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Is GW still in the habit of removing special characters with new codexes?

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No. they are not. It seems GW is genuinly trying to keep all old units/models/characters in the game/legal. That doesn't mean older stuff that used to be good will always be good, but old units probably won't just disappear.

>inb4 Necron Pariahs

The lychguard/praetorians obviously replaced them, and you can use the old pariahs as them. The praetorians have pole weapons and are basically the same models.

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So that's why THQ is broke. They spent all their money making power armor.

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>No. they are not. It seems GW is genuinly trying to keep all old units/models/characters in the game/legal
Oh god, you actually believe that! Hang on, I need to laugh even fucking harder!

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Sometimes. A bunch of 2nd and 3d ed figures aren't legal at all anymore. Plus the whole terminator thing. Illegal unless you get the new ones because of base sizes.

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Aun'shi would like a word with you

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Its a recent trend. 5th ed onwards has seen the loss of nothing (apart from the re named necron pariahs) and even a few characters being brought back.

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Maybe next time Doomrider
When you get a glorious warddex

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> Codex Doomrider
> Not Chaos Demons
> Just Doomrider

We could just re-crunch his stats, give him a bunch of abilities and toys from the new CSM Codex, and set him loose on the tabletop. I'm actually thinking of getting a CSM bike (maybe modded Ork bike) and building a custom model.

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I'd play against that happily. I wish more people would homebrew rules for heroes.

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Missing the special rule:

He Does Cocaine: A lot of cocaine.

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Doom Rider? In a Wardex? Hah, phat chance! You're better off wishing for a miracle like Mr. Chambers blasting out of the sky with his rocket boots, using his lazor eyes to fashion a new Chaos codex that doesn't suck, and then flying off to go make some other, more interesting game.

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Those aren't homebrew. Those are literally the 3ecodex rules for him.

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"recrunching his stats" would be homebrewing. I wasn't referring to the picture.

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So Doomrider's gone forever then.

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Yea, they rolled a 1

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He Does Cocaine:
> Has the Feel No Pain special rule
> Counts-as Mark of Slaanesh (+1A,+1I)

I'd also give him a Doomsiren on his bike because "DOOM".


Yeah, old GW used to have lots of little subtext spaces where they'd encourage you to make you're own char. Chapter approved took it a step further with the Build-Your-Own Vehicle section. If there was a Build-Your-Own Hero section, people might be more apt to take it up. Though I would like to see more custom heros on the tabletop, encourage more of that DIY Warhammer.

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Why can't you buy Chaos Marine Dreadnoughts anymore?

Do they just want people to buy Dark Heresy to get one?

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Either that, or they're making a new kit for the Helbrute.

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I assume they're working on a new kit, Hellbrutes are still the same deal renamed. My guess is they just wanted to try to move away from CSM vehicles being loyalist vehicles with 'chaos' slapped on the front, give them more interesting original names, etc.

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Are Helbrutes in the new codex? I hope so.

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They are. Just checked my copy.

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No, they aren't.
The only rules they have are in the Dark Vengeance kit.

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It got FAQ'd to 100 base.

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Chosen seem to be the same way. No model for them but they are in the codex. Unless I'm terribly wrong which is incredibly possible.

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*no model outside of Dark Vengeance set, I meant to say.

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