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Why hello there /tg/. I'm currently tinkering about with the Regiment Creation Rules in Only War, and I've decided to stat up everyone's favorite Penal Legion: the Savlar Chem-Dogs.

I'm almost complete with the crunch aspect of it. I just need a little bit of input from you guys: what type of regiment would you say the Chem-Dogs lean towards? I'm tempted to say Light Infantry myself, but I figured I'd ask the community before going any further with this.

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Light Infantry would be my guess too

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Oh, hi. OP here again. Just as a brief aside, do you have ANY idea how hard it was to find a work-safe image of Chem-Chan to open this thread up with? Seriously...

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not much really

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Have some more worksafe Chem-Chan

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Not a Reconnaisance or Hunter-Killer regiment?

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aaand i'm all out of SFW chem-chan stuff

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Yeah Hunter-Killer would also fit the chem-dogs

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I'm pretty sure there are multiple Chem-Dog regiments. You could probably go with any of the three.

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Hi guys, OP here. Thanks for the feedback (and the SFW images!) Almost done with the crunch here, just have to assign them a regimental kit. On that note, just a bit more feddback from you guys on one tiny bit of this would be great.

Suggestions for Favored Weapons?

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Can't have been that hard.

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I'd say the ubiquitous M39 Lasgun or Lascarbine.

for close combat i'd say knife. Ork knife, survival knife, Kroot rifleblade stuck to a piece of wood, self-made shank etc. Easy to make and maintain even in a regiment without any form of support.

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Apparently they prefer Flamers and Heavy Bolters.

/tg/, why isn't there a man-portable Chem Cannon like the one used on the Bane Wolf? I think that would be an awesome support weapon.

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Works for me!

Alright /tg/. I'll try to have this written up and statted after I get done with classes today! You've all been a tremendous help! Thanks!

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>the beginning of the adventrues of cemdog and o...oh okay

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Now you're making me want to finish my Inquisitor generator, and I'm sleepy.

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Whats the deal with the chrono trigger?

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I'm unfamiliar with chem-chan but does she fuck the ork? I can only assume it's the stand in for the furry kangaroo mutant.

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She "found" it.

That's disgusting xenophilic heresy.

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Chemchan is actually Marle

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Chem-Chan is great, but I honestly really dislike WXKD's Self-Insert Mary-Sue Commissar that he shoe-horned into everything.

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I haven't read any Chem-Chan fics but I really dislike the commissar's hat.

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He ends up being just fine because lasrifles don't do diddly.

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Thank you, I was literally just about to say that. Even the random shipping of Chem-chan and Schlicktau that I still don't fully understand where it came from is better than that fucking commissar.

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Hot Girl+Hot Xeon Girl=make sense on TG

Hot girl+bullshit hat commissar = pretty derp imo

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>Hot Girl+Hot Xeno Girl=make sense on TG
Now I'm not arguing that, but usually /tg/ has at least some thin justification for mashing the two together.

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Aaa I see what you mean. now I want a canon explanation too.

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I had some extra time, so I went ahead and did a write-up.

Home World: Penal Colony
Commanding Officer: Sanguine
Regiment Type: Light Infantry
Doctrines: Combat Drugs, Scavengers
Total Cost: 11 Points

Characteristic Modifiers: +6 Agility,
Starting Skills: Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface)
Starting Talents: Die Hard, Peer (Underworld) or Street Fighting, Sprint
Larcenous: Like most penal worlds, on Savlar the only market is the black market, and the Chem-Dogs are more than adept at getting their hands on illicit items and substances. They gain a +10 to all Logistics Checks made to acquire contraband or illegal items.
Wounds: Characters from this regiment start play with +1 Wound.
Standard Regimental Kit: One uniform, one set of poor weather gear, one Lascarbine (Main Weapon) and 4 charge packs, 2 knives, 2 Frag Grenades and 2 Smoke Grenades, one Flak Vest and Flak Helmet, one inhaler, 3 doeses of Frenzon one rucksack, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and canteen, one sleeping bag and blanket, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one chrono, one respirator, one set of cogonomen tags, one Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifiting Primer, four weeks’ combat rations.
Favored Weapons: Heavy Stubber, Flamer

The +6 to Agility doesn't exactly feel right for the Chem-Dogs, but that's how it ended up turning out, stat-wise.

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Hailing from the penal world of Savlar, the Savlar Chem-Dogs were originally created by Judge Callistar of the Adeptus Arbites, who runs the penal colonies on Savlar, in order to suppress rebellions against the Imperium on the planet. Volunteers are raised by the promise of both getting away from the highly-toxic environment of Savlar, as well as being allowed to keep anything they loot from the battlefield.

The Savlar Chem-Dogs are recruited from the worst murderers, scoundrels, and thieves on the prison world, and excel at fighting in cramped spaces and toxic environments (as seen in the Third War for Armageddon, during which the Chem-Dogs were deployed against Orks assaulting the underhives of Armageddon). Most, if not all, of the Chem-Dogs are heavy users of various chemical substances. As a penal legion, the Chem-Dogs are heavily-supervised, and a large number of commissars are attached to the various regiments from Savlar.

The Chem-Dogs are notorious thieves, and a large amount of their gear is stolen from other regiments. Many troopers will often carry non-standard gear into battle, ranging from improvised armour and stolen vox-equipment to archeotech. The distinctive Savlar-pattern rebreather is a bulky and awkward device with a four-tube canister and filter mask, meant to protect the wearers from the toxic environments in which they operate.

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The 80th Savlar Chem-Dogs are a newly-raised regiment from the prison world, currently commanded by “Colonel” Tobias Andergan. Andergan, a former Major with the 67th Navarian, is a nobleman from the hive world of Navar; when his younger brother was found to be guilty of heresy, enemies of Andergan’s family quickly capitalized on the opportunity and had the then-Major framed in conjunction with his brother (or at least this is the story that Colonel Andergan spouts). Andergan, being an officer in the Imperial Guard, was selected to command the 80th Chem-Dogs, earning a “promotion to Colonel.

Colonel Andergan does not like his new role in the slightest, nor does he associate with the “scum” under his command. The Colonel has a very noticeable habit of sending the 20th into near-suicidal situations on a regular basis. Many speculate that the Colonel hopes to regain his former status by bringing whatever glory he can to the regiment, thus proving himself a loyal servant of the Emperor.

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And done. Thoughts, /tg/?

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Good work man, well done

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Thanks. I was kind of torn between "Colonel" Andergan being Sanguine or Bilous (because he trusts the 80th to not try to shiv him in his sleep about as much as he'd trust a Tyranid to not eat him). In the end, Sanguine won out. Andergan doesn't trust the 80th in the slightest, but he's more than willing to throw them under the bus to get his commission back.

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Does seem pretty fitting and flavourful without getting too near to the wank that is Commander Chenkov for the valhallans

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Motherfucking Chenkov.

>nguarREU No.

You're absolutely right, captcha. No. No Chenkov is a good thing.

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>the tediuts

Quite right captcha, his uninspired attempt to be an evil russian leader is somewhat tedious.

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Who is Commander Chenkov and what is his deal?

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He was from 2nd ed but they brought him back in the new guard book, a valhallan commander who leads the a unit of guard that he always sends to their death, always.

That's literally his entire personality: "send in the next wave of men"

look him up on lexicanum

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Yep. Seriously. This is his entire philosophy and personality.

"Minefield in the way of my tanks? SEND IN INFANTRY TO CLEAR IT. WITH THEIR FEET!"

I kid you not, that is a thing he has done. It's stupid and needlessly grimdark.

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That is not cunning like a kobold.

I can see why he isn't popular.

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Even has a special rule called "Send in the Next Wave!" Not really useful unless you play blob Guard and are willing and able to spam conscripts. Once actually saw someone play him, he literally had over 300 bodies at 2000 points.

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More like nerd meh, but meh whatever.

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Personally, I like to think that getting assigned to working with the Chem-Dogs is something akin to "punishment" detail for commissars. I mean, you're being thrown into a regiment where the guardsmen are even LESS likely to listen to you, and are possibly even more likely to kill you and cover it up than the Catachans.

Also, that hat is hella retarded.

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She's not a commissar.

It's an officer hat.

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Oh. You are correct.

In that case the hat does fit the style of the Chem-Dogs. Of course, I'd still like to think that being assigned to the Chem-Dogs is likely a punishment duty for Commissars.

And the hat might fit better now, but it's still hella retarded.

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I wonder what in the warp a Commissar has to do in order to end up with the chem-dogs?

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I don't know.

Maybe it's for "soft" commissars? You know, the ones that for whatever reason are unwilling to BLAM people if necessary? But you know. They're still serviceable commissars. They're just too soft.

So they get transferred to a regiment where they HAVE to BLAM people if they want to survive.

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That is pretty much the negative response Kelly's gotten since her creation, though it might not be wholly deserved.

The reason Kelly was done in the first place was because /tg/ had a gimmicky little side project involving a completely random table for Archeotech "appropriated" or otherwise discovered by the Chem Dogs (which are thieving magpies on par with Blood Ravens). It was soon determined that there had to be another Chem Dog for this illustrated (which WCKD said he'd be happy to illustrate) as having Chem-chan interact with someone else on occasion would work better -- a kind of "Player 2" to Chem-chan's "Player 1". As Miffgrod (the Ork) would have been inappropriate (not to mention Schlicktau, another Chem Dog design was needed. WCKD asked if it should be a boy or a girl. The thread pretty much unanimously said "girl", so WCKD designed "Kelly", named in the same thread by an Anon after "Kelly's Heroes".

Of the archeotech we got finished for the chart, there's the useless and broken translator bird which can only curse in xeno tongues (less-than-useless for diplomacy) >>22579792 , and this massive penile cannon which for all its impressive size is really only a rather overdesigned and difficult to move meltagun >>22579815 .

The other 8 were never illustrated because the Anons lost interest and just started requesting lesbian shenanigans instead of useless archeotech artifacts.

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Ah. Now that makes much more sense. Especially the bit about why we can't have nice things.

I still think that hat is hella retarded, though.

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Well no one ever said WCKD was good at character design. Consider how he made Cultist-chan into Arch-Cultist and how well that went over.

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Anyone remember that one story that was written with Shcliktau and Chem-chan? And then the writer didn't finish, but people kept asking for someone to finish the damn thing, so a different writer showed up and put Kelly in and it sucked?

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You know I first got into the Chem Dogs because I figured it was a good chance to make a group of Mad Max style raider wannabes.

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And then you discovered that they're just fuck-ups in orange jumpsuits and dates gas masks?

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Dated, not dates.

I can't imagine that a mask made of dates would work for filtering anything.

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