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I'm running a DH game and one of my newbie players is a guardsmen. He's a little quiet and hasn't really gotten a lot of the "spotlight" because of it. What are some good ways I can draw him out of his shell and get him to RP more?

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Add some heresy.

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add a touch of heresy

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the only answer necessary

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Some heresy oughta do it

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/tg/ - Add more heresy

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Yes, add some heresy, but have it so that it's up to this player to deal with it.

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Yes, at some point when he's isolated, either away from the group entirely, or just during a mission, dump some heavy heresy down. This will force him to react, and to consider how his character will deal with such things.

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OP, I've found that adding heresy works most of the time.

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>He's a little quiet and hasn't really gotten a lot of the "spotlight" because of it

Imply heresy to the other players due to the Hes quiet bit

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What's his background?

He needs to help another PC go undercover because his background makes him the perfect fake bodyguard/bounty hunter/illegal fry chef.

Ala Kyrlock from the Sandy Mitchel Inquisition books.

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my advice would be just add a touch of heresy, to give it that heretical flavor.

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Throw in an NPC Commissar.

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Tanks everywhere!

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