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We haven't had one of these in a while, and quests lately seem to be unimaginative.

Which ones were the best and why? Which ones were the worst and why? What should be emulated? Avoided? What are you following? What are you dropping?

Advice to new questgivers? Interesting rules or story conventions to borrow/steal? Good and bad conflict resolution mechanics?

Join #quest on irc.thisisnotatrueending.com if you like, it's a channel for our kind of bullshit on the sub/tg/ chat server.

Post days and times (in 4chan time if possible, but always give a timezone) when shit runs, and we'll build a schedule to keep people more aware and prevent new quests from being scheduled over something that'll draw players away.

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For House and Dominion still seems to be running tuesdays and thursdays. What else have we got?

I remember Fallout quest, Red Dragon Quest, Chapter Quest, and there's Great Cave Quest now.

Oh, and Dead King's Quest came back, go Mors.

Help would be appreciated, /tg/.

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there's some magical girl bullshit

the nation builder threads have calmed down some

dunno if dran's still running his weird civ-quest thing with the various races

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There's Succubus Quest, but that seems to have gone quiet for the moment. Hobo Quest is in a similar position, but I don't think it's quite long enough to call either of them dead yet.

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There's that TG metaquest thing

Just looking at the board, there's Vale Quest by Exabyte, the Evolution Game, Winged Lizard Quest by Contrived (on its first thread), Sci-fi Quest by Unit07, Armored Core quest by AC-Guy, and "Magical" Girl Quest by ReADS::123571113 to round us out with some /a/-wankery.

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There's City Guardsman Quest and there was an Imperial Guard quest that died after like two threads.

Been a while since we've had a decent 40K-themed quest.

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don't forget MechEngineer Quest.

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I think there were some promising quests lately. Especially the two new One Piece Quests and Bright Quest (even if its Zeon-wank) are relevant to my interests.

House and Dominion runs Mondays now, there has been a schedule change.

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I'm thinking of trying my hand at ABSOLUTELY CURAAAAYZEH Quest.

Or DMC: the questening.

Been thinking about it for quite a while now and have a few ideas.

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>Fallout quest
I'm following that one, but the OP keeps having long absences when he says he'll be back the next day. That makes me sad. I really liked how he let the character be a trap/shemale and then proceeded to make the quest something other than a fapfest.

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The Adeptus Evangelion quest seems pretty good. Though I wish he would run it earlier, only ever catches the night /tg/ crowd. Anyone else here play in it?

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There was a Deathwatch quest a couple of days ago, it was pretty cool.
You know what would be awesome? A Rogue Trader quest.

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This could be awesome if done well. Do it fagget.

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Yeah, I wish more QMs would allow for shit like that.

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For House and Dominion generally starts on Tuesday and keeps running as long as the thread stays up. The next start day is posted on its wiki.


Bright Quest runs on Thursdays, I think. The author posts on his twitter account before he makes a thread.


As far as I know, Lost Future Quest runs irregularly, but the author also has a twitter account.


Likewise, the authors of Monster Girls Quest and Joker Quest have twitter accounts.



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Sounds retarded. Crazy in DMC only works because you have to work for it.

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I agree. I sadly can't really play in it because i am always too late, but i comment at the end of the thread. It seems pretty well done.

Now if its OP could only drop that god awful Godslayer quest thing in favor of Ad Eva...

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It's only two threads in, too early to judge. Though he seems to have put thought into how his world works, and seems interesting. Also the whole knight thing seems like it could be fun, but we might be forcing it on Faggot.

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In the last thread he said he did. Though I don't know why he can't do both, he does AdEva two times a week, seems like enough to me. If we ask him and he drops God Slayer entirely I bet we could get him to do it three times.

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I'm thinking a dice system where you can choose to do things AWESOME instead of practical in exchange for AWESOME POINTS that you can spend for bonuses.

And yes, I know this system can be gamed by doing things that don't matter awesomely and that's intended and a feature.

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Feel free to share or ask for advice, we can give criticism.


Thanks, Anons.

So let's compile this shit:

>No set schedule:

Adeptus Evangelion
Armored Core quest by AC-Guy
Bright Quest
Chapter Quest by Skargan
City Guardsman Quest
Dead King's Quest by Mors
DM Dran's Civ game
Evolution (multiple questrunners, there's nongent, ng, and Indonesian Gentlemen)
Fallout Quest
Great Cave Quest
HoboQuest by HoboKing (?)
Joker Quest
Lost Future Quest
"Magical" Girl Quest by ReADS::123571113
MechEngineer Quest
Monster Girl Quest
One Piece Quest
Serkei Quest
Sci-fi Quest by Unit07
Succubus Quest
Tank Witches Quest, or something else now.
Vale Quest by Exabyte

For House and Dominion by That slow typing guy (?)

For House and Dominion by That slow typing guy (?)






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I still need author's names and confirmed schedulan, but I can get those as we go by bothering questgivers in their threads.

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I think it's missing IronHeart by Monday

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Joker Quest, Magical Girl 'Noir' Quest (It stopped being anything close to noir a while ago, but Deculture is a pretty cool guy regardless), anything run by Papa N, though he seems to be absent right now.

Still waiting on the ending to Generation A, and Z&W. Also noted that he never delivered on his doomrider buddy cop idea.

Also Lost Future.

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Hello, I'm the guy who runs Adeptus Evangelion quest. I am trying to work out a regular twice or three times a week schedule. I was either thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, or swapping out Wednesday for Thursday.

Also, as for the name, it would probably be better to call it "A Knight Does Not Die With An Empty Hand", which is the name the players seem to have given it. It is set in the Adeptus Evangelion verse but is being taken in a strange direction by the players (not a bad direction of course).

Also, if anyone wants to play it's going on tonight at 22:00 4chan time, and I will be going for about 4-5 hours of writing (or until I burn out if there is enough people participating).

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It's over.
It wasn't even good, fucking witch imba OP as hell. Sometimes I wanted to call sue. His worst story till now.

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Thought Ironhearts was on hiatus. Also, what the fuck is Tank Witches going by now?

Updatan list.

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there's Mass Effect Quest by The Illusive Man, which has been resurrected after hiatus and was supposed to go friday and sunday. Skipped yesterday though.

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I'm considering starting a quest that I'm tentatively calling Amnesia Quest. The protagonist would start with absolutely no memories of who they are. The first few actions of the question would determine the protagonist's approximate skill set (do you fight or flee? protagonist turns out to be good at what they choose) after which I would set this amnesiac loose on the world, which I think would be a near future occult setting, like WoD or Unknown Armies set 10-20 years in the future.

I'm not sure whether or not it's a good idea, though. What do you guys think, shit or not shit? Also, when would be the best time to run it? I can run it from work (desk job), run it from school (wifi), and run it from home. I could probably do it in the afternoons and evenings most days of the week.

I dunno. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms? Encouragements?

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Zaritonia Quest by Great leader usually run on weekday too

IH is less on hiatus and more in a "Monday has work and it need to be done before running quest" kind of things.

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I seem to recall that we had something like an amnesia quest, with zombies and cyberpunk not so long ago. you could look at that for ideas/pitfalls

>> No.22585769

That could help. Do you remember what the quest's name was, or whether or not it was Amnesia Quest? I think I'll adopt a name for this thread just to keep things straight.

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>(It stopped being anything close to noir a while ago
Importing Faust from Magia Revolution sealed the deal.
Not that I mind.

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I think Steel Dragon Quest might still be going, the guy started a new thread a few days ago but deleted it a few minutes later so I'm not sure what's going on there.
Goauld Quest is probably dead at this point. On one hand the guy normally has a weird update schedule, but I'm pretty sure I saw him start a different quest which didn't really take off so I think he's lost interest.

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Hey, Sci-fi Quest's DM here, I'm available 2 PM to 12 AM EST, on weekdays. I don't have a set timeframe for weekends I post when I feel a consensus has been reached.

>> No.22585810

Thanks. I'll take a look and see what to do and what to avoid.

>> No.22585814

also, it's fairly common for quests to have an amnesiac protag, because it lets you explain a lot of things to the readers as you go. I'd make your hook more about the rest of the quest, then the amnesia.

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Author of Nearfuture Cyborg, Sorceress Quest, and most recently Vale Quest here. My current schedule is every other day from 11 AM to 4 PM, timezone UTC-08. Sometimes I take days off, though, usually arbitrarily, so sometimes there's a two-day break instead of a one-day break.

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That's fair. Based on what little I've said of the premise, do you have suggestions for the quest? Maybe New World Quest? Or Brave New World Quest? I'm just brainstorming here, I'm really quite open to suggestions.

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>No set schedule:

Adeptus Evangelion Quest - A Knight Does Not Die With An Empty Hand by Some Faggot, on Mondays, Wednesdays/Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Armored Core quest by AC-Guy
Bright Quest
Chapter Quest by Skargan
City Guardsman Quest
Dead King's Quest by Mors
DM Dran's Civ game
Evolution (multiple questrunners, there's nongent, ng, and Indonesian Gentlemen)
Fallout Quest
Great Cave Quest
HoboQuest by HoboKing (?)
IronHearts game by Monday
Joker Quest
Lost Future Quest
"Magical" Girl Quest by ReADS::123571113
Magical Girl 'Noir' Quest
Mass Effect Quest by TheIllusiveMan
MechEngineer Quest
Monster Girl Quest
One Piece Quest
Serkei Quest
Sci-fi Quest by Unit07 - can run from 14:00 to 24:00 EST/board time on weekdays, no set schedule on weekends
Succubus Quest
Tank Witches Quest, or something else now.
Vale Quest by Exabyte - usually every other day from 14:00 to 19:00 board time/EST
Zaritonia Quest by Great Leader

>Recently on hiatus/dead:
Generation A
Goauld Quest

For House and Dominion by That slow typing guy (?)

For House and Dominion by That slow typing guy (?)






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What's happening with Break Quest?

Also, add Mobile x Destiny in there.

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>> No.22585890

Got a time and an author?

>> No.22585891

There's also Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, by The Bureau (who is ReADS under another name)

Strike Witches '89 and Tank Witches '89, by Ghost Division and MightyM0use, respectively.

Hobo Quest is in fact run by Hobo King, and is pretty much entirely random

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Oh and everyone, unless you want me to run Adeptus Evangelion Quest three times a week I was considering running it twice a week (probably during the week day times) and running a different quest on the week end (for a longer period of time, like 6 hours instead of 4 or something).

This one is based on a novel I wrote. I'd follow a very odd world in humanity's future after a microbiological plague has made the surface of the planet unlivable, and formed an eternal storm and cloud cover above it. Since then humanity has split into several factions:

The Free Trade Federation: Made up of many flying cities supported by enormous fields of hydrogen filled planets (think balloon mangroves) and fun by the great Trade Princes. Their actual governance is mostly done by the separate Trade Lords who run the guilds and by giant "thinking houses" which are filled with adding machines that run calculations on events.

The Church of Lamenting Spark: They live in giant ancient towers which used to be vertical cities made by the collapsed civilization. They worship a god called Eletricus and electricity itself. Very against using electricity for any reason. Also they perform genetic experimentation.

The Eastern Shield Towns: There is no central government here, instead six cities rule over the tops of the himalayas that stick up above the clouds. They supply nearly all the metal for the civilizations.

A giant floating train system connects there all. Also there is "magic" which is misunderstood ancient technology.

I've written two novels set in this world and have spent numerous hours thinking of concepts to flesh out every detail, so I know the world would be vibrant and at least a little interesting.

So what will it be? Skyrails Quest once a week and Adpetus Evangelion twice? Or Adeptus Evangelion Three times?

>> No.22585902

Thing is, amnesia only last until the guy gets told what he's missing. well.. you could have it as amnesia quest, provided that the quest was mainly about finding out about MC's past, and ended when that was resolved.

What you have written is, no offence, a pretty standard quest opening. If you plan on having the players run around in an open world, then make it about the world, there's no shame in that. I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the settings you mention, but those names seem fine. There's a book with that name, isn't there? Something similar?

>> No.22585909

Put Ass Quest on the "No set schedule" list.

Tends to happen whenever I have the time, desire, and motivation to do so.

>> No.22585910

>best time to run it

Come back when we have compiled a schedule of all this shit and we can maybe tell you when there's a hole in the schedule.

Other than that, early to late evening if you're in north amurrica seems to be primetime.

>> No.22585930


Hey, I did a three-thread thing based on a moonbase alpha joke and got, like, three people to show up. Pick a busy time and you'll get someone.

>> No.22585940

Strike Witches '89 runs most Tuesdays I believe, and is pretty well written I think - there's really not much of the weeaboo influence in this game other than the fact that there's teenage girls with planes for legs, but the actual planes and other military things are pretty legit, and there's a distinct lack of shitposting in the thread most nights.

Personally I'm wanting to run something but haven't come up with a solid enough plot to run; plus there's all the other quests going on that makes me think it'd be better to not add more to the load.

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>> No.22585942

Hey OP, if you're doing this to tell when to post, you should also keep in mind when the board is more active. Quests live and die on particiation, so you've got to juggle having enough players with having too few competition. Different quests might need more or less attention to run.

>> No.22585948

Monsters girls quest op here, the day of the quest has been Sunday for quite a few months now and it happen during the evening, starting between 4 to 5 pm until I basically need to keel over from fatigue.

However it’s not rare for me to run earlier in the week, but Sunday definitely is my go to day.

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Yeah, that's the main reason I wouldn't want to name it Brave New World Quest. I don't know if I necessarily want to tease people into thinking I'm going to run a quest based on an Adolphus Huxley novel. That would be a pretty big let down. I want a name, though, to denote the fact that the world is near-future and somewhat exotic, if not a name that evokes the protagonist's traits.

>> No.22585967

So I've been looking to run a quest for some time now. I started one a couple of weeks ago, but my computer was stolen and I had to abandon. I have a setting, characters, locations and such, but I can never decide what a good time would be to run.

So, just as a head count, who is interested in playing a (probably) bi-weekly Mage Quest with it's own unique and in depth magic system? And to those interested, what time would best fit for you?

Nongent and NG are the same guy for Evo quest.

RedWhite&Britfag runs a decent Civ quest every tuesday and thursday.

>> No.22585986

That civ quest has been going on for upwards of fifty threads and only has a few regulars. Hard for a new person to jump in.

>> No.22585992

>A Rogue Trader quest.
Yes. There are two rogue trader quests in the archive and one that I know of on SB, but two of those died before they even lifted off and one lasted for some 8(?) threads before falling apart.

A shame we don't have more and that I can't run one.

>> No.22586007

I plan on making a 50,000 years later quest.

You are some kind of super soldier bullshit from ancient earth, completed a mission, and got put into a cryo pod to escape as the ship exploded, as per mission objectives. Then your super secret recovery ship gets shot down, and you wake up a LONG TIME later.

Possibly having the protagonist be the only human in the story, the rest being the alien inhabitants of wherever the fuck he drifted to.

>> No.22586017

Sounds fun. Don't burn yourselves out though, i'd rather have a quest running once weekly straight for more than a year (like house and dominion) than one thrice weekly and then disappearing midways.

That said, try your Skyrails thing out, it sounds fun, and see how tg reacts.

>> No.22586034

>Possibly having the protagonist be the only human in the story, the rest being the alien inhabitants of wherever the fuck he drifted to.
Just putting it out there, but in that scenario, I would make all of the 'aliens' be various strains of humans. Have him be the only 'pure' human. Know what I mean? Maybe even have the fact that all of the various 'alien' cultures are all descended from Earth not be a commonly known fact.

>> No.22586038

If you ask anyone in the thread, we'll give you a basic synopsis of all the important bits. Some of those fifty threads have been doing trade treaties and feasts, others have been big battles.

Well, some threads ARE a bit ridiculous, like the time it took us three threads to cross a river

My point is that it isn't as hard to get into as it looks.

>> No.22586050

I smell massive amounts of waifuing will commence in this quest should it ever get of the ground. DO IT.

I personally wanted to try out a Sword Art Online style Quest, but i never got past the initial planning stages.

>> No.22586062


I was going to run Succubus Quest tonight. Running the fight and my Exalted game left me burnt out for a little while.

>> No.22586069

I'm a writer, trust me when I say I won't burn out. At the moment I'm taking a break from writing novels, but still want to stay sharp. Having to suddenly write something on the whim of others and making it work helps. It's kind of a quick draw thing. I only feel bad the quality I deliver to you guys can't be anywhere near novel work due to having to write on the fly and having no time for editing.

>> No.22586076

Sounds neat. "You are the last of your kind" can be a good starting premise.

>> No.22586077

What timezone for that start time of yours?

What's the name of RW&Bfag's quest?

Do you have days you're likelier to run it on? Times?

>> No.22586078 [SPOILER] 


>In the grim darkness of the 53rd millenium there is only love

>> No.22586089

>ctrl+f milita quest
>no results

For shame.

Besides that, Battlefleet quest and Privateer quest deserve a mention, as they were incredibly awesome. I remember staying up until 7am to participate.

>> No.22586106

Sounds real voidquest/battleship quest.

I would advise you to have macro elements play a role here. Juggling a massive statblock tends to kill things, and there's nothing like a far future quest for juggling massive statblocks.

>> No.22586116

It's literally just called "Civilization Quest"

It's been around for a while, wonder why no one's mentioned it before me.

>> No.22586122

I was going to do something like that, except it switches between real world and RPG. The RPG allows for fantasy adventure while the real world allows for science fiction mystery based (and waifuing).

I've worked this idea for a long time for a book, never got around to doing it with all the projects I have. The "will do eventually" list keeps getting longer.

>> No.22586123

I was considering that, but then again the protagonist isn't the most "human" themselves by that definition.

Being, you know, some kind of nuts ancient supersoldier from a long dead civilization.
Still, the protagonist I intend to be the human-y-est, either way.

I am not entirely sure if I am good at waifu material, but that happens a lot in quests I notice.

I suppose it will be based on whether quest participants choose BOY OR GIRL

>> No.22586124

What's Militia Quest's schedule again?

>mfw when I named Hannibal Bonaparte on a whim and stuck around for the first few threads to make speeches

>> No.22586125

RIP Privateer quest.

SWQ Crimson by Archivalfag.

>> No.22586128

Had an idea for a quest I wanted to run.

Normal guy, average joe in modern day earth, discovers that there is an alternate reality overlapping with our own, filled to the brim with all manner of monsters and gribblies and demons and so forth.

The manner in which he discovers this? An egg from one of the monsters clonks him in the head while he's taking his bike route, and the creature that hatches from it bonds to him.

Adventures in hiding a supernatural being in modern times, trying to balance a now dual-world life, and surviving attacks from supernatural creatures and beings, even as the protag has to worry with being a new parent.

Most likely silly themed.

>> No.22586130

We haven't had a nation builder last for more than one thread in over 3 months. It calmed down a long while ago. Now its just dead.

>> No.22586145


4chan server time/EST

>> No.22586165

Yeah, I think it would open up a lot of avenues of questing. Archeology or mercenary or whatever.

I did not follow EITHER of those quests! Care to sum up the system?

>> No.22586171


Oh wait, were you talking about the Succubus Quest that was posted back in September?

Ha, no that wasn't me.

Mine is called, "Succubus Lord Quest". I usually run it... whenever the fuck I have the time. Probably Wednesday and into Thursdays most likely, but honestly whenever I have the time.

>> No.22586174

"Magical" Girl Quest will from now on be Wednesdays and Fridays.

Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest will be Mondays.

>> No.22586176

Break Quest: Earthflame.
Mobile x Destiny: zero vectra (author trip: !0CJ0PaFZuU) - Runs on Weekend evenings in EST. /a/-style quest.

>> No.22586184

That sounds pretty awesome. Especially if you make the supernatural being cute. /tg/ digs pretending to be a parent.

>> No.22586185

I'm working on a nation-builder spinoff based on Drox Operative and designed to last a few hours per game because it's so hard to maintain players over time.

Guess I'll see how it goes.

>> No.22586196

tooshit to >>>/jp/

>> No.22586205

Bright Quest run by Char Aznable
Fallout Quest run by The Overseer
Great Cave Quest run by JPH
Lost Future Quest run by o-[||||]-o
Magical Girl 'Noir' Quest run by Deculture
MechEngineer Quest run by Anontech
Monster Girl Quest run by InsertNameHere
One Piece Quest run by Gol. D Roger (There are two one piece quests at the moment, one is merchant quest, and the other is marine quest AFAIK)
Succubus Quest by Sandact6

I don't even know if this is really helpful, but I went ahead and grabbed the names of the quest runners you were missing.

I probably have too much free time, and a boredom threshold that is far too high.

>> No.22586229

No mention of Brothel quest? That was one of the most thought out quests around.
Looks like the OP got permabanned though,

>> No.22586239

I've been wanting to do a Glimmer Rats quest for a while, but I haven't been sure how to do it without killing the group multiple times.
>Then again, Lone Wolf
Also, I feel like I'd have to dump the entire comic here first.

>> No.22586255

Well of course it is going to be the most cute and precocious little thing

Once I can hunker down and draw a damn design for it, of course.

>> No.22586257

I don't think it has a set schedule. It never appears two days in a row, it would appear two to four days apart when it was here regularly.
It's been a week since the last thread.

>> No.22586269

Can you run it on monday?
We have a lack of good quests on mondays, it seems.

>> No.22586281

Thank you.

Not sure they had systems as such.

Battleship quest wasn't as good, lots of shitposting and idiocy, the OP was too timid to step in and tell his players to shut up or put time limits on artuments.

Voidquest had a lot of stats and we didn't know what all of them did, really. Lots of arguing, some people thought the arguments were legitimate and others thought they were fucking stupid. I'd say the truth was somewhere in the middle. The questgiver, Vedibere, was often slow in posting and that had much the same effect as in the other quest.

tl;dr - create macromanagement systems if possible, post often (like at least three paragraph-long posts an hour, five preferably, I can manage upwards of ten to keep the rhythm going when I need to), tolerate no bullshit.

>> No.22586317

It's a classic. You might as well.

>> No.22586332

>lots of stats and we didn't know what all of them did

Ah, that's the exact route I am planning on going.

Though, I can't guaruntee that MOST of these stats aren't made up.

For instance, to determine how good looking something was, you factor in: Resplendence, Glory, Beauty, Charisma, and Fan Factor, along with a die roll.

>> No.22586334

There's been a lot of discussion of waifuing. Generally it's thought to be the product of downtime. If the players don't have a clear objective and they are attached to the characters, it's natural for them to want to learn more about them. This leads to romancing, of various sorts. This isn't bad, but it can derail if you're not careful.

If you want to avoid it, just keep making things explode.

>> No.22586344

Honestly nation builders usually have a steady and reliable amount of players the issue seems to be getting gms that want to do it past the first thread or two. Rules are a pain in the ass, and if its too rules light the thread is bogged down with endless questions on what does what and goes where.

>> No.22586358

This is a good thread.

I won't know about scheduling for a while, spent half the weekend seeing if anyone liked the concept of a KoDP-like kobold civ with frequent miniquests in a bioluminescent underdark full of kreen subspecies that like to eat delicious drow and the other half ironing out some mechanics for the runic magic and etc, so nothing's been established.

If anyone in this thread's following my little quest, I'm going to try and run it again today after the second thread falls off the board. Probably in an hour or so if all goes well.

And here's a shout out to Kobold Sorcerer Quest, which was my main bit of inspiration.

>> No.22586361

I can run any day but tuesdays, and there may be a week or so in April where I'm gone.

>> No.22586364

Yeah, one of the things that can make or break quests is downtime. If you leave the players stewing for too long, that's when the shitposting and stupid ideas start getting thrown around.

>> No.22586368

There is also Maverick Hunter Quest by Hunter Command, and it is definitely Irregular though tends to show up once a month on average.

>> No.22586371


Succubus Lord Quest

Succubus Quest was posted back in September. Probably dead, but I don't want to be stealing the guys name if I can.

>> No.22586382


Mondays are Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest, Wednesdays and Fridays will be "Magical" Girl Quest.
1900 EST.

>> No.22586391

I hope this is a good place to ask...

I am planning on running a quest. (Yeah, yeah, yet another one.), and I was toying with some ideas, and want to know if those ideas have been used, and how long ago. I don't want to be a copycat or something.

There is any place where I can search for past quest to avoid repeating?

Random ideas:

- A manhunt/running man quest. Anon have been kidnapped, been throw into an abandoned factory where a bunch of random guys are stalking and want to murder him because money. I was thinking about resolving combat through dice rolls (I roll a 1d8, you roll 1d12; fail 3 rolls and the char is dead), so I am expecting anon will not survive, but that is a good way as any other to end the quest. (No, I am not planning to kill him on purpose, just pointing that it is a scenario that can happen)

- A store owner quest. Basically, I am planning on running a quest about a guy who is living his dream of opening a geeky store. AKA: The comic book guy from the Simpsons. Do you have any idea how much shit does they have to endure? I think is a good time to show it.

>> No.22586411

Cool with me then.

Can you explain this "unique" magic system a bit?

Just making sure, you know. Sometimes people market things that are not actually true.

>> No.22586417

I hadn't considered downtime, as I naturally assumed the main character would be either exploding, cutting things with swords, having gunfights, or INTENSE NEGOTIATIONS at most, if not all times.

But then again, I kind of want some downtime, since how else would you find more contacts, learn about stuff, get new gear, or maybe find a waifu?

I don't even know if that stuff is particularly good or bad for a quest, I just fear my ability to do it well.

>> No.22586426

This isn't /tg/, but, fuck it, everyone needs to know about this.


Now, listen up. This thread started a month ago and it is now officially over with a GOOD END.
It's essentially Exalted in the Naruto setting. It went through a total of 834 pages so far (20848 posts) and still growing because some of the players are still debating parts of it.

If you don't want to read the discussion (and you probably don't there is just too much of it), you can find the story-only posts here:

The BROB forums were in a constant state of exploding euforia while this thing was going on.

The OP writes like a bauss, even if his style is a bit on the gaudy side. You also probably won't get a few of the injokes, but whatever.

>> No.22586447

It warms my heart to see that spacebattles still got life in it.

Polite sage for no contribution.

>> No.22586457


>> No.22586460

Caveat: ReADS threads tend to live for a couple days (Ethical debates aside; see the Mengele inident), and so long is the thread is live he ususally continues.

>> No.22586463

I would worry less about what you're imitating and more about execution. We don't mind a quest being like its predecessors if it's done well.

However, have a look at the /tg/ archive on suptg.thisisatrueending.com - that's a searchable repository, and any quest with a large following ends up there most of the time. Should have a bunch of stuff from the last few years.

You can also have a look at the foolz tg archive for the same, though it's hard to find things there as it lacks a tag system.

>> No.22586472

Yeah, the two One Piece Quests are Great Ocean Quest by Gol D Roger and Marine Quest by Fleet Admiral.

>> No.22586477

Thank you. Any chance of times?

>> No.22586487

The place is exploding with activity.
Almost literally, XenForo simply can't take the strain at peak hours and we have to fight through lag for some 2 hours a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

>> No.22586494

By "downtime" I actually meant the timing between posts, but yes, in an action oriented quest, it's best to try and limit breather episodes to one or two threads, especially if your quest is the "once a week" type. There's nothing less satisfying than waiting a week for a quest to find out you didn't really do anything by the end.

>> No.22586498

Oh, forgot to say that criticism is welcome and probably needed.

For those that are curious, you can find the (relatively short) threads for Great Cave civ quest here:


>> No.22586504

Is anyone here who has participated in Adeptus Evangelion quest? Because I have a few gifts. Some simple maps to help explain the arrangement of certain things classroom, the geofront, and NERV 07

>> No.22586512

They're kinda new and haven't really worked out a schedule yet, but it seems Fleet Admiral likes to run at 21:00 4chan time.

>> No.22586513

Stop overusing the word exploding. And couldn't you have posted something less shitty than a fucking Naruto quest? Like, maybe that Rochelle Witch quest from PMMM? That one is cool.

>> No.22586519

Honestly I'd likely participate if I understood the setting. Got no time to find, download, and absorb the information through my narrow urethra of an intertube.

>> No.22586522

What are questions that I should ask myself when creating world factions?

>> No.22586531

Oh, great, thanks for the thumbs up.

Can anyone give me some advice about what made a good quest thread?

>> No.22586532

Why does this place is exist. That's the central question you have to ask yourself.

>> No.22586536

For sometime it seemed as if it were heavily slowing down.
Nice to see it bounced back/I was simply wrong.
Seriously, this is one of the few writing fora I can respect.

True, guess that's the power of a devoted fanbase.

You never seen Legend of Five Nations on here?

The Naruto setting is pretty awesome.
It's the characters who are absolutely unbearable.

>> No.22586540

People tell lies on the internet? The nerve!

As lightly as I can explain it, the magic system is based around the manipulation of souls and auras. Souls are at the core of every being, and auras surround and shield the soul from harm.

The Magi (Called Mystics) are able to manipulate their souls and auras, as well as the souls and auras around them. For example, a powerful mystic could rip apart a creatures aura, exposing the soul and leaving it open to manipulation. Or they could manipulate the souls and auras of plants and become druids. Or they could focus on extracting, synthesizing, and binding souls and become necromancers. Or they could bind THEMSELVES with the soul of a powerful Fire Elemental, and gain pyrokinetic abilities.

So there is lots of room for variation.
I guess I kind of mashed elements of TES's Soul Gem lore with that one series of books about Nicholas Flamel, but I'm satisfied with the end result.

>> No.22586558

Supernatural horrors from beyond the stars are trying to claim an artifact and destroy all of humanity. You're a prepubescent mech pilot who must destroy them with the power of dakka and emotional instability.

>> No.22586559

I self run Maid Quest: The Life of Master every Saturday, 12 a.m. EST.

My quest is pretty much of waifuing but I try to keep the quest going by adding more bad situations that need to be deal with or giving the anons some mystery.

>> No.22586561

The most important thing about creating factions is if they're actually interesting. Also, make sure you have a contingency for telling to story from each of your factions' point of view, because there is always the very high chance that your players will side with the faction you weren't expecting.

>> No.22586564


The main characters.
Secondary are okay.

But any character important is terrible.

That said there's nothing really special about the setting.

>> No.22586580

No need, I can sum it up in just a few sentences. Mostly its easy because the quest is set ten years after the end of the evangelion series, and so is pretty different to keep the players on their toes.

Children are forced to pilot giant robots in order to fight giant alien life forms, called angels, bent on wiping out all life on the planet. The robots are actually giant part human part angel beings with human souls implanted in them. Human organizations are trying to bring about end of the world, but in a different way. Now this is ten years after all those plans failed and the main character is one of the children trained to fight these evil beings and is based out of the San Francisco.

>> No.22586585

An interesting idea.

The amount of time that has passed since the last post by the quest giver has a direct correlation between the chances of a shitstorm occuring.

I think the 25 minute mark is when the shitstorm chance begins to exponentially increase and rapidly approach 100%, before it lowers as people begin to run out of stupid shit to argue about and suspect that the OP may in fact be having problems. Obviously, the exact details of the runners last post will have some impact on this. Chances are, somebody will soon suggest that the OP has died and people will begin discussing who should take over the quest like morons.

I call it Anon's unified theory of quest thread shitposting.

>> No.22586599

I thought the 'Adeptus' part of Adeptus Evangelion related to the Adeptus Mechanicus as it was some kind of weird crossover.

Boy was I off the mark.

>> No.22586600

I posted it because it is an objectively good quest.
There is nothing wrong with using Naruto as a setting - it's the writing and character design that has issues. The worldbuilding is more than adequate while providing enough space to build further on.

Also, rage harder.

>> No.22586607

XWF quest hasn't posted in a while, but it was running every weekday except Wednesday, from about 8am Board Time.

Irregularities are usually due to the OP losing Internet and/or electricity without warning

>> No.22586609

Naw its only called that because it used the DH rule set in the original format and the name stuck.

>> No.22586615

Fellas, let's try to have nice things.

>> No.22586616

Nope, it is in no way related to 40k. It is purely in the evangelion setting, it just happens the actual system is an adaption of DH. However I am not using the system itself, simply concepts from it.

>> No.22586618


>Secondary are okay.
Well said.
>But any character important is terrible.
Or dead.
>That said there's nothing really special about the setting.
Oh sure, but it's got potential, and it being known is an easy way of increasing your playerbase.

...that's deep.

>> No.22586627

I'd play it

>> No.22586645

I do with Succubus quest would come back. That OP was godly awesome.

>> No.22586658

>The worldbuilding is more than adequate while providing enough space to build further on.
That would be true if there was more than the slightest kernel of worldbuilding that applied to something other than one of the named characters. Remove them and you remove most of the setting. Anyway, we should be talking about this on >>>/a/ rather than /tg/.

>> No.22586663

How about a Mage: The Ascension quest? Or Wraith?
Changeling: The Lost would be also nice.

>> No.22586669

It seems like the ideal situation to avoid shitposts and shitstorms is where OP posts something no more than 10 minutes after an update (usually to clarify something, etc) and a new update 15-20 minutes after the old one, activity allowing.

Thanks. I take it you're the questgiver?

>> No.22586671


>> No.22586672


Well, why not then. /tg/ does enjoy storytime.

>> No.22586680

Don't fear. Just do it. Work it out as you go. Too much planning stalls you for too long. That's why my quest died.

>> No.22586682

Hasn't happened to me and I generally take 30 minutes to write up a turn due to them being 800 words long an average. Maybe my players are more civil? Also I placate them by answering questions while I write up the turns.

>> No.22586691


Yea I keep meaning to read it >>

>> No.22586699

I've been getting an itch to run something with a unique casting system with elements from Arx Fatalis and Eternal Darkness, using an old setting I've laying around.

Any interest?

>> No.22586700

I will be keeping that for later use.

>> No.22586704

Serkei Quest - Sorry, Nothing Clever

He hasnt been around in a bit, we hadnt even reached any pokemon battles yet either!

>> No.22586721

>Arx Fatalis and Eternal Darkness
Elaborate, as I've heard of neither. I enjoyed that one quest you ran where we were playing as Patience, though, so yes, I probably would be interested.

>> No.22586726

>watching goauld quest go from discussing political theory to discussing human centipedes
You may be onto something.

>> No.22586737

What about Changeling: The Dreaming?
But ya, Wraith or C:TL would be nice.
Mage: The ascension seems pretty boring in comparison.

>> No.22586738

Well, that seems cool.
So is stuff like summoning monsters and shit possible? Can we summon weapons?
Are we weak little bitches or can we be strong too?

>> No.22586756

Arx Fatalis? Hot damn, I loved that game- though mostly from the way spellcasting worked. Not sure how well it would translate in Quest form, though. Don't know anything about Eternal Darkness, though.

>> No.22586774

I never stated that it had to be a quest update.

Clarifications and queries play a large part in placating players when actual updates are sparse.

>> No.22586785

Hunter:the Vigil would be better.
No one ever wants to play Hunter...

>> No.22586789

Demon would also work, but Wraith still takes the cake.

>> No.22586790

Summoning creatures is available.
Weapons and tools can be shaped from your Aura
If the players decide they want to be a strong warrior, I'm not going to stop them.

>> No.22586842


>> No.22586853

>Also I placate them by answering questions while I write up the turns.
This is why you avoid trouble, I expect.

>> No.22586877


>> No.22586880

My kingdom for an Orpheus quest.

>> No.22586881

Runes are collected from the world, and used in various combinations to cast spells. Spells can be learned, or discovered.

This setting is a very old one, one I've used for a quest on another site. Some differences would appear, but I'd like to use it again.

>> No.22586894

Didn't we cook up some nWoD-based Paladin game some time ago?
This could be a nice opportunity to playtest it.
Dunno the full name, unfortunately.

>> No.22586901

Okay, let's do a quick voting.
Perhaps a kind person would hear our plea.

What WoD quest would /tg/ love to see the most?
Wraith: The Oblivion?
Demon: The Fallen?
Changeling: The Lost?

>> No.22586903


of course, every theory has it's exceptions. Hobo Quest for example has updates, on average, once every 3-4 hours

>> No.22586916

>Wraith: The Oblivion?

>> No.22586928

Wraith or Demon. If Orpheus were on the table, I wouldn't have even been able to narrow it down that much. It really hurts me to cut out Changeling too. I fucking love Changeling.

>> No.22586940

Demon: The Fallen.

>> No.22586941

Mage: The Ascension

>> No.22586946

It's also probably the only quest where the players run their own subquests in between updates.

>> No.22586960

>Didn't we cook up some nWoD-based Paladin game some time ago?
Paladin: The Redemption.

>> No.22586989

Which I still marvel at. It's beautiful in a cold and terrifying way. Kinda like if I get too close I'll never be able to leave.

>> No.22586992

I've been wanting to run an Eberron based quest for a while now. Planning on making the pc a changeling. Right now it's just a matter of setting up a few intros so people have a choice of where to start. Would somewhere in the range of 6ish be good?

>> No.22586995

Okay, let's do a quick count:
Wraith - 2 votes.
Demon - 2 votes.
Changeling - 0 votes.

New contestants:
Hunter - 1 vote.
Orpheus - 1 vote.
Mage - 1 vote.

>> No.22586999

No one will ever love your faggot ass wannabe 3edgy soul magic game

>> No.22587000

Demon, we don't have enough quests with demons as the protagonist.

>> No.22587006

You can add to "no set schedule" Primordial Evolution Game & Fortune: Evolution Game. If that sort of thing counts as a quest. The two games also have their own wiki pages (both woefully out of date, save the foolz archives links).

>> No.22587031

Dear lord you have a lot of hate don't you. I for one support it.

>> No.22587043

Choosing between Wraith and Demon is a bitch, but Demon.

>> No.22587049

I'll go with Demon

>> No.22587052


that is true. we had a brief bout of 'Angry General Quest', and currently the running sub-quest is 'Monster Girl Lab' and HoboKing has managed to work it into the main quest...
This is why I compile the storybook for it.

>> No.22587070

Derp forgot links to wiki pages, for interested parties.
> http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Primordial_Evolution_Game
> http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Fortune:_Evolution_Game

>> No.22587089

Demon - 5 votes.
Wraith - 2 votes.
Mage - 1 vote.
Hunter - 1 vote.
Orpheus - 1 vote.
Changeling - 0 votes.

Do you guys want to vote some more, or do we have a winner?

>> No.22587106

Just start the fucking game already. My metaphorical dick is so hard right now.

>> No.22587107

Hobo Quest needs it's own theorum, really. It's the only quest I can think of that doesn't fit the AUTOQTS.

>> No.22587112

DM Dran runs usually Mondays and Tuesdays, but sometimes its a bit off or unplanned

>> No.22587142

So Tuesdays and Fridays for RUNE quest. Since Avalon (the setting) is finished already, I'm pretty much ready to go now.

>> No.22587143

I'd suck as a storyteller, sorry.
Perhaps someone would like to run this thing?
/tg/ wants a Demon quest, it's official.

>> No.22587149

Anon-kun quests: Whenever Tale /a/non is bored, usually in the late evening to early morning during weekends.
I liked them.

>> No.22587153

I'd samefag for Hunter, but I'm not inclined to being a dick like that.

>> No.22587157

I want this.

>> No.22587212

It might be a bit late to ask but does anyone know what happened to Ogre Quest, it just kinda disappeared a month or two ago.

>> No.22587250

Ogre civ? Blorp posted this just yesterday: https://twitter.com/BlorpQuest/status/290677103786090499

>> No.22587260


So, uh. So, WoD-fans. I have a quest idea that I want you to rate as terrible or not.

How about...how about we take the better elements of nWoD's story, balance, and mechanical conceits, and add/mix them with oWoD's good story etc, and call it a split-off universe, a hybrid, where you can have the best of both?

Toreadors practicing the Coils of the Dragon?

Werewolves being a bit less overpowering so one can have a certain level of parity with vampire and mage characters, et cetera?

Everything not ending with that nuke in the mirror-city and the red star in the sky and whatever else?

Hybrid World of Darkness?

Go ahead and say so if it's a terrible thought.

>> No.22587280

>Werewolves being a bit less overpowering so one can have a certain level of parity with vampire and mage characters, et cetera?
I think everything but that one is a good idea. Why stop werewolves from being the killiest? There's a lot more to WoD than combat.

>> No.22587288

Many people hate one or the other.
I honestly don't know much of the NWoD stuff beyond Hunter, so I don't know if it would mesh well with the OWoD stuff that I'm familiar with.

>> No.22587289

If you could give me any preferred days I would be more than happy to run it!
I'll play to a small audience, I don't mind at all really.

Although I'm usually for just ignoring shitposters, thank you for the support and defense, sire.

>> No.22587313

>Werewolves being a bit less overpowering so one can have a certain level of parity with vampire and mage characters, et cetera?
They weren't overpowered when guns came into play, unless you count their regen as overpowered, which I don't. Guns even out a lot of advantages that things used to have. Honestly, I would rank a solid combat vampire in oWoD as the equal to your average werewolf, which, since they were intended as the physical/combat splat, is a good place to be.

>> No.22587341


WC:PGA Quest!

or as it is also called
Wizards Curse: Plump Grabable Ass Quest!

also know as

Yey for ass quest!

>> No.22587367

I still have like 7 tabs of that open. Is it better or worse then hoboquest? What about generation A? I only have so much time to burn on archive binging.

>> No.22587376

Isnt Red Dragon Quest set on every friday?

>> No.22587385

It was mentioned earlier somewhere.

>> No.22587407

>That feel when you know you'd run an epic Quest Thread but you live in a weird timezone and /tg/ is flooded with quests already.

>> No.22587442

It's not exactly flooded and a lot of people on /tg/ are active at strange times. I say give it a shot. If you really do live in a weird timezone than it definitely won't be flooded.

>> No.22587466

I might try it some day. We'll see.

I guess the first question is whether to pitch something to /tg/ or come up with something a bit more freeform/randomly.

>> No.22587470

You can still check out her stories on that anonkun website. She has written quite a bit there already plus she promised to restart Mentaru Shoujo there.


>> No.22587478

Generation A is exactly what you'd expect from Papa N.

That is to say, definitely worth a read.

>> No.22587508

Eh, WC:PGA doesn't appeal to me. I respect Some Pervert for what he does, but can't bring myself to participate.

>> No.22587521

I miss Brothel Quest, Ogre Civ Quest, and Monstergirl Skypirate Quest.

Also, where the fuck is Space Clown Quest?

>> No.22587534

That's pretty rad, thank you.
Why the switch?

>> No.22587563


Week end is when quest are most active by far, especially the evening.

Still, its not overcrowded to the point you won't be able to create your own little space as long as you are consistent with your schedule.

>> No.22587568

/tg/ ran her off.

>> No.22587576

More freedom and it stopped /tg/'s rants over /a/nons flooding the board with waifu quests.

>> No.22587583

Im fucking sick of all the magical girl and witch shit. Just putting that out there.

>> No.22587591

tale/a/non gets yelled at here, for various reasons.

Long story short: tale/a/non reuses the same 'pick between two broken girls, HA you picked wrong' plot every damn time. They're much MUCH more capible then that, we've seen good work put out by them, but they REFUSE to improve and provide a quest that is up to /tg/ standards.

So now we just try to forcibly derail every single one into space.

>> No.22587598

Know what quest I miss?

Game of Thrones Quest. Oh PrincelyDM why did you abandon us?

>> No.22587605

Don't we all, anon?
Don't we all.

>> No.22587611

siggy ded

>> No.22587622


I miss big bawss

>> No.22587630

Here, tracked this one down just for you.

>> No.22587641

>The quests you like the most are always the ones that die in 3-4 threads

>> No.22587650

>So now we just try to forcibly derail every single one into space.
Or Scottish rape. Or catgirl Vietnam.

>> No.22587663

Your quests are mostly shit, by the way.

>> No.22587680

I guess you just have bad luck. Succubus Lord Quest, Great Ocean Quest, and Marine Quest are going just fine. Though, the latter two haven't reached that mark yet.

>> No.22587690

Oh good, just the thread I was waiting for.

OP of Elf Slave Quest, Colony 13, and several others here. Haven't run anything in a while, and I'm trying to decide what to start up. If there's any interest, here are the three I've been thinking about.

1. Summoner Quest. Space adventure where you play as a space hero in space. You are a specialized bounty hunter whose job it is to pursue criminals who have fled the Stellar Alliance and forcibly summon them to court. There's lasers and aliums and shit. Think Mass Effect, but less civilized and with starfish aliens instead of humanoids.

2. Kara Quest, inspired by


Near future scifi, equal parts dark comedy and horror. You play as a commercial waifubot trying to figure out how and why it became sentient...in a world where people are paranoid about bona fide AI and you might be killed if people find out what you are.

3. Ultimate Faction Wars Quest. An RTS quest, based on pic related. This one would require lots of pre-quest planning so I can come up with specific rules and resources for whichever race you decide to play as.

So, any of these sound good? When is ideal time for quest posting?

>> No.22587699

>see the Mengele inident
Yeah, not everyone reads your little magical girl bullshit, so you're gonna have to explain that one.

>> No.22587705

Am I the only one who prefers to dig through the archive rather than actually participate in the threads themselves?

I'm not too good at input.

>> No.22587706

I'm always looking to improve. While I admit I don't like what I did with God Slayer wasn't comfortable with the subject matter I would like advice on how to improve Adeptus Evangelion quest to make it better!

What exactly do you not like about my quests good sir?

>> No.22587707

>Catgirl Vietnam

Fucking storytime now.

>> No.22587716

If you don't read it why do you care?

>> No.22587725

>that feel when someone beats me to make an Evangelion-themed quest

Oh well, I'm not done planning it, and probably don't have the time to run it anyway.

>> No.22587742



That's one of the great things about quests. In some cases, they're just as fun to read as to play.

>> No.22587747

If you arent gonna explain shit then why mention it? Especially if you are using it to prove a point. From the sound of it, they just like to shitpost in dead quest threads to keep them on the front page.

>> No.22587750

Me, but for different reasons.
I'm lazy.

Sometimes, I do get a good idea and it's always nice to see those shape a quest, though, so participation can pay off.

>> No.22587762

I could show you to a few good archive binges, if you like.

I have: A sentient golem attempting to gain revenge for the destruction of his kingdom,

A gun for hire in a magical world similar to Dresden Files,

An overlord who was deposed attempting to rebuild his empire,

And a few others.

>> No.22587764

Sorry about that, maybe after I'm done with mine you'll have enough time to do yours! Also, our of curiosity, what is that image? It's too small for me to read anything.

>> No.22587770

Oddly, Sunday morning EST seems to have nothing.

>> No.22587771

I would suggest reading the latest one.


>> No.22587805

Campaign notes. Massive spoilers. Endings, conspiracies, brief NPC bios, settings, enemy ideas...

>> No.22587827

>If you arent gonna explain shit then why mention it?
Because the person adressed (me) understood what was referenced.

Too many bad ends, protagonists players didn't like and some people who decided they wanted to cuss the threads out

Polite Sage.

>> No.22587828

RTS sounds terrible. Mostly because I have no idea how you would run a Real Time strategy game on an image board.

>> No.22587841


I don't think because someone beat you to the punch means you can't do your own stuff, there's already two magical girl themed quest I can think off along with strike witches and two recent quest in Once Piece universe, as long as you spend some good effort to make it your own you'll have your audience



>> No.22587846

Ah I see. I find its easier to write yourself a world and NPC and leave endings and stuff for later. The players will be in control of your story, not you, and they can push it in a direction you never foresee.

>> No.22587853

Something about some warrior dying in battle and getting sent to monstergirl Japanese High School upon death. Tale/a/non wrote him as some stuttering, spineless coming-of-age anime protagonist while /tg/ interpreted him as a embittered Vietnam veteran surrounded by catgirls and freaking the fuck out and beating the shit out of his surroundings for some answers.

Naturally, tale/a/non ragequit the moment we left her rails.

>> No.22587862

Kara Quest sounds excellent. Faction Wars also sounds good, if you could find a way to make an actual RTS work on an imageboard.

The ideal time is evening on any day, or anytime on weekends.

>> No.22587863


Heh, not literally realtime. That's just a shorthand that gets used for number crunching army quests like CorpQuest, IronQuest, African Warlord Quest, etc.

>> No.22587885

>A gun for hire in a magical world similar to Dresden Files

I'll take that off your hands I guess

>> No.22587890

I remember that. It's a shame it didn't go anywhere.

It would have been great, a quest narrated in Super PTSD style, in many shades of grey, with light hearted antics happening all the time. Kinda like that Cthulu anime that some /a/non rewrote.

>> No.22587894

The board can handle multiple quests with the same theme.

>> No.22587917

Zaritonia Quest is run by Grand Leader, not Great Leader. Usually Monday through Thursday, sometimes Friday if there is enough interest.

>> No.22587931

These guys are right. Also, we could probably end up helping each other out!

>> No.22587932




Warning, long ass posts and purple prose.

Once you finish those three, here is the wiki page. Fair warning, do not read unless you want to be spoiled.

And everything is better in context.


>> No.22587951


...Be right back. Planning Only War game where the PCs are fighting what amounts to Vietnam against catgirls.

No, not the ones from Carlos McConnell. Although....

>> No.22587960

How's this, I've been thinking of running it:

Science Fiction ala Starship Troopers or Star Trek following a squad of power-armored badasses fighting against militiamen and their megacorporate backers.

>> No.22587969

>Tfw you kinda want to run a quest but don't like how you write and are too lazy to keep e consistent schedule and plot

One day

>> No.22587986


That actually sounds amazing. Shame indeed.

>> No.22588000

The only way to improve your writing is to do so sir! Grab life by the horns, the longer you wait the harder it is to get yourself motivation. Don't start with a quest thread, it can be annoying doing the quick draw thing. Just think of a scene and roll with it.

>> No.22588007

You're doing it wrong. The idea is to replace the protagonist of a shitty by-the-numbers harem anime that features catgirls with a strung out Vietnam soldier who just got gored on a bayonet by a bunch of fucking Charlies. It would be closer to Call of Cthulu meets Maid than Only War.

>> No.22588017

If it's Evangelion-themed, there's an expected level of conspiracies, plots and counter-plots, secret societies, and pseudo-scientific bullshit. While the Main Character has agency over the story (by nature of being the main character), there absolutely need to be things happening in the background. I am terrible at bullshitting TWEESTS out of nowhere, so instead I need to plan them way ahead of time. Anticipating player responses is part of it, of course.

>> No.22588030

Every time I think of starting a quest, I want to turn the idea into a story instead. I also found out the one time I did actually run like half a quest in the middle of the night since I'm dumb as fuck that I suck at leaving things open for the player and I take way too long between posts.

>> No.22588052

No no. I'm doing it RIGHT. Maybe not right by the standards of accuracy in terms of that derailed quest, but when I see "catgirl Vietnam", I want to have Marines fighting catgirl VietCong in the jungle.

>> No.22588073

>Call of Cthulu meets Maid
Are you aware of the fact that you just wrote the most magnificent combination of words I've read in the last 14 days?

>> No.22588074

Are you that same guy that called her a fetish obsessed cunt yesterday?

>> No.22588124

Fair enough. Vietnyan is also a great idea, by the way.
I forgot to add 'with catgirls', so don't forget them.

>> No.22588127

I understand this, there should be planned twists and turns, but one should be ready to do away with them if the player takes the game in a direction in which they will no longer fit into context.

>> No.22588152

>Game starts as a normal 'Nam game
>Squad is wiped out by a Victor charlie ambush
>You get a bullet to the lung
>Lying on the ground, bleeding
>You wake up, surrounded by cargirls
>cue the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUpBSvN1a50

>> No.22588169


BEEP BEEP anon-kun, my bumper needs waxing

>> No.22588179


>> No.22588182

Bob makes twists and turns by making about half the powerful characters in the setting also player characters, run offsite.

So you have about 12 or 13 characters all working for various goals and the effects of those going down. And then, later on, some of the lesser characters played by other people... All told, I think thee's about 30 or so players, all running on a basic restricted freeform system, in a massive, magical Earth setting.

It's no wonder that most updates now take upwards of a week. Thank god for the speed of tgchan.

>> No.22588196

Now THAT'S a concept I want to see explored. Kinda like the A-10 porn /k/ has

>> No.22588201

>not monstergirls

Cat girls are absolute bottom tier monster girls, down with bunnies and wolves.

>> No.22588219

I know what you're trying to get at. Rest assured that I do not ever intend to take the players on a ride through my magical crystalline palace that they cannot touch. If I ever get around to running this thing, you'll see what I mean.

>> No.22588230

Dear lord that sounds fun and absolutely complicated beyond belief, but fun. I would like to do that if it wouldn't take far too much effort to administer.

>> No.22588231

I half-expected
And Im glad I was wrong. If it was an animu, you just KNOW that would be theme song, though.
I think my choice would be something more along the lines of

>> No.22588272

That was exactly what tale/a/non's quest was. A deceased general reincarnated in a world of monster girls.

He becomes the president and absolute commander of a military school. The three main kingdom's of the world are threatened by a rebellion of a bunch of minor monster girl nation states. Main protag has to fight either for the minority, for himself, or for the main kingdoms.

>> No.22588289

I'll participate if you ever do, sounds like it'll be fun.

>> No.22588303

Vietnam Monstergirls sounds more fun though. Shit, I'd be up for actual Vietnam Monstergirls.

>> No.22588308

It's fun, yeah. The Minions (Ancillary characters under the employ of the main one) play in IRC, the others, through Gmail and one offsite forum, and the main carachter is done through TGchan.

It's a little nuts!

>> No.22588313

You can't have 'Nam without the music.

>> No.22588316

That sounds absolutely glorious.

>> No.22588342

Some ideas I had that will never come to pass:

A Star Trek captain (I'm thinking in the DS9 era) along with his ship and several smaller ships are transported into the 40K verse. The quest uses high-end 40K calcs, so your weapons are worse than useless and your engineers can't even begin to comprehend how Mechanicus technology works. This is a pretty sandboxy one, but there is one major limitation - you may not deviate from the Federation's code of conduct without a very good reason (like OH GOD GET THEM OFF).

Mercenary quest - you are the commander of a human merc company in the 40K galaxy. Have fun.

Drow quest - you're a male drow in the Underdark. Two versions of this one.
The first one is a pretty standard, open ended one where you spend most of the time trying to keep your head down.
The second one is where you are a slave trying to make the best of your situation.

Then a hard mode rogue trader quest.
The good news is that you start with a rogue trader charter.
The bad news is that you found it on a ship imbedded into a space hulk that you were investigating as a commander of a detachment of the Navy's armsmen.
The even worse news is that the space hulk just went into warp and the only thing keeping the demons away are the orks, and falling to chaos is an automatic defeat condition.

I also got an idea for an Imperial Nobleman quest, somewhat based on Nobleman quest (you know, the one in an ancient China-like setting), but it 40K.

The last one I can think of right now is Warband quest - sorta like Chapter quest, but with a chaos warband.

>> No.22588347

Too bad the reincarnated general acts like a 15 year old and in actuality fighting a war means waifuing a bunch of chicks based off of some shitty Rozen Maiden fanfiction

>> No.22588361

Was set in a steampunk setting. Last we saw of it we just bought ourselves a wood elf slave from a slime girl who was part of an organization that keeps balance between the cat girl races.

>> No.22588366

I was thinking of a quest which consists of the players choosing one of the Warhammer Fantasy factions and creating a general. From there they make a few simple army choices for a single squad force. As the quest goes on their fight various battles and gain more points to spend on units or to upgrade already acquired units.

Eventually it would lead to conquering the other factions.

Anyone think that sounds interesting?

>> No.22588379


Politics in monster girls land is both fun and a headache.

Shame it didn't seem to lead anywhere.

>> No.22588381

Catgirls is what they latched onto since that was what tale/a/non revealed first and she ragequit before any other monstergirl could be introduced.

Also, psychotic catgirls out for blood stalking you in Vietnam would be fucking frightening as fuck and you know it. Its like one of the few situations fucking made for the bitches.

>> No.22588397

It'd revive it after my current quests are done. I actually wrote part of a book a while back that was set in a world far too similar to the idea for comfort (would only require some tweaking and adding monster girls).

>> No.22588404

We made him cop a feel on the first girl he saw. He told her to tell him where he was or get killed.

I don't know how that is acting like a 15 year old. Besides, when she ran it here, she couldn't even get past 2 choices before being derailed solely for the fact that she was tale/a/non.

>> No.22588432


The Trek one seems to have potential, but it really sounds like you'd have to use plot armor nonstop to avoid being unceremoniously destroyed and immediately forgotten about.

The Rogue Trader quest has some potential, though. You should write it.

>> No.22588434

Which is why I said Head East. Either that or
I could just see some fucking CCR blaring to a montage of some poor Nam vet shmuck dealing with all these fucking derpy catgirls that occasionally pull some serious san loss shit.

>> No.22588454

Holy fuck you make me want to run this quest. Who'd be up for it?

>> No.22588463

If the Rogue Trader quest occurred then there would only be one option. Pure refuge in audacity. The only way to win is to out crazy chaos.

>> No.22588465

Start now. Don't pussy out.

>> No.22588470

She revealed a Dryad, twin harpies, slime girl, dullahan, ghost girl, dragon girl, 9 tailed fox, snow woman, vampire, lamia and a wood elf in the anonquest website.

>> No.22588493

I would.

>> No.22588507



>> No.22588512


Speak for yourself. Catgirl New Vegas sounds right up my alley.

>> No.22588513

For sure! But some other anon also said he would. Man, both do it, and I'll read whichever one has a better style.

>> No.22588520


Run Through the Jungle always screams pure Vietnam for me. It was a soul-crushing mess of a war, but it inspired some amazing music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbI0cMyyw_M


Start it right now. Don't overthink it.

>> No.22588526

Can't do it tonight, but tomorrow I'll put it up around eight.

>> No.22588534


>> No.22588566

Try reading that first sentence of my post again. It will explain everything.

>> No.22588570

You cocktease

>> No.22588572

Did anyone see where Nazi's in Wonderland went to? I really liked that quest...

>> No.22588580

True, but I was looking for a song to embody a poor bastard stuck in a shit situation by himself, not necessarily Vietnam as a whole. Still it all makes great montage music.

>> No.22588582

Actually, no plot armor would be involved. The players would have to rely heavily on diplomacy and get shit done Picard style - by talking it out and trading.
Also, there are a few areas where Star Trek is better than 40k technology wise like communication, sensors and the fact that moving FTL doesn't transport them into a dimension that wants to eat them.

>You should write it.
Sadly, while I type quickly enough, I write very slowly, which is why this can't happen. At least not here.

That was one of the solutions I predicted, but that's extra risky and reliant on rolls.

>> No.22588594

Also, we did actually get through about half of those, before she raged.

>> No.22588597

I was wondering that myself. It was pretty good.

>> No.22588668


I've considered making a Rogue Trader-ish quest now and again, because if there are two things I love it's economics and space. I don't know much about 40K, though, so if I do it'll have to be in a more generic sci-fi universe. Which may be for the best, actually, gives the players more room to invent aliens, tech and crazy shit. Might do that after the next little bit of my other quest.

>> No.22588669

>Not making a thread like this yourself, and choosing to wait for it instead

Fuckin' lazy of you, anon.

>> No.22588686

Can't really blame her when she is called a "loose aggregate of afterbirth and try hard"

>> No.22588707

Kidding, the thread's here:>>22588695

>> No.22588727

I try to give her a chance to do something good, and don't derail until I know it's bad, but /tg/ has a bigger book of grudges then I.

>> No.22588745


>> No.22588758

Anybody interested in a mysterious island quest like pic?

I think it'd have horrible Eldritch monsters. Terrain that spans both old medieval ruins and haywire laboratories.
Powerful artifacts both mystical and scientific.

It'd basically be a big moshpit of different realities and timelines condensed into a huge island and you're thrown into the mix.

>> No.22588771

A toast for the fall the fallen, gone but never forgotten.

>> No.22588786

>implying she didnt earn each and every last insult
When you act like your umpteenth rehash of the same concept is some sort of literary masterpiece and then hide behind the excuse YOU DON'T HATE MY WRITING, YOU JUST HATE THE GENRE!, you deserve every insult /tg/ can throw at you.

And even after all that, I would be willing to give her a chance if she did two things for me
1. None of that Anon-kun shit. Give us a fucking name or let us choose one or names us the fucking Nameless One for all I care, but no Anon-kuns of Foreigner-chans
2. No haremshit. Haremshit is dull as fuck and her haremshit always ends in overwrought melodrama.

The moment she decides to step out her shell and out of the hugbox she has built around herself, I will give her a chance and not a moment sooner.

>> No.22588804

Oh please, just admit it, you are one of the people crying space the moment she tries to run a quest.

You will never ever try and give tale/a/non a chance and you know it.

>> No.22588832


I might be missing something, but who the hell is tale/a/non? The one who keeps writing those Anon-Kun/Friend-Kun one-shots or whatever?

>> No.22588842

This thread inspired me to just go for it and start a quest thread. I would be happy to have all of you fine gents participate. I'm going to go take a piss now.

>> No.22588861

there's actually two of them, IIRC, but yeah, she does most of them.

I do, anon, I do. My derails are always the subtle ones, I try to keep it in-universe, instead of clamoring for SPESSSS! at the slightest provocation. I try to maintain some /tg/ class.

>> No.22588864

>Trying to sketch ideas for main character for Monster Egg quest.

>Just end up with this shit

Sigh. I don't know what to do.

>> No.22588874


Yes, she earned a bit of infamy for rehash and retreading the same grounds as well as never naming anyone.

>> No.22588924

1) She has never claimed any of her writing a literary masterpiece.

2) I don't think I've ever heard "You don't hate my writing, you hate the genre"

3) I'm pretty sure she said once, Anon-kun was used to make the protag generic so that everyone can try and be the character.

4) She rarely writes "haremshit". It's always between two girls. She writes more romance dramas. If you think their haremshit, then you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

5)You will never give her a chance. Guaranteed.

>> No.22588947


This thread was meant to improve /tg/'s quests.

As you're talking about someone whose work is no longer here and was never particularly capable of any kind of change, why in the world are you going on about it in this thread?

I mean there's no thread ownership or anything and derailments are fine but this is a discussion devoid of value, a bankrupt enterprise. We'd be getting further if we'd been talking about dragon dildos this entire time.

>> No.22588952

Sounds excellent. We've had a quest based on that concept before, but it didn't end well.


>> No.22588954

Some writer from /a/ who moved over here for a bit.

>> No.22588964

We are talking about why some quest fail. this is important for new QM's.

>> No.22588994

This was actually what made me want to do it, anon writing that one just up and left.

>> No.22589022


I'm kind of with this guy >>22588947

There's really no point to going on about tale/a/non. She failed repeatedly because she did not understand her audience, her venue, or how to create novelty in storytelling. It was all an exercise in mismatched elements.

Kindly drop the subject before this devolves further and MSQ becomes the focus or some bullshit. Everything that needs saying has been said.

>> No.22589032

I'd play it if you could do it consistently and well.

I thought of running it myself but, y'know, time restrictions.

>> No.22589038


We've got two new quests running because of this thread that might be fun. I've narrowed down what my next quest thread will probably be once I work on a system for it. Namely I want to do to economics what SCIENCE! does to science. I've got some math to do, I guess.

There's been progress! Take heart!

>> No.22589067

I'm plenty pleased with the thread. It's the rehashing of '/a/ threads on /tg/, iteration ONE MILLION' that I don't think we need.

>> No.22589076

I'll try and tackle it sooner or later, need a few days when I have some free time to just write.

>> No.22589126

In that case, I wish you the best of luck.

>> No.22589187

You should've derailed her first threads then. You set a bad precedent when you let her run 10 threads.


>> No.22589233

>2. No haremshit. Haremshit is dull as fuck and her haremshit always ends in overwrought melodrama.

Wat. How can you not claim to hate the genre. She writes shoujo romances. You don't like it. WTF is your problem.

>> No.22589594

Fuck that shit. And fuck all that magical girl shit, too.

>> No.22589617

Just because I'm not a fan of the genre doesnt mean her writing isn't shit. I can acknowledge good writing in a genre I hate, but she isn't it.

>> No.22589682

Yet she probably has one of the most options in a story. "If I don't like it, it's shit" mentality at it's finest.

>> No.22589688

Oh for the list, I'm pretty sure AC-Guy is still alternating between Armored Core and the Fate/Stay Again quest

>> No.22589729


>> No.22590896

I'm the person who ran 40k Quest a on-and-off a few times. Was just curious about my recent attempts' lack of interest. Seeing as the stuff I posted neither garnered a significant posts nor elicited any death threats, I was wondering how I could make my quest less shit/interesting so that it doesn't die in the 2nd post.

>> No.22591156

holla holla get quests

>> No.22591189

You make me blush, Anon...

HoboQuest is a little zany and "let's dive head-first into monster girl boobies!" but I don't think it's similar to Ass Quest.

Entirely understandable. It's a weird sort of quest and it could be better in a lot of ways.

>> No.22591200

I am unfamiliar with the quest, but it sounds hella generic from that name. Can you give a brief synopsis?

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