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So what are you going to get for your pledge.

I only have 60 dollar for options and I'm thinking about the Lantern Festival and that swag Flower Knight.

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I bought the zelda figure for a friend and I, the adam and anna collecters fig, the kamina one, the candy one for relic knights since it'll have rules for both games and I wasted 200+$ on relic knights.

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What Zelda figure are you speaking of

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The female link figure.

>> No.22542188

I really wanted to get the fucking Alya figure since chrono trigger was my childhood.

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Because I pledged


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Because its my deepest fantasy to have kamina breed with a female link and have the dude from guts breed with alya.

I seriously fucking love how this game is corruption of champions the grimdark /tg/ version.

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Just one of the pinups. I was originally going to also get the dragon expansion, but Christmas expenses were rather high this year.

As to which one I'm getting I have no idea. I probably have enough time to decide though.

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I only found out about the kickstarter project yesterday...

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Holy/Evil Grandmothers of pure sexy that bite your dick off and are bosses are confirmed.

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Did you get the $100 game?
That sounds like a good idea, gives you some very nice miniatures and good gameplay content. I'd definitely do that and not buy 4 underwhelming plastic pin ups.

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my roomate bought himself a copy of the game and I'll buy one when it comes out in November, it doesn't mean I can't collect the figures for other games either or their starting equipment and special abilities.

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You can still pledge via paypal

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OP here , yeah I got the Survivor Pledge (155). Might or might not sell those additional bonus miniatures.

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How long is that gonna be up?

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Sure about that..?

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And dont look at the gorms giant fucking testicles either.

Seriously this game is fucking CoC the boardgame on steroids.

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You really don't have to worry much since all the products (except for like two kickstarter exclusive figures) will be out at the end of the year.

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Hmmm... it does say "for the remainder of the Kickstarter Campaign", but the button still works.

I wonder if I should write him first and ask.

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>Seriously this game is fucking CoC the boardgame on steroids.
You haven't really played CoC now have you?

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I have, perhaps you're right on my overexageration. But I find it has many elements of the game into it, with it being a rpg demon world setting with reproduction tables and all sorts of /d/ eqsue creatures.

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Goddamnit, I needed more money for this. There are a bunch of things I couldn't afford that I wanted, like the tree, several messengers and more bases. Ah well, I hope I have some money when the next kickstarter hits.

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could you use their face/skull bases for chaos terminators in 40k?

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Why wouldn't you be able to do that?

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I just don't know if they're the same size of a terminator base.

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Um. Bro? You can take Man Hunter and Lion Knight off of your pledge. You get them for free.

>> No.22542478


They are 30mm, so yes. You absolutely can.

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Except termis are 40mm

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I know, I haven't included the wallet raping shipping in that pledge so it evens out anyway.

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Oh, right. haha, no, then, you're proper fucked. They're 30mm. Says so right on the picture, I'm pretty sure.

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you can include it
third tab

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Updated. Same price.

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In every KD thread!

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>all sorts of /d/esque creatures
not really
there's the wet nurse, sure, although that's just a mini with no (currently) associated rules, it might as well be lumped in with the pinups right now. The gorm makes people uncomfortable with his puckered anus and huge testes, but not everyone neuters their dogs either.

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Yes Please.

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What's the size of these minis?

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read the fucking thread
humans are 35mm

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Kind of a reminder you cannot pledge anymore. You cannot slip poots money to get Kickstarters stuff. Its over. Also pledgers can't expand their pledges.
That being said all of it except the promos (and even the promos maybe) will be available next year.

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or end of this year i should say.

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Most likely next year, the target goal will most likely be missed by a month or two. At least if Dreamforge's KS is anything to go by.

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You'd have to be blind to not see the Giger influence and the sexual imagery in so many of the models.

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What's your favourite monster? I can't decide between Flower Knight, Beetle Knight or the Lantern Festival dude in OPs pic.

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Flower is hardly monstrous. Dung Beetle is cute too. I like the Sunstalker infant design.

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Bullshit, you don't even know Giger. Sex and violence does not make it gigeresque. I wish people stopped saying that.

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Same here.
It's the only artistic reference nerds have. They spout it all the fucking time irrelevantly and believe it makes them cultured. I'm sure it's because of them that Giger is now shunned by contemporary artists and dismissed as "babbynerd's first surrealist".

And I can understand them being pissed off.

>mechanical shapes

Most of the time Bellmer is a more relevant influence to mention.

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You forgot the biggest influence of Kingdom Death.


KD is bullshit. Awful model sculpted by one-handed retards

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*clap clap clap*

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how did you get to that pledge management screen?
I've pledged 450 dollars and I have no option to manage my pledge in such a way.

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Definitely in case of sexy body horror, like Silent Hill's leg monsters, nurses and such.

One reason for Giger I can see is the use of babies in KD and that's not even all that similar. The babies in KD looks like normal innocent babies attached to monsters, they don't look rotten, disgusting and pro-choice by themselves.

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It's just a provisional tool on the website created by fans.

>> No.22544120

Didn't you even look at the top of the page links?


>> No.22544122

Link over nya

It's an unofficial pledge calculator, quite nifty.

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I said "most of the time", not specifically about KD, which is good, and which you don't like exclusively because you find it unfair that it got supported so much. Or maybe because you are autismally opposed to the idea of pin-up models.

The fact is that most of the time, when people comment on how close to Giger's style a picture is, it's actually closer to Bellmer's style. Simply an observation.

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>The babies in KD looks like normal innocent babies attached to monsters, they don't look rotten, disgusting and pro-choice by themselves.

Even the giant ballsy fetus elephant?

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I think it looks cute. It's the worst of them all in my opinion. It's half cute elephant with a big bum and half random shit.

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you seem to have no idea what that means.

It might look ridiculous, but not nearly enough to be funny, or harmless-looking. And even then, it'd have to look pretty, to be cute.

Nah, grotesque is what it is. It looks like a blasphemous transgression of both warbeasts and children.
Transgression can result in humor, of course, but for it to be really efficient, it has to look less genuinely horrible and dangerous.

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I do not share your impression of this creature.

>> No.22544332

Man, you must be used to seeing stuff far more gruesome than that creature, then.

>> No.22544427

The average deep sea monsters that he's inspired by is more horrific than the Gorm. His name isn't even scary. Gorm.

>> No.22544447


In this country, gorm means 'blue'.

>> No.22545242


Get the damn Flower Knight. It is the only option.

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I dont support kickstarter scams

>> No.22545269

>I dont support kickstarter scams

You just bump their threads.

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Actually, in KD's case, Miura is an even more important influence. There's a lot of blatant Berzerk references in KD's backstory and the design of the behelit is everywhere too.

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I just saw this painting of one of my least favourite monsters and while I am >>22544010
I think this one definitely brings out some Giger.

>> No.22546072

that's dandy and all, but the original argument was comparing this to CoC, a game about masturbating to written transformation porn.

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Flower Knight and the Beetle are my favorite designs, but as far as monsters go? Probably the Dragon King.

Dude's got swag. The Phoenix is a close second.

>> No.22546204

Out of curiosity, why do you think it is a scam?

>> No.22546232

>Flower is hardly monstrous

That's one of the many awesome things about the Flower Knight. He looks just off of human, but not in an uncanny valley way, except sorta.

>> No.22546355

Because I don't like it xDDDDDDD
le sage

>> No.22546457

I find the flower knight to be a little creepy. Something about the owl eyes, I think. But, undoubtedly, the flower knight is one of the best sculpts out there for conventional (and reasonably affordable) miniatures. It's absolutely gorgeous.

I like the concept of the sunstalker infant/adult. But, the giant cape of badly sculpted hands kind of ruined it for me. I hope the sculptor either changes or steps up his game for the adult, because I really want to play the sunstalker campaign.

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Flower Knight theme

>> No.22546772

God, that OST. My heart, my brain.

I read the flower knight is a little taller than humans.
I think the fact that a lot of his design is so nice and innocent in that dark world is unsettling.

>> No.22546781

forgot my pic

>> No.22547815

Is that color scheme based on anything? Besides being swag as fuck, it feels like it was inspired by something else.

>> No.22548142

It's inspired by


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>google fu
He supposedly gives true answers of things past, present and to come, divinity, and the creation of the world; he also confers dignities and prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes. Orobas is faithful to the conjurer, does not permit that any spirit tempts him, and never deceives anyone.

He sounds like a bro.

>> No.22550632

Poor Orobas. Him and all the other Goetic daemons, turned into bad guys.

I'm almost certain the King and the Scribe are douchebags, though.

>> No.22551656

i know of orobas because of persona
he was real helpful against yukiko

>> No.22551982

>that fucking Yukiko's Shadow boss

>> No.22552116





>> No.22552587

level slime until red wall
fuse red wall on something that isn't weak to fire (pretty sure orobas is available and strong to fire)
if you're feeling extra lazy make sure you get resist physical on the fusion too
cast red wall
guard when it wears off
have chie always dizzy prince with bufu or mabufu if she has it

easy peezy, although i did lose a few times and ended up devoting most of a full day going into the fight at virtually full resources. didn't mind too much since i found shadow yukiko's last line before the fight very fappable (ooo, this feels wonderful... if this keeps up i'll... i'll....)

>> No.22552805

That almost looked relatively normal. Then I realized it was full of babies.

>> No.22553634

So anyone know when Poots is gonna give us any more details about the fluff? Besides the few snippets floating around in the designer notes and model descriptions of course.

Speaking of, since I don't think they've been posted in this thread


>> No.22553939

>Now, in regards to the normal non pinup woman, the proportions were exaggerated a bit to make themmore easily identifiable from their male counterparts on the table top. So there is a definite designchoice there. There is also a game world reason, being that the original humans in the game were madein a certain image by something. I don't want to give out spoilers so I won't say any more.


>> No.22554051

>made in a certain image by something
poots is the something, 'certain image' is his certain taste in TnA.

>> No.22556171

Wonder if that ties into the numbered story knowledge the White Speakers use. At the very least, it seems to be another part of this whole idea that Kingdom Death's human inhabitants are always trying to fit into some template, whether it be monsters, monstrous gods, or maybe even something more abstract.

>> No.22557006

Damn, that half-naked, soon to be eaten crying girl sure puts them neckbeards in heat.

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>> No.22557622

Knight in shining(?!) loincloth armor syndrome affects everybody equally.

Personally can't wait for when I get my set. Sure, I plan on getting one or two of the pin-ups once we get the survey/this-is-my-extras-form, but damn this game looks like it'll play awesome.

>CAPTCHA: from asband

... No, I'm not from an ass band, Captcha. Go away.

>> No.22557668

OK, so I was going to magnetize; but now I plan on doing PUR casting- any comments, questions, general info on this?
Especially for inserting magnets into the molded parts when you make them? ( and maybe even some small 1x1 Lego round disc for maximum conversion potential/ making my own Legos.

>> No.22557714

Make mold. Put magnets in the right spots inside the mold. Pour in resin. Magnets now end up inside the resin.

Or so would be the plan. Since it'll probably only be a very narrow space between the sides of the magnets and the mold in many cases, getting the resin to fill properly could be a pain in the ass.

>> No.22557787

Do you think making the prime mold (from the plastic ones I get from KD) then using the white-resin parts made from those to drill out for magnets (but not putting in the magnets) then making a secondary, magnet-ready mold would be viable? Or would there be too much loss of detail/other complications [disregarding the extra cost/time in silicone/work].?

>> No.22557822

>that figure
Am I the only one who likes stuff like this and Wet Nurse way more than the endless assortment of tits?

>> No.22558004

Make a mold, file out very thin area for a magnet to rest, but still get coated in resin, pour the PUR. Ghe joints will still bulge out a little, and joints wont be seamless, but that is NOT a bad thing, as it will keep paint from chipping with the constant snapping of the magnets.

>> No.22558055

Nah, that was me too, and the vastly lower number of cool shit like this vs barely-clothed tits was why I wasn't urged to pledge for it.

>> No.22559740

I only pledged for that kind of stuff and I've seen a lot of anons post their lists without any pin ups on it so you can't be the only one.

>The Gorm
>The lure is actually an evoled testicle that has grown out on a specialized stalk. Common bacteria in theair cause the exposed testicle to glow
I do not want to paint it that way.
>consuming human waste stored inside the bowels of aliving person is a particularly delicate ecstasy for Gorms.
And I do not want to know.

>> No.22561896

Bump because bump

>> No.22563045

but... he already has testicles

>> No.22563056

I assumed that is the lure. His backside lure.

>> No.22565372

Just got my grubby mitts on some 3D renders

>> No.22565383


>> No.22565395


>> No.22565404


>> No.22565412

The feet are twisted in such awkward positions.

Why the hell do modelers and artists warrior or fighting chicks in that retarded gait pose?

>> No.22565419


>> No.22565431

Because of raisins

>> No.22565432

I'm getting everything that affects gameplay. I spent way too much on this.

>> No.22565436


>> No.22565447

I think this is the last one

>> No.22565574

32mm is the standard Kingdom Death scale, unless the game is different for some reason.

>> No.22565630

Flower knight is swag as fuck, but he's normal size. Can't compare him to The King.

>> No.22565719

>So what are you going to get for your pledge.
Nothing; I'm going to pay rent and maybe buy some weed, then play other games that don't require expensive figurines.

>rchsigne token
Yeah, I use tokens for game pieces sometimes.

>> No.22565754

I get the feeling this thread doesn't quite apply to you friend.

>> No.22565803


gotta love purp n gol swag

>> No.22565919

Good trolling, troll.

You sure trolled me.

I am trolled.

Look at me being trolled.

This is my trolled face.

Because you troll so good.

>> No.22565962


>> No.22565993

Same here brother, a couple of friends and I roped our pledge together (To get herald of death) and amassed a grand total of $720.

>> No.22566037

>people that have taken the money and run: Sarkeesian and that sun bitch
>people that have delivered: THE REST OF THE FUCKING WEBSITE
Yes, I am mad.

>> No.22566069

Don't be mad, ignore them. This thread isn't for them, it's for those of us who are genuinely interested in this shit.

>> No.22566110

Dragon King also has the advantage of being the only monster with two forms.

>> No.22566208

>Guys! KD is shit, guys! Lols, KD is shit!
>Guys! This is a shit game, and terrible, guys! You should like not support it and buy more space marines or something!
>Guys! Are you listening, guys? Stop throwing money at KD! Something shit like this shouldn't make money!
>Guys? Why is nobody listening to me!?

>> No.22566211

He's pretty obviously inspired by the anglerfish, so that's how I'm painting it.

>> No.22566267

That is a pretty bitching model for... hell, anything...

>> No.22566292


Just realized realized a reason for me to play paladin.

I can use Flower Knight

>> No.22566343

Tetsuya Nomura would love all those belts.

Thanks for the Lioness renders, man. A lot of those I'd never seen before.

>> No.22566349

Hell yeah. I would totally make the least flamboyantly gay male paladin using that miniature to represent him. He'd be a buff 'wrestles bears' and shit, with a swanky mustache. And if anyone asks "but why... flowers" he'd respond with "What? You got something against flowers, motherfucker? You know what the rose is, right? The most dangerous fucking flower in the Plant Kingdom!"

>> No.22566390

Or a druid. Or a fighter. Or...
>flower+knight=endless possibilities

>> No.22566437

No problem, I stumbled upon them on the front page of dA and assumed /tg/ would be interested.

>> No.22566462

>one of the few druids in the world who insists on using heavy armor

>> No.22566515

>Or a druid

The Dung Beetle Knight could make a sweet druid of some sort.

>> No.22567048

Ironwood, yo.

>> No.22567190

>Clothing? Oh I'll just use these ropes.

>> No.22567225

Moral of the story: Don't back Kickstarters run by women.

>> No.22567255


>> No.22567260

We can expand it a bit.

Moral of the story: Never trust women with money.

>> No.22567272

Good for a quick bondage session on the spot

>> No.22567305

I think it has more to do with the sanity level of the individual whose got the money...

>> No.22567469

Anita Sarkeesian is about as sane as a woman gets.

>> No.22567482

I mean, she's not as crazy as the sun chick, but there are definitely saner people out there.

>> No.22567526

Sun chick?

>> No.22567581


>> No.22567613

Okay so... she is clearly fucking insane. But checking more recent updates, she has already started printing.

>> No.22567670

It's because she's actually a transsexual. Anita Sarkeesian still hasn't done shit.

>> No.22567914

CoC is about trying to survive in a world full of horrifying sexual monstrosities and avoiding corruption.
Kingdom Death is the same, to an extent.

>> No.22567917

I just now realised the mods deleted all the pinups I posted.

>> No.22568735

It means that the survivors are adam and eve

>> No.22568907

They aren't the first humans. The first humans are FUCKING TERRIFYING. Because they are ruled by this fucker: >>22542024

You just play as a random group that was created by The Scribe to be harvest by The Watcher for an unknown purpose.

>> No.22568934

Bitch you better have a lantern under that face or I'm leaving you.

>> No.22569264


>> No.22569300

I'm leaving you.

>> No.22569422

Ah-ha, I got the drop on Poots Slowpoke!

>> No.22569739

>mfw I backed the anima game 25 dollars because poots told me to
Actually the video game looks like it could have potential, but if it sucks, eh, whatever. By 2014 I'll forget completely about it.
>pinup renders
Can we guts-chan or kamina renders?

>> No.22569830

Where is there any lore given on the King? And is this *the* king? Like the same that the kings men and king's hand serve?

And where is there lore on the Flower Knight for that matter? Is it like the Lion Knight, one of those general things?

>> No.22569895

They will be here in a few weeks is my guess.

>> No.22569923

>And where is there lore on the Flower Knight for that matter?
We simply don't know!

>> No.22570161

My understanding is you fight the flower knight; He is likely to be an enemy sent by whatever authority in Death exists. The descriptions which exist about the flower knight make him seem an adversary, and not a potential ally as the lion knight is.

The King is enigmatic. It is heavily implied that he is a monster which is somehow under the control of the Watcher, or otherwise held at bay by it. When you kill the Watcher the King is released/empowered/revitalized/eats some viagra/whatever. All your fault; look at what you've done, "hero"; Is this what you wanted; etc. Presumably, one must also kill the King.

>> No.22570274

There isn't much but these are in fact -the- king served by those men and that hand.

Otherwise, next to nothing except that the Scribe is the power behind the king?

And at first I wondered if the Flower and Dung knights were the other two generals they hinted at, but the Dung Beetle sounds more like just a random monster. The Flower Knight didn't get much fluff added onto it so I suspect the other 2 generals haven't been shown off yet.

>> No.22570315

Flower Knight really doesn't seem like someone who serves anyone. He or she looks like a dreamer and lost soul.

>> No.22570500

I always figured the generals were the Lion Knight brothers. One of the others is featured here, I think.

tfw no Smough figure

>> No.22570569

>not becoming a Watcher and beating the shit out of the King

I don't want to know what a King templated armor looks like.

>> No.22570582

All 3 of the knights (and the king) report directly to the golden entity IIRC.

From whats been implied in some of the setting fluff about other stuff, I think its less that you release the king, and more that he is now personally targetting you because you have broken the 'system' of Create settlement > Advance settlement > Get settlement consumed by watcher.

>> No.22570609

It's too bad that the Forge God weren't in the KS. I don't know if the femmenazis would've lauded it or flipped their collective shit a few more turns over the grill.

>> No.22570637


I just really goddamn love that all the promo art for this is just shamelessly, unapologetically cheesecakey. I like it when the art direction has some balls behind it instead of trying to make everything unisex and neutered and all-ages-all-audiences-all-walks-of-life-appropriate.

>> No.22570716


I feel the opposite. It rather strikes me as the artists wanting to just straight up draw naked women but then getting cold feet and drawing some conveniently censoring strips of cloth.

>> No.22570718

Forge god is probably going to be for Kingdom Death itself, not KD:M, since KD:M seems too 'low power' for it.

>> No.22570736

It's not like the cloth is just censorship though, it's visibly altering the way the breasts hang and whatnot.

>> No.22570744

I don't know the difference. Would the former be another future project like KD:M?

>> No.22570768

He has mentioned that he had 2 games planned. KD:M was meant to be the 'start' of the settings history, from the players perspective, and where the setting really started to evolve, and he decided to get fans invested in it by, instead of just telling them, let them actually PLAY the game developing.

Kingdom Death, is going to be a more 'heroic' game, with more powerful heroes like a typical RPG. White Speakers, Twilight Knights, etc.

>> No.22570777

I think it's pretty lame, honestly. In my opinion, the kick ass monster models are head and shoulders above the pin-up girls. I would much rather have a plethora of special edition monsters than plastic cheesecake. I will agree with you though that I DO like that the game is obviously not "kid-friendly" in its art direction.

>> No.22570810

Well... excuse me while I go find a job and prepare my wallet for the future assrape it's going to suffer.

>> No.22571105

>not liking both

>> No.22573086

Yeah if you read descriptions for some of the minis on the KD website that were released prior to KD;M they have descriptions that describe them as RPG classes.

>> No.22575669

Totally not Guts

>> No.22575684

Can't wait to see his renders.
Gonna be fucking legit

>> No.22576805

Well duh. All the messengers were meant to be "what if" style crossovers. Female!Link, if she existed in the world, would become the founder of the twighlight knight, eventually becoming the Twilight Knight Pinup, Alison.

Guts would be the first person to leave the twilight knights, having lost his archivist and desending into a spiral of madness, while trying toregain his humanity.

Kamina would surender to his lust for fighting, completely losing himself in it until he dies a glorious death on the battlefield, becoming the first Forsaker.

Then that one chrono trigger chick( Ayla? I can never remember her name) would unlock the secrets of the world, learning immortality, and eventually the language of reality itself, causing her to teach it to others, founding the White Speakers.

All the messamgers were reference s dude, not just Guts.

>> No.22576832

This shit.

>> No.22576926

>Messenger of Courage
>free Twilight Knight
You shouldget the Lantern Festival to get the Twighlight Cloak, and round out your collection of Twilight Knights.

>> No.22576928


>> No.22576974


>> No.22577010

>that face on ground
>totally not a Behelit

>> No.22577017

That's the idea nigga, it's an homage to Berserk, like the messenger of courage is Rule 63 Link.

>> No.22581280

Where's ma mail.

>> No.22581536

The survey? You'll have to wait for about three weeks. That is usually the time it takes for KS and Amazon to squeeze through the money.

>> No.22581591

They're plenty capable of drawing (and sculpting) naked ladies, but they wanted this board game to be marketable.

>> No.22581622

I still think Ayla's the worst offender. Link has boobs, Kamina has a mask, Guts has a head bandage... Ayla is just Ayla. Same pose as some of the Chrono Trigger art and everything.

>> No.22582879

>Kamina has a mask
...whos shape looks like his orange transparent shades.

>> No.22583211

Huh. So the lantern festival has 3x as many cards as other expansions. King and scribe are clearly bosses... but... what's the third? The big game hunter?

>not hunting the most dangerous game

>> No.22583524

Well, that picture surely makes me a fertility fetishist.

>> No.22584477

>but... what's the third? The big game hunter?
Yes obviously.

>> No.22585363

>that base
Would be better on a cheesecake model in a skirt.

>> No.22585377

>listing all these references without pictures

>> No.22585429

How did I not realize that sooner? Well, at least now I know how to paint it.

>> No.22585518

You so lazy.

>> No.22585540


>> No.22585561


>> No.22587196

Anyone have a time machine and a thousand bucks to give to anon? I want r63 Link and a bunch of other stuff.
I really like the name of the Organ Grinder settlement upgrade, sounds disgustingly appealing.

>> No.22587262

I really like the aesthetics and background. Could anybody explain/ link me to a fluff source?

>> No.22587356

If there is anything written about it, it would be in this link

>> No.22587364

There's almost no fluff at all, except in the model gallery on the website. Half of the creatures have odd little fluff blurbs.

In short, there is no such thing as human civilisation. Humanity is just scattered hunter-gatherers in a world full of hostile, alien nations and factions dedicated to conquering, killing, enslaving, reshaping and using them for their own means.

The board game involves each player playing a survivor and building up a settlement, combating these strange creatures and trying to create civilisation in a hostile world.

>> No.22587802

You're aware that if she loses this fight, she'll likely be converted into a Mother.

>> No.22587913

What's the bad news?

>> No.22588036

I pledged $400 on this and I don't really know why, I'm going to join the foreign legion this summer so if everything goes to plan I wont get to play it for 5 years.

>> No.22588090

Her stomach will be swollen like a balloon and her vagina will be inverted and animated as a cock-eating serpent.

>> No.22588106

Yeah... you dun goof'd. You should've saved it for booze, hookers and/or strippers.

>> No.22588111

Sounds good to me.

>> No.22588116

Are you intentionally trying to turn me on?

>> No.22588136


>> No.22588156

And all she will desire from you is consensual sex in the missionary position after marriage.

>> No.22588174


Following a former legionnaire's advice I actually did spend money on all of the above back in December.

>> No.22588211


>> No.22588212

Except for 400 dollars which would've bought you even more booze and hookers. I assume your salary will be terrible.

>> No.22588320


Yeah it is, but you don't really have much opportunity for spending any in your first year.

>> No.22588365

And I assume you are a criminal too, considering you join the FFL. Have fun in camp!

>> No.22588478

Spoiler that /d/isgusting nonsense.

>> No.22588498


>> No.22589052

Don't believe that idiot. He is lying. He is thinking of a GRAND Mother.

A regular mother will just be your average slut with a divine powered vagina

>> No.22589388

This might be of interest,a review of Kingdom Death.


>> No.22589452

>The wimminz in da game are oversexualized
Everything is, that's the fucking point you retard

>> No.22589483

>my problem with warhammer is that there aren't enough women in it
Uh. wut? Did she not see the Dark Elves or Sisters?

>> No.22590099

>"Equalizing" the images of sexual consumption just exploits men too. Exploitation isn't suddenly okay when we're doing it to two parties. It just means more sexism.
I'm going to fucking kill someone.

>> No.22590220

She'd still become little more than a bloated womb engine.

>> No.22593971

all my boners

>> No.22595131

It's funny, no tragic, that they use the word 'bitch' as if it would be a positive thing.

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