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Today's spoilers
More dimir mill and discard
gruul charm confirmed for shit
EDH shit.

>> No.22601172

Ogre Slum Lord

Whenever another nontoken creature you control dies, put a 1/1 black Rat creature token onto the battlefield.

Rats you control have deathtouch.

“His tenement is teeming with the most repulsive, disgusting vermin. It’s also rat-infested.”
- Branko one ear

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I have no idea why they're trying to push dimir mill. Most of it's rare, and you need a lot of it to be viable so it's not very feasible in limited. And it will never be feasible in standard.

>> No.22601223

soul randsom seems pretty good for 4 mana, while it steals their creature they have the option of discarding 2 cards to sack the creature... then you draw two

>> No.22601233

>Gruul Charm
It's fucking good

It can literally fuck a whole bunch of shit up in twenty ways.

Thraggles isn't a problem if you can literally just attack through him.

>> No.22601237

Shame he isn't a legend.

>Ogre slum lord EDH

>> No.22601244

>people say boros charm is shit
>gruul charm is good

I live in topsy turvy land

>> No.22601251

No thanks. They've already dedicated atleast 7 or so rares/mythics to EDH in this set. No more.

>> No.22601261

No, they discard two card to make you sac the soul ransom and gain their creature back.

>> No.22601272

Well... that's not nearly as strong as I hoped. At least you draw two? Got a little too hyped for it at 4 CMC

>> No.22601287

Just house rule it

>> No.22601311

Seems like the Gruul charm's second ability is all about countering the Dimir's various methods of creature steal but if they have one of the undercity Informer to be a sac outlet in response I doubt they could physically give a shit.

I know Gruul is green but why is it so focused on anti-flying?

>> No.22601317

They must be trolling.

>> No.22601319

Branko flavor text! I thought he was killed by Vraska's assassin, must have misread.

Anyway, boring day of spoilers for me... At least, I'm not expecting much from GTC anymore, so I'm not as disappointed.

>> No.22601332

That... is smart. I'm still hoping for something crazy awesome to come out.

>> No.22601339

No, it's just the official MTG forums who are actually worse than /tg/ at magic.

>> No.22601365

What, the official forums think Gruul charm is good? I know flying can be a bastard sometimes but you're playing Green for crying out loud

>> No.22601384

The official forums are always psychotic. It's the same board that once told me RDW was shit post RTR and would never ever go anywhere.

>> No.22601399

Kinda can't wait for the Eldrazi or the Phyrexians to burn this shitty plane to the ground in Dragon's Maze.

I think this is the least excited I've ever been about magic, including when I quit when Mirrodin came out.

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I guess human reanimator has access to infinite mill now.

>> No.22601408

People were saying that here too.

>> No.22601409

I feel bad for the people who are not spoiling anything and play gruul.

So far everything Ive seen is pretty garbage in comparison to everything else.

>> No.22601415

Most magic players just follow whatever their pro and SCG overlords tell them.

>> No.22601423

I wouldn't call Gruul Charm bad. I would call it niche. It's 3 options are not hugely versatile, but they all seem well suited to hosing specific strategies. Could you imagine playing against someone who was playing a defender style deck that stole your permanents for its win condition? There are cards for a deck like that potentially. A Dimir-Orzhov deck could definitely be going that route.

I also think the 3 damage to all fliers has the potential to be relevant. It definitely works pretty well against Lingering Souls tokens, and there was a pretty decent flying spirit deck last year. The Orzhov guild does seem to have some synergy with that strategy, so we could see a return to a deck like that one as well.

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>> No.22601469

>gonna play the mtgo pre-release
>like the look and feel of Simic so far, want to play them
>worried it'll be a shitfest of nothing but SO EDGY Dimir players

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/v/, please don't infect /tg/.

>> No.22601500

>infinite life
>infinite damage
>infinite mill
>infinite rats

Choose two

>> No.22601511

Stop doing this /v/

>> No.22601526

I'm a complete noob with combos, explain these please?

>> No.22601540

So what I'm getting out of this is that Burning Tree Emissary is my combo waifu for this standard?

>> No.22601546

I'm feeling kind of underwhelmed by gatecrash. I have cash, I want to try a new deck, but GTC doesn't seem to offer anything very viable. Just adds to the current meta.

>> No.22601566

Priest of Urabrask is superior combo waifu, she can get you infinite mana but sadly not standard

>> No.22601580

Here is (probably) the best way for this to work:
You play Angel of Glory's Rise with all of your other human combo pieces in the yard.
All the dudes are out: neat.
Burning Tree gives you RG
Fiend Hunter exiles someone, he exiles the Angel: Then you sacrifice Burning Tree with one of the floating mana to one of your "1, Sac a creature: Do stuff" guys, then spend the other to sacrifice Fiend Hunter.
This brings back the Angel. Brings back the humans in your graveyard (namely Burning tree emissary and fiend hunter)
Target the angel with fiend hunter again.

>> No.22601594

She was my combo waifu back then.
She was my Birthing pod combo waifu.

>> No.22601603

Wouldn't the fiend hunter trigger before he hits the graveyard?

>> No.22601628

...uhh, arguably? I don't know if there is a distinction in triggering abilities on leaving-the-battlefield when leaving the battlefield means either hitting the graveyard of going to a hand.

In any case, the angel's ability won't resolve until Fiend Hunter is firmly in the graveyard.

>> No.22601629

Anyone have any ideas on when the whole set is being spoiled? I know rtr was spoiled about this close to the prerelease but I recently got back from a hiatus of playing Magic and idk if that's protocol or not.

>> No.22601670

Usually around 1 week before the prerelease, which should be this saturday or the next monday.

>> No.22601680


/tg/, tell me if this would work.

Suppose I have Soul Ransom enchanting a creature, and I also have a sacrifice outlet.

My opponent discards two cards, putting Soul Ransom's sacrifice effect on the stack.

In response, I sacrifice the enchanted creature.

Now, the enchanted creature dies, and Soul Ransom immediately goes to the graveyard, but the effect my opponent paid for is still on the stack.

Would I still draw the cards? After all, sacrificing Soul Ransom is part of the effect, not the cost. Or does the fact that there is nothing to sacrifice mean the whole effect would be countered?

>> No.22601695

Well, todays spoilers are shit

>> No.22601698 [DELETED] 

>sacrificing Soul Ransom is part of the effect
Who said that?

>> No.22601705

Angel coming into play and fiend hunter leaving play are instantaneous events, therefore you decide in which order the triggering abilities occur.

>> No.22601709


Your opponent paid the cost, so the effect goes on the stack. You will get to draw your cards.

>> No.22601740

But...the 'Fiend Hunter leaving play' resolves when the angel is returned from exile, then the angel triggers...
Am I wrong?
Is this a specific thing in relation to O-Ring effects in general that I never paid attention to?

>> No.22601763

>Still no Orzhov Charm

>> No.22601807

What order?
When FH dies, his ltb trigger goes on stack. The angel is still exiled at this time.
FH's ltb resolves, Angel came back, put her trigger on the stack.

>> No.22601823

>Gain control of all permanents you own

Wizards truly hate Gruul.

>> No.22601856

You don't need sacrifice when you have pic related.

>> No.22601885

Somewhat topic related.

With GTC coming out, should I make a biovisionary or mill deck, /tg/?

>> No.22601889

bleehhh confoosymans.

>> No.22601915


Depends, is it Standard? Then mill.

If not, Biovisionary.

>> No.22601926

Yes, standard. My bad.

>> No.22601988

put a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying onto the battlefield or deals 2 damage to target creature and you gain 2 life or exile target player's graveyard

alternatively token; gain 2 life, player loses 2 life

>> No.22601990

Hello I would like to get into mtg. I don't know jack shit about tg material so I wonder what's the best way to start ? Also do I need to spend a lot of money in mtg to enjoy it ? Thanks in advance.

>> No.22602019

Start with something like Duels of the Planeswalkers or find folks who play mtg

Also it depends on what kind of player are you, you can enjoy mtg cheaply unless you're super competitive

>> No.22602027


First and just answer me, do you have friends to play with?

>> No.22602049

IMHO, start with either a store bought deck/duel decks. and cost... well, that depends on how you define "enjoying" a game. Do you want to just play with others, socialize, without caring whether you win or lose? then no, you don't need too much money. If you can't enjoy it unless you're winning? you could potentially need a lot of money.

>> No.22602051


I know some folks that used to play but there is a slight possibility that they wouldn't want to start again.

>> No.22602068

Oh wow, I thought the person who spoiled the Gruul Charm was lying.

>> No.22602075


wins don't mean a thing of me cause they are part of fun. I suppose there are things like booster packs with cards right ? Is it cheaper to say get 5 of those or a whole deck is better ?

>> No.22602086


MtG is so much fun and it's addictive but if you have no friends who play and enjoy playing (people who rage when they lose are the worst thing in the world) then you can't play properly.

If you do have bros to play with, I suggest you build a cheap deck unless you can spend $100 to build a decent deck like Blue Red Storm (my all time favorite and it's sooo fun and skill intensive).

As for cheap decks, just check mono black infect control (modern deck).

>> No.22602097

guys is it bad that I want to play gruul with a burning passion? Is there any chance a gruul deck will be viable in standard?

>> No.22602110


You're just like me, I've been planning this for a month now, check this list for possible cards so far.

Strangleroot Geist
Lightning Mauler
Burning-Tree Emissary
Rootbound Crag
Kessig Wolf Run
Arbor Elf
Reckless Waif
Wolfbitten Captive
Gruul Guildgate
Wolfir Avenger
Signal the Clans
Clan Defiance
Searing Spear
Pillar of Flame
Experiment One
Hunger of the Howlpack
Ulvenwald Tracker
Predator Ooze
Yeva, Nature's Herald
Flinthoof Boar
Rubblebelt Raiders
Ash Zealot

>> No.22602117

>gain control of all permanents you own.

is there something I'm missing here? How does it work with mind control? does the enchantment go away? does it just sit there doing nothing? am I missing something here?

>> No.22602124

Grull charm is sideboard fodder. Shame; most of the other charms are pretty sweet.

Keyrune: Whoooo another weak critter with lifelink.

Ogre Slum Lord: Hey, here's what we need. A way to make Plague Rats even more of an instawin annoying bullshit card.

Sepulcheral Primoridal's funny, but I'm not sure how useful.

Soul Ransom is fairly shit. If you're playing those colors, you already have access to much better "I control this card" cards. I suppose if you're sticking with standard it's the CHEAPEST way of doing that, but even then. Paying the 3 extra mana for Spirit Away at least gives the card a heavy boost.

Undercity I can see going well in "holy shit that's a ton of creatures" decks, but those decks have little use for milling....

>> No.22602131

yeah ive been doing the same, this is the list ive com up with
4 Rancor
2 Ranger's Path
4 Farseek
4 Arbor Elf
4 Giant Growth
4 Lightning Mauler
4 Predator Ooze
4 Rootbound Crag
4 Stomping Ground
2 Huntmaster of the Fells
2 Zealous Conscripts
1 Kessig Wolf Run
1 Garruk, Primal Hunter
8 Mountain
8 Forest
1 Creeping Renaissance
1 Deathrite Shaman
SB: 1 Ancient Grudge

>> No.22602179


The Orzhov Keyrune is a 4 toughness wall that you don't want to run into. It's the perfect answer to RDW and won't kill Geralf's Messenger. My bet is it ends up being second only to the Rakdos keyrune in terms of constructed viability.

>> No.22602204

Guys, I have seen several other sources confirm that that mock up is mistranslated. We had like a two hour thread talking about how much this sucked.

Apparently, the actual text doesn't have a "you control" clause.

>> No.22602211

Enchantments with control changing effects from before you cast Gruul Charm will just sit there doing nothing, since your charm has the later timestamp.

>> No.22602218

Apparently, the most popular card among the invisibles, ie. casuals was Szadek and Glimpse the Unthinkable.

Maro had to be convinced not to make the guild's KEYWORD a mill ability.

>> No.22602226

Gruul Charm is everything I wanted it to be. Did I mention I play a Radha pump-EDH deck that wants to win on turn ~4 vis-a-vie general damage and needs good ways to remove blockers while trying to make sure you can't take control of my general? Its just what I needed. I am sad it can't buff though. I wish it was just "creatures can't block; stop mind control effects; +3/+3 to a creature".

>> No.22602227

Three(/four) colour combo that relies on four creatures, and turn four minimum to make it happen, provide you have ALL the right cards. Oh and your opponent(s in EDH) doesn't interact with your deck at all, of course.

ughguugugh. Do people actually ever pull of these stupid combos they conjure up?

>> No.22602238

The other modes, besides the whole, what mine is mine thing are both ways to get through. The R bit has been a part of red's color pie for a bit, the earthquake non-blocking based bit. The G bit is actually really good.

I wouldn't right off Gruul charm just 'cause one of the modes is shit. The other two are pretty solid. Admittedly, Boros Charm is much better.

>> No.22602242

Is that a card?

>> No.22602249

Blind obedience is the perfect answer to RDW.

It might as well read "Target RDW player loses if this enchantment is played on your second turn"

>> No.22602257

More like not every card is designed for competitive or standard play.

I.E. Basically every mythic in this set and half the rares.

>> No.22602259

>die du kontrollierst

I don't speak German, but I'd be willing to bet that means something like "that you control". I don't see any mention of controllers in the top part, but if anything that would mean you get Rats from your opponent's creatures too.

>> No.22602262

Restoration Angel

>> No.22602272

They already used giant growth for Simic.

Ten is a fuck ton of charms to make, they can't all be winners.

>> No.22602273

As a German speaker, I can confirm that. The correct text would be:

>Whenever another nontoken creature dies, you may put a 1/1 black Rat creature token onto the battlefield.
>Rats you control have deathtouch.

>> No.22602292

Like, two of the guild leaders might see play. And they are mythics. Domri MIGHT be useful, theoretically.

But yeah, duh. That was the point I was making. Dimir has mill, because casuals fucking love the shit out of mill.

>> No.22602316

Yeah, we seriously had a 2 hour thread complaining how bad this card is, even for casual, because of that mistranslated mockup.

The synergy now is pretty damn obvious, as long as they don't have flyers and you have creatures, they'll have a hard time attacking ya without making supremely inefficient trades. Casual and EDH, of course.

But yeah, WAAAY better value for 5 mana.

>> No.22602338

>1/1 Rat token
>I'm finally getting new Rat tokens for my rat deck
>The guy is shit tho and I'll never play it

>> No.22602340

Wipe the board with the Ogre on your side.

>> No.22602356

The rat tokens look really good too.

But hey, now that we know it isn't actually you control, it is way better.

>> No.22602401


>> No.22602427


Woah where did you get the token image? Must see the other tokens.

>> No.22602520

Well, I couldn't find the actual source, I thought it was in the gallery, but here's whatever:


>> No.22602553

Whats wrong with being casual?

>> No.22602566

I remember that thread.
I'm sooo much happier with him now since he isn't a waste of 5 mana. Still pretty EDH exclusive but I like EDH and have at least 2 decks that would absolutely love him.

>> No.22602588

Informer+Undead alchemist+Gravecrawler=BFF's

>> No.22602604


>> No.22602629


I wasn't saying that the reason we're getting a bunch of mill is for casual and that's AWFUL.

I'm just saying we're getting a bunch of mill for casual.

No judgement.

>> No.22602660

I'm sorry.

I come from /v/ where casual is a bad word, so I took it as being an insult.

My bad.

>> No.22602675

He will be in my rats EDH deck for sure.

>> No.22602725


Play Blutersquall, much better imo.

>> No.22602748

Actually, going off of experience in Innistrad limited, a lot of Dimir's mill seems to be doing a 'Trepanation Blade' effect.
Which was actually a REALLY nice effect even when you just milled a land and a card or two.
Granted, Trep Blade wasn't even the highest pick in the first place. But that kind of mill is actually a lot more noticable than you'd think when you're working against a 40 card deck and start milling off their 17ish lands one by one.

>> No.22602904

Radha, EDH, man. Did you even read his post?

>> No.22602919

Hey /tg/, in the pre-release there won't be any cards of the preceding set, right? Previously when I played prereleases of 2nd or 3rd set in a series, you'd get some cards of the first one and then booster pack of the set that was prereleasing. But because you get a "guild"-oriented pack, the only other cards you get will be Gatecrash, right?

>> No.22602926

Apparently, "grind" as it was known was gonna be dimir's keyword, they wanted each mill to have a certain amount of surprise and the unknown to it, and this was a great way to make it random, but not too random.

>> No.22603046

>Frog Lizard tokens

-- Bueno.

>> No.22603478

LtB effects won't trigger until the permanent makes it to it's destination zone.

>> No.22603532

>Three/Four color combo in standard that relies on about 20 or so creatures, and turn 4 minimum to make it happen, provided you've buried all the right cards. Oh, and your opponents have to not be interfering with your deck at all.

ughguugugh. Do people actually ever pull off the Humanimator combo that is currently floating around in standard?

>> No.22604606

On /tg/ it's not a bad thing at all. In fact, it just means you take things less seriously, which is nice.

>> No.22604737

i'm loving those gruul cards. Hell, today I was thinking on about how to get proper use out of my Treacherous pit dwellers, then I see the grull charm.
also, you guys think borbormygos will drop as low as Isperia pricewise?

>> No.22604786

The Frog Lizard LOOKS SO HAPPY!

>> No.22604991

It doesn't say target, so it's not countered for lack of targets.

>> No.22605001

>Unrestricted deal damage

>> No.22605273

For Gatecrash, you will only get Gatecrash packs. That's because it's a large set. When Dragon's Maze comes out, you'll get cards from all three RtR sets.

>> No.22605298

Almost certainly. He's not really any good. Maybe a modern reanimator deck will pop up with him, but I wouldn't count on it when you could just use Gifts Ungiven for Iona + Unburial Rites.

>> No.22605312

Deal Damage to target creature and you gain that much life is a black effect. See Consume Spirit.

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