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Nat. 20 on Knowledge check.

You know the drill.

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Nat.20 SCIENCE roll.

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nat 20 diplomacy and drive

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Nat 20 Craft (weaponsmithing)

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Nat. 20 disguise check.

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>> No.22549673


Nat 20 Knowledge (Far Realm)

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Nat. 20 Driving check.

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>Nat 1 on Handle Animal

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Doubles as Nat 20 disguise check.

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+20 racial bonus on disguise

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Nat.20 animal handling (fish)

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Nat. 1 Gun Handling check

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That's an Oinkbane move.

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Nat. 20 Gun Handling check

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Racial +20 bonus to perception (hearing)

Yes, that fox caught a mouse.

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Nat.1 Disable Device check

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Natural 1, dive.

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I don't know ... it looks pretty disabled to me ...

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Nat 20 on attack roll

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You suck.

Larger version.

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Nat 20 acrobatics, followed by a passed grapple

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ACTUAL nat 20 Handle Animal.

>> No.22549870

Attack roll? More like a Charisma Check.

Nat 20 Perform Speech

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Poor bat. Bats are cool. If this was a video of a cat getting mauled everyone would be crying animal abuse and calling for epic justice anonymous legion army.

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I actually had a cat like that. He kicked ass.
RIP Caesar.

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what is that from?

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Nat 1 Computer use.

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what's that video called again?

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Nat.20 Fuck Gravity

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Taking ten on a spot check.

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I think when its animals eating other animals its ok. Notl ike, if their put into a pit together or something dumb like that, but there was clearly nothing the film guy could do about it.

I like bats, and I like cats. I indeed love all creatures on Gods good earth. But if jaguars eat Peccary's, thats alright

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it's Yelle - 'Comme en Enfant' I think

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>Predator Animal kills prey/pest
>hurr durr animul rites

Shut up.

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Nat 1 on ranged attack roll

The attacker strikes himself for 1d6 damage.

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Nat.1 leadership

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Given that the bat is in the house it's ok. If the cat were outside for some retarded reason it'd be wrong.

Outdoor cats should be shot.

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>Natural 20s and 1s apply to skill checks

Do you guys even play?

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Natural 20 Grapple

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>nat 20 ...I don't know what, but damn that's a 20

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>he doesn't houserule it to create more dramatic moments

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i hope you get shot by an outdoor cat

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Some of them aren't even doing the same exercise.

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It's his cat and his house and he had time to get a camera? It's not like he's David Attenborough observing a lynx in the wild.
I'm not really upset, just disappointed by blind cat loving.

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Why was that not a fucking show, dammit.

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Dunno, but that's what exploding dice do to your game:

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It's a fucking joke, Commissar Killjoy.

Natural 1 on handle animal.

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Too much like other Adultswim bullshit at the time.

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Hory shit!
How horrifying!!!

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What is it?

>> No.22550059

Nat.1 weapon handling (Mjolnir)

>> No.22550085

Natural 20 animal handle mixed with major improvised weapon feat.

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Korgoth of Barbaria.

Youtube it and laugh your ass off, then cry in a corner since adultswim didn't run with it.

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Adult Swim's (and Cartoon Network's in general) budget has dropped to the double digits in the past decade or so.

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Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.22550137

Nat 1 on melee attack roll

The attacker falls prone and takes 1d8 damage.

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Holy shit that's cool.

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St. George the dragonslayer right there

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nat 20 reflex save

>> No.22550219

Nat. 20 in stealth attack

>> No.22550259

The Nat.1 in a roll attack with a bow.

>> No.22550308

Nat. 1 in explosive use.

>> No.22550325

Nat. 20 in interrogation

>> No.22550332

Nat 1 when being attacked by an ooze.

>> No.22550372

-4 to hit because no proficiency

>> No.22550398

Nat. 20 in acrobatics.

>> No.22550425

Hide in plain sight

>> No.22550436

Nat. 20 in intimidation

>> No.22550458

Nat. 1 in artillery use.

>> No.22550508

It's "No Bones Dance".

>> No.22550510


I had something like that happen a few weeks ago. The brass ricocheted off the lane's wall and landed between my temple and my glasses, where it burned the fuck out of me.

>> No.22550544

Shield use when you have its weapon proficiency.

>> No.22550575

It's a Trey Lewouse video, the "No Bones" learn to dance video.

>> No.22550607

Nat 1 handle animal.
(With Kakapos always ends in raeph)

>> No.22550619

Nat 1 Will save against a Fear-effect

>> No.22550647

Nat 1 in a will save check against Dark Side influence.

>> No.22550654

Fighter with Cleave gets multiple Nat 20s' in Diplomacy

>> No.22550655

>Unarmed Strike (Nat 20)

>> No.22550681

>Nat 20 (Hide)

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I dawwed so much!

>> No.22550694

Because they needed more room for Family Guy reruns and Assy Mcgee,

I hate what Adult Swim became.

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Nat. 20 in Knowledge (engineering)

>> No.22550745

What, exactly, is happening there?

>> No.22550776

that gif + this song

>> No.22550777

I would guess some sort of ferrofluid-like substance.
Ferrofluids are damn cool.

>> No.22550780

magnetic fluid plus magnet

>> No.22550783


>> No.22550788

Nat 20 on Handle Bitches.

>> No.22550790

Nat. 1 in diplomacy

>> No.22550801

I miss when they were about showing the anime they were not allowed to show on Toonami, but hey that is what new toonami is for I guess

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Crit Fail on SAN check.

>> No.22550843

Nat 1 strength check

>> No.22550844

What McGuyver haves to do with CN?

>> No.22550851

Hey look it's Taylor Lautner.

>> No.22550868

thats thors hammer, strength has nothing to do with it

>> No.22550870

Looks like a magnet being sucked in by a magnetic putty, I know the 'thinking putty' has a magnetic version.

>> No.22550882

Nope, just the Great Cleave feat.

>> No.22550885

Only those worthy will have the right to wearMjolnir!

>> No.22550904

Nat 20 bluff

>> No.22550906

sooo, sauce?

>> No.22550918 [SPOILER] 

Nat. 1 in ejaculation check

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>> No.22550939

fucking americans

>> No.22550949

nat. 1 san check

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>> No.22550960

Five critical successes on a grapple check.

>> No.22550966


>> No.22550979


/mlp/ is that way.

>> No.22550981

-20 SAN lost

>> No.22550982

Nat. 1 knowledge check (animal lore)

>> No.22550986

Nat 20 on Profession (baker) check

>> No.22551016


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>critfailed perils of the warp roll

>> No.22551030

Nat. 20 in improvised throwing weapon.

>> No.22551033

>>22550979 >>22550966 >>22550959
Stop being faggots. If you cared about the rules that much, you would report requests, image dumps, and lore discussion of non-tabletop settings. Do you? No, you don't.

Natural 1 on Save vs Fear

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I've seen better.

>> No.22551055

Natural 1 on Seduction

>> No.22551066

That's how must grapples usually go.

>> No.22551077

Nat 1 attack roll.

Still worth it.

>> No.22551080

Its not about the rules. Its about not infecting this beautiful board with faggotry.

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please stop making us look bad.
And yes, any pony pic on any board that isn't /mlp/ counts as making us look bad.

>> No.22551083

Eh, it's global instead of board rules. And that rule was put in place because people already reacted strongly to ponies.

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>starting a sentence with "and"
Why, he's not a true english teacher at all!

>> No.22551095

Natural 20 Escape Artist

>> No.22551096

Chaotic evil monk.

>> No.22551105

I don't know what game you're playing, but a natural one in CoC would be the best possible result.

Unless you're playing CoC d20. In which case, you're a twat.

>> No.22551110

nat 1 perform

>> No.22551136

Dear lord, what?

I must know where this comes from.

>> No.22551141

Nat. 20 intimidation

>> No.22551155

There's a place for MLP, and this board isn't it.
Also, the whole "Pinkamena crazy" thing has been overdone so much I'm beginning to get sick of it.

>> No.22551158

Genesis 1:3.

>> No.22551160

Nat 20 perform.

>> No.22551163

Both of you, drop it and get back to the thread at hand.

Nat 20 on architecture (eldritch)

>> No.22551180

Written before standardized grammar structures and translated at least two times. It gets a pass.

Nat 20 throw weapon.

>> No.22551182

Nat 1 bluff

I agree in both cases.

>> No.22551189

Nat. 1 in the Reflex save check against fireball.

>> No.22551190

Nat. 20 agility check

briefly got my systems mixed up for a moment. brb crusade of penance for being so bald and foolish.

>> No.22551193

>nat 20 sense motive with 3 WIS

>> No.22551201

Nat 1 intimidate

>> No.22551204

Nat 1 Profession (Art teacher)

>> No.22551216

That gif is so fucking unsettling to me. I feel someone should have told the poor sod.

>> No.22551217


>> No.22551220

I have lost my faith in humanity

>> No.22551232

Nat 20 jump

>> No.22551233

What is this from?

It's fucking gold.

>> No.22551234

Nat 20 hide, failed the sneak attack.

>> No.22551237

>How to draw Eldritch Horrors

>> No.22551247

It's actually just going for some meat on the ground lol. More like nat 20 bragging, kitty.

>> No.22551250

Just between you and me...


>> No.22551252

Now in connect-the-dot form!

>> No.22551254

Don't worry, the seal got away. That time.

>> No.22551276

Because predators are bad, amirite?

No one warns the octopus and fish the Seal eats, why should he be any different?

Bear's gotta eat.

>> No.22551278

A half-dozen nat20 evades in a row.

>> No.22551285

Know what else is against global rules? Shitposting (hurr play a better system), off-topic (Non-tabletop discussion), flaming (attacks are thrown about way too much), trolling (HEY GAIZE RAEP IN GAEM/Feminists being cunts) requests (anyone got the new codex?), illegal material (uploading commercial PDFs), low-quality posts (see shitposting), NSFW (brown elf and monstergirl threads), and advertizing (Kickstarters are covered by this if I recall). Now take the argument elsewhere or contribute to the thread. Preferably the latter because we've had this discussion 15,498 times.

Natural 1 on Use Electronic Device

>> No.22551300


>> No.22551302

Nat. 20 in Michael Bay skill

>> No.22551303

Nat 1 use explosive device

>> No.22551321


>> No.22551324

I wish to kill myself.

Where's the rest?

I said drop it, sirs.

Get back to the thread here.

Nat 20 on Profession (Rich)

>> No.22551334

Someone, on 4chan of all places, being reasonable and sensible about much of anything, and using the rules to their advantage?

Nat 20 on Diplomacy, this post right here.

>> No.22551335

Read Kodomo no Jikan chapter 88.

>> No.22551337

Nat. 1 in knowledge (poisons)

>> No.22551339

20 hide, 20 intimidate

>> No.22551350

Nat 20 on intimidate.

>> No.22551359

>Disarm + Intimidate

>> No.22551367

>The years after a Nat 20 Handle Animal Check

>> No.22551369

>Where's the rest?
I'll dump it for you.

>> No.22551372

Diehard [General]

Prerequisite: Endurance

When reduced to negative hit points, you may choose to act as if you were disabled, rather than dying. You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points (even if it isn’t your turn). If you do not choose to act as if you were disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you can take either a single move or standard action each turn, but not both, and you cannot take a full round action. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some free actions, swift actions, or immediate actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If you reach -10 hit points, you immediately die.

>> No.22551380


>> No.22551390

Passed the to-hit, critfailed the damage roll.

>> No.22551395

Last one I got.

>> No.22551403

Jesus christ how horrifying.

>> No.22551408

Not quite. IFRC, If Hulk is angry enough he can lift it.

>> No.22551428

nat 20 taking things too seriously bro

nat 1 disguise check

>> No.22551430

Please tell me these weren't actually in a published book...

>> No.22551439

Nat 1 in a will save against fear effect.
>aka By the big head! How horrifying!

>> No.22551443

Nat 1 acrobatics.

>> No.22551445

Why would your friends at /tg/ lie to you so flagrantly?

Oh, that's right, for the good of your sanity.

In that case, "These weren't actually in a published book."

>> No.22551448

Oh but they were, and people bought it.

>> No.22551454

The sentences starting with "and" are in the narrative tense, wherein all verbs begin with the conjunction "v-" in the original Hebrew. This generally means "and", but it really just indicates that this is something that happened. Part of this probably has to do with the fact that biblical Hebrew is poor in prepositions and conjunctions, at least relative to modern English.

>> No.22551460

Nat. 20 handle animals with a low INT stat.

>> No.22551485

I really feel bad for her- she legit thinks she's good. Not joking, really sucks that she'll have to be brought down

>> No.22551495

Dude, my cat loves it when you do that. Starts purring so hard he actually starts shedding hairs.

Nat 1 (flight)

>> No.22551498

Improved greater cleave.

>> No.22551500

This is fucking amazing.

>> No.22551505

>Nat 1 Swim

>> No.22551518

>critfail: knowledge (posting)

>> No.22551519

"And now for our main event!" "And the Oscar goes to..."

Before you try to preach about English grammar you should try to actually learn it instead of harping on rules invented by a bunch of Latinphiles who did not realize English is not a Romance language and therefore does not follow the same grammatical base.

It has always been acceptable to use a conjunction to begin a sentence. People who want to sound grammatically superior without actually knowing what they are talking about are the ones who say split-infinitives, conjunctions starting sentences, "they" used as singular impersonal pronoun, and other such myths are not acceptable.

If you are going to be a grammar nazi at least actually know what you are talking about. English is a beautiful and flexible language if you just let it be itself instead of piling on arbitrary pedantry from other languages.

>> No.22551523

Natural 20 Teddy Roosevelt check

>> No.22551527

Purring can be a sign of submission and discomfort.

>> No.22551529


>> No.22551539

Forgot my image

>> No.22551540

Nat 1 stealth check

>> No.22551541

Exceptional Success on Driving skill


>> No.22551548

Natural 20 ride check.

>> No.22551553

depends on which Mjolnir. In the Marvelverse, it's being worthy. In the original mythology, it's just strength (but only Thor, with his special belt and gloves, is strong enough).

>> No.22551561

Ha ha ha psions are faggots

More broken than Wizards in 3.5

>> No.22551563

This is a nat 1, but I am not entirely sure what sort of roll.

>> No.22551573

That cat was clearly saving it's owner from a shape-shifted vampire, man.

>> No.22551575

Well, I would assume that, if he didn't like it, he wouldn't pop back up and start rubbing against my hand as soon as I stop, but if you say so.

Nat 20 improvised weapon

>> No.22551584

Rolled 15

Rolling for dexterity.

>> No.22551588

Hulk slapped the fuck out of Thor with his own hammer.

>> No.22551590

Gun Use. Alternatively, Craft(Gunsmithing), when used to clear a jam.

>> No.22551596

Nat 100 on clearing a gun jam in DH.

It literally wastes the whole mag.

>> No.22551601

>If you are going to be a grammar nazi at least actually know what you are talking about. English is a beautiful and flexible language if you just let it be itself instead of piling on arbitrary pedantry from other languages.

Not that guy but:
>Grammar nazi
>Split infinitive being the norm in German.

Somehow, I laughed out loud.

>> No.22551610

He clearly crit on "summon bullet"

>> No.22551611

Successful use of Knock

>> No.22551613

Maybe Hulk had a worthy will?

>> No.22551622

nat 1 on dexterity check

>> No.22551629


>> No.22551631

He clearly stepped on the mat.

Nat 1 bluff.

>> No.22551634

"nat 1 on eating, you stave to death"

>> No.22551649

Cats purr as a sign that they aren't a threat. If a strange cat isn't purring when you go to pet it, it's very likely to claw your arms to ribbons. I cite years of experience working with abused animals. Worst and most thankless and most depressing job ever.

Nat20 on a Diplomacy check when trying to get /jp/ to translate a sentence. You don't want to know nat1.

>> No.22551665

Right here gentlemen, nat1 on Perform: Trolling

>> No.22551678

Nat 20 in animal handling and grapple.

>> No.22551687

>cannot draw anything because of tremors in my hands
>my stick figures are more aesthetically pleasing
jesus christ no

>> No.22551688

>as a sign that they aren't a threat
Yes, that's submission. It's not necessarily bad but if a dog has its tail between its legs and wags it it's a sign that it's not a threat but also a sign that it's uncomfortable or scared.

>> No.22551700

Nat 20 Performance (Dance)

>> No.22551701

Nat 20 diplomacy

>> No.22551703

Nat 1 Throw Weapon

>> No.22551713

>most thankless
>not working with people, mostly women, that go right back to their bad situations
Step your game up oh who the fuck am I kidding, this isn't a contest. Shit is terrible either way.

>> No.22551714

Nat 20 deception

>> No.22551725

Um... yeah...

>> No.22551731

he looks so sad

>> No.22551732

I saw that scene with a friend and we instantly turned into JR and Lawler and began commentating.
Is that wrong?

>> No.22551738

How does a split infinitive look like in English, anyway?

>> No.22551746

but that's clearly a 20...

>> No.22551752

nat 20 buttcheeks

>> No.22551794

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

>> No.22551800

Nat 20 seduction

>> No.22551802

'To boldly go where no man has gone before' is one

"Boldly" is splitting the infinitive "To go." It should technically be 'To go boldly'

>> No.22551803

"To boldly go" is the most cited example. An irritating pedant would tell you the only correct case is "To go boldly".

>> No.22551810

San loss.

>> No.22551822

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san.

It's great, I hope you have fun with it.

>> No.22551826


>> No.22551833

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

I think boldly is the split infinitive in this case

>> No.22551847

>Nat 20 Perception
Leads to
>San Loss

>> No.22551850

Nat 1 child care.

>> No.22551864

And of course everyone uses the example from Wikipedia.

>> No.22551866


Nat 20 Neckbeardic knowledge?

>> No.22551867

Nat 20 Parry

>> No.22551891


>> No.22551909

Natural 20 Perform (Dance)

>> No.22551911


>> No.22551939

I like how the banana guy just steps off there. "No, no, you got this bro, imma just get back here and let yall get down."

Nat 20 swag/driving

>> No.22551963

It's on wikipedia?

That's, while quite excellent, a good indicator of my pressing need to find a mind-bogglingly superb new example.

oh wait, I think I just did.

>> No.22551985

This shouldn't be as funny as it is. But I am laughing my ass off.

>> No.22551990

It's an old joke, Anon.
You are supposed to expect the puppie will be crushed by a sledgehammer or something. And the gif should be titled "gore", or something.

>> No.22551998


captcha: herednnh constituted

I don't think Herednnh does in this situation but the Captcha never lies.

>> No.22552026

Is that from Police Squad or something?

>> No.22552076

Looks CUHRAZY, so I'm guessing Vanquished or Metal Gear Rising Revengance.
Look for any game made by Platinum, it's probably one of those.

>> No.22552101

nat 20 weapon use

>> No.22552117

Vanquish; made by the same folk as what did Bayonetta.
You spend most of the game sliding around on your coket-propelled knees fighting giant Russian robots. I highly recommend it.

>> No.22552139


>> No.22552144

You sure about "all"?

>> No.22552172

It's one the very few games i've wanted to play but haven't due to being a PC master race

>> No.22552203

That's from Yondemsuyo, Azazel-san! They're making another season, airing this summer.

Funny show, I'd suggest checking it out.

>> No.22552224

Nat 1 weapon handling

>> No.22552245

Fun game. It felt like an updated version of all those classic run-and-gun games where you were in a jet or a guy with a machinegun shooting everything in front of you: no gaps between levels, everything is a Communist transforming robot.
That's too bad bro.

>> No.22552313

Nat 20 use weapon: sword
Nat 1 intimidate
-4 HP

>> No.22552388

no. nichijou brings out the best in everyone.

>> No.22552406

what's an oinkbane?

>> No.22552438



>> No.22552440 [SPOILER] 


>> No.22552483

You sonovabitch.

>> No.22552541


>> No.22552574

Oh, Bollywood. A motorcycle is a steel horse, a horse is not a flesh motorcycle.

>> No.22552619

>max images

>> No.22552643

Doctor Manhattan has fused with Rorschach?

>> No.22552788

What is it from?

>> No.22552798


>> No.22552996

Nope that's a 1 on perform. If it was an attack roll it'd be a 20.

>> No.22553570

He ;looks kind of disappointed with the moose.

>> No.22553688

You know this dude has been working retail for so long he does not even hesitate to point a gun at someone.

>> No.22554913

Back when This came out I was big on drawing and my aunt liked to get me how-to-draw books.

I'm pleased to say this is in my collection.

>> No.22554937

I can only assume you're using a different definition of the word "pleased". Or a different context.

>> No.22555034

As far as I'm concerned the laughs gained from the book make it priceless.

>> No.22555215

dat filename

>> No.22559008

>typical AdEva campagain

>> No.22559667


>> No.22559957

Nat 20 touch fluffy tail

>> No.22559981

nat 20 grapple

>> No.22560010

"special" forces

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