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Tau or Eldar, /tg/
Which are your favorites?

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Eldar, and their delicious chest-butts.

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I like Tau more.

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Xenos biology, while amusing, will result in termination of your service to the Emperor.

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Elves or Succubi?

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Tiefling's of an elven lineage

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>Weeaboo aliens or weeaboo aliens?

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Eldar can breed with humans for some reason
Therefore eldar.

I prefer Tau armies though, I'm abig fan of shooty, Tau and IG all the way

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Tau female have no breasts.

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I'd both at the same time.

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Oh man, that thread.

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Eldar domming tau
Neither of those two, but yes. And brown.

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Eldar, no contest.

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Eldar because underneath the poncyness they can still be metal as fuck.

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I would pound the shit out of Ribbon backside while forcing Cestree to watch.

Because that is my fetish

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Shame to Caste or shame to Craftworld?

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I would use Cestrees nubs to violate Ribbons little elf pooper.

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I don't get why people prefer this over darker skin shades

If you really want to stick to the realms of human possibility (and you shouldn't be, because it's already an elf) then you can at least tone it down to ash-brown, instead of a light tan

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Massive Taufag here, but this I can agree with. Eldar are quite easy to turn into badasses of the multiverse without too much effort. I find Tau more interesting purely for the fact they don't have many big badass style characters, but Eldar are just too cool for words at times.

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I don't do the 40K thing, but my chips are down for the Tau.

I am always for the power of SCIENCE! I could never really stand the whole "It's warhammer fantasy, but with guns" aesthetic, and since I think the idea of space bugs holding guns is silly as shit, and the robot faction is far more "Shambling Egyptian Skeletons with guns" than the dystopian future skull-faced robots from the Terminator movies, so for me it's always boiled down to either IG or Tau, but I generally veer more on the Tau side, as they tend to sport more sweet ass robots per unit type.

Course, if they actually made AM as a playable faction, they might be able to win my interest.

Back to the topic at hand, since we're talking Tau VS Elfdar, I'm putting my chips down with the buxom blueberries, no question.

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One can be David Bowie in space. The other one is only good for action figures and diaper porn. The choice is obvious, but here's a hint: it's the one that's not in diapers.

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If there is only Tau or Eldar in the room, Tau it will be.

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Rangers are a thing.

I can't think of any tau who have "failed" their castes. Farsight doesn't count, surprisingly. Mainly because the majority of the fire caste were on his side

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I would tend towards the blue skinned alien comrade type than the aloof mysterious "elven" type

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I think an interspecies relationship would be forbidden given how they hold themselves with a bit of superiority to their auxillaries- As for eldar, you do have a point Rangers and Pirates are indeed a thing.

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imagine that aloofness melting like wax when you rub those soft ears gently

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Eldar at their worst are retarded pansies who are ripped apart easier than wet paper tissues buttfucked more often than a third rate porn star while looking ridiculous all throughout. At their best they're magnificently, bastardly ninja wizards who finishes your sentences for you before you even start a conversation and then kill you with rainbows and interpretative dancing. The good outweighs the bad, IMO.

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>At their best they're magnificently, bastardly ninja wizards who finish your sentences for you before you even start a conversation and then kill you with rainbows and interpretative dancing
I don't know if you were trying to be excellent and quotable there, but you succeeded.

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I would invite Cestree to a mildly expensive restaurant, have a deep and meaningful conversation with her, and invite her back to my place for some coffee.

We would talk late into the night, until she would feel so comfortable and carefree that she would doze off right on the couch.

I would carry her over to my bed, lay her down gently, and pull the sheets over. Going over to my couch, I would fall asleep, hoping I would wake up in time to make breakfast.

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Eldar, I'd like to be their pet monkey
elves, I am LG, not compatible with succubi at all

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Gotta admit, that's pretty much the best description of Eldar I've read.

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I'm gonna have to go Eldar. Seriously, the eldar are fuckawesome. Just look at the pimping SWAGtastic eldar commander and the 80s punker titan crew.

I mean, anyone going into battle in those outfits have to be fucking powerful to not get gibbed the second the enemy spots you.

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Eldar, definitely, because they're Best Faction. But I have a lot of respect for the Tau as well even though I kind of want to see them get a Wardian reboot.

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>implying anyone even dares to shoot at something so beautiful
What if you... messed up their hair? Your own mother could never forgive you.

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she looks almost human, if am a rogue trader, can I adopt one little elf?

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If Tau looked like that, I'd pick the Tau.
Since they don't, Eldar.

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>rogue trader
i thing that's a requirement for them.

RT in our campaign has a pet Tyranid, brainjacked and cut off from hive mind. He calls him "waffles".

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>if am a rogue trader, can I adopt one little elf?
Only if it makes you money/bitches/happy.

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One does not simply choose

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>mfw this whole thread

I'd have to go with innocent young confused Tau, since...you know....they'd be fully mature at like 10, giggity.

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Oh look, its my fetish.

>> No.22580413

That's false.

Have you read the Codex? The majority are on Shadowsuns side. Farsightfags pls leave.

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>At their best they're magnificently, bastardly ninja wizards who finishes your sentences for you before you even start a conversation and then kill you with rainbows and interpretative dancing.
I fail to see how this is a bad thing. And you forgot that they are all Jareth the Goblin King levels of fabulosity, too.

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>I am LG, not compatible with succubi at all
>not converting the succubus with lawful dickings
They just don't make paladins like they used to.

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The Necrons are everything the Eldar are and plus they're infinitely cooler.

If you drop the Space Elf crap, the eldar got nothing.

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You cant put your dick in a necron. They all have scarabs.

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So we have to chose between the race that needs a bureaucratic system to organize its dickings and the race that developed dickings so perverted and sophisticated they created a new god with them and almost got wiped out by the backlash?
No contest there. Also delicious ears.

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Eldar bodies, Tau chests.

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>> No.22580688

I duno, the pure innocence of a tau lass has appeal all of it's own

I'd still go for Eldar though, Tau are physically weaklings, I prefer girls tougher than myself

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>you will never mindbreak an eldar semi-loli with nothing but hours and hours of earplay and then raise her as your own personal commissary psyker aide

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Modern (M41) craftworlders are supposed to grow up in a tightly surveilled environment, so you certainly could assume at least some of them would be relatively innocent.
The question is whether they have sex ed, and if they do, to what degree they are introduced to it and what mindset would be enforced.
But alas, we have no information on anything of the likes. We don't even know at what age they are reaching maturity.

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Tau, especially a Fire or Earth caste.

>> No.22580893

I dunno man, that chart of the different blueberry castes had some mad thighs on the Fire Caste. That bitch could probably crush your head between them like a grape if she wanted.

>> No.22580903

We can dream at least... we can always dream.

>> No.22580945

You mean this one? Hell yes.

>> No.22580990

I demand an archive link.

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I would like to try and date a sapient and sentient person, regardless their origin.
I would take her out to a sophisticated theatre that doesn't use too much fancy words, because I think we both could appreciate the work of the locals.
After this I wouldn't mind to invite her into my home for a candle light dinner, of course if she wishes so.
Then I would, after she has become asleep, carry her into my guestroom and tuck her into the bed and wash the dishes.
I would go to my bed after this and set the alarm to an early time to prepare breakfast.
Of course, I would bake some food and give it with her as she goes back to her home.

Of course I did so with previous people and my hospitality was abused, using me even as a tool to get back at an ex-boyfriend.

Fuck this humanity with a chainsaw.

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>you will never help her build her first lasrifle
>you will never lovingly stroke her ears and tell her how proud she makes you
>you will never read her the The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer as a bedtime story to send her drifting off to sleep, dreaming of blamming xenos and heretics in the name of the Emperor
On a side note, someone mentioned her similarity to Blue in the last thread and now I want to see the two armwrestle or something. Wheres a goddamn draw thread when you need one?

>> No.22581049

after all our threads, they now do.
narratively, I find the eldar better in non-sexual roles, and the tau in sexual ones.
it must be the homophobia.

>> No.22581068

>earth, fire, water, air... and now what?
what caste is the one on the right?

>> No.22581080

He posted the non-Ethereal one where some people got all butthurt about the generalizations present in the first four bodytypes and made their own mary sue castes or something.

>> No.22581085


earth, water, etheral, air, fire, if i'm correct.

>> No.22581110

No, he got the order right the first time.

>> No.22581117

>Muscular one
>Not fire


>> No.22581164


>Earth Caste

>> No.22581184

Earth and Fire are my first pics for dem big juicy thighs, and then comes Air just because I want to see what those slender legs of hers can do.

>> No.22581210

that's the whole point of the caste.
>farming and crafting
>not mingling/fighting/having any contact at all with aliens
they are the secluded sex-toys of the tau.

>> No.22581219

>dat lump

>> No.22581252

While the Water Caste are the whored out sex-toys of the tau.

>> No.22581259

>Get manipulated by female of the same species
>Would try the same approach on Eldar
This will definitely go well...

>> No.22581373

Earth Fire Water Air Waifu (which is the mashup of ALL of them. Which is why it has fire's freckles).

>> No.22581415


It's like Bowie in space or some shit, God I love that old style - I wish they had more minis...

>> No.22581431

so now Waifu is an element.
I don't know, I like it better than heart, fwiw...

>> No.22581444

Ethereal isn't an element, either.
And waifu IS heart.

>> No.22581724

Mind explaining which is which for us filthy casuals?

Water is the tallest, Air is the middle?

>> No.22581776

Haven't you heard of Aether?

>> No.22582498

Left to right:

Earth (strong for work), Fire (Strong for fighting), Water (lean for diplomacy), Air (Skinny for space flight), and Ethereal (An amalgam of all castes, to represent blah blah blah etc.)

>> No.22582767

Much obliged.

It's interesting, is there any explanation/lore as to why each caste is so different? Different sub-race, bio-engineering, etc?

>> No.22583157

Rolled 153


>> No.22583295

Elf fetish factor:
-Elf ears, especially long ones

Tau fetish factor:
-Blue skin
-Short and stocky

Math is never wrong.

>> No.22583383

>implying hooves are sexy on bipeds

>> No.22583411

>Implying hooves are sexy on things other than bipeds.

>> No.22583417


Tau also have noseless to add to the list though along with short and stocky it's a turnoff for some

>> No.22583419

>implying I have to justify my fetishes to the likes of you

>> No.22583727

Don't forget that they have only four fingers as well.

>> No.22583866

>The Necrons are everything the Eldar are

Boobs where?
Psychic power were?
Organic constructs where?
Grace where?

>> No.22583919

Here is the thing http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21644010/#p21648107

Here is an archive of all the threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ogre%20Civilization%20Quest

>> No.22583975

>Boobs where?

Present but not shown.

>Psychic power were?

Techno Socery which is superior to Psychic Powers and serves the same function.

>Organic constructs where?

Dolmen Gates and Living Metal

>Grace where?

Replaced with regal majesty, though some Necrons can act with grace like Trayzn.

>> No.22584221


Initiative 2 disagrees.

>> No.22584362

Tau have practiced 6,000 years of social caste lifestyle with no inter-caste breeding.
Your average Tau. also only lives about 40 years.

Assume that your typical Tau reproduces at about age 15-20-ish, we're looking at about 285 generations of selective breeding.

>> No.22584428

>Assume that your typical Tau reproduces at about age 15-20-ish, we're looking at about 285 generations of selective breeding.

In a species that is already noted to evolve many times faster than others.

>> No.22584716

as a 40k faction? Eldars, no fucking contest.

as fetish fuel? blueberries, no fucking contest.

>> No.22584761

>>Freakishly tall
>>Small breasts
>>Tall, Masculine faces
>>Big feet and hands
>>No curves, manly body shape

I'm so into that. And somehow I'm not gay.

>> No.22584768

What makes you think it's meant to be derogatory, especially considering the last sentence?

>> No.22584796

Androgynity is sexy, nothing wrong with that.

>> No.22584802

Shadowsun is 200+ years old.

Her Codex entry says she is young. Explain.

>> No.22584803

hooves and face vagina

>> No.22584836

The codex for Tau also mention 40 is a venerable age for the Fire Caste

>> No.22584837

Please, post the quote or screencap where it is stated that she is that old.

>> No.22584936


>> No.22585059

To elaborate on what anon is saying, Damocles happened around M41.742. The third sphere expansion, of which Shadowsun was placed in charge, didn't occur until M41.977

>> No.22585103

Pretty sure that's just something the writers missed. But hey, everything is canon.

>> No.22585119

Actually, the Third Sphere happened in 997.

>> No.22585165

She looks mighty good for her age if you ask me.

>> No.22585183



>> No.22585199


5e rulebook said that key Tau individuals have far exceeded the average lifespan of the race for some reason.

>> No.22585204

But anon.

I want consistency!

>> No.22585211

Oh joy, GW not being able to keep its shit straight. Whoda thunk?

But seriously now, if you're still treating their fluff like the purely transmitted word of God, you're doing it wrong. The fluff is more what you'd call "guidelines": the only "rules" are the crunchy bits.

>> No.22585217


5e IG codex says Damocles crusade happened in 988.M41

>> No.22585221


Quote please, as while it would explain a lot, I don't recall reading that.

>> No.22585243


And here's proof

>> No.22585251

>Most Tau are short lived compared to other races, with a lifespan of around forty years being the norm. It has been noted however that key individuals have attained greater age, as if their lifespans were linked to the manifest destiny of the race itself.

>> No.22585252

The Tyranid Codex 5th ED which was written by the same other of the IG Codex, says otherwise.

It says the Cadians who arrived Tau space at 902 have missed the Damcoles Crusade because of Warp Travel.

>> No.22585270

Yeah, well, let's see how she looks when she's past 10,000 years old. If she even comes close to that age and still looks presentable in the least then we can argue about aging well. Until then Eldrad still looks fabulous.

>> No.22585280

Which is another reason I support that the entirety of the Tau race is simply one large Eldar/C'tan/Tzeentch cluster fuck of plotting of plotting, all wanting their own way and stopping each other at every turn. This only causes none of them to get their way and Tau to develop in a way non intended.

>> No.22585297

Vect looks Fab.

Eldrad was never unmasked. We don't know what he really looks.

>> No.22585308


Or if he's a "he".

>> No.22585334

"He" is the pronoun used to refer to him in the fluff and the rules. Eldrad is a guy.

>> No.22585337

We can guess that he might be a firecrotch.

>> No.22585354


Or a master of disguise. All it takes is a helmet and changing voice...

>> No.22585365

Not necessarily. Redhair is traditionally a recessive gene. They may be Eldar, but I wouldn't be surprised if redhair is recessive for them as well.

>> No.22585383

Vect's starting to look old and a bit wrinkly.

>> No.22585409

This pic and every other pic of the tau reminds of of the old robotech series.

>> No.22585412

Whoops, you're right. Thanks.


Weee, inconsistencies!

That being said,

>> No.22585418

>not acknowledging Eldrad as a fabulous male
>not acknowledging him to look like David Bowie
Seriously, mon'keigh? You can't even get this right?

>> No.22585421

I know it's recessive in humans, which is why with the "might".

You don't need to point out something that anyone who graduated from high school should know.

>> No.22585426

>That being said,

Blar, that being said, I do believe the former date is more accurate, given how it's repeated across multiple codexes.

>> No.22585469

that's Sliscus. what are you, some kinda Ork, that all the kindered look the same to you?

>> No.22585480

Not necessarily. The 6ED rulebook doesn't feature the date of the Damcoles Crusade. Perhaps a Retcon is coming.

Which came first, The Guard Codex or the Nid?

>> No.22585552

>Which came first, The Guard Codex or the Nid?


>> No.22585555

pirate? Halloween Jack
exceptionally pale, duke? The Thin White Duke
spaceman? Major Tom
alien junkie? Ziggy Stardust

it's pretty obvious.

>> No.22585754

Tau became a space race in 990.M41, Damocles Crusade is 995.M41, 3rd sphere expansion 999999.M41. Shadowsun is 2 years old. Farsight enclave fought humans during the Macharian Crusades.

Very next timeline shuffles the dates once again.

>GW logic

>> No.22585794

>babby shadowsun

>> No.22585850


Macharian crusade happened at the beginning of M41, 500 years before the second Imperial/tau contact.

Soon Shadowsun and Aun'va will be fighting Guilliman in the Horus Heresy series.

>> No.22585870

>cow-tau milk girl


>> No.22585879

babby blueberries are the best

>> No.22585898

Sort of the point.

>> No.22585976

At which point do blueberries stop being babbies?

>> No.22586057

Neither of those races have the POWER of bike shorts or the MAJESTY of a bra-less T shirt.

Also, they don't have the CONTROL dual ponytails allow.

>> No.22586064

Wrong picture, if you'd believe it.

>> No.22586074

Not the bowel control indeed.

>> No.22586083

Considering Trayzn has befriended the Ultramarine Primarch and they shoehorned the Tyranids in the Great Crusade, I think the Tau should also have a presence in that era.

>> No.22586103

Dafuq am I looking at?

>> No.22586115

Too late.

>> No.22586133

Problems with the timeline, eh?

>> No.22586138

>they shoehorned the Tyranids in the Great Crusade


Trayzn also didn't actually befriend Gully, he was being an ass.

>> No.22586198

Hive Fleet Ouroboros was dragged into the Eye of Terror and was puked out back in time during the Great Crusade.

The Emperor defeated the Warped Tyranids.

>> No.22586214

>Farsight enclave fought humans during the Macharian Crusades.
But the Tau Empire and the Macharian Conquests are opposite sides of the galaxy?

>> No.22586259

Again, >>22585898

>> No.22586270

Maximum comfort.

Minimum contact

>> No.22586301


>> No.22586539


I would probably fall asleep on her shoulder. I have no circadian rhythm ;__;

>> No.22586588

you can change the colors all you want. but were content with the color of our elf sluts

>> No.22586621

>The Emperor defeated the Warped Tyranids.

The fluff in the 4th edition codex specifically mentions that the damage inflicted upon one of the Titans that fought against Hive Fleet Ouroboris could be dated as having occured post-heresy, making the Emperor's presence in that battle...unlikely, shall we say.

>> No.22586647

>a deep and meaningful conversation
>with a woman

>> No.22586676

Last one isnt Ethereal. Last one is Waifureal. Eth was all skinny and wrinkly with the crest thing on its head.

>> No.22586826

>implying that's not my fetish
I have -always- wanted to fuck a wise chick

>> No.22586935

and go to hell newcron scum, get your own thread

>> No.22587045

Damnit /tg/ you cant post nsfw content here, but damn if you don't push boundaries. Seriously you are such a tease, and I love it.

>> No.22587970

Let's just say we know how to "creatively interpret the rules"

>> No.22588041


>That picture

You, you can fuck my wife.

>> No.22588261

You got links to whatever quest or OC she's from?

>> No.22588277

The Commissar and Marcia.

>> No.22588307


>> No.22588435

"Are you sure this is sanctioned, sir?"

>> No.22588509

The pooper is always sanctioned.

>> No.22589009

Marcia can be a classy lady as well.

>> No.22589068

Shes still just a kid. I think. 20 is legal in Eldar years, right?

>> No.22589241

Gets into that weird "definition of maturity" thing. I mean, she's a xeno. In context, that'd be the primary stigma attached regardless of her age.

From my read of the lore, it sounds like she'd strike most humans as reasonably normal for a 20-year-old, maybe with a bit of a mercurial temper, but would still be considered laughably young by eldar standards, to the point that her being a warlock at that age is a bit surprising.

>> No.22589267

I prefer Eldar

I hate the Tau just because of weebs and the faggots who insist they're the "good guys" of 40k when they're just as bad as any other faction

>> No.22589573

Either way, damn LFK for making her so adorable when I just wanted Earplay the Quest.

>> No.22590100

My boner is so confused.

>> No.22590153

All of our boners are sir, its hard to be aroused by something that cute. Somehow however my penis is managing to do so.

>> No.22590223


I personally prefer Eldar as they are the more farsighted.

>> No.22590563


>> No.22590967

do you mean for having sex or for playing?

>> No.22590988

>not obviously a tau joke

>> No.22591035

stop complaining about everything you see on this board, little blueberry, you know it's not your job.

>> No.22591058

>tiny-ass hips
>huge fat head
>low-cut bottom
>no neck
none of my boners.

>> No.22591250

Eldar, but I'm gay as fuck.

>> No.22591286

No. Not a joke at all. Eldar plans are gear towards the future more often than Tau.

>> No.22591329

Eldar, obviously.

>> No.22591330

Hard to believe.

Considering most Eldar endeavors lead to disaster mostly for themselves.

>> No.22591380

I mean seriously. We are talking about the race which ''forgot'' that under their feet lays trillions of sleeping machines of death which will awake some point in the...FUTURE!

>> No.22591469


>> No.22591499

The newcron codex sounds a lot less shitty if you read it in the cybernetic ghost of christmas past from the future's voice.

>> No.22591569

He looks kind of like a phaeron, too.

>> No.22591588

Except he wears his headdress sideways. Boy does that make him look silly.

>> No.22591727

Yet another reason the other Necrons hate it when he shows up. Bad enough just to look at him, but whatever you do don't let him start talking.

>> No.22594385

>hooves: -1
If you've ever owned a horse, you'd know that hooves are a bitch to care for. Not appealing in the least.
>short and stocky: +0
Eh. Hit or miss.
>blue skin: +0
This is not my fetish, but I'm sure it's someone's.

>elf ears: +1
Earplay is a win.
>stuck-up: -1 unbroken, +1 broken
This IS related to my fetish.

>> No.22594412

>only one
Nigga, dem ears worth 5 points at the least.

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