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Hey has anyone here had any positive experiences with the Horus heresy board game? I picked it up because i'm a raging homosexual for anything 40k related. But i haven't managed to find any willing opponents/been able to learn/teach the rules within a reasonable time. Is it a hidden gem worth pushing though or will there be no pay off?

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bumping with 40k pics until i lose hope

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I am sorry, but besides the overkill of material which is typical for Fantasy Flight games, it does not reward. Look out for "Chaos in the old World", it is the best Warhammer boardgame. At least in my eyes, it is also the best looking. You can see its german box in the middle of your picture.

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yeah ive heard good tings about that one

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expanded topic, any recommendations warnings of other warhammer/40k boardgames? Anyone played relic yet?

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I liked blood bowl the card game

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is the card game anything like the tabletop or pc game?

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I liked blood card the bowl game.

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HH is cool as long as you and your opponent go in to it with the understanding that it's more like sitting down to a real 'historical' war game ala Third Reich or something than it is to, say, Space Hulk. It's got 'historical' scenarios, card-driven war game style mechanics, turn-based reinforcements, stack limits, etc. All of which I think is neat, but might just be too much work for not enough of a return in fun for some.

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a fusion of a battle card system and bowling played till first blood? sounds intriguing

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fair enough

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its just difficult to get other people in my social group excited enough to learn the rules as i am the only one into the fluff

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one of my favourites, also, is anyone here into the fantasy novels? Ive never been exposed to that fluff and am curious whether or not its worth getting into

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Read the Matthias Thulmann trilogi and Riders of the Dead, you will not be dissapointed.

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Not really since you are playing more games at once than the tabletop

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some of them are quite good, some of them are bad. There was a series I was reading but it was about 5 years ago and I can't remember it anymore. All I remember is that it had a high elf protagonist and that there was a huge battle at the end that involved an ogre.

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okay now that is the coolest thing i have everseen

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how about the whole malekith/dark elves deal are those novels any good, that and the dwarven/elven conflict seem interesting on the surface

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ive noticed its rare to see good human-space marine interaction in the 40k novels excluding some of the HH ones and brothers of the snake

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1st 3 novels of this series were pretty awesome, phalanx was shitballs tho

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yeah, its unfortunete.

A pity more people care about their SPESS MAHRENS circlejerks.

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yeah, ive always been really curious how conversations between civilians and the more sociable chapters ie smurfs, salamanders ect would play out. Would they have any sense of empathy for regular humans or do they only carry out their duty because the emperor wills it. Is it possible to foster a genuine friendship with a space marine (not just respect)?

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will powers beginning to erode

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I kind of liked the game, bought it together with a friend.

Sadly he is not someone I enjoy playing 2-player games with so we have played it twice so far.

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did u play imperial forces or rebels? Who won?

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We played both factions once each.

He won both times. I'm not that good at games where you have to plan ahead and so also he was lucky.

The reason I don't like playing with him is that he is quite a sore looser that stops talking when things are looking bad for him.
He is also a massive That Guy in role-playing games

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eesh that sounds painful

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Chaos in the Old World is very fun, especially when you throw the Skaven expansion into it. I highly recommend picking it up.

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The main problem with this game is that it's a 2-player game making it har to bring to a boardgame night other than that it's a fun and interesting game

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last few images ill be posting, most of my other 40k stuff are either funny or scans from the rp books

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I played Chaos in the Old World once

>played Khorne
>Got thrashed in combat
>my turns last 30 seconds
>all other players turns last 2-5 minutes
>bored out of my mind

2/10 would not play again

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an oldie but a goodie to finish up on. Thanks guys im going to bed

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You really should try out the other gods before you write the game off. They play EXTREMELY differently.

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Yeah, Khorne is definately the hardest to play, ironically requiring at least as much thought and knowledge of the others to play successfully as Tzeentch. But where Tzeentch needs card-draw luck, Khorne needs dice-luck.
In my opinion, the best starter god is Slaanesh. She has simple objectives, her cultists become hard to kill quickly, and it illustrates both Tick-victory and VP win strategies. Nurgle is second easiest to play, and Tzeentch and Khorne are previous players only.
Also, the expansion adds skaven who are bloody hilarious, and second Choas Card decks for all the factions, changing the game up significantly. The time I pulled off a Nurgle Tick Victory will live forever in infamy.

As far as other Warhammer games go OP, have you tried the Space Hulk Card Game? It's for 2-6 players, is small and easily carried around, and when you win it feels like you really worked for it. A bit of a warning: having a three or six players is significantly harder than the other options (2, 4, or 5). More genestealers spawn, range on guns start being a real issue, and you are forced to take space marines that seem to have a deathwish! it doesn't make it impossible to win, it just ends up feeling like X-Com on Classic, where death is but a moment away.

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