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Do any of you guys fluff out your Regiments/Chapters/Cabals/Craftworlds/Septs/WAGGHHHS/Tombs/Cults/Summonings?

I do, and not that I care if you dont like the fact that people genuinely care for their plastic crack, but whats wrong with a little fluff with my crunch?

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i have my own necron dynasty, basically they were one house of the the necrontyr mafia that stayed together after the bio transference out of mutual opportunity to do mafia related shenanigans. each lord in my cournt is a praetorian that each have their own fluff i created for them.

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want to delve deeper or no?

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Thanks to the likes of Deathwatch: Rites of Battle and Only War, yes, I've managed to get my motivation springboarded into actually making fluff my my chapter/regiment

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Since my latest list has both Tzeentchian and Nurgle units, I feel I need to justify it with fluff. The Nurgle Lord and Tzeentch Sorcerer are in an alliance where they've promised each other something and will back stab at every opportunity.

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Most of the guys at my LGS think fluff is stupid, but they all dumped their former armies when grey knights came out.

Im the only Imperial Guard player that frequents the place. The rest are Draigowing players.

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>The rest are Draigowing players.

Wow, talk about easy wins for you! Haha

They must've been super butthurt with the 6th edition changes.

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They are always butthurt.

I brought in Black Catchcan (dubbed the Dul'Malyin Jungle Raiders) with fluff approved by the majority of /tg/ and they still bitched.


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My sympathies, I think the fluff is what makes the game, whenever I challenge my friend it feels good to call out something along the lines of 'Any whimpering pups of the false-emperor willing to see what a real warrior is?' Then having my challenger promptly fall over dead due to bad rolls.

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I make an Army group comprised of the before named Dul 'Malyin, the Savox 181st (cadians) and Vallhalens.

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death korps are best IG you have good tastes and should feel better knowing this

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What points sizes you play? I was about to say you can't get that many of each of the different styles but then I remembered: Guard.

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Overlord is the leader of the An'sul tekh dynasty, which is a extremely small client dynasty of the Sautekh.

They are extremely small in number because of the constant tithes that they have to pay to Imotekh to preserve their sovereignty but adapt by conquering through subversion and extensive use of Mind Shackle Scarabs.

Often the ranks of their enemies suffer "unseen rebellion and discontent", they turn against one another and by the time the Invasion arrives the world is already in so much turmoil and their defenses shattered.
This leaves for an easy mop up without having to risk the few necron legions they actually possess.

I'm also thinking of them being highly reliant on canoptek constructs as their actual fighting force because they just don't have the numbers for normal engagements like other tombs/

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My DA successors are based on the moon of a planet rife with Tzeentch cults. The chapter's main focus is intelligence (politics, intrigue, subterfuge and such) there is some more stuff i have written down somewhere

My IG are basically the planet's PDF, it is a parody of republican USA. Fighty, highly religious nationalistic rednecks unwittingly herded by a shadow network of Tzeentch-worshiping businessmen and politicians.

My brother has Slaanesh-Nurgle CSM, i'm making fluff for those together with him, so far we have that the lords of the two warbands are fraternal twins, but worship different gods

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I love making my own fluff.

My Traitor Guard/Cultist army is a collection of different soldiers from places I call 'Groznies' [<-named because my guys are Chechens IN SPACEEEE]. Their planet, like all Imperial planets, was heavily fortified as it was close to the Eye of Terror, and produced enormous amount of war material. Sadly, they were rather backwards, so only produced Auto weapons, missile launchers, as well as other kinetic weapons, as well as Malcadors and Sentinels.

Around M.39 an enormous cult of deranged Slaaneshi worshipers began using PA systems linked to infernal songs to drive the populace insane. Most of the populace went batshit crazy, killing and feeding on each other, as well as engaging in public orgies. The ludicrous amount of lecherousness drew in the Eye of Terror, and the planet [Nachtvar] was engulfed.

Unfortunately for the invaders and the Slaaneshi cultists, the insane Nachtvaris weren't so passive as could of been expected. The greater amount of Nachtvari soldiers and their families fortified their massive factories, and they became nigh-unbreachable fortresses. For what seemed like an eternity, they battled other "Groznies" [what the factories are called], the Slaaneshi cults, daemons, and Traitors. They grew in ability, and number, pumping out both natural and clone born soldiers, cleansing the weak in the name of their new Dark Gods. Eventually Nachtvar, though still a Daemon World by all intent, became a wasteland, with Daemons and Spawn roaming empty Hives, crawling under the massive Groznies.

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At about the very beginning of M.41, a Warband of Black Legionnaires [my CSM army], led by Scarzeck Orion, decided they wanted these Groznies to work and produce for them. Their terminatours came teleporting down, easily killing the leaders of the largest Groznies. Claiming leadership, the Nachtvari saw a chance to be allied to a great power. They pledged themselves to Abaddon and the Black Legion, under Scarzeck. The Slaaneshi worshippers and their insane populace, 3:1 larger in number than the Nachtvari Groznies, were rounded up by a Slaaneshi Aspiring Champion named Neros.

Now the two incredibly large Warbands, with the Warmaster's blessing, have turned Nachtvar into a planet as well fortified as Medrengard. Unfortunately the bands are weak outwardly, as they do not by any means have enough to transport their full might. Scarzeck, more powerful than Neros, uses his respectably sized fleet to transport both his and Neros's band. Yet the 15-20 million capable fighters of the Cultists and the Grozni fighters will never be fielded at once, instead making Nachtvar safe from upstarts, and building weapons in the name of Abaddon.

Currently they are fighting on Cadia. Scarzeck's main fleet is destroyed, blown apart by the Imperial Navy when they consolidated their blockade of the remaining Chaos forces. The Lord Scarzeck, fortunately, escaped with the bulk of his remaining forces, but has left around 2 million Nachtvari Grozni fighters. Also, much to Scarzeck's delight, Neros and almost all of his battle-ready Slaaneshi cultists are there as well. These fighters have turned a Kasr on Cadia into a series of Groznies, like their home world, with the 10 million Slaaneshi cultists inhabiting the underground.

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I have a Slaanesh force that spans both Fantasy and 40k. I have Daemons on square bases so I can play them in either game.

In 40k, my CSM are lead by a cabal of Emperor's Children, with recruited marines lower in the heirarchy, and cultists at the bottom. The cultists are Cirque de Rien, a wild band of performers obsessed with aesthetic that descended into a sex and death cult. They are under the employ of a heretic Inquisitor, my counts as Sorcerer. He believes that there will be a single perfect aesthetic experience that will cause his enlightenment. And so he uses sorcery to create moments of intense sensation throughout the galaxy.

My fantasy army is not as fleshed out. It is mostly marauders. I like to imagine they are sorta like the cossacks. Raiding when they need, trading when they need, partying always.

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So yes, I love making my own fluff. The Nachtvari, [I wish I had a camera lol] are made with Cadian torsos, but have Max-Mini generic male heads, AKs, and I've made RPG-7s and PKMs for them. They have fur around the shoulders, and fur pelts, to make them look more vicious, some chains, spikes, ext. I also cut up the heads with scars. They have grey uniforms and black legion esque armour. I have, at the moment, around 30 of them. I use IG rules for them

Neros and his cultists are different. The average cultists is a mixture of dark purple and black, with a purple ink finish. They are most made up of Dark Vengeance cultists. His more 'elite' cultists are a mixture of Catachan and Flagellants, cut up Hellraiser style with chains and such, and I'm planning on buying Pig Iron 'feral hooded' heads for them. They use CSM rules, with Neros and his retinue being Lord+Chosen, cultists as bulk, with support from Hellbrutes, Defilers, and Spawn [not defilers as of yet, I have to save for them].

My Black Legionnaires number around 30 at the moment too. I hope to have a big collection by the end to properly represent my fluff. To the Final Glory of Chaos, tg/entlemen!

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Here's my DA successors' scheme

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Since I play as ulthwe I can't exactly create fluff, so I create fluff on my characters,
For example: my autarch;
Since this is ulthwe I have it as fluff that he leads what little aspect warrios that the craftworld has and so is used to leading small forces.
On top of that he has an extreme distrust of Biel-Tan, to the extent whenever Biel-Tan is involved in somthing he almost certainly utters the phrase: "Never trust Biel-Tan" the the extent that he'd rather trust humans first
Futhermore he has a rival autarch in Biel-Tan, one who is used to leading much larger forces.

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So I've got this story in my head in which Rival autarch with a large Biel-Tan force (which has an avatar to boot), A small force of Saim-Hann, and My Autarch have just helped a detachment of death korps with a pretty large Chaos invasion.
However, Biel-Tan being the traitorous back-stabbers they are want to now kill their former guard allies - as is their reputation in their entry in the codex.
So my autarch (being from ulthwe) is having none of this shit and says they should let them live as they were pretty good at kicking Chaos ass and would probably be very good at continuing to do so.
Biel-Tan Autarch says they're going to do it anyway (also so as to spite his ulthwe rival)
Sai-Hann being the brilliant and honourable bastards they are suggest a single combat between each army (This is a common thing for Saim-Hann as stated in the codex)
The armies of Biel-Tan and Ulthwe would each select a champion and the victor would decide the fate of the guard forces.

My autarch nominates himself obviously and expected his rival to do the same
Oh no,
The rival delcared in infront of all the armies eldar and human "I nominate Kaela Mensha Khaine: The bloody-handed god"

>"Never trust Biel-Tan"

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I might write a full first-person narration of the combat if there is enough interest.

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>Chechens.... in SPAAACCEEE
Totaly stolen, I needed some good fluff for my army.
Chechens in space against my buddies Russians in space IG. Nice.

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For my Loyalist Space Marines, they are the Storm Fists. Imperial Fists successor chapter, based on the Death World Tempestade. They are out in the far eastern fringe, and frequently battle against the Tau Empire, as well as the encroaching Tyranid menace.

Speaking of Tyranids, I've also got Hive Fleet Golem. Tends to favor large, brute force assaults, instead of wasting biomass on small creatures.

My Chaos Marines, the Sons of Fulgrim, is my pure Slaaneshi offshoot of Emperors Children. They are currently raiding out near the Koronus Expanse.

And then for Fantasy I have Lord Ta'pa'tee-oh, the Slaan Mage priest who presides over the temple city of En-chi'la'ta. Mostly an army with lots of hot sauce and Mexican food puns.

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Making your own fluff is the best thing about 40k.

Here is my 30k World Eaters army Fluff.

The 12th Assault Company was one of the oldest parts of the nascent XII Legion, serving in the Sa’afrik Liberation and the Cerebus Incident. It’s commander Nrahkaal was one of the founding members of the War Hounds, a Terran recruited from the prison of Diementsland who rose through command based on his talents for cool headed leadership, a characteristic rare in the War Hounds. His second in command, Centurion Holder developed Psychic powers and became induced into the Legion Librarius, his skills aiding Nrahkaal immensely. Nrahkaal took a serious head injury just before the reunification with the Primarch, so he was unable to recieve the Buthcer's Nails. This, combined with his friendship with Librarian Holder marked him out from his brothers, and he was increasingly marginalised. His 12th Assault Company was deployed away from the Legion when Isstvan III happened, fighting remants of the Ullanor Empire, and he swiftly broke from his traitorous Legion and reclaimed the title of War Hounds for his company. They fought against the Warmaster's forces as they advanced on Terra alongside Imperial Fists and Iron Hands forces, but were slowly worn down in the struggle and finally vanished in the chaos of the Invasion of Terra. Of their final fate, nothing is known.

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