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Last thread suddenly disappeared while I was replying to it. Anyone still got rolls that haven't got judged yet?
Previous threads:

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Anyways, from the 2nd thread:
Hoh-gar branch turns out to have a Wezar larvae in it, and the sweet smell indicates that there is food inside. Sure enough, they find the cooked larvae inside the branch. Tasty. Meanwhile, some shiny rocks are thrown in the fire, and some more wood were thrown in as well. The fire-watcher looks in amazement as some of the rocks melt in intense fire! What could this mean? When it's time to burn some fish, some Maajha foolishly brought a live Swaho-ball he caught. The Swaho-ball thrashed in the Maajha's hand, and almost fell into the fire; Some river Hoppa meat were snatched by the Swaho-ball, and it rolled out into the river.

Some workers, understanding that Ana is hoarding the food, caused a 'riot' in her halls; they switched their programming into what's best for the tribe and started funneling food from Ana's fishery to the other halls. Most of these workers came from Bitta's hall, and Bitta gets the brunt of Ana's displeasure. The workers channeled the food to Kriya's hall to feed the workers there, and as a result housing is done faster than ever.

Torrogs were successfully lured into a small corral outside of the village with hard-to-find Yaffle. The tribe gains a pair of Torrogs, which by now are quite docile. Due to some heavy rain lately, the part where the motte and bailey were supposed to be built has suffered from landslides, the workers starting again from ground zero. The small Torrog corral are what was left of a planned big animal enclosure, the rest of them are under the landslide. Meanwhile, a youngling playing with some Lras and Hrass leaves have made the beginnings of a rope, while a craftsman had a flight of creativity after seeing some leaves float in water. A small canoe is made.

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Ah, bump! Curse the last thread 404ing suddenly, now I've lost my players.

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Keeping the thread warm...
I'll answer any questions you guys would probably have then.
Like, what is Primordial Evo/Civ and why is it a quest? Or maybe detailing the tribes? How to GM such games? etc etc...

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Rolled 4, 6, 12, 8, 13, 15, 7 = 65

Trade to west boomed with newly cleared paths and the amount of goods moving between areas grew exponentially. Tamed Torrogs were strong animals and could be used to carry large amounts of goods. But instead of piling good on top of the Torrog you could always make it pull platform behind it where you could pile more stuff. This idea started the invention of simple wagons that could be used to move great amounts of goods between villages.

Rismal traded some bark armours from neighbour tribe and used them to equip troops that were getting ready to hunt the pale ghosts. To ensure that the tribe would have armours like this in the future, some of the crafters left to the Ilanagen main village to learn how to make them.

With the news about another tribe of kwagos in the south, an envoy was sent there to make sure that trade with them would be possible in the future. Torrogs carried large amount of wooden goods and food to bring as gifts. Envoys mission was also to find out how advanced these kwagos were and to ask about southern lands.

Farmers of the Rismal now need to find plant suitable for farming that can be used as food for Torrogs. Lras seems to be best choice as they can use the leaves as food for Torrogs and eat the nutritious roots themselves. Another candidate is Chan that leaves would be useful as Torrog feed and the juicy trunk for kwagos cookings. Idea is to breed the plants so that they would be most useful for farming and with wanted properties.

Rolling for inventing basic wagons, hunting pale ghosts, making bark armour, How advanced the southern tribe is, learning about southern lands from them, breeding Lras and Chan

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Rolled 11, 17, 4, 12, 7 = 51

Have been looking for this thread for a while...
(not really in a very creative mood right now, so not a lot of fluff in this post...)

Restart the motte and bailey project,,, damn rain...
Breed/capture torrogs. the more the merrier...
Build a proper enclosure for the animals
Send some tribe-members east in search of other animals/tribes.
Make nets out of this newly found rope

(rolling for motte and bailey retry (2nd attempt), increase torrog population, building an animal enclosure (3rd attempt), search for animals/tribes to the east, create nets)

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It's okay I can link to the new thread on the wiki and a link in the foolz of the previous

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Ana is furious at these "heretics". She orders the soldiers to end these rebellious fools!
An underground railroad of sorts forms. Delivering goods to the other towers. The other sisters do their best to support these, even the Non-Interventionist Kriya. Philosophy, as is so often the case, is trumped by neccesity.

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Rolled 8, 6 = 14

The other halls begin sneaking into the lake. Fishing for themselves. A Long Road is formed, joining near the Bitta's Hall. Ana posts guards near the fishery. It could get UGLY.

Two rolls, how succesful is the Long Road in getting food, and how vigilant are Ana's guards.

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Well this could end badly...

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Rolled 2, 16, 7, 4 = 29

Toptrai is pleased by the development with the launching methods. His ambition grows, bolstered by the success of his underlings and orders those participating in the experiments to devise a method of extending their range, increasing the reach of influence of the tribe.

The Huntsmen now regularly wear the masks when they venture forth into the jungle. They continue to explore northward, their bravery bolstered by the assurances that the masks shall protect them from the Pale Ones.

A small group of Craftsmen follow behind, erecting a small structure once they get a decent distance from the village to create a temporary housing for the scouts and hunters who frequent the area.

The Craftsmen and Storytellers who are developing the Temple begin to put their designs into motion, developing the ground work for erecting the structure. This building will be something well beyond the scale of anything they have attempted.

Rolling for;
Attempts to extend the hang time of those launched from the trees
Exploration with the Furlong Masks
Construction of the small way-house
Temple Development

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Rolled 3, 14 = 17

The young adults were busy lasting rocks, gathering various nuggets of mineral.
After fooling around with that for a bit, the elder craftsmen started to show interest to their treasures. It was perfectly resistant to
the acid (btw this is still hydrochloric acid so it only dissolves sedimentary rocks, not the metamorphic kind). They also had some interest to the stone itself that were now shapable as wood and didn't burn.

Rolling for:
Discovered metals.
Rock sculpting.

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Rolled 5, 19 = 24


The Wezar larvae, so recently considered a nuisance in making bhahohghar, are now another source of delicious food for the Maajha; earlier discarded larvae are now collected, cooked, and stored in hua-sha.

The hash-sha (shiny rock) are the most intriguing discovery, especially when it becomes whey-hash-sha when exposed to fhra. Hash-sha is gathered and melted, and the Maajha pull it out of the fhra using bhahohghar and leave it to become pyong (metal - probably copper); they make note of the fact that pyong maintains the shape it was in when it was whey-hash-sha.

The insolent Maajha is scolded for wasting food and is told to report back with dead whey-ong to cook.

Rolling for learning metalcraft and cooking more fish.

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been very busy in real life, i should be able to do some results in about eight hours if im not beaten to them.

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Waiting for Bronze to reply.

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wagons are having trouble with falling apart during construction. The pale ghosts are occasionally spotted, their howls echoing in the jungles, but they are elusive all the same. Bark Armor is lightweight and functional, if a bit utilitarian looking. The southern tribe is a bit less advanced then your tribe, not having fire. The tribe shares their knowledge of safe routes, specifically one to their village for easy trade. (bonus to trade with this settlement) The Lras are easy to grow, but the Chan not so much. Most farmers move towards growing Lras.
the fortification project is finally under way, but is not completed. Torrogs are bred and captured easily. Torrogs have no enclosure so shepherds must keep them close for a short while but eventually a proper pen system is built. evidence of another tribe is found from old scout sites. The new ropes sort of suck.

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My last rolls from the first thread are still awaiting judgement. Unless I missed something before t 404'd

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Well, a curious thing happened in the Marajhan halls. The other workers try to sneak into Ana's hall, but before they got in, they spotted Ana's guards, and returned to their hall. Ana's guards, meanwhile, are the kind with a lack of brainpower. Thus they just stand there menacingly, instead of actively fending off intruding workers. This way, only a few cunning workers realized the guards are dumb, and thus only a bit were pilfered from Ana's halls.

A super bendy trunk is chosen, thinking that it will launch Koburrogs farther into the air... turns out like that one Wile E. Coyote plan, it makes the rider meet the ground face-to-face way earlier. Turns out the masks do work somewhat, as a Pale One just passes by instead of attacking the hunters. Of course, the hunters were trembling in their spot and almost pissed themselves, but the masks work in concealing them better. Rii'dan way-house workers paused construction: interrupted by stray Torrog. Temple workers paused construction; interrupted by Pale One.

the Hastun has managed to find tin and bronze in small quantities. But these scant few they managed to mold into crude shapes by using primitive casts. The first Hastun miniature has been cast (if you look at a certain angle, that is).

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Due to not knowing much about the conductive properties of metal, plenty of hands were burnt trying to mold copper manually. The fisherman is determined to make up for his loss, and caught not just one, but THREE river Hoppas!

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Rolled 8, 5, 17 = 30

I laughed my ass off at that. Excellent.
Marajha has seen some strife, there has yet to be outright war. This being said, Bitta takes advantage of her hall's forges. The Marajha have not known war, but they soon shall.

Kriya does not know what to do. Her mother said that even good actions can lead to harm, then how could they be considered good? How is she supposed to care for her people in light of her sister's hoarding?

Ana the problem child, begins forging boats of war. Ships powered not by wind but by the rowing of many individuals, for the caves know not wind. These boats are long and wide, topped with a floor for dozens of sling-throwers. Her sisters were weak. WEAK. She would live, live longer than anyone. If only she knew how. Her mother might know, her Great Library... but how to get into Bitta's hall?

Rolling for:
1) Bitta's army. Is it a small rabble or a legion of hardened troops? Depends on the roll.
2) Random event for Kriya
3) Ana finding a way into the Great Library.

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Rolled 16, 17, 3, 18, 5 = 59


finish the motte and bailay
improve rope
attempt to find this tribe
selectively breed the torrog for bigger, stronger, more endurant torrogs
search for shiny things

sorry for the lack of creativity today, i will be better tomorrow...

(rolling for motte and bailay, improving rope, locate the tribe, selectively breed torrog, search for crystals and ores)

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Bitta's army is a...group of thugs who work more at looking tough with mean faces and hard looking scars then real martial prowess. Kriya's people are somewhat starving, suffering hardship due to her own inaction and she must make a decision...perhaps cannibalism?! no probably not. Ana has her minions use climbing to scale into the libaray, sam fisher style.
The grand work is accomplished and so the GM will require an art update to be properly satisfied. The new rope is stronger and holds loads properly. The tribe is quite elusive.The torrog get bigger. A guy finds some shiny things but someone came up behind him and he got mugged with a bash over the head. hard knock life in the bronze era.

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bump with old art

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Bump with relevant info: a beast of the desert. I think it survived until modern times, snacking on bandit Koburrogs.

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Rolled 4, 10, 18 = 32

The question remains, do these Sam Fisher pusmals of Ana find anything useful in the library? They have successfully got into said library but it's doubtful they can read.

Ana begins breeding precision pusmals for sling-throwing on her boats. Hopefully this goes well. If so, she might breed Sam Fisher warriors

Ana begins sharing her food with Bitta in hopes that she'll share some to feed her own starving Hall.

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Here is a map of the areas in the vicinity of the Zu-nul city, Az Khalat, City of the chosen.

Though small by our standards, the city massive by the suzumou standards, as most suzumou tribes are nomadic, and usually have few dozen members. The Zu-nul population is around 400 and rising. With the usage of the juvenile worms, the former limiting factor of their growth, Zhen-qual's capacity to sustain their larvae, has been removed.
Az Khalat is composed of sand spires, huts and structures, which are clustered around Zhen-qual. All these structures connect to underground tunnel network, which allows supplies to be easily transported from one place to another.

The crag itself, in which the city is located, is part of a quite large rock formation, which houses the nearby oasis. Underneath this formation, is the large water reserve the Zu-nul use.

Also, here is some ranting I did on the Zu-nul yesterday, in case anyone is interested:

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Rolled 3, 1, 11, 17, 13 = 45

This is the art update.
As you can see i am a rather bad artist, and i was finding standard houses really difficult, so i just wrote 'village' where the village is.

Continue the hunt to find this tribe. Perhaps they can join our glorious tribe and provide lots of technology that so far eludes us. We are a peaceful tribe, but if they unfortunately turn out to be hostile, we will not hesitate to defend our lands...
Make a net out of the rope. We think that there may be many things in the vast waters that we live near, and perhaps we might be able to find all sorts of useful things if we can take nets through them. Nets will also be useful for capturing live animals without fear of them harming us.
Perhaps we could use this rope that we have to attach our Torrogs to our hand carts, so that they can pull them instead of us having to do it.
Go back to where we found some shiny things and look for some more. this time go in larger groups to avoid muggings. We wants the shinys
We must improve our ability to teach our young about all the things that our tribe, under the glorious leader Snag. has learned, as well as the stuff we new before him, i suppose... If we build some form of structure where they could go, and be taught these things from an early age, then perhaps our tribe can develop faster than ever.

(rolling for
1. Find that tribe(2nd attempt, i think?)
2. research nets
3. turn hand carts into 'Torrog drawn carts'
4. search again for crystals and ores
5. build a school)

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I don't know how big these torrogs are compared to my species, but i have come up with a simple torrog drawn cart, that can be rather easily changed depending on sizes of things

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Rolled 15, 3, 18, 5, 7 = 48

While waiting for Bronze to make his response to the interaction, I'll work on some other stuff.

It's been long enough for the landworms to have dispersed from the path where the aqueduct was to be built along.

Back up north, furlongs are hunted for meat and skins. The problem is that being small and nimble, they are difficult for the Koburrogs to capture. Firdogs, however, can hunt them just fine.

Rolling for finishing the aqueduct to To'kwar, training hunting firdogs, moving from tamed ramels to truly domesticated ramels (riding, hauling, and slaughter breeds).

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Rolled 20, 13, 12 = 45

Herp-derp. I meant Kriya on that last line. Kriya sends a runner, hoping to get some food. The roll for that was 18, so I assume Bitta agrees to do so.

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The pusmals grab random tablets and obscura with no rhyme or reason, when they return to their lady it will be revealed what they have gotten. One of them stub's it's toe. Sling throwers are a little...dumb, this current crop. The foot shared appeals to bitta, and is interpreted as a useful and subordinate ally. Food is given in return. Exactly enough to keep the sister reliant on her. haha..hahahaha...BWAAHHHAHAHAHAHA *Thunder*
dude, that is good fluff. just got done reading it all.
The tribe remains elusive. Ask not how, but a large portion of the village burned down that night as one individual tried to create NETS OF FLAME! it did not go well. Torrogs pull the carts but seem grumpy about it. Digging nearby yields shiny geodes and metallic rocks. A school house has been constructed.
The aqueduct has been completed, and soon the dry to'kwar has water, one koburrog hits on the idea of floating supplies down the aqueduct as a form of transportation. Firdogs tend to outright eat the furlong's whole. dumb dogs. Ramels prove very easy to ride, but are more resistant to pulling things, or being killed. They seem to take great exception to the latter.

>> No.22623255

Rolled 17, 14, 4 = 35

Kriya is satisfied, and in return, she grants Bitta some of her finest soldiers, unarmoured though they may be. Of course, Bitta has access to both the library and manufacturing. She could easily outfit Kriya's entire cohort.

Ana perfects her warboats, planning to arm a fleet that will destroy her sisters' fishermen. Her spies return. Hopefully they brought her good loot, else she might kill the messengers, so to speak.

Rolling for:
1. size of Kriya's cohort to Bitta
2. quality of armour manufactured
3. quality of books stolen from the great library

>> No.22623433

Rolled 7, 20, 17, 4, 16 = 64

Snag (Razorclaw)

Rebuild the burned down parts of the village. We need to ensure that we have good housing for everyone.
Study the shiny stuff that these geodes are made from. perhaps they are stronger than wood or stone, and can be used to make tools. If not, they would make great jewelry and decorations...
Find this tribe that has so far eluded us. We will have much knowledge to share...
Study these metallic rocks. we must learn what they do. What happens when they are heated? How strong are they? Can they be used for something?
Snag will now instruct the researchers of the nets to not try to make fire nets, as clearly it was a bad idea. But instead to make nets out of rope instead

(rolling for:
1. rebuilding from fire damage
2. Study geodes
3. Continue search for the tribe (3rd attempt)
4. Study metallic rocks
5. Research nets (2nd attempt)

>> No.22623762

Rolled 14, 15, 10, 14 = 53

The Hunters who encountered the Pale One and survived are emboldened by their success. They press much further northward, seeing what else they can discover. They mark their trail periodically by cutting an eye into the trunks.

The Craftsmen building the Temple panic, gathering their tools and attempting to fend off the Pale One who infiltrated their village.

The Craftsmen building the Way-house gather their tools, attempting to kill the Torrog who interrupted their work.

Those researching the launching methods attempt modifications to the armor, basically tying stuff on to sets of it and launching hapless victims from the trees, in an attempt to see if they can increase the distance which warriors are launched.

Rolling for:
Hunter's being all scouty and such
Craftsmen fighting off the Pale One
Craftsmen Killing a Torrog
Researchers researching stuff

>> No.22624633

Kirya sends a sizeable force to Bita, and soon they are armed and armored. Enough was made that Bita send's some extra equipment in return to Kirya's troops. The books were revealed to mostly be a documentation on the migration paths of a now extinct species of furlong. It has been recently chewed on.
Only a few huts are rebuilt, and only partially. The geods are hard and good for grinding things, or spear tips, maybe even shiny clubs. Jewelery too. They are useful in the extreme. The tribe is found, but they are actually not very advanced at all, however they are hungry, and good at hiding/ scouting. The language they speak is quite similiar to your own and they express interest in living on thier own "hill in the hole". Metallic rocks are shiny and neat, but not of much interest compared to the crystal. Nets of rope are not only much safer, but more useful. The individual who made fire nets secretly hopes to make flaming nets again some day.
The hunters managed to catch a pale one off guard as it was drinking water. It is quite dead now. The villagers mobbed the monster, and mobbed it to death with tools, weapons, and rocks.The torrug is hit over the head with a large rock. It bellows angrily in it's confusion from the blow and charges the craftsman. A lot of understanding has been gained from letting sheets of leather fall from higher places, or tufts of fur fall as well. They are onto something.

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The Zu-nul structures are all constructed from sand cement and kaskus trunks (which are very resilient due to their partly metallic nature).
The trunks are used to reinforce the structure, and support some of it's weight.
The sand cement is a mixture of harvested usmal saliva, plant fibers, water and sand. The usmal saliva works as a binding agent, the plant fibers improve the resiliency of the eventual structure and the water keeps the stuff from drying up. There are also other, minor ingredients in this slurry, such as certain fats, also harvested from usmals, that make it thicker. The sand is added when the time to use the cement comes.

Loads of sand is poured to the slurry, while it is being mixed, resulting in almost clay like sand, that is easy to mold and shape. This "cement" is then shaped to the desired form over the kaskus scaffolding, and when the structure is ready, it is left to dry. As the water evaporates, the usmal saliva hardens, and so does the structure.
Most of the water demands of the tribe are due to this construction method, as suzumous themselves don't need to drink that much, as they get the majority of their water from their food.

The small huts usually work as outposts or burrow entrances, as they are rarely connected to the main tunnel network.

The Tunnel hubs connect to the wast tunnel network of the tribe, which they use for storage and transportation. These hubs are also scattered around in the desert, though usually concealed and guarded.

The workshops are just that. In these structures, the workers and artisans do their chores, ranging from usmal processing (the tribe has usmal "farms" where they harvest the creatures) to weapon crafting.

The temples are used for religious ceremonies and for raising the nymph stage suzumou to adults, while teaching and indoctrinating them.

The Spires are where the suzumou rest in. These tall structures are full of small chambers, where the tribe's members can live in.

>> No.22625589

Queen Ana slaughters her stupid spies. She breeds new ones. Hopefully these new ones will be less foolish. She plans on teaching them to read too. Just to be safe. Ana maintains her iron grip on the fishing industry, but she is hurting for armour. She offers Bitta food for metals.

Does Bitta see through the deception or is she desperate enough to take the deal?

Kriya continues her non-Interventionist stance, only contributing to Bitta's armies (now in the hundreds).

Man, I am out of ideas for this, it's just turning into a back and forth between the three sisters. Nothing really interesting happening.

>> No.22625992

Take this or leave it if you want. Weeks drag on and subtle aggressions become apparent as Ana's obvious plans unfold. Bitta and Kriya are forced into an alliance with bitta becoming subordinate to Kriya. begin war of fratricide....soriacide?

>> No.22626213

Rolled 17, 18, 10, 20, 8 = 73

We must finish the rebuilding if our people are to be happy and prosperous. Our previous attempt was quite poor. We shall rebuild this houses!
Offer the tribe to give them food, teach them all we know, and build them their own 'hill in the hole', but in return they must become part of the Razorclaw tribe and follow Snag as their new overall chief. They may still have a demi-chief in their own village if they wish.
We must put these geodes to good use. We will first try to make spear tips, as our wooden spears could really use being upgraded. This is the first improvement of many to be researched with the geodes...
With our newly found nets, our kind must start using our canoe to try to find stuff in the waters. What awaits us? our people wonder...
If we had some way of recording our achievements, perhaps our tribe will be much better off, and will not forget important discoveries, or failures for that matter. If we could come up with a way to 'write' things down by carving into wood or stone, then we can achieve this ability to keep records...

(Rolling for:
1. Rebuild attempt 2
2. Offer the tribe to join my tribe, but in a separate village
3. research geode spear tips
4. Fishing with nets
5. Research writing

>> No.22627484


I should probably make some rolls too.

The Zu-nul, after recovering from the disaster that struck them, have started growing once more, and this growth demands resources. The increasing population can still be sustained by the gillworm farms deep underneath the sand, but eventually, the current pools in which the worms are grown will reach their limit.
Another thing that is starting to get on low supply is the usmal saliva that is necessary for the construction of the Zu-nul structures. Their new building doctrine demands far more of the stuff than their previous building ways did.

The tribe is working on solving these two rising issues. The great caverns, which house the water reservoirs the tribe taps to, are being explored in order to find more water, in where to raise more gillworms. They span underneath the stone formation in where Az Khalat is located. Though the Zu-nul tunnel network connects to these caverns, the suzumou barely know them.
The tribe is also starting to harvest plant matter from the oasis in a more organized manner. These plants are ground up and fed to worms, both sand and gill types. The worms, being extreme omnivores, will be able to grow on a diet composed of almost entirely of plants.

In the past, the Zu-nul have acquired their usmal saliva by occasionally harvesting nearby usmal hives, and protecting them from threats. However, the tribe is now trying to develop more efficient and organized usmal farming, to satisfy their need for usmal saliva. These usmals could also work as food for the tribe.

>> No.22627508


The juvenile sandworms are becoming increasingly the main method of reproduction for the tribe. The suzumou still breed in Zhen-qual, but almost all of the young born from her flesh grow into wormborns, her agents. Normal suzumou are mostly born out of juvenile worms.
The juvenile worms can't survive continuous parasitism for long, and most of them die after 3-5 egg batches. This is good for the tribe, because the worms provide them with resources like meat, fangs and plates, and if they grew too big, feeding them would become too hard. The suzumou still mourn the deaths of these worms however.
The issue with this method of breeding is acquiring new worms. The Zu-nul both grow larval worms into suitable hosts, and hunt down juvenile worms from the wild. Though they are called juvenile, these worms are already capable of breeding, and thus, most of the larval worms of the Zu-nul are born from the worms they capture.
Without their own realization, and knowledge of Zhen-qual, the suzumou handling these worms are slowly breeding them to a direction, that could eventually make them into a new worm breed.

>> No.22627516

The tribe's activity in the desert has returned to it's former levels, and even increased. One change has happened however. During the time of the disaster, the tribe learned how easy it was to raid traders. They realized their own killing power. Even a lowliest suzumou warrior, can be a dangerous threat, just because of their venom. Though frail and weak physically, their speed and agility allows them to outmaneuver slower opponents, and with just one strike, make the fatal blow. The Zu-nul territory is no longer safe for travelers of any kind.
To support their increased presence in the desert, the tribe are working on expanding their tunnel/burrow network to cover their territory almost completely. Hunters and raiders can move almost anywhere in their territory, and always be at max, around 20 kms away from a burrow. Most of them are just small hideouts that house few supplies, but some of them are major outposts, that have a direct link to the main tunnel network of the tribe. All of these burrows and tunnel entries are at least hidden and camouflaged as dunes, and the larger ones are also guarded.

>> No.22627531

Rolled 15, 4, 19, 17, 2, 20, 2 = 79

Zhen-qual has been observing the Drake and how it raised the younger spawn, and their relationship has grown to intrigue her. The Drake has proven himself to be much more interesting asset than she first thought, and the younger, dark shelled spawn has great potential too. Her obsidian worm genes make her relatively small in her size, but her shell is harder than usual, and the vibratory muscles in her are far stronger than in most sandworms. When the young spawn dives to the sand, the vibrations cause the sand around her to turn into quicksand. This, and her smaller size make her a very fast worm underneath the sand.
What is most intriguing however is how the Drake and the younger worm work together (I could use help naming this one).
Trough co-operation, they are far more successful hunters than they would be alone.
The idea of co-operation is strange to her, and though she is intrigued by it, she also resents it somewhat. Worms don't co-operate, as resources are scarce and sharing them is unwise. Clearly, by combining the good aspects of these two assets, she could eliminate this strange new behavior, and create even more successful creature. Thus, she commands the two to breed.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Exploring the underground caverns.
Developing more efficient plant harvesting methods.
Developing usmal farms.
Seeing how the sandworms develop under selective pressure of the tribe. (To what direction the new "breed" is heading.)
The general successes of the raiders in the Zu-nul territory. (How dangerous to outsiders the territory is)
Expanding the tunnel network to cover the whole of the tribe's territory.
Drake and the younger spawn breeding.

>> No.22628486

Rolled 3, 1, 8 = 12

Everyone has a bad day or two, especially when hunting. Ilesha encourages the younglings to give it another go before dawn the next day. The tribe has yet to find a steady source of food from land game and though the fish are good, the site is far and the meat is hard to preserve.

The small ramel in tow, Araeskele returns home. There she has a solid wooden cage built to house the animal, and thick rope to tie it down as a backup safety measure. Over the next few months, she would be trying to gain this animal's trust, and studying it with Modyn.

Modyn, however, is faced with a conundrum. In the recent fire, many records, some very important, were lost. Etching into stone was laborous and time-consuming, and wood would not last, cracking during the cold months and molding with the warmer months in the periodic humidity from the coast. Consulting with Ilesha and his wife one day, she tries to find out if it would be possible to devise a lightweight material that was more portable than wooden slabs. Ilesha immediately thinks of the pulp made from reeds along the coast, eaten by the people as a side dish. When dried out it is light and flexible. If it could be made to last longer without molding, it may prove useful.

Heating the clay has made a world of difference, and the people quickly begin making more than just figurines. Vessels for holding dry goods is the most obvious application - it keeps foodstuffs dry and keeps the burlongs out better than constructed wooden vessels. Unfortunately, they do not hold liquid well. Some Kwagos experiment with using different things to coat the pottery before and after firing it, such as salt water, ash, or even dust from ground up bones.

Rolling for:
Taming the small Ramel (this is the variety that uses its facial blade to impale enemies)
Developing papyrus/paper
Developing pottery glazing

>> No.22628541
File: 83 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1

Keep forgetting to post my updated race info pic

Also forgot to roll for 3rd hunting attempt

>> No.22628551

Damn, solid rolls all around

>> No.22630770
File: 10 KB, 800x370, map of the cave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll take it.
Here's a map of the area.

Ana's power at sea is not easily pushed aside. Several fishing boats of the other sisters are destroyed.

Now, Kriya's Hall is ruled by both her and a Grand Council of a hundred Foremen. Some elements are calling for war upon Ana. Kriya herself is conflicted, she does not want to cause more damage than has already been done...

Bitta has no conflicts. THIS MEANS WAR. Her foundries burn with the fire of industry. Metal spears, slings, swords, all roll out of the Prime Hall. Bitta has but one message for Ana.

"Dear Sister,
You have forced me into this. What philosophies have driven you to this I know not. That being said, as my kin I shall let you have one last chance. Let the fishing boats pass unmolested and I shall overlook your past grievances."

Ana's response is the Marajha equivalent of: go to Hell.

>> No.22630806

Idea: one of the sisters get tired of the infighting in the halls, and decide to build her own settlement outside.
With blackjack! And hookers!

After mustering more strength, the tribe managed to rebuild the huts, and they turned out better than the last one. The tribe agrees, and soon a tribal migration is starting. They say they will move to somewhere near your main village, so to make their hill-hole easier. Geode spear tips have been made, but the method of tying the geode to the stick needs to be improved. Currently it's too flimsy. Meanwhile, the nets catch a lot of fish and river animals! From varieties of Swaho to a river Hoppa, they have managed to catch plenty and varied victims. The first prototype of 'writing' has been made, but... it's unreadable by people other than the inventor. Plenty of symbols have the same sound, and plenty of sounds have the same symbol... needs work.

A new cave was found, it has some water and strange shiny stones line the floor. Plant harvesting technology is not researched yet, the researchers hard at work finding connections between worm growth and plant food. The usmal farms are a boom, with plenty of suzumou having their own farms in their 'back yards'. Some have even tried making usmal farms in the dry areas of the caves. Sandworms grow to be more resilient, and live longer; now they can survive for 7-10 batches. Some of them have grown about half as big as Zhen-qual, but without the smarts that nears Zhen-qual. As for the raiders, the traders have wised up to their old habits, and now travel either with heavy protection (armored escorts) or timing the Zu-nul patrols via advance scouts. The tunnel networks encompass all of Zu-nul territory now, as some sandworms have been bred just for the occasion. Now the tunnels criss-cross underneath the desert, reinforced by usmal spit and sandstone. The Drake and Charybdis refuse to mate, for Charybdis is still young, and not yet mature.

>> No.22630884

Is the thread about the aquatic life archived?
I only seem to have the central jungles one

>> No.22631019 [DELETED] 

Oh you.

>> No.22631708

Rolled 8, 1 = 9

Bitta takes matters into her own claws. It's time to expand. To mine more minerals! (and Vespene Gas). In order to fuel their ironmongery, Bitta has her diggers begin carving into the north wall. Hopefully some iron will be found there, but maybe not.

Kriya is still agonizing over her decision, but the Council is growing restless. They will not stand idly by while their queen putters around.

In the thick of this is Ana, who guards the sea with her fleet of oar-driven ships.

Rolling for:
1) Mining minerals. Do they strike it rich or have a "rocks fall, everyone dies" moment?
2) The Council's actions. Do they follow their queen or take matters into their own hands?

>> No.22632015

We will welcome the new tribe members in a celebration by hosting a glorious feast using fish from our recent catch, and some torrog from our stock. We will treat them as if our very mothers had laid them. This will be a day to remember.

However, we must also live up to our end of the deal. we must begin digging the foundations for the motte and bailey for our new members.
We will also begin building wooden houses for them, as we do not want any of our tribe living in poor conditions.
Construct a wooden road to the new settlement from our current settlement. We can improve on this once we have better materials
We need to find a better way to attach the geode bits to the wooden bits of the spear, try to create something similar to our rope, but much thinner, with almost the same strength.
Just to see if it is worth investigating, as the guy who came up with the idea seems to really want to get it to work, If it will keep him happy, fine. If we get something awesome out of it, even better. Allow the person who thought up the idea of fire nets to continue his research BY THE WATERS, NOT IN OUR VILLAGES!

(rolling for:
1. motte and bailey foundations
2. build wooden houses at the new village site
3. build a wooden road to the new village
4. research geode spear tying implements
5. safe research of fire nets

>> No.22632021

Rolled 10, 14, 2, 10, 2 = 38

would help if i actually rolled...

>> No.22632079

The boats were hardly what the merchants were expecting. These tiny things aren't sufficient for transporting livestock or large cargoes. However, they might be useful for other things. The rivers of the southern jungles have been a place that's never been properly explored by the Nuterans, or even Yakushins. An expedition there could perhaps find routes inland, or maybe tribes that would be willing to trade. A small group of a dozen of the small ships is gathered, and sent to the jungles, to ply the treacherous rivers, and eek fortune in the danger that lurks there. Perhaps exotic animals, plants or a tribe might be found.

Other merchants are not satisfied, and since they do not see a way to easily gain the labor needed to man the banks of oars in original ship, and the new ship is too small, they commission new ships with just the new sails, hoping that they would be enough to replace the old, rickety boats still used by the clan.

The envoy to the Stusval is suprised. He expected to find primitive gorriogs to fleece, but finds these strange creatures instead. He is unsure if they understand him, but a large, fat one is staring at him with a gaze that speaks of intelligence. He tries to communicate as best he can, making grunts along with gestures, hold aloft several examples of the goods he brought with him. Picks and shovels, axes and bags of seed. None of tools are of high quality, and some are old and a few seeds are dead. Still, he was expecting primitives like the old Peuntiz clan that left the Nuteran kingdom after metal smithing became widespread, so he doesn't feel very guilty. He tries his best to get the message across, demonstrating with another Yakushin the process of trading. Do the Stusval accept? The envoy, Sizulta, hopes so. Making a deal with these creatures would be a boost to his reputation.

>> No.22632092

Rolled 7, 13, 7, 20, 19 = 66

Jever is incredibly dissapointed. The mercenaries are trying, but his clan relatives and their own relations are hardly top knotch warriors. He tries to take part, and hopes that good doses of screaming at the cousins will at least scare them to be good fighters, lest they face his wrath. He hears of the new mine on Okel, and tries to purchase some new weapons for his clan-warriors.

Back in Erumer, capital city ( and the only city) of the Yakush Clan, a movement is stirring to find a way to make exchange of goods easier, with some sort of common good as is recommended by some leading merchants. They attempt to hash out a deal that will be accepted by all the major families in the Clan, the main problem being what to use for this currency they are attempting to create. High Patriarch Zokulza presides over this High Council while he waits for word from the Hu-raan and his envoys to them (Notrip, did you ever accept my deal?)

rolling for
Jevers training throug hfear
Creating Currency
Jevers purchase of superior arms
Exploring the jungles
Building better boats

>> No.22632354

Araeskele tried to pet the Ramel to soothe it... well, she got cuts instead. Maybe because it's hungry and agitated. Modyn had labored hard to crush the reeds into fine pulp ready for drying, but he got hungry and ate them on instinct. D'oh! Glazing seems to only happen partially, it seems that they need to apply the glaze uniformly, or to mix the glaze mixture better. Hunting has met another failure. They tried chasing after Torrogs, but they got injured. Battered and bruised, and having to carry an injured hunter, the hunters are very disappointed... that is, until one of them found a Bulb Chan, a kind of small bush which turns out to be tasty. The plant did spray some spores though, that sticks to the hunter; Unknowingly, he will be the one who introduced the Bulb Chan to the tribe's surroundings. Bulb Chan 'cultivation' get!

>> No.22632378

Well, take a peek here, look at the archived threads part.
The central jungles also included some freshwater animals, as rivers and creeks are somewhat plentiful there.

>> No.22632856

Ah, i see them... thanks

>> No.22635945


>> No.22637926

Mining is not without its hazards, and only a mediocre quantity was mined out. The hazards the workers face is gas from deep beneath the earth, and the workers have dubbed it the 'fart of the earth'. Nasty. Meanwhile, the council has a hard and arduous debate; one side wanted in the fight, one side wanted to stay out of the war, another wants to steal from the warring factions... etcetera. Kriya thinks that the problem is living too close to her sisters. She then decided that maybe, it is best that the hall of Kriya move overground... shocked gasps echo through the chambers. Would the council follow, or defy?

A rainy spell fell over the area, and thus the second village's motte and bailey construction is hard. But, eventually, it gets done, through the hard work of both tribes. Wooden houses also got constructed with great skill, but it turns out there is not enough lumber to make a wooden road to connect both villages. Meanwhile, a craftsman finally got the tying technique right... just needed more rope/leather strip. The fire-net dude did try his experiments by the river... but what he doesn't know is that the resultant fire caused a forest fire. Plenty of smoke were wafted towards the two villages, but thankfully the earlier rains dampened the terrain much and stopped the fire outside the villages.

>> No.22638628
File: 29 KB, 200x267, 200px-Kanheri_steps[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 11, 7 = 18

Kriya's hall begins to smell the fart of the earth. The gas might even be poisonous. Kriya makes a decision. It's time to take the massive staircase up to the surface world.

Bitta demands the gas sealed off, and a new mining project within the very walls of the Prime Hall. Perhaps there is ore in their own homes?

Ana remains in her hall, hoarding fish for her people and no one else. Of course, the fish is starting to go bad. No one knows how to keep it fresh. Ana breeds more foremen. Curious ones, open to new ideas. Perhaps they have the answers.

Rolling for:
1. mining in the hall, what bounties await?
2. do Ana's spies catch wind of Kriya's migration?

>> No.22638687

Rolled 4, 1, 6, 10, 6, 13, 10, 19 = 69


Quick update.

Coast to the west are free to take over as there are no tribesliving there (any that they know about). The Plae ghosts remain problem as they are causing problems with both expansion and trading with northern tribe.

Wagons are really needed so another attempt is made to build them.

Scouts are sent to different tribes to find out if there is some new resources there that they could use.

Also scouts are sent to east to search the lands.

Rolling for expansion to west, hunting pale ghosts, making wagons, finding unused resources from rismal, Sut Leto, Ilanage, Ringethro and scouts sent to east.

>> No.22638784

oops, the second paragraph should be reply to Razorclaw's rolls.

>> No.22638944

Jever's plan backfired a bit, it seems that he is more frightening than he thinks. Now some of his soldiers have trouble sleeping, his menacing visage craved into the crevices of their minds. Welp, you managed to cause shellshock a war though. Maybe this could work on the enemies. The Clan settled on making small squarish beads made from various metals as an universal trading token, which could be strung on a piece of yarn and double as jewelry. Back to Jever, it seems that he made shady deals with some shady people he didn't know so well... and got conned. These are low-quality weapons, not the high-quality ones he ordered!
Meanwhile, the expedition to the jungles brings back good news. They met with a medium-sized village of peaceful, hard-working Koburrogs called the Hastiri. They even brought back an envoy from the tribe! After some weeks learning the Hastiri's language, it seems that they would like to trade metal tools. They will trade some jungle meat, fruits, and even manpower to get the tools. During his stay, the Hastiri envoy saw Yakushi boat-making, and comments why the Yakush made their boats wrong. With a bit of explaining, the Hastiri envoy shared a method to use less wood in Yakushi river boats. Hmm, could it work on bigger ships?

Bitta's miners have found tin and copper ores, no big surprise. Ana's spies are busy getting distracted with the smell of rotting fish... a small mutation that makes their olfactory sensors more sensitive has backfired on them.

>> No.22639057

The Rismal thought they were hunting the Pale Ghosts... but the Pale Ghosts hunted them. The tables were turned as six hunters go missing during their hunt, and only one returned alive. The Pale Ghosts are even seen during the expansion to the west, making many would-be colonists flee back to the safety of their home villages. Due to this fear of pale ghosts, the wagon-makers halt their research, waiting for safer times to arrive. The scavengers find plenty of clay potteries from Ilanage, and some stone arrowheads or spearheads from Rismal and Ringethro lands. Sut Leto areas were said to be haunted by Pale Ghosts, so no scout dares to go there.
But the ones that went east, they met with floating blue creatures, which hunt using balls of fire. Seems like they're smarter than they look, one of the blue floaties trying to mimic a scout's movements.

>> No.22639359

Rolled 14, 14, 1, 14 = 43


It seems that hunting the pale ghosts is useless so instead of trying to get rid of them, Rismal just try to defend from them. Traders that go to west are armed so they can defend themselves from these creatures.

All these failures to hunt pale ghosts makes people think that they truly are spiritual beings. Runestone is built to honor these beings so that they would be more lenient in the future. They are also used to scare children if they don't behave.

With the experience with pale ghosts, the scouts think that these blue flying creatures are also spiritual beings. They can use mystical fire to attack and fly like nothing else. But what is different from pale ghosts is that these creatures don't attack the scouts but instead seem to be playful. Scouts give some of their food as offering to these spirits so that they would be favourable in the future. When the scouts return they would erect another runestone for blue ghosts. while the runestone for pale ghosts is in the west, the runestone for blue ghosts is built east.

Clay in the Ilanages land seems to be high quality and the village becomes greatest producer of pottery. Rismal begins to trade quality pottery for spears they have so that Ilanage can defend themselves from pale ghosts that wander into their lands from the north.
To help Ilanage in their collection of pottery, some of the Rismal crafters think of making better tools suited for digging.

It seems that trade with their souther neighbour, Ringethro, has helped them to grow in numbers and their people is ready to expand more South-east. Rismal seems that as their firends it is their job to help them and they send tools and food for them and people who know how to set fire so that even in the south they would be warm when the night comes.

Rolling for Making runestone for pale- and blue ghosts, making digging tools and Ringethros expansion to SE
(need to make more pics...)

>> No.22639440

Rolled 19, 3, 13, 14 = 49


The discovery of the new cavern is good for the Zu-nul. They introduce gillworms to the new water sources, in order to increase their food supply.
The shiny stones also intrigue the explorers, and thus they take some back to the city to be studied more closely.

The work on improving the plant harvesting techniques continue, the workers are experimenting on using modified obsidian weapons for cutting down plants.

The new usmal farms have solved the tribe's need for the saliva, as well as helped their food supply.
The obsidian harvesting outpost is being expanded, the new building methods allowing the suzumou to improve the small outpost into some sort of settlement, focused on harvesting obsidian.

(The sandworms the tribe uses for breeding can't get that big, as feeding and keeping them captured would become issues. They are kept in specially made enclosures, that can't hold very large worms. Thus, I assume that these new juvenile worms have only grown more resilient to the parasitism.)

The Raiders attempt to improve their tactics and strategies, by utilizing ambushes, and taking advantage of the mobility their tunnel network provides. They use it to flank and surround their victims unseen, and strike when they least expect it, before quickly vanishing back to their tunnels. These lighting strikes, combined with traps they set up, slowly wear their victims down, until they can no longer fight back. In theory at least.

Rolling for:
Expanding the gillworm farms.
Improving plant harvesting techniques.
Expanding the obsidian outpost.
Improving the tactics and strategies of the raiders.

>> No.22640063

Rolled 15, 8 = 23

The rotting fish poses a problem for Ana, she assigns her best foremen on the case. They reckon that perhaps by returning the fish to the water, they will have the same properties as being alive. What they don't know is that it's the salt in the water that's keeping them fresh.

As for Kriya, her people find themselves on a mountain in the middle of the desert. The queen and over 5,000 workers. What to do? Will they starve or do they find somewhere safe to roost?

Bitta begins training more warriors. She intends to lay siege to her sister's kingdom. The time has come. She sends a thousand troops right up to the gates. Hopefully her sister is unprepared, having sent most of her troops to the boats. That said, she *could* have reserves.

Rolling for:
1) Kriya's people. Do they find a promised land to call home?
2) The siege. How does it go?

>> No.22640557

Rolled 14, 17, 10, 15, 7 = 63


Now that we have geode spears, perhaps we could make tools out of the same stuff. Tools are useful...
Now that we have got the other tribe members settled in, we should turn our attention back to the 'writing', that we gad started. perhaps if the inventor could make it much simpler.
Continue letting the apparently crazy guy work on his fire nets. he won't be happy until it is done. Although send some people with him to help him, and to stop any fires getting out of control...
This river hoppa that we found a while back, we must study it. We must find out how it can be a living creature, yet give out low levels of light,,, Perhaps one day we can use it instead of fire to light our villages
Perhaps we could take our current torrog drawn carts and make them bigger, so that they may carry more stuff, and our kind can sit on them while it is being pulled along. It will probably need more torrogs per cart, but it will be worth it

(rolling for:
1. Research/construct Geode tools,
2. Writing (attempt 2)
3. Fire nets (attempt 2)
4. Study river hoppa
5. Research wagon )

>> No.22640593
File: 315 KB, 808x906, bunzen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 9

They used to put the metal at their sprouts to make it melt but it was not really practical as they couldn't work it directly.
They make small pipes out of leather with glue only on the joint so it remains flexible to drag the gas from their sprouts. Using a bit of their primary copper and tin shapes.
They try to forge more complex things using carved stones as molds. They can't really beat the metal like a human blacksmith.

Roll for blacksmithing basics.

>> No.22640914

Although their loyalty keeps them in place see can tell that the large gorriogs grunts and brandishing of tools has unsettled her workers. The queen then spys another of the large creatures coming into her chambers. They snuffle and croak to each other quietly then pick up the tools and a bag of what smells like plant material. One passes a flat tool to the other, and in kind that one passes the bag to the other. AHA! They must be traders, but where was their interpreter? Well she would ponder that later.

She orders the Seekers to take the tools and the bag so that she may see what they are. They approach the gorriogs, and she can see that they only reach their armored chests. The large creatures stiffen at the approach, but relax slightly when the gangly Seekers hold out their hands. The gorriogs murmur to each other once again and then place the objects into the seekers hands. As the Seekers approach her, she notices the gorriogs are releasing a scent similar to confusion or anxiety. Perhaps she has done something they would consider strange. The Seekers reach her, and she begins examining the items.

>> No.22641327

>2/3 derp
First are the tools, over sized for her workers, and made of two materials. Odd things to her, for the Stusval had little use for what appeared to be digging tools. But what were the made of? One side was of wood, but which kind? She had one of the seekers take a bite out of the haft. When she asked what the wood was, the Seeker said that she didnt know but that it tasted strange, and crumbly. That was perplexing, the Seekers knew most of the wood in the jungle, so where did this come from?

The other end of the tool intrigued her more than the wood. It seemed to be some kind of metal. She took the head of the tool into her mouth and severed it from the handle with a loud CRACK. At this the one of the Gorriogs stepped forward, but the first one held it back. She chewed a bit, mmm, mostly base iron, but it was rife with impurities and lesser metals. As the different substances separated in her mouth she spat out a ball of the impurities. She then reformed the chewed iron into a ball and spat that out as well. It rolled along until it came to rest at the Seekers feet. Iron was good for weapons and heavy supports she knew, but it had to be a reliable source, and it seemed like these gorriogs had it. But she was also interested in this bag of seeds. Once again she relied on the Seekers knowledge. One ate a seed, and crushed and smelled, one examined the seed visually. After a moment the Seekers returned. One said the seeds tasted good, with the insides having a strong taste. The other said that the seed smelled fresh, but that the fibers inside tickled his nose. The third said that the seed looked similar to a grass seed, but much bigger and more fibrous. But they all agreed that it was a plant not from around here.

These Gorriogs bring up many questions and opportunitys. But all they seemed to want to do is trade. She decided that is what she should concentrate on. These Gorriogs were advanced. but seemed to not take time in their work. The ir

>> No.22641830
File: 1.10 MB, 950x790, Motte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I had some extra time so i decided to help fellow Gentleman. village itself is kinda small but i got lazy there. I hope you like it.

>> No.22641868
File: 79 KB, 400x400, 10th Doctor - Smiling @ Computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is awesome and I am jealous of you skill. What'd you use to make that?

>> No.22642263
File: 6 KB, 320x243, mask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy crap, that is awesome. Thank you kind sir. I do not just like it, I love it

>> No.22642483

>3/3 hopefully

These Gorriogs bring up many questions and opportunitys. But all they seemed to want to do is trade. She decided that is what she should concentrate on. These Gorriogs were advanced. but seemed to not take time in their work. The iron was tainted, the wood poor, the seeds half dead. But they must have come far to have such items. The iron could be refined, the seeds were good for regrowing, but the wood didnt compare to the ones around the village. Maybe that is worth trading. She tells her workers to quickly make handles similar to the size of those on the tools, and for them to replace then with the resin built ones. The Gorriogs look curious when the tools are modified. One tries a flat tool out and seems satisfied with the quality. Then something unexpected happens. From under the leaves of the nursery one of the young runs as fast as its little legs carry it right up to the gorriog. It does not notice at first, as it is still in conversation with its kind. Seeming startled at first it looks down to find that the young has given it a present. A little wooden block with the symbol of the Stusval on it...

>Go Bronze go!

>> No.22642676

Would you not have to roll for trying to create tools you have never made before?

>> No.22642680

Rolled 2, 8, 16, 1, 16, 14 = 57

The hunters who killed the Pale One are surprised to find that it didn't fade out of existence when killed. They panic and burn the body, fleeing back towards the Village in fear all pretense of caution thrown to the winds.

The villagers who killed the Pale One are also surprised to find that it had tangible remains. The majority of the population begins to create a large hoopla about it, gathering around the corpse to see what these "Ghosts" truly are. A group of Craftsmen sneak in to attempt to bundle the body up and steal it off to a secluded workshop so they can study the corpse for anything useful.

The Craftsmen panic and scatter from the charge, one scurrying up a nearby Freola to escape. The rest dive into the underbrush.

The researchers in launching methods attempt to further their research, lashing sheets to the armor they have their subjects wear as well as covering others with tufts of fur.

A new group of Hunters, becoming bored since they haven't heard from those who went north travel west, trying out the masks as they travel.

Rolling for:
Panicked flight to the village as well as the panicked torching of the body
Craftsmen sneaking the body off
Craftsmen researching the body (if they manage to sneak it off)
Craftsmen Hiding from the Torrog
launching Research
Hunting/scouting to the west (with their masks)

Art incoming soon

>> No.22642699

This one makes good point.

>> No.22642723

I was thinking that as well.
It's up to GM though...

>> No.22642800

Im not really making anything besides the handles. Which are straight pieces of wood. But I guess I could roll. Probably going to be horrible.

>> No.22642810

Rolled 12

Roll here derp

>> No.22643348
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My thoughts on this trading.

>> No.22643433

The shadow is a bit off...

>> No.22644289

The runestones are of a newer style, and built better then the older ones, almost twins of each other. The digging tool attempt is disastrous, apparently head mounted shovels, while indeed can use the strength of the entire body as leverage, also work against the weak point of the neck. A digger dies from the head shovel-hat. On the bright side, the tribe now knows a bit about basic physiology. The ringethros are very happy to have assistance, and the expansion is fruitful.
Gilworm farming has been expanded significantly, and the tribe for the first time in a long time has so much extra food they need to store it, or perhaps feed the goworm their leftovers. Current plant harvesting techniques involve ripping them out of the ground by the root, which is known to be destructive to the sustainability of the plants. One, just one worker at the moment has hit upon the idea of using the razor edged glass for harvesting. it must teach the others. The obsidian outpost has been expanded with new structures and the beginnings of a very reinforced, wide tunnel back to the home city. The raider's new methods work well against small parties, but there will likely be consequences from these actions.
The people of Kriya find a crack in the side of a mountain, and within a large cavern system. The siege goes less then optimally, her sister did indeed have reserves and now a battle ensues.
The razorclaws develop gemcutting techniques, and become jewelers. This allows for the creation of crystal hammers, knives, and more. Writing is now sensible, and will slowly spread throughout the tribe. Fire nets are acheived, and are in reality regular nets soaked in a flammable oil which is ignited during a throw. River hoppas are not sentient like the tribe members are, and their light seems to come from a glowing organ that was examined from the dead. It stops glowing shortly after death. The Wagon is of limited capacity.

>> No.22644451

The blacksmiths are not perfect, but begin to show understanding of their own limitations. Metal is heated to near liquid and shaped by sand casting. This results in inferior tools but they are functional.
The hunters freak out and throw a torch near the body that lands in a puddle, the hiss of the water extinguishing the flame, as well as the death spasm of a tentacle makes them fearful the creature has risen back to life and seeks vengeance!!!!! Fleeing one hunter trips and is eaten by a local predator as the rest run ahead. All involved believe it to be the angry pale one. The craftsmen take full advantage of the near riot to steal the body, people seeing it move run in terror thinking it has risen once more. The body is made of meat and bone, just like anything else, but it's arrangement gives them new ideas for catapult type mechanisms. The tendons in the legs are of particularly high quality for something like a rope, bowstring, or stretchy elastic thingy. The torrog's rage knows no ends, this is clearly the dreaded OMEGA TORROG "DESTROYER OF ALL LIFE" those who climbed the tree spend the next few moments listening to the screams of their comrades as it angrily bellows and tramples them underfoot, finishing off others with headbutts. Those who have sheets between their arms and legs seem to...go further perhaps, then others. (glide suits). The scouts discover a large tribe ((please review the most immediate player tribe to your west, this is who you find.))
A primitive multi tool is made. It is part pry bar, part hammer, part shovel, part stabby thing, part blade. It is viewed with much skepticism, but the crafter is very proud.

>> No.22644609
File: 22 KB, 483x567, glee..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At night in the sky, for those that look above, occasional streaks fall, perhaps once every few days. Though as of late it seems to be more common in occurrence. ((has not started yet))
The Legion forces have begun to expand their empire by collecting slaves from wandering koburrog tribes, suzumo, and even the occasional pusmal or other race. They wander the desert in great caravans trading metal armor and tools for slaves, and slaves for food, or agreements of a crop share. The slaves are treated no worse then they were when free, provided they do their job. At the end of their useful lives they are released back into the sands. Their coming offers great opportunity or risk depending on how a tribe composes themselves. ((has not started yet))
High above, the thickbloods hunger, and it may be time for another reaping. There are small new tribes to test, and for them the swarm comes. Villagers notice a dark cloud slowly moving towards their settlement and within moment's it is apparent that a wesper swarm is upon them. High above and out of sight their respective carrier's wait, hungry.
((all tribes that are new to this session of the game, so everyone but notrip, nad, and onol, please roll two D-20s))

>> No.22645302

Rolled 6, 12 = 18


>> No.22645319

I was using. Gimp. I pirated photoshop, so my future stuff will be a bit better.

>> No.22645396

Rolled 14, 17 = 31

>Holy shit im scared

>> No.22645475

Rolled 16, 3, 4, 14 = 37

Ilesha sits around a campfire with the younglings. Defeated for the third time, even he is frustrated. However, he tries his best to motivate them for another trip. Perhaps they will have better luck with the snares this time.

Araeskele nurses her wound. The Ramel's face blade is sharp, moreso than most fine knives that the metalsmiths have been making lately. All the more reason to try and tap into this natural resource. She and her team trade for some vegetation from one of the other tribespeople. She notes that more and more people expect something in return for helping out a fellow Ighqatar. The culture is changing and there are more members of the tribe than ever. Perhaps the people are losing trust in each other. Or, perhaps this is just one of the many changes they should expect. Nevertheless, she tries again at taming the small Ramel.

The tribesmen continue trying to perfect their soon-to-be new and improved pottery pieces.

One of the younglings notices an unfamiliar fine powder dusting his garment as he changes clothes for the next hunt. His old dirty thing needed to be thrown out anyway, so he casts it out into the field behind his house and thinks no more of it. It will rot and become one with the earth in a few seasons.

Modyn, disappointed at her foolishness, tries again with the reed pulp. She ensures that she has a nice meal beforehand so that she isn't hungry on her next attempt.

Rolling for:
Hunting Ramel with the younglings (4th try)
Taming the smaller variety of Ramel (2nd try)
Developing glaze for pottery (2nd try)
Developing papyrus/paper (2nd try)

>> No.22645508

Rolled 7, 17 = 24

Awww sheeeet

>> No.22645570

I suppose this should get resolved after my 2d20 roll if my tribe still exists

>> No.22645744

Rolled 17, 5, 9, 9, 4 = 44


With the abundance of food, the tribe's numbers are free to grow even more. To better sustain this growth, the workers are are beginning to design larger worm encloseures, in where they can raise their hosts until the time for them to be used comes.

The worker tries to teach his peers about his idea of using sharp tools to cut the plant matter.

As the obsidian outpost grows, more suzumou begin to live in the place permanently. Because of this, they begin to construct their own basic infrastructure to the place. Things like usmal farms, gillworm pools and worm enclosures, so that the settlement can grow self dependent.

Zhen-qual is angered when the spawn and Drake refused to follow her commands. She knows that the younger spawn (Charybdis) is mature, sandworms are capable of breeding when they are only couple months old.
There is something else behind this. She sends the assassins out to enforce her command at the two. The assets will be combined for greater efficiency.

Also, in my earlier post, I forgot to roll for studying the shiny gems found in the new cavern.

Rolling for:
Designing larger and improved worm enclosures.
The worker teaching his peers about tool use.
Developing infrastructure in the obsidian outpost.
Zhen-qual's attempt to force the Drake and Charybdis to breed.
Studying the shiny gems.

Now, some other things.
Why has the Irc been so quiet today? I have barely spoken to anyone. Also, I could use a map with a clearer idea of the landscapes around the area in where my tribe is located. Onol's map is excellent, but it doesn't depict smaller scale terrain shapes and other notable things like rock formations. So what I am saying is that I could use a map with a smaller scale of the region in where I am. Assuming of course, that I can't just make one myself. I am shitty at making maps though.
Also, I will do more fluffy posts at some point.

>> No.22646460

Rolled 6, 6, 18, 11, 14 = 55

Search for large quantities of stone, and use the new crystal tools to harvest large quantities of the stone.
Improve the limited wagons, they will come in very useful.
Try to find out what the glowing is, by cutting the organ open and examining inside
Study the shiny rocks again. Now that we have some crystal tools, perhaps we could find some great uses for them.
We need to learn how things can be calculated, this will come in useful for many things, like construction, trade, currency and other unforeseen things.

(rolling for:
1. possible sites for a stone quarry
2. Improve wagon
3. Cut open glowing organ and study what is inside
4. Study shiny rocks again
5. Research mathematics

>> No.22646513

Rolled 3, 16, 2, 4, 1 = 26

Thanks. I still can see all the derp failures in it so for me it's moderate success. I must admit that i used photoshop as elitist as it sounds.

I'm glad that you liked it! I'm not used to make things for other people so i was kinda worried a bit..


One of the farmers find out that he can use fibers in some of the leaves of Lras to make simple textile. Only some of the Lras seem to be useful for this so he takes them appart from other Lras and plant them separately. He brings the textile he made to crafters and propose that they try to find ways to use it.

As building wagons was unsuccessful the trade to Ilanage and Ringethro was largely made by boats. But the problem with current boats was that they were too small and could fall over too easily. To make trading easier (and more safe) the carpenters try to make new boat that is better suited for this kind of work.

After the construction of Twin runestones some of the tribals remembered that the old shrine for earth was still just a pile of rocks. A real shrine is to be built for the earth so that the harvest in future is secured. As we all know you shouldn't anger gods.

As the first try at digging tools was utter failure and even dangerous. Another attempt to make digging tools is made. hopefully this time they don't make shovel boots..

Rolling for breeding new breed of Lras (large leafed for textile), textiles, Improved boats, construction of Shrine for earth and developing digging tools.

>> No.22646534


>1 for digging tools
No. no no NOOOOOOO

>> No.22647138

>Someone tries to put a pick ax head onto a handle. Slips, flys off boomerang style and kills 20 people. Lol

>> No.22648360

This crack... it is not far from Zu-Nul... A lonely mountain amidst the desert. Future generations will refer to the Migration.

The siege goes poorly. Ana, that bitch had anticipated a siege...

...I got nothing.

>> No.22650636

Rolled 17, 18 = 35


>> No.22650763

Rolled 9, 15 = 24

Sorry, only just saw this

>> No.22650806

Rolled 19, 1 = 20

Woops, forgot my own rolls.

>> No.22650983

Rolled 7, 1 = 8

Hot damn gots to make them rolls.

>> No.22651043

>Oh dear

>> No.22651116

Wesper swarms thick as fog descend upon your villages, let us see how well they fare.
The Maajha experience a one in two loss of villagers. The elderly, slow, or those too young to escape are devoured or carried off into the sky screaming first, then those nearest but not within shelter, guards, fishers and the like. A few weaker structures are damaged, but otherwise left intact. (elders, sick and the very, very young are now gone as well as a few hunters)
The Stusval are mostly left alone, but those who are not inside, or hidden are carried off.
The Ighqatar's buildings survive the onslaught, but a lack of proper doors allows the swarms to push their way into the structures and consume families whole. A 1/2 loss to the tribe's population has happened. (Elderly, sick, children or those outside. the remainder are the very young, and adults)
The nomadic people were never really bothered by the swarms, as they seemed to target stationary locations, and their city offered no purchase to the beasts.
The razorclaw suffer a similiar fate to the other tribes. A large loss of population is had, but the structures remain. (the elderly, and children are gone.)
Against all odds, the Marajaha survive the onslaught, but the hungry swarms destroyed all remaining structures, boats, everything. All the tribe has left are each other. Those hidden in the mountains are untouched.

((this entire post will be chronologically after my next post.))

>> No.22651286

The young's ramel hunt goes great! Many small ramel are killed and put on sticks to drag home, as well as a few larger ones. good times! The smaller ramel shrieks and a shallow slash is had across her' hand. again. bastard animal. Pottery glaze is not perfect, but an unintentional "Cracked" glaze pattern forms. while artistic, it is useless. Paper like material is made, it is somewhat thick.
A portion of the worm enclosures is broken down, and expanded upon by three fold, these can how house much larger worms. The worker explained his tool and how simple it was (its a simple roll.) Soon everyone is using glass shards. The obsidian outpost is a collection of half finished projects. The Drake and Charybdis are good hunters, and proceed to burst out of the sand and consume the assassins, with no survivors or witnesses. This hunting rush was what they needed, and the two predators successfully mate. The shiny gems are very easy on the eyes and make fine jewelry for the wormseers, a few of the heretic force who ritually gored out their eyes but converted to the tribe will round the gems and put them in their eye sockets.
((real life has kept me from IRC))
The tribe finds few stone quarries but many are looking. The wagon remains small, but gets some sweet decorations. The glowing organ provides major inspiration. What is inside cannot be emulated, but perhaps someday, a flameless torch can be created. This becomes a dream of the tribe. The shiny rocks can apparently be broken down, and have small shiny flakes or nuggets within them. Basic counting, and a numeric system has been created.
Attempts to breed lras result in a type of lrass that creates a painful itching sensation. Textiles are of a higher quality then expected and readily useable as parchment or cloth. A few boats sink as speed holes are drilled in them. The earth shrine grows slowly into something a bit nicer, but is still a large pile of rocks. DIGGING BOOTS.

>> No.22651315

YO NG rolling for resin building tool handles.

>> No.22651316

digging boots, the boots that dig, if they did not result in horrific compound fractures of the leg. There are numerous tribe member's laid up in bed, hopefully some terribly flesh hungry swarm does not come soon.
The rii'dan are decimated. Their buildings are destroyed and their population halved.

>> No.22651334

Rolled 3, 17 = 20

Oh snap, they got inside the fucking cave? BATS! Oh man, they're everywhere!

>> No.22651340

A primitive multi tool was made, to include handle.

>> No.22651363

Sorry. Must have missed that post.

>> No.22651526

"The tribe finds few stone quarries but many are looking"
Is that the whole sentence, or did something get cut out?

>> No.22651539
File: 349 KB, 1785x1820, ThousandCutsSites.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 12, 17, 12 = 41

>Gonna branch off while Bronze and I do negotiations.

The queen is pleased by the recent developments, but her desire to reach out into the world grows. She proposes to the workers that a new outpost is necessary to expand their reach. At the furthest edge of the explored jungle is to be, with an underground tunnel, lined with resin, connecting the outpost and the village. Though this project will be long an arduous she says that there is more. A resin forge is to be erected, a place used to construct more complex and intricate resin work.

To do this the queen sends of the Seekers and the young to bring back as much of the resin making plant, known as Cawdzu, as possible.

First off is the initial bore shaft driven down right at the heart of the village, with a thin canopy to keep out the frequent rains, walls of resin walls to keep out the ever present water, and a spiral staircase for easy travel. Although it is not very deep it will do as an underground road.

The few workers that aren't working on that are constructing the resin forge. A low building with chutes in the roof for dumping off plant matter right onto collection areas. From these collection areas the vegetation is either moved to the Spit line, where mass produced things are made, or to the Drool, where more intricate single items are made.

3 rolls. 1 for Cawdzu plant gathering. 1 for resin building the bore shaft.1 for resin building the Resin forge.

>> No.22651595

many individuals are out looking for a suitable quarry. When i do large volumes of responses i may butcher a few things. I regret this. these individuals may make up a few who were claimed by the swarm.
The tribe's progress is admierable. A large boreshaft and respectable forge are built. The cwadzu are harvested in bulk and ready to be used.

>> No.22651768

Rolled 12, 16, 20 = 48

Excited by the recent developments the queen instructs the majority of the workers to continue work on the tunnels. The initial stage brings the tunnel through the wet earth close to the shore so resin will still have to be used.

Meanwhile she instructs a minority to work in the resin. She tells them to work on spears and a lifelike statue of an adult Stusval.

3 rolls. 1 for resin building initial tunnel . 1 for resin crafting spears. 1 for resin crafting stusval statue.

>> No.22651870

The tunnel plunges lower, hitting dry yet warm dirt. odd. The resin spears are very sharp and lightweight, yet semi transparent. The Statue is lifelike, almost terrifyingly so. It would seem the Stusval are artists, and soon a host of beautiful statues adorn the various corridors and entrances of the tribe's tunnels. ((Art, you are a master of the sculpting))

>> No.22651980

Rolled 10, 20, 16, 1, 8 = 55

Ah, thanks for clearing that up

We have lost many today, and they will not be forgotten. We must do all we can to prevent anything like this from happening again. In order to do this, we will need better stronger resources. If we start mining some stone, perhaps we can build big, enclosed structures that would be much harder for anything to get in. Hopefully our crystal tools will help in this.
Our wagons may look nice, but if we can make them bigger, we can transport goods much more efficiently
If we combine our rope technology with our wheel technology and the wooden bridges, perhaps we can come up with something that we can lift away from the hole to secure the entrance without us having to go near the bridge
We need safe ways of our people traveling to and from the different villages. Given that we have just been attacked from above, perhaps we should dig a pathway underground
We must study these flakes and nuggets. They are very interesting and perhaps be combined with our crystals to make very nice jewelry

(rolling for
1. start mining stone
2. research/build bigger wagons
3. research drawbridge
4. Underground passageways
5. study/research flakes/nuggets

>> No.22652032

Rolled 7, 17, 16 = 40

The workers bring news of deep warm earth. Though it pleases the queen to not use more resin she remembers back to the explosions of lava in the old hive. She tells the foreman to go no deeper and to commence the second stage, the tunnel under the jungle.

She gives the spears to the Seekers and orders them to train with them on one of the spare statues laying about. She hopes that they will become better hunters by doing so.

She orders some of the best resin moulders to make close fitting armor, using a statue as a model.

>> No.22652052 [DELETED] 

surprise! sage!

>> No.22652078

Not really sure what you are trying to achieve here, or why you have sage in every field, but ok...

>> No.22652663

snag. one thing a lot of people dont often get is that despite the thread getting deleted, or saged, or 404'ed by mass posting in every other thread. I/we can always make another. Do me a favor though, and dont even waste the time replying to the "trolls".

>> No.22652749

You have my most humble apologies. I do not know if i could live with myself if i have offended you. Please forgive me.

>> No.22652989

Rolled 4, 18 = 22


Forgot to roll for this

>> No.22653330

none taken, and while not an lol, you have managed to pull a grin outta me.
The Rismal tribe suffers a massive population culling, (consider your tribe at 20% of the population they were.) the structures of the tribe remain untouched. What is left behind is a scarcely populated somewhat ghost town. The feeling is eerie.

>> No.22653366

I'm glad i could spread some joy.

>> No.22654813
File: 2.13 MB, 901x1261, 1357736502254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to my current players, and those who i wait to return, please help me out, clip out a little chunk of this map and put a dot where your tribe is. I am having trouble with the old threads, or if you are already on this one, just let me know where.

>> No.22654839

ive got the rismal, zul-nul, ighqatar, and maajah down

>> No.22655101
File: 22 KB, 391x519, 1358181250118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was high day, the sun was burning when a zul-nul scout reported a strange force approaching. Armed Praetorians stopped the Gorrirogs. There were about 60 of them, dressed in unusual armor. They had come from a region that was previously known to contain the "kingdoms". They travel on foot, or by strange wheeled boxes pulled by desert ramels. in wheeled cages they have various races, many not seen before by the Zul-nul. Kwagos, Pusmal, Koburrog, even suzumo. behind the cages stretch long lines of individuals bound in heavy chains or ropes. They are dressed in rags or not at all. Other carts contain supplies, jars, and more. The Gorrirogs all wear a peculiar armor and at the forefront two carry large banners with metal crests at the top, trailing by red cloth streamers.
Within short order it is made apparent these Gorrirogs are from something called the Legion, and they represent Odrinnius. All of this is unimportant to the Suzumo. The Warriors are traders, and they show what they are looking for. strange rocks with shiny flakes (metal ore), shiny crystalline rocks, they also want food, water, and slaves. Interestingly enough, they will trade slaves, raw metal, weapons, livestock, leather, and knowledge in exchange. What do the Zul-Nul have to offer?

>> No.22656839
File: 48 KB, 1200x600, The drake worm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 8, 8, 7, 8, 17 = 48


The tribe's leadership (a council of wormborns taking orders from Zhen-qual) take notice to the unfocused development of the obsidian outpost, and thus, they send out wormborn overseers to direct the operation to make everything go smoothly.

Zhen-qual is pleased that the Drake and Char finally submitted to her will. The nature of their spawn intrigues the godworm, and she orders that the young will be kept safe, when they are born.


The Zu-nul are willing to trade with the gorrirogs, offering their gems, water, and some dried meat in exchange of the suzumou slaves and metal. Zhen-qual, after receiving news of the unknown races among the gorrirogs, demands that few of each new races should be acquired, so she could learn more of them.

The armor of the gorrirogs inspires some of the warriors to develop their own armors further. They have to be light, but protective, in order for the warriors to be still capable of flying.

Also, the scout has been with the exiles for many years now, her wormborn nature giving her a longer life than to normal suzumou. Her former persona has been shattered, and she is now a confused wreck. She however, still seeks to return home, and as Thickblood descended to feed on the tribes down bellow, she decided to try to flee.

Rolling for: (5 rolls)
Directing the infrastructure project of obsidian settlement.
The nature of Drake's and Char's spawn.
Trading with the Gorrirogs.
Developing armor.
The scout's attempt at escape.

>> No.22657620
File: 2.65 MB, 901x1261, mapmap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 20, 19 = 39

The white dot is the original city. The yellow dot is Kriya's new land.

>> No.22657697

good rolls there, what are you using it for?

>> No.22657983
File: 1.58 MB, 1600x1200, Base2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 8, 8, 2 = 18

>exams over, taking back properly.
>Pic unrelated: design of the second base.
Meanwhile, the stewards were becoming interested in the gas that has caused the falling of the two builders. They tend a dry membrane of mudgrub guts to capture some of it. Then they do some experiments on it:
Breathe it, swallow it (like swallowing air for a burp but it goes to the gas chamber), set it fire (whie being far from the tower.

Rolls for these 3 experiments.

>> No.22658407

No internet connection for a day, and I miss this much? The times be a-changin'.
I posted something once, but I'm rewriting it. Better response to Bronze's emissaries.

The messenger could not understand what the gorriogs had tried to say, as it was spoken in neither Huraanic or Hitanganic, but the offering of the spear was clearly an offering. The messenger took the spear back to the commander of the cohort.
The metal of this spear was softer and heavier that of the Hitangan. More important than that, was the news that these Gorriogs weren't of the familiar kingdom to the far south.

Just as with Keanil centuries ago, a Huraanic koburrog would be sent to learn their language before making deals with the new civilization.

>> No.22658993

Unfortunately nothing, just left the 2d20 on in the email field.

>> No.22659200
File: 63 KB, 180x182, Village locations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First village on the left, second on the right.

>> No.22659374

Rolled 6, 15, 12, 17, 12 = 62

Much of the leadership of the Rii'Dan did not survive the onslaught. Only one storyteller survived, and if you heard it from his mouth it was by the grace of Swarog that he survived to continue the legacy of the tribe. Ikway comes forth from the wreckage of the village, proclaiming that the fog that fell upon their village was a sign from Swarog. They had cast aside his gifts to the tribe and they had forgotten the ways he had taught their ancestors. The rule of Toptrai was declared heresy, and those times would be stricken from the records of history. Ikway goes about, tasking those who he can gather with burning the remains of the village as well as attempting to kill the Mother Grub they had built it upon. The masks are retained by the warriors, much to Ikway's chagrin.

The Craftsmen, what few survived, quickly try to gather and hide their research from the blazing inferno that is Ikway's command. They quickly begin shuttling what little survived the destruction into the jungle, hiding their creations in the underbrush. Those that had been further afield survive the onslaught, namely the that had traveled west and the Craftsmen who had hidden in the tree from the OMEGA TORROG "DESTROYER OF ALL LIFE".

Rolling for:
The Destruction of the old heretical rule
The gathering of research by the Craftsmen
The subsequent hiding of the gathered research
The attempts to kill the Mother Grub in a fiery conflagration
The Craftsmen who survived the OT"DOAL" looking to see if it has left
(I'm holding off on actions involving the western most tribe because I think it's either the Razorclaws or the Rismal but i'm not sure)

>> No.22660131

Rolled 15, 3 = 18

It's only been a few days since Kriya left. The other sisters consider following her. The tracks might be fresh, or perhaps the desert sands have obscured them.
> rolling for
1. ana will she even leave?
2. bitta will she even leave?
3. how easy are the tracks to follow (assuming they leave at all)

>> No.22660154

Rolled 19

And the last roll, herp.

>> No.22660333

I'm the red square at the edge of the jungle in the south (south of the Hastun)

>> No.22660680


We've expanded by 2 blocks to the South.

>> No.22662693
File: 23 KB, 217x217, Map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go, the tile with the emblem is my capital, and the blue square is the recent settlement. The dots on the left are fishing and hunting areas for the tribe.

>> No.22662775 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 600x1000, Nod suzumou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someday, in the distant future of primordial....

>> No.22662881

You just took 20.000km2 at once...
I think we should all try to realize that a square is a friggin 100km of side...mordor would fit 4 times in it.

>> No.22662886

You do know that each square is a hundred kilometres squared, right?

>> No.22664733
File: 43 KB, 600x1000, Nod suzumou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...Peace. Trough. Power.

>> No.22666653
File: 30 KB, 1278x952, TempDefeatScreen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It happened so quickly. Some say it was divine retribution for the crimes done by ancient ancestors. Some say nothing. Most can't say anything as they aren't here anymore. They are gone.

Only small part of the population remains of what was thriving community. Those who lived farther in the wilds survived almost unscratched and most of them don't even know what happened. But those who were there know. They know and will know untill the day they die that the heavens itself fell upon them with the rage of bloodthirsty beast. They were broken both mentally and physically.

Some of them decided to leave.. no.. not just some.. most of them did.
This place is cursed and the empty houses remind them of that day. Some moved to west but most of the citys remaining population went south. Some stayed but they were few and they lived outside of the ghost city. no one lived there anymore. All is lost.

But so is the tale of world. Some fall while others rise. And this was only one story of them all. Story of people who were strong in their youth but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes, you must fall...

>> No.22666877


Now this, I think is some bullshit.
Few rolls shouldn't decimate a whole tribe, just like that, especially when the rolls were due to some sort of random event, against which the players couldn't really do anything at all.

Seriously, it just doesn't seem fair that suddenly Thickblood comes and kills everyone, in order to "test" them. What can stone age people do against some sort of aircraft carrier sized plant dragon, with swarms of it's own very little jet fighter bugs?

I am not really angry or anything, but I think that this thing should have perhaps considered a little better. I know that you probably had a good reason for this ng, but you should probably have at least asked the players if they would be ok with this even, and aware of this end outcome possibly happening. I recall you mentioning this briefly to me once, but I didn't realize the extent of this back then.

As this didn't concern my tribe, it isn't really my business, but I am just voicing my opinion on this.

>> No.22666926 [DELETED] 

I think the point is that it isn't fair...

>> No.22666968

I think the point is that it isn't fair...

although i would have liked to use my fire nets against them...

>> No.22667035

Each player will play like they desire. If its not impacting you dont sweat it. It is highly possible the tribe is quite spread out or nomadic. Or patrols large swaths of space. I see this and it vexes me. I coulda sworn ig or myself were the gms. Or we covered multiple times the concept of flex timelines. This game is really many small games that eventually get tied into one. If one player groes large, i cant fault the stort or style just because another stays small. Updates and events incoming tonight.

>> No.22667215

Im on my phone so bear with me. This was not for destroying a tribe or game experience. If i have done that i have some retconning to do. For the tribes hardest hit i had some story linrs planned out to help with the recoup. Hopefully you stick around.

>> No.22667641

>Think yall might have missed me.

>> No.22668079

No worries people. The event, by all means, didn't make me butthurt and quit because of it. So no need to fight.

>> No.22668683

The Yakushin have heard of some communities being hard hit by flying monsters, and some merchants were too afraid to leave Erumer for weeks. Zokulza eventually calmed them down by inisting that the stories were merely exagerations of some type of wild animal, which the merchants should simply prepare for if they go to locations beyond the Hastiri or the Hu-Raan. Some of the more nervous Patriachs ask smiths to work on weapons for killing flying creatures, and offer good sums of the new currency for them.

The techniques for ship building are intriguing, and shipwrights are eager to learn how to use less wood in their construction, saving in costs of lumber, and time for harvesting the lumber. Zokulza personally offers a cache of tools in return for some Hastiri boat-builders to lend their knowledge to the ship-wrights.

Another group of merchants, anticipating a new profitable trade rout, sets up their own port south of the jungle in the clearer lands (that emptyish looking area on the amp doesn't have jungle, right?) Offers of good work and, fairly, comfortable living are extended to young Hastiri if they come to help build the new port, which is dubbed Hastira. (The north port for stopovers between Hu-raan and the Nuterans is known as Metula).

>> No.22668722
File: 1.02 MB, 565x1113, Superior map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 2, 1, 11, 1, 2 = 17

Jever is exasperated. His army is not getting much better, and his mercenaries are restless. His only hope to ensure victory with his subpar weapons and soldiers is use his skills at terror to frighten the enemy. Taking the Teloki city, known as Utial, seems a distant thing now. Only a resounding victory in battle will give him the city (if jever gets a 20) and he is looking to settle for a large number of prisoners to finish his mansion, which is now more of a fort, and to make it clear to the Teloki they should not mess with the Yakushin. Jever musters his army, and leading them is him, and his mercenaries, clad in black cloth in hopes it will make them look intimidating. They march to battle! Will Jever succeed, or will his army be routed and his mansion destroyed?

Settling of Okel continues, though at a much lesser pace since the Yakushin live everywhere from Erumer in the north to the new Sutul mines in the south. Of greater focus now is making better use of the isles natural resources. Some farmers venture into a patch of tall hills with narrow paths to the north of Sutul Mines. They hope to find good soil, or maybe a hidden valley in the Sutul Hills.

Also, I have an update map of the Nuteran lands and their surroundings. on this map, yellow dots are Nuteran exiles not aligned, or at least not a part of, the Yakush Clan. The blue dots are Teloki city states. The greendots are the Yakushin settlements. The northern most dot on the mainland is Metula, the line of dots south of that is the area where Yakush Patriarch mansions are built, with the southernmost one being Jevers

Rolling for
New weapons (they can be anything as long as they're ranged)
Better boat building: Learning from the masters
War with Utial (for jever)
Building Hastiri
Exploring Sutul Hills

>> No.22668733

It seems thickblood finally caught wind of the Yakushin. Only Jever is doing well

>> No.22668760

Rolled 35213

>What about negotiations Bronzey?

>> No.22669998

The obsidian project needed work, but the new task managers began to give the settlement direction, and in the coming weeks it was once again a bustling busy place. The Spawn are highly unusual compared to a traditional sandworm, this is a given that they are not. Some features are exaggerated from their component species. They follow their parents closely. The trade with the gorrirog's could have been better for them, as the traders were primarily interested in food, water, and a certain type of rock. In turn the legion gives the tribe a population of about 40 slaves in various conditions of health. the armor is shaped very well, very form fitting, very light, but it does little other than keep the sun off one. The scout escapes, disoriented tumbling through the air from high altitude. From behind she hears the shouts of pursuers.
The gas is heavier then their own float gas, but mostly inert, it results in them sinking in both cases of ingestion/ inhalation. The gas seems to be inert at first until the fire releases toxic compounds from it, causing nausea and illness for the short term.
The old rule is hard to break, deeply rooted in their own traditions and lifestyle. Research is preserved, and hidden. The mothergrub was resting atop a large gas pocket when fire was applied to it. The flame spread across it's body and for a while it thrashed about in agony until the gas pocket ignited, blowing chunks of grub all over the place. That was cool. Ot'Doal has left for now, but in their hearts they know it hungers for the very souls of their people. Over generations Ot'doal would become a beast of legend, the story becoming more and more exaggerated to a giant demon beast and finally the very embodiment of despair and helpless death, Ot'doal the devourer of souls.
Ana and Bitta discover the tracks easily enough, they were obvious. Where Ana decides to move on, Bitta will remain behind and rebuild.

>> No.22670215

the somewhat looser dirt of the jungle makes progress slow, with the tunnel having to be constantly reinforced. The seeker's become skilled spearmen. the new armor is well fitted, and provides a high degree of protection against slashing attacks.
A shortage of supplies leads to soldiers starting battles by throwing rocks until they are within range to use melee. The boats seem to have been sabotaged by a rival, and in the morning after their construction are all resting underwater. The war goes well enough, Jever manages to not get crushed outright, but at the same time, he is on the defense instead of offense. Sabotage, again! Hastiri suffers a series of collapses in structures. All who visit the hills never return.

>> No.22670268

Rismal, your choices included a voluntary self termination but in this game no tribe is ever involuntarily extinguished. The follow up event for all tribes heavily impacted by the thickblood even would follow as such.

the survivors attempt to continue on with life, picking up the remains, preparing to move on. Their campfires draw the attention of other survivors from tribes hit worse then themselves. These refugees continue to pour in. It is difficult as some of them speak different languages, and values, but at the same time they bring new knowledge and traditions to explore.

In the end, there was to be some story telling, with the tribes back to a "healthy" population, but gaining several new technologies and an opportunity to explore new facets of their own culture.

Instead, this seems to have turned to shit in this particular instance.

>> No.22670284

I forgot! Let's see here >>22642483

The Envoy is suprised to see the little pusmal, but takes the block from its hands gingerly. He looks at, and is unsure what it means. He pockets it, and takes out a strip of smoked ramel meat which he gives the little pusmal, patting it on the head. He then directs the rest of his group to send word to the ships to begin unloading the supplies. He can't tell the stusval recognize the impurities in the iron, but sees that their resin made shafts are strong. That gets him to thinking about what else might be made out of such resin.... Then he snaps back to reality. He bows before the large pusmal he assumes to be the leader, and leaves several more strips of smoke meat for it. He then retires to his ship, and begins composing a message for the High Patriarch. A race of creatures as strange as these pusmals is a great find, and will surely catapult the Envoy to a patriarchal position. He recommends that the main objects of trade be metal, as these creatures did not seem familiar with the metal, nor was there any in sight, and livestock since he did not see any animals, nor smell any, during his visit. As for what can be brought back, he expounds the virtues of the resin substance of the pusmals, stating how it is superior to the wood, and may even be a possible replacement for it. He ends his letter to Zokulza with drawing the Stusval symbol next to the Yakush symbol, with wavy lines between them, in the old style of writing, suggesting the old phrase that ends trading negotiations in Nuteran lands "May profit flow between these two peoples and enrich them both"

>> No.22672541
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>> No.22673388

I am shocked anyone other than me uses that horrible thing

>> No.22674958
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Rolled 13

When Rismal refugees came to Ringethro lands they were gladly taken in. In the past it was Rismal who helped them by bringing them fire and later helping Ringethro with their expansion. This would be a good time to repay that kindness.

What happened in the north they don't know as only some of the refurees talk about it and it is just crazy rambling about spirits of the air being angry.

Ringethro as tribe is slightly different when compared to Rismal. They have single ruler (High Chief) and they live in huts made of clay and wood (they learned use of clay and wood from rismal). Their capital is near the coast and through it runs river that comes from the great lake in the north. They have another large city in newly gained lands but it is inland and can't thus be reached by boat.

Rismal was the only tribe they had good realtions (and trade) as Ilanage saw Ringethro as barbarians and never helped them (or traded) and Sut Leto is so far in the north that it is just a name.

Refugees brought all their knowledge with them and it would help the tribe in the future.
But for now the refugees want only one thing. Build a shrine for the spirits of the air..

Rolling for shrine.

(I feel kinda bad for people getting so agitated by my plot twist)

>> No.22675309

((dont worry about it man. My job is to the world. sometimes the world sucks. Im going to throw a few bits extra at you, but ill keep them in a separate section. if you dont like, just state its an aspect you dont wish to include))
The Shrine is a plesant place, open and kept in proper condition by two permanent "tenders".
The previous settlement slow becomes a home to squatters, and other refugees. In time the members of the tribe who ran away slowly returned. The rest of the world can be a harsh place. These new settlers brought with them a host of new skills and ideas. A few who knew how to make water wheels, and others who were skilled at fine tools, bakers, and potters. little bits and pieces of other shattered tribes.((feel free to keep or toss this.))

>> No.22675468


I thank you but i don't wish for this. I don't WANT this to be "easy". I thought we were making setting here for this world and i try my best to make it interesting rather than boring story of how my people without trouble beated the evil and got the girl. Instead of game i like to think this as storytelling. I try to invent things that my tribe need rather that what they will need in future at time they do not yet know.

So again i think that your event was good rather than bad as it gave some movement to this stagnated time. I mean look at the history. When the plagues came did we survive it without a scratch? no. Shitloads of people died and that's just it. Life isn't easy and sometimes there is setbacks. Some fall while others rise.

And my story is about tribe that fell but because it fell another one can rise.
Because it's far more interesting as a story.

>> No.22675937

Allright, you had me worried for a bit there, but turns out you chose the BEST path; the path of hard knocks. Let me just say that now your nat 20s get even more epic and interesting.

>> No.22676046
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Rolled 4, 7 = 11

>With the agreement of ng:
The gas is actually methan. Breathing it resulted in choking as it wasn't toxic, but it wasn't oxygen.
When they swallowed it, they swelled from it and realized that it was the same as what they have inside.
Everytime they tried to absorb something, they were able to feel its "anima"( i'll make a word for it), the essence that they were able to take from it. They came up with the idea that the this gas was the anima of tentouz.
In a second time they also realised they needed the other gas around to breathe. The anima of the sky.
The attempt of setting fire to it resulted in a cloud of fire that hurt several workers around. But the ones who were far enough to observe distinguished with their good eyes that the fire was different. The one out of their sprouts was explosive. They came up with the idea that it was the fire itself whereas the chimney gas was another element that could be set on fire.
A part of the stewards became specialists of the gas and fire.
Meanwhile the blacksmiths tempted to shape the metal in the shape of a tube.

Roll for blacksiths and fireworkers

>> No.22676340


>Roll for blacksiths and fireworkers

Now i imagine siths who shoot fireworks

>> No.22676992

right on man. right on.
the blacksmiths are physically weaker then the other races, and must work with very thin metal. The tubs fold when struck incorrectly, and become useless. Making use of the flattened metal, they put an edge to it and at least get a few knives. Back to work. The fireworkers get singled badly, one loosing the tip of his tentacle. Safety must be put in place.

>> No.22677416
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Rolled 18, 5, 9, 8, 6 = 46

No, no I didn't. Doesn't change things much though.


Modyn's excitement for the ighqatar's advancements are cut short as the swarm descends upon the village. Among the lost are dear friends, as well as Ilesha. Icouri has survived, but is gravely injured. Time will tell if she survives her wounds, though it is doubtful she will ever be without disability.

The Ighqatar spend some time burying and mourning their lost. A darkness settles over the tribe, fueled by fear. Life is such a fickle thing; what other creatures could swoop down and massacre so many without warning?

Icouri's surviving advisors trudge on, assuming some of her responsibilities in her place. Modyn spends some time rewriting her more important notes on her new writing material - "papyrus" she calls it. Glaziers continue to search for just the right mix of ingredients for their pottery vessels. Araeskele, after mourning her husband's death, has another go at gaining the trust of the small Ramel.

Those working with clay see the potential for using it as a paste to hold stones together. After the swarm, it's no question that their flimsy buildings are insufficient to keep danger away. Ighqatar begin building simple walls with stone and clay, trying to find a clay mixture that sets hard and holds the stone in place better.

An interesting development occurs when a stonecrafted vessel of tin is tipped accidentally into a vessel of copper. The new metal is better than tin or copper alone in almost every way. Metalworkers believe they can improve on this, however, if they can find the right proportions of each.

Rolling for:
Icouri, Chieftan's surviving her wounds
Developing glaze for pottery (3rd try)
Taming the small ramel (3rd try)
Developing mortar/basic masonry
Developing bronze

>> No.22678407


Did you guys miss this? or did i just not see the reply?

>> No.22679610

Rolled 8, 15, 5 = 28

Though the queen enjoys the meat and the prospect of trading iron with the gorriog, she is still cautious. As they leave she directs her Seekers to follow them, quietly, and see where they came from.

While the Seekers are off she tells her workers to do two projects. One is to make a statue of the first gorriog, as similar as possible. The second task was inspired by the transparent nature of the spears. She tells the smarter workers to experiment and see if the can replicate and strengthen the effect.

3 rolls. 1 for tracking the gorriogs in stealth. 1 for resin building gorriog statue. 1 for researching/experimenting on making resin 'glass'.

>> No.22679908
File: 17 KB, 800x600, Hunter worm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The denizens of the quickly growing obsidian outpost name their new home Sul Az, the Glass City. The abundance of obsidian allows them to incorporate it to their structures, giving them an unique look. One unfortunate fact about the obsidian is that the only way to shape it is by chiseling it with stone tools. Some of the artisans of the new settlement took upon themselves the task of figuring out new ways to shape the glass.

Zhen-qual is intrigued by the potential of the spawn, but for now, allows them to develop under their parents guidance. The way they protect their young is unusual, and strange. Another anomaly... Drake and Char attempt to raise their children as best they can, as Zhen-qual monitors them keenly, and pleasing her is what they both seek.

The Zu-nul accept their enslaved brethren, and welcome them to their city as free people, with one condition: They must convert to Zhen-qual, and share their knowledge with her.
The few slaves of other, new species that the Zu-nul managed to acquire, are discretely escorted to the High Temple. There, the wormseers will begin to study and interrogate them. They won't be harmed, and they will be treated fairly, as only thing the tribe seeks of them is knowledge. When they have shared what they know, they will be free to go.

>> No.22679919

Rolled 9, 15, 6, 3, 12, 6, 5 = 56

The armor is of little use, if it can't protect anyone. The artisans begin to experiment on improving the armor, while keeping it's light weight qualities. Some try adding armor plates from juvenile sandworms to it, while others experiment on the hardening qualities of the usmal saliva. Perhaps layers upon layers of hardened sand could improve the armor?

The increased amount of plant material, such as leaves and kaskus trunks have allowed the tribe to both feed the creatures they "farm" and to construct their buildings well. Some of the workers are however trying to invent new ways for using the plant matter. Tests are done on mixing pulped plant matter with usmal saliva, and shaping it like sand. If the usmal slime makes sand hard, what does it do for plant pulp?

The scout tries to escape her pursuers. She is confused, she doesn't know where she is or where she is going, she just wants to find peace again...allow her mind to heal. During her time with the exiles, an inner voice has been awakened within her..something old and new at the same time..it calls herself Knixi..and she has been with her always. Who was she?

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Finding new ways to shape the black glass.
Drake and Char raising the new spawns.
Absorbing the freed slaves and learning from them.
Studying the new races and learning from them.
Finding ways how to improve the armor.
Developing new ways of using plant matter.
The scout's attempt to flee from her pursuers.

>> No.22682444


>> No.22682744

Since Bronze hasn't replied to >>22658407 yet, I'll write up a little for how a wespar event would go over for the Hu-raan. No necessarily Thick Blood in this case. Any Carriers can be just as devastating.

Not even the Hu-raan would be spared by the wespar swarms which came overhead, but they were no strangers to such attacks. In fact, they aren't even all that rare. Alert bells would be rung upon sight of anything resembling either a Carrier Wespar or Dragon Cho.
Civilians would run for shelter as the legionaries would begin to turn cannons skyward and load them with explosives. The bright flashes, loud bangs, and flaming scrap would sometimes deter them from attacking the towns. If not, the city guards were armed, and would just have to fight the wespar off themselves.

Some towns and settlements are hit harder than others. Many homeless, and some guards do get carried off by swarms, but it's nothing out of the usual for Koburrogs.

>All Huraanic explosives are essentially fireworks with just a bit more punch to them.

>> No.22682765

The correct way would be dice+10d10 for ten 10-sided dice.

>> No.22683890

Hey ng, I don't know what to do about my tribe. My heart's just not in it, and ideas are few and far between. I feel like I'm just going through the motions with them.

Any chance you have some advice or ideas for me? I'm close to just scrapping them and waiting to get back to my Mohu'awane and Korobushka.

>> No.22687230
File: 45 KB, 458x710, It had to be made.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22687959

Rolled 2, 7, 12, 16, 17 = 54

Jever launches a counterattack, leading the mercenaries in the dead of night to attack the Utialun camp. They bring strange horns with them that make great, high pitched wails with little effort, and they paint fearsome masks, all as part of Jevers strategy of terror. In the morning following, the rest of the army will meet the Utial once more, in what Jever expects to be the final battle of his short war. If he wins, he will take a number of prisoners as he planned all along and put them to work finishing his mansion, and if he loses.... Well, perhaps his combat experience could be a marketable good to the other Patriarchs. He dons his mask with the mercenaries, stows an extra torch and some flint and tinder in a pouch, and heads off into the night.

Terror grips Okel. In Erumer, the dissaperance merges with the rumors of the flying monster to create the idea that the very same monster is hiding in the hills. The story of the disaperance of the farmers in the Sutul Hills has people on edge, and Zokulza himself orders a few lesser patriarchs to scout the hills, and find the missing farmers, or whatever... harmed them. The blacksmiths had previously given little heed to the requests for new ranged weapons, scoffing at the idea of making something better than a bow or a good spear. Now though, they too are afraid, and work to fulfill the orders. Their current idea is to reject the bow for something bigger, more powerful to kill these monsters.

Work resumes at Hastira, this time with twice as many guards. At the same time, the patriarchs who had invested in the new boats are furious. They then have the clever idea of building a single, huge, enormous boat to spite their enemies. With plenty of guards of course.

Rolling for
Jevers nightraid
The Final battle
Scouting the hills
Building the big boat
Building Hastira

>> No.22688040

Bronze, reply to >>22658407

>> No.22689253

Herp a derp. I've not been good at keeping up with this despite it being a main desire of Zokulza.

Zokulza himself greets the Huraan envoy, and shows him the sights of Erumer. He speaks slowly and simply, and tries to learn some of the Huraans own language, hoping to impress him and gain his respect. As the envoy learns more of the nuteran dialect, the High Patriarch begins to expound the virtues of Yakushin commerce, and their trade fleets. He tells him of the history of the Clan, of the civil war between the brother kings, the Exile, and the settling of Okel, the Blade runners and the fall of the Kingdom, emphasizing how the Clan has prospered despite all that. He makes it clear that the Yakush Clan has control over trade between the exiles, the city states, and may soon have new partners in a koburrog tribe in the jungles, and another tribe of strange creatures. The entire leadership of the clan is hopeful of the prosperity trade with the Hu-raan will bring, and Zokulza gurantees the safety and protection of the Hu-raan in Yakushin ports if they will do the same for Yakushins in their own.

>> No.22689884
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>Decide to ditch /mlp/ Fallout threads for awhile.
>Drop by /tg/ to see this.
Whats all this then?

>> No.22690057
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Joke about how the false face on this slug resembled those marks.

>> No.22690239

Icouri survives and recovers fairly well, there are scars, and a limp, but the chieftain is made of sterner stuff. The potter's dillagnce results in a perfected glaze. Araeskele sits defeated with the loss of her husband, of all things the small ramel hops up on her lap. She begins to absent mindedly pet it, only realizing that it was allowing this long after the fact. A crude mortar mixture is made. This allows for single story structures but does not support a roof. ((you told the story, and there isint much to argue it.)) Bronze was made.
my bad man. here we go. The iniitial stone mine yields a modest amount of rock. BIGGEST WAGONS, the wagons are perhaps too huge! They almost qualify as homes on wheels, which indeed, someone do live in them. The drawbridge has been made, and is great. half bridge, half wall. all fortress material. the underground passages collapse trapping the diggers, they will need to be rescued before they die. The flakes and nuggets are shiny and look quite charming tied together with the jewelry.
The seekers are not the most quiet, and the gorrirogs detect and evade them, not to be found again this day. The Statue is of lifelike quality. The Glass is close, but not quite.
The nightraid goes disastrously bad. Their enemies were waiting for them and the final battle resulted in a loss. They fought a good fight, but in the end, no amount of desire can change fortune. A few missing farmer families are found hidden in the hills, waiting for rescue. No one knows what happened, only the screaming. The new boat is huge, and likely can hold a great many, easily big enough to transport a few hundred men. Hastira continues onward and upward.

>> No.22690423

A new and more dramatic method of glass shaping involves using usmal saliva to adhere sand to a sheet of leather or thick leaf. This is used to "sand" and grind the glass or anything else really. It takes a lot of time thought. Drake and Char raise the spawn well, and soon the pack becomes a scourge of the zul-nul territory, keeping out interlopers and threats with deadly pack hunting. Both groups of slaves are terrified and quite shaken. The suzumo take a little while to understand what is going on, as their own language is not that of the zul-nul. Eventual mind links from the wormborn aid in communication. The other races, not so much. They just bellow and cower in corners. Armor is improved in many ways, layering, new materials, and new techniques. All ideas were accepted and helped to make lightweight, but hard armor. The plant material when mixed with usmal spit turns out to be the ancient equivelant of partial-board. kinda crappy, but its the closest thing to wood in this area. The scout tumbles down, flying erratically until she feels the grip of several pairs of hands on her. "let us return home friend, you are lost and have hurt yourself." she is carried back "home."

>> No.22690450

fortune, this is one of the issues with the tribe, where do they go once they are made, how do they exist further? Tell me, how would you play a tribe who is enslaved, because its an option for at the very least bitta who stayed behind.

>> No.22690897

Well, what did you think you were making when you made the tribe?
Reinforce that first notion, any way you can. Maybe weave the three-way split into the idea as well.

>> No.22692118


The artisans of Sul Az begin to use their new tools to create polished and shaped glass objects, that can be used by the tribe. These objects vary from sharpened blades, to reflective trinkets and even small worm statues, which they trade to the main city in exchange of supplies.
Because of this new trade, the artisans begin to study the qualities of the obsidian in great detail, seeking to find out the best ways to shape it.

Zhen-qual is confused about the behavior of her descendants. They move in groups instead of fighting for dominance, they co-operate. This behavior is alien to her, and because of this, she demands one of the new spawns to be brought to her, so she can examine it more closely and find out what is causing this anomalous behavior.

After an understanding with the former slaves was formed, the Zu-nul readily accept them to their society, absorbing any information they might possess.
They also try to soothe the slaves of the other species, so they could study them better. They are given food and time to adjust to their new situation, while the wormseers tend them and try to decipher ways of communicating with them.

>> No.22692123

Rolled 4, 11, 8, 1, 13, 6, 12 = 55

The armor developers decide to try to use the new plant pulp based material to improve their armor. They try to create a mixture of the pulp and saliva, that is easily moldable, and becomes resilient when it hardens.
There are other uses for the new material as well. The workers have started using it for creating pots and mugs for carrying water for example. Due to the nature of the material, it needs to be shaped to the desired form. Because of this, some of the workers have gotten the idea of creating molds from cement, to which the plant stuff is then applied to and allowed to harden.

The scout, as she is dragged back to her "home" tries to at least memorize the terrain, and try to look for any familiar sights, so she could figure out where she was.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Studying the obsidian.
Zhen-qual examining the new spawn.
Absorbing knowledge from the freed slaves.
Soothing and studying the members of the unknown races.
Using the plant pulp material to improve the armors.
Developing molds for shaping the plant pulp mass.
The scout figuring out where she was.

>> No.22692457

the obsidian is about the same as it has always been to the curious suzumo. One wesper found a peice of obsidian that had been left in a particularly hot fire was slightly deformed. odd. The spawn seem to be healthy sandworm hybrids, but the pack hunting is evidence of their own inferiority to a proper sand worm. To her it is simple that they rely on each other to make up for their own shortcomings. It is an impressive feat nonetheless. The freed slaves knew little that the suzumo did not already know, save one bug. He knew of wheels, ropes and pulleys. These things would let an individual work smarter, not harder. What other secrets do the other tribes have? The other slaves huddled in the corner, somehow one of them had gotten an obsidian chip, not even a proper knife. It was enough though, each slave cut their own throat and died in a suicide pact. The new pulp based armor is excellent and easy to make. Best of all, it is made from the fibrous part of the plant that would often be wasted anyway. The first attempts at molds are a bit rough and often crack. The scout find's herself once more in the care of the exiles, the terrain was the desert but not any part she had seen before, and to the north was a place she could have never imagined, green jungle, water...odd. she passed out from the stress.

>> No.22693277

Rolled 19, 12, 13, 6, 18, 5, 9 = 82


The artisans begin to study the deformed glass shard? Did it change it's shape because of the heat? They begin to conduct experiments on the glass, by placing shards of it in fires and seeing what happens.
Some artisans in Az Khalat, inspired by the obsidian jewelry of Sul Az begin to use the "sand paper" developed there to shape and polish the gem stones found in the caves.

Zhen-qual is somewhat confused by the new spawn. They are clearly inferior to proper sandworms, but they haven't revealed any new clues about her own essence, and how to perfect it. They could work as assets for her secondary goals, but as experiments to further the Great Task, they are failures. Their armor is too weak, they have to rely on each other for protection.
She continues to monitor their progress, hoping that as they grow, they will reveal something that she can use.

The workers are intrigued by the new knowledge of wheels, ropes and pulleys, and begin to work on replicating these technologies with the resources they have. Wheels at least, could probably be made from the plant mass.

The new armors are put in production, and the warriors are being trained in their use.

Work on improving the molds continue. The workers try out new mixtures of the cement, to improve the resiliency of the molds so that they won't break.

Rolling for:
Experimenting on heating the glass.
Developing gem shaping.
Continued observing of the new spawn.
Replicating the wheels, pulleys and ropes.
Warriors training in the use of the new armors.
Improving the molds.

>> No.22693549

A quick lesson teaches that glass must be heated in a certain fashion, less it crack or explode. The same with it's cooling. The Zul-nul are now confident they can bend, melt or otherwise shape obsidian. Gem cutting becomes an art, and the elder suzumo who have time and patience tend to excel at it. The spawn seem to be oblivious to her discontent. They speed about the settlement, bursting from the sand to breach above into the air, only to bury again a moment later. Some suzumo can ride these worms from time to time. The ropes and pullies are now in a low stage of production, but all the material needed is present. "pulpwood" and koburrog hair ropes. The wariors are very adept with the new armor, commenting that it feels like they wear nothing at all. The Molds continue to be a challenge, but now perhaps instead of weaker material they will create obsidian molds.

>> No.22694427
File: 115 KB, 579x600, valve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 10, 4, 13, 2 = 29

Once in awhile, the the thinking leader of each class of workers gather to try to put in common their technologies in order to invent more complex things.
They're all convinced now that mastering the tides of gases and fire is the next step to their evolution. They search together a solution for controllable contention. A balloon of gut tissue was all good to hold the gas but their weak tentacles were not good to hold it closed. It has been the cause of many accidents.
After several weeks of working they came up with a really ingenious mechanism to hold gas and liquid.
Meanwhile, at the northern camp, the hunters hire builders to set the village as a stronghold in order to protect the food reserves against savage animals.
Now that the population have grown, the food stock extend to leather bags suspended on trees. Steward posts have been built on the ground on layers of stones.

Rolls for:
Metal pieces forging.
Goo working.
Food gathering.
Stronghold building.

>> No.22694489

Rolled 5, 9, 18, 1, 1 = 34


Rismal population merged with Ringethro and with this all their innovations spread inside the tribe. Tamed Torrogs, farming of Lras and Chan and how to make cloth out of plant fibers are but some of those things. These things made living easier and better than it was before.

But Rismal didn't only bring their knowledge. They also brought their religion. Ringethro also believe in spirits but rismal brought new aspects to it: Pale ghosts, blue ghosts and the spirits of the air. To keep the spirits of the air content rismal sacrificed Torrogs and other animals at the new shrine. Blood was spilled to sate the thirst of malevolent spirits of the air.

With this addition to population the capital village needed to grow much. New way to cut wood is needed so that they could get more og it in shorter time and with less work.

A bit about the Capital city. While normal population lived in the outer edges of the city in normal wooden/clay huts the lesser chiefs and high chief lived in the more central area in their greater houses. These houses were beautifully decorated and had lots of ornaments that showed their inhabitants wealth and power. (wealth being owning lots of things as they don't have money)

Eastern lands were still wild and new. Unkown. Scouts were sent to see these lands and to learn their secrets.

Rolling for improving wood cutting, sending scouts NE, E, SE and to see what newly gained eastern lands have to offer.

>> No.22695581

My idea was to try and capture the magic of Korobushka by setting up conflict from the start. My idea was to make some reference to Planescape: Torment with the philosophers with clubs. One sister is non-interventionist, the other, obsessed with instinct. The last, wants to claw her way to the top.

>> No.22695594 [DELETED] 


>> No.22695814

Hmm, you're essentially running three mini tribes this way, it would sap your creativity and attention fast. Also remember that Korobushka had some time to 'prepare' before conflict, building up their culture and stuff.
Maybe flesh out their ideals more. How do this reflect on their tool use? Maybe they have different resource preferences? etc. etc.

>> No.22696191

Good point. I'll try working on their tool use. They use fully iron spears and weapons. No doubt veins of ore would be critical. As for food, now that, other than Bitta, they no longer have access to their traditional food source.

I think for now, I'll focus on the Kriyamarajha (obviously, Kriya's tribe). Later I can add some info on the Bittamarajha and Anamarajha.

>> No.22697143

Rolled 3, 1, 14, 11, 5 = 34


Have some men take some of the huge wagons with some food, jewelry, nets, crystal tools and crystal spears, and go looking to trade with any advanced tribes that we find.
We must get those men out. Dig, and dig well, men.
Have some more people search for locations of stone quarry's. I have great plans for a mighty empire, but i need more stone...
Perhaps these flakes and nuggets can be heated to make them shinier, Let's see what happens when we cook one...
These torrogs have interesting armour on them, yet they don't seem to be able to make it, and it just seems to grow on their young. Perhaps if we kill a couple of them, we can make some armour for ourselves out of their armour...

(rolling for:
1. look for the nearest played tribe to trade with
2. Dig the trapped men out
3. Search for more quarry locations
4. Melt the flakes/nuggets
5. Make carapace armour

>> No.22698063

Rolled 20, 17, 14, 4, 14 = 69

A few years go by, and it's time to return to the north, to Huraanic lands. The Hu-raan emissary leads a small group of Yakushin traders along a safer path through the desert than they had taken before, known by the Hu-raan and Hitangan as "The Long Road." A few trading towns are passed, wherever an oasis or known well is located. On display, there was food; tools of copper, ramel bone, and iron; fine clothes, livestock, wood, furniture, clay pottery, and jewelery.
The Nuterans would notice that merchants and traders were mostly bartering with goods for goods. No central currency. However, nuggets of a reddish metal were something that was often used for purchases. The emissary would interpret for the traders while making purchases. After they would return home, he would teach the language to others.

Over the course of the next couple years, the road would have to be extended to allow for safer passage for trade caravans heading to and from Nutera. Scouts would have to survey the land to find the best path for the road to take though the plains and jungle.

The aqueduct system gave some farmers ideas of how to improve their land. Since water was needed for plants to grow, they'd bring water to the plants. Trenches would be dug through the fields, which they would flow water through.rs, the road would have to be extended to allow for safer passage for trade caravans heading to and from Nutera. Scouts would have to survey the land to find the best path for the road to take though the plains and jungle. They'd be lined with brick work to keep the water from all soaking into the ground, and so the land isn't eroded away.

Rolling (5) for extending the Long Road to Old Nutera, exploring southern planes, exploring jungle, irrigation of farmland, finding anything in current Hu-raan lands.

>> No.22698132

bump for now.

>> No.22698206


How did that chunk of the road sentence get copied into the canal paragraph?

>> No.22701534

Rolled 17, 10, 20, 16, 11 = 74

The Rii'Dan move outward into the plains, away from where the old tribe's hunting grounds used to be. They gather what supplies they can from the forest and use them to build quick shelters to hide them from the elements. The Craftsmen try to find a way to quickly transport the research they had developed, while still keeping it out of Ikways pyromanical ways.

Some of the Hunters decide to attempt to capture a Running Lasmar. They've seen how quickly they transverse the plains and have gotten it into their heads that they too shall travel at such speeds. They gather up their weaponry and don their masks, sprinting off into the underbrush.

Ikway begins to indoctrinate a new council of Storytellers, picking a trio from the young who survived the Thickblood attack. He tells them the tribes history, having them remember them as he goes.

Rolling for:
Gathering building supplies
Constructing shoddy shelters
Development of means to transport the research
Capture of Running Lasmar
Learning by the new Storytellers

>> No.22701693

I'll just cover the road and irrigation myself.

Construction of the road went without a hitch. It bypassed the Hitangan capitol, and went past the nearby permanent oasis instead, which would shave a few days of of a caravan's journey as well as going around the areas known for VietKoburrong activity.
Upon crossing the desert, it was a strait shot to reaching Old Nutera. Much of the road followed a narrow river through the jungle. When it came time to cross the massive river along the path, Huraanic architects were able to construct a bridge which could stand up to the powerful current.

The nobles who owned the land which many of the farmers worked on weren't keen on how it would work, and would not fund the construction. The farmers would have to dig the trenches themselves and use homemade brick if any. What resulted was some fields being needlessly torn up, and some fields being flooded over. Many crops that year would be hit by molds an die.
>so far, this is just a few fields. Not all had were irrigated, and not all ended in catastrophe.

>> No.22701838

((art fuck yes. bonus points to the roll for visual explanation.)) Prior experience with metal work leads to more intricate metal forging. Goo tends to leak out of, just about anywhere. Much food is gained in the most recent foraging. Some Tentouz will take fruit and certain flowers with bits of meat, grinding it up they put it in a jar. It will ferment for a few months at which point they will pop the top and huff the fumes. It has quite the bouquet of hydrocarbons and stimulates their minds. the things you discover when you find old food jars... The strong hold has issues with things not being properly secured, if only there was a way to more strongly affix things to the "trees".
There is little wood to cut, the swarm has devastated portions of the land, but wooden scraps can be gained, and perhaps there are traders. The scouts that head to the east and south east do not return so readily, or ever. Those who headed to the north east were chased by pale ones and ran for the coastal beaches where the creatures would not venture so readily. there they saw something amazing and what could only be described as moving islands with folk on them.
The wagon was too heavily loaded, and a wheel breaks off, tipping everything over and spilling it all. The digggers do not make it in time, and soon the muffled shouts of the trapped grow silent. A new quarry is located that has hard granite like rock. A crude metallic substance is gained from the melting process. The torrug's take exception to having the tribe try to liberate their armor and the guy trying to skin it alive is stomped to death as the torrog summons unnatural strength and fury. Ot'Dol Strikes again.

>> No.22702181

those who braved the southern planes found strange holes in the desert, with no idea of what laid below, but scraping could be heard below. The jungle held it's own mysteries and dangers, mostly curious tribes of natives and koburrogs who managed to get lost generations ago in the strange land. The current lands of the Huran find the former Gorrirog kindom tribes men patrolling, catching nomaid tribes people for slavery. ((how will they react to this?))
((awesome story telling, i do wish to warn while in the meta it was a thickblood type creature who attacked, to them all they know was there was a swarm of wespers who came down to consume everything.)) Great bundles of wood are found and shoddy structures are easy to build, tear down, or even abandon. The tribe stumbles upon an old ruined city of a bygone era in koburrog history. Inside this city are skeletons everywhere, and strange metallic and glass structures, metal vines tuble out of the sides of smooth stone huts that reach for the sky, with endless mouths that have flat gem teeth. What a horrible place to live. the ground has many plants growing through it, but it can be seen that it was at one point the same smooth stone as the giant sky reaching huts. Inside this forgotten land they find strange metal wagon-rooms, but with no spot to attach an animal. odd. A few weeks are spent camped in this land, studying it' secrets which it will not share. Eventually the room wagons are discovered to have "chests" which hold metal statues of strange shapes, the rusted nature of them leaves the statues to crumble as they are tugged at, as do the wagons to a degree, but they roll...in the coming days the salvaged wagons are pulled and moved by lasmar that were captured and broken by the tribe's hunters. The story tellers learn a version of the old story, a new great story to begin a new and great tribe.

>> No.22702342

Rolled 11, 10, 2, 19, 15 = 57


Have the men repair the wagon, pick up all the stuff, and continue the journey. We must find friendly tribes to make peaceful relations with. We have much to offer...
Although we have lost many, we must dig underground tunnels, so that me may safely travel to and from our villages, and also have a safe place to hide in case any more flying death comes to us.
Mine the newly found hard rock. It is probably ideal to build bigger, better defensive structures than the wooden structures on the hill-in-the-hole.
We must not be put off by the seemingly unknown power of the torrog, as their must be a reason. We must continue our efforts to make armour from the shells of the torrogs
This shiny stuff that can be melted is fascinating. Perhaps we can shape it into useful things, such as chains for holding jewelry, or perhaps even weapons...

(rolling for:
1. repair wagon, and continue on the search for peaceful player tribes
2. Retry to dig the underground tunnels
3. Mine the hard granite type stone
4. Retry making torrog carapace armour
5. Research molding metal.

>> No.22702822
File: 21 KB, 800x600, Worm rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 13, 13, 6, 16, 1 = 49


The artisans of Sul Az begin to construct simple furnaces, in where they can heat the glass for shaping, and pits filled with water for cooling the glass objects. All efforts are put into this project, as the new discovery has drawn the attention of the whole settlement, and awed it with it's potential.

Some of the elder artisans, have noticed the strange effect a well polished and translucent gems have on light, mostly bending it in strange ways. This effect intrigues them, and some of them have started on experimenting, trying to figure out the ideal shape for a gem to maximize the focusing/bending effect the gems have on light.

The act of riding the worms is noticed by one of the elite praetorians, responsible for directing the raiding parties and training warriors. The sight sparks a new, revolutionary idea in her mind, what if, these worms could be used in the raids as steeds? They are faster, much faster than normal sandworms, and their speed would allow them to keep up with the raiding parties. She acts immediately, and approaches one of the worms herself, with the intent on riding it. As she approaches, she praises the mighty creature, and asks it's permission for her to ride it.
Before she can develop the idea further, she must first experience the worms herself.

Work on developing the wheels, ropes and pulleys continue, with preliminary tests in their usage being conducted in some of the building projects.

The artisans also continue their efforts to develop the molds. They ask help from Sul Az, so they could make the molds from the obsidian stone, instead of the cement.

Rolling for:
Constructing glass heating furnaces.
Developing gem lenses.
The praetorian's attempts at developing the worm rider idea further.
Continued work on the pulley systems.
Creating obsidian molds.

>> No.22703760

Are they the Hitangan, or some other group of Gorriogs?

>> No.22703890

((ringethro this event applies to you as well))
The wagon was repaired, and after over two weeks of travel to the east you have found your first contact. A hunter from the Ringethro tribe. While you both share a common root language, your dialect and accent are different and makes it hard to understand each other. what will happen?
The underground tunnels are rebuilt and expanded upon, slow and steady will win the race. The stone break's your weak tools. Killing a torrog before trying to skin it makes life easier, and the armor is a bit loose, and unshapely, but it confers the same protection to you, as it did the torrog, due to no leather development the hide will rot after a while even when dried. Metal can now be melted and the liquid flown into depressions in the ground. From there the hot shape can be pounded into a more precise object.

>> No.22704120
File: 34 KB, 579x404, Ballon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 3, 6, 3, 2 = 14

For the record, the plates superpose to each other, like an iris, so they push each other to open the whole valve.
While the stewards work on better goo, leather workers start to make balloons out of mudgrub gut to sick it around the new system when it gets to be functional.
The stronghold project was a bit ambitious. They quickly had problems to attach things to trees and build in the muddy ground. They came to the idea that the ground was unworthy of their interest. The crawling creatures may go back and forth beneath them, they'll keep building on the heights. They unbuilt every wall and rather consolidated small chunks of ground (with rocks) in order to build towers.
The stewards tried the idea of mixing strong acid with rocks and then add water to neutralize it, and then add goo mush into it.
>In the dark age, builders added milk in cement. The proteins made it so tough that some castles have the cement less eroded than the stones).
Rolling for:
Tower building

>> No.22704125

See the legion posts in the past thread to see what happened to the Hitangan. But for sake of simplicity, these are the Gorrirogs your tribe knew as the Hitangan, but they are a little different now. Long story short, there was an upheval and change of leadership, and renaming.
The furnaces now burn brightly, made of a primitive ceramic the fires are stoked to a purple blue glow. New lenses are great, and one suzumo learned that they can make small things bigger, or big things smaller. Some suzumo who have trouble seeing start carrying a lens with them to aid in such matters. While reading one day, a bit of parchment caught flame from the sun's light which was heavily focused. ((corrective sight, burning things, magnification, sky is the limit here.)) The praetorian rides the worm for just a moment before it ducks under the sand and stops, then surfaces and lead's it to the parents. It seems the praetorian must seek the parent's permission. The pulley systems have been improved and are soon used all over the place to aid with construction, and even day to day tasks. The obsidian mold project goes horiffically wrong when a young sand worm bumps a forge that is out in the open. This pour's molten glass all over an unFORGEnate apprentice. ((go go pun!)) The suzumo is coated and the glass quickly hardens, a thin layer of smoky glass forever preserve's his last moments of agony. Some view this as an art object. Others wish to destroy it.

>> No.22704678

Rolled 3

Worst dice ever, and i forgot one.

>> No.22704679

If so, none of this is unknown to the Hu-raan. They've had close ties with the Hitangan for ages.
On the other hand, now knowing this, there are probably those preferring to stick to the old ways living among the Hu-raan in the desert cities.

Just to say something, it can possibly be confused with the Hu-raan military, as it is divided into legions. Something decided before these couple threads began.

>> No.22705221

I failed to pick up on that man, The outward face of the Hitangan has changed very little, and the legion name is really tied closer to the city, but the slave captures and hunting started in their territory and to the south in the past decade, and now they are moving into the business of selling and slaving. Sorry for the rough transition. long story short, the Hu-raan would probably not really notice or care too much about the regime change as nothing changed to the tribe's policy towards them.
the second attempt at the glue builds on top of the first, and the addition of boiled bones and hoof like things, rendered into liquid, really helps the case, but now it is gellatin like. too much. The balloons actually worked out, the culmination of a long time of effort. Foundations and cement are out of reach for the moment,and with those components missing, so were towers.

>> No.22705925


((Involves Ringethro))

The party tries to talk slowly and enunciate in an attempt to remove the dialect/accent problem. They ask the hunter if they can speak to his leader. They also add that they have much to discuss.

>> No.22706372

Rolled 8, 4, 13 = 25

As the Seekers make their report, covered in green and blue leaf stains, the queen's frustrations grew. How was one to prepare for company when one didn't know where they were coming from? She orders the Seekers to be on watch on the walls. If they couldn't see them in the jungle they could look for them on guard duty. The gorriog statue is placed outside the opening in the wall to promote friendship whenever the traders return. The queen is also intrigued by the glass that the workers have created, though it is filled with impurities and quite hazy. She suggests that they make it thinner and to wash it with water as it is forming, perhaps it will wash away some of the grit.

She is pleased about the continuation of the underground tunnel, but she knows that it must progress further to reach the mid-point of the jungle. She reminds the foreman to go no lower, for fear of lava.

As this is going on the queen instructs the remaining workers to make a gate for the wall. With great hinges for easy moving, but with a great bar of resin forged wood to hold it in place in case of enemies.

3 rolls. 1 for further research into resin glass. 1 for continuation of the underground tunnel. 1 for creation of a gate and mechanism.

>> No.22706650
File: 83 KB, 800x600, Ighqatar09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 19, 10, 18, 8 = 55

(My bad with the clay and bronze, didn't proof read as well that time)

Icouri resumes her role as Chieftan of the tribe, though in her condition she cannot be the active member she once was, at least not for some time. It seems like so much shorter of a time, but decades have passed since she slew the old tyrant and the tribe settled down. Perhaps the time to retire is drawing near.

The ramel is tamed, and released from the cage, though on a short leash. Over the next few months, Araeskele walks it around the tribe, attempting to accustom it to Kwagos. Though she has some slow success, she realizes it would likely be better to raise one of these beasts from infancy in the company of Kwagos. Another team is sent out to the grove where the first was found, in an attempt to bring several more back of differing sexes.

The clay mixture, though it sets hard, is brittle - it cracks and disintegrates under too much weight. Some Ighqatar take to building low walls with it, but they continue to search for a better mixture.

The Ighqatar attempt to use their bronze in some basic tools, and while it is marginally better, the process is more involved and isn't quite worth the extra work yet. Metalsmiths continue to fine-tune the proportion of tin and copper.

Some of the young Ighqatar who survived The Swarm were among those who traveled with the first expedition group to the jungle. While they were previously outmatched by the creatuers in the woods, some have started talking about returning. They were young then, but much time has passed. They and the tribe have much more experience with the surrounding lands, and have means to defend themselves against the jungle beasts. These veterans organize a party, and begin training them.

Rolling for:
Catching more of the small Ramel
Improving the mortar mixture
Improving bronze
Training Ighqatar for another expedition

>> No.22707070
File: 8 KB, 375x447, barrel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 6, 5, 15, 7, 16 = 49


Continue digging the underground tunnels. It would be excellent if we completed them...
The tools that were taken to the quarry seem to be ineffective or faulty. Some more crystal tools will be sent, in an attempt to mine some stone again.
Perhaps we could do something very useful with the animal skins.
Perhaps we can break up the shell into smaller bits, and attach them to our clothes, providing the same protection, while increasing the fit of it, and providing more maneuverability
We need better ways to store things. Perhaps cylindrical and made out of wood, with wooden rings providing extra strength. The lid will be so tight, that no liquid will be able to get out.

(rolling for:
1. Finish underground tunnels
2. Retry mining the hard stone with crystal tools
3. Research leather working
4. Carapace/clothes combo
5. Attempt to construct barrel (picture is crude, i apologize)

>> No.22707255

Crap, wrong link...

>> No.22707547

The tribe pushes on, their continual efforts eventually culminating into a grand success. A more careful quality control of the resin glass results in a better product. The tunnel has grown further still to the mid point of the jungle. The Gate and its associated device were no match for the determination of the Stusval.
Eggs. eggs were the trick, instead of capturing a breeding pair, they would just cut them out of the loop. Numerous eggs were taken and successfully raised in captivity. These ramel imprinted on the people who raise them and turn out to be quite friendly towards the tribe. The new mortar is much better, and will make stronger walls. Bronze is very, very successful and works great, though oddly enough this new bronze is harder then before, and looks different. Apparently different rocks have been getting mined. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_bronze The hunters train long and hard for their expadition, but find little, however a traveling Kwago stops in the village overnight and tells the hunters of another tribe to the east.
Continual efforts make up for a lack of quality work, and the tunnels are finally completed. The second attempt at mining results in a success with the better tools, though they break every now and then, taxing the tribe's equipment. Leather is now available, and tanners set up shop around the village, the prior experience with leather allows for a primitive, imperfect version of what is dreamed by the armor crafters. Barrels are made, though these ones have no curvature to them, just giant tubes.

>> No.22711474


>> No.22712930

Rolled 16, 12 = 28

Several Borgas IV's weeks of hard work did not end up with the slightest success. The brilliant projects being held by the qualitty of the goo and the cement, they had to find new solutions to increase their rate of ingeniousness.
One of the hunters passing by to ask toolworkers for weapons went complaining on how the hot summer sun made his mind dazzling in a dizzy daze.
The idea struck the thinkers who, they must admit it, have been giving themselves bursts of stunning shoots.
They then tried the idea without forgeting to bring herbe to burn and jars to breathe on. A hut was built on a layer of rocks, and a small pyre lighted inside. The acceleration of molecular agitation and the changes of chirality due to thermolability had effect to give them a kick of smatness. Going out of this warmhouse, they got back to work.

Rolling again for goo and cement.

>> No.22714500

As a worker brings a sample of the new resin glass into her chambers it catches the light of the midday sun and causes a glare to shine in the queens eyes. This odd property gives the queen many strange ideas, of many things. But they would have to wait for now. She orders her workers to make four great sheets of this resin glass for a future project she has planned.

The foremans report brings good news. The second phase of the tunnel is complete. Now all that is left is the bore shaft up into the jungle. She tells her to listen out for vibrations from the surface so that they wont run into any of the more dangerous animals.

The rest of the village is sent to gather more Cawdzu for further building.

>> No.22714518

Rolled 19, 12, 19 = 50

>Forgot mah rolls lol.

3 rolls. 1 for bore shaft upwards. 1 for reflective resin glass. 1 for Cawdzu gathering

>> No.22715453

I rolled 18 for scouting east and they don't return? damn i wonder what would have happened with roll of 1.. no wait i got two of them.. and their results were same as 18... hmmm.. interesting...

The hunter being simple peasant was worried. He had no idea what these people wanted as their language did have some similarity but they talked really sluggishly and for a moment he thought they were "not so bright" individuals.
What he did know was that if he did nothing he would get strap. If he brought them to leaders and it would be found out that they mean harm, he would ge strap. He could always run away and act like nothing ever happened, but if leaders somehow find out that he did so, it would once again be strap.

Meanwhile back in the Ringethro lands yearly monsoons cause the rivers to flood. Flooding made the lands fertile and people used it for farming Lras and chan. For farming the flooding was gift but for the city it was problem. Lower chieftains looked for solution how to stop the flooding. The result was to build canals that would redirect excess water to different routes. Two larger ones would be built around the city from both sides and smaller ones farther away to act as irrigation channels. However to do this they would need to make tools to help with this work. (I bet that soon Ringethro also has hats and boots made for digging...)

The idea of textiles brought from Rismal interested crafters a lot. They knew how to make excellent textiles but they had only little plants they could use for it. After long time they heard about Rismal farmer who had tried to breed Lrass that could be used for this purpose but he was lost when the spirits of the air attacked. But they now had a hint they could use. They contacted some of the most skilled farmers and asked them to complete this work.

>> No.22715706

Rolled 7, 19, 8, 18, 4, 5 = 61


Bad new arrive from the west. People are talking how in the Ilanage lands the Rismal whe went there as refugees are treated as slaves and how they have no rights. This causes uproar back in Ringethro as most of the population see Rismal as their brethren and they already have bad relations with Ilanage.

The expansion of capital was slowed by the scarcity of wood and it seems that the sollution for housing problem was to find new land for them to live in rather than bring huge amounts of wood from afar. Northern areas near the great lake and border of old Rismal lands was suitable for this as there was road already there and perhaps Rismal part of the population would like the idea of living near their old lands.

High Chief in his great wisdom (on a whim) decided that the eastern land must be connected to main areas and those lands must be made useful. Road must be built and the land must be settled and pacified so that it wouldn't be mostly dangerous wilderness.

Rolling for how the hunter reacts, making digging tools, breeding Lrass that can be used for textile industry, expansion to north, making road to eastern lands and pacifying the eastern land.

>> No.22715899

Rolled 5, 12, 4, 2 = 23

((I know. The Rii'Dan just think the swarm was a divine retribution from their god Swarog, I'm just identifying it as the Thickblood attack for simplicity's sake))

The hunters who captured the Running Lasmar begin using them in their hunts. This mostly involves them jumping onto the Lasmar's back and hoping it will go in the direction they want to go.

Some craftsmen try to break off some metal to use in their weaponry, mainly taking what shards they can collect and lashing them to the ends of sticks.

Ikway takes displeasure with one of the Sky-Huts and attempts to find some point in where he can ignite the building to destroy it. The heavens are the domain of Swarog and those who attempt to breach such a place are abominations.

By and large, the Rii'Dan are uncomfortable with the large metal wagons, some resembling beasts from their stories. This place must have been a village controlled by such beasts, with the things used in day to day life designed after their rulers. Some Rii'Dan get it into their heads that the strange statues are a form of worshiped object and if they pray to it, it will allow the machines to move.

Rolling for:
Riding attempts
breaking of metal and using what they can to add to their weapons
The burning of the Sky-Huts
Praying to the strange metal statutes

>> No.22717911


>> No.22718527

Rolled 4, 6, 16, 10 = 36


With the new furnaces, the glass production of Sul Az is at full speed. The raw obsidian is heated, and then shaped to the desired form with cement molds, and other tools.
The artisans continue to refine their methods, trying to figure out how to produce even better glass. Some are even trying to emulate the colors of the gems in the obsidian glass, by grounding up the gems and mixing them in the furnace, believing that this way, the shiny traits of the gems would somehow stick to the glass.

The artisans of Az Khalat are intrigued by the lenses, but because of their lack of any real need for them, they remain mostly as popular trinkets. Some warriors however, see the potential in the way the lenses make things seem bigger. Could they also make things that are far, and thus look small, look like they are closer?
They begin to study this with some artisans.

The Praetorian approaches the two mighty spawns of Zhen-qual, and comes forth with her idea, filled with praising. She promises that the hybrid spawn will be given great feasts in their honor, if they would kindly help such lowly beings as she and her raiders were.

The glass covered suzumou is taken away, to the edge of the settlement, to work as a vanguard of the city. Despite the tragedy work continues on in the Glass City.

Rolling for:
Developing improved glass production methods.
Trying to gem like glass.
Studying the potentials of the lenses.
Preatorian's continued work towards the worm rider project.

>> No.22721278


>> No.22722816

A little mind alteration never hurt anyone, particularly a tentouz. The Goo and cement are now of a useable quality, perhaps even nice. now what to do with it?
The boreshaft now extends upwards, breaching the surface in a fairly safe location. The reflective resin glass has been developed, made reality by more metallic compounds introduced into the mix. The Cwadzu gathering was quite easy, a massive patch was found running wild.
((oh man. i totally fucked up that result, this happens from time to time. Please take two one time +5 bonuses to any future action. They can be stacked, or used individually. When you use them, please state which roll you wish them for.))
The hunter derps, and panics. Running away he leaves a clear path behind him of broken branches and trampled foliage. At first a refugee from some other tribe holds up a hat made for digging but is promptly beaten. No. These new tools are large hand spades that can move dirt quickly.The Lrass is still not perfect for textiles, but very close to it. The northern expansion was indeed embraced by many of the former rismal, who would return, and reclaim their lands, perhaps even their old runestones. The hostile slaver tribe actually dared to attack the road workers, this offensive has stopped all work, and attempts to counter have met with defeat and a slow push back.

>> No.22723008

Getting thrown off is progress right? The Lasmars are a bit resistant to riders. Jagged rusted metal barbs and edges are now part of the Rii'dan arsenal.((these buildings are around 20-30 stories tall each, made most of concrete on the outside at least, of a construction that resembles our own modern architecture but badly damaged from generations of neglect and overgrowth.)) Ikway takes it to be a personal and most holy mission to burn this particular hut, but a small fire quickly grows out of control, and a towering inferno falls over, setting blaze to the rest of the abandoned city. Within hours the night sky is red from the flames of a civilization now lost forever, its secrets gone in smoke. The metal statue did nothing.
The new glass creation methods continue to run into trial and error. Documentation of past efforts and methods must be done to help future generations so ideas do not fall back into obscurity. Ground gems seem to be lost to the glass, but a young apprentice notices that it is more small amounts of impurities like rust flakes, or temperatures that change glass. The lenses can be used for many reasons, all that were thought of, and then more! It is an era of experimentation, and radical thinking. The wormborn have been busy because of this. The spawns seem to be pleased with the request, if a bit wary at first. However this was one of Zhen-qual's own. They were worthy enough to serve the mother.

>> No.22723272

Rolled 20, 12, 18 = 50

As one project is completed the queen turns her mind to another. She orders the majority of the workers out of the tunnels an back to the village. The ones left in the tunnels are ordered to make a safe-house at the other end, more enclosed than the one at the village with only a small opening for air to pass through.

The next great project will be a dome around the village. Just inside the walls it will start, and it will reach up above the level of the trees. It is to be solid, except for four large openings where the new resin glass will be set, so that the village can be illuminated. And one at the very top to allow air to come through.

And as the majority of the village makes this defensive dome she orders her best digger, who she calls Smudge, to make a deep narrow shaft in one of the few areas of land left inside the village. She tells her to go down until he feels the earth warm.

3 rolls. 1 for making a bunker at the end of the tunnel. 1 for the dome's foundation. 1 for excavating the deep tube.

>> No.22723744

Rolled 12, 11 = 23

Migrating across the ocean of sand that covers so much of the Central Continent, the tribe of Ana migrates across the desert.

A thirsty solider spits into the sand, parched. The sand clumps around his spittle. Another warrior spots this. Ana smiles and an idea forms in her head...

Rolling for:
1. finding a water source
2. finding game to eat, enough to feed the 2,000 pusmal making up the Anamarajha

>> No.22725433

The workers have outdone themselves, and created a miniature village right at the end. Although it is bigger than a normal 'bunker', it is very well-hidden, looking like a natural hill from the outside. The dome's foundation goes smoothly, and at least a quarter of the way up the dome has been reinforced. The end result looks something like a slightly sloping, curved wall around the village. The deep tube meets almost no resistance, and plenty of clay and earth were excavated from this hole. Some of these byproducts are used for the farms, while the rest are used in the construction of the dome.

The journey was tough, but Ana's refugees have found a small oasis. Well, it looks more like a small geyser, but there are some plants growing near the pool. Some Cho and Hrass grow here, and there are plenty of Usmal mounds nearby. The refugees caught some easily enough.

>> No.22726785

Rolled 7, 20 = 27

Excellent. Begin construction of the Objectivist City of Sand! Mwahahahha!

But how fares Kriya, her tribe is also needing water.
1. How far away is it
2. How much is available. Enough to quench 5,000 parched throats?

>> No.22726982

Rolled 19


The travelers are confused by the hunters actions... They think that perhaps they have found a not-very-advanced tribe, but they decide to follow the hunters tracks. As they are walking, they think of why the hunter did that, and one of them had an idea that this is how they greet people, after all, he did leave a clear path to follow...

(rolling for:
following the hunter

>> No.22728198
File: 7 KB, 375x447, sword mould.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 5, 19, 7, 16, 10 = 57

Now that we have hard stone that breaks even our tools, we must begin construction of bigger and better defenses. but first we need to know how to build safely with this stone.
Perhaps we can use the shiny-stones-that-melt-to-make-hard-shiny-stuff (metal) to make something like spears, but only needs one hand to wield, and isn't as long, and is better used for swinging, rather than stabbing. If we carve the shape into a stone(sword mould. see picture), then pour in the metal, wrap the handle in leather. then sharpen it using some hard stone.
Now that we have something that can suitably hold water for long journeys, now we need things to hold other things. perhaps a big box made out of wood. The top can be lifted off.
Begin digging deep underground about 10 kilometers away from our initial village. If we managed to find our crystals and this metal above ground, imagine what we can find deep in the ground.
search for wood that is flexible, but strong.

(rolling for:
1. research masonry
2. research/build swords
3. research/build crates
4. Construct a mine
5. look for strong, flexible wood

>> No.22729188

Rolled 19, 2, 8, 15 = 44

During road construction, there were occasional encounters with Hitangan gorriogs. Pleasantries would be exchanged, along with some goods for labor.

The pits were unusual. For the good of the empire, it must be known what lies within.

Small, uncivilized tribes of fellow koburrogs were found living in the jungle, scavenging for their meals, and without a sturdy roof to shelter them from the elements. They would be shown the better life of a Huraanic koburrog.

With the road extending to the southern end of the continent, it provides a foothold for settlers to move in.

Rolling for exploring the mysterious pits, any resources discovered within a square or two of the road, settling in the south (near resources if applicable), and huraanization of minor koburrog tribes.

>> No.22729220
File: 3.88 MB, 1201x1681, empires.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong picture

>> No.22730964
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>> No.22733345


>> No.22733636

Rolled 8, 18, 1 = 27

Now that the foundations were done the queen instructs the workers to begin working on the main walls, and the four openings where the glass panes would go. The thought of most of the village being in permanent twilight made the queen smile. Too long had she been laying up in her chambers.

Though pleased by Smudges progress, she talks to her in cautious tones. She tells her that the next dig will be the most dangerous and most important yet The tunnel must go deeper into the hot earth, as hot as Smudge could stand, and to avoid a certain red glow.

As Smudge would be digging she instructed a pair of workers to make resin glass tubes. They were to be slightly smaller than the shaft that Smudge was working in, and to fit snugly at the sides of the tunnel.

3 rolls. 1 for continuation of the village dome. 1 for underground exploration for hot earth. 1 for resin glass piping.

>> No.22734052
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Rolled 13

A solid, flexible and waterproof recipe of goo has finally been invented by adding up the sugary nectar gathered from a kakt wezar colony to the jelly substance inside the mugar leaves.
They finally can complete the thorough valves. They even manage to build smaller valves.
They build balloons and attach them in top of the chimney to fill them with the anima of hastun. They are persuaded that studying this will allow them to know more about themselves. They also already see many use to it. The first to be experimented is to add it to the anima of fire to have a more steady flame with the metal bunsen heaters.
The cement has been stabilised by adding small rocks to it. Once dry it is pretty tough and has a brownish colour.
They cover parts of the ground they want to build a tower on with it. The building of these foundations needs an big quantity of rocks and gravel. The bit they managed to find would not be enough. The blacksmiths also claim for more rocks to extract metal which will be needed for the towers. A scouting patrol is sent to the north east to find some (100km a day).

Roll for stone-pit research.

>> No.22735848

Self-GM here.

A massive underground lake lies right above their heads, food is far away, but at least they will be watered well. This also explains the huge stalactites on their ceiling, dripping water. It is collected in buckets of stone, carved by the workers.

>> No.22737239
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>> No.22737519

Rolled 20, 6 = 26

The Hunters continue unabated. They decide that the best way to ride a Lasmar is to stick some food on the end of a stick and then get on the Lasmar's back. They think that since the food will always go faster than the Lasmar it will continue to run faster and faster to catch it. Stopping is an issue they agree can be figured out when it comes to it. One suggests that they kill the mount and he is promptly lashed to the back of a cart, his toes dangling above the ground as they travel.

The Craftsmen are furious that Ikway torched the ancient city, enraged that any knowledge to be gained from such a place has been lost to his "purging" flames. Mutinous talks begin to circulate the small groups the Craftsmen form all basically griping about Ikway's rule. No leader has emerged so the dissent remains mostly as dark talks.

While they aren't griping among themselves, the Craftsmen work on refining the armor used by the Hunters. They attempt to make it more light-weight while also increasing mobility.

Rolling for:
Riding, Round II
Armor refinement

>> No.22737691

The travelers follow the hunter back to his village.
Early attempts at masonry result in a few crushed people. The new swords are very fine for a first attempt and will work. Building off earlier attempts, crates were not so hard to make, but are rather disposable in nature. A new mine is built with relative safety and starts producing geodes and metallic nuggets. The wood the tribe comes across is brittle, if it cannot be found, can it be treated somehow, to make it behave as they wish?
>>22729188 (onol read up)
The scouts descended into the pits to discover another tribe of strange digging creatures. So far they have been unnoticed.
no resources are near the road, other then dirt. The southern settlement was reliant on outside shipments for now, but that was no issue with the new road. The Small koburrog tribes flock to the Hu'raan. They offer so much and ask for almost nothing compared to their old life. Soon word spreads, the Hu'raan offer is like a legend known by many tribes. Lords of the old ages, back when the Koburrog ruled the world.
the basic scaffolding for the dome is established. the hot earth exploration goes both deep and wide, eventually finding a small cavern. the glass piping shatters.
The stone pit research is successful and the tribe gains new understanding from the project.

>> No.22737801

Onol's not in the southern plains at all. His civilization is way far north in the desert, under part of the original construction of the long road.

>> No.22737911

Rolled 4

Mmh, yeah, but what i would need is a quarry. Just tell me if and at what distance i can find one. And by advance i roll here for the minerals.

>> No.22738678

Rolled 15, 5 = 20


As the experiments with the glass production expand, the artisans find it exceedingly difficult to recall the various experiments and their results that they had already performed.
Because of this, some of them have started developing some sort of way to record these results. Some are trying to use simple carved markings on pulpwood boards to depict certain results, though as the marks aren't universally understood by the tribe, much confusion lingers around these efforts. (Zu-nul lack a written language, though maybe this could be the start of that development.)
Meanwhile, the experiments on the glass production, shaping and coloring continues.

Rolling for:
Developing a method to mark down the knowledge gained from the experiments.
Continued experimentation with the glass.

(Just gonna roll for these two things. I am too lazy to bother to do anything more, and my interest in this game has decreased somewhat. I am just not feeling inspired, and the fact that I can't get absolutely anything drawn is freaking depressing.)

>> No.22738874

my bad, the strange holes i described were onol's population. fuck it. can be another pusmal tribe. proceed.
if what you were going for was a quarry the first time, you got one, with you picking the location. The mineral content thus far is mostly light metals in low quantities.
The zul'nul's written language starts off more as a system of detailed formulas and ingredients, procedural. This bleeds over into day to day annotation as well. Glass work continues on at a very slow pace.
(take it easy man, whenever you want.)

>> No.22740763

Rolled 12, 13 = 25

Araeskele brings the eggs of the Mauler Ramel, as they are eventually called, back to camp. In the coming years, she would continue to raise and breed them, familiarizing them with the rest of their people.

With the right proportion of clay, sand, and limestone which turned out to be the key ingredient, the Ighqatar devise a substance that hardens and can bear sufficient weight to support roofs, and even two-story buildings. Doors are still made of wood, but exterior doors are reinforced with the new aluminum bronze alloy.

The new alloy is also seeing increased use in tools and weapons throughout the tribe. With such sturdy materials, the Ighqatar have begun experimenting with machinations built to move along the rough, rocky roads and countryside, with the purpose of transporting both goods and tribesmen.

News of the other tribe lights up the Ighqatar like a wildfire. Is it really possible that there could be an entire other civilization nearby, with their own customs, experience, and technology? Icouri receives word, and questions this traveller on the disposition of this other group of people. After learning little more than the name they call themselvs, she, under unanimous approval of her advisors, begins organizing a diplomatic party to investigate.

Some mischevous adolescents got into a careless metalsmiths shop one night and, for fun, decided to pour some beach sand into a hot furnace. As the metalsmith awoke, he chased them out of his shop. The next morning as he cleaned up, he found a cloudy block of transparent, green material in his furnace. As he tried to dislodge it, it shattered into razor-sharp pieces. He tried to question the boys about it, but they keep their mouths shut. Intrigued, he tries to replicate what he found in his furnace, tossing all sorts of random things in over the next few weeks.

Rolling for:
Development of basic transportation
Discovering glassmaking

>> No.22741043
File: 257 KB, 600x400, QuarryMap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 14, 7, 12, 3, 3, 15 = 54

After several days of travel, the scout troop arrived on the north part of the main river which was on a more hilly and rocky layer of land. They immediately started to build a camp. They then gone back and forth, following the course of the river to bring some material, but finally a good part of the material has been gathered around. The ground was pretty poor on metals, but there were other metals too. They found a bit of tin and copper they were used too. But also two new grey-ish elements which were Aluminium and chromium. (I'll find tribe names and symbol later). The first one reaveled easy to melt but the one was pretty hard to get melting. These two last components were rare on sight. Even rarer, when they managed to spot it without melting it, they sometimes were able to extract at great effort chunks of darker grey (Arsenic trioxide). Melting it revealed to liberate a ill gas. The miners didn't try it themselves again but gathered the rare chunks they got anyway.
But the weakness of the tentouz was a problem to carry minerals back to the worker's camp. The ruler himself thought of making the toolworkers work on his idea of a wooden shell to put on the river.
On the way, they noticed a strange pattern on the ground and a structure above the river. But it was nothing yet to worry their aerial travels.
Eventually, curious ones wanted to try following it up north.

Rolling for:
Trip north of the road.

>> No.22742331

Rolled 20

A small group of explorers repelled down into the openings in the Earth. Upon reaching solid ground again, they each lit up torches so that they could delve deeper in. From the surface, it was clear that the holes were not the work of one of the massive worms, and within, this was dug with deliberation. Farther in, the scratching sounds would get louder, accompanied by random chatter. It was the explorers that they saw them, the creatures within. They had large lower bodies with four lumps on their backs. Going up, there were two arms with what appeared to be shovels instead of hands,their bodies tapered down into a pointed snout.
While observing from behind a ledge, bit of rock crumbled under an explorers hand. One of the creatures noticed the noise of the falling stone and make some sounds itself. Another similar to it, with four eyes, hands, and a bulging head made sounds in return, possibly speaking. The weird creature began walking over to the ledge to investigate.
"The torch! It's going to see the torch light," one proclaimed in a hushed tone. "We need to get out of here."
All that the creature found was two torches left burning on the ground.
Over time, the tribes were taught the Hu-raan way of life, and were encouraged to leave their old customs behind.
Those who went to investigate the pits would ask around to see if they knew anything about the creatures from the pits.
Rolling for seeing if absorbed tribes have knowledge of these creatures.

>> No.22744768

Yakushin ship captains were less than happy with the new road from these Huraan fellows. They worried it would cut in on their trade with this nation, but realized that while the road may be good for individuals and armies on the march, transportation by sea is the best and fastest way to get large amounts of goods to and from the Hu-raan ports and the other nations the Yakushin trade in.

Hastira is a growing port. The young hastiri men do good work, and the the merchants have well built storehouses for their goods. Protection is provided by experienced mercenaries who've been hired to set up permanently in Hastira, and Hastiri that are willing to stand guard in the night for the lazier mercs. Still, the more far-sighted patriarch-merchants notice that once these young men grow old, they will either return home or die, and some will likely return home out of boredom before then, leaving the port without workers and additional guards. They need to make the Hastiri put down roots, and what better way than for them to form families here? They Patriach-merchants offer rewards of slightly exotic goods for those men who establish families in Hastira, and more for every child they have. That should be enough to ensure a future supply of local labor.

>> No.22744779

Rolled 9, 17, 11 = 37

Jever returns from the mainland to Okel. He is changed. After the battle, he had to convince the mercenaries he had hired to stay with him, and he was finally successful with his acts of terror. At first they say he is soft and weak, and has let too many of them die, that he has no stomach to lead and that he is an arrogant, uppercrust fool. He gave the belligerent soldiers a deep frown, and told them of his life, that they knew nothing of jever. He told the mercs of how he had crawled his way up the Yakushin social hierarchy from his lowly parents, one of whom wasn't even a Yakushin, but a Teloki refugee, fleeing the blade runners. Jever enlisted as a guard for a wealthy merchant, and eventually became a captain of a ship for bravery in battle against Teloki pirates. He then grew wealthy, and became a lesser patriarch. Had he not been cheated, had the mercenaries beaten sense into the rabble that Jever gave to them to teach, he would be KING of Utial. Of course some facts could be disputed there, but Jever had unlocked something inside himself then, that thing that had so frigthened the soldiers he gathered under himself for the war. Now they follow, and attempt to imitate, Lord Jever. Speaking of which, Lord Jever wishes to lend his, and his Black Band (he considers the mercenaries his own soldiers now) to kill the beast that plauges Sutul Hills.

Rolling for
Those new weapons (see previous posts)
Encouraging the settling of Hastira
Jever and his Black Band

>> No.22745031

Rolled 17, 16, 19, 4, 11, 19, 4 = 90


Now that we have a working mine, we must start looking for stronger, harder, better materials. We must examine the nuggets that come out of the mine, and name it. We will keep track of the named nuggets and what their properties are.

(This roll will define how much of these my tribe will find in the first attempt at searching the mine for different things)

(rolling for:
1. Iron
2. Copper
3. Tungsten
4. Coal
5. Gold
6. Silver
7. Platinum

(diplomacy will come in my next post)

>> No.22745192


The travelers arrive at the village. They begin looking for the biggest building in the hopes that they will find the chief, or whatever sort of ruler they have. Once they find the leader, they will attempt to begin talks of peace with him. They also offer the finest crystal spear that they have to the leader, to show that they are a friendly people.

>> No.22746340

NG/IG, I'm waiting on results for my rolls.

>> No.22746596

The hunters try out dangling a bunch of fresh leaves in front of the Lasmar, and mount it. It seems to work, and they can change directions by tapping on the Lasmar's side. At the end of the trial run, the Lasmar gets to eat the fresh leaves, and it was then discovered that Running Lasmars will 'bond' to whoever gave the leaves. In this case, it is the rider. The Lasmar will then allow the rider to mount it again in the future.
The craftsmen succeeded in making a lightweight, mobile armor, but currently it's brittle and covers just a bit of them. More improvements must be made.

The Ighqatar have managed to make some sort of sled or travois, which can be pulled by a Torrog or Ramel. The smith has discovered that if you put beach sand in the furnace, it will become a puddle of glass; He found out that it's somewhat malleable while it's hot.

The Hastun found plenty of copper and some raw aluminium ore. Some tin were also found. So far Arsenic were found in very small quantities.
As for the river transports, the toolworkers made it too heavy, and the boat sank to the bottom of a shallow river.
They found strange structures on the ground, partially covered in vegetation. They are definitely not of Hastun make, and it seems like the former inhabitants of these were smaller creatures than the Hastun.

>> No.22746705

how often do you make these threads and gm them?

>> No.22746758

Most of the other tribes have never saw such creatures, but at least two tribes have either heard of them from legends or have had encounters with them. The first tribe, from the southeast mountains, had stories about peaceful underground creatures which would trade with them, that is until a militant Koburrog group chased both out of the mountains. Another tribe, from the far west forests, had claimed one of their scouts have encountered an underground empire when exploring a cave. The creatures wore woven clothing and armor, and there were a sweet aroma coming from one of the chambers. The scout retreated before the creatures could see them. This revelation had sparked a myth about the Pusmal, that they are the secret rulers of the underground, or maybe some kind of guardian.

>> No.22746839

Eh, the threads usually last a long time, sometimes a week or so. New players can join in anytime! As for GM, me and nongent co-DM these threads. Works well since we have differing timezones.

The new weapons were... a little bit below average in quality and performance. Hastira grew well, plenty of kids running around the streets. Maybe there should be some kind of place for these children to go when their parents are busy, some of them are distracting the workers. Jever's Black Band went to hunt the Beast... so far no luck. They found its tracks though, hopefully it leads to its lair so they can ambush it.

>> No.22747180
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I'd say that it's safe to say that these threads are started about once a week, due to what you said. This one thread is actually just passed its 8th full day up a couple hours ago.

>first concept pic of a riding ramel

>> No.22748389
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The mine is very abundant in iron, copper, and tungsten. there is virtually no coal. A reasonable amount of gold, and a very large amount of silver, with almost no platinum. (you do not need to roll again. your tribe will now be short in coal and platinum.
please see >>22746596 its next to your post number under "replies:"
Legion activity

Fortune: A lone scout has spotted a Queen pusmal above ground (bitta) he was spotted though, and to the tribe, did not look friendly. The scout returned back to the legion with reports of a fine prize. A queen, sitting ripe for the taking. A near inexhaustible supply of slaves. Pusmals! they are strong, tireless workers.

All Kwagos tribes: A group of heavily armed traders visit your settlements, how they found you is unknown, though they have strange beasts tied to thick leashes and harnesses sniffing the air. There are many of them, and while fearful looking, they bid you no harm. They are here to trade, barter, and build relations. They offer resources, knowledge, and man power. In exchange they want goods, food, water, or slaves. The slaves need not be of your tribe, if you have nothing to offer they seek a good hunt to round up nomads and could use assistance, this will be pay enough. If you wish nothing, they will leave from whence they came, but they surely have something you desire.

Pusmal tribes: The legion has left you alone, save for fortune's bitta. Pusmals are slaves in the eyes of the legion, either born to a queen or under their custody.

In the legion slaves are treated as such, but fed, sheltered, and clothed. In reality, their day to day life will be little different, if not somewhat better then that within the average pusmal colony. There is no cruelty if there is no disobedience. In life we all have roles we are slaves to, be it the spear, sword, or brick and mortar. why reject this? Submit to the kind slavery of the legion and have absolute purpose.

>> No.22748917

These strange beasts may be better at pulling wagons than torrogs, and perhaps tastier too. We would be interested in purchasing some, and are willing to offer some torrog meat and several barrels of water in return.
We would also like to know what kind of knowledge they have, as we are always looking to expand our tribe.

>> No.22749119

Pusmal tribes: Rumors of your neighboring kin disappearing come and go, sometimes you will burrow into an unexplored tunnel of a nearby colony to find it vacant, long abandoned. Please roll 4d20 in addition to whatever else you are going to roll for. All pusmal tribes, from new to old, onol to fortune.

Tentouz : bobbing on the wind currents you find a very deflated airship. It is more advanced then what you could have imagined, but not outside the realm of possibility. It is partially stuck on the top of the trees and loaded with cargo. Some of it is damaged, others not. Please roll 4d20 like above.

Bronze: A small family returns with news of a wrecked ship of unknown origin off the coast. Upon scouting out the wreck, it is night fall on and a tropical wind blows across the beach. A series of lanterns glow near a tarp set up by the edge of a hole in the wrecked ship, laying on it's side. A group of strange bipeds are moving crates and barrel out of it, attempting to patch the hole, but it is quite large, and the damage is quite extensive, even to an untrained eye. ((they are hoppas of the alun, possibly nad'lun/ crimson slizers))

>> No.22749344

Rolled 15, 20, 20, 19, 11 = 85

Our previous attempt to learn how to make structures out of stone went... well... rather poorly. We must try again, as it will become very useful in the defense of our peoples, as well as look very nice.
This 'tungsten' that we found is very heavy. Perhaps we could make some defenses out of it. If we can melt it, then mold it into large spear-like things, we might be able to have it behind our drawbridge, and use a similar idea of how we raise the drawbridge to lift or lower the thing that we shall call a 'portcullis'.
Perhaps we can take this 'copper' and shape it into something that looks like barrels, but much smaller, thinner, longer and not having a lid on it. We could use it to transport water and other liquids underground to and from different buildings.
We must find materials that are easily shaped, but then hardens later.
If we can make small links of gold and/or silver, we can combine it with some crystals to make beautiful necklaces and other such jewelry. If we want our tribe to be known as something, let it be that we are excellent jewelers.

(rolling for:
1. retry research masonry
2. research/build tungsten portcullis
3. research/build copper pipes
4. search for clay
5. research/build crystal jewelry build with gold/silver

>> No.22749696

ill repsond when you get to the rest of my post, but i dont think you reviewed it fully. your tribe are kwagos right?

>> No.22749897
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Rolled 11

The boats are too heavy. But one thing that the tentouz have a good idea of is densities and Archimedes forces. They try this time to add ballons filled with normal atmosphere air around the shell to make it float. They also attach more ropes to it in order to be able to save it if it would be about to be sank.


>> No.22749976
File: 6 KB, 800x800, Quarry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 15, 15 = 30

First, the ingeneers try to make the ship work. If they are successful at it, they would unmount it precociously to analyse the materials used.
Scouts wander inside the dead village. First, realising that these buildings were a work of something with greater abilities than the mere creatures, they worn their more friendly colours hoping to find other tentouz (they don't know of the other races). But their UV sensibility quickly revealed the place to be really desert. They then searched for anything interesting to he tribe (a pic of this village would also be lovely if you have).

Analysing ship, exploring city.

>> No.22750202

My tribe are kwagos, and if you are referring to the encounter, i have responded, but i was unsure if i needed to roll.

and let me know if i need to roll for them.

>> No.22750257

Rolled 16, 7, 17 = 40

Derp, here is for the ship, 3 more dice.

>> No.22750597
File: 10 KB, 792x213, 1335843977715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>22749897 >>22749976 >>22750257
the domestic boat floats. The new ship was easily repairable and with some study, is apparently made of a bark like substance, mixed with some sort of resin, pressed into sheets. The sheets were cut to shape to make a very lightweight structure with a very large gas bag floating above it. The tentouz were sure they could apply this to their own designs. The ship had rudders, and sails used to direct it in the air, and a simple yet robust system to do so.
((gained a large amount of knowledge on ship building, pulleys, levers, and simple wood gears on your own examinations of the "wreck".))
inside the ship were barrels of seeds, with strange markings on them, though one marking seemed to be on all the barrels. Inside them are a variety of seeds that have never been seen before, as well as dried meats and fruits, leathers and furs. A small chest in the back seems to contain a map, but unlike any they have seen before. Next to it is a strange tube thing, and a large box with numerous little rolls of paper that contain a strange powder with a little metal ball in the front. (500 count paper rolls, 1 tube object)
I wanted you to read my post, and respond in RP style, yes or no to this. >>22748389
All Kwagos tribes: A group of heavily armed traders visit your settlements, how they found you is unknown, though they have strange beasts tied to thick leashes and harnesses sniffing the air. There are many of them, and while fearful looking, they bid you no harm. They are here to trade, barter, and build relations. They offer resources, knowledge, and man power. In exchange they want goods, food, water, or slaves. The slaves need not be of your tribe, if you have nothing to offer they seek a good hunt to round up nomads and could use assistance, this will be pay enough. If you wish nothing, they will leave from whence they came, but they surely have something you desire.

>> No.22750773

Rolled 2, 7, 5, 13, 9 = 36

Toolworkers and stewards worked together trying to make the new wooden layered material.
All this new notions of axle mechanics was a mess for the confirmed workers. But young adults which did not have yet a job to do were very interested.
While analysing the tube thing, one pulled one of the four rings and triggered a clicking noise (which he felt more than he heard). They tried to put the balls alone: nothing. The sack alone: explosion! Both: Shooting. After this conclusive result, tool workers couldn't resist the urge to unmount the thing and blacksmiths to melt the balls and set fire to a sack of powder. Also, ate it. It was untastefull but full of good minerals, so it gave a shot of energy (nitrates are not poisonous for tentouz).
Seeds: a common thing to the tentouz, but they never realised its role in vegetable life.
Yet, curious youngs decided to take a part of it before stewards cook it all.

Rolling for:
Wooden material.
Analysing axle mechanics.
Melting bullets.
Cooking seeds.
Analysing seeds.

What about the town?

>> No.22751677

Rolled 8, 8 = 16

>For Bronze
While there were a number of coastal communities, the Yakushin traders would find there to not be a single port town among them. All were fishing villages. No docks. Not even a boat of any form. Just scared koburrogs wading waist-deep into the waters to throw out nets.
When any traders did come down to them, they'd always take the road through the desert.
>Koburrogs have a natural fear of water since they cannot swim due to their heavy skeletons and development in the desert.

The maps of the desert suggest that a shortcut could be made to Nutera by going strait south, either near the edge of the mountains though the desert, or along the coastal side of the mountain range.
However, this did not stop settlers from heading down along it. Numerous lumber camps and farms popped up along the road.

Rolling for exploration of the eastern coast, and exploring along the desert side of the eastern range.
Side with better score gets the new road due to findings.

>> No.22751729

Rolled 1

>Rolled 8, 8
>Side with better score gets the new road
Um... Time to flip a coin I guess?

>> No.22752763

I will RP this, and RP it well. You have unleashed the RP machine. My next post will be one you won't believe.

probably won't be as good as I make it seem

>> No.22753065


The gate watchmen spot a large group approaching. As they get get closer, they see that the group are heavily armed and armored. The watchmen grow worried and retreat inside the Motte-and-bailey and summon all capable men to defend our lands in case they are hostile. Snag is also informed of the group and a runner is sent to the other Motte-and-bailey via the secret tunnels. As the group approaches the drawbridge, they are stopped by the people who have taken up arms to defend the homelands. They are equipped with the finest crystal spears, metal swords and are also carrying fire nets. Snag walks out from among the militia to greet the group. He is wearing some of the finest jewelry that the tribe has ever made. He begins by saying "Welcome to our lands. Do not be fearful of the people behind me, they are here only to ensure that they will defend our lands if you are not hostile. You look thirsty and hungry, perhaps we can sort that." snag turns around and summons 2 people carrying barrels of water and 2 people with crates of torrog meat. After presenting these, Snag then says to the group "Please, enjoy. Now, What can we do for you fine gentlemen?"

>> No.22753086


The gate watchmen spot a large group approaching. As they get get closer, they see that the group are heavily armed and armored. The watchmen grow worried and retreat inside the Motte-and-bailey and summon all capable men to defend our lands in case they are hostile. Snag is also informed of the group and a runner is sent to the other Motte-and-bailey via the secret tunnels. As the group approaches the drawbridge, they are stopped by the people who have taken up arms to defend the homelands. They are equipped with the finest crystal spears, metal swords and are also carrying fire nets. Snag walks out from among the militia to greet the group. He is wearing some of the finest jewelry that the tribe has ever made. He begins by saying "Welcome to our lands. Do not be fearful of the people behind me, they are here only to ensure that our lands will be protected if you turn out to be hostile. You look thirsty and hungry, perhaps we can sort that." snag turns around and summons 2 people carrying barrels of water and 2 people with crates of torrog meat. After presenting these, Snag then says to the group "Please, enjoy. Now, What can we do for you fine gentlemen?"

>> No.22753364
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This actually doesn't get mentioned enough. There are language barriers. Unknown civilizations speak different languages, provided that they speak at all. If these Enclave traders are Lem, they may or may not use vocal communication. I'm not entirely sure. If Frowgmen, then they definitely use vocalization, and have a vague resemblance to Kwagos.

>> No.22753750

I am RPing that Snag just assumes that they will speak the same language, as he has never met anyone that has not.

>> No.22755269


>> No.22756346

The new wooden material is difficult to make, but previous experience makes it not so hard. The idea is simple. Wood like pulp, combined with glue, and pressed into sheets. the mixture is off though so this wood is not for ship building, but actually quite flexible and leather like. This new mechanic is entirely new! So many moving things...The study often results into simply playing with the various mechanisms. These bullets are of a harder material then what has been previously experimented with, and resist the fire's heat. These seeds are totally unknown, and taste different, some of them have fallen to the grounds below into the swampy soil. Wild Azrach and Hrass rapidly take root in an environment where nothing has been designed to eat them yet. Though some of the pack herbivores have been sniffing. The tentouz keeps this patch of plant life as his own little project. the town is full of ruins, and with some work the tribe manages to pull some of them down, these buildings are made of cut stone! Much easier then digging it up themselves! Fuck history, whoever was here before does not need them. Time to strip the town of all resources!
>>22751677 >>22751729
The Koburrogs briefly considered building twin roads, but then said "no. we hate water and it sucks" and lo, did they build the road through the desert. On occasion a new breed of sandworm has been seen, it will burst out of the sand as if it swims through it like water, to snatch the unwary off the road.
The Legion forces did not understand but a translation slave turned to it's master and explained. This slave had been captured from the local area, and with the use of several other slaves eventually bridged the language barrier. In time only one slave was needed. Unexpected to find, but welcomed. They greet with an offering of hospitality, backed with a show of strength. Good. Good.

>> No.22756450

((razorclaw continued))
"Food and drink are welcomed, we have traveled far. Our Chattel need rest and recovery as well, they are not used to the legion way of life yet, and are unfamiliar with their new role in the grand scheme of things." The officer gestured with a sweeping motion towards the slaves who are clad in chains and rags. "we would request a place to rest for the night as well." He paused for a moment gesutring the cargo bearers forward "We have come here as explorers, and traders, we offer metals, furs, leathers, cloth, armor and weapons, though perhaps the armor may not fit your unique frame without some alteration. Knowledge is mostly free, for we have much of it and the world needs to be civilized, it is the legion's burden to do this. We see your work and surely you understand how thankless it is to domesticate the land." The translation slave continued on "We can teach knowledge, writing if you have no such skill, and our native tongue, little things like poetry and art if you so wish, and finally, we deal in slaves. We have come looking to trade for more slaves, or to sell slaves. If you have none, we can hunt the nomads with you as brothers, or we will gladly take those from your tribe who are unproductive"

The legion is unaware of how they may appear to the outside world, or even that slavery could seem wrong. It is the way of things, everyone is a slave to a role in life, from the leaders to the warriors, it is often the lowest who fight hardest against their given station, unaware their lives are made harder for it. To submit is to know mercy. this philosophy is explained as they drink and eat.

>> No.22757430


Snag is shocked to learn that there are languages other than the one that he uses, but is glad when things manage to get translated. After Snag listens to what the slave translates what the officer said, he pauses for a long time. He is weighing the possible risks with the seemingly great rewards. After a while, he finally speaks up. "You are welcome to stay in our village as long as you wish, but you or your men will not be allowed to enter the higher level of our settlement, as we do not yet fully know you." Snag then turns to his closest adviser and starts whispering to him. A few moments later he turns round and asks "We are in need of some stronger, larger 'creatures' to pull out wagons, and perhaps do other things, but we do not want to use tribe members for this, as we do not believe in that thing, as you do. We are always interested in knowledge and would love for you to teach us everything you know."
The group of travelers are welcomed to the village and are taken to some houses that were previously owned by people who have died. Snag then has a conversation with the officer, using the translator, about all the technology the tribe has discovered, how new chiefs are chosen, and other important facts about the tribe, including the second village with the other people who joined the tribe. He also tells the officer of the tribes quest to have lights that are not fires, in the hopes that the officer will know something that could help.

>> No.22760341

The Riding Hunters begin to care for one Lasmar each often having those who care for the mounts watch them each night when the Rii'Dan stop for the night.

The Craftsmen look into developing a weapon that the Rider's can use whilst they are riding the Lasmar, hoping to increase their effectiveness in combat and hunting.

A figure has risen from the ranks of the dissenters, Inan'Cic. He begins to organize the Craftsmen who are dissatisfied with Ikway's rule. Inan'Cic's biggest dissatisfaction is that Ikway hasn't proven his abilities, rising to the ruling position through luck rather than any form of merit.

Rolling for:
Lasmar watches
Weapon dev
Inan'Cic preparations

>> No.22760672

Rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8

whoops, capped my dice

>> No.22760782
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The written language of the Zu-nul is very systematic, resembling reaction formulas more than text. It is filled with simple symbols and basic hieroglyphs, which were developed by the small group of artisans who came up with the language in the first place, and thus, it is quite consistent. Of course, it has not spread to common use among the rest of the tribe, due to both it's newness and due to it's detached nature from normal suzumou communication. Between artisans and builders, this language however has grown in popularity, as it allows these experts to better plan and design their projects, as well as maintain a clear consensus of what they are doing. When all the plans for a project have been carved to a pulpwood sheet, mistakes become much rarer.

This language has not gone unnoticed however. The Wormseers find it quite intriguing, and have started their own project that seeks to modify this language to common use, making it easier to understand, as well as more flexible, so that it can better be utilized to write down thoughts, lessons and orders.
With this language, they could potentially record down their knowledge, and preserve it. Of course, there are detractors. Some, older wormseers see this language as unnecessary, as Zhen-qual already stores and holds all the wisdom the tribe could potentially need. However, their opposition to the idea has not yet stopped the younger ones from experimenting.
(The younger generations of wormborn are actually much less indoctrinated than the older ones, due to the fact that Zhen-qual utilizes the neural torture in them when they are still gestating, so that they would become more resilient to mind intrusions. Of course, she hasn't yet realized that the process makes the wormborns resistant to her indoctrination as well. This has gone on for few decades, but as wormborns live longer than normal suzumou, the older, more indoctrinated ones are still living.)

>> No.22760795
File: 75 KB, 800x600, Zu-nul glass and gem objects.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In Sul Az, the development of the glass production methods continue. Experiments are done, and results are marked down. The artisans are seeking to find ways of making more flexible glass, harder glass, colored glass and so on. The high output glass production of the city has made it quite wealthy and populous. The artisans trade their glass goods for material and food from Az Khalat, while many aspiring artisans and gem shapers come to the city to learn from the glass masters new skills.
Beautiful glass and gem jewelry is made in this city, as many of the methods used in shaping glass are also applicable to the gems. Because of this, Sul Az has grown into the jewelry capital of the Zu-nul tribe. Even though gems are found in Az Khalat, and gem shaping trade originates from there, the focus has shifted to the new settlement of glass, as the skills have centered there.
Of course, Sul Az is entirely dependent on Az Khalat's supplies of food and materials for it's survival...for now.

While Sul Az is the center point of jewelry, Az Khalat is still the heart of developing innovations based on the gem and glass lenses. Generally, gems are only used in objects intended for the wormborns, while normal suzumou use more readily available glass based ones. These tools and trinkets based on the lenses are things like simple spy glasses and magnifying glasses, colored glass windows in temples, and ornate staffs used by the wormseers.
Of course, development of these objects still continues. Some artisans for example, are trying to utilize the light bending qualities of the glass and gems, to illuminate their otherwise quite dark structures. They seek to use lenses and gems to direct some sunlight to their structures and tunnels, so that they would be in the ideal lighting conditions. (Twilight for the suzumou, who are actually mostly nocturnal species, though they can operate during daylight as well.)

>> No.22760820
File: 19 KB, 800x600, Zu-nul armor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 4, 8, 18, 7, 4, 6, 9, 2 = 58


Now that the praetorian had managed to get the worms to agree to her proposal, she begins to further develop the worm rider idea. She trains both the hybrid worms and her warriors to fight in unison, utilizing each other's strengths for their common advantage.
Zhen-qual is puzzled by this, but for now is content at just observing. She has bigger plans in her mind. Seeing how her recent experiments seemed to have been failures, she tries to find new ways of unlocking the core of her essence. She begins to develop yet another set of experimental spawn, drawing from the essences she had claimed from the lesser worm breeds, and mixing them, in hopes that the hybrids would give her more clues to her own being.
While this is happening, she sends Drake to east, to seek out lairs of other godworms...she has grown paranoid, what if the others had succeeded in where she had failed? She hadn't heard any whispers of the others in two centuries..it was time to check up on her rivals once more.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Continued development of the new language (making int even more coherent, and easy to use.)
The wormseers making their own variant of the language for their purposes.
Continued development of the glass production ways.
Developing the usage of lenses. (Better spy glasses and so on)
Using lenses to illuminate the structures and tunnels.
Developing the worm riders.
Zhen-qual's next experiment. (She has no actual idea of what she is doing.)
Drake seeking out other godworms from east.

>> No.22762296

Why is the window a vagina?

>> No.22763141

Can't unsee.

>> No.22763920


>> No.22764271

The legion offers to stay with them, and teach them some of what they know, but in return they want crystal, ore, and resources in general. They could use help rounding up the local nomadic population, which is a compromise. If this is done, the legion shall teach them military tactics and fighting.
Lasmar are apparently not very nocturnal, and sleep heavily. The Sworderang was a horrible idea. It decapitated others then would fly back to cut out a lasmer's legs from under it. The carnage was high. Inan'cic thinks that a bag full of rocks per individual is enough. "you can throw them, or beat with them, we cover all ranges of combat and are thus invincible!" the worst part is he is a good speaker and has convinced his followers of such.
the new language remains very formulaic, but gains new things that resemble integers and powers above existing hieroglyphs that somehow modify a thought. The wormseer's own variant is a more flowing, liquid format, that is quicker to write and harder to decipher for the unknowing, but is more useful as coded messages then teaching the masses. The glass foundries boil day and night, with numerous new techniques allowing radical new shaping and coloration, the biggest one though, is tempering. The glass can now be made to act more like stone, or shatter in a controlled manner. Prior experience with glass work allows for rudimentary improvements to lenses, enough that in time they will get better. Illuminating lenses do not happen, but the most black and opaque of obsidian is used as a mirror to reflect the light into the tunnels, in time curvatures will be applied to them for better quality. The worm riders are very few in number, as there are very few spawn. Zhen-qual's next progeny leaves her feeling exhausted as it gestates, perhaps something is wrong. The worst thing that could happen on the long journey did. Drake had time to think. He came across the hulking remains of long dead worms.

>> No.22764313

drake would begin to doubt his mother's own ability to survive in the long run, and what it would mean for their tribe, but perhaps more importantly, his spawn. Eventually contact was made with two other great worms, one who outright had it's swarm chase him away, and another who conversed for many days, apparently near the end of it's life but rather gregarious in nature. It had come to understand the world in it's own way, that the grand scheme was more of a motivation to continue on, perhaps not some obtainable goal. It was an odd time, while the worm was happy, it's people mourned the great beast's imminent death, with elaborate funerary rites and display, perhaps because it would be the end of their lives as well.

>> No.22765289

ill be gone for the next two days. if someone would kindly carry the torch, make a new thread, and press on, it would be appreciated. onward towards progress!

>> No.22765714

Rolled 3, 1, 16, 6, 12, 3 = 41

From the guesswork in figuring the value of copper nuggets, they become less and less common as a standard unit for trade. In their place are actual coins of the metal. Raw copper is collected by trading food for it. Once gathered, it is melted down, poured into square casts, and then stamped with the imperial seal.
Up in To'kwar, a shady deal is taking place. In the royal palace, a hooded figure slips a guard a heavy coin purse, at the same time whispering "That's the beginning. If this goes off according to plan, there'll be much more where that came from. Don't forget. Two days from today."
"Of course, my lord."
With supplies similar to those presented to the Hu-raan in the past by emissaries from both the Hitangan or Yakushin traders, a group of Koburrogs descend into the pits again. This time, with plans to make contact with the enigmatic race within.
In the foothillls of the mountains, there is another hunt for metals, or any other material of value from within earth.

Rolling for mining attempts in the mountains (5), and making contact with the pusmal.
>Metals, coal, decorative stone. Anything is good.

>> No.22765750


How many legion troops are there in this group?
It is important for my next post.

>> No.22765927
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The mountains yielded very little in the way of useful metal or coal. Instead A type of stone was found, that is apparently ideal for building. It is dark, dark orange, with massive rich veins of gold running in it. The pusmals seem to have walled up the tunnel that the koburrog's first went into, but the wall is weak and soon torn down. Onward!
The legion forces probably number half of your village, with another half again in slaves. These traders are a sort of mobile, long term, expeditionary/ merchant/ professional military force. They will stay away from home for years at a time, discovering new tribes and resources, then return home. ((feel free to have been told this in character as well.)) Whatever your plans, fortune favors the bold, but be willing to roll with the consequences.

>> No.22765954

new thread. >>22765946

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