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I'm putting together a folder of RP pictures and I NEED PICTURES OF SUCCUBI.

Bonus points for keeping it classy.

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I only have like four succubus images, so this'll be the world's smallest dump.

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I will, however, dump other stuff if you guys want.

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I think this is all I have.

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And that's what I got. You can see why I need more.

Now then, what should I dump? Someone give me a fantasy race or type of thing.

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You know, for how "niche" Succubi ar they sure are talked about a lot on /tg/.

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Well then, I'll just post pictures of tieflings and comely lasses to keep in the theme of the thread.

And no, don't have any incubi either, sadly. Not a big fan of how 4e makes them monstrous rape-beasts.

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And comely tiefling lasses.

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They are quite more interesting than vrocks and gelugons.

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>Tiefling females

You're scratching my special spot anon.

Speaking of Tieflings, I've noticed people play "bad boy" Tiefling males FAR more often then Tiefling females.

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>subtle metaphors!

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>And now, from the "Would you, /tg/?" files...

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Still have to sort and label so many of these.

An insane DM's work is never done.

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Wow, another "Would you, /tg/?"

I'm finding that shit a lot, today.

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Would the snakes bite me? If no, yes. If yes, yes.

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keeping it classy

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whatda snake mean?

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Nah, brah. I can't show that shit to my players.

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Will this work?

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>would you a tiefling nun?

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>Implying I'm not a Paladin who wants to marry one woman and have children once we retire

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The real question is, would she?
Stupid religious orders and your stupid celibacy...

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Yeah, actually. The only thing that bothers me about that is that her left nipple apparently up and ran off.

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IThat's been one of my favorite sucubus pictures for a long time and I somehow managed never to notice that....

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>has favorite succubus picture
>doesn't look at the tits


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I'm really going to need this one explained to me.

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What?! No Oglaf?!

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Always figured her hair was covering it. Closer inspection shows the placement to be off though.

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Looks like a divination spell

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/tg/: where you go to identify magic. Really would've thought it'd be /x/.

Also, that's the last of my sexy lady tieflings. Give me something else to dump.

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I'm really not fond of the 4e tiefling design.

and speaking of classy...

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The dragon in the back makes me think it's Enchantment

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Hnng, brace for best tiefling.

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It's a black dragon in the background, and both the caster and her familiar ayes are glowing, so my assumption would be shes trying to break the Greater Invisibility spell-like effect they have.

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>best tiefling
>no horns
>tail barely visible trailing off into the mist in the background

Sorry, man, but that looks like a chick in a red one-piece with a butt prosthesis.

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Good EYE, didn't notice that.

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Would you a succubus nun?

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Oh Annah, you little tease

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Same answer

I think you mean Tsundere, she didn't really tease. She just got angry and tried to pretend she didn't like you.

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Subtlety, it's what used to be cool.
What you can't see is that her body temperature is just hot enough to make folk flinch, the slight smell of brimstone intermingling with leather and sweat.

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she teases the hell out of you when she joins your party and you talk to her about her differences with Pharod.

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OP here, my internet decided to break on me. Be back once I fix it, can't really continue the dump on my phone.

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I have a few

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>Kylie the Tout


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I've seen this one a few times and I love it.
It's the perfect balance of "She's obviously evil, don't fuck her" mixed with "I'm probably gonna fuck her"

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Are there many pics of succubi that aren't basically human? Forgotten Realms, for example, features a drow succubus.

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Don't mind me, just posting Queen Succubus.

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Oh, and her magma-booted, off-and-on fuck buddy from Pathfinder.

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I wish I could get an RP group together.

I have the best idea for an adventurer. An amateur scientist obsessed with studying and cataloging the biology of mystical creatures.

He always gets himself into wacky shenanigans, but because of his detestation for 'baser urges', he can almost always resist the charms of whatever fell she-beast in whose claws he finds. Mostly by annoying them with questions about their physiology.

"Wow, my heart rate is through the roof! Is that your pheromone mist or some kind of mind control?" and he's scribbling notes the whole time she's trying to seduce him.

Also, contributing.

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I thought Nocticula was wearing less than Malcanthet at first.

Then I realised that Malcanthet's dress is almost transparent.

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I have an unrelated question. How do beholders reproduce?

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Lots of blinking is involved.

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Asexual Division.

I refuse to contemplate otherwise.

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It's not pretty.

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"Oh yeah baby, touch my cornea just like that."

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They're from the Far Plane.

We can't understand that shit

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I really wanna know. Seriously.

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Succubus thread?

Check this out:
A browser game where you play as a succubus or Incubus, seducing people and turning them into concubines, beasts, and apprentices to build up erotic power and become godlike.

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I believe "disgusting" about nails it. Pic related.

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With their eyes closed and the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation, so they don't have to look at the flawed, abhorrent THING they have to fuck.
Then they go and murder most of the kids for not being PERFECT.
It's a wonder they aren't extinct already.

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I think I remember reading something that explained it, I don't remember anything on it outside of beholder fetuses are located under the tongue.

The more you know.

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You Nigs must not play tieflings much...that's a pion right there. The charisma boost makes tieflings natural psions...you guys gotta get your shit together

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... WTF?!

>That Reproduction!

Did this make anyone else think of Tremors 2?

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>Boobplate she can't actually fill

That is the most beautiful, hilarious fantasy picture I've ever seen. That shit is golden.

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Next trendy quest thread:
You've adopted an abandoned baby beholder. Can you, through the power of LAWFUL GOOD/etc, raise it to be a loving, kind member of society?

>> No.22539009


I can, but I won't. It dies.

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I don't know, could be a unique experience. Try to get the inherent evil out of your new ward.
"No Oculus! Drop that elf. We don't eat elves."
"Oculus, what did I tell you about drooling all over my tomes?"
"Chew with your mouth closed."

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Her back muscle/shoulder blade looks like a third boob.

>> No.22539138

Is that quest coming back? It was awesome.

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Looking at the OP's picture, for some reason the only thing coming to mind is the fact that the old wizard's lectern is facing TOWARDS the succubus. Wouldn't it be a bad idea for the thing you summoned to get even MORE information about the binding rites and circles you're using? Or is he so much of a wizard that he ain't gotta explain shit?

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Is this anon telling the truth, or is it some weird spam thing? I'm curious, but uneager to be the first one in.

>> No.22539238

A cursory glance backs up his assertions. I don't know why you'd suspect spam.

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Niggah, that's Annah from Torment; all Irish, fiery, and coppery-tasting kisses.

Bitch was awesome, but not as awesome (or related to this thread) as Fall from Grace

Talk about classy

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If I was lying then, couldn't I also lie now and tell you I wasn't lying?

>> No.22539289

People have been popping up to talk about it all over the place today. In suspiciously similar terms, to boot.
That may just be my paranoia talking, though. It's his day out of the box today and he gets chatty.

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What book is this from? She only has a very brief mention in the first Fiendish Codex.

>> No.22539298

Wizards are characterised by a high Intelligence score, not a high Wisdom score.

>> No.22539398

Nocticula? Book of the Damned Volume 2 - Lords of Chaos.

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The lectern's position also made me realize that the wizard would have his back to the summoning circle whilst reciting from the book. Hmm...

>geneuns melted
I'm sure many a genius mage has been melted by hellfire for just such a mistake.

>> No.22542823

She can't have been mentioned in the Fiendish Codex because they're D&D, and she'll have mad to be an original creation for Pathfinder due to copyright.

>> No.22542961

Page 155.

>> No.22543671

Oh my. Maybe the name's from real-world mythology?

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How much processing power does the game need? My computer isn't the newest.

>> No.22547980

It's a goddamn browser game. It needs fuck all.

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Not succubi but mildly applicable

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I can contribute!

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This one's actually a hentai character. Dunno where from though.

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>not really a succubus, but close enough

And that's all I got without getting explicit.

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Actually she's from a Korean MMO called Mabinogi.

>> No.22551426


Well, there's enough porn of her for it to be a hentai.

>> No.22552914

Rolled 942

I like her dress.

You could post the explicit one son /r/ or /d/.

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