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old thread: >>22486926

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I have seen theses many times but I have never actually read any. So I have to ask whats this about?

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>Need bronze to do some negotiations so I can carry on with my village.

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It's about writing a vast and interconnected setting. Our first of many games involved creating ecosystems of plants and animals. After that we had a tribal stage, designed to write the history of Stone Age peoples. Now we are in what one might equate to a Bronze Age (not that everyone seems to stick there). We are advancing our tribes (nations now) to create the story and culture of many different peoples.

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Rolled 19, 5, 10 = 34

The great queen Driptaiya has perished, and her daughters have matured not a moment too soon. It seems that each of them has pursued their philosophies ever more. What shall their alignments be?

0-33 Evil
34-65 Neutral
66-100 Good

1. Ana
2. Bitta
3. Kriya

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Rolled 34, 54, 55 = 143

Oh derp, meant roll d100s. Ignore those previous rolls.

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By the way, I added both Central Civilization links to the wiki page for y'all.

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It started as an evo game, and it kept going. Somewhere along the line a lot of us ended up realizing this was more then a one off. Sentient races popped up, and we ended up making a tribal simulator, which became a kingdom builder, into nations. A lot of story telling, rolling, and creativity got slung around. Now here we are. Anyone is welcome to play, with the simple request to not act like a prick, and not constantly try to moderate other players. The offer stands even now.
A GM's task is complicated, and is to faciltate each player's game. When player's start to interact, they moderate and work to tie the stories together in addition to what the player's tell. GM's control the environment and world, just like any other game.
I'll be around off and on, so will IG, any further questions, feel free to ask.

tl/dr: long story short: it's a fun setting builder, and we get to see where it goes.

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The trio of daughters form a very neutral stance on life, the lessons of their mother focusing on the reality that life is not so cut and dry. We are no more heroes and villains then the hunter and prey. There is necessity and innovation. To overcome the obstacles life presents.

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Don't forget, that first one is Evil.

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Rolled 15

The two young'uns have grown exponentially in the wake of a string of successful fishing trips and now spend most of their time outside their mothers' pouches.

Vaakfa, so named for his undeniable natural strength, is already a head taller than his sister and surprisingly proficient with a Haabhahohghar. Pokfa, the female, seems to spend most of her time drawing idly in the sand - the elders say her arms are frail, but her mind is strong.

Meanwhile, the rest of the village is ticking over well. The recent discovery and absorption of Ah-whey in the South has greatly improved their intake of whey-ong, and even the occasional ah-whey-ong (Unu prefix removed, as they are now aware of River Hoppas) - which are now considered a fanciable meat saved for times of celebration.

Recently, Pokfa had been stacking sha and fhuf-ghar branches according to size; such odd behaviour for a child. Vaakfa was having none of it and took his Haabhahohghar to the biggest of the sha and laughed boisterously. His laughs did not last long, however, as the both of them turned sharply to fear and confusion. Striking the sha had caused a nearby fhuf-ghar branch to erupt in heat and light, sending the kids screaming to their parents about the Unu-unu (unknown thing).

Rolling to discover fire (We're not all in the copper age yet!)

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Did you miss my post?

I can't see a reply to it....

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With a bit of smoke and flame, FIRE IS GO!
no enclosure, but ropes are tied to stakes to hold necks. The landscaping is concluded and resembles what was set out to do. Workers are skilled at building handcarts and hunting platforms, and soon these artificial structures and things become a part of day to day life. Plant fibers are found that can be used in a variety of fashions from making rope to cloths if properly researched.

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Ana takes the path of Social Darwinism. Those on top deserve to be so by right of clawing their way up and beating others (possibly literally) down.

Bitta takes the path of Impulse and following ones instincts. To follow one's natural inclinations.

Kriya takes the path of non-Intervention, seeking to harm as few people as possible.

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Rolled 14, 18, 2, 1 = 35


A scouting party accompany the children back to the site of the unu-unu and are baffled at the flickering, hot fhur-ghar branch. One of them pokes at it with his bha-hoh-ghar and a piece of fhur-ghar carrying the unu-unu lodges itself in the hollow end. The party stare mesmerised as he waves it back and forth.

Pokfa, given her bright mind and involvement thus far in the Fhra (fire), is given the task of experimenting with it to find its uses; she is warned to be very cautious and is supervised throughout. Vaakfa is told to collect things to put into the Fhra.

Rolling for the results of burning hoh-ghar branches, rocks, fish and river hoppa meat.

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Rolled 1, 6, 19 = 26

I have so much work but this freaking game calls.

Ana, in celebration of her new philosophy begins hoarding the fish, only a pittance goes to her sisters.

Bitta begins getting worried, the people are getting restless, she fears chaos should the food stop coming in...

Kriya's hall too is suffering the effects of her sister's hoarding. She has so many to feed, all they have is work, working in the processing plants of Bitta's tower.

Rolling for Ana's Hall, the Fishery
Rolling for Bitta's Hall, the Processing & Distribution
Rolling for Kriya's Hall, the Housing Skyscraper.

I leave it to the GMs as to what each number means for the great towering halls of Marajha

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Oh, and for future reference, Marajha's general location. It is, of course deep under, in the roots of the mountain.

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These animals with shells we have seen appear to be quite strong, yet delicate. Perhaps if we could capture some, we could use them to do things for us. We shall attempt to lure them to our camp with some Yaffle
Build a fence around our newly modified lands, with gates, an elevated bridge to the higher level, and a retractable crossing from the lower level to the surrounding lands, and a large wooden structure in the middle of the higher level, with walls much thicker than other buildings.
Retry building an enclosure, in case any torrogs come loose before being trained.
Research possible uses for these newly found plant fibers. If we can create ropes, then we can do so much more.
Those vast waters interest our people. We need to find ways of traveling across them, without falling into it.

>also if anyone is good at drawing, can they please redraw this, with some houses in my village? (whether it is on computer, or hand-drawn, i would be very greatful)

(rolling for capturing live torrogs, building a motte and bailey,building animal enclosure, research plant fibers (ropes), research boats)

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Rolled 13, 2, 5, 10, 11 = 41

forgot the 'dice+'

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Hey, I'm trying to compile a quest schedule and am wondering if there's a set day and time for this game. Timezone indication would be great.

Schedule is here >>22585294

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Not really, we hold it kind of whenever, to be honest. But worry not, they tend to last for several days. Even then, there's usually another one right around the corner.

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There is no set time, ig or ng, yhats me, go through once or twice a day depending on real life and do results. When we have more time, we reply more. Ig and i live on each side of the earth, so coverage is fairly steady.

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