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Right, so Eldar, both Flavors. What's THEIR deal?

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Elves in spehss.

Dark elven soul vampires in spehss.

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Think of the Eldar as Batman, then the Dark Eldar are the joker.

The batman is trying to keep rome from collapsing all around him, while the Joker says fuck it, stabs the guy next to him in the stomach then fucks him in the stomach. With his dick.

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This sums up the problems with both the regular Eldar and the Dark Eldar. The Eldar need more. The Dark Eldar have too much.

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"What's the deal with Space Elves? Are they Dark, are they Light, PICK A DESIGN! Like a bunch of scizo interior decorators, am I right?"

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Fuck you Jerry, fuck you.

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Most incompetent race in the galaxy.
I don't see why any of this is new, they were made by failures, they lived as failures and they will die in a world that will not mourn their passing

You had ONE JOB!!!!

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Yeah, the fluff about the Necrons going to sleep on pretty much every rock in the galaxy and then the Eldar not doing anything about it despite having 60 million years to do so is not flattering for them.

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Craftworld Eldar use Spirit Stones to protect their souls from Slaanesh and follow a process known as The Paths to keep themselves disciplined and to prevent something like the birth of Slaanesh from ever happening again.

Dark Eldar live in the Webway and are slaves to their desires. They use the pain and suffering of others to replenish the pieces of their soul that Slaanesh continuously siphons away.

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They were too busy fucking and then getting raped by Slaanesh.

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They were busy!

With super important things,like interfering with other species, dedicating years to recovering a single lost soul stone and bitching about how nobody understands them.

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No, how nobody is smart enough to understand them because the Eldar are so ancient thus= Wisdom in their mind.

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Not enough Hot DEldar in this thread!

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Or Lesbians, not enough of them either.

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Does this count?

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That was only towards the end of it all. Most of the time they were a functioning civilization that had not yet descended into decadence. This would give them millions of years to at least make a dent in the Necron population. The Eldar must have actually tried to not do anything since, apparently, there are so many Tomb Worlds in the galaxy that it would be next to impossible to not come across one if you travel anywhere in the galaxy.

The Eldar don't even have the excuse that the Necrons outmatched them. At the time of the Fall the Eldar could allegedly do pretty much whatever they wanted to without much effort. Even the current Eldar have the means to potentially destroy Tomb Words - all they have to do is summon up a Warp storm on the place and the problem is gone. It would have been laughably easy to get away with it if all the Necrons in the galaxy were sleeping at the time.

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I would blame bad writing by Ward, since he decided to up the number of tomb worlds to greater than the Imperium.

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Solid argument, but I'm afraid it might be fadism

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I'm pretty sure Tomb Worlds are protected from Warp storms and such, the way Cadia is.

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They're not exactly a cohesive fighting force though, I don't see the problem with upping the number of tomb worlds if they're just going to blow each other up too.

Treading dangerous ground here, I hope this doesn't derail the thread into newcrons skub.

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Cadia's Pylons are necron tech, it's not a far stretch.

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It just bugs me, because newcron lovers come into every eldar thread, and shitpost about how incompetent they are.

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40k writers have no sense of scale in general. This isn't just a Ward thing.

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Why just the newcron lovers?
Oldcrons had tomb worlds all over the place as well, even if it wasn't as much, they were still huge.

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As someone who likes both newcrons and Eldar I apologize on their behalf. We're not all like that, I swear.

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Nah, not even most of them are. Most worlds of the Imperium are Tomb Worlds, but most worlds aren't protected from Warp storms. Even if that was the case then there have been mentions of Tomb Worlds that were lost after being ravaged by the Warp.

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I'll buy this, by alot.

I have to say it's a European thing; scales are just smaller.
SoB canon is just laughable, alongside IG; there's a Warmaster Quote talking about his mighty host, and it's roughly the size of Eisenhower's allied force on D-Day, except less tanks and air power.

Fucking christ-cunt-balls, goddamnit.

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Are you me?
I always have trouble picking between the newcrons and Eldar when someone asks for my favorite xeno faction.

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We need less elves. Do something else, authors. Why elves? Lets be honest, they're basically humans with pointy ears, long lifespans and a stick up their ass. Couldn't you do something else, anything else, if not original?

What about spooky dudes with gills that have reindeer antlers, growing larger as they get older until they fucking lose it and turn into a crazy pissed off reindeer monster? Or what about crow-folk? They don't get much love.

Anything, man. Anything but elves, especially the 25 different permutations of elves that make it into every book with barely any difference between them besides skin color and a stat point.


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>stabs the guy next to him in the stomach then fucks him in the stomach. With his dick.

The dick is also some genetically engineered bioweapon that jizzes poison that turns people into pistachio pudding.

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It could be because they're both pretty much Eldar; the Necrons are just metallic Eldar. There's a difference in attitude, but they are very similar in a lot of their fluff.

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>Pistachio pudding
Sounds awful. I have some of that stomach fuck murder, though.

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"The Bloody Handed" sobriquet sudden takes on a slightly more disgusting meaning.

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>What about spooky dudes with gills that have reindeer antlers, growing larger as they get older until they fucking lose it and turn into a crazy pissed off reindeer monster?
Name this race, Im gonna draw it.

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Which is why I preferred oldcrons, despite their "Ctan are behind everything" theme.

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Do you even decadence?

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Go home Deciever, you're not deceiving anyone.

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Yeah, but don't worry about the pudding. A recording team will be down to catch some poor schmuck being forced to eat it. The suffering will feed hundreds of thousands Deldar, and the poor schmuck, who is getting a suffering boner out ofit if he's a Deldar, or just the pudding otherwise.

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Maybe because the beautiful mysterious girl/boy is a popular trope.

Also your description sounds like written for generic monster #1297 with Enraged Elder reskin #1297a for people that are one level higher.

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I like newcrons more. But, I admit it's specifically because they're more like Tomb Kings in Space.

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And the poor shmuck will have his entrails spread out on hooks for a studio audience to view as he's eating.

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I noticed that this thread turned rather pessimistic quite early on, but I guess that isn't outside the norm.

Anyway, just out of curiosity:
>what's your favorite subset of Eldar and why?
>favorite Aspect Warrior
>favorite Craftworld/Kabal
>favorite character
And anything else you feel like adding.

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I was hoping for more sexy space elves then this, but whatever,

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Lo-kin sounds good, give me a week or so to post it here.

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There's a mic in the pudding, so that we'll know what it's like to be pudding while it's eaten. The fear, the trepidation, the fear-boner.

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Coolio, I'll be here

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Craftworld, I like the aesthetics/fluff
Warp Spiders
ehhhh, maybe Ulthwe
Not really a character, but I love me an Avatar

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>What about spooky dudes with gills that have reindeer antlers, growing larger as they get older until they fucking lose it and turn into a crazy pissed off reindeer monster?
Are you me? Because I remember writing something eerily similar to this in a thread, just a few weeks ago.

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The mic contains a soul trapped for all eternity, doomed to an endless existence of being swallowed, digested, shat out, and feedback because the techs are too high to do their jobs properly.

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Maybe we all have a thing for reindeer monsters. In my mind the more they get in tune with nature, the bigger their antlers get, eventually going berserk and becoming a forest spirit for the tribe.

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I'd say my favorite is Craftworld Eldar. I feel bad for them since they are a more objectively good race than most.

I don't really have a favorite aspect, but my favorite craftworld is probably Biel-Tan, and my favorite Kabal is the Black Heart Kabal and the Duke's Sky Serpents.

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Has /tg/ ever made it's own Craftworld? I know /tg/ made it's own Kabal, but I don't think it's ever made a Craftworld.

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>I like the eldar because they are more objectively good than most. My favorite craftworld is the one whose defining features are its extreme militarism and desire to purge all the lesser races from the galaxy to rebuild the glorious old empire of the Eldar Master Race

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Any ideas for one?

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Good point, but aside from Biel Tan, most craftworlds don't go to war unless they're legitimately threatened down the road.

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how about one that, during the Fall fell into a civil war.no bearing on galactic history for a thousand years, because their world was split in half and staring each other down and occasionally skirmishing to do anything else (like actually pilot their craftworld or communicate with the outside world.)

Some cool fluff might come out of that... First thing would be why did they civil war to begin with?

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Saim-hann disagrees. Besides, Craftworlds don't have the numbers to fight any drawn-out conflict on a big scale. That's why they resort to manipulation, sabotage, subterfuge and subversion to achieve their goals. If they could engage in open war, other than when forced to, then they wouldn't need to hide from outside threats all the time. They're not good guys, by any means, just underdogs.

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A number of the deathworlds could be uninhabitable- they're robots. Death themed robots.

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>The suffering will feed hundreds of thousands Deldar
>D'eldar working for the benefit of the community at large
Something ain't right here...

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Some might have tried clinging to decadence - like the Dark Eldar - or espoused giving in to Slaanesh. The Farseers made the decision to purge the Craftworld of the corrupt elements.

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Split between those who wanted to roam the stars in the Craftworld, and those who thought it would be best to settle in a star system.

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Their craftworld had a giant red button labelled "DO NOT PUSH" and a farseer let curiosity get the better of him. At the precise moment he pushed it, the Fall occurred.
The civil war is between the farseer's faction that believes that button should never have been there to begin with because of course someone would push it. And those who say "CAN'T YOU FUCKING READ!?"

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It's like I've never left the Imperium!

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Yes, but it said there are "many millions" of Tomb worlds (Necron codex page 17). The Imperium has only one million settled worlds and it's the largest organization in the galaxy. This is ridiculous whether or not you like the fluff.

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That was a neat thread we had the other day about the Scorpies. The idea of them being orky murderhobos who wait for days on end drinking Red Bull while waiting for their targets is a hilarious one.

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Ooga booga where da avatars of Khaine at!?

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It's called selling a product. I forgot the stupid amount they're selling it for. It still chump change to a Hesperax fight though

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A week? How-

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He's right there >>22597410, about to T-bag one of your Battle Bros.

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All that staring down time could be because neither side is too keen on going to She Who Thirsts, especially since the Wraithbone Core is effectively neutral territory (any one who tries to enter gets gunned down by the other side).

At the end of the civil war perhaps, the decadent ones abandon ship and we could make a spin off DE kabal.

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I wish we got more "alien" looking Eldar like this.

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Well, there's this one: >>22597259

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someone say Avatars of Khaine?
I want sum dat.
My computer isn't opening the upload file window.

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Me too, anon.

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So they're basically like the Eldar Inquisition. The Eldar on the receiving end of the purge could've escaped to one of Commoragh's satellite realms and ended up in their very own Shaa-Dom.

Would these guys go on the hunt for Dark Eldar? The idea of them being in a war in the Webwaywith the DEldar is really neat, IMO. They might also root out Chaos cults and stuff in the Imperium. They end up killing governors and massacring populations just to meet their goals.

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I can just imagine the Scorpies camping out for days to kill heir targets.
>First day: Ok, I'll just camp out right here until the mon'keigh come passing by. This is gonna kick ass.
>Second day: Fuck this is sweet! I got a great view, my Red Bull, some Doritos and some mon'keigh who are gonna get their day ruined. They'll probably be here soon.
>Third day: Fucking shit, that itches!
>Fourth day: Is there anything fluffier than a cloud? Speaking of; those are some nasty looking clouds...
>Fifth day: I fucking hate rain...
>Sixth day: I fucking hate birds...
>Seventh day: Fuck! No more Doritos!?! *rumble* That doesn't sound good.
>Eight day: Where the fuck are the fucking mon'keigh shitheads?! *rumble* Khaela M. Fucking Khaine, I gotta take a shit.
>Ninth day: I fucking hate bir- Hold on! That's the mon'keigh fucks I'm gonna kill! Way over there in the distance! Get the fuck over here you pissdick f... They're... They're setting up camp... FUUUUUU!!!!!!! *rumble*
>Tenth day: Ok, come to Scorpy you DOUBLE MON'KEIGHS!!!!!
- Hey, listen...
~ I don't hear anything.
- I know, right? It's so peaceful out here. It's a nice change from the usual stuff we get assigned to.
~ Yeah, I guess. Anyway, we should get moving if we're gonna get there before nightfall. Sarge used up the last tp after some bad Doritos, and I ain't going natural.
- Y'know, you should really try to appreciate this while you have the chance. We don't get it this nice very often.
~ Whatev. Let's just get going.
~ Did you have some of Sarge's Dorit-

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Here's a shitty recolor.

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They could actively target governors and such. They see themselves as punishing the lesser races for their weakness, both in falling to chaos, and (in the case of the populace and/or governor) allowing to continue existing.

Probably looking at Biel-Tan levels of militarism and rage: just to a different cause/purpose.

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Yeah, but that's two pictures. I think, just for a start, they should make the Eldar have solid colored eyes. It's relatively subtle, but instantly makes them more alien.

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Different tactics too. I'd imagine them being a smaller Craftworld, so when taking out cults and the like they'd use rapid attack forces and overwhelming firepower to crush enemies before they can respond.

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The smaller numbers could be explained by their civil war.
Even if it was just skirmishes. It was skirmishes over a thousand years. Not to mention the population loss when the rebels finally bailed.

I imagine their time in isolation civil warring doesn't make them very sociable either, even with other Eldar.

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Less working to rebuild their empire than working to fuck with Chaos and keep their race, and the galaxy, free from the influence of Chaos. Isolationistic as hell because of paranoia and nobody wanting to hang out with them due to their zealotry.

However, in order to not feed Chaos they must somehow restrain themselves. I can see them being very encouraging of people taking the Path of the Warrior and the Path of the Seer to handle this. It's would be a bit more of a totalitarian police state than other Craftworlds. Everyone watches each other for signs of corruption, and together they watch everyone who isn't them.

>> No.22597779

>>The Farseers made the decision to purge the Craftworld of the corrupt elements.
Run with this. Make the Farseers like a Spanish Inquisition. Not the Monty Python type.

>> No.22597788

I think it would give them a bit of protection from reprisal, particularly when they assassinate people. I mean, discovering that the governor and his retinue have all been killed during the night makes people think, "Filthy Xenos are up to something." Having jet bikes and Engines of Vaul pop out of the webway and reduce the governor's palace to a smoking ruin then immediately leave while ignoring everyone else makes people thing, "What the did the governor do to warrant that?"

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Everyone, lesser race and Eldar alike, everyone outside their craftworld is a chaos cultist or dark eldar waiting to happen.
never trust anyone from outside the craftworld, and even then be wary.

>> No.22597880

>They kidnap human cult leaders, Dark Eldar, even other Eldar if they get a bad vibe from em and feel they can get away with it. Then they go all Spanish =I= on them.

>> No.22597968

"You can cease your gibbish now mon'keigh. Your chaos gods cannot save you now. From this moment forth, every minute of your life will be unending pain. Renounce the Chaos Gods, repent for your sins performed in their name, and I shall make it clean. Refuse... and you will be here, in agony, for a very. Long. Time"

>> No.22597974

After the first few million years of the Necrons not showing up they probably figred they were gone for good, or atleast long enough for it be somebody elses problem, and decided to focus on more important things, like partying so hard they created the god of partying too hard.

>> No.22598002

I think they might be more willing to work with other Craftworlds, like Biel-tan or Ulthwe, for example, but they'd still be chilly with them.

How can we balance them to not be like the Imperial Inquisition (i.e. counterproductive half the time) and not completely retarded in what they do, unlike a lot of other Eldar? Competent, but still paranoid, uncompromising and in some sense justified in what they do.

Their struggle is obviously futile, but they continue out of duty and the hope that they can keep their race from perishing before Ynnead is born.

Or, are they thinking that they can somehow regain the numbers to reconquer the galaxy? They could protect havens, like the Maiden Worlds or the Webway, which they police for signs of corruption and outside threat. The empire will rise again, but this time it will be free from the influence of Chaos and the decadence of old.

>> No.22598015

See this >>22596222

>> No.22598021

"We bear you no ill-will, but we cannot trust you. What we do is not out of malice, but prudence. A rot deep in the roots can take years to poison the harvest, we shall cut out this disease before it spreads. For those innocent, take heart that you will receive what paradise your religion promises. For those guilty, these are the rewards of your corruption. In judgment we have come to this world, in righteousness shall we leave."

>> No.22598052

I dunno, I kind of like the idea of a paranoud, NOTDarkAngels, Craftworld that's gone batshit crazy with an obsession to purge chaos and anything and everything associated with it.

In some cases it seems they're worse then the =I=. Assassinating or abducting a Governor out of the blue would cause a lot of havoc and chaos an Inquisitorial raid would probably have measures in place to avoid.

>> No.22598076

Their counterproductivity lies in their paranoia. They'll fight along side you, but they'll always save a bullet for you, just in case. They'll monitor their allies for signs of corruption and should they see something they think is related to chaos or DE-esque they'll kill those involved and everyone associated with them.

>> No.22598118

It does sort of make snese. The Necrons had a huge empire during the War in Heavens; they and the Old Ones were the superpowers of the galaxy back then. So them being at least as big as the Imperium makes sense. Many of those tombs have been crippled or destroyed over the eons, by cosmic events, natural disasters or by the Eldar, and the remaining are broken into individual empires, so they aren't a large cohesive force like the Imperium is.

>> No.22598144

Cannot trust them with ANYTHING, including Eldar relics. One of their primary reasons for encountering anyone at all (otherwise they'd just float out by dead worlds to avoid people) is to retrieve eldar artifacts. They're like archivists, who don't trust the Black Library.

>> No.22598166

We need a name for them.
Is there a Craftworld name generator somewhere?

>> No.22598198

Then again, if the governor and his retinue are found dead with no signs of who did it, most people probably aren't going to immediately assume some Eldar showed up and killed them, but that his political rivals had him asassinated.

>> No.22598210

What if they constantly set up colonies to keep the actual Craftworld population low (to make it easier to check for Chaos)? The Craftworld itself constantly travels between the colonies, the Craftworld checking on the colony and the colony checking on the Craftworld.

>> No.22598228

No clue, but PAINTAN TIME


>> No.22598229

We're getting away from the point. The original point was that the Eldar were lazy for not destroying more Tomb Worlds since there's so many of the damn things that you could blow up a planet at random and probably kill Necrons.

>> No.22598234

I was thinking of tying it in to the Eldar pride thing. They are the only ones pure enough and capable enough to guard against Chaos and their actions should be a testament to the folly of worshiping the Ruinous Powers. They are watching, they have no mercy.

>> No.22598245

I was thinking more counterproductivity in the sense that the Inquisition is corrupt to its core, and can even be the reason why corruption is spreading, in some cases. Their actions can be quite destabilizing and are in ultimately in vain, anyway.

The Eldar are always playing the long game with their eyes on the prize, although sometimes their goals are unattainable (see: Biel-tan). The Eldar can never win and are pretty much just waiting to die.

If they are to be proactive then they can't just charge in blindly, because it might mean they stand to lose more in the future. This argument adds yet one more layer of paranoia to their thinking.

>> No.22598260

Most CEldar names are inspired by Celtic words. Pick something that sounds good.

>> No.22598315

I think that the charging in blindly speaks to how much they distance themselves from the other Eldar. As long as they don't stand to lose more in the future, they're all for it. What happens to the other Craftworlds is the result of them not following their beliefs and behaviors.

>> No.22598317

>One of their primary reasons for encountering anyone at all (otherwise they'd just float out by dead worlds to avoid people) is to retrieve eldar artifacts.
What about all the purging they do? I can see them being excavators, but to prevent relics from falling into the wrong hands. They can't just drive around from one archeological dig to another. That's potentially another Craftworld's hat, to go in search of old shit that was left behind or forgotten.

>> No.22598342

FYI, there is something similar in canon, sans the purging part.


>Dorhai is an Eldar Craftworld. Considered one of the strangest and most bizarre Craftworlds in terms of behaviour, Dorhai refuses to deal with any other Eldar Craftworlds at all, believing themselves the only untainted survivors of The Fall and maintaining that other Craftworlds are corrupted by the influence of Chaos.

>> No.22598937

For the Guardians I was thinking some darker nuance of blue, or maybe Shadow Grey, contrasted with some Blood Red for at least one arm or both of the arms, and maybe both the legs from the kneecaps down. The crystals are all Sunburst or Bad Moon yellow. Any sash is Skull White.

The dark blue can symbolize their lament and for having lost so much and the graveness of the situation. The red symbolizes blood, duh, and is as much a statement that they have blood on their hands as that they are willing to spill some more. The yellow mostly contrast nicely, but it could probably be there to symbolize the fire in their hearts and the passion they have for their cause. The white sash is a reminder of the purity of their cause, mostly to themselves.

>> No.22599626

we started to make a craftworld once, it didn't really get off the ground

>> No.22599664

Pretty sure that's one guy. Also, from one Eldarfan to another, man up.

>> No.22599668


It's not like they're making it up though, are they? The Necrons hid for 60 million years and the Eldar kind of left them to it.

If there was a mention of slipping the Necrons a virus, or ME-style destroying 'Sovreign' to keep the Necrons from returning, which the imperium messed up, THEN the Eldar could shift the blame...

>> No.22599710

Hey, nobody ever said the Space Elves were competent. They style. That's enough.

>> No.22599739

The Necrons didn't even hide. They just went to bed and that was it. You don't hide very well if you're virtually impossible not to discover at some point, especially if you can make it impossible for the guy looking for you to find you.

>> No.22599811

From the Eldar v. T thread the other day:

>Eldar at their worst are retarded pansies who are ripped apart easier than wet paper tissues buttfucked more often than a third rate porn star while looking ridiculous all throughout. At their best they're magnificently, bastardly ninja wizards who finishes your sentences for you before you even start a conversation and then kill you with rainbows and interpretative dancing. The good outweighs the bad, IMO.

>> No.22599820

I mean Tau, of course.

>> No.22599847


The sad thing is that the Eldar are not even very good at being precognitive, compare the amount of times their precog actually works to the amount of times the fates are unclear, or the warp misleads them or they end up with a selffulfilling prophecy, or the times they can see the future but they get to know that if they change it another worse future will be the result.

With how random their successes at future sight is, it is strange that they care much about the ability at all.

>> No.22599926

The Necrons can see into the future as well, but they seem far better at it. Just another thing they ripped off from the Eldar.

But. To be fair, the Eldar supposedly pull off lots of ops in the setting with zero or minimal casualties. But those are not really interesting to read about and would make the fandom bitch about how they can't be dying if they don't lose anything. That, and the fact that fans of other factions would get pissed if they get trumped too often after having been given their insanely op fluff, and that's why the Eldar must lose in certain situations no matter how improbable it seems. It's a somewhat delicate balance to have the Eldar seem competent and still come off as a dying race, and GW writers don't really have the skills, vision, or even coordination between themselves to pull this off.

There is more to be said, obviously, but this is part of it.

>> No.22599936

>Necron precognition is better

Orikan the Diviner only has a 100% success rate because he can go back a few days in time and alter things to happen as he predicted.

>> No.22599964

I thought it was awesome that Maugan Ra supposedly halted a tyranid incursion by himself.

Phoenix Lords are nearly gods. I think it's proper.

>> No.22599986

Three Phoenix Lords were on Alaitoc at the time of the Imperial invasion. Maugan Ra was among them. Alaitoc was doomed until the Space Marines called the invasion off because it was "dishonorable."

>> No.22600074

Fuck yeah Eldar.

>> No.22600083


But that was Space Marines, a mightier foe than Tyranids by far.

>> No.22600177


>> No.22600189

>caring who beats who in the fluff

>> No.22600197

Agreed. This shit is almost as bad as fucking dragon ball z power levels. Everything is so overpowered relative to something else that doesn't even make sense, so it just makes it absurd.

>> No.22600198

Don't worry, once Eldar get their new codex their fluff will be brought up to 5th/6th edition standard and they too will get to shit all over a couple of other races.

Farseers will be shitting out powers from every orifice, including orifices we didn't know existed. There will be a new HQ choice: a named Avatar. His background will detail how he bashed up Calgar and teabagged him.

>> No.22600203

>he actually believes this

Nobody break his spirit.

>> No.22600228

...that's kind of like cheating, which is appropriate for the rest of newcron fluff anyway.

>> No.22600238

Nah, 6e fluff has just been retreads. 5e was the time for cuuuuurazy.

>> No.22600260

GW writers don't even have the skills to write children's books.

>> No.22600280

>then kill you with rainbows and interpretative dancing.
I would pay to watch...

>> No.22600300


Writing a good childrens books can be hard, most writers are after all well into their adult years and often forget what interests children.

That being said, most GW books are indeed pretty crap.

>> No.22600316

The Invaders Chapter is the only Chapter to successfully annihilate a Craftworld. Idharae, the Craftworld in question, had recently been attacked by a passing fleet of Tyranids. The Invaders lost seven hundred Battle Brothers from destroying this already crippled Craftworld. We don't know what the Invaders' specialty was, but I think we can make a good guess.

There was also the time when the Imperium went after another, unnamed Craftworld. They lost an entire Sector Fleet in what came to be known as the Blood Nebula Disaster.

Alaitoc - one of the five largest Craftworlds in the galaxy - was attacked by the Sons of Orar Chapter and a fleet of the Imperial Navy, with reinforcements by from the Imperial Guard. Alaitoc had three Phoenix Lords present, awakened their Avatar of Khaine, rolled out their Phantom Titans and mobilized every single spaceship and Eldar capable of engaging in combat. They were losing until the Space Marines decided they didn't want to go on fighting because they viewed the endeavor as "dishonorable" and pointless.

>> No.22600320

People pay just to imagine.

>> No.22600322

GW for one reason or another has a tradition of letting the games developers write fluff in their codices.

They write a bunch of stuff that features the new models of the book and paste the rest from older editions.

>> No.22600347

yeah, I happen to like Eldar, and I thought the codex fluff and all the Eldar novels were shit terrible.

>> No.22600393

>bashed up Calgar and teabagged him.
I wish. Bitch needs to be brought down a couple levels...

>> No.22600413

Orikan cheating at precognition at least makes him competent with it unlike so many eldar who just call everyone else children or fools (because they are so old and wise).

>> No.22600443

I really wish they would let the model designers decide what the units look like that way we don't get retarded shit like this. I mean c'mon! It's supposed to be a ground attack flyer why the fuck does it have a turret with the main gun on top!?

>> No.22600456


I wish they would make the models less boxy, sure imperial tech have a lot of boxlike affinities but some models would be less clunky if they were made out of Lego.

>> No.22600466

This IS the best kind of precognition

>> No.22600471


Eldar have interacted with many Necron characters they haven't called children or fools.

Not even Nemesor Zahndrekh who probably thought that Ranger dude Kor'sarro escaped with was some fair necrontyr maiden.

>> No.22600542


am I the only one who likes metal boxes?
that's why I play spess mehreens in the first place!

>> No.22600553

You play space marines for metal boxes? That makes no sense.

>> No.22600562

>made out of Lego
They sort of are.

>> No.22600574


But he also predicted Horus Heresy and the Fall of the Eldar thousands of years before they happened...

Did he give babby emperor pasteurized milk and vaccinations that infected him with autism, thus ensuring Primarchs get neglected and everything gets fucked up?

>> No.22600582


It's supposed to be a flying red fist of death that pounds your opponent's army until he begs for mercy.

>> No.22600585

>reminder that this abortion carries 12 space marines and a dreadnought

>> No.22600587


>> No.22600606

AND with that, I have a new project.

>> No.22600607

I can see those 12 marines. But how the fuck dreadnought could fit? Is he tied to the wing or something?

>> No.22600617

Even in death I surf.

>> No.22600621

It's hooked up to that little arch under the wings, I'd assume

>> No.22600625


>> No.22600632

source for teh invasion of aliatoc?

>> No.22600636

Path of the Eldar series. Warrior -> Seer -> Outcast.

>> No.22600648

which one in particular?

>> No.22600651

3 shit novels

>> No.22600660

All of them. Warrior has bits when the invasion first begins, Seer has bits with the ongoing fighting, and Outcast has the causes of the invasion and the outcome. (More or less)

>> No.22600672

The insights into the craftworlds were pretty nice. The bending over for hot marine dicking was not. But all things considered, it's a tradeoff I'll take.

>> No.22600673

Yeah, the Outcast novel also shows why the Eldar were fighting the way they were, and why they were being invaded anyway.

>> No.22600687

I felt it was implied that they were fighting a defensive retreat just so they could get the commanders on the field. and so they could point out that the endevour was foolish, and so avoid a lengthy and quite possibly disasterous war with the imperium

>> No.22600697

The Blue Craftdar were still going to bite it.

>> No.22600698

Well, yeah, that's what the game plan was. My point was that if this was a Space Marine novel (a three part series at that!) where the antagonists were Eldar, do you think it would end with the Space Marines pointing out the Eldar were in error and them politely excusing themselves?

>> No.22600703

Anyone know of a compiled list of Eldar powers and their effects anywhere? Aside from the 4e codex. RT, DH, those used in fiction, whatever. Lexicanum often doesn't have much beyond the name.

>> No.22600704

This, probably, although I only read part of Warrior. After forcing myself through that part, though, there's no way I'm going to read any more. I hadn't read prose that bad since I accidentally picked up a Magic The Gathering novelisation years ago.

>> No.22600715

That's because the Space Marines don't give a shit about life or death.

An imperial guard novel could end with a peace being worked out, hell some have started with it. (Such as the latest Cain novel).

>> No.22600719

The Newcron Codex says the lesser races of the galaxy did more damage to the Necron Empire by their curiosity and greed than the Eldar.

The Eldar are failure made manifest

>> No.22600721

You mean psychic powers, or aspect warrior powers?

>> No.22600723

The Sons of Orar do if they go "Shit, killing xenos scum isn't worth it if we're here on false pretenses"

>> No.22600728

Weasels and rats

>> No.22600730

Psyker powers, sorry. I know all the aspect powers. (And I'm in love with the Shadow Spectres as an aspect, but that's beside the point.)

>> No.22600738

The Eldar were the original tough motherfucking space elves. Everyone decided they needed to kill an avatar or something to be shown to be truly awesome. Now, they're just shit. Thanks, GW authors.

>> No.22600741

There is none. Eldar can hypothetically do pretty much the same things as anyone else with their psyker powers, but they channel their energies through Runes which produces a specific effect and also acts as a safeguard. There is no compendium of all the different Runes other than their codex, which probably doesn't cover all of them.

>> No.22600762


>> No.22600768

Greetings, cowardly cousins.

I hope you did not forget the Blood Feud or anything.

>> No.22600774


Should have been the Black Templars.

>"What foul words did the xenos witch cry out?!"
>"My liege, it said nego...negoshishun...or something akin to it!"
>"Brothers, the treacherous Eldar witch is trying to ensnare us with vile sorcery! Charge!"

>> No.22600776

The "powers" are pretty self explanatory if you means things like Guide.

If you're talking about the runes by chance, Path of the Seer talks about one before every chapter. It might be worth acquiring just to read through those.

>> No.22600796

Nope, the authors have nothing to do with this. The Eldar are a shitty faction by nature.

>> No.22600862

It's pretty skub, as a whole. I remember rolling my eyes when the SM Librarian tapped into the mind of the "young" Farseer to read his thoughts. What the fuck are Ghosthelmets good for? Also, what the fuck?

>> No.22600877

Can you help a fellow eldar fan, do any has a pdf or something?

>> No.22600885


Space Marine librarians have musculous minds that bend the eldar souls over, and break them.

>> No.22600889

Check /rs/.

>> No.22600900

Yeah, probably because they're Ultramarine successors, who we all know are big xenos collaberators.

>> No.22600907

I want to write a novel for Black Library in the Paths of the Eldar series. It's going to be about a gifted young military commander on Biel-tan who, through repeated victories on military operations, is at risk at letting the power go to his head. To curtail this, he is made to either put himself in a humbling position or face exile. He goes to work as a janitor. At first the lowly work enrages him, but he learns that all Eldar have their place in the craftworld. He cleans up vomit in the Eldar primary schools. He removes warpdust bunnies from behind infinity circuit terminals. Through his sweepings and moppings throughout the ancient, dirty halls of the Biel-tan he hones his skills. Finally, when sinister forces begin to make themselves known, he picks up his broom in battle to redeem himself and help save his craftworld.

"Path of the Servant"

>> No.22600909

Ah. There isn't any *complete* compendium, in that case.

>> No.22600925

Your fans are eagerly awaiting the date of publication.

>> No.22600929

Humans are by far the most powerful Pyker race. Tell me which race managed to face off and tap into the Hive Mind without dying? Humanity, through a Space Marine Librarian.

Are you telling me a young Farseer compares to the Hivemind in mental defenses, you silly Xenophile?

>> No.22600930

Ghosthelms? They're for preventing perils of the warp.

You're probably thinking of the Psychic hood, a piece of Librarian wargear that helps nullify enemy psykers, like Eldar Farseers.

>> No.22600939

Please, that will never be published.

It's the Path of Service. At least get your terms right.

>> No.22600950

>not a shovel
Indomitable Moles!

>> No.22600957

Path of the Janitor then. This is what I need an editor for.

>> No.22600966

>Right, so Eldar, both Flavors. What's THEIR deal?
Ok, so imagine a massive party that lasts years. It has everything, good music, snacks, awesome people, etc.

But it keeps going, and soon there's drugs, louder music, sluts, and probably a few furries in the back. Now the christians of the party step back and go "Hey, stop that shit or you're going to hell." Needless to say, the party continues.

Soon the christians say "Fuck this" and leave, wearing THE END IS NIGH sandwich boards and yelling at those passing by that those who enter the party are damned. Meanwhile at the party, the first virgin sacrifice is made for shits and giggles.

The worst part is, the crazy doomsayers are right, and soon the party erupts into a portal to hell, killing everyone inside. This gives them a sense of "I'm always right", while the only other survivors of the party were those out getting more chips and ice. These other partiers decide to start their own party, because the party never ends.

>> No.22600967

Ghosthelms masks the wearer on a psychic level.

>> No.22600970

>In 146.M41, a Ravenwing formation was tasked with a special reconnaissance mission during the massive tank battles fought between the Imperial Guard and Eldar on the world of Kundra. After pressing deep into enemy territory, the Ravenwing Attack Squadrons found their role reversed; they were being stalked and encircled by a host of mobile grav-tanks. Unable to successfully confront so much enemy armour, the Ravenwing requested assistance from their skyborne brothers. Sweeping out of the eternal
twilight of that cursed world, the Nephilim Jetfighters were more than capable in an anti-tank role. Those craft outfitted with avenger mega bolters proved effective at raking through entire squadrons of xenos jetbikes, while those equipped with lascannons destroyed the heavier grav-vehicles. The skies were turned black with the fell contrails of the Nephilims' missiles, and the Eldar were routed. Since that day, the Dark Angels have known that - whatever the situation, whatever the foe - the sleek nephilim will guard the skies above them, and the angels rule the heavens.

One step closer to the end of the decadent Eldar race.

>> No.22600985

From daemons. Seriously, they don't even help with Deny the Witch.

>> No.22600993

Oh, also, I love the concept. MiteBawesome. Ideally there should be an initially annoying, scrappy Elfdar child who starts annoying him, slowly learns wicked good Elf-fu from him as they bond, and is then placed in imminent danger by invading spess mehreens, which is why he decides to take up his shovel.

>> No.22601000

That's not so bad. At least it wasn't a single Dark Angel with two broken legs dragging himself around and tearing apart Eldar tanks with his hands.

>> No.22601009

>That piece of shit.
>Not getting shot down by the infinitely superior Nightwing.

(I couldn't find Laughingeldarwhores, because I'm lazy.)

>> No.22601010

>making your fiction fluff-accurate
No. It should be good. To hell with fluff accuracy.

>> No.22601022

I think you'll find that was a tactical withdrawal, old sport.

>> No.22601029


Yeah, the Ultramarines still had the most epic battle vs eldar ever seen in fluff.

>The Eldar arrived at Orar's Sepulchre to find it held against them, and they struck hard at the main gate. Aspect Warriors and Guardians darted forward as Falcon grav-tanks and artillery engines battered the defenders, yet the Eldar could not bring their heaviest weaponry to bear, for to do so would be to risk destroying the Galaxian Sceptre within. The Ultramarines sheltered from the Eldar firestorm in their crudely prepared defences, holding position behind weathered marble until the first assault wave was on the uppermost steps. On Calgar's command, the Ultramarines emerged from cover. Heedless of the shuriken and plasma that screamed all around them, the defenders scoured the invaders from their sight with bolter, missile and grenade. Held at bay at the main gates, the Eldar attack wave now broke apart and sought gaps in Calgar's defences, only to find their own flanks assailed by roving bands of Ultramarines.

>Calgar had fought the Eldar many times, and knew that no fixed defence could long endure against their fluid and precise strikes. Accordingly, Calgar's battle plan had been to divide his Chapter. The main taskforce, under his direct command and comprising five full companies of Ultramarines, garrisoned Orar's Sepulchre and defended the Galaxian Sceptre therein. The remainder of the Chapter was further subdivided into a dozen mobile strikeforces consisting of between fifty and one hundred Space Marines who had lain concealed in the surrounding valley and now engaged the Eldar in hit-and-run attacks. Moment-to-moment command of each strikeforce lay with the captain or sergeant at its head, but it was Calgar, and Calgar alone, who directed the overall strategy. Yet he never once yielded his position at the gates to better command the wider battle.

>> No.22601033

>So deftly did Calgar direct the Ultramarines that the Eldar were opposed by equal force wherever they struck. Fire Prism grav-tanks seized vantage points on the scrubland north of the sepulchre, yet were assailed by fast-moving Tactical squads before they could fire so much as a shot on Calgar's position. To the west, bellowing guns of Predator battle tanks drove Warp Spiders scuttling into the dead forests and ambush at the hands of Ultramarines Scouts. Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies, cannon and missile searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings. Bike squads of the 6th Company prowled hill and crag, percussive bursts of bolter fire hammering Eldar Vyper squadrons. A lesser man would have been unable to direct such spiralling chaos, but Calgar's will prevailed in every corner of the battle. A word here, and a strikeforce manoeuvred clear of an incoming Eldar assault wave. A command there, and Ultramarines on the far side of the battlefield intercepted and crushed an isolated Eldar force. Never once did the strain show upon Calgar's face, not for a moment did he let up from his personal battle at the sepulchre's gate.

>The battle for the sepulchre lasted all day and into the night. Shells and energy blasts gouged stone walls and statuary, sending shards tearing through Space Marine and Eldar alike and great gouts of acrid mist roiling through the sepulchre. Through it all the Ultramarines stood firm, stalking through the smoke-clogged rubble like vengeful nightmares. The Eldar mustered every arcane science at their command, yet their impossible technology counted for little in the face of the Ultramarines' determination. Bound by ties of brotherhood and exhorted to greatness, the defenders fought on amongst shattered statues and broken walls, knowing that to do any less was to dishonour the noble history of the Ultramarines.

>> No.22601036

This is what I need two editors for.

>> No.22601057

"The vile xenos are routed! Victory for the Dark Angels!"

Meanwhile: a group of scorpions went behind enemy lines and killed a local imperial governor, a couple DA sergeants, and got the jewel they were there for in the first place. Also, they later find out the Falcon tanks they thought they were destroying were an illusion and they were actually rocketing their own predators due to a powerful seer.

>> No.22601086

The swooping hawks also shat all over the streets of some other imperial city.

[Spoiler]Swooping hawks shit plasma.[/spoiler]

>> No.22601092

>Humans are by far the most powerful Pyker race.
We don't know that for sure. Humans are more widespread and often lack control over their powers, unlike the Eldar. The Eldar also put up barriers and restrain themselves from an early age in order to not attract Daemons or just go haywire, like humans do. The Witch Path is all about learning to control oneself and then gradually unlock one's powers in relative to how proficient one is at controlling them. So, to be fair to the Eldar, we don't know the upper limits of their unrestrained psychic power.

>> No.22601099

Indomitable Mole rules, anyone?

Obviously they can deep strike without scattering, and do so straight into combat- this represents their tunneling.

Power Shovels I reckon are two-handed, S+2, AP3, concussive, and unwieldy. However, in the turn they assault from deep strike the Moles can ignore the unwieldiness.

If they're unengaged at the beginning of a turn, they can tunnel back into the ground, thereby going into reserve again.

>> No.22601107

>So, to be fair to the Eldar, we don't know the upper limits of their unrestrained psychic power.
Yes we do;

Eye of Terror

>> No.22601113

>implying the Hive Mind cares about putting up active psychic defenses
>implying a Librarian from any post-Heresy Chapter has the bling or the psychic pecs of the Founding Chapters
>implying a Farseer can be young

>> No.22601114

Much less than humans then.

>> No.22601123


An Eldar using unrestrained psychic potential ends in sex, so it is understandable they've never used it after the Fall.

Psyker power levels are almost as fruitless subjects for analysis as primarch power levels.

>> No.22601127

>implying there's an Eye of Even More Terror

>> No.22601128

...also, when the Dark Angels commander gets safely back into the Armarium after his glorious victory, he's relaxing with a hot shower, but as the steam rises he is shocked to see these words written on his mirror:


>> No.22601135

>implying a Farseer can be young
Someone clearly hasn't read enough Goto, then.

>> No.22601148

So millions of years of fucking resulted in that thing, so what?

The Humans created the Emperor in one moment. The most powerful Pysker being in the known universe. Whose power matches the Chaos Gods and keeps the entire galaxy from being consumed by Chaos with his shattered mind.

Silly Xenophile, you can't one up humans in the Pysker department.

>> No.22601151

>farseer climbs up on top of a rock to mindfuck the whole or the enemy's forces
>camera pans out
>he's covered with banshees and various other female aspect warriors clinging onto him undressing

This is why I can't turn my swag on.

>> No.22601155

It's canon that when the Emperor dies and can no longer protect humanity psychic fuckery will get so bad that the entire galaxy will be consumed by Chaos.

>> No.22601156

What are you up to high lord Bill?

Nothing, just watching the Dark Angels attack Eldar craftworlds across the Galaxy with righteous vengeance. Their dedication to, and love for, the Imperium almost brings a tear to my eye.

>> No.22601162

"Eldar Prophecy" disagrees with you.

>> No.22601164


God, you Xenophiles are cluless.

>> No.22601169

So the Eldar when unrestrained just become rock gods.

I'm OK with that.

>> No.22601176


It's canon that the Chaos Gods have infiltrated the Emperor's mind and it is also true that the Grey Knights know in the end Chaos Gods will have their victory and win.

Then again, it is known that if the young races do not unite, and fail to prevent the tomb worlds from reuniting, all these great powers will surely fall and Necrons shall rule supreme for all eternity.

>> No.22601186

It's canon -speculation-

>> No.22601188

3+ armour, as they're MOLES, I'd say anywhere they deep strike counts as dangerous terrain for the rest of the game.

>> No.22601192

it's also canon that if humanity survives long enough, they'll win always and forever in a new age of psychic mastery.

Also if everyone doesn't unite together the Tyranids will win.

>> No.22601203

That's just the Tyranids talking with each other. The chattering and the buzzing of billions, maybe trillions, of psychic organisms in a dense formation creates enough static to just block out everything else. The Hive Mind fries brains and blows up the heads of psykers just by thinking to itself. It's not actively going for defense, but it's a fortunate side effect.

>> No.22601208

Actually, that's just imperial speculation. They may just as well all die from, you know. Being an all psyker race without the restraint of eldar.

>> No.22601210

What a crap piece of art.

>> No.22601212

I am looking it, but still no eldar :(

>> No.22601218

Well, I can probably make an incomplete list. I think I have one elsewhere, but not nearby enough to provide.

Farseer Powers:
Battle Fate - Sense impending success or doom (randomly get a bonus or penalty for your entire army)
Doom - Bollocks up an enemy unit.
Mind War - Mentally fight an enemy character.
Death Mission - The farseer tries to cause huge amounts of havok and die. If he fails to die, he leaves his craftworld forever.
Eldritch Storm - Lighting everywhere.
Fortune - Nearby unit becomes lucky.
Guide - Nearby unit becomes good at shooting.
Force of Asuryan - Nearby units get more actions.
Crystal Seer - Can activate two powers.
Phoenix Spirit - Brings dead back to life temporarily.
Temporal Exile - Makes target frozen in time, unable to act or be affected by anything.

Conceal - Makes unit invisible.
Destructor - Hit people with your anger.
Embolden - Reroll leadership tests.
Enhance - Unit becomes slightly better in combat.
Fortune - Nearby unit becomes lucky.
Guide - Nearby unit becomes good at shooting.
Strike - Releases energy from soulstones. Everyone nearby falls over.
Executioner - Psychic version of the warlock goes to kill someone.

Shadowseer powers:
Veil of Tears - Makes their unit hard to spot.

Void Dreamer powers:
Withering Radiance - Ages target into dust.
Spirit Shield - Wards against psychic powers and daemons.
Soul Scry - Nearby unit can reroll a leadership test.
Empyrean Hunter - Can track ships through the warp.
Shearing Light - Makes a psychic spear for the seer to use.
Void Watcher - Can spot hidden things in space.

Embolden - Resist fear and pinning.
The Banshee's Wail - Make a psychic shout.

Kurnous Arrow - Fire an invisible psychic arrow at someone.
The Maiden's Scorn - Punishing blasts that strike like moonlight. (Possibly a warlock power)
Iridescent Grasp of Edriané - Move things with your mind.

Defy the Crone - Dodge things.
Casting the Runes - Divine the future.

>> No.22601219

The Chaos Gods are just whispering doubts and fears into the Emperors mind, but remains steadfast in his deathless determination to protect humanity. His will can't be broken by the lies of Chaos.

>Grey Knights know in the end Chaos Gods will have their victory and win.

One dude =/= All Grey Knights

Draigo has shown us how weak Chaos is in the face of purity.

>Then again, it is known that if the young races do not unite, and fail to prevent the tomb worlds from reuniting, all these great powers will surely fall and Necrons shall rule supreme for all eternity.

Who cares, really? If the Emperor dies, the Necrons are screwed like everyone else.

>> No.22601221

That could just as well be interpreted as the forces of Chaos overrunning the place when the Imperium is in more disarray than usual.

>> No.22601228

Well considering them all dying of their psychic power is in the same paragraph as the alternative to their psychic golden age, that would that is also imperial speculation.

>> No.22601231

Still more Divination:

Prophet's Escape/Whispers of Fate/Precognitive Dodge - Dodge shit. (Farseer power)
Khaine's Ruthless Blade - Hit shit more easily.

>> No.22601232

Maybe it's because you're putting retarded emotes in your search?

>> No.22601234

Nope, it's outright stated.

>> No.22601245

Seems legit.

...Give them Aspect Warrior stats, and I think we might just have made a decent Eldar assault unit.

>> No.22601248

Yeah, make something original!

>Nobody likes the Tau

>> No.22601252

>Draigo has shown us how weak Chaos is in the face of purity.
He's described as a new impossibility in the realm of the impossible.
Maybe the Warp is protecting him or some shit.

>> No.22601253

I was being silly. Although the path of service is a honest to god eldar path.

>> No.22601255

Yes, fortunate to being a solid defense against anyone who wants to probe the Hivemind. Any Pysker who wants to Tap into the Hivemind must endure all the horrors and voices of innumerable tyranids in his mind.

It takes a powerful Pysker to do this. Only one (Or two if you count DOW 2) have done this.

>> No.22601263

>that would that is
Apparently I cannot into coherent thought today.

>> No.22601265

I remember back in 3rd when there was no hope for the Imperium or humanity. Good times, for some.

>> No.22601290


Nonsense. It is only a matter of time before the Emperor succumbs to death or insanity.

Draigo is nothing but part of the scenery in the Realm of Chaos, where infinite legions of daemons perish and respawn in the wars of the gods daily.

Necrons united shall rule supreme for all eternity, meaning they will survive any and all effects of crushing the younger races.

>> No.22601297

The psychic apotheosis has been around since RT.
It was in 3e too.

>> No.22601298

Fun fact we learned from the latest Cain book.

The shadow in the warp also affects Tyranids from different hive fleets.

>> No.22601304


The Silent King believes the bumbling efforts of the younger races fighting Tyranids must be stopped, or the Tyranids merely grow more powerful and eventually become too mighty for anyone to overcome. Only the Necrons united can stop them.

>> No.22601308

> Only one (Or two if you count DOW 2) have done this.

Tiggy mentions it is rumoured he had probed the hivemind. unless something changed

>> No.22601309

It really is impossible to have an Eldar thread that isn't weighed down by pessimism and/or derailed into some other faction. The latter is probably a consequence of the former, to some extent.

>> No.22601313

You know elves?

They're like that. But in space.

>> No.22601314


But it also says that if it is true, he will have "proven himself the most powerful psyker in the Imperium."

>> No.22601321

Which just shows how stupid he is, given the Tyranids have invaded the galaxy several times while he was away, without him noticing.

>> No.22601325


>in space

But that's heresy.

>> No.22601333

Huh. Must have missed that, somehow. Still, I remember the fluff overall as being darker than nowadays. Might just be nostalgia goggles on my part

>> No.22601337


But that was not the main fleet which he encountered while in his 60-million-year trek in the intergalactic darkness.

>> No.22601345

It's still better than Tau threads.

>> No.22601367

What's with all the Dudedar in this thread?
Here you go.

>> No.22601375

Szarekh returned around 744.M41. The Imperium's first recorded contact with Hive Fleet Behemoth was in 745.M41.

>> No.22601383

Thanks, bro.

>> No.22601400

Lies. All Lies.

The Cthulhu Genestealers were here in the galaxy for a long period of time.

>> No.22601406

>They were losing until the Space Marines decided they didn't want to go on fighting because they viewed the endeavor as "dishonorable" and pointless.
not exactly. the chapter master said he had no problem dying along with his chapter in a bid to annihilate that craftworld. the rub was that the whole thing got started over one governors idiocy and one eldars moment of cruelty.

so the chapter master, seing the truth on the governors face decided that since this craftworld hasnt actually dont shit to earn an immediate death he wasnt going to get his whole chapter destroyed over this.

>> No.22601426

First of all, WHAT? Oh well, more ammunation to prove Nids have a degree of Individualism.

Second, Is it the one where he allies with the Tau?

It is out?

>> No.22601432

Actually we don't know what he discovered, other than Tyranids. It could have been the theorised massive fleet, it could just be leviathan.

>> No.22601445

He might have found the guys chasing the nids!

>> No.22601454

The e-book is.

They don't really have personality. It's more that the fleets hate each other. As in will attempt to kill each other before turning on the humans.

Also ally is a strong word.

>> No.22601461

Nid Fleets eat each other. If their Shadow affects the other its probably safe to assume it's because it's feeding time.

>> No.22601474

lol Nids have no allies, not even themselves.

>> No.22601480

too many dark eldars man, still I found some

capcha: star-gazing !!!!

>> No.22601489


>> No.22601555

Why would they eat each other if they're all part of the same Hive Mind?

>> No.22601570

Gentlemen, i give you . . . TITS.

>> No.22601581

and . . . DAT ASS

>> No.22601590


>> No.22601625


Because that way the stronger hive fleet survives and absorbs the loser while reinforcing itself.

Because Tyranids are magical, no biomass are lost in the space battle and 100% of it is extracted.

>> No.22601635

Behemoth was the fleet which the Imperium first described as Tyranids, but it was not their first encounter with them.

For example, Hive Fleet Tiamet of M35, rumoured to be the source of the Genestealers of Ymgarl.
Hive Fleet Colossus of M39.
Hive Fleet Ouroborus of M36.
Hell, they've found hive fleets dating back to M34.

And of course, the Fenrisian Kraken, Catachan Devil, and Catachan Brainleaf seem to descended from Tyranids.

>> No.22601639

Why would two sub-coompanies that are part of the same, overarching corporation, compete against each other?

>> No.22601655

Because it gives the stronger fleet all the traits of the weaker one, sans the bad stuff. It's survival of the strong and the culling of the weak.

If two Hive Fleets of equal size are pit against each other the one with the better collective biome will win and absorb the traits of the other fleet. The strong Hive Fleet is now even stronger and has doubled in size, making it more dangerous. The Nids will only get more adaptive and diverse within the Hive Fleets as time goes on.

>> No.22601662

Seems each fleet has a separate mind. And the shadow of one, interferes with the synapse of another, causing Instinctive behaviour.

>> No.22601685

Well my in-head endgame scenarios just shifted. Nids go from "converging and nom'ing everything" to "converging and nom'ing each other."

>> No.22601704

Of course, this brings up an interesting concept.
We know the nids are attracted to the Astronomicon.

What if they think the Astronomicon is another Hive Mind, and the Imperium is its Hive Fleet?

>> No.22601714


But while Imperium has met Tyranids, it is ignorant that they have encountered merely remote tendrils, while the Silent King has been in the intergalactic darkness and seen that the galaxy is but a mere ember swirling in the infinite night.

>> No.22601721

What if that's the truth?

>> No.22601727

There can only be ONE.

>> No.22601738

Which means that the Hive Fleets are like Cerberus. Three heads struggling against one another for food for a single stomach.

>> No.22601819

Another fun revelation:

We find out the terrible secret of Soylens Viridians!

It's made out of pulses. As in Soy and Lentils. The same thing soylent green was in the original novel.

>> No.22602121

Or the hivemind is a like a lonely 5 year old with a bunch of action figures...

Smashing them together and making "pew pew" sounds while waiting for someone else to talk to.

>> No.22602142

You mean... it's coming to our galaxy for a playdate with the Astronomicon?

>> No.22602197

Well, more like it sees a shiny object in the distance and heads towards it, snacking on stuff as it goes. Just as it's thoughts are incomprehensible to the others of the galaxy, perhaps it cannot fathom sentience behind the apparently random actions of the varied denizens.

And while not the best explanation of why the Tyranids fight amongst themselves despite being of one hive mind, I shall cling to it in case they get the Newcron treatment.

>> No.22602247

>in case they get the Newcron treatment.

That would be pretty entertaining.

>> No.22602285

I kind of like the idea that the various Hive Fleets are independant, effectively each one is an individual, with the tyranids as organs or cells.

It gives a good reason for their differing tactics and colouration. (Personally, I wouldn't mind some physical differences. Behemoth being more heavily spiked, etc)

>> No.22602364

I beg to differ, though what I want and what I get are two different and separate things.

While not having quite the knowledge of Necrons and the change in fluff, I do believe that while the change in story was upsetting to some, it still works for them. A bunch of personalities brought into a machine, with some retaining said personalities isn't really a unknown horror kind of threat. Either the lords were just mindless automatons like the minor warriors or they had the personality. And perhaps part of the reason the got changed was because Tyranids were first on the block with the whole unfathomable, unstoppable horror cliche.

However, Tyranids don't have personalities, merely evolutions. A hive fleet will adapt to the enemies it encounters, so 2 different hive fleets end up with different compositions as they take different paths through the cosmos. Which is why having them fight each other to get the best force works. However, the fact that the Swarmlord is a special snowflake that is all individual and sparkly goes in the face of it all. The Parasite, Doom and Deathleaper are acceptable because they are essentially trial runs for a new evolution. I'm still not a fan of that even, but I can accept that at least. But now with the Swarmlord there is the unspeakable horror roaming through the universe devouring everything...with the help of his sidekick bob. I feel it takes away from the feel of it.

>> No.22602392

You don't want Tyranid leaders in top hats they evolved cursing the Space Marines for daring to try to defeat them?

>> No.22602450

This is why I kind of prefer the idea of the swarmlord being a specialist evolution of a tyrant which acts as an enhanced Hive Node. This is produced by a hive fleet when faced with a particularly hostile creature it can't defeat.
(The tyranid equivilent of sticking a finger in your mouth to get at a particularly difficult bit of food stuck in your teeth)

>> No.22602469

No, I want a Hive Tyrant giving a confused puppy head tilt when challenged by a marine moments before ignoring it and slashing it's way through all of them equally, perhaps having a few nearby carnifexes stomp on the really loud shiny marine.

>> No.22602506

That I can live with. It's not the physical capabilities of the unit that annoys me. It's that it's mind gets preserved and tossed into bodies whenever needed, so it's a personality that cannot die but is independent of the hive mind.

Your idea is much better, in that perhaps it can better funnel the hive mind's will with less need of delegation. Essentially taking off one's gloves for better sensitivity when needed.

>> No.22602559

That's something that comes with all hive tyrants now.

I figure it's particular set of tactics and memories that get implanted in a tyrant body, to perform a particular purpose.
The genetors and their psyker assistants interpret this as specific individuals, because they cannot concieve of a race without individuals.

>> No.22603164

You know what, everyone's just jealous that they got soundly whipped one time or another by an Eldar player who knew what the fuck he was doing. with maximum give no fuck, Art of war, sun tzu, Autarch, son of a bitchery, they got their asses soundly handed to them on a gilded platter, and now they desperately lurk /tg/ looking petty revenge hoping to derail Eldar threads.
A librarian is still a shriveled mastery 1, and a very expensive one is two. Warlocks don't even need mastery, and Eldrad is 3.
see you at the FLGS...

>> No.22603179

Calgar got his ass reamed by the Swarmlord, so why not.

>> No.22603541

So the Necrons were wrong for being like robotic Tyranids, so they changed them to be like robotic Eldar. I guess that's kinda flattering for the general quality of the Eldar as compared to other factions, but, still, the Newcrons are stealing the Eldar's thunder, which is the same problem the Oldcrons had with the Nids. The Necrons aren't really their own thing now, although I suppose they've never actually been. They just showcase that the writers at GW suffer from a creative deficit and try to compensate for it by stealing ideas from other creative works, even if those other works are in direct relation to the one they are working on themselves.

>> No.22604645

>Many tomb worlds have been destroyed in the eons the Silent King has been away
Were they destroyed by Eldar, or others?

>> No.22604759

Eldar, Warp Storms, Tectonic Plate Shifts, Mechanicus. All kinds of shit.

>> No.22604803

lolicons after the discovery of llolicrons have also caused havoc

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