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are the Crimson Fists still rebuilding their homeworld after the Orks wrecked it?

also, Warhammer 40K general.

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Hang in there, I looking through the fluff I have to get an answer.

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Yes they are still rebuilding and recovering, I can't find fluff to refute that fact.

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thanks. also, is Pedro Kantor somewhat viable to use if one is playing Space Marine?

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thanks mate.have this picture of Magnus the Red in return for your help.

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Different anon, but:

>The Crimson Fists are a Chapter on the edge of extinction, their fortress-monastery destroyed and their numbers all but obliterated when Waaagh! Snagrod descended on the Loki sector. Yet the Crimson Fists fight on, bearing the blows of a cruel fate with a stoicism that has become legend across the Imperium. Even amongst the elite ranks of the Space Marines, the remaining Crimson Fists are held as warriors without peer, forged in the fire of the most terrible and hopeless battles.
>As one would expect of successors to the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists are steadfast and stubborn warriors, reluctant to yield so long as victory is possible. Nonetheless, the Chapter’s brush with annihilation has tempered this ardour with grim reality.
>The Crimson Fists’ future now lies with a handful of Space Marines, their lives to be expended for greater rewards than the salving of personal pride. Now the Battle Brothers of the Crimson Fists fight for more than the Emperor, more than honour and renown. They fight so that their Chapter may survive, and one day regain its former glories.

>And with that, the alien turned and was gone, and the shadows that lurked amongst the scree of Widow’s Spire and Darkridge were gone also. Kantor weighed the words and actions he had borne witness to and led his men into Traitor’s Gorge. There in the darkness great victory was indeed his, forever ending the Ork threat in the Jaden Mountains. Returning to the lowlands, Kantor continued the rebuilding of his Chapter, and in time raised the Crimson Fists out of ruin to once more stand alongside the greatest champions of Mankind. But in all the years of triumph that followed, the robed figure’s words would dwell heavily on Kantor until, at the last, they met again.

- Codex: Spesh Mahruns

The Crimson Fists are still rebuilding in 'current' 40k, but will eventually return to glory.

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I seem to recall something about that robed Character being an Eldar? or am I just imagining things?

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I would say no, but only because of his lack of options. You can make a Chapter Master with an almost identical loadout for less. Though the Chapter Tactics rule and better storm bolter might be worth it.

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Yeah, it's not explicitly stated in the codex, but the guys that aid Kantor are described as being extremely graceful and firing at the Orks with longrifles. The GW site later posted the pictured datasheet, which confirmed that they were indeed Eldar and that this was actually the first appearance of Eldorath Starbane.

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His model looks a little "non-glamorous" for a chapter master, that always confused me a little.

I'm not saying that he has to look like a christmas tree, but it looks a little weird.

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To continue on this >>22528153
I would personally leap for the more flexible of the two options. There's just more ways to approach the army than there is with the snowflake master. But you're building fluffy, and going to use the prescribed tactics, take Kantor.

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Man, I like it when the Imperium and the Eldar work together.
But usually the Eldar cock it up in some way.

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starbane looks pretty awesome.

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Did the Space Wolves forgive the Grey Knights and the High Lords, or is the grudge still there?

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they Cock it up by just being themselves, for the most part. the other times it's just the Imperium being Dicks.

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Wait, are you talking about the same Starbane who got his ass handed to him by the Newcrons twice in a row?

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He also makes sternguard scoring and has an in-built chapter banner.

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I can see that, I'm not too familiar with CF fluff, but they seem a very minimalistic chapter. Do the Emporer's bidding, do it well, with out the distraction of vibrant displays of hearaldry, the Red powerglove is enough to get the message across.

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The very same.

Mystery and prodding seems to work with the weakling races of ORKS and MEN, but they are a JOKE to IMOTEKH THE STORMLORD.

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thanks guys.

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They don't even have the time to paint ten different rangers? Jut five and then picture them twice?

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Three times, sort of. The Newcron codex has him defeated on Somonor and Carnac, but there was also that WD battle report in which, despite actually winning against the Necrons, he was captured by Trazyn as he attempted to escape after betraying his Ultramarine allies.

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that's GW rolls.

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>They don't even have the time to paint ten different rangers?

Those 5 are the 5 that are in the Eldar Codex. Why bother paying someone to paint miniatures when you can take your old stock photos and copy/paste.

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Oh god

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Referring to the First Armageddon War? The Space Wolves (more specifically Grimnar) hold no real grudge in the respect, it was more of a social sleight when the Grey Knights barely acknowledged them in victory before warping off to the base. The grudge is still held with the High Lords and the Administratum over the methods they used to purge the war from records and minds.

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guy just can't catch a break

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oh lord, that made me laugh hard.

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I think the fact they're named as to try to make them individuals is over the top.

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No, thank you, my scouring of my pdf collection is paying off is 40k art, something I lack.

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so, /tg/, whos your favorite Primarch?

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who are you talking to?

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>there was also that WD battle report in which, despite actually winning against the Necrons, he was captured by Trazyn as he attempted to escape after betraying his Ultramarine allies.

Sounds like typical Eldar incompetence to me

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He was made a male elf slave. Not that Ultramarines would mind the difference.

The thing about being a giant musculous roman is that all men are but boys to you...

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Dude is an arrogant idiot.

I am pleased that mighty Imotekh humbled him and broke his pride TWICE!

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Hey do you have a link to this guys work? I know it's an album on DeviantArt somewhere

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I was meant to quote


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Are you sure?

They seemed really angry at the Inquisition of which the Grey Knights are members of.

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yeah, it just makes it feel like they're going :" Look, we made them special! or, well, we tried."

then have some more, my brother from across the screen.

Either Perturabo or Ferrus Manus, because smiths are badass.

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Nope, mainly because depending on the time of day I think of the Grey Knights as an independent chapter and at others wholly absorbed within the inquisition. This was one of those former times and completely forgot about their Inquisitorial position while writing.

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sorry, but I've got some more artwork from him, If you want me to post?

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If you wouldn't mind doing so.

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Which is funny because it isn't out of place, if they would just stop being prideful cunts and actually cooperate with the Imperium (for real) maybe they wouldn't be dying like unsupervised downs children at the public pool.

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More recent background also has the Grey Knights themselves taking a much more active role in the cleanup operation. To quote their codex:

>In the aftermath of battle, the Inquisition began a thorough programme of mindwipe and execution of those Imperial Guardsmen and hive defenders who had taken part in the war in order to contain widespread knowledge of both Daemons and of the Grey Knights. However, many thousands of soldiers slipped through the tightening noose. This was perhaps because the scale of cull being attempted on Armageddon far surpassed any that had previously taken place, although matters were further complicated by the fact that Logan Grimnar, who vehemently abhorred such practices, did everything he could to inhibit the Inquisition’s agents. Thus was the Inquisition given cause to pay closer attention to the deeds of the Space Wolves in the years that followed.

>With their hand thus forced, the Inquisition and the Grey Knights were forced to extend the scope of their containment action, with bloody results for worlds that had never even heard of Armageddon. A dozen departing Imperial Guard troopships never reached their destinations, but were intercepted and destroyed by Grey Knights strike cruisers, as were a score of Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Navy listening stations who had borne witness to the vessels’ passage. In the Tremayne sector, three entire worlds were isolated and put to the sword, so as to guarantee the silence of a company of Storm Troopers who had fought alongside the Grey Knights at Helsreach hive. All told, victory at Armageddon was to cost several billion lives long after the campaign had officially concluded.

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my favorite is everyone's favorite

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no problem at all; might take a while though. internet's slow as shit today.

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Favorite aesthetically: Sanguinius, Rowboat, or Horus

Favorite fluff: Lion el Johnson or Leman Russ

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>With their hand thus forced, the Inquisition and the Grey Knights were forced to extend the scope of their containment action, with bloody results for worlds that had never even heard of Armageddon.

And thus, we transition from Grimdark to Grimderp.

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Wait, i thought Pedro Kantor was awesome for making sternguard into troops?

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how do you pronounce his name anyway? I've been saying it like Row-beaut Gill-man

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Here ya go pal.

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I say Ro-boot Gull-eh-man

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No, he makes them capturing units, but doesn't change their FoC placement

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oh. that's considerably less awesome then. Still pretty cool

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If only Emprah wasn't such a horrible parent.

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no idea. ive heard the Black Library guys say it once on one of their youtube channels but it sounded completely wrong so i ignore it.

i go with row-boot Gilli-man. it's probably wrong but there ya go.

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You know, it's still grimdark because those purges affect the weak, not the rich and the powerful.

Current Space Wolf codex says that the wealthiest inhabitants of Armageddon after Angron's invasion were spared from the after-war purge.

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Just pronounce it as if you where speaking French.

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I think Leandros pronounces it "Gwilli-man" in Space Marine. And as we all know, Leandros was right.

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I find it utterly ironic that bakc in 30K, Liberians was a no-no and seeing the Emperor as a god was heretical.
and now in the 40K, there's many Liberians and Worship of the emperor as a divine being.

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Are the Death Korps of Krieg still a thing?

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That makes it even worse.

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well i suppose.

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There is a possibility of them not being a thing? I didn't know anything happened that could make them not a thing.

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When will GW start to release WH30K as an extra game!!

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Yes and no.

yes they are still around and no they have never not been around.

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In what way?

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oh you

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Because the super elite Grey Knights aren't doing it out of absolute obligation for secrecy, they're just going "Ehhh, get enough of them. The rich ones won't tell nobody."

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The rich people have managed to hide being lizardmen from outer space in our world, so in a more OTT universe like 40k that is nothing.

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Dem red leather gauntlets over powerarmour. Horus knew how to style!

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I dunno I don't keep up with the fluff much or at all. 'S why I asked.

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Don't you want to play as Deathguard fighting Eldar?
Or maybe even other human factions as playable armies other then Mahreens and IG.

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not as stylish as the Thousand Sons before they went ultramari-I mean blue.

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keep in mind that there's 10.000 years between the two of those. That the same as today and the time of Gilgamesh, so it's no surprise that culture changed somewhat.

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I know, but you'd think that the space marines would follow the Emperors own words. I mean, for crying out loud, in the book "A Thousand Sons" he decrees that the Librarian Progam is to be scrapped.

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They namedrop "Guiliman" at one point in the Space Marine game, which is the way I've been pronouncing it since... the 90's?

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>I find it utterly ironic that back in 30K, Librarians were a no-no
Only in Black Library-verse.

And it's worth mentioning that the Space Marines in 40k almost entirely recognize The Emperor as a man, rather than a god.

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At least the Blood Ravens still wear their original red, sadly they didn't inherit the Egyptian aesthetics.

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>sadly they didn't inherit the Egyptian aesthetics.

It's because they're Black Legion.

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No, Abaddon is just a jerk. He'd probably walk up to Angron and start saying that the world eaters are "his".

>> No.22528998

true, but what about the Imperial Citizens?

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Abaddon claims the Blood Ravens are his because they are descended from the Thousand Sons, and ALL the traitor legions belong to him.

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>implying Angron wouldn't tear open his anus if he said it like that

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>Implying Abddon isn't stupid enough not try this anyway

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someone here read Betrayer? Is it better then Angel Exterminatus?

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When did Angron and Lorgar fight Smurfs anyway?

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It was good but I liked AE better

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didn't read AE, sounds wonky and I can't stand McNeil's writing style.

Read Betrayer thought, 9/10, very good portrayal of the World Eaters, althought it dived less deep into the Legion than Prospero Burns did with the Wolves.

ADB is the hero the 30th millennium deserves

the artist does a weekly webcomic called Free Mars

Punk girl band turned rebels in the far future. on mars.

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agreed, ADB is really good.

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Abaddon is actually a disguised clone of Horus, it's just nobody noticed it.

>> No.22529507


As a BT fanatic I was really happy with ADB's work on Helsreach.

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was that that Black Templars book?

I really love ADB, Night Lords triology, The First Heretic, The Emperor's Gift, Betrayer....some of the best books BL has to offer, but Helsreach didn't faze me, there was something missing.

But good news for you then, he is writing more Grimaldus in the future, that and the Talon of Horus, Black Legion focussed book beetwen M30 and M41

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the first heretic is one of my favorite books in the Horus heresy. That whole start about Monarchia, the journey of Argel Tal...it's so goddamm good!

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>he is writing more Grimaldus in the future

>> No.22529674

captured the BT's are Austists in Space very well

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taken from ADB's blog

>I’m currently getting close to finishing Blood & Fire, which is a little (well, a quite long, actually) tale featuring the words Season of Fire, Armageddon, Celestial Lions, Grimaldus, as well as the name of a certain Chapter that dresses in a blackish templarish way, and – of course – the name of a certain stormtrooper has been mentioned more than once.

>After Blood & Fire, I’m starting The Talon of Horus, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it. Not much to say at this stage, except that the main character will be at the right hand of Abaddon through the fall of the Sons of Horus and the rise of the Black Legion, over the course of 10,000 years. Yeah, unless I get killed or banned from touching the IP, this series threatens to be a long one. If you’ve read Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles (about “King” Arthur) or Steven Pressfield’s novels of Ancient Greece (Gates of Fire; Tides of War; The Afghan Campaign, etc.) then you’ll know the atmosphere.

>The main character’s name is Inaros Khayon, though he has many, many, many titles by 999.M41, and hardly anyone knows his real name by then.

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Looks fucking delicious.

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Every god damn time someone mentions the Blood Ravens you show up. They are not fucking Black Legion and they are not fucking Luna Wolves. Put on a trip so I can filter you and your stupid opinions based on a few lines spoken by an insane person in a video game.

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You can not deny truth, anon. You can not deny the Warmaster.

The Blood Ravens are BLACK LEGION!

>> No.22530123


Abaddon was just butt peeved because Kyras was styling on him.

>> No.22530162

>one line that vaguely hints they might be black legion but has several other interpretations as well.
>the truth

>> No.22530184

Actually, Three. GW has always been lazy, but when did they become THIS lazy?

>> No.22530316

They have the same colored armor and Loyalist TS, there was a faction of the TS that used the Raven sigil (same one that Ahriman was part of, i belive), they have the EXACT SAME unique makeup and philosophy, (Lots of Psykers, on a quest for knowledge)

I really think the next DOW should expand on this link, really, like has Ahriman or Magnus the Red trying to reclaim some of the Raven's Geneseed, in an attempt to "save his Battle Brothers."

>> No.22530333

>>one line

>Abaddon interest in the Blood Ravens appeared back in DC
>Dow 2 fluff says the Blood Ravens High Command was ordering their companies to avoid the Black Legion at all cost during the Black Crusade

There are hundreds of Warbands and Chapters out there, Traitor and Loyal. Why would Abaddon care about a nobody Chapter of whelps when he has the largest CSM force in the galaxy? What would provoke his burning hatred and obsession for them? Why do the Blood Ravens fear the Black Legion?

The answer is so clear.

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One of the novels actually covered this. Unfortunately, it was written by /tg/'s favorite black Irish leper.

>> No.22530366

Nonsense, you're being mislead by false hints.

If there will be Dow 3, It will be about Captain Aramus's voyage to the Eye of Terror where he will meet his True Liege (Picture Related).

>> No.22530370

In the audio book "Warmaster" Horus pronounces his name as Roo-Boo-Tay

>> No.22530380

>there was a faction of the TS that used the Raven sigil
They were called the Corvidae Cult.
Corvidae is the family of birds that includes Ravens.

>> No.22530393

Why didn't they just ship off all those regiments to die in some conflict, by having them invade some random Ork empire or the Tau or whoever else?

>> No.22530406

Or because he is the most hilariously inept commander all of 40k has ever seen and everything he has ever felt was a good idea was actually terrible. It's possible he thinks they are Luna Wolves but considering his track record his belief is the strongest piece of evidence Blood Ravens are not, in fact, Luna Wolves.

>> No.22530419

I might just stick to Roo-Boo. Much more fun.

>> No.22530460

>OH NO HE SHOT MAH PAULDRON! imma fall down now

>> No.22530473

Because Kyras knew Abbadon has no arms and threatened to tell everyone else, thus undermining his authority as Warmaster and allowing Kyras to take over the Black Legion.

>> No.22530481

Well shit. Might give it a read anyway, see if i can check it out from the library.
Seriously, the Thousand Sons vs the Blood Ravens would (should, anyway) evoke the kind of brutality not seen since the Horus Hersey.

The Thousand Sons would be fighting to save their chapter from dying out, and the Blood Ravens would be disparately trying to prove their faith, and purge their "traitorous brethren"
The corruption mechanic would take on a whole new light.

>> No.22530484

>There is no way a future space bullet has the kinetic energy to knock someone down in a fantasy setting that favors the rule of cool

>> No.22530551

Too bad we'll never find out because there's never going to be Dawn of War 3, only a completely new RTS series, and that's if we're lucky. What with THQ going bankrupt and selling off assets and GW almost definitely removing their license and all.

>> No.22530593

Having been a die hard Blood Angels fan since about 2006, Sanguinius, without question.

Poor, poor Sanguinius.

>> No.22530622

No secret is hidden from Abaddon and his Cabal of Sorcerers.

If he thinks they're the Luna Wolves, then they're Luna Wolves and he owns them body and soul.

>> No.22530645

Well shit.
I doubt THQ would make a story as awesome and true to the cannon as a TS vs BR blood feud.

>> No.22530649

He's laughing because the C'Tan are even legendary pokemon for the IoM

>> No.22530653

In Goto's version, it involved an amnesiac Battle-Brother falling in with Ahriman, who referred to him as a "lost brother" and made some cryptic statements about how he and Azariah Vidya knew each other. If anyone can stomach reading it, it should be in Dawn of War: Tempest.

>> No.22530661

Except the Blood Ravens don't know they're TS so they probably don't know there is a blood feud.

>> No.22530688

Notice that Abaddon has declared to the Warp and the Materium that the Blood Ravens are HIS by right.

Notice that none has dared dispute his claim. Where is Magnus? Where is Ahriman? Where are the Thousand Sons?

Is there no one who dares challenge the Abaddon the Despoiler?! Of course, the Warmasters word is LAW!

>> No.22530699

EA mentioned that they might be interested in obtaining some of the franchises, including the ones owned by Relic. If this actually happens, Emprah help us.

>> No.22530734

Exactly, and as successors to the Thousand Sons traitor legion, they belong to him.

>> No.22530735

Thule and Gabriel know.

>> No.22530744

He's busy shouting "JUST AS PLANNED" for no apparent reason, like he always does.

>> No.22530745

>Crimson Fists and Orks are now BFFs.

>> No.22530753

Damn straight.
If there is any SM army i would run, i'd be a Blood Angels successor chapter, using the BA rules.
Them, and their Traitor CSM counter-parts

>> No.22530754

>Notice that none has dared dispute his claim. Where is Magnus? Where is Ahriman? Where are the Thousand Sons?
Busy doing real work instead of strutting about like a turkey the day before hunting season.
If he spent more time plannijg and less talking maybe he would win for once.

>> No.22530762

I read that as "falling in love with Ahriman".

>> No.22530793

Because all the blood ravens dialogue on the matter seems to be WE DON'T KNOW WHO OUR PRIMARCH IS WAAAAAH

>> No.22530807

Dont you mean fellow bloodwhores?

>> No.22530834

>>Crimson Fists and Orks are now BFFs.
Ward doesn't work that way as far as anything greenskin is concerned. It's more likely that if given control of the next Ork codex, he'd make them literally retarded on the battlefield by giving every unit a 1 in 3 chance of doing nothing in any given turn. This would come with a points increase.

>> No.22530835

Dow 2.

The secrets of Kronus and the secrets of Cyrene.

Both Thule and Gabriel swore to each other that these secrets won't leave their lips.

>> No.22530841

I thought Thule said "The Unknown Primarch is with us" in Dark Crusade.


>> No.22530863

The events of Dark Crusade and DoW2?

A bunch of Blood Ravens hang out with Ahriman for a while in the DoW omnibus. He all but says "yeah you guys are from our stock"

There's also a few hints along similar lines in the Horus Heresy series, implying that it's not just a Goto pipe dream.

>> No.22530867

He is the Champion of Chaos, successor to Horus. Technically, ALL Traitor Legions belong to him.
Is that how it works in 40k reality? fuck no, but Abaddon still holds the position as Horus' heir. If there is anybody that could unite the Legions, it's him.

I disagree that Abaddon's an armless failure, he's still the biggest threat to the Imperium and the rest of the galaxy.

>> No.22530891


Then why are his armies and stratagems thwarted by the Cadian known as Creed time and time again, and why was he personally bested by Eldrad and Brother-Captain Stern?

>> No.22530907

Argh...I meant to show that the Thousand Sons and Magnus don't care about the Ravens. Do you think Magnus would hesitate and delay being reunited with his own flesh and blood which was robbed from him by Ahriman's ritual? Do you think a Daemon Prince Primarch would allow Abaddon to claim his property with no contest or objection?

Magnus hasn't moved to embrace the Blood Ravens because they aren't his ''Children''. They're Abaddon's servants.

>> No.22530914

Someone else here, Blood Ravens as Black Legion makes more sense than >LOL UNSTABLE GENESEED MAGNUSFAGS

>> No.22530929

new 40k player here. I play chaos space marines, and i was curious if my demon prince is a daemon of khrone are the khorne bezerkers troop choices?

>> No.22530956

How do you think the Blood Ravens would feel knowing their Spiritual Liege is Magnus the Red, a Daemon Prince?
I'd venture to say they'd act exactly as they do in the series, never dare utter the knowledge to anybody
They're already suspected by most of the Imperial forces. This revelation would make them all but Heretics by more Zealous forces.

>> No.22530972


He was saying it to encourage his men. He wouldn't say (''Insert heretical Primarch name here'' is with us) to his men. It would be bad for moral, don't ya think?

>> No.22530978


Don't worry. I'm pretty sure Khorne will materialize inside EA HQ and kill everybody just so that EA can't write gay-poetry about him and Slaanesh.

>> No.22530991


>> No.22530998

So, are there any Space Marine chapters that actually give a shit about regular humans? Off the top of my head I can only think of the Lamenters and to a lesser degree, the Salamanders.

>> No.22531007

Records of the Blood Ravens Origins were purged from the Chapter Librarium and the Inquisition.

This means that someone high up is looking out for the Blood Ravens

>> No.22531009

>Then why are his armies and stratagems thwarted by the Cadian known as Creed time and time again

Creed only becomes the Lord Castellan of Cadia in 999.M41, shortly before the 13th Black Crusade. We don't know if he and Abaddon have even fought each other before then.

>why was he personally bested by Eldrad and Brother-Captain Stern?

Because GW thinks making battle reports canon is cool, even if they exacerbate the idiotic fanbase's misconceptions about a character.

>> No.22531030

I think Khone Berzerkers are always troop choices, no matter what. Then again, I don't play CSM, i've only seen my friends codex

>> No.22531058

All of the cult troops (Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Thousand Sons,Khorne Berserkers) are elites until a lord/sorcerer with an appropriate mark unlocks them.

>> No.22531072

Row-boat Girly-man

>> No.22531073


>They're already suspected by most of the Imperial forces

Can you really blame the Imperium?
Those Bloody Magpies steal relics from everybody and have attacked Imperial Guard forces for no reason on more then one occasion.

Also: DoW3 will have Eliphas become a member of the TS so that he could try beating the Ravens for the 4th time.

>> No.22531077

wait, is that legit? It's not Ahriman just being a mysterious asshole?

>> No.22531081

Blood Angels

There are plenty. The ones that show open contempt for regular humans are considerably more rare (Iron Hands, Dark Angels)

>> No.22531093

Space Wolves.
After youths coming of age a few go down and feast in the meadhalls, and enjoys a shieldmay or 20.

>> No.22531109


Smurfs, to some degree the Blood Ravens, SW and some other chapters.

>> No.22531110

The Ultrasmurfs are too. They're all about honor, and respecting all other Imperial forces.
On the flip side, they're arrogant, unimaginative picks who think everyone thinks they're soooo awesome.
the 5th ed Space Marine Codex was totally written by that prick Leandros, in universe

>> No.22531113

The Celestial Lions vocally objected to the Inquisition's general disregard for human life more than once. All that did was get the chapter shipped off to the front lines of Armageddon, where "Ork snipers" (read: Vindicare assassins) selectively eliminated their Apothecaries so they wouldn't be able to recover their gene-seed, thus dooming the Chapter. Typical Inquisition overreaction, really.

>> No.22531131

It's legit. He's all "Yeah I was besties with your first chapter master. Check it; here's his book, first edition"

And then he stabs a harlequin in the eyeball.

Ahriman is great.

>> No.22531136

What are some of the chapters that explicitly don't give a shit about normal people? I mean aside from those asshole Grey Knights.

>> No.22531139

ahh ok thanks mate

>> No.22531141

Orks actually used to have snipers. Lootas, in fact, commonly took Scout Sniper Rifle weapon options. It was one of the more popular setups.

>> No.22531149

Meanwhile the Space Wolves engage in open warfare against the Inquisition on more than one occasion, but get away with it because First Founding and wolf.

>> No.22531171


Don't forget every ones favourite douchebags: Marines Malevolent

>> No.22531186

Three chapters do so far:
Raven Guard are stated to regularly intermingle with normal humans to remind them what they fight for. Their 'serfs' are also more like armigers; trusted confidants and factors than minions.

The Salamanders. They maintain homes in villages on their home world and regularly visit. They rule their world lightly and have a council of humans to voice the need of the people and take care of the little things.

Lamenters. I don't know the details but they have been known to go out of their way and take heavy losses to save normal humans. I think the details are in a novel.

>> No.22531204

But the Lamenters go out of their way and take heavy losses for everything constantly, I mean they lost 43 battle brothers in a freak tinned tuna accident.

>> No.22531208

that's a harder one to pin down. Really, i thinks it's only the Grey Knights, soley because of their "secrecy order"
I personally think it's a waste of the Imperium's resources, and causes more trouble then it helps, but hey, they're part of the Inquisition...

>> No.22531246


Marines Malevolent
Space Sharks
Not sure about Executioners, Black Templars and Dark Angels

>> No.22531250

The day an Inquisitor just cruises into orbit around Fenris and virus-bombs the whole planet will be a happy day indeed.

>> No.22531252

Iron Hands.
In one of the books they forced a Guard general to launch a suicide mission, and as he watched his thousands of men die wondering why, he got a message that basically said
"We (the iron hands) have confirmed that the enemy is rerouting most of their forces to kill your men. We're attacking from the opposite direction now, thanks for the distraction. k thx bai"

>> No.22531255

The Grey Knights only do what they do because they care. Millions die to save billions. Billions die to save trillions. Trillions die to save quadrillions. And so on.

>> No.22531261


It may have been brought up already, but a great example of this is the whole debacle with Armageddon. The Grey Knights and Inquisition slaughtered hundreds of billions of guardsmen after Armageddon was over just to protect their secret.

Shit seems counterproductive

>> No.22531270

And Ultra Marines deserve an honorable mention. Mostly because there was a comic that showed how nice they are to their serfs and some people. But it left out that normal humans are treated like serfs on Ultramar, as in Roman Serf, almost slaves, well treated and happy, but very, very, third class.

>> No.22531274

Oh and the chapter wraps up about how, because it ended up in a daemon incursion, they went back and purged the Hive and remaining guard. They left the admech alone because they're buttbuddies with the admech.
Without the big =I='s asking

>> No.22531275

Humans are kind of just a part of the Imperium that needs defending. Whether a chapter is dismissive of them, or has contempt for them, they're still a factor. Saving a bunch of worlds only to have them sit there and do nothing doesn't accomplish a whole lot. Grey Knights are the only assholes who actively target them I think.

>> No.22531280


And then the majority of the Legion which was away turns to Chaos.
Good idea Inquisitor.

>> No.22531295

In know about the Raven Guard and Salamanders from first hand fluff reads, I only have second had info about the Lamenters.

>> No.22531296

The Grey Knights were following orders as well. They're stated to have been less this thrilled about fighting the Space Yiffs (Fighting with other chapters is not in their job description)

>> No.22531320



They may be anti-marine specialists but they have even less scruples regarding humans.

>> No.22531322

Chapter Master uses a an axe from a chaos champion that thrums with the power of the warp.
They war with the =I=

>implying they're not already chaos.

>> No.22531343

>Grey Knights are the only assholes who actively target them I think.
Nope as stated above, purging human populaces and regiments who've seen daemons is standard Iron Hands procedure too. But the Iron Hands use the guard as distractions and meat shields BEFORE they purge them.

I don't imagine those two are alone either.

>> No.22531347


>implying they're not already chaos.

No they're space furries, that's something different.

>> No.22531355

Every chapter uses reforged daemon weapons, only the Relictors got called out on it as they snatched up a bunch of potential daemonhosts and daemon weapons the GK wanted to use.

>> No.22531360

When do the Black Templars, Space Wolves, and gang get together finally, say "Enough is enough," and knock the Inquisition and Gay Knights down a few hundred pegs?

>> No.22531362

Yeah, but I haven't seen any others explicitly described as "thrumming with power from the warp".

>> No.22531371

>who've seen daemons

Yeah, them and not the Iron Hands themselves.

>> No.22531388


When: Never
Why: The wolves are busy being wolfy wolf clawy wolf and the Templars are busy being angry and getting shit done.

>> No.22531398

Well the grey knights weren't there, so it's not like their secret will get out.

>> No.22531402

Grey Knights, Ultras, Inquisition

All of these use Daemon weapons. Why are the Space Wolves singled out?

By the way, That wasn't a war. It was just a love tap. The Inquisition needed to be brought down a peg or two.

>> No.22531417


No where does it say that the Gauntlets of Ultramar "Thrum with power from the warp"

>> No.22531430

i think you spelled 1k sons wrong.

>> No.22531431

No where does it say they don't.

Pic related.

>> No.22531446

Then why make special note of it for Grimnar?

>> No.22531447

Grey Knights don't the inquisitors who use them do.

>> No.22531474

Personally I ignore everything about the Grey Knight's SECRET STUFF DON'T TOUCH crap.

Heck, my RT group has a feud with a Grey Knight cruiser captain because he jumped the docking que in front of them at port Wander.
An then they showed up when they were negotiating with a corsair and went all WHY DO YOU NEGOTIATE WITH XENOS?
And then again as they were trading a piece of Khain's sword for a relic map of the Imperium to teh same corsair a knight thunderhawk dropped a light squad and wanted to know about the Daemon tainted Eldar artifact.

Not that the PC's are guiltless in the matter.

>> No.22531519


Hey now, if any chapter is secretly chaos worshippers, its clearly the Grey Knights.

>> No.22531520

Castellan Crowe, Blade of Antwyr.

>> No.22531544

Well of course, nothgin secret about the Blood Angels, though the Dar Angles do have a fair share of their secrets, and some interrogators are a bit too eager with the "blades of truth"

>> No.22531552

He doesn't draw upon the Daemon though, he uses it like a regular sword. Which is why it doesn't have AP.

He's also the only Grey Knight stated to be immune to Chaos.

>> No.22531560

So it's okay for the Grey Knights and Inquisitors to use Daemonic and Chaos weapons plucked from the Warp and use their magics and sorcery to contain their corruption, but the Space Wolves are bad for doing the same?


>> No.22531574

Does not exist in my pre-ward head canon.

>> No.22531575

Which is the most fabolous Chapter?

>> No.22531582

The Grey Knights kill everybody who sees them because they're so obviously tainted by chaos they don't want word getting out.

>> No.22531583

>to contain their corruption
My axe is still has an aura of warp energy gais, but its totally contained I swear!

>> No.22531599

Well so long as you know that they use the Emperor's genetics for their gene-seed.

>> No.22531604

Daemon weapons aren't used, they use.

>> No.22531610

I run a draigowing army yeah, yeah, I know and I've been considering doing little things with my painting to make draigo appear slightly tainted. He's always drawn from the warp, etc. etc.

>> No.22531616


Aren't half of the Blood Angels successors almost Khornate?

>> No.22531623

Tell that to the Grey Knights.

>> No.22531627

have him sniff warpdust from the body of a demonette whore

>> No.22531654

They know, as do the Relictors and all other loyalists that wield them, they will be tainted by the weapons, but it's the price of the power to slay their foes, besides what better way for a successor to prove their worth than to slay their master and take on his burden.

>> No.22531655

Just a little touch of purple residue around his nose. Keep it subtle.

>> No.22531656

100% dark power and none of the Corruption. Perfect for one shotting weedy Grey Knights Grand Masters. The Rune Priests saw to it.

Logan if you reviewed his history bares no sign of Khornate corruption. Honorable, Caring, and heroic are these the marks of one marked by Khorne? Nope.

>> No.22531663


>not khornette


>> No.22531668

Fuck if I know if they did or not. To me they are a bunch of dudes who roll around kicking Daemon ass. Draigo is just a regular guy who doesn't fuck around in the warp with no consequences, nobody is retarded enough to use a daemon weapon, when asked what a dreadknight is you will just get confusion and there are more than 1000 of them because having an Imperium wide anti-daemon force then limiting them to 1000 is absolutely retarded and they don't follow the fucking codex either.

The worst thing Ward did to the Grey Knights was make it so I can't talk about them openly on /tg/ without shitheads like >>22531360 who only know as much about them as Ward wrote and never considered that maybe, just maybe, there are a few of us who have been using them since they were metal and are just as pissed about Ward as they are.

>> No.22531690

Those were the same traits Angron had, before he let his pride overtake him and made him headstrong and decide to disobey terra's commands, good thing Logan isn't like that at all.

>> No.22531697

ITT: my spehsul snowflake mary sues are better than yours!

Both Grey Knights and Space Wolves reek of spehul sueness.

>> No.22531706

That's the Adeptus Custoties.

>> No.22531710

>little purple dust around one nostril
>left pinky finger has armor removed to make room for a slightly longer nail
>really wide bloodshot eyes

>> No.22531718

Even before Ward, they were assholes.

Seriously, slaughtering a group of loyalist SM chaplains and stealing their recruits? To me this is the most heinous shit the Grey Knights have done. Nobody brings it up because the poor Chaplain don;t have Vaginas so nobody gonna white knight them.

>> No.22531748

Which is why Crowe is constantly fighting against the blade's influence. Presumably the only reason he even wields it in battle is because he has to be holding it all the time, and he can't fight - or keep hold of the blade - as well with another sword in one of his hands.

>> No.22531759

Deal with it.

>> No.22531768

>nobody is retarded enough to use a daemon weapon
The =I= did this before ward in Codex: Daemonhunters

>they don't follow the fucking codex either.
They didn't then and they don't now.

They have also always been trigger happy with the mind wiping

>> No.22531777

No daddy issues, no sense of betrayal, no 24/7 rage, no nails inside the head, and has a good company of friends and brothers.

Yep, Logan is clearly going the path of Angron!

>> No.22531780

the whole grey knights line and their part of setting should just be scrapped

>> No.22531795

Well I have never heard of that instance. A setting like 40k makes it hard as hell to keep a consistent image of a faction because there are so many people able to get their say in through books and codices and all that shit, and everyone has a different opinion on everything.

>> No.22531807

"They grey knights were unique in that their gene-seed was said to come from the Emperor's own flesh" - Codex: Daemonhunters page 6

"The Grey knights were born of a new gene-seed, one with the Emperor's own flesh and soul" Grey Knights page 7

>> No.22531816

The inquisition is different, they are above such petty things

>> No.22531829

Everyone does lots of mind wiping in the Ordo Malleus, and yeah they don't follow the codex but why the fuck did they get limited to 1000 Knights if not for Ward desperately clinging to the one thing he knows, codex marines.

The =I= can do whatever the fuck they want with daemon weapons because they aren't Grey Knights.

>> No.22531849


Pick one.

>> No.22531852

>"They grey knights were unique in that their gene-seed was said to come from the Emperor's own flesh"

Huh, I must have missed that line, and every time it came up on /tg/ through the years everyone always said "rumored" to be from the emperor.

>> No.22531854

> but why the fuck did they get limited to 1000 Knights
Daemonhunters to my knowledge (and I just now rereaded it) never specifies the number. For all we know, they did.

>> No.22531855

>there are a few of us who have been using them since they were metal
What, since 2003?

Some of us have been using them since they were plastic RTB01s, and have no problem with the modern incarnation.

The worst thing to happen to the Grey Knights was the flux of fanboys who came in third edition, completely ignorant of not only the existing 3rd edition fluff printed in the Index Astartes, but their origins in Rogue Trader and 2nd edition.

>> No.22531872

It's from Codicium Imperialis: The First War for Armageddon. Full thing here:


The recruit the Grey Knights stole was Aurellian, who would eventually become the Brother-Captain that sacrificed himself to banish Angron.

>> No.22531878

Alpharius grins every time someone says this. Or maybe it's just a random Alpha Legion member.

>> No.22531884


Except they perhaps are not so above it all, Space Wolf codex says the Inquisition spared the richest and most influential citizens of Armageddon from the purges after the 1st war.

>> No.22531904

For all we know they didn't because they are Imperium wide.

>Some of us have been using them since they were plastic RTB01s, and have no problem with the modern incarnation.

Everyone has their own opinion, welcome to the world.

>The worst thing to happen to the Grey Knights was the flux of fanboys who came in third edition, completely ignorant of not only the existing 3rd edition fluff printed in the Index Astartes, but their origins in Rogue Trader and 2nd edition.

Passive aggressive bullshit aside, Ward made them do a fucking blood ritual. No is the only other response I have for you. No.

>> No.22531918

Well that is shitty but he lived a pretty awesome life at least.

>> No.22531922

Those citizens were pure, Space Wolves are full of heretical shit

>> No.22531924

I am impressed it took this long for the bloodtide to come up though.

>> No.22531936


The Glistening Host

>> No.22531939

I really did not want to. Honest.

>> No.22531958

What on earth possessed Ward to do that anyway? Did he watch the movie of the same name and decide "Hey, I should put that into the new Codex!" or did he make it up all by himself?

>> No.22531960

And just quite coincidentally the most wealthy.

>> No.22531962

As the Heresy turns everything to shit, at least one Primarch and the Sigillite have made exceptions to the decree of Nikaea already

>> No.22531977

I dunno. Even as a Wardlover I think it's really bad.
Imo, it's an attempt to show how pragmatic and WAAC they are gone horribly wrong.

>> No.22531980

As pure as their wallets were fat, and all that purity helped sponsor a gold inlaid toilet seat for the inquisitor so demons would'nt posses his ass.

>> No.22531981

Weeeeeeeelllll, not to defend their actions or anything but you see less bad shit way up high surrounded by clouds I mean smog then you do on the bottom floor of a hive.

>> No.22531994


Well, four

>> No.22531995



What. No literally, what.

>> No.22532008

Yes, do not question the methods of the inquisition. It was merely a funny coincidence that the rich were more pure than the poor, probably due to their more...charitable nature.

>> No.22532014

I demand writefaggotry. Extra faggotry.

>> No.22532018

Didn't he get super pissed when the emperor found him and killed all the guys he just escaped being a slave with? He was bros with those guys and cared about them right? Or am I totally mixed up with something else.

>> No.22532023

>Ward made them do a fucking blood ritual
Which they did in Rogue Trader and various Black Library novels that came out around the release of Codex: Daemonhunters

He also brought back Weapons of Iron, and the variety of other based-in-"reality" methods of combating the daemonic from Rogue Trader and 2nd edition.

Educate thyself.

>> No.22532028

>mfw a grey knight fan was the one to bring it up

>> No.22532032

Pragmatic and also magical.

>> No.22532052

I wouldn't say he cared in the sense that he mourned the senseless waste of life, so much as it was an unforgivable wound to his pride and martial honor.

>> No.22532053


I ain't got time for all that shit man. I'm content with my headcanon.

>> No.22532073

Nope that was it, he had lived, fought with and against them all his life, and with them he overthrew the corrupt officials.

Sadly that was treason but as the emperors pet, he was allowed to escape punishment.

>> No.22532080

As you should be. 40k is all about the headcanon.
It's why these arguments get so heated. Everyone has a source to cite even for opposite views.

>> No.22532088


Obviously the stress of running a small business under those burdensome regulations the Asteroid Beltway insiders spend their time crafting had honed their gut instincts, so that they survived the temptations of the archenemy better than their compatriots.

>> No.22532091

The whole "anathema to daemonic entities" is probably the best evidence for Grey Knights actually being genetically derived directly from the Emperor.

Pity they can't just plug his genes into everyone in the Imperium.

>> No.22532097

>Grey Knights are the good guys - not listening - a-bloo-bloo-bloo

>> No.22532108

I never said good, I said they kill Daemons.

>> No.22532125

/thread right here guys.
This is here is an argument so compelling, original and convincing, I just don't see how anyone could ever come back from it.

>> No.22532128

see, it totally makes sense, don't listen to those heretical Space Wolves

>> No.22532138

There are no good guys in 40k- only bad guys and even worse guys.

>> No.22532155

Then that Ork whats his name must be the best of them all, he is resurrected each day, slays a thousands of demons until he dies and start over again the next day.

>> No.22532181 [SPOILER] 


>> No.22532182

There's that one where they land on a hive that's besieged by NUrgle filth, and they take the remaining pdf into the depths of the hive, pushing them into performing acts that anywhere else would have seen them lauded as heroes, then once they've completed their mission they just fuck off and leave the utterly demoralised survivors to inevitably get over-run

>> No.22532183

That's all well and good, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

But that goes out the window when you start bitching about things that might actually have some basis in past editions.

Don't get me wrong, Ward has plenty of problems with regards to writing, but blood rituals? Not that strange, both for the 'knights, and for the variety of ways people dealt with daemons in history.

>> No.22532218

At the end they go back and kill the survivors, like the one chick who ran off.

Of the Guard who didn't bail, I doubt any survived anyway.

>> No.22532225

That may be, but if I can go this long without hearing about it, it might not be as important to people as you think. Also past edition =/= automatically good.

I find the whole concept of the Knights doing something like that silly and it doesn't fit my headcanon. So I ignore it.

>> No.22532230


>> No.22532241

I think you're mistaking him with the Cruddmeister.

>> No.22532245

Only if you ignore the allegations of forced sterilization and Ethereal mind control.

>> No.22532278

It doesn't fit my headcannon that the Eldar were ever vile enough to cause She Who Thirsts, so in my headcannon the Grey Knights and Draigo had so much debased homosex with each other they singlehandedly birthed her.

>> No.22532283

That is just balls.
Angron gave literally no shits about collateral damage

>> No.22532308

That sounds like it perfectly fulfills whatever homoerotic fantasies you enjoy and I encourage you to pursue what makes you happy.

>> No.22532328

this really sounds like 1984. And then they realized that they LOVED the Aun

>> No.22532371

In the dark you can either got to the flame be blinded by it's light, singed by it heat and in the end throw yourself on the pyre to nourish the flame, or you can stumble about in darkness, feel the blood freeze in your veins untill the things unseen take you.

>> No.22532373

I like how there is a chapter that's sole defining feature is being giant cockbags.

>> No.22532409

Who signed off on the idea and allowed the MALEVOLENT MARINES to be created in the first place anyway? Who in the Imperium thought it was a good idea with a name like that?

>> No.22532413

Marines Malevolent

malevolent (comparative more malevolent, superlative most malevolent)

having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others
having an evil or harmful influence

"The Mean Marines" or Yellow sons of Malice.

>> No.22532414

>Kornan the Barbaraous
>Morgrak'kar Deathdealer



>> No.22532449

Marines Malevolent are actually worshipers of Malal.

>> No.22532490

What is by far the edgiest marine chapter in current fluff?

>> No.22532499

Night Lords.

>> No.22532562

On the loyalist Side Iron Hands are pretty edgy too, being machine fetishists that jerk off to holovids of necrons whilst flaying the skin from their weak flesh, fantasizling about gauss rifles flaying them clean of their squishy impurities.

>> No.22532645


the Marines Malevolent were the Angry Marines before there were Angry Marines.

>> No.22532884

More like petty asshole marines.

>> No.22532917

"fuck you you're not my real dad" marines

>> No.22532941


>> No.22532942

>Chaos marines
>only objective is to finish off the emperor
>come from one of the lost primarchs
>he's lost because he ran away

Emps really was an awful father.

>> No.22532972

you mean the Hammers of Dorn?
the whole chapter built around being butthurt.

>> No.22533054

in the retaking of the Contqual Subsector, one third of the population was summarily executed after a successful campaign simply to demonstrate the price of weakness

>> No.22533282

the Imperium is pretty inconsistant with their feelings toward sociopaths.

on the one hand you've got the Marines Malevolent who are being closely monitored due to their dispassionate towards civilians and Imperial Guard and then you have the Iron Hands pulling shit off like that and no one gives a fuck.

>> No.22533321

>they just want emps to pay attention to them

>> No.22533364

Hard to touch founding chapters I guess.

>> No.22533546

It's like trying to arrest a redneck, he'll come in easily enough but next morning your house's under siege by pickups and trailers.

>> No.22533810

what am i looking at exactly?

>> No.22533846

>he's still the biggest threat to the Imperium and the rest of the galaxy.
You spelled tyranids wrong.

>> No.22533859

That's what we got necrons for, dingus.

>> No.22533893

well before the emperor was the emperor, he plugged a lot of people with his lil emperor, as a result a lot of people have the emperor's genes

>> No.22533960

the forced sterilization is applied to captured guardsmen who keep trying to fight and to help keep numbers down a bit, as humans tend to live WAY longer than a tau and can also fuck enough to make dozens of kids in the span of a year

the mind control thing is more like pheromones used to calm the tau down and unify as they have poor eyesight and have a high sense of smell, also the emperor did something similar by being the God Emperor of Mankind, so it really doesnt matter if the tau have a kind-of-sorta-similar-role model

>> No.22533976

he doesnt give shits now, but he used to

>> No.22534010

>Forced to worship a certain deity or you will be killed because heresy
>Mind controlled into following an ideology

Could be an interesting discussion on which is more evil.

>> No.22534045

the eldar that survive are the "purist" faction

youve jerked off at some point in your life, now imagine a whole race of aliens, that all FEEL you jerking off, now imagine hundreds of thousands of them living in a space ship together, got the image? good, now imagine that everyone one day decides to have a lot of sex, lots of couples fucking creates a psychic orgy, populations increase due to said fucking, and the orgy gets bigger n bigger, eventually the orgy makes a massive jizz baby it tried leaving in the corner after the prom but it gets big and decides it doesnt want to be left in the corner, BAM slaanesh is born, and s/he/it is still covered in last nights jizz n booze, and instead of taking a shower, immediately decides that what caused it also makes it stronger, so nom om noms later, eldar are all but dead, their former empire in space is full of chaos troops, and they have to pay taxes to their new god in the form of souls, delicious delicious souls

>> No.22534070

i cant pronounce that
"OH NO Kh'hak'arakh'khar IS LOOSE!"

>> No.22534090

Who's loose?!

>> No.22534119

The Tau do not have bad eyesight....

>> No.22534138

Yeah they do.

>> No.22534139

sociopaths are the real humanity

>> No.22534152

Better in some area's worse in others. Go read the quote all this bullshit is based on again.

>> No.22534167

Their eyesight is superior to humans, but have a slower focus time.

>> No.22534172

really bad, they see about as well as i do, why do you think they all have fancy helmets with cameras n shit?

>> No.22534191


>> No.22534213

imagine the worlds best telescope, now imagine its got a fucked up knob and you cant adjust it as well, so your own eyes must try and do it and all you get is a head ache

tau eye balls are funny looking too

>> No.22534245

Same reason our tanks have all the same stuff in it. It's war.

>> No.22534249

So tau only have bad eyesight where it matters in the grim darkness of the future?
That's cool.

>> No.22534288

Like I said.

Their eyesight is superior to human. They're able to see further into the spectrum than humans. Their problem is it takes longer for them to focus on object due to their eyes not dilating.

>> No.22534291

guardsmen dont have fancy helmets. It's Only War

>> No.22534317

also hooves, blue skin, and etherals have a diamond in the center of the forehead that is of unknown purpose
i think it fits in other tau's heads or is just decoration used to signify caste

>> No.22534331

yup, magic helmets

>> No.22534359

But seeing into UV and infrared spectrums really isn't that big of a boon when compared to not being able to switch focus rapidly. Especially if you are using rifles.

>> No.22534370

what is that?
its cape is like a daemon made of skin

>> No.22534373

The Tau see better and further in dark conditions. So human have bad eyesight and are unfit to exist in the GRIMDARKNESS!

>> No.22534390

magic helmets!

>> No.22534394

All I am saying is that their not blind or crippled. The first posters made them seem like moles or something.

>> No.22534397

Just call 'im 'deathrattle' for short

>> No.22534413

seeing uv and infared would over power NORMAL vision to seeing only that

>> No.22534421

magic. helmets.

>> No.22534423

I can tell you right now as a regular /k/-goer that being able to focus quickly at different ranges is absolutely vital to shooting.

>> No.22534432

they have bad eyesight when you can sprint up to one and punch it in the face before it can figure out what hand you are going to use

>> No.22534451

then deathrattle will get pissed at you, then TWO greater daemons are pissed at YOU

>> No.22534452


and people still say they should have BS4?

>> No.22534483

also as a /k/ dude, it seems like they have magic helmets

>> No.22534487

magic helmets

>> No.22534488

DAMN. I just got caught in a daemon two-way, and not the fun kind!

>> No.22534499

its called sandwiching

>> No.22534520

in black crusade core rule books, the daemonettes have a lower intelligence value than a juggernaut of khorne

>> No.22534537

Magic helmets and Markerlights solves this issue.

I am speaking about Tau in general not in combat conditions. The first anon made them look like a blind race who rely on their sense of smell.

This is false.

>> No.22534547

Yes, because I'm with her for her MIND

>> No.22534563


>> No.22535135

Guardsmen are cannon fodder, firewarriors are not.

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