grand Leader...

Did the Russians simply pave the PRC runway(s)?

I did a rough distance estimate via google maps, finding Zaritonia roughly ~800 miles from Soviet China, if you travel over Taiwan...

Is this a fair estimate?

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It isn't the USSR we'd be pissing off, at least directly. It's the People's Republic of Capricia. And our conflict with them will never end until one side defeats the other... well, unless we let them co-exist with us until 1991 or so.

But really, we'd be better off taking them out now, before they can get any more aid from the Soviets. We're not getting help from a superpower, but they are. If we let that gap get any bigger, it won't end well for us.

>> No.22646543


1. Train the police to shoot
2. Train the police to avoid bullets
3. Train the police in hand-to-hand combat
4. Train the police in Stamina
5. Use the information that we received from the informant to warrant the raid (not actually raid yet)

>> No.22646651

I think we should hold off on the raid and focus on calming domestic civil unrest if we start a war with the Capricians. We need those cops alive and functioning, not chopped up into little pieces and fed to the sharks.

>> No.22646653

Sorry was away moving furniture. Ill reply to questions in a sec.

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That was my plan.
I was just alerting everyone to the fact that we now have the proof needed to do it

>> No.22646937

We have a week or two time. Because the Migs will begin seeing use soon and theyll be installing their new stuff.

Russians set up a single PRC runway to support the Mig-9s. Gave them the stuff to tend the craft. Lots of armed goods. Then left.

ALSO: We are about 200 Kilometers from Taiwan, give or take, until the US Navy base. 600 KM average, give or take 50km, from China.
Also in other news...

SMUGGLER! Has arrived with several ships! 280 T-34s have been delivered along with 150 disassembled Katyusha launch platforms (no truck) and ammunition. Along with the manufacturing schematic for the rockets.

He apologizes for being late...and is surprised we drove America off.


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>Katyusha launch platforms
We need to set those up underground...

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Scrap them, Now. take teh guns and repurpose them into a lighter vehicle, scrap the engines. worthless pieces of shit.

>> No.22647267

Chastise him for getting those buckets of shit. they were outdated before they were built.

>> No.22647269

Ignore him

>> No.22647312

if you don't want the engines, we'll have them. always need things to work on. there is a good chance of working out our own engine design...

>> No.22647328

Ignore the troll
We want the tanks

>> No.22647462

Huh, T-34's aren't exactly ideal frontline tanks, and their use will be limited since we're an island nation. I can only see these acting as some sort of domestic defense.

>> No.22647529



Do it.

Immediately after this, flatten everything and land troops.

What do we have in the way of LSTs?

This is a police action against rebels.

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Everything about the T-34 was absolute shit. strip them down for parts, Give the guns to illuminati and get them to give us a tank destroyer. Something that we can move around fast and hit them in the ass

>> No.22647681

Are you an idiot?
The T-34 was possibly the best tank of the 20th century, It was just poor Russian commanders being slow to engage units...

>> No.22647684



if they are T-34-85s, they are actually a very nice tank destroyer as is.

>> No.22647720

Best tank? No. the best tank doesn't asphyxiate it's own crews.
the best tank doesn't have armor gaps you can stick a mp40 into and shoot the crew through.
the best tank doesn't have a loss rate 20 vehicles to every one(Alleged) kill.

>> No.22647772

New post in 10-15 minutes

>> No.22647775

Then maybe we should fix design flaws, rather than scrapping them.

>> No.22647835

I haven't heard of the MP40 thing, but I know for a fact that it was much closer to 7 or 8 to 1, and that was because of poor commanding skill. The commanders would all focus one target instead of different ones, meaning that they would lose more.

>> No.22647866


>Absolute shit

Confirmed for no taste Chermany-dick-suck.
Most tanks of WWII had ventilation that left much to be desired and if you think otherwise you don't know what a bore extractor is.

The second point is bollocks and needs citation or I ain't believing it.

A KDR is nothing if you can't consider what makes 75% of the tank. The crews which by the way weren't well trained up until '43. Even then the introduction of a shit ton of heavy german armour and a lack of updates to its 76mm gun made it vulnerable.

Here's the kicker my poorly informed friend. The T-34 and its cousin the KV-1 were the reason Chermany decided to get bigger tanks to START with. Next you're going to tell me that a Panzer IV Ausf D is the ideal tank for this situation.

On topic: The T-34's are reliable tanks, since this ISN'T 1941 they should be entirely servicable and the 76mm is a pretty decent infantry support gun. If they're -85's then even better.

>> No.22647891

You can't fix design flaws in vehicles that already exist. that's called scrapping them and starting over. exactly what I suggested
No, 20:1 is more accurate. Most German tanks were mechanical failures, not combat kills. of Germany's armour losses. Most likely only 5% on the eastern front(Very late into the war)were killed by Soviet anything. Armour and gun wise. the German tanks had no equal. Mechanical wise. they chewed up transmissions. but so did the T-34's

>> No.22647940

Wherever you are getting this 'information', it is wrong. Even General field generals considered it to be the "best tank in the world"

>> No.22647944

*German field generals

>> No.22648037

I don't know much about German military ranks back then or now, for that matter but i know that German Field Marshall von Kleist declared it to be the finest tank in the world.
I don't know if that is a general or not...

>> No.22648043

Rolled 4, 3, 10 = 17

Boosting funding for rokkitz

Research begins on Hydrofoils
Lab project begins for Fridges
1) Figuring out fridges... (4+)

The US can not engage in open war with the USSR, but they will see about what they can do in the UN in regards to the PRC.

2) Police training in weapons (4+)
3) Police training in physical (4+)


The USSR has left the ZMR territorial waters. Do we continue to pursue?

Reports of PRC movement has been confirmed. It seems they are gearing up to do something.... your DDI operatives advise execution of the plan while we still can.

(Pic unrelated. MIRV strike.)

>> No.22648116

I know nothing about T-34s, but from all the stuff in this thread, i think we should keep them

>> No.22648128


We need to coordinate with a massive strike.

Grand Leader, what do we have in the way of Landing Craft?

We need to shell and bomb the shit out of their airfields, army base and naval port at the same time after the MIG goes off.

What do they have in the way of explosives?

Since they already got access to the airbase, can they get access to the army base and sabotage their armour and equipment? Say disable vehicles and blow up arms.

We might as well induce food poisoning in their troops as well. Mix in laxatives and shit in the giant pots used for base cooking.

>> No.22648175

1) Your student engineers figured it out and are producing designs!

2) Police can't hit a barn.

3) Police are physically trained/training now, in good progress.


T-34s are not T-34/85s
Some are missing parts and armor.

Also: T-34's were so-so. However, I would say no source is accurate. Post war propaganda taints everything. So don't be so quick to quote generals.

Technically speaking. T-34/85 were equal matches for the 1950s upgraded Shermans. Both were equally as shitty. T-34/85s struggled with Pershings.

Simply put. T-34 and Shermans both died in hoards to German tanks. While I'm not saying the German armor is best ever... its just a difference in tactics.

>> No.22648190

Assume you have sufficient quantities to get forces across. Some cargo ships, fishing boats, and flat bottom American landing craft (D-Day styled.)

>> No.22648239

D-Day went very well. Lets get this started

>> No.22648272

Do it. Attack with everything, before they can respond.

After the Mig is stolen (maybe we should have two pilots try, to maximize chances?), bomb the runway/strafe the other Migs.

Meanwhile, commando raids and land an invasion force. Have our navy pull back to surround Caprician ports before the attack.

>> No.22648279

I'm back, are we seriously considering D-Day here?

>> No.22648291




Do our ground forces have any practice in disembarking? Else have them get some practice before we begin. Preferably using mock ups indoors.

Can the DDI get the sabotage done?

>> No.22648381


45 PT boats are ready and at your disposal. all you need is the torpedoes to arm them with, and they're good to go for naval H&Rs.

>> No.22648384

1. Recall the Navy and reposition them between us and the PRC.
2. Assemble the Katyusha launchers and start setting them up as camouflaged coastal defense batteries.
3. Begin training tank crews to operate and maintain the T-34s.
4. Have DDI try to figure out if the PRC is planning an attack, and if so, when.

>> No.22648426

..Inotherwords they are a bunch of pieces of shit the smuggler found in the ukraine or somewhere and drug out of a field.. Regular t-34s.. Fuck..well. we can use them I guess. but if we have to fight anything more than other T-34s we are boned.

>> No.22648470


Corsairs and Thunderbolts are to be running and waiting to depart their runways at dawn. Rocket/Bomb loadouts. Fly low, ingress PRC airspace at ~100ft. Hit their runway hard and RTB.

PBYs will follow after the Corsairs and Thunderbolts to recover any pilots that encounter mechanical issues and have to ditch.

P-51Ds and Warhawks will form a second strike package, to strike PRC naval assets or strike the airfield again as needed. (Unfortunately, the airfield will likely have AA up and ready for them if the first wave fails)

Once we cripple their air force, we hit their navy and ground forces before we do a proper invasion.


Grand Leader, did we get those Avenger Torpedo Bombers and Dauntless Divebombers in?

>> No.22648514

Not yet. One or two more weeks until they can be flown in. Then you'd wanna do checks etc...

>> No.22648561



Sabotage plans:

Slip concentrated laxatives and spoiled food/germs into the giant vats of food used in their bases. Make their soldiers sick and unable to put up a decent fight.

The equipment has just arrived and I bet their troops are not yet trained on how to fully maintain their tanks and guns.

If we foul their engines/spark plugs and guns, they won't be able to fix them for awhile. Rather than bombing everything, where we might be able to capture stuff.

Of course if they appear to be successful in getting them running, we can bomb their motor pools.

>> No.22648578

continuing both projects.

>> No.22648589


1. Train police in shooting
2. Prepare police force to repel any invaders to our lands
3. Start building bomb shelters

>> No.22648613

Build bomb shelters in the cities and towns in range of CPR artillery. prepare for the naval version of ww1.

>> No.22648772

Okay, back to the topic I was going to bring up last time gentlemen, we have large supplies of oil in our swamps and offshore. Should we support a domestic oil company to drill more wells, or invite a foreign oil company to do the drilling?

Foreign companies would have better equipment and training, so the department very much towards bringing in an American company.

1. Geological survey, round lord knows what!
2. Report on the shape of the local governments and local and regional bureaucracy.
3. Report on trade, along with exports and imports. Is there any major shipping companies coming to our island?
4. Increase the size of 1212's (We still need to name the damned towns.) port in anticipation of the VW factory going in.

>> No.22648824

I propose that our "distraction" commando raids focus on AA and communications.

>> No.22648879

Yesterday, Anon suggested "Bismarck" for that town.

The other important non-Glory Harbour city at 3212 would be Solfstadt.

>> No.22648894

Hm yeah, letting in an American oil company might help patch up relations with the US.

>> No.22648953

1.Glory Harbor Ammunition is to be established, initial establishment based out of Glory Harbor Steel until a level of production that surpasses its sector of the foundry exists.
2. Begin mass production of torpedoes and artillery munitions, as well as small arms munitions in the official caliber of the Zaritonian Armed forces.

>> No.22649018

New post in 10-15.

Do you guys wanna watch cold war documentary whilst we play?

>> No.22649039

I can't. I'm playing HOI 3

>> No.22649047


No speakers on work PC

>> No.22649050



I vote against any foreign oil companies being allowed into our oil fields.

Germany, Japan, and the USA all wished to exploit our islands for their own gains. We should not disgrace the memory of those who suffered under foreign imperialism by selling the rights to our resources away.

If we want to export, I'm fine with that, but Zaritonian Resources for Zaritonia.

>> No.22649060

Fuck yeah. Cold war stronk.

Will you be manufacturing firearms eventually, or will your company only manufacture ammunition.

>> No.22649070


Watching Ultimate Guide to the Presidents, but I can multi-task :D

>> No.22649090

Imperial Germany was our friend. It was the british imperialists who exploited us.

>> No.22649121

The problem is that oil drilling in swamps and offshore needs specialized infrastructure, which I don't believe we have.

>> No.22649124


Everyone wanted something. Heck, I'd dare say that our oil resources should be mostly nationalized.

>> No.22649143

Wait, since when did the British come over? I thought we got over to and subsequently got oppressed by the Japanese.

>> No.22649148

I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm just saying. The Imperial Germans were our friends... is it me or is the holdouts flag a variant of the Imperial German flag?

>> No.22649155

Before the Germans.

>> No.22649174


We can buy or hire the tech, equipment and specialists to extract the oil on our own. Why should we give away Zaritonia's resources even partially to foreigners?

Feldspar for Zaritonia!

>> No.22649248

I second this

>> No.22649294

1) Prep for the attack (3+)

2) Practice for disembarking (3+)

3) Sabotage underway (4+)

4) Naval Positioning (2+)

5) Katyusha setup (2+)

6) Training crews on T-34s (3+)

7) DDI intel on PRC (6+)

8) Aircraft prepare for dawn departure (2+)

9) PBY prep (2+)


10) Fouling their equipment sabotage (6+)

11) Police training (4+)

12) Police Civil Defense Initiative started for military defense purposes (5+)

13) Bomb shelter construction (4+)

14) Geo-survey (3+)
Reports will be made later. (Takes some time to do these and slows my posts. Will try for over the weekend.)
15) Begin port expansion (2+)

Establishing GHA.
16) Mass Torpedo and Artillery production (3+)


President Jeb has secretly retired to his country retreat to avoid being a military target. Security has been safely established and he is in no threat.

>> No.22649299

Rolled 8, 4, 8, 6, 9, 7, 8, 6, 1, 10, 2, 3, 9, 8, 2, 6 = 97


>> No.22649329

Dammit police, get your shit together...

>> No.22649334

Feldspar's fucking useless though. 60% of the earth's crust is feldspar. it holds no value. at fucking all.

>> No.22649378


>All the sabotage going through.

MWAHAHAHA. All your ill gotten gains from the communist. USELESS

>> No.22649381

I doubt the world would mine 20 million tonnes of useless stuff...
Feldspar is a common raw material used in glassmaking, ceramics, and to some extent as a filler and extender in paint, plastics, and rubber.

>> No.22649386

Then we'll take a vote, form a National Oil Company, invite a Foreign one, or let the small domestic ones do their thing?

The mechanic has a good point, so I throw my vote towards a National Oil Company, Se-Baya Oil Company!

>> No.22649401


>1 on PBYs

Oh thank god those things float.

>> No.22649412


>President Jeb has secretly retired to his country retreat to avoid being a military target. Security has been safely established and he is in no threat.

...That means hes on the air base in a fighter. SECURITY

>> No.22649442

Praise the Goddesses! That's a good series of rolls, except for PBY prep... and police forces, as usual. Our aircraft might stay in the air this time! Especially is Jeb stays hidden. The second he waves at our departing forces, we're done for.

>> No.22649482

Then have him fly in a jet on the front lines, if his wave is so deadly, we can use it as a weapon.

>> No.22649488

My vote goes to a national oil company. Petrol Sebaya?

>> No.22649534

>Petrol Se-Baya
I like it.

>> No.22649544


Just a national company isn't going to have the cash or knowhow to get platforms and drilling running.

I would suggest at least a partnership with a oil firm.

>> No.22649575

Response post inb...just lots to do.

>> No.22649627

It would be much more cost-effective to leave out any partnerships...

>> No.22649718

>Reports will be made later. (Takes some time to do these and slows my posts. Will try for over the weekend.)

I understand, thanks for even taking the time to write them though!

>> No.22649739

I vote for a National Oil Company.


We don't have to start with expensive offshore extraction. We'll want to start our ventures on land-based oil, likely the easier stuff to extract.

Profit improves our own tech base and funds our stuff.

>> No.22649752


1) 8 - Prep for the attack is going smoothly...
2) 4 - Disembarking is easy after all. (Well not really.)
3) 8 - Sabotaged! Soon their officers will have the shits.
4) 6 - Navy is in position.
5) 9 - Katyushas are set up and ready.
6) 7 - T-34s aren't hard to drive.
7) 8 - DDI have found that the PRC are planning to attack as soon as they can get set up for defense. It seems they aren't ready for us.
8) 6 - Aircraft on the tarmac and hot for action.
9) 1 - A PBY has crash landed off the coast. Everyone is fine. Jeb was no on board or near the site. One of three local fishing ships rescued the crew.
10) 10 - Equipment heavily fouled! They will be pissed!
11) 2 - Police can not into guns!
12) 3 - At all. Srsly, cops. Pls.
13) 9 - Bomb shelters underway across the nation.
14) 8 - Geo-Survey has found lots of things. Including old papers from a prior survey. PRC seem to be sitting on a shit-load of oil and natural gas...
15) 2 - Port expansion underway
16) 6 - Torp and Arty production underway!

Oh god my fingers...

>> No.22649753

Maybe we could import some experts, rather than splitting the profits?

>> No.22649817

>PRC having a ton of oil.


It's looking like the majority support a national oil company, if anyone has any major objections, speak now.

>> No.22649859


Hmm, we can do some aggressive headhunting and the companies that supply the equipment usually are separate firms. I guess we can do that and still keep it Zari-only.


>PRC not ready for attack
>Officers going to be shitting themselves
>Equipment heavily fouled

We're not going to get a better setup.


>> No.22649908

Is giving enemy officers laxatives covered in the Geneva Protocol or UN jus in bello?
>prohibits use of "asphyxiating gas, or any other kind of gas, liquids, substances or similar materials."
>suddenly, Zaritonia made to look like an asshole for "poisoning the officers of a foreign nation prior to a declaration of war."

>> No.22649915


Father Company, we have completed our PT boat project and have 45 operational units ready for deployment. all that is needed is for you to provide the torpedoes and we can provide Anti-Ship combat, and test the basic theory of the boats.

>> No.22649922

Hey, they just got some off rice, that's all.

>> No.22649927


it is not our fault that their cooks accidentally used spoiled food for the officers that were dicks.

>> No.22649942


Well for one, they're not a country recognised by the UN.

Secondly, this is technically a police action and not covered by the Geneva Conventions.

We can show proof of intent to attack our mainland. This is technically proactive defence.

>> No.22649981

Seconded. Looks like it's D day and H hour.

>> No.22650019


1. Hire some milirary guys to teach the police how to shoot
2. Retry to set up the Police Civil Defense Initiative

>> No.22650021

the SRT (Student Research Team) begin the design and development of the Amab, a Zaritonian Refrigeration unit.

The Main Research Team continue their work on 'Hydrofoils'

>> No.22650098

The Department will take over the formation and everyday operation of the National Oil Company, SeBaya Petrol!
Also, national mining company?

1. Look into acquiring the small domestic wells in the country.
2. Look for foreign oil experts.
4. Look into acquiring oil drilling equipment, mostly equipment for drilling in the swamps.
5. Acquire oil rig equipment and oil pipes.
6. Begin construction of a oil storage facility in Solfstadt (3212)

>> No.22650197


Sebaya Motoröl?

For that german boner.

>> No.22650219

How sexy, yes.

>> No.22650235


veto all oil-based actions until PRC conflict concludes.

Our prices for importing things will only go up if we have a conflict ongoing.

>> No.22650400

Do Germans traumatize every culture into loving them?

>> No.22650403

New post soon.

>> No.22650426

...Good point, should've thought of that. The Department will eagerly await the end of hostilities.

1. Put all previous actions on hold.
2. Build roads, electrical lines, and plumbing to the Rebel Secondary HQ in the Jungle.
3. A report of farming in the nation.
4. A report of the power plants and power lines of our country. I assume we use coal.

>> No.22650482


Bring it.

Time to die, PRC

>> No.22650706

Rolled 7, 7, 1 = 15

1) Military police teaching (2+)
2) PCDI (4+)

3) SRT Amad design (3+)


Making map changes and going to story-mode the actions of the Mig-9 capture based on a dice post (Following this.)

>> No.22650734

1&2 finally the police get it!


A student has been killed because he used petrol instead of coolant.

>> No.22650738


>Police actually being competent.

>> No.22650746


looks like they designed the wrong thing. AND designed it wrong. Oh those student and their expensive R&D hijinks...

>> No.22651240

Rolled 2, 7, 6, 6, 6, 7, 1, 9, 1 = 45


>> No.22651241

This is the beginning of the true police force!!

>> No.22651272


It seems the DDI Operative who intended to fly the Mig-9 has been found tied up in a broom closet!

>> No.22651294



>> No.22651311


...Then whos in the plane?

We'll the pilots are busy shitting their hearts out.

We crater the runway and we can capture as many examples as we want later.

>> No.22651325

I think I know where this is going...
Make sure president Jeb is where he said he'll be.

>> No.22651347

Rolled 2


The attack proceeds as according to plan. DDI and rebel-PRC citizens attack the base early dawn... air raid sirens fill the air as hanger to hanger combat occurs. Mig-9s are scrambled in an attempt to escape the attack. Most are unready to even fly...

One rolls down the runway. Seemingly lucky in avoiding rebel attention. It taxis to the runway awkwardly, engine sputtering a few times as the unfamiliar hands handle the craft.

>> No.22651372


>> No.22651387


Goddammit Jed.


>> No.22651392

I knew we should have gone with Kurt kerman!

>> No.22651418

Rolled 8

The mig throttles up and barely makes it off the run way... its gears clipping the top of the command barracks, almost taking them off. Tire marks left at the top of the roof.

The unknown pilot over compensates, turning back over the airfield, and nearly crashing. Its jetwash igniting fuel depots and spilled fuel in the conflict rush of air prep...

>> No.22651465



he seems to be getting better...

>> No.22651493


>> No.22651494

Shut up and pass me the popcorn. Jeb is like our black superman.

>> No.22651504

The Mig turns and jerks, and heads out across the landscape. Missing buildings, zigging in and out of enemy fire as they realize this is no friendly...

the Mig-9 makes it to the ocean with a whole flight of enemy aircraft trailing far behind. It zips out past a flight of our fighters as they come in for the attack... and the war begins.

[See picture for opening warzone]

>> No.22651510

Tell me someone is filming, we can't have this unrecorded.

>> No.22651537


>> No.22651555


>> No.22651593

>the Mig-9 makes it to the ocean with a whole flight of enemy aircraft trailing far behind. It zips out past a flight of our fighters as they come in for the attack... and the war begins.
Full alert, get the engineer team ready we have a jet to dismantle and modify.
Cut the Caprician communication, nothing get out of here.
Offer Asylum to Caprician defector.

>> No.22651604


>> No.22651605

A security agent has contacted you! Jeb seems to be missing from his estate!

Seems he hijacked a fishing boat to get to the PRC...

A PBY may or may not have been flying out over it at the time.

>> No.22651612 [DELETED] 


>> No.22651647


So thats why the damn thing beached itself.



Should we invite the Americans over as well? That should help boost our relations with them. I don't believe the MIG-9 was ever captured of had a pilot defect

>> No.22651648


>> No.22651736

Stopping here for tonight guys. Sorry. Can't into creative thinking now...and we have a lot of war to do.

Ill get a thread up tomorrow around 3-4pm

>> No.22652013

Ok, cool. see you tomorrow

>> No.22652144

This fucking thread.

>> No.22652311


(Since the chair force is the one place where pilots are officers)

Those pilots are going to enjoy shitting themselves inflight.

>> No.22652589

I hereby motion that Jeb (a) is no longer given detailed knowledge of DDI or military operations, and (b) is honored for being a magnificent bastard with a statue in Glory Harbor's government center.

>> No.22652658

That pretty much leaves the police force, and that is going bad enough without Jeb causing all sorts of havoc...

>> No.22652711

Also, did anyone else notice how fucked we are? Look at the lower right corner of the map. The Soviet naval fleet is only a day out...

>> No.22652784


Hence the all out decapitation strike.

Once we get our hands on the acting heads of the PRC and force them to issue an unconditional surrender, we've won.

Beyond that, we're hammering that lower left PRC naval unit from both sides. Once that one is down, we can redirect that navy unit to physically obstruct the Russian Navy convoy from returning.

Then its a game of chicken to see if they'll attack first.

>> No.22652904

I just got back from the bar...jesus christ Jeb...

>> No.22652963

I'm just hoping that we can capture more forces than we destroy. It would be nice to double the size of our navy and get six MiG-9s rather than sinking everything and getting just the one MiG.

Also, we probably should have let Fallschi's holdouts know about our attack ahead of time. It would be nice to have submarine backup as a last resort.

>> No.22653020


Well considering that we basically fucked all their rides... I think we captured the lion's share of the Russian hardware the PRC bought.

Unfortunately, the navy units have been out at sea. Infiltrating and sabotaging those units is a tad difficult. Likely the only way we'll get them is if we force a quick surrender. Otherwise, we'll have to sink them.

About the MIGs... If we crater the airfield, those MIGs aren't flying anywhere. Silly PRC/Russians, only having one runway for their best planes.

>> No.22653132

The problem is that even if we perform a successful decapitation strike and crater their runway, there are likely to be ideological fanatics who would rather blow up their own aircraft than let them fall into enemy hands.

But either way, better dead than red.

>> No.22653313


I expect those to be a little busy fending off our insurgents and DDI agents currently assaulting our base.

Also, rereading the previous threads,
>"Russia insists it was merely escorting goods and withdrawing soon."

If so,technically they have no legal reason to interfere. (Don't think it'll stop them, though.)

>> No.22653402

We really don't know what's going on between the USSR and the Capricians. GL's posts seem to suggest that there's some sort of political infighting on the island, which was only magnified by the arrival of the Soviets.

The equipment was delivered "at gunpoint." What does that mean, exactly? "Take it or we shoot you," or "we're watching over this stuff to make sure it arrives without issue"?

Either way, we've fired the first shots now. There's no turning back.

>> No.22653430


Probably the first... and then shifted under the control of those who are favourable to the ussr.

>> No.22653605

If this were a few years later, I'd take a guess that we're dealing with an odd byproduct of the Sino-Soviet split; but that didn't get bad until the early '60s.

I wonder if we could convince the presumably anti-USSR group to surrender and turn on the pro-Soviet faction.

>> No.22658927

When this conflict is over... it's oil drillin' time.

>> No.22658957 [DELETED] 

Hm..to just use this thread today or not...I think we can just keep this one going.

>> No.22658974 [DELETED] 

Hm..to just use this thread today or not...I think we can just keep this one going.

>> No.22658991

Hm..to just use this thread today or not...I think we can just keep this one going.

>tfw used wrong trip 2x because fucking firefox decided to derp


>> No.22659023

This is beautiful.

>> No.22659251

Guys, guys, how hard is it to get into your game and not fuck up everything?

>> No.22659289

Sorry, what was that? You wanted a background?

>Despite totally stealing that crocodile, I'm actually rather proud of how this one turned out.
>These threads are great for providing a bunch of ideas with which I can hone my amateur photoshop skills.

>> No.22659508

Easy. Plenty of people have joined.

Copying and pasting the following from a post by ZPO (prior to updating), outlining a super-condensed history:

Settled by the German Empire as a colony
After WW1, gifted to the Japanese Empire as spoils.
Due to this, the local populace do not like the Japanese much and have a 'thing' for Germany.
Over the cause of WW2, was used as a springboard for the conquest of Asia by the Japanese. During this time, a U-Boat sub pen was built on the island. They survived the war and thus we have German Kriegsmarine holdouts.

After WW2, our nation is a US lackey and we've been planning its overthrow. The turning point was use of an offshore island for nuclear testing. This led to all out hostilities until the UN stepped in to mediate elections. We won those elections and formed the Zaritonian Maritime Republic.

The government in exile that we defeated occupied one of our islands, and then turned to Communism. They made friends with the USSR and had some military aid delivered to them. Now the Soviet fleet left and we just began a surprise attack on them.

Oh, and it's currently 1951.

Feel free to ask questions to fill in detail about the ZMR.

Otherwise, actions are performed like so (without greentext):
>Example action

Roleplay posts are generally prefixed with:
>"Example roleplay!"

Generally try to stay realistic, one of the original goals was to create a fictional nation that is indistinguishable from fact at a quick glance.

As a player, you can choose to adopt a name and specialize on a certain area of the nation, or opt out and just make general suggestions.

Grand Leader rolls for our actions and tells us the outcome. Aaaand... I think that's it. Welcome to Zaritonia.

>> No.22659521

Chet you made this? Croc and all?

>> No.22659576

Unfortunately, I stole the croc from shutterstock and modified it for my purposes.


Pretty much all of the images I post, I make. Pic related.

>> No.22659613


Maybe give me some extra info on country's agriculture, industry and army. Don't you have all of important info compiled somewhere? It would be easier to browse than going through 23 threads.

>> No.22659753

Details about agriculture/food have been spotty. Historically, the native Zari mostly relied on fishing for food. The colonists introduced them to inland farming, I believe.

We apparently don't have many fresh fruits, because at one point our citizens requested for us to import them. A good portion of our terrain is dominated by marshland and mangrove swamps.

As for industry, these are our resources (pic related). We have quite a few defense contractors, as well as a booming mining industry and ridiculous amounts of feldspar.

>> No.22659841

considering the biome seasonal crab hunting and fishing can be good to do with all these swamps

bonus points if it incentives the small fishermen

>> No.22659861

I think we have a few plantations and small scale farms. Most of the food comes from fishing.

"In good shape for a country of our size." Glory harbor has a steel mill, munition factory, weapons factory, and a dry dock. A Volks Wagon factory is going up in the city called Bismarck (which is 1212 on the map). Also a number of small factories. We have mines in the mountains that bring out a number of resources, and we have too much fucking feldspar.

Hell if I know, we have a number of tanks, mortars, anti-aircraft pieces, and artillery.

I'm too lazy to look up what our navy has, but it is a number of ships from WWII. We have a self-imposed limit of not build a ship larger than 30 tons. We have three deep water ports in the country (The three cities with a anchor near them on the map) with Glory Harbor being able to accommodate much larger ships and a larger volume of ships.

>Air force
We have around >100 aircraft, all from WWII or so. We're trying to get a jet, as you can see. Our runways are in good condition, the Americans fixed them up when they came in.

>Generic Stats
We have a census that is well funded and that will start near the end of the year, and a report of our nation's exports and imports and another report of the state of state and local governments will be end by the end of the year.

That pic is outdated, updated one with all our damn oil.

>> No.22659911

As we're on an island, so far we've invested more in naval and aeronautical pursuits. We have some decent commandos, and a whole bunch of old tanks.

Our soldiers generally use the StG 44 assault rifle. For anti-armor, we produce a copy of the panzerfaust (renamed the ZAKU).

The navy has a collection of old Japanese destroyers and frigates, along with a complement of PT boats and landing craft.

Our air force is so far stuck using outdated prop planes, mostly Warhawks. We do have some PBYs and the like as well, and we just stole a working MiG 9 from our communist neighbors. So hopefully we'll have a few jet fighters soon.

>> No.22659935

Why the 30 tons limit?

Hijacked? Some secret agent work I presume?

>> No.22659958

This has nothing to do with videogames. Reported.


>> No.22660001


>> No.22660010

Yes. We also have an intelligence/counterintelligence agency, the Directorate of Defense Intelligence. The DDI operatives have been trained to be some of the best agents in the Pacific, after the superpowers.

But actually... and I know it sounds silly, but we think our President Jeb Faust was the one to steal that MiG. The operative who trained for the mission as found bound and gagged, and Jeb disappeared from his country retreat. And he has this special thing for aviation...

>> No.22660060

>crazy spec-op president
Never change /tg/. Never change.

Other than that, did you just started a war with the Soviets? Are you allied with anybody?

>> No.22660238

Not quite with the Soviets, but with a tiny proxy state. If we're lucky, we can defeat the People's Republic of Capricia before the USSR can react.

For the record, the UN doesn't recognize Capricia as a sovereign nation. They are technically just rebels occupying one of the islands that are rightfully ours. Pretty much only the USSR recognizes them as a nation.

As for allies, we're pretty much alone. Our relationship with the United States is a bit frosty, since we just a few months ago kicked out the government they supported. But we allow them to lease one of our outlying islands as a military base.

We have some ties to the Gehlen Organization spy ring in Europe, so we at least are on talking terms with some anti-Communist supporters.

And if all else fails, our Kriegsmarine holdouts have U-Boats. They sank an American aircraft carrier a few months ago, which was quite a sphincter-clenching moment. Ultimately, the cause of the sinking was officially declared to be an old Japanese mine. Thank God.

>> No.22660530

Well, so what to do now?

>> No.22660839

This is yesterday's thread, which refuses to die. Grand Leader typically starts things between 4 and 7 PM EST (UTC-5). So there's nothing to do right now (other than RP or discussion, theoretically). But later on tonight, things will be starting up again.

If this thread does die, you can use the following link to see if GL has created a new one (look for Zaritonia Quest - 25): http://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/username/Grand%20Leader/type/op/

>> No.22660894

Very unfitting hour for me. Damn timezones.

>> No.22661120

Well, that's unfortunate.

Who needs sleep/work/university anyway, though?

>> No.22661735

Sorry about that. Anyways we'll start the quest (in this thread) sometime in the hour.
(forgot trip)

>> No.22661798

See picture.


Ceht, Infastructure guy, others. Lets take this time to name towns. I know a few have been offered but, if someone would so kindly collect them into one post... I'd appreciate it.

Also name other dots on the map (including PRC dots.)

>> No.22661841

I assume the the new prison on the island doesn't have a name?

>> No.22661935

nope it doesnt

>> No.22662107

What was the name of the moon goddess again?
Pretty sure it was Lan-Gian. I'm naming the Rocket Facilities, launching pad etc.. Lan-Gian Space Agency.

also repost from last thread anon
Williamshaven: (German: William’s Harbor), after William I, German Emperor. [German name for Glory Harbour?]
Solfstadt: (German: Solf Town), after Wilhelm Solf, Governor of the Protectorates of Zari and German Samoa. [3212?]
Klien Kippen: (German: Little Stub/Rock) [The smallest of the Zari Islands?]
Bismarck: after Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of the German Empire. [1212?]
New Brunswick: originally “Neubraunschweig,” after a city in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany, which was presumably the hometown of one of the German colonists. This city was renamed after the US occupation of Zaritonia to make it easier for the Americans to pronounce. [2812?]
Innenstadt: (German: Inner Town) one of the urban areas in the interior of the island. [1215?]
Westmarkt: (German: West Market) [0920?]
Beiwan: (Chinese: North Bay) [2609?]
Bantaram: (Zari: Pepper Stone) this area was once known for its black pepper, which was sought after by colonists. A blight in 1902 destroyed the crop, after which the locals began growing other plants. [2112?]
Hijahton: (In Zari, hijah is the word for green. The suffix –ton, meaning “town,” is believed to have been loaned from English during the period of British colonization on the islands.) [2411?]
Samumin Island: (Zari: Seagate Island) known to the Zari as Samumin Dai, Samumin Island is one of the southeastern-most islands on the Zari chain, which must be passed in order to trade with the nearby Philippines.

>> No.22662109


so far i count 34 towns/cities, 2 of which have names.

>> No.22662347

Department of Naming Towns, Villages, and Cities was a poor success under FRZ rule...

Also should we break our nation up into states or counties?

>> No.22662476

Personal opinions on names.
Not a fan of naming stuff after German people, Germanic influences are fine but blatant pandering isn't imho.

>> No.22662525

I'm fine with the German names, it makes sense with our island's history.

>> No.22662578

I have to say, i agree with this...

>> No.22662635

Major cities would be germanic, minors zaritonian

>> No.22662650


we could always use provinces, as the Chinese were the first to try and colonize Zaritonia... though Shires/Counties would fit from the British colonization... you'll have to ask Fallschi the German name for the sub-division of a country.

based on our history, we can use Chinese, British, German, Japanese, and American names for our towns/cities. where the names are influenced in the above order; Oldest to Youngest. gives more cultural depth to their names. Name changes are also common, though a record of their original names should also be kept. One example is Glory Harbor. That used to have a different name... but i forgot what it was.

>> No.22662734

I don't mind Germanic influences, what I mind is naming our stuff after Germanic figures in the 20th century. We aren't a colony anymore.

>> No.22662756

true enough

>> No.22662812

I'm pretty sure all the cities named after people were from the colonial historical period. Bismarck, William I, and Solf. Remember, the Germans only lost the island at the end of WWI.

>> No.22663110

Not really, the colony would have been named after something like it but German probably wouldn't have. I'd post the Image but 4chan won't let me upload it.

>> No.22663263

The Great Dictators of /tg/ TGDCT

steam group for chatting/gaming...

Anyways. Im going to go with names I like and feel are appropriate where suggested and leave others. We can rename later.

Going to update the map and begin.

>> No.22663541

Depressed...I suck at math and I got told pharmacy requires calc 2...FUCK there goes my life plans...okay working on map now.

Also accepting action posts now if none were priorly made.

>> No.22663615


>> No.22663623

So how's the education in the country? Do we have any universities? Because if not, I would vote for financing some effort in this direction.

Schools were always a perfect way of spreading propaganda.

>> No.22663661

IIRC, we have one of the better education systems in our little corner of the pacific, but I don't think we have a full university system set up.

>> No.22663682


I'll hold up on the oil company until our war is ended, if there is a shit ton of oil under the PRC, we should hold off and see what we'll need to get to drill that.

>> No.22663774


we have the ZEA - Zaritonia Engineer Academy, with which Zirmad operates an Apprenticeship program to provide practical training. so far, the student labs have designed a refrigerator and accidentally designed a booby-trap refrigerator by replacing coolant with petrol.

Zirmad believes that practical application is the key to the future. after all, a theoretical car cannot transport you like an actual car can.

>> No.22663820

Rolled 4, 9, 8 = 21

1) Engineer team readiness (4+)

2) Caprician jamming (3+)

3) Asylum offer attempt (4+)


Pick a warzone (a single warzone) you think is most important and we can focus on it while the rest automates... or we can keep it to simple dice rolls & stories to narrate the war.

>> No.22663872

Capricia fleet battle would be it imho.

>> No.22663882

1) With a crunch and a thump the Mig-9 sets down on our airfield. Barely stopping in time... out steps Jeb. Who is quickly rushed away from what he screams is "HIS mig." Engineers whisk it to a hanger for study.

2) Caprician communications have been jammed.

3) Asylum has been offered. A group of planes as well as one smaller ship has defected.

>> No.22663909

Have some of our eggheads gather info on Zaritonian history and compile it in propaganda-way.

>> No.22663937

OH JEB. We really need to look into some foreign psychologists to take a look at him.

>> No.22663979

Itanimulli, would you like some assistance in the reverse engineering of the Mig? we can have the R&D team over to your facility in 10 minutes.

the battle for Caprica Harbor will be the most important. that an we can see how well our PT boats preform, and what needs to be improved.

>> No.22664053

We should be fine, the mig was the only thing we needed to finish production plans. or so GL said

>> No.22664368

Whoever is working on a University, GH Ltd. will fund scholarships to your establishment. Education will pave the way to a brighter future, and lucrative profits.

>> No.22664416


very well. though we would like to know the secret behind it's engines. if we were to put those on one of our PT boats or it's Torpedoes.... the combat effectiveness of the unit would significantly improve as the PT favors speed over armor.

>> No.22664458

1. Draft an announcement detailing why we attacked the PRC when the Soviets or the UN start asking questions.
2. Increase police patrols to keep on the lookout for potential PRC sympathizers or spies.

>> No.22664476

>Jet engine on PT Boat or Torpedo
>It's been month since we had them.

>> No.22664481

print anti-PRC propaganda

>> No.22664572

>jets on a PT boat
not complaining just...I would think jeb would have this kind of idea

also a nice idea is trading info on those migs with the usa for some big load of cash perhaps

>> No.22664583

cash, or oil rigs...

>> No.22664593


Can we have a standard Jet engine then? the boats don't come with them as standard, and Jet propelled torpedoes make perfect sense. the faster they go, the less time the target has to dodge...

>my apologies for not knowing everything at all times

encase this was what they call 'a joke', no, i can't tell the difference between jokes and actual comments

>> No.22664643

My poor mad scientist...please don't put jets on torpedos or PT boats.

>mfw torpedos going mach 2 whips out of the water and somehow blows up Jeb's plane.

>> No.22664702

considering trading this kind of info, we could make another mig and sell it to america for even more, or maybe just the plans for one, works both ways
either way, it's a fucking goldmine, if directed into oil extraction then...we would not have enough swiss accounts to hold all this money

also on a side note, making oil extraction nationalized can be very profitable if we are going to keep taking islands since the cost for fuel will be minimal

can we get rubber trees? we have the climate considering the swamps maybe talking to brazil and making trade agreements about our future oil

>> No.22664758

To be honest, feeling a little ill right now + depressed over fucking life.

I may pick up again later, but right now I feel sulkish.

We can discuss things / actions. I'll try to make some reports this weekend on our status, including military.

>> No.22664922


true on selling them as individual units. Britain could have made money selling single built Harriers to America, but the Schematics for them were sold instead, so America could make their own Harriers, with Britain only seeing the cost of the schematics... i swear that the majority of peace-time British governments are crap...

You know the country hates it's government when UKIP is a serious contender for country leadership...

>> No.22664940

That sucks. here, hope this makes you feel better.

>> No.22664978

It's fine, but the reason why jet engine are useless in torpedo is because they actually require too much oxygen to actually have a decent size. You'll want a rocket engine, electric engine powering an aqua-jet or a monopropellant tank

>> No.22665124


touche' a rocket engine would be ideal. solid fuel/air mix, the speed at which it would travel should encase the projectile in a bubble of air, preventing the combustion reaction from quenching. also if my failing sonar information is correct, the air bubble may confuse basic sonar. is that correct?

>> No.22665209

this is us at war.

>> No.22666051

it did a little

im not going to be continuing tonight guys, sorry, i thought i might come back but i need a break from it + i already have work cut out for me.

ill be sure to get all the towns names + reports in by monday

>> No.22666507

Ack, couldn't post at work today and already done for the night. Feel better, GL. Things will get better.

And thanks for putting so much work into these quest threads so far. We all appreciate your dedication.

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