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Hey /tg/, I need some help from you. You see, I'm in a bit of a rock and a hard place, so I don't have the money to buy the new CSM codex. Perhaps, could you make a list out of the models I have? They're from around the 3.5 era.
I have
-A Terminator Lord with two lightning claws
-A Chaos Lord with power fist and bolt pistol
-A Sorcerer in Power Armour with force sword and bolt pistol
-20 marines, including Aspiring Champions with power swords, 2 plasma guns, and 2 melta guns.
-5 Havocs, 1 with Autocannon, 3 with HBs, and a Champion with a combi-melta [pinned to turn into either a combi-plas or combi-flamer].
-A Predator with Lascannon spons and Autocannon turret, pintle Combi-bolter.
-3 Screamers [<- usable in 3.5 but its not anymore I guess]
-2 Spawn
-Just bought two boxes of snap-on Cultists.

Help me out by making a list for me? There is little to do here, but play 40k with guys at the FLGS, yet they are tired of me using 3.5 Codex. Just got back into the hobby.

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Bumping with cultist pictures

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Chaos Lord, bolt pistol, power fist, sigil of corruption 115
Chaos Sorceror, Mastery Level 2 60

10 CSM, power sword, two plasma guns 185
10 CSM, power sword, two melta guns 175
10 Cultists, 6 autoguns 56

2 Spawn 60

Predator, lascannon sponsons, combi-bolter 110
5 Havocs, combi-plasma, autocannon, 3 HBs 125

Comes out at 886 in total.
Sigil of Corruption gives lordy a 4+ invul.

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Come on /t/gentlemen, I know you're good guys!

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Oh shit!
Thank you so much!

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Oops, sorceror is 85 points. 911 in all.

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Not a problem my heretical friend.

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To the Final Glory of Chaos my friend.

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