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Hi there, anybody got a Kingdom Death folder to dump? I just love the arts.

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I do

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Is she...oh my god, is that a....Is it coming out of...Why is she...Can it really be a...

Oh fuck.

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Still hate that in all this cheesecake none of the females are barefoot. Where's my fetish, KoD?

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[insert standard defensive argument here]

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Are you getting turned on?

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Few chosen victims survive the treatment of raw god metal that prepares a womb to withstand and nurture the ghastly cocktail that gives rise to the monsters of the Holy Lands. The truly holy mothers are beatified as Grand Mothers, transformed into creatures embodying the maternal life-giving ideal of the Entity. These special few give birth to the Entity's most precious children, the massive winged Blessed Ones. The Grand Mother's womb is braced heavy ornate gut plates. Within, a hostile furnace of creation churns. She has a mouthed cord growing from her belly that devours male organs of her mates to better the chances of divine conception

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Well...This setting is clearly written by /d/atguys

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And lots of fa/tg/uys visit /d/

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Bitches and Lanterns.

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i never thought i'd say it

but this is too much cheesecake

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No shit sherlock...If the chubby fetish, barely dressed official art pretentiously called "pin up" by the producers didn't make it evident, a woman with a snake dick should be the final proof.

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Holy shit, the anatomy is FUCKED UP.

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Were is my praise, OP? I expect an earth shattering round of praise.

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Kingdom thunder tights

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Not OP but praise be to the mighty image poster.

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>dem hips and thighs

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Yay, I feel special!
Kingdom thunder tighs is best kingdom.

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>but this is too much cheesecake
Hide the thread.

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Not only is the creator of KD a /d/eviant, the in-game deity responsible for the entire mess is as well, so you have both in-universe and out-of-universe /d/at guys.

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>too much cheesecake
Nigga what?

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Last one I have that hasn't been posted already.

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One google search later...

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Is there a regular image of this?

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Ok, I think this is the last one. I found and raided the artist dA.

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Well, thank you.

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So we agree that regardless what poot says the official fluff is, KD is about normal people who are abducted and brainwashed by the Scribe, right?

>kidnap regular women from earth
>turn them into sluts in hell

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wtf is this? have japs finally decided to make a table top waifu war game?

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And now I'm raiding his facebook... the shit I do.
Thank you for thanking me.

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These are my favourites because you can't see their fucking "please don't hurt me, mister, I am mentally challenged" eyes and eyebrows.

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Thank you kindly.

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It's not about waifus, it's about those lanterns man.

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Holy hell, his facebook was a treasure trove of high res images
No, boardgames is still western territory, but Poots hired a chinese to do the art, so some crossover.

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You're whalecum

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The Berserk influence is palpable on that one.

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ah ok. Still I am feeling rather mixed about this game. It would only be able to be done at a hardcore shop. I doubt mine would wanna carry it as they are somewhat family friendly orientated. Which sucks because this game seems pretty interesting all things aside from what I am gathering.

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He says there's more to the story than he's given away and he wants player to find out themselves rather than read about it beforehand.
Also the survivors looks pretty normal and not slutty.

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Only marginally better than being ambergris....

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There are more, like rule 63 Link and the like.

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>Also the survivors looks pretty normal and not slutty.

This thread disagrees.

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[insert standard defense here]
Translation: pinups have no rules in the game, they were there to boost sales which worked wonderfully.

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This is the actual game. Think again.

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Time to strangle a negro aka poop, brb.

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This thread is pin ups which are specifically noted as not canon. Some even have canon counterparts.

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Every piece of art I've seen from this is either borderline porn women or vaguely body-part-esque monsters.

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This is the last one for realz this time.

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Check out this thread then:
Cause it seems you are in a cheesecake thread wondering about all the cheesecake.

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>Cause it seems you are in a cheesecake thread wondering about all the cheesecake.

Cheesecake is all that KD cares to show, since that is their main selling point.

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No, it's all that gets reposted here because this is 4chan and you are all lonely and sad.

I'm actually pretty sure the pin ups are fucking easy to make compared to some of the enemies. It's just the same body type with some shit no one cares about slapped on.

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>I want more art like that.

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d-do you?

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I unironically love cheesecake art. Some of the stuff is pretty weird, but most of the pin-ups are pretty fine. I'm still a little confused about how the models function 'in-game', admittedly.

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I DO. You can kiss the bride.

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You can replace their canon models with them if you feel like for some reason. This one >>22545093 can be used as player character if you have the Gorm's regen suit in game.

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Isn't there a picture centered on the character?

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krasser scheiƟ.

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like dis?

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In higher res would be good, but well... ;_;

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only reason everyone isn't nude and there aren't dicks EVERYWHERE is kickstarter rules and you know it.

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Dude, skimpy clothes >>>> blunt nakedness whe n it comes to titillation and you know it.

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Some of the pinups would actually be attractive if not for the wayward proportions and sameface, disregarding the disregard for proper clothing and armor

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Yeah, the artist only does one woman.

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Eh. It's good for a while. Enough to grab someone's attention, which is all you need. It's different enough from standard-issue cheesecake booby-ladies. Although it does get samey, I'll admit.

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If it matters, the creator is working on a male pin-up, something that hasn't been done yet.

And all the people have that much clothes. Men can just alot more to the lower body

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got you covered

The most realistic proportions in a miniature I could find.

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>full pictures of Regen Suit and Based Leather Queen

You glorious motherfucker.

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At least one of the models (the Architect) is actually tits out. The pinup just makes it look like she's wearing some skintight cloth.

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Wasn't it a torso option?

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muuuhhhhhhhhh ddddiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

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It may be, the sculptor confirmed on his deviant art that the model is topless. Painting the tits a non flesh color would make them look covered

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For a moment I thought it was you, Fortinbras.

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Oh man. I don't care what anyone says, Onimusha: DoD was a good game.

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Hey, glad to be of help

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Only now do I see how Onimusha resembles Kingdom Death. The npcs are always desperately trying to survive while battling some fucked up shit.

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Anyone got more of the monster art? I think that's the real cool thing about this.
The cheesecake is nice, but really the monster like the Flower Knight and that guy here >>22545281 look fucking awesome

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It pretty clearly derives from a lot of Japanese dark fantasy stuff.

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He hasn't really uploaded high res art for all of the miniatures unfortunately.

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>Sunstalker exploitable

... Is there some sinister purpose for this, anon

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her nose is cute

id get her stanky on my hangdown if you know what i mean

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I... got it like that from the death toll calculator... but do feel free.

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I definitely feel less meh about the Gorm after seeing this.

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For some reason, I really like phoenix dancer.

Might be the colors.

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>weeaboo shadowrun

I love you japan

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While some of it seems far too cheese-cakey, I like how you can potentially play out the birth of a civilisation using this boardgame, what with outfits going from rags-and-stones to full on silk dresses and shit.

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That's some Kinoko Nasu shit right there.

Crestworms, anyone?

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I am upset that they only have one mini in stock on the website right now and I don't really like it much. Wanted to get something from them before my kickstarter stuff is delivered. Probably going to be a pain in the ass to do so.

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you think THAT'S weeaboo?

this is troll hacker.

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