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Anyone got Dark Angels Codex scan?

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yep, we all have it, and we are all conspiring to not post a thread about having it on /tg/

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This would not surprise me.

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No fluff or art, but all the rules are there.


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That pdf is missing rules. Like all the wargear on the special characters aren't even there.

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So it is, still thats all its missing.
Its got everything else.

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I said bump, goddamit, I want to see this thread on 0

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If someone could post up what the wargear for the Special Characters did, that would be an amazing help.

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bumpiddy bump bump

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What's a good site to upload to?

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Discrepancies between DPR Version and English Codex:

Azrael: Remove Bolt Pistol.

Ravenwing Command Squad: Replace Sacred Standards with Relic Standards. [The error is in the Codex.]

Ravenwing Support Squadron: Typhoon Missile Launcher is Typhoon Pattern, others are Tornado Pattern.

Ravenwing Darkshroud: Add Special Rule, Stealth.

Nephilim Jetfighter: Add Special Rule, Missile Lock.

Land Raiders: Deathwing Vehicle is only a mandatory option for Terminator Squad Transports.

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Bump... no job right now means I can't justify spending $50 on this damn book right now.

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while we're at it, whats that, is it out already and are there scans for it?

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That has no info on Special Character wargear or rules (and is missing the rules for the Chapter Relics), so is 100% useless to the guy you replied to.

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These things tend to get around pretty well if they go up on Mediafire as of late.

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Source of this info? Because with this Darkshroud LS gets 2+ cover just by moving 1"

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I have shitty scans of their pages plus the Chapter Relics/Standards pages if you want them before a proper scan comes through.

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While we're at it (x2), I've been away from /tg/ for a bit - are there scans of the Horus Heresy rulebook or the new Imperial Armour boo?

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Please god yes.
Anything is better than nothing.

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Does anyone have the two HH audiodramas, Strike and fade and Pic related?

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Azreal's first page is just fluff.

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doesnt have rules for special wargear.

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>The Lion's Helm confers a 4+ Invulnerable save to Azrael AND HIS UNIT.

4+ Invul fearless IG Blob here I come.

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Wasn't it always lke that? I seem to recall Lion's Helm giving +4 invuln to groups back in the old codex.

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Any mention of what happens if a displacement field displaces you into impassible terrain, other units, dangerous terrain, off the board, etc?

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Newbish question, but: if I take Sammael on his landspeeder (which seems like the only sensible choice for a 200-point special character), he loses his Warlord trait?

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Yes, it was like that in the previous codex.
Also, is it just me, or were rosarii (rosariuses?) and iron halos previously just another type of conversion field? If so, what's up with creating a conversion field wargear, but still having separate rosarius and iron halo?

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Could you give us rules for Iezekiel's Mind Worm power?

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Man they shit on that Speeder more every edition.

I remember back in 3rd when it was sweet, and you might actually want to use it.

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GW done goofed once again. But nice to see them back in.

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>Putting your HQ in a 2HP vehicle
>Giving up an AP2 Master-Crafted Power Sword
Its like you want to lost.

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>putting the Master of the Ravenwing in a landspeeder instead of the last jetbike in the Imperium

Get out.

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Fast and AV14 front/side is pretty durable... isn't it?

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If it was 50 points cheaper, and not a replacement option for an Eternal Warrior Bike Commander wielding the Sword of Terminator Raping, sure.

But you're paying 200 points for a flying Plasma Cannon that is somewhat hard to kill. Its a fucking terrible deal.

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Unless you run into meltaguns out the arse, necrons or lances (y halo thar DE) the landspeeder for sammael is pretty solid.

I prefer the jetbike because its a BFG ship that he rides.

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Its also a 200 point plasma cannon.

Why would you pay 200 points for a single plasma cannon?

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>Asmodai hears laughter in the Rock
>makes the entire 7th company take a vow of silence for a year

Petition to give Asmodai the nickname "Chaplain Lemongrab"?

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Rules for Mind Worm are on Ezekiel's summary page. It's in this thread already.

It's basically S4 AP2, D3 shots at 12" and anything that takes an unsaved wound from it loses a bucket of stats--3 Ld, I, WS, and BS.

But like any and all "lose stats on unsaved wound" abilities, you'll almost never see it matter, as 99% of things only have one wound and the few that don't will generally fall into one of a couple categories:

A). Things your Librarian has no business being within 12" of
B). Things with wacky defensive capabilities preventing that S4 AP2 shot(s) from having a serious chance of landing
C). Things with a dozen guys willing to Look Out Sir the shot, even if you happen to pass the Focused Witchfire threshold to allocate it

What I'm saying is, ignore the stats-altering part of it, because you might see it affect a game in a meaningful way if you start playing 40k right this second and continue doing so for the next hundred consecutive years.

So basically, Ezekiel is forced to spend one of his 3 Mastery Levels on a 12" D3-shot S4 AP2 weapon. Meh.

>captcha: inasmuch pop italy


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Plasma cannon? It's a TL heavy bolter and TL assault cannon. The jetbike has the plasma cannon.

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You're correct, but that really changes nothing. Its 200 points for maybe 50 points worth of guns

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>Asmodai hears laughter in the Rock
>makes the entire 7th company take a vow of silence for a year
>Recruits do poorly at Jeopardy
>Execute them all
This is why Sapphon is the Head Chaplain. My 3rd and 8th Company Chaplains officially confirmed for thinking this dude's a dick.

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I play Iron Hands Descendant Snowflakes and that guy sounds like a douchebag to me too.

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Of course he's a dick, but he's also the best interrogater in the chapters. Sapphon is only Grand Master because he's better with people than Asmodai.

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>>22566581 cont.

And for reference, Mind Worm only exists as part of a pretty obvious trend by GW to prevent the special character "usual Mastery Level+1" Psykers from each book from getting too many rolls on the rulebook tables.

If Ezekiel had 3 rolls on Divination for 145 points, he'd be fucking retarded. Mind Worm is basically an intentional nerf so that they can make him ML3 without breaking the game.

They did the same thing to Ahriman by forcing him to take a Tzeentch roll, rather than being able to throw 4 rolls at Telepathy (or Biomancy if you're mentally handicapped).

Look forward to any ML3-4 Psyker special characters in the upcoming book having a "unique" power whose only purpose is to gimp them.

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That's actually a pretty clever ploy on their part.

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"But Lord Commande-"
"Ten years silence...for everyone in this ROOM!"

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all it takes is a single marine double glancing its back armor or a couple guardsmen with frag much less krak grenades to knock it out of the sky. Even if it does have a 4+ invul its still got 10 back armor.

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Asmodai is so hardcore even other Dark Angels have to go "dude, chill" to him.

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>Dat book
That is awesome.

>Dat sword
That is not.

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>seems to swallow (hehe) light and sound, absorbing them into its glowing obsidian blade

>obsidian blade that swallows light and sound

you what now?

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That book alone makes him worth bringing. Fucking WS5 Deathwing or WS6 Deathwing Knights.

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It's glowing when it is not in silenced mode.

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Why would it ever get that close? landspeeders are kind of known for being fast.

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Maybe the glow we see is the light flowing into the blade. Like the halo around a black hole.

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>glowing black

Ur havin a giggle m8

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does the book apply to hi,?

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Does the book apply to him?

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>Silence vow, except for battle talk.
What a bunch of fucking casuals. All those dark angels are nothing but pussies. Do you even orskode or battlemark? Don't need to open your filthy mouth, the answer is no.

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I'm still waiting for evidence that you exist in M41.

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>That book
>With Deathwing Knights
WS 6 Terminators for like 46 points a pop or something. How do you like me now?

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I am still waiting for evidence that you are loyal.

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How's this for a 1k Ravenwing attempt?

Sammael (Bike)
Ravenwing Command Squad; Banner, Champion [190]

Ravenwing Attack Squad; +3 bikers; Attack Bike; Multi-melta; Landspeeder; Assault Cannon [296]

Ravenwing Attack Squad; +3 bikers; Attack Bike; Multi-melta; Landspeeder; Assault Cannon [296]

Ends up with 18 floating, that I can't decide what to spend on. The banner makes the bikes salvolicious, the attack bikes are for killing tanks, the speeders are on crowd control, and Sammael is... well, Sammael, I guess.

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>secret society of badass

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Something that always bugged me about them was that they were a very rare group of people "nulls" but Empy decided "hey lets halve the number available to us by only recruiting from one sex." I mean SoB and Space Marines I can get, because more than 1 in 100,000,000 people can become a space marine or sister of battle.

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...What makes you think that's the case for the SoB? They aren't modified or anything.

>> No.22567214

He's saying it's fine to have those two groups restricted to one gender because there's plenty of them to recruit from.

Nulls are rare as fuck and not limited to womyn so the whole idea that the Sisters of Silence are only women is stupid.

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Which is why it is okay for SoB to be all women. Just grab any girl, train her, teach her to love the emperor and put her in power armour, even with marines, although a good number might die, a higher percentage of applicants become marines than individuals are born with the null trait and female. Look at it like this

8 out of every 10 applicants might be able to become a SoB
1 out of every 1000 applicants might be able to become a space marine
but only 1 out of every 10,000 people are born nulls (probably less) and only about 1 in 20,000 are born nulls and female.

I mean it is like saying you have a job that requires you be albino, but then you arbitrarily decide only women can apply. It means you will get a lot less applicants and have a lot smaller pool to pick from. With marines and SoB it is like you must be human and a specific sex, you will get a lot more male humans than male and female albino humans.

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Yeah, sorry, my brain derped out and I interpreted the first post completely differently somehow. My mistake.

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He needs the book though, so he doesn't get the words wrong to his psychic powers. "Klatu barada… nicwhat?"

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Cheers man, we just need pages 44-47, 49 and 51 and we have all the rules in english

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how has the codex been received, I just cant deal with the vitriolic hate machine of bell of lost souls to check

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No prob

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There's a glowing field AROUND power weapons; that's what makes them power weapons.

That's what they're talking about. It's a black sword with a glowy thing around it. Not a hard concept.

>> No.22567464


The book buffing normal Marines/Terminators from WS4 to WS5 is a big deal.

The book buffing Knights/ICs from WS5 to WS6 is borderline irrelevant, because so few things in the game are WS5-6 and those are the only times it's relevant.

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I'll go scan them now if you want.

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that would be awesome, you the man

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>> No.22567751

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46 is just fluff.

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By looking through DA codex, I notice that company master can buy storm shield without replacing with something else.

Does that mean I can create a company master with terminator armor, power sword, storm bolter AND storm shield?

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>Sapphon is only Grand Master because he's better with people than Asmodai.
Gabriel Seth is better better with people than Asmodai.

And he's a frothing mad vampiric lunatic.

>> No.22568089

Where did you get that version of codex?

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So /tg/, as both are pretty mediocre, Dark Talon or Nephilim Jetfighter for Ravenwing air support?

>> No.22568272

Thats an awesome name for a sword.

>> No.22568281

holy fuck. with assault 3 this might RAPE swarm tyrants or orks.

>> No.22568299

>the Dark Angels are totally gay, their Primarch happening to be named after a homosexual poet who wrote a poem called "The Dark Angel" and might've dated Oscar Wilde. Oh, and their homeworld is called The Rock, a (now defunct) gay bar known to the original writers. (It's actually a mobile Space station that can take out most of Battlefleet Solar on its own.)

>... In the following year, Johnson wrote what some consider his masterpiece, "The Dark Angel".

>Entire dark angels chapter based around being a grimdark-level of deep-in-the-closet

>> No.22568322

Are you for real?

Nephilim, the one that might actually help against other flyers.

>> No.22568407


Nephilim. The TL Lascannon is the only decent weapon among either.

The Darktalon is 160 points of goof. Not a clue what the plan is for that thing. Hurricane Bolters! A S5 AP- Small Blast! A one-use support-only bomb!

The Darktalon is a Flyer that is physically INCAPABLE of engaging other Flyers. Or at least, any Flyer that isn't AV10 (and therefore can hypothetically be glanced by Hurricane Bolters).

The Nephilim certainly isn't great, but at least it has the option of attempting to hurt other Flyers. Unrelenting Hunter is a potentially neat rule, and while it's lame that the Missiles (and Mega Bolter) are only S6, they'll still help against the Necron Flyers.

Just pray you don't get stuck trying to shoot down Vendettas or Heldrakes with the thing, because they will ravage your anus.

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>d-d-d-double reading comprehension fail


It's assault D3, and it affects a model, not a unit.

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>> No.22568542

You realize the Darktalon was designed to be a ground support plane, right? It's not supposed to engage other flyers.

>> No.22568544

He's asking where did you find that .pdf. So, just let him be retarded.

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Company Master in Terminator Armour w/ Jump Pack = legal

>> No.22568713


That's the plan.

>> No.22568836

Jump Pack 1,3
1 - Cannot be taken by models in Terminator Armour

>> No.22568840

Too bad for its cost its not that good of a ground-support plane either. The Darktalon has 2 problem going for it, A. its just not that good. Its 160 pts. and the best thing on it is a one-shot bomb. Otherwise it throws out a few bolter shots and a blast that is only useful for the Blind, a rule that suffers from "what I want to use it on is going to resist it anyway" most of the time (what was with GW and blind in this codex?). And B. the book lacks anti-air, so you're going to need that slot for it. Its better to take the one that at least can scratch other aircraft. And before anyone points it, yes, you can take Skyfire missiles, but that should be a 5 pts. upgrade, not 10 pts.

>> No.22569141


Telling us what it was "designed" to do isn't all that meaningful if it still fucking sucks at that too.

Flyers are, generally, expected to be at least mildly competent at engaging other Flyers, because it saves you a fuckton of points that you'd otherwise have to invest in anti-Flyer elsewhere.

A Baleflamer Heldrake is primarily for killing ground targets (and it's a fuckton better at it than a Darktalon would ever be) but can still rape enemy Flyers with its Vectors. If it were JUST the Baleflamer, it wouldn't be nearly as good--the army gains efficiency by packing competent anti-Flyer in a package designed to do something else.

A Darktalon is overpaying for "ground support" while simultaneously being the first Flyer that is 100% incapable of harming other Flyers. It's an awful idea.

>> No.22569169


Sweet thanks man, combined everything into one pdf


>> No.22569183

I must be the only person interested in reading the fluff of the codex over the rules.

Though I do lol at the meltdown warseer's rumour thread had over the flyer rules - they basically claimed that because it isn't as good as the vendetta its totally shit.

Then again, all too often I see /tg/ turning into warseer and dakkadakka.

>> No.22569309


Flyers are something that should never have been in core 40k.
It's one of the problems with this 'Big Centerpiece Unit' mentality they have going right now. It's kind of nice in Fantasy, but like many things keep it the hell out of 40k.

>> No.22569334

am i the only one who cant find the detailed info of the ravenwing grenade launchers?

>> No.22569348

We're missing page 61.
Also, thanks for everything thus far, Joyce.
And way I see it, I ought to pay for the fluff.

>> No.22569353


I like the idea of flyers zooming in over the main force to dogfight whatever flyers the enemy has to gain air superiority. But I dislike how much it has dominated since 6th edition hit, especially since most codices that haven't been updated yet were sorely under prepared to deal with things like cron air.

>> No.22569363


Warseer--and the outside opinions of it--confound me. I don't really understand the source of the idiots who post there OR the idiots who go around talking about how awful Warseer is.

There are places on Warseer, particularly the dedicated Tactica for each army and/or the ones that have G&F threads, that are actually full of high-quality thoughtful advice and discussion. And every person that frequents those threads know that you never go outside of those threads, because the rest of the place is a godawful cesspool--particularly the Rumour threads and the General forum.

Sometimes I think it's just become a neverending clusterfuck of trolls trolling trolls. The forums receive all this additional traffic during the buildup/immediate post-release of a new book, which leads to all these randoms coming and posting stupid shit, who then go out and talk about how fuckawful the forums are, etc etc etc.

>> No.22569430

This. The core rules for fliers, not bad, a little too focused on the dog-fight aspect, but not terrible. The problem right now is that somethings just had the fliers rules slapped on because, thematically, they fit, but no thought into actual balance was given. Same with the anti-air.

It also doesn't help that the few books released for 6th so far are still completely under-prepared for an addition to the edition of rules they were written for.

>> No.22569471

>I must be the only person interested in reading the fluff of the codex over the rules.

There's pretty much zero change from the 4ED book. The only significant changes are that they downplay any chance of that whole "THE LION WAS THE POTENTIAL TRAITOR" thing or that Luther had a pretty good reason to be pissed at Johnson that the HH books and 4ED (to a much lesser extent because Luther was still Chaos out the ass) sort of had and just go "LUTHER AND ALL THE FALLEN ARE 100% CHAOS". Any actual expansion of the fluff beyond the HH rundown and what an Astartes is, that every SM book has, is also 100% just about how much they hate the Fallen. The entire book is literally just "FUCK THE FALLEN" and that's much more noticeable since it does have a lot more than the 4ED Codex so the Fallen:Anything else ratio is fucked.

I am glad they kept the Feast of the Malediction snippet because that's been around since RT.

>> No.22569477


The tactica threads tend not to be full of good advice after the first year of a codex being relased. The main reason is those players who are good at the game and can use crazy lists with oddball stuff and make them function well enough (they aren't goning to win the GT but still) get repeatedly told they are wrong and they just stop posting.

The best example of this is the DE tactica thread on warseer - there used to be laods of posts about some of the more unusual thigns you can do but now its just devovled into "take more raiders and venoms".

Dakka is even worse for this as the forumites fancy themselves as the next GT winner. A good thread on dakka right now is debating FnP versus force weapons - a 9 page clusterfuck where people arguing for a rules interpretation that not only breaks FnP but at least another dozen special effects.

/tg/ used to know what was crazy and for lols and what was balls-to-the-wall tournament play and where the divide was. These days its slowly turning into that which /tg/ used to hate (with good reason).

Can't knock the painting related threads - they tend to be really good.

>> No.22569540

Page 61

>> No.22569541

Harder to pass yourself for a godlike painter when you're not. Unless you're LordLysander, for some reason.

Anyway, /tg/ was never for discussing 40K rules and lists. And never should be.

>> No.22569544

>decide to pop by Warseer tactics
>Oh, a Ravenwing tactics I wonder what they're saying
>so afraid of a Helldrake are they, that they insist on employing large squads of devastators in their Ravenwing army

I would rather die.

>> No.22569562




>> No.22569578


See a heldrake is broken because it kills marines.

If the heldrake was ap4 it'd be balanced because it doesn't do dick to marines.

See also: whirlwinds.

>> No.22569603

Which is even stupider when you consider that that devastator squad won't do more than dying. It won't scratch the dragoatse and will die in one shot from it.

I can't understand people who think Flakk Missiles are good. Especially when they have TL asscannons from DSing deathwing. Or the Nephilim, kinda pant but still the best anti-air in the codex.

>> No.22569637

the Nephilim fucking sucks at anti-air.

Flakk missiles are decent. Good, comparatively.

>> No.22569666

Personally, I like the sound of that. Wasn't a fan of the "The Lion was the real traitor" stuff that they had been promoting. I prefer the idea that the shame was from that there was even a single sign of weakness in the chapter, and a fear that if anyone finds out, the entire chapter is fucked; even though this all happened 10,000 years ago. Plays into the over-the-top logic that the setting has.

/tg/ has already reached that point. Start a thread about trying to make Wyches work in 6th. There will be no discussion, just yelling about whether they suck or not.

>> No.22569683


>/tg/ was never for discussing 40K rules and lists. And never should be.

This. A thousand times. I like you, /tg/, but these days I honestly only come here around Codex releases because this is where the scans usually pop up first. I used to have time to read all the fluff shenanigans that occur around here, but not anymore.

But good lord it gets derptarded in here in a big hurry when /tg/ tries to talk about listbuilding or--god forbid--have a rules discussion. This just isn't the right place nor is it the right people.

I'm saying this as someone that serves as a head judge or rules council member for multiple GTs and whose core group of players has multiple wins/top 3's at NOVA, Adepticon, etc: the stupid shit that gets said around here regarding tactics or rules is leagues beyond 95% of what happens on Warseer or Dakka in terms of how high-potency the stupidity level is.

>> No.22569712

The Nephilim has a TL'd LasCannon. So S9 AP2, which has an half-decent chance of hitting EXPLOSION on the chart.

Flakk are fucking S7 AP4 for 25 POINTS A POP. A statline that screams saturation, and a cost that prevent it. Without me.

>> No.22569740

>>22569683 cont.

Oh, I forgot to mention something that serves as a spectacular example:

Did anyone else see that Wound Allocation thread that was frontpaged around this time yesterday?

Holy fuck. Fuckfuckholyfuckshit. We had an event at midnight on release night of 6th where I was tasked with explaining wound allocation to our assembled group for some Midnight Madness-style games. We're talking about everything ranging from eight year olds to douchey oldfucks. It took about ten minutes--with 90% of people having just seen the Codex for the first time--for everyone to have the basics down pat.

You guys shit all over each other for about four hours and about 75% of the people posting still weren't even close.

>> No.22569742

i meant in the uploaded pages/pdf posted here. same as the weapons for the deathwing knights.

>> No.22569752

Well, it IS 4chan.

I prefer /tg/ when they are discussing other stuff. I particularly cherish the rare Dystopian Wars thread that allows me to discuss that game without having to bear DKoK's faggotry.

>> No.22569756

One TL Lascannon.

So it's 30pts more than a Vendetta, with a third of the firepower.


>> No.22569790


People on dakka, warseer and even YTTH (not the fat man himself) are talking about single flakks in da tac squads like they were second coming of the emprah.

Too bad they can't make a ravenwing with flakk tacs, they would if they could.

>> No.22569794

Well, there's also something else on /tg/

People who had dropped 40K but still feel the need to comment on rules and meta. Which I am myself dangerously close to becoming, since I only want to play 40K for Necrons and Orks conversions nowadays.

>> No.22569809


What's important about page 61?

>> No.22569832


The Vendetta Standard is the Godwin's Law of 40k balance discussion right now.

Whoever compares the new thing to Vendettas first, loses.

Nothing will ever, ever, ever be as good as Vendettas. They weren't made with the Flyer rules in mind, they were already overpowered WITHOUT them, and they're idiots for not retroactively tuning them down when 6th hit.

If you can't play any Flyer because it's not as good as a Vendetta, then you're only playing Vendettas. Shut the fuck up and go ally in some Guard or something; it's not beneficial to the conversation.

>> No.22569841

60 points cheaper than what the Vendetta should cost, actually.

Anyway, no, not cool. But still cooler than Flakk Missiles IMO. The solution is still TL'd saturation. Perhaps from Black Knights.

Don't say that. There's still the Nightscythe.

>> No.22569851

/tg/'s biggest sin is that anonymity means nobody has to bother to do any sort of research and it causes polarization beyond fucking belief. They base everything they know on what /tg/ tells them (which is also a thing places like Dakkadakka and Warseer do). There's also no incentive to justify anything you say.

I never know if it's just one small group of bad players who bother to answer questions or if /tg/ is just universally slow. There's a few tripfags I can actually trust with information (DLFG, JJ, etc) and even then that's probably only because they delete their fuckups so "their reputation" doesn't go down.

I don't think we're as godawful as you think but we're certainly getting there with each passing Codex.

>> No.22569856


How about comparing Tactical Marines and CSM to Grey Hunters instead?

>> No.22569860

Hold on.

>> No.22569861

It is common knowledge that the Vendetta is laughably undercosted for what it has.

>> No.22569864

Weapons rules

>> No.22569883

>and they're idiots for not retroactively tuning them down when 6th hit.

Newsflash for you... you ready for this? GW is full of idiots. 40k is an idiot's game, designed by idiots.

>> No.22569885


You know, foolz archive has a feature that allows you to see all deleted posts from a name/tripfag

>> No.22569896

Where is page 61.

>> No.22569915

Buy the codex faggot.

>> No.22569919


I forget if the origin story for the bone white armour of Death Wing units was in the 4th edition book. But its not in this one. No feathers or redskins in this order of gay-monk-knights.

>> No.22569943


What anon forgets is when FW wrote rules for it originally it was AV11 and 200 fucking points.


Stelek is a collossal twat who cheats - last year (or year before) he went to some bigish tournament who video'd each battle and he fucking flatout cheated in at least one game.

I almost want to say NOVA but i forget exactly.

Anyway, the reason flakk on tacs/vets is important (to a degree) is you can spread them across your list without having one big 200 point unit of "flyer kills this first".

Whether it pans out or not is another matter, but in principle it works like DE lances do - have them fucking everywhere.

>> No.22569949

It's in here.

Also, are pages 60, 63, and 64 in the mediafire link because those contain special wargear as well and I'd rather not keep going to another floor to scan them.

>> No.22569965


My bad, didn't see it on the Deathwing pages posted.

>> No.22569969

Why do we have scans of the new Dark Angels codex, released today and yes NO scans of THIS released a month ago?

>> No.22569974

No, the link only has what you've posted so far and the Google doc that has the army list and reference section that's been floating around for the last day or so.

>> No.22569987


because that book is a $120 hardcover bought only by a niche audience who refuse to destroy their copy for a scan.

And the DA book is GW drivel easily spread around

>> No.22570003

Ok, lets take another example: The Stormraven.

For 25 points more than the Nephilim you get a TL Multi-Melta, a TL Assault Cannon, PoTMS, AV12, and an Assault Vehicle transport.

Nephilim just doesn't hold up.

>> No.22570007

Because that's not relevant to spess muhreens.

>> No.22570011


Okay, I'll do the remaining special wargear and their price page as it's not listed in the summary, and that sould be it.

>> No.22570039


Anyone who's done the math of a flakk missile vs AV12 can see wasting a squad's turn for a single S7 shot against a flyer is not worth it.

Drakes have juicy targets as long as there's 3+ saves on the ground, so in most games. Ignoring them or allying with crons/guard is the best solution.

>> No.22570041

So, its official. Laughing is not allowed in 40k.

Its stuff like this that made me stop playing.

>> No.22570054

ALL pre-6th ed flyers are undercosted. Even the motherfucking dakkajet.

Unlike Flyings MCs who tend to be slightly overpriced. I guess GW didn't understand that "AV12 flyer" is fucking powerful.

>> No.22570064


What in the fuck?

>> No.22570068


>> No.22570070


>> No.22570094


I think the DE flyers sit at around the correct cost which - shockingly enough - is where the DA flyer sits points wise.


The stormraven can do literally everything with absolutely no downsides beyond starting in reserve.

>> No.22570097


Flying MC's are fucked by the "drops down and takes S9 Ap2 hit if hit by a flashlight" rule.

>> No.22570121

You really can't compare the stormraven to anything.

Its so absurdly good. It has AV fucking 12 all around for NO reason at all.

>> No.22570125

I've heard there are differences in the rules between the printed codex and the digital. Does anyone know what they are?

>> No.22570157


I know the +1 Toughness rule is less clear in the digital edition.

>> No.22570185

I have a particular hate for the razorwing. Its alpha strike is fucking powerful. It's still priced about right, since it doesn't do shit beyond that alpha strike (plus, AV10).

I wanna play a nice fighter too. Fuck that shit, why all the armies I think are cool must be OP?

>> No.22570209

>> No.22570214

>why all the armies I think are cool must be OP?

Because youre probably a complete cunt

>> No.22570217


It can do two "alpha strikes" because it can only fire half of its missiles in a turn.

>> No.22570234


Who gives a fuck if they're "OP"? Stop being a dickshit and play the game as cooperative story telling.

>> No.22570265

>> No.22570277

>> No.22570294

Hey, not even. Not a complete one, at least. I choose IG because I wanted to do some First and Only styled guerilla list. That was with the last codex, where all Infiltrate was a thing (a terrible one, but it was flavorful). Got IG 5th.

When Newcrons rumours starting arriving, I was like "FUCK YEAH, UNDEADS! TIME FOR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!". Got 'Crons 5th.

So, now, I'm stuck with to OP codex that won't do anything I want them to do. Should have read Deff Skwadron sooner and stuck with orks instead of selling them.

>> No.22570303

>> No.22570320

>> No.22570356

many, many thanks for these pages, joyce.

>> No.22570363

That *should* be all of it.

Assuming I get my collector's edition of this tomorrow and there's no decent scans of it by then, I'll fuck the spine up on this one and get a proper scan of the entire book.

>> No.22570399

Dont do that dude.. its not worth it

>> No.22570400

Sir, thank you. Thank you so much.

There is still kindness in Man.

>> No.22570408

Goddamn, should proofread my shit.

Anyway, my current project is pirate crons. Like the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast of old, only with crons.

After that, I'm gonna sell my IG to replace it with Eisenkern Stormtroopers (once they're out, missed the kickstarter). And perhaps Deff Skwadron after that. Or, more likely, just fucking off to different games.

Tourneys are pretty the only place I can play right now (because reasons). I try to balance theme and power to still get some fun. And I find it hard.

>> No.22570409


Lol the plasma talon has no weapon typing or a number of shots.

>> No.22570419


Sweet, will add into the PDF,

>> No.22570430

even though we would be grateful for that, dont do it. i bought the collectors edition codex of the chaos space marines and sold it for 180€ on ebay.
do that too. get a normal copy and spine this one up and have some profit with it!

>> No.22570442

I'd honestly rather have the .pdf over this and it won't matter once I have the shiny black book with the little note that says I'm a super cool guy for spending $40 dollars more.

>> No.22570457

Rapid Fire, according to my spanish scan.

>> No.22570512

You're a super cool dude for doing the Lion's work, battle-bro.

>> No.22570612

>thinking forgeworld books aren't ALSO GW drivel

>> No.22570643

>buying two copies of the DA codex, one of which is a collector's edition

>> No.22570666

I like Dark Angels.

>> No.22570696

But... what does two gain you? I am confus.

>> No.22570719

Only vaguely related, but a friend of mine is selling the dark angels of his Dark Vengeance box off fairly cheap, are they very dark angely, or are they convertible enough to regular space marines that a fairly new guy could do it?

>> No.22570734


Oh yeah, but from the picture provided it isn't. The reference chart probably lists it correctly.

Oh and a general fyi to everyone - every single time there has been a discrepency between the bestiary and the unit entry (i.e the part with the points) GW has ALWAYS ruled in favour of the bestiary.

>> No.22570780

>Keep collectors edition far from the sweaty fingers of wargaming in a collection
>use standard codex for playing so it takes the punishment

Like that.

>> No.22570786

The Tactical Marines, Terminators, and Librarian are easily salvageable by shaving the icon off one shoulderpad, but the Bikers are ALL ANGEL WINGS, ALL THE TIME.

>> No.22570809

Nothing. I *really* like Dark Angels. I also then have a copy that I can game with and a copy for my shelf that doesn't get touched by nasty people hands when they want to check a rule.

>> No.22570827


That might be fine, I was going for a deathwatch style army with a small ally GK or SoB force. Dark Angels have specialized bikes right? It'd make sense to have deathwatch steal a couple of them.

>> No.22570905

Bump so everyone can get the completed scans now.

>> No.22570912

Rad Shells are so good.

>> No.22570930


Too bad they're hard to come by.

>> No.22571016

Radiation truly is a lost art.

>> No.22571039

Dark Angels shoot Rainbow Beams from their flyers.

>> No.22571162

Updated PDF file.


>> No.22571195

Those guys look more like Wood Elves to me. Also, the Dangels' key feature is that they're closeted. They keep their rainbow beams safely inside the Armarium.

>> No.22571203


The Battle Brothers of the Barge "Flamboyant Unicorn" (pictured here) killed many Fallen on that glorious day.

The Lion be praised.

>> No.22571212


>> No.22571235

I love you, anon.

>> No.22571622


That's not even remotely true; you're assessing a bit too much imaginary consistency to GW's rulings.

The discrepencies are usually just "one entry has a thing, another entry forgot the thing" and it's rather random which one is which, but the fix is always "add the thing they forgot to the other entry as well."

It's not rocket science or anything.

And yes, Plasma Talons are Rapid Fire in the weapon summary at the end.

>> No.22571655


I direct you attention to the BA vindicator and the living saitn and arco-flagellant in the SoB codex.

Both of those mistakes (demolisher cannon being barrage, saint being an IC and arco's being S5) were errat'd to match the bestiary, not unit entry (and in the case of BA, summary).

Those are just 3 examples i can think of off the top of my head.

>> No.22571884


>If it's scatters at the back of the squad from which they are facing the ravenwing knights.

Maybe 2 rad grenades would be a good idea after all. Too bad it doesn't affect the whole squad.

>> No.22571971

>Rad Charge: Every model in a unit hit by one or more rad shells suffers a -1 penalty to their Toughness until the end of the turn (this can affect the victims' Instant Death threshold).

>> No.22572055


Well now you're full-on imagining EVERYTHING as opposed to just imagining GW's responses.

There was no discrepency between the unit pages and army list pages for the BA Vindicator; the stats for the Demolisher Cannon are, in fact, listed in neither place.

Where they ARE listed (in the wargear and the end-of-book summary page), they were BOTH wrong, and not because they said Barrage, but because they forgot to list themselves as Large Blast.

You got...literally everything about that example incorrect, and in the end, it's not even relevant to the point you were making. The book was consistent with itself, it was just consistently wrong.

Celestine is the exact OPPOSITE of what you're saying--she was correct on her unit page, and incorrect on the army list page.

Of the three examples you listed to prove GW always does things in one way, you listed one done that way, one done the opposite way, and one that was so fucktarded it hurt my brain.

>> No.22572065

It's not like they can't use the male nulls as Culexus assassins.

>> No.22572257

You know what I like about the 6th edition codices?

Fucking armory is back. Finally my Veteran Sarges can wield that Stormbolter as more than a big bolt pistol. Finally my Assault Sarge can use that Thunder Hammer I painstakingly converted as more than a weird looking power fist.

>> No.22575497


>> No.22575860

Fucking hell. EVERY fucking thread lately devolves into a "X chapter/Dark Angels are gay" thing.

>> No.22575886

Probably has something to do with the fact that every chapter is gay.

>> No.22575904

Mostly 'cause they're all gay.

>> No.22575908

Because they are in fact, fudge packing, gene-seed sharing, colon-cowboys.

>> No.22575948

Not the ultramarines, if the fact that "marine sex is canon" came up during the script recording process.

Titus confirmed for Mira hard on.

>> No.22575954

WELL, we don't have to constantly bring it up. Let them keep their dignit... okay never mind.

>> No.22575988

I like how the fluff is in the rules a lot more too. And the chapter relics/chaos artifacts section in pretty neato even if I feel DA's relics were kind of lackluster compared to Chaos' artifacts.

>> No.22576044

>Not the ultramarines,
They have equipment designation names like 'Predator', 'Land Speeder Storm', Thunderfire Cannon, motherfucking LAND RAIDER. Seriously, how much more gay can you get? I know, let's refer to our supreme army general as "Chapter Master", our new recruits as "Scouts", and each other as "Battle Brothers". There's more homoerotic tension there than in an eternity's worth of fangirl slash fiction!

>> No.22576060


To be fair, Land Raider and Land Speeder are named after a dude named Arkham Land.

>> No.22576076


>> No.22576078

But actually being gay is the Dark Angel's Dark Secret.
The real one. The Fallen are a cover for their actual Dark Secret.

>> No.22576108

if legit and includes fluff, will worship as patron saint of awesome.

>> No.22576124

No, being chaos is their dark secret. Being gay just come with the territory as a space marine.

>> No.22576137

That doesn't help their case at all.

>> No.22576204


>one set of artifacts Is to cover all of chaos, a force huge enough to give the whole of the imperium serious consternation from time to time
>other set is to cover the junk gathered by 1000 guys.

well, it makes sense that they aren't the same quality.

>> No.22576228

Well when you word it like that, it's the Chaos artifacts that seems lackluster and half hearted.

>> No.22576282

whats the word then, any good?

>> No.22576312

my DL is slow, gimme 10 minutes.

>> No.22576349

right o brother, have a picture of good will

>> No.22576366


Its actually pretty decent.

Best part is I'm fairly certain one of the best builds is a VanillaWing build, despite all the DeathRaven nuthugging, which I'm a fan of.

>> No.22576399

I was asking the man if the codex scan was complete

>> No.22576415

looks to be legit, complete with fluff.

>> No.22576426

Deathwing will be good then? That's good then... because I grabbed 4 boxes of them.

>> No.22576448

Though it looks like a digital copy, there are buttons and shit on the PDF.

Still, can't complain because it's the most complete and highest quality scan we've got so far.

>> No.22576456

Tell me more, beautiful.

>> No.22576486

Its great quality, but it looks like it was taken off someones iphone so it has a battery meter and shit at the top. Other than that its great, especially compared to whats out so far.

>> No.22576491

admittedly dubious source, but the guy does work for relic.

>> No.22576538

Isn't Gabriel implied to have gotten with Macha?

>> No.22576639


Such a Hero

>> No.22576673

Not in the canon.
But now we know he COULD have.
And let's be honest, have you heard his voice? Dudes would go gay for him. I doubt even an Eldar could resist that tuxedo wearing suave infused voice.

>> No.22576686

I lied, its actually the digital version of it and it has those really annoying buttons that pop up for ever piece of wargear to tell you what it is

>> No.22576697

Well, that Mira was quite a hottie. In an impractically unhelmeted way.

>> No.22576758

I think we can reasonably conclude that the offspring would be human since that's what space marines are on the baseline, and if creating new space marines was that easy, the Space Wolves would have become the largest chapter a long time ago.

Or the offspring might be a hideous abortion of life unable to do anything but gurgle "kill me" out of its deformed mouth.

>> No.22576795

I got good news and bad news. Good news is it's actually canon. Bad news is it's C.S. Goto.

>> No.22576810

So it's not actually canon then

>> No.22576896

This is some sick-ass art.

>> No.22576924

Who gives a flying fuck, I'm just gonna get one and convert it into an avenger strike fighter for my IG. Lascannons where the heavy bolters are, mega bolter, and wing missile launchers. Then I can brrrt and frag soft targets or brrrt, laze and krak hard targets.

>> No.22576957

I imagine landing a Space Marine captain would also come with a certain amount of bragging rights.

maybe some kind of middle ground. Like slightly more physically fit human.

>> No.22576971

>disgracing the real Avenger with something half the size

Proud owner of a real one, fuck you.

>> No.22577043

>Not being able to Avenger w/Hurricanes

>> No.22577326

Yeah... Another codex takes it in the ass because no AA, not really surprising,

>> No.22578392

Yep. Looks like i'm forced to take an ADL. Really was trying to stay away from them.

>> No.22580421

Anyone care to upload to somewhere not shit?

>> No.22580590

try this


>> No.22580760

You are a credit to Humanity.

>> No.22581804


nice, thanks!
was it taken form the digital apple codex?

>> No.22581908


if yes, are there possibly some other apple-exclusive digital GW products somewhere on web? like painting guides and stuff

>> No.22581993

Thank you, fellow gaywarden

>> No.22582096

спасибо, анон!

>> No.22582161

I also have a Stormtalon as a Vulture gunship.

>> No.22582165

Looked through the scans and didn't see anyway for deathwing termis or ravenwing bikes to be taken as troop choice with company master?

>> No.22582184

cnacN6o, aHoH!

>> No.22582228

oH pycckuu, y Hero Merao|ooH

>> No.22582308


You can only take a Deathwing/Ravenwing command squad with a terminator/biker generic HQ.

Apparently DA successors do not have enough terminator armor or bikes to make them core of their army.

>> No.22582377



>> No.22582398

That fucking hair.

>> No.22583336

Any way to disable those stupid ass popups from the digital edition over ever piece of wargear?

>> No.22583361

Plasma Talon
>Gets Hot
>Twin Linked
>Heavy 10000000

>> No.22583435

I just noticed the dakka banner also works on vehicles.... Park your command squad in a crusader, and enjoy the shitstorm of bolter shots
6 sync bolter shots , nice that makes 24 shots with the banner. Works also with the dark talon

>> No.22583696

Check out the rules for the Blade of Caliban:

Range: -
S: +1
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Unwieldy

I'm hoping that this is a typo, because that is absolutely pathetic. Or perhaps the DA champions just like giving people a fighting chance.

That Power Field Generator seems nice. If it gives the 4++ to a vehicle the equipped model is riding inside of... well, just image a Land Raider w/ a techmarine and a few of his servo-buddies hitching a ride.
If, like the Big Mek's kustom force field, you then measure the 3" buff from the hull of the land raider, well, you can see where I'm going with this.

I was quite surprised to see how cheap Librarians are. You can upgrade them to have terminator armour and they're still cheaper than a vanilla one.

>> No.22583741


Nothing new, that's the new baseline for SM psykers.

Chaos sorcerers are even cheaper, can upgrade to ML 3 and pay 10 points less for mastery level upgrades, though they lack hoods.

>> No.22583750

Well will you look at that, the hurricane bolter IS still 3 twin-linked bolters strapped together. They gave the plasma-cutter on the servo harness a profile so I almost would have thought they'd do the same for the hurricane.

Good eye, anon.

Combining it with this techmarine gag:
might be fun, if ludicrously expensive.

>> No.22583760


Should have said "6e baseline" but w/e.

Apparently this year we will see the baseline price for Eldar psykers too.

>> No.22583776

Retardedly so.

>> No.22585246

I don't get it... surely anyone would just take a normal Power Axe instead?

>> No.22585596


I think it is because of the cheap price. For 15 points and chainsword, one of veteran become a character with WS of 5 plus he get a unwieldy power sword and combat shield. Otherwise it will cost about 20 points with power weapon and combat shield.

>> No.22585622

While on the 40k topic.

Where has the 40k coolcastornot website moved to. Pretty sure I read something about it moving seperatley to another website,

>> No.22585741

Emperor's blessings with you, Anon.

>> No.22586823

Alas, even Goto is canon.

>> No.22587740


the offspring would be human since space marines aren't genetically modified, they are dosed with growth hormones and have extra organs physically implanted.

>> No.22588971

Gotta sell dat shitty Belial model somehow, anon.

>> No.22589878


He's worth taking now, at least with baseline sword n' gun. 2+ power weapon and precision shots on a 5+ is pretty handy.

Too bad the model is naff.

>> No.22590254


Rad-tardedly so.

>> No.22590571

Uh, Belial and Sammael allow you to take Terminator and Ravenwing squads, respectively. Oddly enough, RAW, you can take regular command squads for servitors. Now, anyone who tries to pull that off should be punched in the crotch, but still.

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