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Gentlemen and Ladies of /tg/, I require your assistance, I have been invited to a friends D&D 3.5 game, we rolled stats, I rolled 13,11,12,13,15,11. Which I thought were decent enough , until I saw the rest of the parties scores, nothing under 13, 1-3 stats of 18 and the like. So in order to remain competent, I need help in power stating a Dwarf Cleric, corebook only. Will you help me with this?

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15 WIS
13 CON
13 STR
12 CHA
11 DEX
11 INT

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Can't be a cleric with such average stats. Switch to fighter.
Or switch to druid and wildshape into more powerful creatures.

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I will dump random pics, I was recently told by DM he is gonna give me a somewhat magical/awesome shield to help keep me relevant, good DMing, but please help me be awesome

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Go for druid.

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>rolling stats
>for a 3.5 game

Wow, what a terrible idea. Does anyone have the copypasta about why this is an awful idea that sorta works for 2E but doesn't work at all for 3.0+?

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I was gonna go paladin, but I didnt get the 16 needed(-2 charisma cos dwarves are bad like that)
I wanna go for Cleric, cos I was one of the last to roll, so I wanna keep balance, healing is useful

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You can heal as a druid too.
Also, you can shapeshift AND cast spells while in wild form.

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so 15 WIS
13 CON(15, as +2 racial modifer)
13 STR
12 CHA (10 ,as -2 racial modifer)
11 DEX
11 INT

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Clerics are not healers.

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You might be able to make an ok-ish Cleric, depending on expected optimisation level of the other players, available splat-books, and how much of a buff the artifact shield gives you.
But you'd better off doing as >>22563496 said and making a druid.
WIS 15

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If its the type of game where you roll once and keep then you shouldn't be concerned with min maxing or your character's combat effectiveness.

If it bothers you that much then just make something that will be fun to dick around with until you get it killed so you can roll a new guy.

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Just go buy loads of wands of healing and the like.

Or make your own as an artificer.

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thats pretty much it, im gonna roll with a cleric, see how it goes,
oh yeah, should have said, we are starting at level 3, in a city, that until we buy a certain map, in order to leave, we wont level up, so how we obtain money to get this map is up to us, loads of shitty jobs(rat killing), or one dirty job for the 'mafia'

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bump for interest

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It's more about the massive, massive retards that used 3d6 for rolls in 3E rather than it having anything to with rolling stats in general. I should know, since I'm the one who wrote the fucking copypasta in the first place. Short of it is that 2E was designed so the game was functional with the minimum stats required to roll up a class, which was usually something around 9 to 10 in the primary stat, and the game does not punish you for having stats as heavily because the strong bonuses and penalties are at the edges of the 3d6 curve. 3.X is designed around having at least one 14 and decent stats outside of that and it will break down in practice INCREDIBLY hard if you are stupid enough to use 3d6 because unlike 2E, 3E will not let you do your fucking job if you have a 10 in your class' primary stat. Unless you're a Rogue or a Warlock, but they're unimpressive with those kind of stats anyways.

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Clerics aren't healers. That's a trap of Akbar proportions. They're buffers and beat-sticks, that happen to get the only useful in-combat heal spell (Heal, funnily enough) at level 11.

If you want healing out of combat, spend a day resting and use that to prep all healing spells. Or better yet buy wands and other magic items for it. They also can serve for in combat healing in a pinch (ie, saving lives).

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Or you could just whore out your craft check for cash.

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mainly what im looking for are the domains and skill levels i should talk in order to be a good cleric
like what god should i preach about etc

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13 STR
13 DEX
15 CON +2
12 INT
11 WIS
11 CHA -2

You failed out of cleric school because you aren't very smart, drink too much and are prone to bits of rage. Multiclass to barbarian at level 2.

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War's free martial weapon proficiency and Weapon Focus are almost always good.

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Incidentally, what are the rest of your party playing?

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we get 2 domains, what other would you recommend, and what god has both of them?
i would like to be a cleric of moradin, but he doesnt really hand out the goodies domain wise

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>would like to be a cleric of moradin
Then play a fucking cleric of moradin. Didn't we just establish that minmaxing your character doesn't have much point now?

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Heironeous. The Good domain is kind of a lame duck for a long time, but it's ridiculous as fuck once you start abusing the fact that it boosts Holy Word for free.

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dwarf barbarian
dwarf rogue(most broken character, 3 stats that are 18, 2 that are 16, and a 15)
human sorcerer
elf ranger

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Also, as a side note, stat-boosting magic items in AD&D set the related stat to a certain value, regardless of their original stats. It was insurance against low stats being a tremendous hinderance after mid levels and worked VERY well at doing that. It's funky, but it's far better than being permanently behind what you're supposed to be.

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but what domains would you recommend?
thats mainly why I'm here, to figure out the coolest god, and what things they offer

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Protip: He cheated on his die rolls.

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she, and she didnt, i saw them, we all did
it was surreal, she always rolls super high, she even did the rolls with the DM's dice

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roll a Duergar druid 15wis 13con(+2) 13str 12dex 11int 11cha(-4)

roleplay as a "black dwarf" and use wild shape panther to be a "black panther" and make quips about the man keeping you down.

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we gotta keep it core, whats in the players handbook, this is very much a beginner's campaign, so he is keeping it simple

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>ant healing out of combat, spend a day resting and use that to prep all healing spells.

I'd call bull shit on that.
Before modifiers he would have had to roll 18 18 17 16 16 16 Or something equally as gimped out.

Get a group that are not cheating power gamers OP

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Seriously, roll a druid. You won't regret it. You'll be much stronger and useful than a cleric with those stats.
If you're so bent on being a Cleric, however, and a healer, go with the Sun / Good and Healing domain.
But, again, Clerics shouldn't be played as healers, more like buffers and melee-fighters.

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they are all mates, she really did just roll super well, its annoying, but i know she didnt cheat, i dont hold the high stats against them, i just wanna know all the cleric things i need so i dont end up holding the group back

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There are things called dice-rolling techniques. They allow you to roll what you want with whatever dice you have on hand.
They are also hard to see, if you don't know what you are looking for.

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ive come here to see what you can offer me
what way should i play cleric? i just thought having a 'healer' would be handy, along with the other things clerics bring to the table
i havnt played d&d before, only a bit of pathfinder, and then as a fighter

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she did the same thing as me, shake in the hand, and drop onto the table, i know she didnt cheat, she has been pretty vocal on cheating in the past

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Nah, stuff like that does happen. Statistics brah: how many people roll for stats in the world? Fucktons. How many of those who remember said rolling, are reading /tg/ when this thread is up? Enough.

Personally, I have witnessed one of the most honourable players I have ever met roll a stat line of three 18s, two 16s, and a 14. She then took Paladin into Dragon Disciple so she could be Platinum Dragon Superman, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Paladin's code!

It was meant to be a horror game.

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What do you mean by "Pretty vocal on cheating?"

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Honestly I'd make a cool temp character that worships whatever god you want.

With DM approval you can always kind of reskin a god to the Domains you want.
Wanna worship Moradin and still get the healing domain?
write up a cool backstory for how your parish worships Moradin's mastery of the forge and his ability to reforge a broken weapon to make it whole.

Hence your sect travels around healing people and reforging their damage as Mordain mends steel.

The other great part of writing a backstory for your sect rather than your character is when your character dies you can keep a lot of the important points and plot hooks for the new character by having them from the same order.

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>she always rolls super high

You should make or buy a dice tower.
Some people don't even realize when they are hedging their rolls, or can't resist it when the stakes are up.

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Yeah. She's a cheater. Look the techs up. What you described can easily hide a dozen different techs.

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she knows the rules inside and out for any game she is in, ive seen her, when we were in a gaming group in college, make 2 That Guys pretty piss themselves when they tried to skew the rules and cheat, the kinda stuff you see up here all the time, she just told them where to shove it

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that sounds cool, what i do want to go for are war, and ?, maybe protection
go for a battle cleric of moradin, here to bring the good fight up close and personal

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lets move off the cheating talk, she wasnt the only one to roll well, i just wasnt as lucky
what skill levels should i invest in?
i would like a decent money earner, so craft or profession, so i can get the monies in, so i can buy the map ASAP

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bumpity bump with random images and screen caps from my /tg/ folder

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ah muscle wizard

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Everyday she's hustlin

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War and Strength domains. You'll double as a melee fighter.
Get feats that allow you to maximize the damage you deal in melee - Power Attack, Cleave, that thing.
Healing isn't a bad thing, but focus on buffing. Also, turning the undead.
Battle Cleric isn't a bad class, but go solo on cleric
Or a dip in paladin or fighter, but this isn't really recommended.

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so would i talk to DM about some leniency for picking domains then?
i was gonna go warhammer and shield, so i was thinking improved shield bash for a feat, is it useful?

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Isn't Strength a core domain? I think it is. My vote goes for the Strength / War combo.
Anyway, yeah, talk to your DM. If he doesn't allow that, go with War / Sun domains, you'll be an undead slaying machine.
As for Shield Bash, I'd rather go with crafting. You can make healing potions and wands, which can replace healing spells.
Also, sell them for profit.

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crafting the feat? which ones,im only level 3, so i think i can only make potions,'wonderous items', and scribe scrolls
but what i meant for domains, is there 'core' domains, where you dont need a gods domain list,

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what skills should i go with?

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As a DM, I'd let you roll with whatever as long as it fits the god in question.
Moradin with War and Strength? Sure. Moradin with Madness and Evil? Nope.
Anyway, talk to your DM.
Moradin has Creation, Earth, Good, Law, and Protection as his domains.
Kord has Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength and War.
So, you can make a Dwarven Cleric of Kord.

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i dont think kord has war
but your other points are excellent, and i will talk to the DM about it, cheers
so , what other advice have people got for feats and skills?

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this is not leaving the front page
come on /tg/, so far ive heard great advice
i would like more

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this is turning into a one man show

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Ill help you bump.
Since I advised my friend cleric to be a party healer. I'm afraid I know less then these fine gentlemen of /tg/

Post moar /tg/ screens please OP

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will do
hoping for some more advice on battle cleric stuff
and how to rake in the monies fast

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For skills just snag knowledge religion, heal, and maybe some talky skills (diplomacy, etc)

I can't help with feats. Maybe the one that lets you turn more undead?

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my charisma is less than stellar, so turning undead will be bad already
what profession/craft skills should i get?

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so many pictures

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How many skill points do you get?

I had a Cleric with just +2 Cha and was still the party face.

I've always treated profession/craft skills as fluff skills

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Professions and crafts kinda turn you into a NPC but if you're a dwarf... Well its natural isnt it..
Take Blacksmithing or weapon craft...
And to rake up money... Go on adventures.
Kill stuff get money.
I mean I am a DM to a party of three Bard Cleric and Fighter.. None apart from the bard have crafts. (Bard has alchemy, for poisons [poison making can also be done with alchemy with -5].
I lead a pretty realistic campaign so they have to buy books and pay for training...(not always ofc)
Feats that my cleric has. Improved turning. Improved fort.. his choice. Didn't want to say shit. Dodge!!!!
He is a terrible cleric. But hey.

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12 skills points
level 3 cleric, 0 int modifier
i mainly just need something to make money cos we are starting in a city, and wont go up in level till we leave the place, and for that we need money to buy a map of the north
so we can do one dirty job, or loads of shit jobs,
being a lawful good cleric, i dunno what to do, im thinking a foreman for building, and being a dwarf , it kinda fits, though someone said crafting magic things, which would be cool, like healing wands, but i dunno if i can do it so early

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Pretty sure you cant craft Wounderous items just YET.
Well.. You could always get 5 ranks in blacksmithing and learn how to make a little forge on the road... (GOOGLE IT for if you know IRL then the DM is like hmm this new knowledge, sure his character can know this too)
explain it to your DM and there you go. You are now a blacksmith with a mobile forge. Now you need is ore ( which can be found at the bottom of lakes) So swim is good too if your DM doesnt have a campaign in mind. Otherwise 2 ranks wasted.
I dunno! I hate professions.. Since you're a cleric try to find people in need of healing services. (Maybe his setting has people that abandoned the good gods and such.. like mine somewhat, and having healing powers is a rare thing)

Sit and think. Thats the fun part. Its not always about the STUFF

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That was beautiful ;_;

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true, i was thinking he is from a wing of his church that focuses on getting the new parishioners, and as he is a dwarf, they need a temple, so he over views the building of such things
and because he is the first contact, sometimes people are less than inviting, so he has to fight
so build wise, he will be a battle cleric
but ill have a few ranks in heal and profession and craft, keep them even
when i can though, ill get the feat in wands

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i have so many

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some more, to keep this up front

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one of my favs

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im just gonna keep posting
please have a gander at the thread, and post what you think

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and some more

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oh well
i think this thread is dead
but in vain hope
another image

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I know it was for humans only, but I sort of miss this method. Wish it'd been expanded for the original Oriental Adventures as well.

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yeah, i rolled badly
he even let me reroll, thats the values above, it was better, but still not as good
i had 2 rolls under 7, and only one over 13

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Well, I'm with you in thinking the stats aren't bad at all (course I'm a pre-3E player), but kee-riced ... the rest of that party. OTOH, you might just get the opportunity to use, "Oh, no, please, you go first. I insist..." as a catchphrase.

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yeah, i know there is a barbarian who is hell for leather, a elf ranger, so we do have ranged and melee dps, i think i will soak some damage, heal, buff, and smite mutha fukkas

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post moar please.
All I do is read them.
been here since the start..
Dont let this die yet.

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right oh
a pretty good one

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and some more

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and so more
cos i will not go faintly into the night

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My sides!!!

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i have so many of them
i pretty save all the caps i see

>> No.22567099

my 3.X group rolls 4d6, drop the lowest and reroll anything below 11. We tend to no do so bad.

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we rolled 4d6 as well
we were either allowed one complete reroll
or one stat reroll, i chose the complete reroll

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oh well
some more

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and more
come on people
your thoughts

>> No.22567338

So many ideas for my sessions OH DELICIOUS

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some DM tips

>> No.22567364

Well thoughts...
Just go and have fun!
You will not drag the party down, even with your shit stats.
And you get starting gold. If not talk to your GM!!

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and another funny picture

>> No.22567395

DM tips... Well I am the only one here for last 3 hours or so. And I've told you of my retard party of cleric bard fighter.

Don't be ThatGuy. That's all.

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thats pretty sound advice
i try not to be
i like party balance, and i hate when a character is obviously outclassed, i would have preferred if we could have done a buy, but we had to roll, oh well

>> No.22567499

You just can't wait till your campaign starts.
That's why you're here still xD
I know the feel bro

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and another pic
anyone else got advice on feats/skills etc
im a warhammer and shield wielding cleric

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If your DM will allow you to use splatbooks later, then Complete Arcane and Complete Divine has a pretty nifty pair of feats you want.
Extend Spell, Persist Spell, DMM Persist, and Extra Channeling.
It's worth dipping a level in Cleric to get. Especially if you get all the divine spells from the cleric list.

>> No.22567559

pretty much
we are doing a stating day on the 19th, then first game in feb
i have college, and the other players have work
so we have to spread the days out

>> No.22567597

Decent OOC healing for clerics involves the DMM Persist feat and Lesser Vigor.
Now all of you are healing 1hp/round, which is 10/minute, which is 600/hour.

If you're a DM you might just want to disallow it, but I'd say let him do it, since it means that the cleric only gets only one always-on buff, and they don't have to stop to heal and rest so often, it's a team-buff, it's useless in combat, except for stabilizing fallen people, and it's just plain nice.

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that sounds super useful

>> No.22567698

Concentration, and whatever else you'd like.
Profession(Cleric) would allow you to roll die every week to make money, but it will be completely useless outside of combat.
Consider spellcraft though. It will be useful for whenever the DM pulls some funky magic trick. Roll well, and tell him to explain it to you afterwards.

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i was thinking, sense motive, diplomacy, k religion, profession(mason/foreman), concentration, heal, spellcraft, and maybe use magic device. but since clerics get next to no skill ranks per level, its gonna be difficult

>> No.22567818

You won't get it until quite a while though:

You need 4 feats to get it, so the earliest point possible would be levlel 9.
Your plan should be to talk to the DM about splatbooks once you're outside the city.
Be honest about the combo you're planning, and point out that it's really powerful, but you have to pay a lot for it.
The splatbooks you want are Complete Arcane and Complete Divine.

If you're allowed, and you're playing Heironeus, check out the following Prestige Classes:
Inquisitor: You're a paranoid motherfucker who gets more skill points, social class skills and neat anti-bamboozling abilities.
Contemplative: You're really really into your God, and you gain an extra domain.
Ordained Champion: If you ever wanted to be a stomping smashing melee cleric, this is the PrC for you. But don't take too many levels, since you won't get level 9 spells if you do.
It's supposed to be Heironeus/Hextor only, but there really ought to be a Morradin version out there too.

The reason you want PrCs, is that you don't really get anything from taking levels in Cleric except spellcasting. All the Prestige Classes listed gives you the same spellcasting, and generally better stuff. Of course, you need to pass certain tests to get access to these PrCs, but that might be something your DM would approve of, since it gives him plot-hooks out the asshole.

>> No.22567997

Talk to your DM about Prestige Classes that grant more than 2 skill ranks per level.

Inquisitor is pretty awesome for the first 6 levels.

But Profession(Priest) makes more sense than Profession(Foreman) though.

Actually, here's how you might want to plan your progression:
5 levels of Cleric.
6 levels of Inquisitor (Prestige Class)
1 level of Contemplative (Prestige Class)
And then do the rest your own way.

>> No.22568018
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cheers for the ideas man

>> No.22568114

The sides they orbit

>> No.22568161

there is so many things from /tg/ that make it fantastic
people being super helpful today, thats one

>> No.22568172
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forget picture

>> No.22568226

The charops boards are down, and people here instead.

Also, download the spell compendium, and start checking out spells.
If you're in a city, and you don't take hold person, you're doing it very wrong, by the way.

>> No.22568319
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>> No.22568480
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and some more

>> No.22568598
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and more

>> No.22569507
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and more

>> No.22569553
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one of may favs

>> No.22570199

Thanks for dumping. New to /tg/, good to see the screencaps. Much appreciated

>> No.22571602
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My hoard of screencaps has grown much, thanks>>22569553

Found this one outside of 4chan, hope you like it.

>> No.22571691

>my 3dpd waifu would never cheat

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