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So what are the large differences between chainsaw and scalemail?

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You can't cut down a tree with scalemail.

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Well one cuts down trees and the other is medieval armor.

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about 12 horsepower

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Well one is used in the lumber industry and one is a type of armor.

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putting gasoline into scalemail will not end well for the wearer.

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I think op meant chainmail

I hope he did

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Chainsaws make very poor body armour

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Guys, quit being dumb. This is obviously a riddle of some kind.

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I saw this one dude wear chainsaws for armor and he died

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Imperial or metric?

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What is the punchline?

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Did OP mean scalemail or mailscale?

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If the chainsaws are facing outwards it makes pretty good armour. No one gets close.

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What if you run out of gas?

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>chainsaw armor

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yeah but he tried to use one as a codpiece

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Only one of them is groovy.

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It makes your body clean. Gasoline is a good antiseptic

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Both are made of metal.
Both contain organic material; human fleshy bits or petrol.
Both move through your direct actions.
You can bludgeon someone to death while using either incorrectly.

I'm starting to think there is no difference.

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and so a meme was born, and an OP slunk off into the night to hide...

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>Gasoline is a good antiseptic.
Even unlit?

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Who would you rather attack, the person wearing actual armor or the person wearing a bunch of chainsaws while screaming Doom songs?

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Now all this thread needs is a derail and it'll contain the full /tg/ experience.

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> the person wearing a bunch of chainsaws while screaming Doom songs?
I'm soooo stealing this.

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One cuts the living, the other protects the living from cuts?

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What about them?

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I heard that if you milk them you get chocolate milk.

Captcha: ntchah Linebackers-Bill
What the actual fuck?

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Close enough I figure

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>Wear chainsaws as kilt.
>Have pull cord attaching them to you.
>Take as many skill points in Preform: Ballet as you can.
>Pirouette so hard that the chainsaws start up from centrifugal force.

>Wear scalemail so your AC doesn't suffer too much.

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How about sawmail?

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I like you.

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Wait, is that a template for chainmail for a Lego Minifig?

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Now that you mention it. Yes. It appears to be.

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I've got you now, Riddler.

Clearly, the first half of your conundrum (what are the differences between) warns of slight necessary fixes within the second through the word "differences". The clue comes from the world "large," meaning that each change will make the object in question larger. Recently, Gotham's prisons have instated larger chaingangs along roadsides than they have in previous years, leading me to the change of "chain" to "chaingang." And what is similar to but larger than mail? The answer, of course, is "male". From there, "and" can be changed to "the", as the latter is more largely spoken in English.

Decoded, your message now reads "Chaingang saw the scale male." This points me to believe that there are recently-incarcerated criminals in Blackgate who know what Killer Croc's next move is, following his recent escape.

However, I have no need to interrogate the prisoners, as you have given me the answer yourself. "So" is too informal for you, Nigma, and as such I've decoded it to "Sew".

Killer Croc has been hiding out at the abandoned Gotham Textiles factory. I'll be there within the hour, and I'll have you back in Arkham by Midnight.

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I fucking love you.

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And that, gentlemen, is why I still come to this website.

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Now that's just fucking amazing.

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Quite a wordsmith, aren't you Batman?

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I...it's beautiful.

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Why can't he be our hero now!?

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Also it allows one to preform the hug of death

It'll still be sharp

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Shin on, you crazy diamond!

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wwww.chainsawsuit.com Tell me you can't make a suit of armor out of chainsaws and I'll tell you to find a better goddamn blacksmith!

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