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40k Factions.

Has it been done already?

Would you play it?

Or is there too many faction games as it is?

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>Lawful nutral
>not arbiters

Stopped reading right there.

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if you're gonna post a chart then post a legible chart

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They could have any number of factions in the game. The problem isn't in "does this game have too many factions, rather it is "can GW writers be productive enough to keep the books of the factions up to date?"

40k codices, ruleswise, are painfully simple and you could easily come up with as many factions as there are MtG decks and D&D classes. However, GW's authors are blithering retards with a work ethic comparable to a particularly lazy NEET. Theoretically, you can have a hundred factions in the game with no problem. Practically, who's going to get Phil Kelly, Mat Ward, etc to work 40 hours a week like normal people?

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Huh? I'm talking about turning 40k into a /tg/ factions game.

We can add other factions if you like. Only ones I really know anything about are the ones in the pic

Only want to do it if theres interest though. I see alot of Factions hate on here sometimes

Best one I can find. The main part, the alignments, is legible enough though.

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In 40k there are no good and almost no neutral factions. Also, chaos space marines are not chaotic. Huh. Bad chart.

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GW sees itself as a model company, not a rules company.

They generally update rulesets if they have new models to accompany the release, and in the rare instances they do not it's a white dwarf minicodex.

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Jeez, seems like theres been a misunderstanding.

You know that factions game? The one often played in threads on here or in IRC. I am considering making another of those based on 40k.

I am looking to see if this is something anyone would consider playing.

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tyranids are true neutral

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I swear you guys are just fucking with me now...

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All they want to do is eat, there's no cruelty there. Well, unless the hive mind goes full Kerrigan

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I ain't got anything better to do than mess with people on the internet OP. Can't speak for the rest of us.

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Die, heretic scum.

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It might have helped if you took a moment to explain what you're talking about in the OP, rather than assume everybody knows about that thing that was in IRC that I haven't heard of and neither have most other people here. As for it being played here on /tg/, did you know that games played on /tg/ end up superficially resembling quest threads, and are thus ignored by much of /tg/'s readerbase?

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What if we made a few dozen clones of Phil Kelly?

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Yeah, I agree. The only thing deserving to be in the 'Good' categories at all, is Eldar. Tau and Marines should both be in the Lawful Evil area.

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Your chart is hilariously wrong.

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I support this course of action!

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>implying everyone isn't a shade of evil
>Implying being 1984 made manifest is lawful good.

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well the chart is ok

only thing to change is that nids are true neutral

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And there lies the problem. Yes, 40k *could* actually support 14, or even 20 factions. But it can't. Especially with a 3-month wait period between army updates, a retarded 'release and drop' routine that leaves armies to rot in previous editions, and a 4-year edition cycle with edition changes designed not to fix the game but rather 'shake things up a bit'. With GW's current trends, 40k could logistically handle about 10 unique and separate armies, give or take. Instead it's trying to shoe-horn in roughly 14 armies, 6 of which are pretty much the same goddamned thing with some minor variations in rules and a few unique units.

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Wouldn't it be awesome if GW was bought out by a competent company?

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Necrons Lawful evil?

What the hell? They're neutral.

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And that Marines aren't good by any stretch of the imagination (except for some starry-eyed fanboy).

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Arfiel strain gogogogogogo

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Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Lamanters yada yada yada.

All of them are noble and good in their own way.

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>apparently is unaware that the writers have to follow the overall goals and purpose of the current head writer, Jervis. Ergo if JJ declared that they should 'reign in the power levels for 6e', new codices won't be as OTT.
>also not sure if trolling.

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Ok, fair enough. I figured Factions was popular enough that people would understand it.

For anyone who doesn't know, to put it real simply Factions is a little like Risk or Diplomacy, or any other turn based strategy game. Players pick a side, give orders to their units, build shit, plot and scheme with each other, and so on.

>14 or 20 factions

Lay them on me, and if they're good, I'll throw them in my Factions game.

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Yeah I hope it will be Lego

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>good for 40k
Those Swedes would fuck it up beyond repair with political correctness.

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I dunno, 6e necrons aren't mindless anymore, there personalities are simply degraded and rusty. A few of the more famous ones could be called evil.

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I could settle for Disney atm. They bought out Star Wars, and the first I've heard is that Lucas is having barely anything to do with the new movies. I imagine they may do the same to all the shitty writers at GW

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Lego is Danish you turd, and the Danes are easily the least politically correct of all the Nordics.

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OP your idea is good

Exodite Eldar
AdMech (yeah they are Imperuim but they have some of their own interest)
Bazilion of other xenos (take your pick)

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Lucas is still a consultant for the films. Also, why is there so much Lucas-hate anyway? He wrote the good ones too, you know.

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Shit, it would still be expensive.

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Yes, but then he wrote the bad ones.
And then he rewrote the good ones.

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dude if any hate is justified the is Lucashate, the guy is a hypocrite with out good taste!!!

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also absolute assholes you wouldnt want on your planet in their own way.

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My understanding is when he wrote the good ones, they were 'toned down for a casual audience' which actually ended up making them better.

That motherfucker made Jar Jar Binks. I know it's cliche to hate on that character, but... it's Jar Jar fucking Binks man

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I really don't care how as long as they can deliver a quality game with a reasonable price

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>he wrote the good ones too

but ep V and VI got HEAVILY rewritten and werent directed by him

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On that note, this thread is now about who would be best to buy GW.

Fantasy Flight?

Share your thoughts!

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Which is why those two were easily the best Star Wars films to date.

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long live LEGO!

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Don't blame Lucas for Jar-Jar. Blame the voice actor who decided to make it as silly as possible.

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>mother fucking salamanders
Somebody doesn't know what they're talking about.

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Why would Lego be a good thing?

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Because LEGO is fucking awesome. Are you thick or something?

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Hey, salamander, I really dont agree with the imperial doctrine! I think Xenos arent that terrible either.

Huh, its SO FUN to hang around you.

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they have the money

1. just make Phil Kelly da boss
2. give him 10*+ good writers
3. sell some rights for movies + games
4. make it mainstream popular
5. ????
6. profit

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Is that Heresy I detect?

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>being a heretic
>blaming astartes for killing heretics
You're doing it to yourself, faggot.

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Lucas's direction and casting was pretty directly responsible for the choice and style of voice acting.

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this satire right there underlines my point nicely.

not implying that wasnt your intent

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None of these chapters are assholes. In fact they go out of their way and put themselves in risk to protect humans from the terrors within and without the Imperium.

Unless you're a Xenos or a Heretic, you have no right to call these Heroes ''evil''.

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you are still an asshole if you are a facist who protects those who agree with your facist ideology against those who dont. You dont have to be a chaos worshipper to take part in an rebellion against the fucking Imperium, and all of those will gun you down

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>applying modern morality and standards to a fictitious setting in the far flung grimdark future
Oh lord its one of these guys.

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Sorry to disrupt your conversation with a little re-railing, but any other factions I need to know about?

Yes I saw >>22584257 and these have been added to the list of factions to look at. Kroot and Demiurg in particular look cool.

Anyway, you can carry on now.

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no, im worse. Im one of those guys who doesnt want any non-grimdark in my Warhammer.

I know, im fucking terrible

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Haha, same here. If your going grimdark you might as well go balls deep

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Farsight Enclave.

The Reek.

Eldar Corsairs

Hmm...what more can I think of?

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that does it, Im joining in now: Whats with the lost and the damned? Or is Chaos one big lump?

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Keep em coming. I don't have time to read up on them all but I will save the thread and look through the suggestions later today.

Chaos currently works differently from the other factions.

Most factions battle to claim systems for themselves in order to increase income and such. Chaos however, is divided into at least two players with different gods, and they can achieve victory either by achieving ascendancy over the other god in the game sector (thusly winning alongside the one who claims the most systems overall, as this game can have multiple winners), or by joining with them to defeat the other players and claim the whole sector for Chaos.

As such, I'm looking for as many different Chaos factions as possible, and any information pertaining to which gods such factions serve if they have a particular preference.

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daemons, the different traitor legions, lost and the damned, cultists

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Lost and the Damned is new to me (I am an edition or two out of date I will admit)

I will be back in an hour or so to check the thread and grab any input you guys may have. In the meantime I've saved the thread just in case it 404s before then

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>I manipulated you into defeating my army

My sides!

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the lost and the damned are pretty old, actually, they are the rogue imperial guard companies who have turned to Chaos.

Essentially imperial guard with a fuckton of mutants, maybe a bit of deamon stuff and favors of the 4

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Oh man, that sounds incredible. Guess I'd just never come across them. Sounds like a contender for best faction (after Orks of course).

They are absolutely getting in on this shit.

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>loves his grimdark
>loves Orks
>loves the concept of the Lost and the Damned

You are awesome

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Haha, thanks. I don't hear that nearly enough.

Thread's open for business for another hour before I have to fuck off again. I'll be monitoring it for faction suggestions, other ideas, and what not.

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Bumping for 20+ 40k factions

Can be anything strong enough to control at least one solar system with credible ability to expand into others.

Retconned or canceled shit, popular fanshit, oldshit, newshit, it's all welcome here.

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2 or 3 high-tech lost human worlds that are not incorporated in the the Imperium because (insert here), and are not infested with xeno and/or chaos because (insert here)

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uhhh..... Genestealer... cults?
non-chaos aligned renegade humans? (think dornian heresy ultras)
And remember to separate admech.

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Would probably have to invent a faction based on that. Kind of just looking to use ones that already exist

I've also found a large list of names that mean nothing to me on a wiki page. Anyone know if any of these are worth pursuing?

Barghesi: Aggressive race near the Grendl stars. No other data is known.

Caradochian: Winged race often appearing as mercenaries.

Chuffian: Use a characteristic Power Maul weapon. No other data is known.

Drugh: Large larval invertebrates with advanced psionic capability. Stem from the world of Pyrus I.

Enslavers: Parasitical warp-based lifeforms that look for psychic hosts to transform into living Warp portals.

Galg: Green, scaled, frog-like creatures rumored to be Tau-allies.

Galthite: Xenos from the Oenorian Inner Systems.

Hrud: A race of near-invisible scavenger aliens who infest several areas of the galaxy. Commonly considered to be little more than vermin.

Jokaero: Resemble orangutans. They are famous for their instinctive technical brilliance.

Kathap: A race using what appears to be organic weaponry.

Khrave: Alien mind-eaters.

K'Nib: Described as "festering clawed fiends", have 10 limbs.


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Adrantis Five

The Silvae

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Genestealer Cults are a weapon of the Tyranid faction.

Do you know of any canonical Renegade humans I could draw inspiration from?

Lacrymole: A race of shape-shifters.

Loxatl: Amphibian quadrupeds who communicate through infrasound. Grey-skinned and foul-smelling. They are known to smell like rancid milk and mint.

Nicassar: A psychic race allied with the Tau.

Nekulli: Little known about the Nekulli race, apart from their Whisperlance technology.

Psy-Gore: From Perseus; makers of crystalline firearms.

Q'Orl: An insectoid species, whose empire is centered on the swarmworld of Loqiit.

Scythian: Martial species devoted to the art of combat.

Stryxis: Nomadic creatures said to resemble a humanoid canine embryo, with no young or gender differences ever reported. Voracious traders, their culture is eccentric and obscure, although they despise the Eldar.[1]

Tallerian: Reptiloid mercenary allies of the Tau.

Thyrrus: A squid-like race with color-changing skin.

Umbra: A species of floating spheres with a hard, black carapace.

Viskeon: Huge, muscled humanoid creatures, when part of their body is cut off, a fetus forms from it, feeding off its nutrients to eventually become a fully formed Viskeon.

Xenarch: An isolationist, Warp-worshiping species from the Galactic north.

Yu'vath: A race of warp-worshipping sorcerer-slavers from the Koronus Expanse, apparently annihilated in the 39th millennium during the Angevin Crusade, although remnants of their empire persist.[2]

Zoat: Large, strange, centaur-like creatures that were conquered by the Tyranids. The Zoats were used as a slave race for the hive mind and its followers, and many revolts by the Zoats (brutally put down by the Tyranids) led to the near extinction of their race. Eradicated by the Imperium upon their arrival in Human space.

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Heresy of the worst kind

>> No.22586794

Very nice, thanks for those. Gives me a template for making a Renegade Human faction

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see the fist 2 of this post


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There is a LARGE period of time before 'nid fleets show up where the cults are autonomous.

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Arbiters are Lawful Lawful.

>> No.22586948

sooooo true

>> No.22586962

Time kind of gets fucked up in games like this. Atm, cults are essentially a special ability of Tyranid fleets.

Be back in either 1 or 3 hours

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>Craftworld Eldar


>Not Chaotic

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How about 3 Inquisition factions who each get a specific goal relating to their ordo?

Xenos- Researching/Destroying xenos factions
Hereticus- Discovering Traitors within other Imperial factions(can be rng assigned or player-decision, your choice)
Malleus- Collecting Warp-tainted artifacts/Researching the Warp/Killin' the Chaos Factions

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